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Rachel is a rookie farm wife who laughs at herself, loves her ordinary life, and lives in burden-light faith.

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  1. My gardener’s heart loves this post, and looking at my garden (and my life), I’d say that I’m in a season of weeds, a time of looking carefully at each greening thing that is sprouting from the soil and either nurturing it, hilling it up with rich loamy soil — or yanking it out by the roots so that it won’t choke out the intended planting.

    God is so good to speak to us through the incidental and beautiful happenings in His created world. Thanks for sharing your lesson in thriving.

    • Thank you, Michele! He definitely is good to speak to us in many different ways that our hearts can understand. Blessings as you continue to intentionally weed the garden of your life!

  2. Rachel,
    I love the gardening analogy. So true, that even with sunshine and rain, no plant will grow unless it is rooted in fertile soil. That soil of course being God’s Word. So many times I get caught thinking my plants/faith will grow with two out of the tree ingredients, but being in the Word is perhaps the most vital ingredient of all. I needed this post to challenge me about my time spent in the Word…that’s where my joy and help comes from.

    • Me too, Bev! Sometimes it seems easier to journal, listen to a sermon, etc. than to read and study the Word…but when I skip the Word, I totally miss out! Reminding myself too. 🙂

  3. These three gardening tips are applicable no matter what season of life we are in. It all starts with God’s Word. As we spend time getting nourished, God is so faithful to grow us up no matter the season. Thanks, Rachel!

  4. Today, I’m in a season of part shade. I know that God wants what’s best for me, & that this season of my life will not last always. The weeds in my garden have been thriving & trying to overtake the beautiful flowers there. Little by little, I’ve been trying to pull all the weeds up. When I think I’ve got the weeds under control so that my beautiful flowers can thrive, the weeds come right back. So, as I allow my tears to nourish the soil of my garden. ..I know that my divine Gardener can restore that which has been lost or take that which is broken & make it into something beautiful. “He has made everything beautiful in its time” (Ecclesiastes 3:11). Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

    • Graham, it’s not easy, huh? I think you make a great point that the Gardener–God Himself!–is the one who ultimately weeds, prunes, restores, and grows. May He begin to reveal beauty in your brokenness, and may you rest in His care as you journey through this season and on into the next.

  5. Thanks very much for the post! I am definitely in a season of sun to part shade – sometimes I feel like I hit both in the same day! But you gave me a good reminder that all things have their season.

  6. Rachel, I am feeling that God wrote your words for me today…reflecting back to times of sun but knowing I am sheltered in the shade by a God who has a plan for me…in faith, hope, love, joy…and patience. God bless!

  7. Rachel, I am so grateful to the Lord for these gentle words. As I go through a hard season of planting, pruning, and uprooting, the Lord is the tender Gardener in the soil of my soul. He asks me to savor each word of truth, let it sink deep into the soil. I struggle with patience, but you are so right that He is ‘not according to my schedule.” How gracious our Father to teach us patience. I am so grateful for each reply here that bring new perceptions and learning. May we each feel the life-filled hand of our Master Gardener today touching our soil with His love, grace, and mercy 🙂

    • An, thanks for sharing your heart with us here. Praying you continue to experience the Lord’s tenderness in your current season, and asking God for a teachable, patient heart for you…and me too! 🙂

  8. I love the phrase privilege to manage my own house. So many people wouldn’t look at it that way, more as a chore.The same is true of ourselves, our spiritual house, I never knew until recently that that ground has to stay fertile, it not a one time event when you’re born again but a continuing process to stay good ground.

    • That’s a great point, Rebecca! It’s easy to coast spiritually, but it takes intentionality to remain fruitful. May we be willing to do the work!

  9. When I came to the part of your post about the tag and its “sun to part shade” instruction, I wondered what meaning you could possibly draw from its message. But God revealed plenty to you that day–a personal, meaningful message for you and for us. Thank you, Rachel. I, too, will seek to be patient and attentive, so God can produce a harvest through me, in the soil where I’m planted this season!

  10. Oh Rachel, your post spoke to me, God spoke to me through your post. Last night I discovered through social media a group of friends out having a good time, it turns out it was an old friends birthday and I was no invited… But instead of getting jealous I really thought about how it’s been a long time since I connected with this friend and the other friends around her, it made me feel sad and alone for sure but also made me realise I have cut myself off from a lot of these people by staying in my own bubble and not nurturing any of my past friendships…things have to change. Instead of being depressed God has given me eyes to see, I am in a season or have been of part shade close to dark. I need to open my heart to him and provide good soil not rocks at the same time nurture my relationship with Him and He will look after the rest. I need to make an effort with my friendships and with my life as a whole. Please pray for me that I will read and understand what God is saying to me and properly interpret it in the right way.

    • Hi, Jas. It’s so hurtful to be excluded–sorry you’re going through that! It’s awesome that God has opened your eyes to some new things, and know that the same Holy Spirit who gave you that insight will be with you as you read His Word, helping you to understand what it means and how to walk it out! (John 14:26) You’re right–when we focus our hearts primarily on nurturing our relationship with God, it affects everything else in our lives for the better! (Matt. 6:33) I have to remind myself of that too. 🙂 Praying for you now.

  11. The thought of not seeing any sunlight brought to mind that a seed is planted in black soil in a dark hole with no sun. Only watered and nurtured the seed sprouts and grows towards the sun. Thank you for a very insightful post.

  12. Rachel,
    Great analogy. It is simple to watch TV preachers, listen to podcasts, etc. God instructs us to be “in” the Word. He wants us to plant the Word deep into our hearts. My big problem is waiting patiently for the harvest. I usually want immediate results. We need to stay connected to the vine & allow the vinedresser to prune us as He sees fit.
    Blessings 🙂

    • Wow, Kathy, you certainly are in full shade, but you are obviously letting Jesus shine brightly through you! We need that kind of testimony–it can’t be denied. Keep shining brightly, my friend! Prayers and blessings.