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  1. My weight keeps me from feeling beautiful. It is a battle I’ve been fighting for years and continue to dwell on everyday.

  2. The # on the scale keeps me from feeling beautiful. The way some jackets are tight on my arms make me feel even worse. But I’m trying to speak kindly to myself. I’m trying to change those negative thoughts.

  3. My own insecurities keep me from feeling beautiful… from my weight, to how I feel about myself on the inside. It is a constant struggle.

  4. What keeps me from feeling beautiful are the lies I allow myself to listen to from the enemy. What makes me feel most beautiful is the Lord’s love…..when I open myself to Him, and when He shares his love through others: my friends, my husband.

  5. It’s hard for me to look at myself sometimes in the mirror because I have gained so much weight and I don’t see what God sees.

  6. What keeps me from feeling beautiful is my teeth. I dream of a day when I will have a beautiful smile!

  7. When my son says, “Mommy you are so pretty, I love you.” That makes my heart smile because he does this at random times of the day. There seems to be no pattern. I know he is becoming a kind, thoughtful young man.

    Some days someone who is supposed to be by my side forever makes me feel unbeautiful.

  8. When I was growing up, I was teased a lot for being “ugly”. That has been very difficult to shed and accept God’s truth.

  9. It took a battle with breast cancer for me to finally see myself as beautiful and to be comfortable in my own skin.

  10. I think the media totally gives the wrong image of what a woman truly should look like. It makes women feel like they have to fix themselves to please others. That’s really sad isn’t it?
    God created each of us to be beautiful in our own way. We shouldn’t have to “fix” ourselves to think we are beautiful. We are beautiful just as we are. We need to bring more awareness to true beauty and fight against what the world expects women to be like. We don’t need to have surgeries and beauty creams and excess makeup to be beautiful.
    We are beautiful just as we are…and when we finally begin to see that, it shows we are trusting God and how He created us to be so beautiful in His eyes It’s who we are. 🙂 When we start believing we are who we are, it really releases us from that pressure to be perfect for others. So turn off that TV, ignore the bull, and let’s get working on our attitudes towards ourselves…YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL LADIES! <3 <3 <3

  11. My low self-esteem keeps me from feeling beautiful, but when I focus on others, servings others, making others feel better, it certainly takes the focus off of me.

  12. I So enjoyed “One Month to Live” and look forward to adding “Beauty Begins” to my personal spiritual life for reflection and prayer. Celeste

  13. Even though I exercise a lot, I have always struggled with my weight. Not only does it often keep me from feeling beautiful, it robs me from a lot of joy and breeds resentment in comparison.

  14. This appears to be a great view of creation of man in today’s language. It is a view many need to read and be reminded of since in almost every culture beauty is viewed only skin deep. It would be a pleasure to win a copy and a blessing to many teens in my life.

  15. Comparing myself with others i what often robs me of feelings of being beautiful. I feel most beautiful when I read God’s Word and remember that I am created in His image.

  16. Goosebumps while reading this today – which felt as if God was helping me to feel His fingerprints on me – His beautiful creation. Thank you. 🙂

  17. My too-tight-jeans can make me feel unlovely. However, God gives sweet reminders – a special song or Bible verse “just for me,” my husband’s touch, kindness from a stranger, and so much more.

  18. I have had more than 18 surgeries since 3-26-12. I have Crohn’s Disease, had it diagnosed in 1982. Now in my mid 50’s, I have an Ileostomy bag. I had to move back in with my mother. I couldn’t have gotten this far without her.

    My Ileostomy and chronic pain have been the hardest issues I have ever dealt with. My family, church family and friends have stood by my side, praying for and with me. I was determined that I would not let this rule my life. Boy was I wrong. It has hijacked my whole life. I finally asked Mom and my church to pray for me to accept my life as it is. Every time I changed my Ileostomy bag, it was like starting all over again and I was so angry. For almost 2 years, I fought this, angrily. But the day my whole church knelt in prayer has changed my life. The anger is gone and I have accepted my situation.

  19. Ultimately, it’s my sin. Sin of self.

    I feel the most beautiful when loving the Lord and others well.

  20. It’s hard for me to feel beautiful because of insecurity and past shame from abuse. I strive to see my identity in Jesus, but it often does not sink to my heart.

  21. What makes me feel most beautiful is reading about the beauty God sees in me.

  22. I feel beautiful when I focus on the fact that the Master Artist has His fingerprints all over me. I am a child of the King. A princess.

  23. I struggled with this way too long. I was under the impression that I wasn’t receiving healing for my back because of my weight. Even well meaning people in ministry fall into their own thinking and prejudices. When you truly know the extent of His sacrifice and how deeply you are loved, if you choose to reflect Jesus, healing and beauty will come from the inside. Focus on Him, not your weight or past. Hebrews 12:2

  24. Questioning my own self worth. Comparing myself to others. Never feeling like I measure up. Looking at what I LACK instead of appreciating my BLESSINGS.

  25. I feel most beautiful when I remember Jesus’ love for me and how He created me perfectly, just the way He wanted me to be.

  26. Chronic health problems often distract my eye from what is good and Godly in this clay pot to what has gone wrong making me feel ‘less than’ and far from beautiful

  27. What keeps me from feeling beautiful is recognizing that my beauty comes from within. I need to always remember that I must be in line with God to recognize that beauty is His.

  28. I am always in awe when I stop to think that the God who created the earth and all it’s beauty also created me. In addition, he created me for a specific purpose. Powerful and humbling thoughts.

  29. I feel most beautiful when I create something: a knitted scarf, a random sketch, a poem, or dinner. So when my efforts are rebuffed by other people or deemed not good enough, it keeps me from feeling beautiful. Those are the times I hold onto grace, to God who says I don’t have to impress Him to be beautiful. I already am 🙂

  30. I learned early in life, before I went to school for sure, that I wasn’t good enough for the standard – though I wasn’t sure what that was. My earthly father always told me what was wrong with me (in a misguided attempt to spur me on to greatness) and I have been battling that futility ever since. As my body gets older, gravity and arthritis take their toll, it is hard to find anything that God would think beautiful, but I’d like to think He is forming a beautiful soul in me at last.

  31. My weight keeps me from feeling like a MASTERPIECE. And shackles my self-confidence. I know who I am on the inside, but I sometimes worry people won’t look past the outer appearance.

  32. The voice inside my head always holding me back from my true potential keeps me from feeling beautiful.

  33. It is hard to feel beautiful based on everything you see on a daily basis in the media. I try to remember that God sees me as a beautiful soul.

  34. What makes me feel most beautiful is bubbling joy from seeing God’s hand in nature and hearing birds singing and feeling the gentle breeze across my skin,