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    • I will pray for you….
      God knows who you are, where you are and what you are facing today.
      Joshua 1:9
      “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not be terrified or dismayed (intimidated), for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

      • Amen!! Thank you for your prayers. I have also prayed for you! God bless you and have a great day.

    • Lifting you up in prayer that all of your unspoken requests will be answered. God will meet your every need. Standing faith with You.

    • Lord, may you be praised that you give so generously to us. Please hear the prayers of this guest, please meet these needs. Thank you Father 🙂

    • Prayers this afternoon for you and what is heavy on your heart. May you sense the presence of the Lord carrying you and your loved ones close to His heart. May you know Him to be the Prince of Peace and your Hope now and forever.

    • Praying for your requests, God knows each and every spoken and unspoken request, I pray that God answers your prayers in a clear and definite way, so you and those around you will know that it was by Gods Hand, In Jesus Name, Amen

    • I am praying for that your requests be answered and you find your peace in God’s love. Amen

  1. Please pray for my nephew Asher. He is three years old and has cancer in his liver. He had emergency surgery on Friday afternoon. He is still in the hospital. Yesterday was a better day for him, but he is still in ICU. Pray also for his parents. My sister has spent the last two night sleeping in a chair in his room. She needs rest as well as God’s peace and strength.
    Thank you.

    • Father God we claim your comfort, peace and strong Presence for Asher and his parents. Father God, reveal Yourself to them anew, help them to see You standing next to them right now. Help them to hold fast to Your Loving Promises. We thank You that You will never ever leave or forsake them. We praise You for using what is meant to harm us to bring Glory to Your Name.

    • Dear Lord, Please watch over little Asher, bless him and give him strength to recover from the operation and heal without any further cancer in him. Whatever your will please support and carry this family, Ashers mother and parents, give them rest and strength to cope with decisions faced and the situation at this time, we hand it all over to you Oh Lord. They all need you now, please comfort them, give rest and take all the cancer away from little Asher. I ask all these things in your wonderful name, in Jesus name, Amen

    • Rebecca,
      Send your healing touch to Asher. Give him strength to fight this fight! Shower mom with strength to endure this battle and give her peace and contentment! Surround the family with your love and mercy!

    • Praying for you and your family. May God bless Asher with healing and you and your family with His peace and unfailing love. May God bless you always. Xo

  2. I’d appreciate prayers for my family and I. That what is being thrown at us to harm us, will be used to glorify God and strengthen not only my faith and trust in God, as I step out in faith and obedience to the calling God had placed upon my heart, but also bless and bring life to others.

    • Lord please stand strong with Anna be with her for whatever she must face. Show Anna and her family your comfort and love, bless them Father, protect them and guide them all along whatever path you have mapped out for them Lord. I ask this in Jesus name, Amen

    • Anna,
      Claiming the promise of God right now…that what others mean for harm, He will use for good. He can work ALL things together for good. Praying this promise over you and your family right now. Lean into Him…He loves you!
      Bev xx

    • God, I pray please that you watch over Anna and her family while they are facing these trials. May she always remember Lord that You are with her and we never walk alone. You have beautiful plans for Anna’s and all of our lives plans to prosper us and not to harm us plans to give us hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11)! May Anna and her family be comforted by these truths. May they see Your goodness in every situation. In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen. Xoxo

      • Thank you so much, Stephanie. That’s the second time someone has shared that verse with me! Thankful for God’s Love shining through you all.

    • Prayin for you and your family, God know what you are facing, He is with you, and your family, He never leaves along His Children, His love is unconditional and over abundant, TRUST on HIM,

  3. I would like to ask for prayers for healing of my sickness, it is not serious but I have been unwell for nearly two weeks. Can I ask for prayers to be closer to God, for my relationship to grow with Him which will spill over into my family life and personal life, also to ask the Lord to give me the right words when asked questions about the Lord from my children, so I can answer them. Thank you.

    • Dear Father, I lift up Jas to you today. I pray you would heal her body and renew her strength. I also pray that you would give her a deeper understanding of you and your amazing love for us. I ask that you would place Godly friends in her life to strengthen and encourage her. Father, give her words to say when her children ask those tough questions. I pray she may have the wisdom and understanding to speak your truth. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Jas,
      Praying for healing for your illness. Jesus is our Healer and I pray for his healing touch to be upon you. I see in you an earnest heart that wants to be close in relationship to the Lord. Praying for the Spirit to give you His words as you seek to raise up your children in Him.
      Bev xx

  4. I ask for prayers for our family. My husband feels called to the ministry. He has been on staff at our church a few hours a week while he finished his classes and worked part time at his ther job. Now we are looking for a full time pastor position, but that involves moving. Please pray for the sale of our house and for this time of transition for our kids. They are 12 and 9 and do not want to leave the home they’ve grown up in.

    • I am praying that God will fulfill His promise to go ahead of you and prepare a place for you and your family. I pray for discernment as you seek to follow his will and for open minds for your children because I know that God will grow them and make their lives to blossom wherever He takes you. As mom, I pray for you for patience and strength as you deal with all the varying feelings of your family. Praying God’s peace upon you…
      Bev xx

  5. My continuing prayers are for my children…for my son to be wooed back into a relationship with Christ. For my daughter, I pray that she would find a godly man, in God’s timing, because she so wants to be married and have a family. Prayers for funds to be supplied for Redeemer Christian Fellowship which I head up for God. Thanks…

    • Bev,
      I will continue to lift up your children! May God bring about a godly man for your daughter and give a heart change to your son. Prayers for peace and contentment for you as you work with Redeemer Christian Fellowship. May God supply all that you need!
      Blessings 🙂

      • Thanks Beth for your faithful and continuing prayers!! They are truly appreciated!
        Bev xx

    • May our Heavenly Father continue to hold Elijah in His hands and comfort and heal him. Comfort his grandmother…

    • Papa God, touch Elijah. Pour your Spirit into his body and bring Your comfort and healing to Elijah and his family as well.

  6. Please pray for my finances. I know God is working with me on them, but am not quite making it paycheck to paycheck. I turn it over to Him every day, but soon I find myself worrying about the bills and trying to figure a way on my own. And every time I have tried one of my plans I find myself deeper in debt.

    • Debbie I am praying for you and your situation with finances. May your anxiety be lessened and things change for the better soon! In Jesus name we pray.

  7. Please continue to pray for my unsaved husband, Tom, and our sons Matthew and Michael. They are all good men, but none of them know our Lord. Please also pray that Michael may be healed of all anxiety.

    • Lord, we praise you because there is nothing impossible for you. Lord, may you tenderly touch the hearts of these good men, heal Michael’s anxiety. Thank you, Lord, for you are gracious to each of us.

    • I prayed for you, Marianne! God knows our hearts and cherishes what we hold dear!! I prayed for him to bring Himself glory through answered prayers!

  8. I just love this community. I’ve been too busy with projects lately, and have missed hanging out here! Praying praise for you, today. Pray for my brother and sister, that they go to church. Bless you!
    Happy Weekend!

  9. Heavenly Father we ask for complete healing of Elijah. You tell us that nothing is too hard for you. I pray you will bring healing to his body. Give his family your strength and comfort during this time. Carry them in your arms and sustain them. We give you all the praise, for you are worthy.

  10. Please pray for my bible study leader for her recovery from pancreatic cancer surgery. And please, Lord, let Debbie H know that you will never leave her or forsake her. Let her see that trust in you can bring a sense of peace to her troubled mind. And answer her needs in any way that is according to your will, in Jesus name.

    • Father I pray you strengthen and completely heal her body. You are our healer and it is already done by the precious blood of Jesus. I pray for manifestation of her wholeness.
      I ask that you wrap your loving arms around Debbie right now wherever she may be. I ask that you allow her to feel your love and comfort right now. Strengthen her. Encourage her heart. Help her by your grace to believe and know you are with her always and will never fail her. Quiet her mind. Still her being with the peace you’ve given to us. Restore her joy, in Jesus name. Amen.

    • Iamredeemedbygrace,
      Lord please heal the Bible Leader from cancer. You are the might healer and perform great miracles! Send Debbie H your unconditional love and an abundance of peace to her heart. Help her to trust you with her whole heart and not lean on her own understanding! Bless these people Lord I pray! AMEN!

  11. I discovered this very same Psalm recently. It speaks to me and my circumstance wholeheartedly. Sadly, I am at the beginning of it and have been for quite some time. Trying desperately to hold on and continue to hope pray and have faith, yet I am increasingly weary.

    I ask for prayer for my heart which seems full of anger and pride. Anger at myself and others hurtful actions toward me. Pride in my questioning my Father and doubting His way, which is always best. Please pray my strength, and end to the tears and manifestation of His words to me. Thank you and God bless.

    • Miriam,
      Prayers for God to strengthen you and fill you up with His love and mercy! May God alleviate your weariness and bring about peace and contentment! Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you”. His ways are better than ours!
      Blessings 🙂

    • God loves you. You are His child. There is nothing that can separate you from the love of our God. Draw near to Him in your secret place. He hears you, knows all about you and cares deeply for you. Draw strength, comfort and patience from the Holy Spirit that indwells you. You are not alone.God will never leave us or forsake us. Trust, Believe!

  12. Please for salvation of family members, to be able to be close to my daughter’s, and for their husband ‘s an myself to appreciate each other.

  13. Denise,
    I have a praise report! I have asked prayers for my father. God performed a miracle and he is back to “his normal” at 90. We moved him to assisted living memory care this week and he is doing well!! Thanks everyone!!
    Please pray for a friend’s mother who fell and broke her radius and ulna in one arm. She is elderly and is not having surgery. Parent is out west while friend is living in TN. Also prayers for another friend’s daughter who is going through a divorce. Tough time for that whole family!
    Thanks everyone!

  14. Please pray for the salvation of my husband, extended family and “E” (recovering heroine addict). Jesus, thankyou for this community. I praise you Father that you see us and hear us and are moved by us.Please reveal yourself and comfort these women as they are your hands and feet. Please strengthen us and keep us in your word and obeying the promptings of your spirit. please heal us, forgive us and see us El Roi.

    • Jennifer,
      Father please bring a huge heart change for husband, extended family and E. Shower them with grace and mercy! Show them the light that they desperately need!
      Blessings 🙂

  15. Thankful for this prayer board as this morning I woke up feeling very discouraged, defeated, and spiritually empty. Please pray the Lord would renew in me His Spirit and Truth, that I would not walk in this today…I am truly weary from the frontline battles. Grateful for the prayers❤️

    • Darlene,
      Father God take the evil one away from Darlene. Help her to have open eyes that see you and the light in you! Renew your spirit in her and give her peace and contentment!
      Blessings 🙂

  16. Please pray for my husband’s salvation. Our family life in whole for the Lord’s love, wisdom and humility to dwell in our home starting with me. For me to hang in there as I wait for the Lord to continue his work in my family. It’s so touch and trying that I want to give up sometimes.

  17. I have a few requests. First for salvation for my husband and our grown kids. Second that he would heal me from my lung disease and asthma and gallbladder issues.
    Lord, I ask that your heart would be turned to the person just before me. You would hear the cries of their heart and heed the answer to their prayers. I thank you for the gift of your Son who intercedes for us all. In Jesus name, Amen.

  18. Heavenly Father,
    I rebuke these attacks on Darlene’s peace and joy in the Name of Jesus. Show her your abounding love immediately. . .I pray a day and week and month of overflowing spiritual sunshine strength.

    I also pray for all who have posted. My environmental ministry and calling is to wake Gods people up to the toxic attacks on Gods planet and people. Pray for Dane Wiggington & his family.

  19. Please pray for the scales to come off my ex husband’s eyes. God, turn his heart toward you, remove the evil from his life. Mold him into the man you want him to be. I still pray for our family to be reconciled.

  20. Will be seeing a retina specialist regarding my left eye. Having cataract surgery on both eyes next month. Diagnosis with PMR, that results in muscular cramps in different parts of my body. Also, experiencing financial problems with an immediate need for rent money. Retired senior citizen and need prayer of agreement. Love God and trust His Word. Thank You very much for supporting me in prayer.

    • Dear Lord, I lift Sandra up in pray. Touch and heal her eyes and body. Meet her needs for rent. Give her the peace that only you can give.

      • Molly, with much love, I thank You so much for your prayer on my behalf. Praying that God will meet your every need in the name of Jesus. May the love and concern you have expressed in praying for me be multiplied back to you a hundredfold. Thank you ever so much.

      • Molly, thank you so very much for praying for me. My appointment with the retina specialist went well. I have the green light to have cataracts removed from both eyes next month. Still believing that i will get all the monies I need for the rent. I thank you for praying for peace, I am at peace and left it all in God’s hands. May God bless you for having a caring and loving heart. May He shower you and your family with many blessings, met your needs and give you the desire of your heart, in the name of Jesus. Amen. With much love.

  21. My concerns this morning are, firstly, that I can’t seem to “adult” properly. I am always struggling to do basic things, and I feel like I’m always barely keeping my head above water. Some of that boils down to anxiety getting in the way, some is due to the insane clutter in this house. I think I am still reeling from changes in life (most are minor, but it’s been a loooong 3.5 years of big changes and big issues). I just can’t grasp onto a routine. On top of that, the anxiety seems to be rearing its ugly head in the form of panic attacks. Yesterday at Zumba I felt the music get overwhelmingly loud to the point of crawling out of my skin, I felt woozy and weird, all the classic symptoms. And yes Zumba is loud and high activity, but as a long time panic attack sufferer this was distinct. I don’t want that fright to prevent me from enjoying Zumba tomorrow.

    I’m also saddened because I have such a burden for the nation and I feel like spiritually I am in no place to intercede, or do anything about it, to play whatever role I am meant to play. This, I keep reminding myself, depends not on me but on God; but I think, if all believers must feel like me, no wonder God doesn’t intervene to save us. I’m scared.

  22. Thank you in advance for prayers for a new fulltime job near my home. Praise for all my present blessings through this challenge.

  23. Please pray for my son. That God would break the chains that bond him. That he would fully give his life over to the Lord, not just in words but in actions. Also for my husband’s salvation.

  24. I’ve been sick with a cold that won’t go away for the past week and a half and my husband is starting to get it too. I homeschool three kids so they’ve been watching too much TV while I rest! I ask for God’s mighty healing power for me and my family. Thank you!

  25. Please pray for my beloved husband, Francisco, to be set free from all his addictions and sinful lifestyle, accept God’s love, mercy and fogiveness, return to the Lord and his marriage.

  26. Please pray for God’s direction in my life and the life of a friend. My friend is having a hard time knowing who they are in Christ right now. Also, pray that we will sense His presence and will trust Him no matter where He leads. Thank you!

    • Jenn, may the Lord bless you and keep your friend close to Him today. Lord, may You lead Jenn into Your will for her, helping her friend to see themselves as You do. Thank you, Father 🙂

  27. Please pray for some unspoken requests. This morning I feel as though I need support and God’s strong arms and love to help me make some difficult decisions. Thank you!

    • Lord, in Your mercy You always are there to lift us up. Lift up Your daughter chm56, Lord, and lead her by the Spirit into Your will. Thank you, Father 🙂

  28. Father, You know what I need even before I ask You (Matthew 6:8) So I would like to thank the Lord for all the blessings You have bestowed upon me and my family; those I am aware of and those I am unaware of. “Wait patiently for the LORD. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the LORD.” Psalm 27:14

  29. I want everyone to stand in agreement with me that my friend who remains stuck (God knows who he is) will be released once and for all! My friend and I have been fervently praying for him and we are believing by the end of Lent season, he will be completely set free and the reigns of resistance he is holding so tightly will be released and he will surrender once and for all!

  30. oh, where to begin?? I ask prayer for salvation for my mother, my daughter & her fiancee. Please pray for healing for me — chronically ill and out of work for nearly 2 years. I am trying to start a home-based business — have a website but need to earn money from this! Need an outpouring of financial blessings, as my savings are almost gone. God’s favor upon my website and business please!

  31. Praying for Amanda. I, too, am struggling. I recently found a verse in Romans that helps: May the God of hope give you all peace and joy, as you trust in Him”.

    • Dear Lord,
      I pray for Ellen and her son. Jesus, You are aware of the situation. Please put your loving arms around Ellen and comfort her as you are dealing with her son. Please be with her son, let him feel You and know that You love him and want a relationship with him. Give Ellen the wisdom she needs to effectively deal with her son. Help her Lord.
      In Jesus holy name….Amen

    • Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you praying for dwishman’s health issues. Our bodies were created by You and we trust You to restore health as needed according to Your perfect will. We ask for peace for dwishman also throughout this health issue. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  32. I lift up to You, Lord, all who need healing and deliverance. Praying for those in need of salvation in Christ Jesus. Praying the abundant life over the members here and that You will restore what the locust has eaten. Amen

  33. Prayers for healing in my body….and that the Lord would be real to me and show His face to me.

    • Heavenly Father, I lift Jessica up to you. That you will touch her body and heal her. For by Your stripes Jesus, Jessica is healed. I pray Lord that you will reveal Yourself to her. That you will lead her and guide her in the right direction for her life. In Jesus’ precious and Holy name. Amen.

  34. I ask that you all pray for my brother who has cancer. For the Lord to heal his body and restore him to good health. Also please pray for my mother who had a stroke in 2015. That she continue to get better with each day. I ask that you pray that God will help me to be the woman that He wants me to be. That I will live each day fully and completely as I do His will for my life. Thank you and God Bless! 🙂

    • Father God, I lift Jamie & her family up to you. You know the desires of there hearts. Strengthen them where they are weak & build them up where they are toren down. Heal & restore her brother & mother to a good state of health. Last but not least, help Jaime to reach her full potential in You. “For it is in You that we live, move, & have our being” ( Acts 17:28). Be Blessed always!

    • Beth
      Father please give husband confidence during his interview. Help him know if this is the job you want him to have! Bless this family mightily!
      Blessings 🙂

  35. Healing in my body, peace of mind, & pregnancy. That the Lord will continue to strengthen me & allow me to be His chosen vessel as I surrender to His Will & His Way.

  36. Father God, I lift Jamie & her family up to you. You know the desires of there hearts. Strengthen them where they are weak & build them up where they are toren down. Heal & restore her brother & mother to a good state of health. Last but not least, help Jaime to reach her full potential in You. “For it is in You that we live, move, & have our being” ( Acts 17:28). Be Blessed always!

  37. I’m believing God for the restoration of my finances, to be out of debt and being able to provide my two children and I a roof over our heads, our first home. Thank you kindly joining me in my prayer as I pray for your prayer requests too.

    • Katie – praying for you and your husband. May God give you strength and Matt’s doctors wisdom on the best way to heal him. I pray that you will be able to rest in God’s arms and surrender all to Him.

    • Katie,
      Sweet sister I’m so sorry! Prayers for God’s healing hand to touch him. Prayers for peace and contentment!! May He give you strength to endure this trial!
      Blessings 🙂

  38. Please pray for strength and that God is with the Snyder family through these next several weeks. We are facing challenges with Hannah’s biological father that is causing extreme anxiety and stress. Please pray for Blythe, that she will find her way and grow in maturity to face life’s challenges and pray that the Holy Spirit will stir within Blaire and draw her into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray that Mike and JJ can remain strong in their marriage with God at the center and surrender everything to Him. Please pray that God continues to grow our business and give us the skills needed to do so. Please pray for peace for our family.

    • JJ
      Father please strengthen the Snyder family! They are under attack on all sides!! Please give them your tender mercy and love! Guide them in ways to go with their business. Take away all anxiety and stress due to biological father. Shower Blythe with maturity both physical and spiritual to handle life! Holy Spirit descend on this family now! Change the heart of Blair and draw her into relationship with you! Strengthen Mike and JJ’s marriage! Keep it strong. Don’t allow the evil one to win these battles!
      AMEN! 🙂

  39. Please pray for me to keep my eyes on Jesus through this financial battle and to realize the battle is the Lord’s because I have no way out of this on my own.

  40. Two of my three children will not see me since I went abroad in 2009 and got married again. My husband and I have been back in Canada for four years now and still no response with the result that I am unable to see my three grandchildren who are now seven years old. I last saw them at four months. My husband is a new Christian and does not understand my children’s behaviour. I have been praying for reconciliation for almost seven years now. Please pray for my children who have apparently turned their back on their Christian faith and upbringing.
    Dianne K.

    • I’ll pray for you and your children, Dianne. I pray the Lord comforts your aching mother’s heart!

    • Praying for you and your children. May your relationship be renewed and stronger than ever. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. Thank you Jesus!

  41. I am on the road to recovery from a very severe bout of depression. I feel as though I’ve turned a corner in this process, in a good way, and I ask for prayers that the healing continues! This post speaks so directly to me today. ❤️

  42. Please pray for my sister Danielle who is currently looking for a job. She just heard back from one place with the news she didn’t not get that job. But we trust in God and know He has something better in mind. Please pray that she finds a job she truly enjoys and continues to look to the Lord for peace, strength and confidence always. Thank you so much for your prayers. God bless you always! Xo

    • Dear Heavenly Father, I come for Stephanie’s sister Danielle that she will hear back from a job that is just what she needs. We pray for it to be custom made for Danielle and that she continues to look to You for peace and strength during this time. I pray for Stephanie as her sister that she can be a close influence for her sister. We pray all this according to Your will, In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

      • Hello Shannon! I just wanted to let you know that my sister Danielle has been offered a job at a nearby hospital! It has always been her dream to work there, so we are thrilled! I wanted to thank you very much for your prayers! God is great and I pray everything is going well for you! God bless you always. Xoxo

        • Thanking God for answered prayers!! I’m so happy for Danielle! Thank you for uplifting me today with this wonderful news. She is really blessed to have a precious sister such as you are to her. Blessings! xxoo

    • Prayers for your sister! Looking for work can be so hard and disheartening at times. God’s got this!

  43. Please pray for God to heal my heart and for God to help me get off antidepressant pills and sleeping pills. Pray for healing of my heart, mind ,body, emotions and spirit. Thank you.

    • May God heal your heart, mind and body. May you find comfort in His words that he is always with you and for you. May God bless you always with hope and peace and may you experience lots of love and happiness and God’s goodness always. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you know and smarter than you think and you have a God who loves you more than anyone ever could and He will give you the strength to never give up. Everyday may you see His goodness and blessings. God bless you always and thank You Jesus for hearing and answering every prayer even the silent ones of our hearts. In Jesus’ Name, Amen! Xoxo

  44. My young husband passed away one year and a half years ago. We had no children. I have no family. Please pray for me that Our Lord will bring the right man into my life. Thank you.

    • Dear Heavenly Father, You know her heart’s desires. Bless Therese with a Godly mate designed especially for her. Let her mind & heart be open when You send that special one her way. Amen.

  45. Just found out this week my daughter is cutting herself. Pray for wisdom. Dad out of town for week so although she is oldest, I need extra eyes and the Holy Spirit to convict her. Reestablished trust between daughter and I- while still maintaining that I am mama.

    • Praying that you & your daughter will be covered & protected by God. God please give her wisdom to deal with her present situation & guide her into a trusting relationship with her child. Amen.

  46. Praying for healing in my body,peace of mind, pregnancy, & strength to endure the tasks before me. Thanks!

    • Heavenly Father, we come asking you to ask for healing for Graham in all areas…mind, body and pregnancy. We also ask for strength to endure the tasks before her. We know we can come to You in all things. We thank you for your love and concern for Graham. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  47. Please pray for wisdom concerning some important decisions that my family and I must make in the near future.

    • Heavenly Father, we come to you asking wisdom for Christa concerning some important decisions that her family and she must make. Give she and her family wisdom in knowing the right direction to go and peace that only comes from You. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  48. Please pray for me as I am being tested for Addision’s disease in the morning. I can’t have anything to eat or drink after midnight nor any regular meds. I am having low blood sugar and with nothing to eat or drink until 10:30 Monday morning please pray my blood sugar will not go too low and the pain in my back will be OK until that time. Also, that whatever I face in knowing the results I can be at peace. thank you!

    • Shannon, I pray the peace of Jesus for you as you face your medical tests tomorrow. May He strengthen you as you prepare with fasting and may He be your hope whatever the outcome. I pray for good news, answers and life, full and abundant…the life He died to give you today, tomorrow and forever.

    • Heavenly Father I pray please for Shannon that you watch over her blood sugar to be regular and to not be low. I also pray please that You place Your hands on Shannon’s back and all the pain goes away and never comes back. I pray please that no matter what the test comes back to say that Shannon is blessed with Your peace and feels you holding her tightly in Your arms always. You Lord are with us and for us, You will never leave us and You are our healer and strength. Thank You Lord for watching over Shannon and her family and blessing them with Your peace and blessing Shannon with health. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.

      Thank you Shannon for your prayers for my sister and I, meant a lot. Lots of love, Stephanie

      • Thank you Stephanie for your prayer! Amen! I’m happy to pray for you anytime. God bless you and how blessed you both are to have a sister. xxoo

  49. Please pray for our son he is a two time combat veteran and is homeless, addicted and about to be a father. Please also pray for my health. Until two months ago I was the picture of health. A Preop work up for out patient surgery revealed an issue with my heart. Four tests later and all are showing an abnormality has me feeling very anxious, fearful, nauseous. Our youngest, a senior in high school has some health issues as well. I feel spiritually, emotionally and physically weak. Prayers from my warrior sisters are needed. Thank you!

    • Dear Heavenly Father I come praying for LIsa’s son who served our country proudly and now is facing these problems. I ask you would open doors for his addiction to be controlled and he would take the help and would be healed. Asking also for a home for him and an ability to Father his newborn child. Also praying for Lisa’s health who may have heart issues. I too had open heart surgery 5 years ago this month to repair two holes in my heart I didn’t know I had. I can understand the anxiousness and anxiety for Lisa as I felt the same way. Comfort her with knowledge of the procedure and her heart issues would be healed according to Your will. Also for her youngest child who has some health issues also that you would touch and heal him too. We know the evil one would like nothing better than to destroy our families so we ask for strength that only comes from You and to know you are a Child of the KIng! We ask all this in Jesus name, Amen.

      • Thank you Shannon …so good to be part of a praying community and to know that our Good Shepherd hears, cares, loves and is at work. Blessings to you sister~

  50. Dear Heavenly Father we come to you praying for Vaughan’s mother who was just recently diagnosed with Breast cancer and now starting her first round of Chemo. Also, praying for Vaughan’s brother in law that was diagnosed with throat cancer and is currently going through Chemo. We ask Lord for a miracle in both of their lives that You would heal them both from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet. We know how hard both of those things can be on a body and we pray for wonderful Doctors and nurses that are kind as they both go through each step. I pray for peace that passeth all understanding for Vaughan and her entire family. We are human Lord and we need that assurance and peace. Thank you Lord for loving us and knowing this was going to happen before we were born. We ask all this in Jesus name, Amen.

  51. Finances…our finances are a heavy load – God is carrying us through & healing our marriage in the process. We are grateful for His faithful guidance – we still have so far to go in paying off this burden – please pray for our faithfulness & God’s continued blessings.

  52. Dear Jehovah Jireh Jesus our Provider I thank you as you help Trish and her family to keep their eyes on you. Your Word says you care for the sparrows and the lilies in the fields could not be clothed better even by the riches of King Solomon. You are Jehovah Raphah Jesus the One who heals, thank you for your healing in this marriage and family.
    Jesus I ask for Your glory reign and provide as they walk with You. You are El Shaddai and I Am. In Your Name with Your grace I declare You victor in these lives. Amen and Alleluia!

  53. I am asking for prayers desperately needed in 2 situations. One is healing from internal hemorrhoid severe rectal bleeding and pain for a dear friend and two for a family that is fraught with Spirits of anxiety, depression, religion and unbelief. For healing for all 3 of them. I believe in Jesus and I believe in Him. I stand up with His power and declare His grace, mercy and power over both these situations. My Jesus is King of Kings and He is ruler over all. Thank you for standing up with me in prayer.

  54. Lord Jesus, you are a healer – both physical and spiritual. I ask that you touch the precious people in both these situations: give physical healing – stop the bleeding even as you stopped bleeding when you were here on earth. And Jesus, in your name, cast out the spirits of anxiety and depression, religion and unbelief. Show forth your strength in these lives.

    Please pray for my family: 2 daughters have a strained relationship with me and my husband; one is currently fighting anorexia and anxiety, the other is not walking with the Lord; the other 2 daughters are carrying the burden of the first two. And my marriage relationship is very strained. I so want the relationships to be healed – with the Lord and with me.

  55. Thank you for the lovely encouraging words. I would appreciate prayers regarding a legal appeal to turn in my favour. Blessings for now

    • Gracious God, guide this situation that it would turn in the favor of this beloved soul. Open the eyes, ears and hearts of all who hear this case that they may be open to hearing all that is said. Bring about your peace in the midst of this situation. In your name we pray. Amen!

  56. Prayers for patience, bravery, etc. I’m 37 years old and so ready to be a wife and momma. This post speaks to me so much because so often it seems like I’ve been forgotten. Also prayers for my mom who lives daily wth bipolar disorder and recently seems to also be showing signs of dementia. In addition, for my sis and I who are moms legal guardians. And for the book I’ve begun writing, that God would be in the midst of the process.

    • Dear Lord, I pray for Tara…that you would grant her Your Peace that surpasses understanding in a miraculous way for where she is in life at this moment, that she would feel Your Presence, knowing deep within her soul that she is not forgotten, that You have her and You hold her and You have a rich purpose and plan for her life. I lift her mom to You, for healing, and Tara and her sister to You for discernment and strength in caring for for their dear momma. I pray that You would be with her and guide her as she writes this book and would direct her words and the process to Your glory. In Jesus name, Amen.

  57. I am asking for prayer for strength and endurance with a work situation… the load is overwhelming. I am either at work, or doing paperwork at home. Never ending and never complete. It has negative effects on my family and my health. And, asking for prayer for relationships in my life. For strength and courage with discernment to know whether God is leading me to see reconcilation or if it’s simply a selfish desire of my own. And, lastly for prayer for my young adult children and their walk with the Lord.

  58. Please pray for my family. I just got back from a weekend with them and had many fresh reminders of how broken and painful our relationships are! My heart is hurting for my siblings who don’t know Jesus and who have a lot of anger and hurt inside.

    • Rachel,
      You’re not alone in this. God holds all things together in and through him. May he show you the way He loves through them. It’s really helped me to continuously pray. Even if it’s really hard and half of your prayers are “I don’t know..” God understands it.

      May he show you how deeply he loves you, too this week.

  59. I have been dealing with some health issues for a few months now – could you please stand with me for complete healing in my body and for peace

  60. I would like prayers for God to keep kindling my joy in Him while I wait for answer to prayer. I need strength.

  61. Please pray for my family. After my husband losing his job of 26 years, being unemployed for 9 months, relocating across the country- leaving aging parents, family, good friends, our wonderful church and a ministry I led. We lost our dream farmhouse we took 13 years to restore that we also used for ministry. We are now trying to encourage our children to adjust and dealing with major debt and financial needs. My oldest son in particular is lonely, depressed and missing his “home.” Thank you so much for praying.

    • Dear Lord, please hear my prayers and the prayers of Tracy and her family. My Lord you are so generous with your comfort and love please let this love be felt by Tracy and her family especially her husband, children and particularly her oldest son. Please provide opportunities anew for the family, new experiences and friends for Tracy’s children to lessen the loneliness He and they may be feeling with having to move. Please provide my Lord a way for Tracy’s husband to find a new job and provide a means to put a roof over their heads and to pay off the debts. My Lord let them all rest on your shoulders, you ask for us to give our burdens to you, my Lord take the stress, burdens and heartache away from this family, please guide and support them in this new phase in their lives. Thank you for listening, I ask these things in Jesus name, Amen.

  62. Please pray that my roommates and I start developing a better relationship. I’m living with 7 new girls at Disney at things are mighty tense. Thank you.

  63. I would like to ask for prayer for my father-in-law who will be receiving his first chemo treatment for stage 4 colon cancer tomorrow. More than his physical healing, we are praying for his salvation. I would also like to lift up my precious husband who is such a rock for his family. I pray for strength for the journey and that God would provide opportunity for a spiritual healing to take place.

  64. Kindly requesting for your prayers for me and my boyfriend (our relationship). Praying everyday that God’s Will alone be done in our relationship. Because of my past failed relationships I am always afraid that this one will fail too and most of the time I am afraid, restless and can’t seem to at peace.

  65. I feel empty. I am 63. I divorced at 23 but never remarried. Dated a few times over the years. Children are adults with their own children. My family has suffered many tragedies that have had long lasting effects. I’m sure I’ve closed off because I’ve had to deal with so much. But is I also don’t have any close friends. My life is work and church. I used to never be bothered by my life, but now I am. I need to feel God’s peace again.

    • Praying for you dear sister that the God of all comfort will comfort you ,and bring someone into your life to be that friend

    • Please my Lord bring your amazing peace to Mary’s life with your love and comfort envelope her in your arms. Please my lord bring some friends into Mary’s life, if it is your will please bring a companion for Mary into her life. Please let her feel the gratitude of all the wonderful creation you made for her, for gratitude brings happiness, help Mary to see all the wonderful things, people, moments in her life so she can start to feel less empty and more full with her life. Please watch over her and keep her healthy and safe. Thank you my Lord, in Jesus name I ask these things, Amen.

  66. Requesting prayer for my daughter ,she recently had surgery and liposuction and has not regained the use of her right leg ,her leg is numb below the knee.

  67. I am in between the first part of the psalms and the last. I have been suffering from OCD for a few years, and I am now getting to a better place where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s still hard-in fact this has been the hardest and scariest experience of my life. I ask for prayer for continued healing and for God to reveal himself to me more and more. Thanks!

  68. Pray for me during this difficult time as I mourn my loved one,its just too heavy for me,even i cant concentrate at my workplace.I really need peace.

    • Praying for you Makebah that God will comfort you and surround you with His love That He may give you strength. Praying that you will experience the reality of His presence and His perfect peace.So sorry for your loss.

    • Make ha, I cannot fathom what you are going through but God understands lean into Him and He will comfort you. My Lord please bring peace and comfort to Makebah at this time, She is hurting my Lord, please help her to heal and to really feel you close as we all wish to be so close to you. I ask this in Jesus name, Amen.

  69. Please pray for me. I am going through a very trying time and trying to be close to God seeking Him, but the road is tough and I keep falling by the way side. Please pray for my daughter who is suicidal and has no will to live or go to school i struggle with her everyday to do anything and this year is a big year for her at school she has external exams.Please also pray for my very broken down marriage my husband (who is not a christian) and i live separately in the same home and i still get angry with him about the many unresolved issues and try to discuss a way forward which he refuses to talk about or refuses to talk to me about anything, we do not communicate at all. I have an elder daughter who blames me for the way things panned out in her life. My middle daughter told me she doesnt want to be home and im forcing her too as i probably was as i was just needing some help and support.I am struggling with studies I have taken on and have deadlines to meet now which i am finding so hard. At the same time i am praying for a miracle for my only grandchild who has an incurable illness. Praying and seeking God’s grace praying for peace and wisdom. Lord I ask for your help please, in Jesus name.

    • Oh dear Lord, Please guide Crystal my Lord and show her the path you wish her to take. Please soften the heart of her husband and children, open the lines of communication up between her husband and Crystal and I pray for Crystal and her happiness, show her the next steps to making peace in her marriage. Please watch over her daughter who has had thoughts of suicide, please Lord may you work fast here and bring whatever comfort, love, understanding and help is needed her for the health of her daughter. Please watch over Crystals relationships with her children, please bring peace to them, repair any parts broken. Also my Lord, give Crystal the strength to meet her study deadlines and allow her time to prepare for any exams etc, her daughter too. Lastly please I lift up Crystals grandchild up to you, please provide a cure my Lord to his/her illness, and improve the life of this child. My Lord please watch over this whole family and take them under your grace. I ask these things of you dear Lord, in Jesus name, Amen.

    • Lord, I lift Crystal up to you and all that she has going on today lord. I thank you that you have been with her so far. Lord, I pray that you will show her your glorious love today, that you never leave her or forsake her. Lord, she has many things to work through, but dear lord I pray that you give her strength, wisdom and peace to work through each of them with you. Thank you lord. In Jesus name, Amen.

  70. Please pray for me. At 76, I have been struggling with a severe respiratory infection for a week. I feel discouraged since I have asked Almighty God to heal me and I am still weak. Thank you.

    • Lord, I lift Patricia to you. Lord, please heal her of the respiratory infection and rid of her discouragement for your glory. Thank you lord. I ask this in Jesus name, Amen.

  71. I’d love for a lovely man who knows and follows God to come in to my life for me to marry. I’ve prayed this prayer for many years now. I pray that it would be clear who that is and with no more time wasters. I would also like God to prepare me to be a loving wife. These last few months, I have felt loneliness creep in like not before and the resolution I may be on my own in my life hard to bear. If I am to spend the rest of my life on my own, then I would like the peace to bear it as I do not want to waste my life. Thank you.

  72. My family needs prayer for direction. We feel it’s time to leave our current church but due to some really sticky situations and our position we have been dragging it out for months and now everyone is miserable. One of the biggest reasons we haven’t left yet also is because we live in a small town and don’t know the direction God is taking us to next and don’t want to cause any ‘ripple effects’ anywhere!

    • I pray for you son today and ask that God would do whatever it is your son needs in his life. In Jesus name.

  73. Please pray for salvation, restoration and reconciliation within my family, and also that the division in my home be torn down. I am believing for this for the pass 4 months. Gods is in control.

  74. The Lord has put it on my heart for some time to minister to women. So I will begin classes today. Please pray for strength & guidience. Thank you. And God bless you all!

  75. Please pray that I am able to “hide beneath God’s wings until these disasters pass.” Thank you and am praying for Guests and Rebecca. God bless you, Kathleen

    • Lord I pray for Kathleen, that she find peace in your strong and mighty name. I pray that you give her the strength to endure and make it through the storm and that you let her know that you are with her always and victory is Leah’s guaranteed when you are fighting with her. Amen

  76. Please pray for me as my life has recently been turned upside down. I was engaged to be married this May but found out my fiancé was cheating on me. It has been a very difficult time and a very heavy load to bear. He has since drawn to closer to God, trying to develop his own relationship with Him, and has made attempt to reconcile our relationship but I don’t know what’s genuine and what’s not, and I don’t know if I should walk away or try to work together to restore our relationship. I just don’t want to deal with another broken promise or broken heart. And I don’t want to do what’s not in Gods will if this man truly isn’t for me. I ask that you pray God leads me and guides me and shows me the way that I must go.

    • Oh Daphney, such a painful struggle! I shall keep you close in prayer and ask The Spirit to guide you. I pray that God sends wise angels to you to help you make choices. I pray that Jesus stays close to you to hold you, and comfort you as you heal! Please know this will make you stronger and wiser. And you shall be an angel to someone else one day! With Love.

  77. I have a friend who is contemplating the divinity, the atonement of Christ. She has been placed in my life as a healer to me, a blessing, and I feel such responsibility for her soul! Please pray for Amanda, that she trust Christ first and foremost. I pray for her happiness, peace, and a family of love to come into her life.

    • I agree with you in prayer for Amanda and trust that when two agree according to God’s word it will be done. In Jesus Name and for His sake, Amen.

  78. Please pray for Victoria, Savannah and Kaiden…it is too heartbreaking to share the details. Thank you.

  79. My husband and I have been together for 23 years and last year his mom passed away. Since then he has been pulling away and shutting out me and our 3 kids out. He is hurting and I understand that but now he is saying he don’t know if he wants to stayed married or leave. I love this man dearly and I have prayed over this but my flesh just cant stop worrying, crying, and just plain depressed. He is not like this with his birth family (brothers and nephews). I really need prayers that God’s will be done and that I can slay these emotions and that I can have the strength to accept it. I feel like just giving up sometimes. Our kids are hurting as well. I really need God to touch his heart and mind to help him accept and deal with her passing without tearing our family apart. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Lord, I lift up Cyndi and her family to You right now and ask for Your loving hands to touch each and everyone of them and open their hearts and minds to You. Death is not easy, and knowing You are with us is so peaceful and reassuring, give Cyndi’s husband a new hope a new vision of how his mom would like to see him right now, mourning is ok and Thank You Lord for showing us through Your word that Joy does come in the morning, sometimes we have to look a little harder, each day it gets easier, if we have our eyes and mind on You. Lord thank You for this family and please touch hearts and mend them and mold them, In Jesus Name, Amen

  80. I’m pregnant with our first baby. Please pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery. This is a big deal to me as I’m in my 30s and watched my sister lose two pregnancies at my age. She is also pregnant now. I’d love prayers for both of our babies to be born healthy. Thank you!

  81. Please pray for me to live the way God wants me to live..

    Praying that those before me find health, peace, love, safety, and security in their lives.

  82. We are having so many things happen right now…I found out I need surgery, then was in a car accident, our roof needs repair, and my husband needs a new job. My faith has always been very strong; I understand from experience the theology of suffering. For some reason this time I’m weary and questioning. Thanks for praying!

    • God, help us when we’re weary and questioning. Be big in us and have your way. Help us rest in You and see your Resurrection Joy in our lives. Please come in and heal. In Christ’s holy name. Amen.

    • Lord touch Dawn and her family and cover them with Your loving kindness and give them strength and extra faith during this time, In Jesus Name, Amen

  83. Please, pray for my husband, that God open his heart and mind. I don’t want to lose him, I don’t want my kids lose their father, Iwant to God give us his grace and the opportunity to be a God’s Family and being together again

    • God, save this family. Move in and have Your way in their hearts and minds. Make them lean on You when they have no strength, and Father move through them to bring love and reconciliation again. In Christ’s holy name – You who saves all things. Amen.

    • God, see through Pam’s eyes to Your own Son. So that her joy is complete in You. In Jesus’ holy name. Amen.

  84. So many things in my life need prayer. Please pray for my children. They are all in different seasons in their lives. My oldest daughter is especially having a difficult time right. She’s a new single mother and battling depression. Please pray for her to know God. To feel His love and peace in a time of uncertainty for her.

    • God, praise You for hearing all of these prayer requests and being with us. Lead us deeper and deeper into You and finding Your rest. In Christ’s holy name. Amen.

    • May the Lord be with you and your children during this time of need and I pray that God fights their battles for them. May his grace present itself in their lives and he bring them to peace. Through the love of Christ, it is all well. Amen!

  85. I ask for your prayers to God to answer a request I’ve had for sometime now. I’ve been relentlessly and earnestly praying day in and day out. Please pray with me. Thank you 🙂

    • Lord, You know the request of Stephsnie and I pray that You answer in a way that is clear to her and that is glorifying to You. In Jesus Name, Amen

  86. Pray for Stephsnie. God bless according to His will.
    Please pray for my situation. For strength to live and to work. thank you very much.

  87. I am about to leave on a trip to London – my first time overseas – for a brand new job, one that I’m very excited about, but also a little bit anxious about. It’s a big leap for me and I’m ready for it but I’m also starting to doubt myself a little bit. And, I hate leaving my husband behind while I travel abroad and I’m sad that I’ll be missing him. I know it sounds silly to be sad about that but I just love him dearly, he is my best friend and holds the key to my heart. So I guess my prayer request is two-fold: pray for safe travels to London and for me to feel excited and ready to take on this challenge, casting all self-doubts aside, and also, that my husband and I will weather these changes together as strong as ever. Thank you.

    • Lord, be with Jess as she travels and keep her safe. Prepare the hearts of new friends she will. Be meeting so they can help her in her adventure. Lord also be with Jess and her husband that will connect often and know that they are just one phone call away from each other and halp them to grow strong together, In Jesus Name, Amen

  88. My husband of almost 32 years and I have separated and filed for divorce, he is being deceived by the devil through a younger female that never tells the truth. I am asking that you please pray for his eyes and ears to be opened so that he can see the truth and turn back towards God, The Real Truth. In Jesus Name I submit this request.

    • Praying for you my friend in Christ. I ask Lord you would comfort and give clearness of mind to C. Lewis. Help her husband to see through the devil and turn back to God. He knows the real truth but is trying to go the way of the world. Praying for peace that passeth all understanding to surround her during this very hard time. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  89. please pray for my daughter she hasnt tlked to me since last junne and i dont know why oly god dose i miss her and pray or all my family thank you and god bless you all

    • Dear Heavenly Father, please give Phyllis the strength to face the situation that she’s going through with her daughter. Bring to her remembrance the story of the Prodigal Son, & allow her to rest in You knowing that you are the Master of ALL things. Bless her daughter & open her mind & heart, so that you may saturate her spirit. Bring her home to her mom & into a right relationship with her. And as always Father, we will forever give you all the praise, honor, & glory. Amen.
      *Be Blessed my sister!*

  90. I would like prayers for my husband. Prayers that he would allow God to open his mind & soften his heart. Also, I’m about to go back to school. My prayers are that God will bring everything back to my remembrance & propel me to excel. Thanks!

    • Father, only you truly know our hearts, there is nothing hidden from you. I pray that you would open his heart and mind to hear you and listen to you. Father I ask that you speak to his heart in only the way that you can, and he would hear you and listen and respond to your voice. We just thank you in advance for all that you are doing and are about to do, please open and prepare Graham’s mind to receive the education that is about to take place. Help to open her mind so that she can receive the knowledge that’s she needs to excel. We ask all these things in Jesus precious name, and we give you all the glory, Amen.

  91. Please pray for my situation, my husband has filed for divorce and I was totally shocked. We both need prayer. Thank you

    • Dear Heavenly Father, intervene in Angie’s situation. You know all about us & what we’re going to face before it ever happens. Give her a peace of mind & the strength to face the situation before her. Help her husband to understand that divorce is not of You & that marriage is a holy union. Bless them as only You can. Amen.
      *Angie, dry your eyes & allow God to work this out for you. Remember you have favor & greater is coming. Be Blessed always!

  92. I will say a prayer for everyone and please say a prayer for me & my family. God knows my needs. I have anxiety and can literally feel the burdens on my shoulders. Thank You & God Bless!

  93. Please, pray for my family for my husband, that God open his heart and mind. I don’t want to lose him, I don’t want my kids lose their father, Iwant to God give us his grace and the opportunity to be a God’s Family and being together again, I pray for full restoration, forgiveness, heal, only God can do that,

  94. Oh, Dear Father God…where are you today!!! I feel so very sad and worried. I am old and I just don’t have the strength I once had. I love you, Lord, but sometimes, please forgive me for saying this, but I feel like you are just not there. I am lost, please come find me..