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  1. What a neat study – I’ve never done a write through the scriptures but would love to start with this study.

  2. Hmm. I’ve “typed” scripture in another study when I’ve had to break down and paraphrase scripture into my own words. It’s helped me understand and remember content of passages and chapters. I’m sure wiring will help in scripture memorization. Philippians has so many awesome verses to hold close. This study will definitely be a sword sharpener!

  3. I marvel at people, but women in general who have all those things – things I only know about from tv and movies and seeing people on the street. I have never been a bride, a maid of honor or a bridesmaid. I have no children, grandchildren or godchildren. I have no siblings or family except my 86 year old father. Holidays are just spent in the house alone.

    For those of you who have all those things, cherish them, there are some of us out here who haven’t a clue what it is like to sit around the table with people who want you around and love you.

    • If you get out and meet people, they will want you. When you are a Christian that bold is thicker than blood. I have sweet sisters and brother in Christ that I love more than family. You can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends. There are plenty of people that are alone that would love to be with other single people to fellowship with too

  4. I am so excited about the “saturation” component of this inductive study. I would love to win a copy!

  5. Sounds so fun! I have been doing bible art journaling this year which has stirred my interest further into writing!

  6. I once went through a Beth Moore study of the book of James and wrote out the entire book. It does add a depth to the study that isn’t there if you don’t.

  7. I love the idea of writing through a study, and I know how important one small group of women can be to another woman’s growth in her faith! Thank you for sharing this.

  8. I have never “written the word” (besides jotting down a few verses here and there or underlining them in my bible). However, just yesterday I Googled “bible studies” within different churches where I live. I haven’t found one I felt I connected with lately and then this popped up today….kind of funny how that works. I would love to find the connection. 😉

  9. Denise,
    I love how women are instrumental in the Bible…I love your example here and I marvel at the fact that the first ones to see that Jesus was no longer in the tomb…and to see, in person, that He was/is risen!! I know God loves when women gather – especially to study His Word. I love inductive studies and would certainly love to be included in the drawing…thank you Denise, for all your lovely words here…you’ve blessed me more times than I can count!!
    Blessings to YOU,

  10. Writing the word is the opportunity to see the scripture in my penmanship as though it were my personal prayers, this helps me to retain the information I received and when I journal about it, it reinforces the word in my mind and heart based on my interpretation.

  11. I love the concept of saturation. I am artistic, so for me there is nothing else that makes it sink in more.

  12. I love being in the Word and find that digging deeper is exactly where God is calling me to be right now. Growing up I didn’t read the Bible at all because it was never part of the make up of the church I attended. I feel as an adult I have a lot of catching up to do so I am always looking for studies that go deeper and will lead me forward in my faith.

  13. This is so true of the women in my community! I’d love to share your post with the new study groups getting ready to start for the fall season…
    I have a dear friend who has seemed to have lost her joy in some ways. This will be a wonderful portion of God’s word to help her rediscover one of the grandest parts of being a daughter of the King!

  14. I love writing the Word! It’s always something I do if I’m trying to memorize a verse or passage – make sure it’s in my hands as well as my head. When I was about 8 or 9, I copied the entire book of Esther into a notebook – it was a lot for a kid, but it’s still one of my favorite books of the Bible!

  15. This sounds like an awesome study. I would love to participate. I have found that when I write out scripture I am so much more connected to God’s word.

  16. If you mean writing out verses and then either examining them more closely and/or memorizing them, then I have. It is so helpful to not only read but to take the time to understand what they mean and how they apply.

  17. I’ve never written the Word as the process of a Bible study, but I’m intrigued to try. Thank you.

  18. This sounds like a wonderful study. I love the book of Philippians. It has a lot of meaningful thoughts. Lots to think about & pray.

  19. I’ve never completed an inductive bible study like you’re describing. I’ve completed a Kay Arthur inductive study on the books of Corinthians. I liked it and found it very helpful in my understanding of the Bible. I would like this study.

  20. Being a visual learner, this is the best way for me to actually remember what I read. What a great way to remember God’s Word!

  21. i need to get more into my bible. i am a repetitive learner and writing it is a great way to get the repetitiveness. I would enjoy a free copy of the book and get involved in this and any other study on line.

    thank you for making it available.

  22. I would love to do a study such as this, I’ve never done a write through study. I believe it would be remembered better by writing it out!! That’s the best way I retain information by writing it down.

  23. This sounds like a wonderful study. I love the example set by Lydia of women meeting together to study and pray.

  24. I have written the word down in chapters before but now a whole book, so this would be a wonderful challenge and great way for my membory to take hold of where certain scriptural principles lay within the book! It looks like it would be really fun to do!!

  25. This sounds wonderful, I am not a blogger, however, I love the Bibke and am involved in a bible study with a great small group of women, we have been together for about 6 years now and this would be wonderful for us. One of our group, writes down everything she reads! She used to work for a publishing company and she is so intelligent. I love the way she retains everything, she will be so interested in this study, I cannot wait to share it with the group. Thank for the opportunity, I love the chance to win! Thanks so much!

  26. I’d love to participate in this study and learn more about the inductive study process. Sounds amazing to write the word.

  27. This study sounds amazing! I’ve not done a study specifically on this section of the Bible and am anxious to get a copy and start digging in. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy here. :o)

  28. This sounds wonderful! I was just praying this morning for direction from the Lord to help me go deeper in my study of His Word. And Philippians is my favorite book of the Bible! I would love to win a copy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. I currently write the Word with Sweet Blessings, a 10 minutes or less a day plan. I would love a more in depth dive into one book Word writing plan!

  30. I’ve been studying Phillipians and Lydia, Tabitha and even the girl Paul casts the devil out of. I’m sure that group of women brought many to Christ.

  31. I agree that writing the Word helps immensely with getting it into our hearts. I’ve never formally done it as a Bible study, but would love to join this study on Philippians! Thank you for this opportunity.

  32. I absolutely love studying the book of Philippians because it is the book of joy. I am excited to learn more about the saturation piece which can help me dive deeper into this beautiful book and discover even more joy.

  33. Did this with the Book of Romans! Writing out Scripture deepens my love for Jesus & living life in His Presence! I love what someone else wrote about doing this: It quiets the soul! I need that!!!

  34. I’ve done some scripture writing. I love the way it keeps my focus on the Words. Unlike reading/meditating, when my mind wanders so quickly. Having my hand busy writing the words just helps me focus on them for a while.

  35. I’ve always written out Scripture when I’m memorizing it, so this sounds like just what I need.
    In His grace, Kay O

  36. I’ve written down verses that I mean to memorize, but have never written more than that. This fascinates me…and Philippians is one of my favorite books in the bible. What an awesome place to start!

  37. I’m memorizing Philippians … slowly. But I know writing it out would help me in hiding God’s Word in my heart and might help the memorization go a little more quickly. : )

  38. I love Bible Study! I lead a small group at my place of work during our lunch hour and this looks like the perfect study for our new start for fall! I am inspired by being saturated in God’s Word…this has been my prayer. Even if I do not win, I think I will try this study. I want to be saturated in God’s Word! Thank you.

  39. I have been in small group women’s Bible study at church for years now. This sounds like a refreshing new study, and I would love to dive into it!

  40. Thank you for helping me to fully appreciate the several Women’s Bible Studies that I have been in and will continue to be in. One of the groups only had 4 women and we really did become close and connected with a friendship that has taken us to a higher level of understanding and sharing our love for the Word.

  41. I have written a few verses but never a whole book. Would love to do this since I’ve never heard of it before!

  42. Writing out Scripture is something I have just heard about. I think using it as part of a Bible study would be neat!

  43. Philippians is one of my favorite books in the Bible. It is a place where God and I spend time together.
    I have written out memory verses on cards to learn as I go and would like to learn more about Writing the Word.

  44. I love writing out the word to connect deeper to it and would love to learn through the book of Philippians with this study!! I just wrote out Psalm 32 last night because God was speaking to me through that passage while reading my devotional yesterday.

  45. Denise! I love what you are doing here. Without my considering what it was called exactly, throughout the years, I have copied Scripture, whether short verses or full chapter passages–or several!!–in my journals, when god was showing me truths that were especially relevant to my life at a particular juncture. God was speaking to me, but by *writing* His Word, word for word, it was sealing it deeper into my heart. Plus, my journals are portable feasts; I take them everywhere. So when I would open the journal, often I would open God’s Word, b/c that special passage had been already written inside. I am reminded about how the Kings would write their own personal scrolls of Scripture (they were even required to do it), so they could imprint these passages in their own writing into their own lives. We have to live God’s Word, above all, but there is something about writing it that makes it more accessible, and slows us down to appreciate it. So thank you so much for impressing this upon us!!! Can’t wait to read and write your study!

  46. I never written in the word. I would love to get deeper into the study and be able to learn more in depth.

  47. I have written down verses that I love, but usually write them in a notebook and then forget 🙁
    However, I know how powerful it is to write things – I am really big into journaling – so I will definitely be participating in this!

  48. Thank you for sharing this. It’s a beautiful reminder of what happens when women gather in Jesus’s name.

  49. I have just begun studying the Bible and reading and writing about it in journals. I began meeting with a group of women at my favorite creative arts shop. I think this book would be very interesting! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!

  50. I’ve never tried fully writing The Word. I’ve attempted the monthly Scripture calendars that many put out. But, alas, never kept up. I’ve often thought of doing a whole book. Except my track record of success/discipline is quite lacking. This is a wonderful giveaway.

  51. Denise,

    In this latter stage of life I have a group of 5 women who get together once a month. We call it “girls’ night out”. It is used for prayer and catching up on the good and bad of life. We jokingly call ourselves the Final Five-because we are the last five of the original people to work at our office.

    My church’s women’s group will start a new Bible study in September. Would love to win this and do it with this amazing group of women. One of our members turned 90 this year. I read this in a devotional-but she is cramming for her finals. She enjoys reading, studying, and getting together with others-especially at church!

    Blessings 🙂

  52. I love to write God’s Word. I write it as I memorize Scripture and as prayers. I write out every Scripture in a sermon as part of my notes. Whenever I do a study, I write out the Scriptures in my answers and/or in the margins of the book where the reference is given.

  53. I’ve never attempted this approach, but my devotional and prayer life seems to be struggling. I’m looking for something to reenergize me, and hopefully ‘sink’ in!

  54. Im so intrigued by the women of the Bible. I want to know more about them. This is a great start. I know my girlfriends would enjoy it too.

  55. The words of this article speak to my heart the same message He has been pouring into mine for a gathering of women at our church. He gave us the name Wellspring to identify with and the picture of them women gathering at the river worshipping and praying together was a beautiful visual. I look forward to being able to get a copy of this study from Philippians to share with others.

  56. I look forward to learning more about God while doing this study about Philippians with a group of women.

  57. I am a part of a wonderful ladies small group and what a great study Philippians would be for us to do next. I can’t wait to share this idea with them.

  58. I do write scripture portions and then I use them to write a corresponding prayer. It really helps to deepen my studies.

  59. In my bible journaling and sermon notetaking I am writing more and more scriptures and references to study later in the week.

  60. I write down topical verses for comfort and instruction, but I have never written a whole book. This is something I am going to do. Thanks for the idea

  61. This looks amazing! Thanks for a chance to win a copy! Like some others, I write verses that have spoken to me or that I’m trying to commit to memory.

  62. My morning devotions is my favorite part of the day. After reading scripture I journal a few verses and it brings them more alive to me. It enable me to really think about what I have read. It encourages, gives me strength, challenges me and enables me to take on the day. I absolutely love God’s written word!

  63. I have never tried this but think it would be helpful in growing deeper in the Word! Would love to try it with this gift.

  64. So true. Women do gather. And what a great idea. To write the Word. I learn better that way. Signing up.

  65. Love this! Reminds me of something I heard a couple weeks ago, “Men have power, but women have influence”

  66. I have started to write God’s word in my journal and I hope that the book would help me to grow closer to God through his Word.

  67. This devo really spoke to me this morning….Like so many others, I have only sporadicly written verses, but feel that this is a marvelous opportunity to really dig deeper into the Word. Thank you for the opportunity to recieve a copy of the book as my husband and I are both disabled and now he is battling lung cancer (with God’s help, of course!)

  68. I love writing out God’s word. I do it daily in my personal quiet time. It’s a way I can put truth and reminders in my head and my heart and reflect on all God has done in my life.

  69. As I write this the words to memorize, I am always in awe of the connections God makes on a daily basis to help solidify the message I’m meditating on. A group at my university is joining together to work through the study, and it is such a blessing.

  70. I have written out scripture for memorization purposes, and it does stay in my brain better. By writing through this bible study, I would hope to retain more of the word in my heart and strengthen my biblical knowledge and my relationship with Christ.

  71. I am always excited about studying a book of the Bible. The fact that you are emphasizing writing the Scripture out has caught my attention. Years ago I did just that and it has a lot of value. Looking forward to doing it again.

  72. I journal often, and love to write Scripture as I journal and pray God’s Word back to Him. I know His Word carries power in my prayers that I could never have without it. I would very much like to delve into this Bible study on Word Writers, Phillipians.

  73. I have never done a study like this but occasionally write a verse down. This seems like a great way to take one step deeper into the word and have it become part of my life.

  74. I know the part of Phillipians about putting on the armour of God. Haven’t read it lately & would like to.

  75. I have recently started “writing the Word”. I noticed that it helps me concentrate and think about things a little more than I do when I just read. I love the book of Philippians. There is so many good thought provoking things scattered throughout this little book. Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity.

  76. I would love to be able to have the chance to delve more deeply into His word with this online community and with new friends in person. I recently graduated college and am still trying to make new female friends in my newfound home so an event (and book) like this is such a great way to gather women and make new friendships!

    Thanks for this opportunity! 🙂

  77. Sweet! Thank you, can’t wait to be apart of this journey.
    When women gather to grow deeper in their relationship with God, something happens. Hearts connect. Friendships form. Bonds deepen. And lives are changed.t.

  78. Writing verses out has always helped me so much in my studies! I’d love to win this book to go through with some neighbors.

  79. Writing is the way I learn and use to journal Scripture but have gotten away from it. Am interested to do this study.

  80. I wrote out Proverbs 31 a decade ago. I’m in a stake place spiritually and looking for fresh ways to engage with the Word. This could be just what the doctor ordered.

  81. I ❤️ This blog post!! When women gather, amazing things happen– that’s why I started this ministry… To get women together to create beautiful things! Thank you for your encouragement and beautiful words Denise!!