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  1. I am taking the challenge! As a mother and a teacher this time of year brings an unusual mix of emotions that can be hard for me to understand.

  2. I want to join this book club and have been participating in the email challenge ‘happiness dare’ I so need some happiness about now! Can we get the book in NZ yet or an shook not sure it would arrive by post by the 16/8??

  3. I’ll be joining with you for this book, and love that it is something I’ve already been working on since the beginning of the year. I dared myself to be happy, and also to focus on the joy in my life. Things have been a struggle some days because I was out of work for 7 months and became very depressed. Focusing on the joy was my way of getting out of those dark days.

  4. Can’t wait to dive into The Happiness Dare! Just like the five love languages I am looking forward to discovering and pursuing my “happiness language.” I’ve got the book sitting on my table at home – glad to read it along with #inbooks!

  5. I’m really excited about this topic. Sometimes it seems as if happiness is just beyond my grasp.

  6. I have already purchased the book and am anxious to delve more deeply into it. I truly would love to win the package for my 17 yr. old straight A, senior granddaughter who is being bullied in her senior year of high school. She feels very much alone! We talk a lot and pray a lot for her situation. She is handling it in a very mature way but still hurts and feels rejected. I would love to win the package for her! Thanks so much!

  7. GOOD MORNING !!! 🙂 Waaaaaayyyy COOOOOL!!! So the HAPPINESS DARE !! I want to share with U … about my “mom life” right now … and that is having to let go of my one & only daughter… Amy… in her calling & adventure quest to go on a 1-year nursing missions over to Vietnam … with MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) Missions!! 🙂 I am extremely HAPPY 4her, yet at the same time… Amy’s Mom, & so when the FEARS flood my heart of all the” would ifs” & “could ifs” … JESUS FLOODS MY HEART with this: … MY PEACE I GIVE 2 U… MY PEACE I LEAVE WITH U… u c… Amy is God’s girl… & I have 2let go of amy… here in Canada… & TRUST GOD TO LOOK AFTER HER… on the other side of the world! So GOD HAS INCREDIBLY GROUNDED ME WITH AN UNEXPLAINABLE “PEACE… DEEP DOWN IN MY HEART… THAT SURPASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING”! 🙂 Thank You for all the ENCOURAGEMENT I receive from your website 🙂 PLEASE PRAY FOR AMY’S 1-YEAR NURSING MISSIONS … AMY WILL BE STATIONED 45 min. North of Hanoi … & working in a country clinic dealing with horrible after affects of the ravages of “agent orange”… defects in human bodies & birth defects in babies yet being born … 2this day … this many generations later… 🙁
    Hugs & Cheers … Prayer & Laughter… Love Inga 🙂

  8. Good morning! I was so excited to read about this book club. I purchased my book last week and I will be joining in with all of you. I am waiting with great expectancy for what the Lord will do through this writing. I am so grateful that God put this message in Jennifer’s heart to bring to all of us ladies. Have a blessed day. In His Love, Colleen from Michigan.

  9. I will definitely be following the book reading group. I love these. They help me greatly.

  10. I’m having a hard time financially and Crystal Paine told me on a periscope that for the ones who couldn’t buy one that she would gift us one, so I’m eagerly awaiting my copy. I’m so glad I found you and a while back I was able to purchase, Having a Martha Home the Mary Way, I’m getting ready to start reading it. Thanks for all you do and GOD bless you, because you’re a blessing.

  11. The Happiness Dare! Wow, I really need to be a part of this. I can only make myself happy….no one else….correct? Thanks.

  12. I’m definitely in! Can’t wait to see how holy happiness spreads from this community out into our world! God has great things in store. I just feel it in my “happy” bone. xoxo

  13. Looking so forward to reading this book. Participated in the 5 day happiness challenge. I so need this.

  14. I am so excited to be part of Jennifer’s book club. I feel I have been searching for happiness in all the wrong places! Ok God, here we all come. Ready and willing to learn!

  15. I am looking forward to joining the book club. I am not able to purchase the book at this time. So can I still join the club?

    • Absolutely! The blog posts we’ll share here on (in)courage are so beautiful and rich that you’ll definitely enjoy them, even without the book. And if you do happen to win a free copy or purchase one later, all of the posts will still be here if you want to go back and revisit them!

  16. I’m in! Looking forward to reading along and soaking up some happiness along the way.

  17. Thanks for this post. I plan to join this challenge to help me remember and celebrate all the joys in my life instead of dwelling on the negatives.

  18. I am in! This seems to be at the right moment! I am not the typical mom many of women are now. As my daughter lives with her father in another state. But I try to help wit my nieces with out going to crazy! Daring to be happy when all you feel is blame.

  19. Definitely joining. This book and the Launch Group has been the BEST.THING.EVER!

  20. I got the book in last week, this will make me start reading it. Can’t wait cause it really looks like an awesome book!

  21. Yes, I plan to take the challenge. Last week I was diagnosed with diabetes and have been feeling very overwhelmed. I could use all the encouragement I can get. Trusting in God to help me fix my body.

  22. I am excited to be joining you in this book club! I will be ordering “The Happiness Dare” tonight! I need some happiness!

    • Hey Rachel! We’re so glad you’re joining us. Come as you are, and invite friends. We’ve set a great big table, and we’ll keep setting up chairs, and setting out bowls of popcorn, and all kinds of tea and dark chocolate. And cheese. Because I love cheese. 🙂

  23. Absolutely!!! Count me in on the Happiness Dare club…I need a little bit – perhaps a lot of – happiness!!! And, when it doesn’t surround me at home, I can always find it in connecting with others online!! Excited about the coming days; and on the look out for the book. Thank you for the opportunity for five winners of this amazing gift pack, including the book!!!

    • Barbara, Come as you are. We welcome you. Bring your happy smiles, but bring your tears and your heartache too. It is all welcome here. I am bringing dark chocolate and tea, … and probably a few boxes of Kleenex too. We’re in this together, sister.

  24. I will be joining the book club! I preordered my book a few months ago and am excited to go through it with (in)courage!

    • So glad to hear this, Christy! I hope that the words of The Happiness Dare encourage you and challenge you and take your happiness to a new level. Can’t wait to take this journey with you.

  25. I will be joining the book club as well, along with some of my dear friends. I am surprising them with the book and can’t wait to bring them along on this Happiness Dare!

  26. I am so excited about this! I have the book but if I win the gift basket I will share the book with a friend I think could use it.

  27. I am in…did the launch and it was super! Want to read slower this time and hope life does not get as much in the way…the kids are back in school next week so I am hoping to steal and hour for myself each day:)

  28. I’m super excited to be joining this book club. I’m absolutely ready to take the Happiness Dare!!!

  29. I will be joining in. I’m looking forward to reading the book and finding more happiness.

  30. I will be joining in on the book club! I actually already ordered my book and have started reading already, so I can’t wait to see what the book club will be like! Happiness has always been my favorite word. I even painted a giant canvas with the word happiness about 6 months ago and have it hanging in my home. 🙂

    • So happy to hear this, Leslie! Thanks for ordering the book. My prayer is that the Dare would challenge you, and encourage you. We are so very happy to have you. Loved hearing about the word happiness, painted on a giant canvas in your home. How cool! Be sure to share a photo of it with us on social media. Tag us at #inbooks and #thehappinessdare.

  31. I am excited to be joining the book club. I have been reading my copy of the Happiness Dare and I love it!

  32. I am looking forward to this book club! I need some more happiness in my life and look forward to hearing more about it as we go through the book!

  33. I’ll be joining you for the book club. My copy of The Happiness Dare will be arriving soon! Thanks for the opportunity of the Giveaways; the My Hope necklace is my especial favourite.

  34. Am recently laid off and in a depression; I need happiness bad! I am trusting God to lead me, and having faith in His plans, but it’s challenging to not know what is next in my life. I will be participating in the challenge. Happiness is welcome here!

  35. I am so looking forward to reading this book. I am in need of some more happiness…

  36. I will be joining your book study and have a copy of your book which I have started reading! It is great! I also took the 5 day Happiness Challenge. I am excited for the book study!

  37. I have already bought the book and so happy you are doing a book club on this one! Need some HAPPY in my life!!
    thank you so very much!!

  38. I am definitely joining the book club! I am reading this book for the second time and still learning new things from it.

  39. I am excited for the book study!!! I need to learn how to be happier and what God wants for me.

  40. I first heard about this book when Crystal Paine recommended it. I can’t wait to read it!

    • Yeah, Jen! Crystal has been such a trooper, helping me get the word out about The Happiness Dare. This dare has changed both of us, and I’m so excited that you’re going to be Dare Taker too.

  41. What a wonderful dare!! I cannot wait to take this challenge and enjoy it!!! This comes at a perfect time in my life — so, yes!! I accept the dare — I am in and cannot wait for the study to begin!!! And, if I were to win a gift basket, it would be me to want to share it!!! Thank you for the challenge of the dare, the upcoming study, and the opportunity to join in on a chance to win a prize — 5 people (plus others) will be very happy and blessed!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

  42. Yes I am very excited about this book and the book club. I have started the book already and am enjoying it : )

  43. Looking forward to this book club discussion after reading the emails as a teaser. I loved the Fervent book before this pick.

  44. I am looking forward to joining this book club. My family and I have had a few setbacks the last couple of moths. I’m looking forward to some happiness with you all!

    • Heather, We’re so glad you’re coming, just as you are. Many of us are in seasons of, well, unhappiness. And I just want to reassure you: It’s okay, to not be okay. We are really excited to have you joining us.

  45. Life gets hectic and we forget to take the time to focus on our own happiness in Christ. I am excited to do this study.

  46. I’m looking forward to participating in this newest (in)courage book club selection, “The Happiness Dare”! I’m on my way to get a copy of the book now! 🙂 Yay! Have a blessed day everyone!

  47. I was part of Jennifer’s launch team and think this is a great choice for book club. I absolutely LOVE incourage book clubs and have been involved for years! Let’s keep spreading happiness.

  48. Looking forward to another book club, ladies! I’ve been wanting to read this book all Summer! Must be a sign that I needed to wait. Can’t wait!!!

  49. I am so excited for this book club!! It was an honor to be on the launch team. Can’t wait to interact in this way as well. The Happiness Dare will change your life!

  50. Would love to be a part of the book club and win one of those fabulous baskets – I NEED Happy Badly!

  51. I bought the book yesterday from Barnes and Noble. This book club is exactly what I need to keep on task and make the time to read! I’m in! Yay! Thank you!

  52. Hi . I never thought I could be a part of a club like this. And i’m excited to be one of your new found friend. Looking forward to always be in tune with you inspite of our time difference. 🙂

  53. I just downloaded the book to my kindle and had to peek – love what I’ve read so far! I’m in for bool club 🙂

  54. This book looks amazing! I plan to do this book club, and I’ll ask my dear friend who did Simply Tuesday with me to join in again with this fun one. 😉 She lives in KC and I live in DC. It’s fun to share how God shapes us through these wise words in the book club, and it’s fun to connect, as we’re still close even though college ended 7 years ago. Yay for the Happiness Dare and friendships!!

  55. I’m in! I’ll probably finish the boom before then, but am already looking forward to going through it again! (can you tell I’m a thinker?) hehe

  56. Praise Him! What a dark season Inhave experienced. So often I have been told to seek joy that quite honestly… I forgot what happiness feels like! Thank you Lord for this blessing. The message of this book speaks to my spirit! Praise God!

  57. I’ve just started reading Jennifer’s blog and was so encouraged. I’ve never been on an online book club- excited to read the book, excited to join!! I am mother of two teens – one of whom is going to college next week, So I need a little encouragement.

  58. I will be joining the book club. It is perfect timing, because I realize I could use a little more happiness in my life…can’t we all!

  59. I look forward to reading The Happiness Dare with you all. I heard about through Crystal Paine’s web site and others. Thank you.

  60. Wow! This sounds interesting! The Happiness Dare! I have never questioned If God cares about my happiness, but I have sure thought this world can be a lonely place during times of upholding my faith. I am curious and excited to see what this new read has in store for us. Thank you for shading.

  61. I am going to order the book! I’m so excited and encouraged to join in reading and conversation. I signed up for the daily emails and look forward to reading them each day. They are chock full of great stories and things I can apply to my life on a daily basis. I’m thankful I’ll be getting the opportunity to participate. I’m going to try and get others on board. I’m ready for some beautiful changes.

  62. love the “kindness makes you feel happy”! Yes, it does. Do I have to purchase the book to join? Need to wait till I have extra income to be able to buy it.

    • I would love to join the book club and God has been good to me so I would like to know if I can purchase some extra copies and ship for women wanting to be part of this and can’t afford the book right now. I have read it online as part of the launch and just received my hard copy which I will reread and underline and dog ear because there were so many meaningful quotes.

  63. I just purchased the book and am looking forward to participating in this Happiness Dare! I have never been a part of a book club before and am excited to read and share with all of you.

  64. So looking forward to accepting this dare to discover happiness. An emotion that has eluded me for far too long!!

  65. Be Still My Heart bible study group girlz will be joining you in this study!!
    We are excited!!

  66. Oh this sounds like a perfect book club book at the perfect time! Looking forward to it and maybe sharing a thing or two with my girls!

  67. I am looking forward to being a part of this Happiness Dare! Ordered my book last night, should be here on Friday!

  68. So excited to get started on this study that I already purchased the book (on the way) before I knew of being able to join y’all but that’s okay … I took the little quiz and already knew but confirmed I”m a “Relater” so can give the book to my girlfriend who I”d love to do this with and share the goodies in the basket with too if I do win one of the drawings! It’ll be a blast to have a pick-me-up with her and some challenges from this study to go through together with everyone as well. Thanks for the opportunity, Kathy

  69. Very excited! I love Jennifer’s book. Just shared about the club on FB and put a review on Amazon a few days ago. This is a life-changer, and I love seeing lives changed!

  70. Just placed the book on-hold at my local library – so excited to be joining in this book club. It will be my first one! (Of course hoping to win the goodies too). <3

  71. I will be joining you. I am dropping my only child off to college on Friday and am a single mom. The timing of this book club couldn’t be better!

  72. I’m totally joining the book club and can’t wait for my copy to come in the mail! Whoo-hoo! I’ll be doing this book club from a hospital bed as I recover from a big surgery. Last Summer I broke my leg in two places and did the study by Margaret Feiberg, Fight Back with Joy. It was such perfect timing and I know this book will be too. And those goodies……wow, they look awesome!!!!

  73. Thankful for a God who brings us through dark times with love and celebrates in the the small joys.

  74. I’m so excited to have found this study at this time of year. The start of a new school year always seems to put me in a funk and I think the book is going to go a long way towards helping me stay out of it this year.

  75. I can’t wait for this study! I bought the book the day it came out, but haven’t had the time to start it. So, this is going to get me moving in it! 🙂 Can’t wait! And would love to win the basket of goodies, too! 🙂

  76. My book arrived yesterday and I am eager to get started on it. I’ve not been a part of a Book Club before but I’m looking forward to it. Thank you for the invitation.

  77. I want to join the happiness dare book club. Where do I sign up? And I’d love to win something!! 🙂

  78. Now is the time to do The Happiness Dare! School starting back, calendars are full already, overwhelming sensation of feeling overwhelmed!!! All of this makes us tired and….not so happy. Happiness is the last thing that comes to mind. Excited about reading this book and working on happiness being first in our lives. True, lonlasting Happiness!

  79. I ordered my book MONTHS ago, and was planning on starting my own dare soon. Now I get to do it with a group. Thanks.

  80. I am very excited to join this book club. I have been looking forward to reading Jennifer’s book! Happiness is something is am very confused about when it comes to God’s Word. Excited to delve deeper!

  81. I was going to order the book tonight so I could join and just found out my sister bought it for me as a gift! She didn’t know I had planned on buying a copy so I think it’s meant to be that I’m involved in this book club. 🙂

  82. I’ve purchased my book and can’t put it down! I feel like we are close friends! 🙂