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Turned inside out by grace, Kris spends her life encouraging others to surrender all, that they too might discover the fullest joy of Jesus.

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  1. I am going thru this exact kind of situation n I was woken by Holy Spirit this morning at 5am with the beginning of his answer to me. Situation involves a lot of long, old, deep wounds. I already blabbed to my closest Christian friend. Just on messenger so very short kind of thing. I do Pray I can continue in secret place with the Lord to experience the work He wants to accomplish. Forgive me Lord. U gwt so excited when I experience You speaking to me. No excuse…forgive me.

    • Linda, what a gift those dear friends are who can hear our hearts and be a safe, quiet space for us. Praying you would let Him take His time with you, I know it will be worth it. He is so good.

  2. Psalm 91 is such a powerful promise from our Father God! It is full of so many of God’s promises for us to live in the abundance of all that God has and desires for us. However it is conditional…we must ‘abide in Him’…we must spend that time away from the world….in the secret place with Him…in the still quiet place where we can hear His voice! He calls us to come away…come rest in Him and as we do He pulls us closer to Him…under His wing of protection and rest. He has so much for us…IF…we abide in Him! Thank You Lord!

  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful guidance from the One who longs to heal and protect us as we move forward in His Royal Service……

  4. I love the quote by Charles Swindoll! I’ve been craving some genuine alone time with God lately. Was happy to get to spend about an hour on a long walk with worship music playing. No Facebook, no pictures for Instagram. Just me, God, and my thoughts, and listening and waiting to hear what he has for me next.

    • Those quiet hours are so special. So glad you found a pocket of time to slip away with Him. Praying you would hear Him and be ready for what He has for you.

  5. Beautifully said Kris! I look forward to quiet time with Him each morning- first thing… So I can thank him for everything…the new day…the fact that He is an amazing God & to just sit and become aware of His presence & objective to what “thought stuff” arises to try to pull me away from His peace. Last thing at nite as well… To see what He wants to reveal…perhaps some negative idea that crept in that He can identify for me with His light. The “cure stress” free app helps w this too. It has been given to the military with great results. God bless!

  6. Kris,
    What a beautiful reminder…I hear God through your words saying to me, “Step away…come abide in Me and Me alone.” It takes will on my part to step away from the ease of the clatter of the world…

  7. Link to the author’s website is not working. But through a roundabout way I was able to find it through her Instagram page. This was great! I would love to read more of what she writes!!

    • Hi Rose, so sorry you had trouble connecting to my website. My website is I look forward to connecting with you there. Thanks for reading today.

  8. So greatly encouraged by the article. How often He calls to a time of ‘hushed fellowship’ with Him. The question is , do we recognise His call?

  9. Kris, I love this line: “We are called to the quiet, tucked-away place alone with Him, where the uncomfortable-but-necessary healing and growing can happen.” It’s so tempting to share everything God is doing in us right at that moment. I’m so glad He called you away to be renewed. Those seasons are where He grows soul depth and the reminds us we are His first. So awesome to see you over here at (in)courage too.

    • *waving* Hi there, Christina. Thanks for reading and encouraging me today. So grateful God used something here to speak to you. What grace!

  10. I went into hiding for 6 months while finalizing my divorce after 24 years of marriage. I know how hard it is to turn away and seek the Lord.

  11. Kris, Thank you, many times! How I need this; and now back to the study guide for Chuck Swindoll’s book. It has been lost in the shuffle for awhile. And commenting in this marvelous community is my only use of “social” media. I know, people are astounded to learn that I have no idea how to use a cell phone, but I feel that being able to live in quietness is good for these sunset years.

    It is toooo easy to fall into telling what God is doing in our private sanctuary. I finally reminded myself that Samson’s downfall began with his telling Delilah all his heart. We need those quiet tucked away places. Beautifully written. Thank you again.

  12. You have skillfully highlighted a need that I could not dissect this well for myself; it’s no accident I clicked “read more”. Thank you.

  13. Thank you for the reminder to stay put in God’s “therapy session” and not be in such a hurry to share it. I do this as well, then run into gaps in my own healing and learning. Trust God’s process.

  14. Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful grace of encouragement that you have given; to you, Kris, for this pouring forth 🙂 I have been struggling to come before the Lord alone, to go through uncomfortable healing that He so gently asks me to let Him do in these so very deep places. Yet who am I to refuse such love? May we all swing open the doors of our hearts to hear His tender graces and mercies speak truth into our hearts in these needed places of solitude.

    • Those in-depth sessions can be so hard, so painful in the process. I resist them too. That’s actually my default–resistance. But God is faithful, and though he presses us, it is for purpose. He LOVES us so hard. Praying for you An, as you turn to Him again and again.

  15. Love this… Have missed this & craved this connectedness. Thank you for sharing. Every word touched my soul!!

  16. Thank you for this post! Exactly what I needed to hear. Not only for me to step away, but , it also makes me think of how I need to be sensitive to when God is also calling my closest friends to “away time” with Him, to give them room to be with Him alone and not interrupt. I want to check and say, how’s it going?! But I need to sensitive and provide space…while I spend my own “away time” with Him, too!

  17. I like the idea of stepping into God’s office for a counseling session. Thanks for that illustration and the reminder that comes with it to guard that time, to learn personally and privately, and then to emerge from the office–God still by our side–with fewer kinks, ready to share.

  18. This message really hit home for me! I am so overwhelmed physically, mentally, emotionally that I’m not hearing the still small voice of God. I need to steal away from all this clutter of my life and listen for that voice. Thank you!

    • Praying you can find a way to slip away, even just for a bit, Marie. God makes use of whatever time we have. Trusting He will meet you quickly, right where you are.

    • Marie,

      Prayers that God will help you find a time and place to just be with Him. Perhaps a short walk by yourself will help you tune into Him more!

      Blessings 🙂

  19. Sometimes the old hymns – this one by Fanny Crosby – just hit the spot:

    He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock
    That shadows a dry, thirsty land;
    He hideth my life in the depths of His love,
    And covers me there with His hand,
    And covers me there with His hand.

    I especially love that the last line is repeated in the chorus. What a reassuring picture of being covered by His hand…

    Blessings to you all, my sisters….xoxox

  20. YES! YES! YES kris! You nailed it! You spoke my words for me. Everything you said. I got it! Not going to be sucked away from God anymore. Will need His help to do it. But YES. YES. YES!!!!!

  21. Making my private moments with my Father, public // inviting the whole waiting room into my counseling session with God — yes, such a struggle! One of my spiritual gifts is encouragement (which sounds like yours too, Kris), so the urge to share this or that from my time with Jesus, or from some form of creation-beauty that catches my eye, as way of encouragement comes very naturally (and urgently sometimes) for me…but, when I do it from a place of striving, it also comes at the expense of my quiet heart. And I quickly find myself wrapped up more in the beauty of my words than in the beauty of the Word. This sacred solitude is stolen by my (well-meaning) quest for instant affirmation and purpose — at the cost of sitting with unending Grace just a little while longer. // Thank you Kris for obeying His voice to pull away – and for being brave enough to share your story with us. I really needed to hear this, today. Praying for you as you continue to pursue the quiet places

  22. This is a lot of wisdom from you inspired by God. I often write on my blog the things I’m studying or hearing a lot about, I opened up to help other women to share the love of Christ and His grace. I , like others have too personal moments with the Lord, I take heart from the story of Joseph, he told his family too much but God eventually blessed him. It is a good idea to keep your private life private.

  23. Just what I am needing. Very busy schedule, in a very hot climate – wanting to get away with the Lord, but finding it so hard to do. Loved to find someone else who reads Charles’ books, and gets inspiration and help from them. God bless you in your writing and encouraging.

  24. Thank you so much fof posting this! I have been spending too much time in Facebook looking at inspiring quotes, searching new Christian book authors, and downloading new books. Trying to get closer to God. I had a dream that I was doing busy work and couldn’t keep up with it all. I thought it was about all I’ve been thinking about and it was God saying I didn’t need all those things on Facebook and Kindle, I just need the Bible (His word) and time with Him.

  25. Yes, did this tonight after dinner. My spirit was heavy within me, and I needed to get away. I sensed him call me away. I won’t go into what God said, but it was the beginning of me grieving some things that had been holding me bound a long time.
    It’s just the beginning, but it’s necessary.

  26. Thank you for this post and reminder how important we are to God and the need to go and spend quiet time in prayer and reading His word. How is easy it is to slip into old habits and get off track when we donor spend time with him! How lucky we are, I am that ourGod is one of compassion and love, understanding and forgiveness.

  27. Kris,

    The world is to social media conscious. We feel we need to stay connected all the time. It’s about the latest Pinterest and face book posts. Our souls need spiritual white space to breath and take in this beautiful world around us. If Jesus found it necessary several times to go and be alone with God then how much more we humans. I know I crave time alone with God out in the woods just viewing mountains and the wonderful world He created.

    Blessings 🙂

  28. Kris, your words never disappoint! I’ve been trying myself silly to spend less time listening to the voices surrounding social media and listen to the one in the stillness of my favorite chair in the corner of my bedroom…and, in doing so, I almost missed this post. Still. Another reminder that He is using you to speak wisdom and encouragement into so many. Stay your course. The Spirit is working mightily through your obedience.

  29. Excellent Word for me. I am in Rome. Facing physical challenges when I return home. In prayer today thinking my soul is hungry and thirsty for solitude with God to sit with Him and quietly listen.
    I am always so eager to share I rush away too quickly losing the solitude of the sacred. My heart is crying BE STILL And LISTEN. Hear really HEAR.
    Thank you for confirmation.