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ALIZA LATTA is a writer, artist, and pastor who is a huge fan of telling stories. She creates content for Canada’s largest youth conference, Change Conference, and is a church planter in Ontario, Canada. Her artwork and writing have been featured in publications for LifeWay, Dayspring, and (in)courage. She is...

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  1. I love this! I especially love this prayer “Make me soft, I said to Jesus. Make me vulnerable. Make me fully dependent on You.” so beautiful. Being soft and vulnerable does not come easy to me. Vulnerability is hard even only in front of Jesus. I get stuck in brake lights every am and I’ve been using that time with Him and it’s really helped the start of my day! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Aliza,
    I love this!! Yes, church can be anywhere that we make it. I love the prayer that you instinctively uttered. “Having church” is communing with God and so, it makes sense, that “church” and communing with Him can be anywhere. Sometimes I have it in my kitchen (I’ve attended church in my car as well).

    I turn up the praise and worship music. Like David, I dare to become undignified before God. I dance around the kitchen, arms held up in praise, and I offer my off key singing up to the Lord. The dogs have become accustomed to this and now eye me as if to say, “She’s nuts,” and go back to sleeping. If someone came to the door, they might wonder if I have both oars in the water, but to me I really don’t mind.

    The world might be a different place if more of us chose to have church right smack dab in the middle of the circumstances in which we find ourselves. Worship on Aliza 🙂


    • Aliza, this is fantastic. I love your heart for God and your prayer to be soft, vulnerable and dependent on God. These are foreign words in our culture today. Knowing that God is worthy, and more than capable, of our vulnerability and complete trust is refreshing. Hearing your words today is inspiring. What a great idea ‘Church of the Traffic’. Praying God continues to bless and encourage you through it. <3

  3. My Mom’s Book and Bible Study group is reading Emily P. Freeman’s book “Simply Tuesday”, and she talks about basking in God’s presence in the small things and to enjoy feeling small in His large presence. It is wonderful that you are feeling small on your drive to college and using it as a way to commune with God. Praying that your time is blessed as you spend that hour with the Lord each day.

  4. Aliza, I had the same experience this past summer, going back to work after 22 years as a SAHM. I really needed that “softening” time on the way each morning, filling my mind with Truth from memorized verses and praying God’s blessing and grace over my family — whom I missed terribly. So thankful for that time — and also thankful to be back to homeschooling my crazy teens.

  5. Beautiful post! Jesus loves this! Thanks for sharing how you start your day with His perspective!

  6. Beautiful written expression of a common slice of life. Soft, vulnerable, and fully dependent…this made me fully stop and consider. Thank you for providing a needed meditation to begin this busy day.

  7. LOVE this – I recently started a new job and have an hour commute – I find listening to the Christian music station or my CDs to be SO wonderful for my mindset == both at work and the evening at home. 🙂

  8. This is a great reminder. We too often say…”I don’t have time to…” But it’s really more a matter of what we choose to do with our time. I will be moving soon. Moving from a place where I have driven for 2-10 minutes each way to get to work. Moving to a place where getting to work will likely require a great deal of time in traffic. Although I’m excited about our new adventure, I’ve been dreading this part of the transition. I now have a whole new vision for this bonus time!

  9. Aliza, I love how you write. I love what you write. Maybe God loves a good costume party? How different I feel when I realize the frustration of waiting is a disguise; that it’s really God’s gift uniquely suited to meet my specific need.

  10. Aliza, I love how you write. I love what you write. Maybe God loves a good costume party? How different I feel when I realize the frustration of waiting is a disguise; that it’s really God’s gift uniquely suited to meet my specific need. Thank you for this!

  11. Love it!!!
    Make sure you keep a notebook or something handy, so you can write the things He whispers to your heart!
    I am thoroughly convinced, along with you, that “Bravery is disguised as nausea” too ❤️
    Blessings to you!!

  12. Aliza loved this post. When our focus shifts from the brake lights in front of us to the Savior who surrounds us with His love? That’s when peace enters in. That’s when we can move forward (brake lights and all) with His confidence.

    I love the idea of being intentional with your time in the car and having church. My guess is that you’ll come to December with a deeper relationship with Jesus because you chose to spend time with Him, and He’ll have met you there. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this today!

  13. Aliza…yay! Church in the car is the best! I love my time in the car…just Jesus and me. I’ve been caught more than once singing with abandon at a stop light by the driver next to me! I just smile and keep singing. I would say there is no better way to prepare yourself for a day of college…keep it up!

  14. Well, I have always been soft and vulnerable, it used to get me hurt a lot, so be careful. And crazy? My dog prays with me, sometimes I think for me. It’s a good time for you to be young and experiencing His joy. Never let anyone take tha gift.

  15. Such beautiful writing and a beautiful idea-especially while the sun is rising. One of the hard things about a commute is the “wasted” time, but this is the perfect solution.

  16. This really struck me especially because I get frustrated with traffic also on my way to work. But recently I have turned off the morning radio talk shows and had morning conversations and prayers with God. This quiet time with Him has become so special to me that on the weekends when I don’t get up to get caught up in traffic and am home with my husband, who likes attention, I miss that special time in the quiet. That is unless I can get out of bed before him which on the weekend doesn’t happen all the time.

  17. Aliza,

    This is me also : ” I’m convinced traffic could be used as a form of torture. I think I mostly dislike the feeling of being stuck-Yes that’s me! Loved this: “Make me soft, I said to Jesus. Make me vulnerable. Make me fully dependent on You.” Like you I turn on the radio/CD in my car and sing along. I praise God as I drive letting the words sink into my brain. Something about talking to and praising God that stirs the soul! That is a good way to use our drive time!!

    Blessings 🙂

  18. Turning a commute into church time. Lovely, and what a wonderful way to start a day. You also arrive with lower blood pressure than all the other commuters.

  19. I love that phrase about bravery disguising itself as nausea. I have also found that to be true. Sometimes we have to push through, don’t we? I love to have worship in my car. I think I give the people around me a laugh so that is another side benefit and blessing.

  20. I have been commuting 45 min to over an hour twice a day for the last 13 years. For 11 of those years I listen to trash radio and by the time my drives were over I felt stressed. Two years ago I gave my life to Jesus, turned the station to KTIS, bought a bunch of worship music, and I cry out to Jesus. I notice his beautiful art in the sunrise, sunset (I drive into both) and often joke that clouds are my excuse for distracted driving. My life (and patience) in the car and out is so changed. Safe travels my Sister in Christ!