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  1. Hi what I read here really makes sense to me wishing to have someone else’s life or my life but their better body, better demeanour, the better mothering skills etc..and is a surprise also, I would like to follow on with this new perception or truth about letting God eclipse the negative part, the anxious and sometimes secret self hatred that can be my thought pattern. It sounds like I’m crazy when I see these words written down but admitting I feel this way sometimes is quite freeing too. Is this book available in New Zealand or by ebook?

    • Hi Jas! You can find the Kindle version on Amazon – not sure about book retailers in New Zealand for a hard copy of the book 🙂

  2. Beth,
    Sounds like the perfect book for me and many other women! I have often longed to be someone else–even if just for a day! I envy good Godly women who pray hard, read their Bibles daily and just exude an air of Godliness around them. Wish I had that–but God made us all different and for a good reason!
    Blessings 🙂

  3. Notice, that Sister is ALWAYS BY HERSELF?
    She’d trade that perfect everything for some Real Friendships cause honey, she’s Me