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ALIZA LATTA is a writer, artist, and pastor who is a huge fan of telling stories. She creates content for Canada’s largest youth conference, Change Conference, and is a church planter in Ontario, Canada. Her artwork and writing have been featured in publications for LifeWay, Dayspring, and (in)courage. She is...

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  1. Aliza,
    So true that, while we are waiting (trying very hard to be patient) on the Lord, He doesn’t want us sitting idly by putting in our time. Even in captivity, and I believe our time here on earth does sometimes represent captivity, He wants us to build our homes, plant our gardens, have our children, do life. For He promises us a “hope” and a “future”. I have lived long enough to see God give me good things after very long periods of waiting…waiting that seemed to go on forever. I also think there is an eternal perspective we forget about…that after waiting and being patient here on earth, there is unfathomable hope and joy that awaits us in spending eternity with Him. Hang in there young and faithful one…God is good and He is faithful to His promises!
    Bev xx

  2. Been “planting a garden” for several years, and I’m hoping soon to be able to plant a real garden in real dirt with so many different kinds of colorful flowers that I’m able to do more than take pictures of them because they’ll be my flowers. It’s good to read words by fellow folks anticipating and holding a watering can. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Aliza, such a beautiful post. I love the visual of planting a soul-garden. God gives us the seeds of work He wants to do in us, and the growing begins. My seeds came from tearing my ACL earlier this year. Life has slowed waaaay down, and that’s been a challenge for this “do-er.” I’ve had to be still more. And He’s speaking to me, doing some healing in me as I wait. Those seeds are hopefully beginning to sprout, but they won’t bear all their fruit for awhile yet. 🙂

    Waiting is challenging, especially in a world where we’re encouraged to charge forward. Good for you waiting on the Lord, planting your garden in the waiting place. He blesses these times in life, when we trust Him.

    • Thank you so much, Jeanne. I think you’re right — healing often comes in the quiet, times of waiting.

  4. Aliza,

    I really wanted to thank-you for your inspiring words, they have really helped me today.

    May you be blessed always,


  5. I had Him to tell me to sow seeds many years ago. I know that was sowing God’s Word into people’s lives. Where I live gets so hot, my flowers just fizzle. Knock out roses do okay. I love tulips, I may try again.

  6. Oh how I love this! I just wrote about this time I am in, this non-defining time. In between the chapters. Yes, a time of transition and quiet rest and patience. It’s hard for me. I am doing what needs to be done in the meantime. Thank you. This confirms my heart!

  7. Aliza, I thank you and the Lord for this beautiful posting. I am waiting too with you, sister, and it is hard. Yet the Lord is never slow as we perceive it and it been hard to learn that its His time and way as He is the true builder of the kingdom through us. May we wait patiently in gentle humility 🙂

  8. Aliza,
    I, too, have felt like my life is on hold for about 9 months now. Hard for me to understand what I’m to learn–maybe patience (ha) in this waiting. I’m trying hard to plant a garden of peace and love toward my aging father. Hard to watch him slowly fade away!! Yet I know that in the end He will be better off! We will all reap our rewards and receive unspeakable hope and joy!!! I can’t wait to see Jesus and the marvelous Heaven He has planned for us!!!
    Blessings 🙂