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  1. Thank you for sharing this simple truth from God’s Word! We are all in this together!
    Please pray for my nephew. He is recovering from his second liver transplant in the last month. The first transplant failed. It has been so much for him and his family to go through. He seems to be nearing the final stretch of recovery now. Please pray for my sister (his mom) as she has been with him in the hospital for over a month now. She really needs rest (as in, her own bed to sleep on!) She also has three other children who are missing her.

    • Rebecca,
      I am lifting up your nephew right now that this transplant would take and that his body would accept as its own…praying for the healing hand of God to be upon him and let him be completely healed. Praying as well for his sweet mother who has been through so much. Grant her the peace you promise the weary, Lord. Give her the peace of knowing her child is well. Let her fall into your arms, Lord and find rest. Please stand in the gap with her other children and provide for them in their mother’s absence. Entrusting all this to your care, Lord.
      Blessings Rebecca for caring,

    • Rebecca
      I will hold you nephew, sister, you and your entire family up in prayer. By His stripes your nephew is healed, his transplant is successful and his recovery is rapid. In Jesus name I pray and bind any stress and worry over this are released and that peace, healing, rest, joy and health are losed instead.

    • Rebecca,

      Lifting your nephew and his family in prayer. May God heal him and allow the family to get back to normal. May God send peace and contentment their way. Father heal this nephew and allow mom to go home and be with the other children. Give them the rest
      and peace they need.

      Blessings 🙂

      • Even in light of the challenges of others I find it increasingly more important to pray for others.
        People akin to your nephew and the WHOLE family. Often we forget to pray for those keeping watch over the rest of the worried, tired helpers God sends to us in our hour of need. Therefore I pray that the healing hand of Jesus reaches one and all of you during your hours of need.
        May God richly bless you and give you rest.

      • I’m struggling with my past. My ‘ fault finding’ partner doesn’t see good in anyone.
        Not knowing what I’ve done just reinforces the same things I did ‘wrong’ as a child
        and as an adult that I didn’t understand then and do not understand 60 years later.
        Feel like I’m being falsely accused and do nothing right.
        I need Jesus. Now! Feel like going back to the deadly life sex, drugs and rock and roll.
        That He has so graciously delivered me from.
        I don’t want to shame Jesus by going backward so am reaching out for prayer.
        Satan, go back to hell from whence you came in Jesus’s name, where you belong and leave this household alone!

        • Kathy,


          Please come and heal Kathy. Help her to see her worth is in you and you alone! Get Satan away from her and her partner. Shower her with love, grace & mercy! Send her friends who will vilify her worth and help her to move beyond her past mistakes. Let her see true love and forgiveness!

          Blessings 🙂

    • I’m so sorry about your nephew. I am praying for him, for healing, & for all of the family that is hurting. Jesus said, “If you ask anything in my name, it will be done to you.” I know things don’t always work that way, but God knows the future & ,believe it or not, THERE IS A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. Only God knows how long that tunnel is, but you will get there “in His time”.

    • Lord our Jehovah Raphah look down on your child and complete Your healing over his liver and body. Give strength and comfort to his mother and family as only You can. You are Sovereign and in You may they have trust and faith. God of the impossible I heal this child in Your Precious Name Jesus. Spirit of the Living God fall afresh on this storm! I thank You for this and believe You are in charge of this boy and his family. Alleluia and Amen!

    • Rebecca, praying deeply for you and your nephew and family. May the Lord surround you with the fullness of His encouragement and grace, leading through each step in His love and wisdom. May He draw you so close, being a place of refuge and rest as you cast your anxieties on Him who care for you so much 🙂 Heavenly Father, may it be so in Your Son’s holy name and peace 🙂

  2. Deidra,
    It’s interesting that God has called me to build schools that teach the love of Jesus right in the midst of my enemies – terrorists in the Middle East. My prayer is that we would give orphaned and impoverished children a different path than hatred to follow. They are God’s children too – desperately in need of love and light. I’m learning more and more about the Muslim culture, which before was so alien to me that I was wary. I delight as their curiosity is peaked by Jesus’ message. When we love like Jesus loved, we begin to see that we ARE all in this together. Okay…now you’ve got that song stuck in MY head lol.

    Prayers needed for my son who finally went to see a doctor about mental illness that has plagued him for a long time (it runs in our family). Need prayers for his healing and for him to be better able to see and recognize God’s love for him and a healthy path for his life. Prayers also for a strained relationship with my adult daughter right now.

    Thank you and blessings,

    • Dear Father, I lift Bev and her family to you today. Thank you for placing a desire to build schools on her heart and that Bev said yes to that calling. Father, I firmly believe that education is an answer to hate, the more we know a out each other and our stories, the more understanding we can be. I pray for her son, that healing can come. I pray you would place people around him who will love and support him, I pray also for Bev and her daughter, that they would be able to communicate and overcome their differences and their relationship would be restored. I pray all this in your name, Amen.

    • Bev,

      Continued prayers for Redeemer Christian School, your son, daughter & you. May God provide the healing needed and bring peace to the family!

      Blessings 🙂

    • Bev, dear sister, may our Gracious Lord bring such healing and reconciliation to your family today in His love. May His generous peace and healing touch you, your son, and daughter so deeply as you trust and rest in Him each day, knowing that He hears and answers through His faithfulness. Thank you for your gracious daughter, Lord, who answers Your call so faithfully and walks so closely with You. May Your Spirit bring unity in her family and school as You desire this for all Your children and surround her with Your loving grace 🙂 In our Redeemer’s name, Amen 🙂 Hugs!

    • Bev,

      Prayers for you & that one day soon things with your son & daughter will improve. Thank-you for the work you do for those children.


    • Praying for your son, your daughter and you and your relationship…..healing, understanding, reconciliation, peace and God’s great love poured out to you and your children. In Jesus’ wonderful Name! God bless you Bev with the deep longings and desires of your heart! Your friend, Donna

  3. Dear Lord, please bless your daughter who is doing your work providing a safe school and place for children to receive an education about academia aswell as about you. Bless this work, Bev all those working there and the children that have been reached, I pray more people are introduced to you, your love and are saved and follow you as a result! Please be with Bev’s son too, bring him to you Lord, shine your light on the path you wish him to take and make him well whether by medication, therapy whatever he needs Lord please provide it for him.

    IJN I ask these things, Amen xx

    Please can I ask for prayers for rekindling a strong bond with Jesus. For forgiveness and that I may begin to be an example to my husband and children by my actions that they too may follow Christ.

    • Thank you Lord Jesus, that you forgive always when we come in repentance. Thank you that Jas only needs to come in prayer for complete forgiveness and healing. Reach to her with reassurance of your love and care for her and her family. Be close to her in a special way today as she seeks to walk closer with you.

      Please pray for our family as our son struggles with addiction. Its been a long battle and we begin again today, asking for God to be close to Him and to place people in His path to encourage him .

      In Jesus’ name, we pray, with thanks.

    • Dear Jesus, bring Jas closer to you. Help her to see you in everyone she meets and remind her (and me and all of us) if your love for her. Amen

      Please pray for my son who is going through a divorce and has moved back in with us. He has three little boys and is having trouble dealing with his anger. Pray I will have the strength to help him and to know the right words to say.

      • Please pray for my dghtr and her husband who are in financial crisis.
        He lost his job in May, it happens regularly, she works full time with three sports active children, ages 15,11 and 9. They need a cheaper place to live in Boca Raton, Fla. and he needs a job meant for him. (Whatever that is, God knows) They are Christians but need financial lessons. Family is unwilling to help bail them out AGAIN. As Mom and grandma I am so frustrated for them. Hard to wait on the Lord in faith and I know He is more than able but I think He needs their help too. Thanks for listening.❤️

    • Dear Lord,
      Please wrap your arms around the two sons who need physical and mental healing. Please hold and bless their sweet mothers. Lord, I ask for healing for all, peace for all, rest for all so they can continue to be a light for you.

    • Thank you Jesus for giving us the example for forgiveness. We pray that Jas sets your example before others. Jas, remember that the Joy of the Lord is your strength.. Blessings as you follow Him.
      My prayer request hurts so much.. my 75 year old husband accepts as the truth almost everything he listens to on the internet. Several months ago he began listening to a “preacher” that he accepts as finally teaching the truth about the Bible so now he follows the Old Testament laws & worships on Sat. He says all mainline churches tell lies to their people & going to church on Sun is sinning & not following the Old Testament laws is sinning so of course he tells me I am sinning because I refuse to “obey” him. To say our grown children are disgusted with him is an understatement. Every day he lectures me because he says he is responsible to tell me “the truth”. I plead for God to heal his mind. We have been married 52 years & this is awful to deal with. Thank you for praying.

      • O Jesus! You warned us of false teachers and spoke against them when you walked with us. They are wolves trying to devour the sheep. I pray, Good Shepherd, that you would reveal this wolf; that you will open Frances’ husband’s eyes and mind to the enemy and his wiles. Protect her husband; speak to him, Lord, of Jesus and the New Covenant. Show him how the law is just a tutor and will not save. Protect Frances! Keep her running to you, Jesus. Remind her of the New Covenant of your blood and that she is covered and righteous in your eyes. Give her peace – Your peace – and comfort. In the name and by the blood of Jesus I pray. Amen.

    • Jas, Kathryn, Mary-Frances, Pam, Frances, Martha, May our deeply generous Lord Jesus Christ lift each of you up into His loving arms each day as you walk with Him. May He need your needs in the glorious riches of his Son for He desires to give us all things. May your rest enfold them and strengthen them, strengthening their faith that You are with them and holding them in Your love. May your truth shine show brightly in their hearts and through their examples for we are a city on a hill, a light on a lamp stand, and salt of the earth. Ever in Your Son’s glorious Name which removes the darkness 🙂 Amen.

    • Lord, please help Jas, as she seeks to have a deep & obedient relationship with you once again. You know that I have been there, & am just coming out of my numbness. Please give Jas what she needs to draw closer to you & feel your presence near,as she reads your Word & obeys your Truth.

  4. I ask for restoration of my marriage. We have been battling the enemy for two years now. I ask that my husband repent, that the blinders are removed from his eyes and his heart is turned from a heart of stone to a heartbof flesh. Our lives have been decimated, our family torn apart and scattered. I know thru God all things are possible. I know He will move this mountain today. I ask that you stand in agreement with me in this.

    • Karen, I unite with you in prayer as our Lord embraces you at this time. Lord, bless Karen’s marriage. Remove the blinders from her husband’s eyes & allow him to love her intensely. Open & soften his heart so that he can respect & honor his wife as you have ordained. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
      New International Version (NIV)
      9 Two are better than one,
      because they have a good return for their labor:
      10 If either of them falls down,
      one can help the other up.
      But pity anyone who falls
      and has no one to help them up.
      11 Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm.
      But how can one keep warm alone?
      12 Though one may be overpowered,
      two can defend themselves.
      A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.
      *Be Blessed my sister & bask in the glory of God! 🙂

  5. Dearest heavenly Father,
    I beseech you to shine your great light into Jas and her family’s lives that they may open their hearts to your great workings in their lives. Fill them with your grace and strength. Amen.

    I would ask that you pray for my husband to find a good job and our house in Iowa to sell, so our family can be wholly under one roof again and our financial worries be lifted.

    May God bless you all.

    • Please Jesus bless Shirley, her husband and family. Amazing God of all creation watch over this family, alieviate their financial worries by providing Shirley’s husband with a job and may their house sell. Bring them all together under one roof, especially bring them closer to you Oh Lord. IJN, Amen

  6. Father, God ,

    I ask your presents be with Jas today that your love shine through each moment of this day! I ask that you forgive her and bless her so she can be the example her family needs, because we are to be one with you. Often we fall short but with your forgiving grace we rise above to shine to be that beacon of faith for our family. I ask that you lift Jas up to be that beacon for her family today in the smallest things in her life.


    Please pray for me as I get my life back on track to find employment, finish up several home projects I have been procrastinating to do and stop living in fear.

    • Dear Lord, I thank you for Tricias prayers for me and many others in this community. God you are our strong protector and provider nothing is beyond your limits, please remove all the fear from Tricias life, be her strength and protect her, please provide employment and help her to follow your path. IJN, Amen

  7. Dear Lord,
    Hear the prayers of your servant Jas. She’s knocking at the door of refreshing and renewal. Let her in that she might be You in the world of her family.
    In Jesus’ name, Amen

    Please pray for my mother. She feels she has to take the journey of caring of my step father (cancer) alone. She won’t let me in, but I can see the stress and fell helpless. Christ gives comfort, but depression and the work overshadow that peace. I need patience and tools, she needs comfort and joy (she has a great – granddaughter that misses them both!).
    Lord, hear my prayer!

  8. Deidra,

    I have a praise report. A friend was in a bad motorcycle accident about three (3 weeks ago- almost 40 days). By all accounts he should have died. He was rushed to hospital and in ICU for a while. God has blessed that family immensely. He is now home and recuperating-getting stronger each day. 🙂

    Making a decision to go back to work. I quit my job in June 2015 to be more available for my aging dad. Now not sure if timing is right.

    Thanks everyone! 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for what you wrote and inviting prayer requests. I would like to ask prayer for precious grandchildren: for their safety and for a change in their parents’ direction to proper godly compassionate gentle protective care, from worldly and selfish philosophies they are following now; that they would make godly choices for their these precious ones entrusted to their care. There is a special issue in the forefront that would be very physically dangerous. Please pray for the Lord to intervene! And we need a healing in relationships.
    Thank you for praying for all this.

  10. Lifting up Karen and asking for God’ s favor on her marriage. Praying her husband’s eyes will be open, let the scales fall from his eyes. Heal and restore this marriage. Change his heart …let your love Lord touch, heal and restore.

    My plate is full of prayer requests, I too would pray for my ex’ heart to change, remove the evil from his life, help him to find God. My life now is a mess as I’m trying to build a new life: moving, finding a new place to live, a job, financial … and keeping my son happy and healthy through it all . Lord you know my every need and I thank you for what you are doing behind the scenes.

    • Deborah
      I stand in agreement with you and lift you, your family, your husband and your marriage up. “Lord, I know that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. I am aware of his schemes to use conflicts and grudges as weapons against me. I recognize that the battle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual powers in heavenly places. I stand against lying thoughts and take them captive to the obedience of Christ. I receive the authority given to me over all the power of the enemy and, like, Jesus, I say, “Away from me, Satan”.

  11. Jan, I pray for your bond with Jesus to grow! As a wife and mom your actions are noticed by them. I was so touched this weekend when my husband told me this story. Yesterday as my husband was talking to our oldest son, using Bluetooth technology, heard our son stop his car at a light and give a person asking for help on the corner a Gatorade. Our son told his father that he sometimes also will give a subway sandwich. This son has not lived at home for about 10 years but still helps less fortunate. Those things were taught to him as he grew up and attending church. One of my other sons will stop and just talk to someone one the corner just so they will feel someone sees them. He is a college student and can not do too much but just acknowledging someone exists can be wonderful. I will pray for your husband and children to grow closer to Jesus.

    I ask for prayer for a financial situation. There has been a change in our working situation. This change has caused me to have the first panic attach I ever had. We have been put in a situation that makes things harder. I am 60 and have to finish 2 classes this semester and 1 next to have an associates degree. I need to find full time employment close to the beginning of 2017 for when our son graduates from college next year. Please pray for me.

    • Praying that God blesses your family in this difficult financial situation, that He would provide and you would have peace in His provision. Also, for the grace to finish what needs to be accomplished, for the right job to come in His timing.

    • Lynette, thank you for your prayers – your boys sound like amazing good people and a credit to how they were raised.
      Lord please give Lynette comfort, take away her stresses Lord along with and anxieties she may have. Provide for Lynette and her family that she may finish her classes and gain employment, all in your plan my Lord. IJN Amen

  12. I’m also praying for our finances. My husband took over the sales division of his job and it has been extremely slow for him. He’s working a part time job on top of it all. Just praying that either God would choose to bless his hard work at his current job, or if this isn’t the right position for him, that something would come along. Personally, I don’t want the job to change again… I would like him to be able to stay where he is

  13. Reading the other requests for prayer makes me realize we truly are all in this together. Our problems are similar and our needs are too. We also have a son who has mental problems due to injuries from an auto accident and other injuries. God has spoken to my heart many years ago that this son would preach. He is now fifty years old, and I am sometimes impatient for this to happen. Please pray for him and for me also. Praise God for His wonderful love.

  14. please pray for my daughter Dawn, who has been pounded by the enemy for many years now in every area of her life, andnow :one more huge thing: she received a bad report on her health and will be going to Univ of Mich Cancer andblood disorder centers to either lymphoma clinic or Leukemia clinic. she is 50 and has numerous other health issues as well as her house which she purchased a year ago has multiple major repairs needed etc, she is divorced so no one else to help her and I live an hour and a half away and at 73 try to go to help her,but a very scarry drive to get to her in Detroit area plus I also have some health issues and just barely mke it financially each month. I DO have a strong faith and know Gods got her an me and this, but the enemy continues to pound her and as her mom it issoo very painful to watch. she shuts me out often and wont answer her phone etc,this makes it extremely difficult for me because neither of us have any support system other than my Christian friends do pray. she has a very stressful job as exec director for a memory care facility and drives over an hour each way daily so that also adds to her problems but she cant quit because she needs her heath insurance. please ;ray for us both. thankyou

  15. I am struggling with health and family issues. Trusting God is in control. Please pray for me.

  16. My oldest son has wandered from the faith and it stresses my heart like nothing else. Please pray that the Lord will reawaken his heart…

    • John,

      I will keep you in my prayers. I too, struggle with both anxiety and depression. It is a hard road to walk. Even in your toughest moments, keep looking up- He is with you. Please seek help, if you haven’t already. Dr. Caroline Leaf’s 21 Day Brain Detox has helped along with meds.


    • John I understand – I’m right there with you – I pray you get some relief and I know that God is walking right beside you. We can pray for each other! Sending healing blessings to you.

    • Praying for you, John that Jesus would lift your depression and anxiety. That you would get the right medication if need be.

      Also, that you would get some insight into what is causing you to be depressed and anxious. May God give you wisdom and

      the peace that surpasses understanding. Please help these feelings go, Lord. Also, please give John a good psychiatrist that

      can help him. Please give him rest and help him, Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    • John,

      May God lift you out of depression. I pray the anxiety that plagues will be completely dissipated.

    • Dear John,
      I understand without even knowing you personally, that of what you speak and I know how painful this is. I too am experiencing depression and anxiety. May Father God, Mother Mary and our dear Jesus hear our prayer and bring us Peace and guidance. My God uplift our spirits, calm our anxious minds, and tend and heal our wounds, our pain and fears. May God fill us with enough love that we might forget ourselves and live fully again in His light and Love. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

  17. Jesus, please be very present with John. Lift his eyes to You, and no other. Make him to know for certain that you are for him; that he is forgiven and is righteous in you. Cover any regrets he had with your blood. Cause John to give it ALL into your hands – give him that picture, Lord. In the name of Jesus I pray.

    Please pray for me, my marriage, and our family. My husband can be harsh & legalistic. He has withdrawn from marriage & family. I have 4 daughters who are struggling: 1 (25) with mysterious health issues; 1 (20) with depression and bitterness against parents & church; 1 (17) with the whole family situation, school, work; and 1 (17) with serious mental illness and bitterness against parents & church. Please, please pray that the enemy will be revealed, that the Lord will work in hearts, and that His peace & healing will come. These struggles have been ongoing for about 10 years, increasing in number and seriousness. I am exhausted.

      • Dear Martha ~ I pray for you and each of your daughters and husband. My God’s Holy and brightest light shine within your household and in each of your family. And may your yoke become easier and your burdens lighter, in Jesus name. I pray for God’s healing for each soul, each person, each mind and heart, each in their own turn and in their own way as God knows the needs of each. I pray for God’s Peace to abide in your home and in each of your hearts. May the way(s) become clear. God’s light will dispel the darkness, beginning this day. In Jesus name, I pray for you and yours.

  18. Dead God, please cover John in your love, protection and comfort and lead him safely out of the depression and anxiety that is gripping him. Thank you and amen!

  19. Please pray for our son who is in his first year in a very demanding college design program. He has the talent and intellect necessary to succeed but he suffers from OCD / anxiety and some ADHD. His perfectionism, procrastination and difficultly to focus on what needs to get done so easily get him off track. He is constantly playing catch up. We pray that God relieves him of these burdens and replaces them with the confidence, motivation and focus that he will need to succeed. We also pray for him to find a healthy community of peers in his program who truly care about, look out for, and motivate each other, friends who he can depend on to do life with over these next five years of their schooling. Please remind him that he is not alone. Thank you and amen!

    • Lord, bless Kimberly’s son. Help him to excel in his studies. Keep him focused & motivated to accomplish the tasks & opportunities that You have afforded him. Let him feel the love that You have for him & to know that he’s never alone. Also, bless Kimberly as she continues to cover her son. Amen.

    • Kimberly,
      Praying for your son. I, too, have OCD and anxiety. College is hard with that to contend with. Encourage you, if you haven’t already, to seek medical help as well as counseling…praying for him and for you as well.

  20. Please pray for me as I have struggled for years with anxiety and now depression has kicked in with it. I have been allergic to all the meds so far, (decided to go back on them almost a year ago), so please pray my body would be healed or that a medication would give me some relief. I need extra strength and patience as I teach 500+ children and a day. I have taught 35 years and want to continue to be a light.
    I have used Dr. Caroline Leaf’s 21 day Brain Detox Program which has been helpful. My desire is to be healed!
    Thank you for your prayers!

  21. I am asking for intercessory prayers for my marriage. I pray that the God would open & soften my husband’s heart & mind. We have been going through a rough season in our marriage. I pray that God will give me the strength to endure even when everything seems dim. I’ve tried to reach out to him…mere words could only describe how I feel. I know that God specializes in the impossible. Trusting & believing always.

  22. Yes we are all in this together .. as one family of God who is the author and creator of all things. We lift up each other in prayer and He is faithful to meet each of us at our point of need, as only He can. I pray for John who has been depressed and anxious and ask that the Lord will cover you with the precious blood of Jesus. Jesus lay Your nail scarred hand upon John and may Your healing flow through Him from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. Strengthen John and remind him that You O Lord are holding him in Your Hands.
    I ask for prayer for my two daughters. One who lives close to me and the other who is geographically on the other side of the world, and also for myself. I get overwhelmed and sometimes find it hard to hold on in the journey of life. May the Lord be our healer, our protector, our provider, and most of all, may He be our Shalom peace.

  23. O Lord, I pray for John to have your life giving strength poured into his mind and body. Father God, you are our joy and strength in times of trouble. Bring to his mind the times your promises were shown in his past. Remind him of your grace and mercy that flows so richly to us. Give him Your peace that is everlasting, waiting for us to bask in. In your precious son’s name, Amen.

    Please keep my body and also my mind in prayer. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue among other things. My body at 60 has now been in bed and barely functioning for the last couple months. I am in pain but also the lack of energy is problematic. My husband is a gift to me. We have had my 90 year old mother living with us for the last year due to mini strokes. Praise theLord she gets around better than me. Please pray for not just me but my husband and mother dealing with my chronic illness.

    • Hello LeWanna, I pray for complete healing and restoration of your body. He is the God that heals us and I pray that his healing power will flow through your body. May the pains in your body be completely gone and may you be completely energised again in Jesus mighty name. May God bless your Mum and husband and may joy never depart from your homem

  24. Just last night I reached out to a couple prayer warriors of mine and my message simply read “please remind me that the enemy I’m fighting does not live within the four walls of our home”. This is a very real battle and the enemy wants us to focus on each other and beat each other down. He wants our energies wasted here. I’m fighting a battle for my marriage and I need to remember who the real enemy is.

    Nicole I’m praying for your son right next now. Our kids all choose their path and they are on loan to us from God. Praying for you to trust God in the midst of this.

  25. Lord Jesus Christ, I pray that you surround each of Your daughters today with your love and truth and rest. We fight hard battles, dear Lord, and know that You above all understand each of our struggles, able to meet each need with Your strength that is our shield and hope. Heavenly Father, grant each of Your daughters the peace and rest today to do all that You ask, lighting each step that You ask them to take with You. redeem their lives and struggles, Lord, for You make goodness out of all things 🙂 In Your Son’s loving Name, may it be done in accord with your Word, Amen 🙂

    Please pray for my father and mother and all those on my prayer list, for each person who has been a source of intended and unintended hurt and for any hurts I have caused. Please pray as the Father in heaven moves you in His loving Spirit. Please pray that He bring peace and rest to my soul as I heal, grieve, and let go of all hurt, showing me the way He needs me to go, to forgive and be forgiven, bearing all He asks. Thank you for your gracious prayers, dear sisters_I am so grateful 🙂

  26. As my husband recovers from a stroke, and several other serious illnesses, we have been challenged in ways that we hadn’t before. Although our lives were not always easy before, these are new challenges for us that have rocked our world and the world that made sense to us. Life can change in an instant. We both have found ourselves faced with depression and anxiety and a sense of isolation. My husband was also forced to leave his job, much earlier than we had planned, something else that has dramatic changed our lives and lifestyle. My sister is also ill ~ physically, mentally and emotionally. And I have this past several months had two dear women friends, both diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer, and another with advanced Ovarian cancer. Usually a hard worker, gardener, and one who loves to walk ~ I find myself often without the motivation to do almost anything. My courage and strength fail me more and more of late. I pray, but I find myself feeling more fear, than faith. Thank you so much for your prayers. I pray for each of you as well.

  27. Tracy, I am praying that the Holy Spirit will reach into each of your hearts & reveal the love & forgiveness only He can give to you. I’ve been through the same thing so I know where you’re coming from. In my case, it necessarily brought on divorce. BUT, after many years, because of an illness I have, He brought us together again each forgiving the other &,with him taking care of me Over time, while we lived together platonically,God gave us a pure love for one another. Now, he is sick with demintia, & I with bipolar disorder(which came on me after we were divorced). Anyway, I say all this, to tell you that God is on your side, & will guide you through that tunnel to the light at the end of it.
    Dear friends, please pray for me. I am so lonely. I’m unable to drive, so I almost never get out without my X driving. I totally am thankful for this, but there’s one problem. It’s hard to make friends when he’s always with me. I had a good friend, who, due to a misunderstanding, told me I was dead to her. This was about 5 years. I now have 3 email/church friends, for which I’m thankful, but we never get together. I know I need to make the first move, but I’m afraid to,due to the possibility of being eventually rejected again. It has happened many time…mostly when I’m going through a manic phase. This hasn’t happened for years, so I believe, with your prayers & God’s help, I will be able to become social again…friends & all. THANK YOU.

  28. Please keep my family in prayer. My daughter, 18 later this month, was abused by her brothers. My sons each spent 6 years in jail and have completely walked away from The Lord. My third son has as well. They are are depressed and often suicidal. Their father left in 2002 and has remarried. I have Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and depression and it seems there’s a new”situation” every day. There are soooo many stresses and balls I have to juggle and I am just so tired that I can’t focus on life anymore. Please pray for peace and healing mentally and spiritually for my children. Please pray for peace (not patience!) for me. Thank you.

    God, please answer all the prayer requests prior to mine in Your way with definite and obvious answers and peace. Thank You.

    • Father, I thank you so much that you gave us your Son to deliver us from all our enemies. Each of us often desire that deliverance mean we will be free of all troubles. I know that would be my desire if I was Brenda. Her whole family seems to have come unraveled before her yes as well as her own health. I know that this is not your will for your children. You desire for us to be renewed, restored, and renewed but satan desires to hurt you by destroying your children. I ask Father that you give her your strength and overcoming power to stand against the spirit of discouragement she is experiencing. Give her courage to believe You are able to give her joy in the midst of this. We will praise you for your deliverance. In your power name. AMEN

  29. Lord, I pray for Brenda and her family, specifically her children. We ask that you surround them with your love, that you call them all to you, that you soften their hearts. Help build bridges between her and her children and allow and encourage mental and spiritual healing to occur in their lives. You know what is necessary in each of these precious lives and souls. Refresh and renew them with your love and grace and help them see themselves, their situation, but most of all you differently. help them see life through your eyes, not their own. Be with Brenda and help her deal with life and all of its situations. Fill her with peace and love and faith and grace. Ease and heal her physical ailments and depression and fill her with a new joy in her life that comes only from you. Amen.

    Please pray for a friend, Sonja, who is suffering from breast cancer and will most likely die shortly.

  30. Praying today with a sense of URGENCY! Tomorrow is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and the 12th is the Day of Atonement. In between is 10/10 as in John 10:10, life abundantly or kill, steal, destroy. Jesus wants to save the lost, share Him. He wants to heal Isaiah 53, He does not want us oppressed of the devil Acts 10:38. Bev is in a place to bring children to Jesus. I am in agreement, if she will declare mental illness over and her son to have the mind of Christ. I plead the blood of Jesus over him. God has already healed the liver. I know I can not cover every situation individually but He knows your name. I speak healing to you in the precious name above all names, over every sickness and disease, every bondage, every snare. May you ce covered deeply by the blood of Jesus and angels of rest, recovery and peace encamp over you, folding wings of love around you, warrior angels to breakdown strongholds of the mind, bringing thoughts in line to Christ, depression, dementia, despair. Thoughts of suicide —go! Make no mistake this is a time of spiritual warfare, you must choose life and life more abundantly. If you have any doubts about the gifts of the Spirit, especially tongues, ask Him, Luke 11:13. And please don’t be critical of ministries, we are in this together agree or disagree, it’s time for forgiveness, it may save your life spiritually, or literally. Rest in His love.

  31. My husband and I have been searching for a home for 12 years, yet have not been able to find one we can afford,
    since we are now retired and living on SS. This has been really hard on us since we moved here to a new state 2000 miles from our home state. Things are much more expensive here, and we have no family here. We have always owned our own homes, and are so tired of renting and throwing our money away. We have cried out to God to help us find a home, but we have not been able to buy. Perhaps things aren’t right in our lives, although we do serve God daily. Or maybe we just want a home of our own too much. Not sure. We just know that it is discouraging. We have looked at hundreds of homes over the 12 year period, and homes are going up in price every day. I KNOW that God has a home for us, but we just keep waiting on Him. Signed, Discouraged

    • I am praying for peace, hope and contentment to fill your mind and soul. I pray that wherever God places you that you will “bloom” and bless others. There is a reason He has you where you are and I pray that He will reveal to your heart the great blessings that surround you. You are dearly loved. Praise the Lord.

    • Linda, may the presence of God be enough for you during this season of waiting and hoping for a house of your own. I, too, am in search of a place to live and it’s hard to see what the Lord might be teaching me during this time. Just know that it has nothing to do with what you’ve done or haven’t done for God. Jesus knows you and loves you. This is my prayer for you – that you may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ (Ephesians 3:18).

  32. I’ll be having a colonoscopy on 10/13. Please pray for my peace about the procedure, skilled physician/assistants, and good results. This is a routine 10 year re-check but still makes me nervous even though I know God walks every step with me…Thank you for your prayers…

    • I just want to encourage you with these verses. Remember that your mind is where satan prefers to attack. Immerse yourself in the Word. Get those scriptures that God gives you deep into your thoughts and spirit. He will give you peace!

      Philippians 4:6-8New Living Translation (NLT)

      6 Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. 7 Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.
      8 And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

      Praying for you, dear Sister!

  33. Praising while waiting for the final spiritual breakthrough in our marriage. Thank you for praying for us!

  34. Lord, you who care about each detail of our lives, I lift up all those who have commented before me with needs and thanksgiving. Sometimes we feel like we are in this journey alone, and it is hard, but You are always with us. We need not be afraid, for you have gone ahead, preparing the way through whatever life brings us. Help us to listen to your call to Come and to Obey, bringing all our joys and concerns, our love and our praise, our fears and our doubts to you. Heal, comfort, strengthen, and bless us with the power of your Spirit at work in and around and thru us. For all you have done, are doing, and will do I give you thanks and praise.
    Please bless my mother in law’s health, my daughter’s needs, my grandchildren, my husband as he goes out on the road this week in the semi and lastly me. Oh Lord, help me to keep my eyes on You. Amen

    • Dear Lord,
      Please bless Mary’s mother in law’s health, meet her daughter’s needs, and bless her grandchildren and her husband and Mary herself. Please keep them all safe, healthy and happy. Help Mary also to keep her eyes on You.
      Thank You Mary for your beautiful prayer! I also lift up all those who have gone before me with comments on their needs and wants, as well as those who will come after. Help us all to trust in your goodness and your good plan for our lives.
      Please watch over and bless my son as he begins his recovery from heroin and opiate addiction. Help me to commit my concerns for him to you and hold on to you and trust you to care for him, and make his recovery permanent and triumphant. Thank you also for bringing him as far as he has already come. Help me to keep my eyes fixed on you.

  35. I would appreciate a host of prayers over an international meeting I will be attending in January where I will be presenting an online course I have been working on for the last year. World leaders of Christian medical associations will gather and hear how this course can encourage and bless their healthcare members (and thus the patients of the world) in the name of Jesus Christ, being the right amount of salt & light in the world as we are called to do. I pray that the light Jesus will shine brightly and participants will come away blessed, inspired and excited to share this new tool for equipping saints for the kingdom! May God be honored and praised in all.

  36. please pray for my marriage to be stronger and for my husband and i to be able to communicate to each other in a loving and meaningful way .
    i also pray for the safety and health of our family. i worry too much and that seems to cause anxiety related problems with me. i want to be the loving person that Christ wants in us and i feel the anxiety of relationships, children, life sometimes gets in the way. i know there are things that would help but dont know where to start. thank you so much for your prayers and hope. yes help me to keep my eyes on You.

  37. Please pray for my health and meds to be straightened out so I can function. Pray that I may wake up in the morning and be able to go to Bible Study on Wednesday Mornings.

    Thank you so much!
    Cecily R Bornemann

  38. Please pray that our numbers would increase.I pray for children for our Son married 5 years now,no children.Pray for a Godly wife and children for our other Son.Praying for our family to draw close to God and closer to one another,even in proximity if that is Gods will.Thank you so much for your prayers, I do believe in the power of prayer.I also pray that any stronghold in this family would be demolished in the Mighty Majestic name of Jesus Christ.

  39. Please pray that I can meet all the demands of taking care of family members with my physical limitations. May i be healed physically and mentally. As i lean into Him may i feel His comfort and peace. That God would grant me His favor and help me overcome my faults.

  40. Please pray for healing and rest throughout my body, I have been dealing with chronic sinusitis which seems to continue to get worse over the course of time. I will find out this weekend if surgery is needed or not, and need God’s strength in all of it. Please also pray for the tension and bitterness in my family to be gone in Jesus name.

  41. I pray for Sara Lord who has sinusitis. My friend has it also and suffers. I pray for them both Jesus for complete removal of this thorn. Lord, please help them. In your beautiful name Jesus, Amen.

    Sara, my friend finds relief with apple cider vinegar.

    I ask for prayer to be taken out of this season of being alone. It’s been long with lots of bumps in the road and I’m weary. I desire to marry, be a helper to a husband and bring glory to God by doing life together. There is a man that has appeared in my church and I am hopeful but do not want to be disappointed if he is just a brother. I desire God and he is enough for me. Yet being given a Christian husband to do life alongside would be wonderful.

    • Thank you Louise!

      God, I pray for Louise who is desiring a husband at this time in her life. I pray that she would be filled with your love today that your incomparable intimacy would overcome the loneliness and fill her with pure joy in you. No one can love her the way you do, but I do pray that she could find a relationship with this fellow at church. If it be your will allow her to experience the joy of relationship and marriage here on earth and bless it fully and completely, in Jesus name, Amen.

  42. Please pray for my dear friend who is going through a very dark time right now. She and her family had to move in with her husband’s family and the stress and pressure are taking their toll on her. Neither she nor her husband are able to find work, they have moved to a rural area and as a person who is not good at driving, she feels isolated in the basement they are living in. She has spoken of suicidal thoughts to me. I ask for prayer that God would provide above and beyond what they hope for or expect, in Jesus’ precious name. Thank you so much.

  43. Please pray for Victoria. She is 13 months old and has cancer of the brain. A permanent shunt will be placed next week. Will be on chemo up to age 3.
    Please keep her and her family in your prayers.
    Thank you.

    • Mary, I will keep Victoria in my prayers. I have just recently finished chemotherapy myself. Being diagnosed at 48 with breast cancer was not in my plans, but evidently God had different plans for me. But, as us Christians know, our God is SO much greater than this thing called cancer! We know He is in total control of our lives. Please pray for my daughter Courtney who is a Christian, as she is dealing with “friend” issues. As we know, high school is not an easy time for Christians. She is very strong in her faith, but is definitely finding out who are “true” friends are at this age!

      • Wow Dana, thank God you have completed your treatment. Prayers that you continue to be healthy, my dear! Courtney is at a horrible age. I went through worrying with my son during his high school years. He was often not included in activities because he was not really athletic. Like your daughter, he is a Christian. I will pray that Courtney learns to deal with the “mean” girls who are abundant at that age. She will come out just fine. 🙂

  44. Please pray for a new home for me that will be comfortable, affordable and “just right” for me. I need to move out of my apartment by November 4th.

    • I sure will pray that the Lord directs you to just the right place where you will be comfortable and make some new friends. 🙂

  45. Lord please take care of Eloise Square who is searching for a new house. Please place her in the right place at the right time to allow her to meet the right people. Send your heavenly and earthly angels to guide her and may she have faith that You are going before her preparing a way. May she be abundantly blessed and find the perfect house for her. In Jesus’ name , I pray, amen.

  46. Please pray for our daughter’s health. She’s been having respiratory problems since she changed school this year. Pray that we may find the right medication to help relieve her and that we may take the right decisions. Pray also for me. Weve been changing home this year and i feel exhausted. Difficult to adapt to this new situation (my daughter and I were living with my mother) and to see my daughter constantly ill. Also for my hubby who is working abroad. We really need your prayers. Thank you and may God bless you all.

  47. My emotions and health have been all over the place for the past 3 years. I am asking for healing on all aspects. To be present in my family. To have peace. To find answers. To shine His light.

  48. Hello Friends, my prayer request is a bit selfish. I am 57 years old and weigh 265 lbs. I have Type 2 Diabetes and Kidney Disease. I live in fear everyday that my kidney function will get worse. My energy level is so low that it is difficult to exercise. I just pray for energy so that I CAN help myself get better for my 19 year old son. Thank you and God Bless you for your caring.

  49. I need prayer for my marriage. This week makes 37yr. But 16yr ago my husband snapped and he is no longer the man I married. He became addicted to alcohol, gambling and lies all the time. He just keeps getting worse, leaving the house for days at a time,,im alone 60% of the time. Ive prayed my heart out for him but nothing changes. Im asking God for direction,,should I leave him or stay for some unknown reason which I dont understand. The stress is affecting my health and I no longer feel I have a life. I have tried to leave but it would be very hard on me financially. So I feel im stuck. But the prayer of my heart is I just want my husband back. Please pray for me and us. God bless

  50. Your prayers r yourself are never selfish………I will ask our loving father to fill you with hope and patience as you,take things one day at a time. I ask,for prayers that God,would bring a godly young woman into my son’s life that would lead to marriage.

  51. I ask for prayer on my marriage. I recently took a job and moved out of state. My husband went to work on road with a company he works 8 days and 7 off. He says he wants to find a local job so he does not have to travel and be home. He has had some opportunity but turns down. We lost faith and our marriage I fill is failing. I pray that he can find the right job and our marriage can be stronger. His moods are a roller coaster and I feel he try’s to be happy but I don’t feel loved and we don’t communicate.

  52. I ask for prayers for my aniexty and stress
    I want to fill my life with calmness and happiness

  53. To those ladies, sisters in Christ, who request prayers for their marriage; please remember: Marriage vows are sacred before God. Keep that in mind when thinking of leaving a marriage. Wives cannot change their husbands and often the circumstances in which they live, but our God is mighty and in control of all our circumstances and the heart strings of those we love. The fervent prayer of a righteous man (woman) availeth much. Stay on your knees praying for God’s will to be done in your marriage and ask God to be a husband to you until that time. He is the God of all comfort and knows the true desires of your heart. He is faithful to all who obey His Word. Look within and ask Him to show you how or what you can do to change or improve your circumstances and marriage. I am praying for you both. My prayer request is for a friend, Melissa, who is fighting brain cancer which has spread. She is such a fighter and one of God’s valiant prayer warrior’s. Please pray and give thanks that God will see her into remission. ” In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God, in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

  54. Saying a prayer for you, Kathy…… May I please ask for prayers for my 22 year old son, Daniel – he is facing some hardships & tough decisions. It’s so painful when this time, all a Mom can do is sit back, offer what advice that she can and know that it’s out of her control…. this is in NEED of a total “God Calling” with me handing it ALL over in complete Faith and trust to Our Lord!!!! I am forever thankful for each & every prayer!

  55. I pray for wholeness in marriages and families. I see the work God Is doing in my own husband, and it is directly linked to how He is changing my heart toward and for my husband. We parent differently. We think about finances differently. We treat each other in ways that hurt each other all the time; yet I know it’s not malice or vengeful from the man I married. Only the enemy is making it sure look that way to me. I pray His will be done, and that I would continuously see my role , holding myself to the commitment I made in His sight when He gave me this man. Sometimes my circumstances do nott change. But, I change. His is the glory I seek; not mine and not my own rightness in the situations we face. It’s not great all the time. But it is better. And I’m still fight in my own flesh, keeping myself on that alter. Because it’s what I must do as a wife; as his wife, because Abba Gave me to him, too. We are better together, even when we feel, or fall apart.

  56. Please pray for my granddaughter Cierra to come out of a abusive relationship and drug addition. She is born again. But so deceived right now. Reconciliation with her mom. Thank you and Shalom

  57. Never done this before. I have read all your stories and am praying for all of you who are struggling. I have a beautiful child with special needs who takes so much of me and we have no family to back us up. It seems that we are coming to the end of what we can both cope with. I feel like I have no more to give and am praying for God to give me the strength to go on.

    • Andrea, I cannot understand what you are going through, as I have no children, but please be assured that I am and will be praying for you and your situation. May God richly bless you with strength, hope and peace.

  58. I am scheduled to have hip replacement surgery on Nov. 1st. Although I understand that this is a relatively easy procedure, I am apprehensive. Please pray that I am able to deal with the pain I live with constantly until I have the surgery, and that I have peace and healing. Thank you so much. God Bless!

  59. Please pray for my old teacher I had 2 yrs ago(he was on the news), I just found out yesterday that he was accused of child pornography. What is weirder he was teaching at a christian academy where I was at. I also found out he will probably be in prison for 20-150 yrs. I just really want him to realize what he was do I g was wrong. Please Pray for me because all I think about every second is, Why and he was the teacher I looked up to. Please Pray because I need to replace the bad thoughts with good thoughts but I can’t . THANK YOU.

  60. Please pray for my old teacher I had 2 yrs ago(he was on the news), I just found out yesterday that he was accused of child pornography. What is weirder he was teaching at a christian academy where I was at. I also found out he will probably be in prison for 20-150 yrs. I just really want him to realize what he was doing was wrong. Please Pray for me because all I think about every second is, Why and he was the teacher I looked up to. Please Pray because I need to replace the bad thoughts with good thoughts but I can’t . THANK YOU.