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Christine Meggison is a speaker and podcaster who encourages women to live authentic lives in community.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. We make our plans but the Lord determines our steps, I really like it!- this verse like a lot of verses are new to me. How comforting to know the Lord determines our steps another reminder that He is with us and For us, every single moment! Great post Christine!

  2. Christine,
    Am I accomplishing GOD’S to do list?? Wow that hit me. Like you and Jas said…I make my plans, but the Lord determines my steps. If I am walking with Him then I am getting done what He wants me to get done. Often it’s not about the “doing” at all, it’s about the “being” in His presence – in relationship with Him. On a side note…I had to chuckle over the school projects. My son is 23 and I still don’t have the heart to discard his fourth grader project to build a lighthouse. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears (yes mine) went into that sucker and it still stands in the attic as a testimony to time we spent together…Loved your post!!

    • Hi Christine and Bev! Thank you Christine for this beautiful post that helps me to see that its about changing my priorities, my expectations, so they are not mine, but His. I am so grateful for this kick in the pants LOL that I needed today. Bev, you are so right that its about walking in relationship with Him-thank you for that hughly important reminder that I so desperately needed 🙂 I praise Jesus for these wonderful bits of loving wisdom 🙂 May the Lord shower both of your days with His loving grace!

      • I so needed this kick in the pants too 🙂 We’re not alone…have a blessed day!

    • Let your kids “clean” your home. Mine did when I broke my femur bone in 2011and I was in the hospital. They threw out all the things they had made in school that I had saved. I now know that it was for the best. I want to accomplish God’s Will and not have all the “stuff” around.

  3. Thanks for that wonderful application of the light and easy burden Jesus offers! He is such a good Savior! Thanks for pointing us to Him!

  4. Great post, Christine! I’ve got a love-hate relationship with time for all the reasons you stated. 🙂 Recently, my oldest had a drop-dead deadline for a school project. One where he wasted most of a semester, rather than working on it, he got distracted with other things. When I figured it out, I dropped a lot of “my” plans to help ensure he completed his project on time. (The natural consequence of not doing it was not an option in this situation). I groused to the Lord at times. There were precious moments with this boy as we worked together. You’re so right. When we’re completing His to-do list, we’re right on target with our time, aren’t we?

    Now to remind myself about that in other areas of my life. 🙂

  5. I love it! I used to live by a regular schedule, now nothing is more important than the Lord’s plans. His thoughts are higher than when you make the beds. And talking to a neighbor at the store may be important in other ways. As I hung around the grocery store card aisle looking for the perfect card, I was being protected from a major accident outside, had I left sooner, II could have been involved. Mysterious ways. He has us covered an little things mean a lot, do the projects, even if it’s hassle. There still be time to dig cereal out the couch.

  6. Christine,
    Timely post! I can relate to being stuck in traffic and getting upset that “I” have things to do. Yet during the traffic I can listen to Christian music or a podcast and be encouraged. I can sit quietly and pray. I’m essentially accomplishing His to do list and not mine! What a concept!! 🙂 If we would all think of time as being with Him and use that time to pray, sing a hymn to praise Him! How much better the day would be!!

    Blessings 🙂

  7. Perfectly written; thanks so much for sharing your wisdom…of which I’ll pass on to many sweet friends in need of your post. I re-learned to walk, talk and breathe through miracles after racing around for my work (car accident in 1992) in higher education~college admissions work. I may be 60 years young, but i look and feel 40!! Spread SONshine!!