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Lisa is a single mom to 7 and young widow who found God her Rock when her world was rocked. One of her delights is teaching women every Sunday morning at her church, FBC Jacksonville. She writes and speaks on faith in the hard and God’s healing hope.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Yes, trust God with the process. My life was going to be a bed of roses, or so I thought. I was so young and immature. I needed badly to grow deeper in My Heavenly Father.
    He knew the WHAT. I could not have avoided THIS MESS. An addicted spouse. Children with disabilities, physical illnesses, etc.
    But, if I had MY WAY, the Walk on the Bed of Roses wouldn’t be drawing me Nearer to the Cross, Walking and Trusting more with EACH PAINFUL STEP to Transformation!

    He knows the Reason Behind the Whys, What’s, & Hows. My Response is to follow like He did, so I might become more like Him

  2. This is such a huge blessing!!! On 12/11/15, my husband of 42 1/2 years, business partner of 30 years, father to our children & papa to our grandchildren, had a massive heart attack while we were having our morning devotional…he was reading Heb 13:16, mid sentence…leaned back in his chair & went to be with Jesus… Your words have encouraged my heart; especially where you state ‘4 years later’ as this gives me encouragement that I/we, too, can make it! Though I was his wife for 42 1/2 years, I’ve belonged to Jesus for 56 years and He has brought me through it all! As you say, ‘Chapter 2’ has begun & I will keep Him close as I/we trust in Him! Thank you!

  3. Lisa, thank you for sharing your story and the learning that God has given you. I understand having to move through such change and the hardness of it. God has shown me that in being weak, it brings me to utter dependence on Him for strength, true strength, as I move through the crucible of growth and change. Thank you for the reminder that He is more concerned with the process, that each step is precious to Him and how He empowers us to take them as we cooperate with His Spirit. Such a blessing to read these words this morning. Thank you, God, for this message, this loving reminder. Praying that you, Lisa, and everyone here knows the full bounty of His love and empowerment today 🙂

  4. Lisa, I am so sorry for your loss. God will get you through this. May God bless you and your beautiful family with comfort and faith always. May blessings surround you. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. You truly are braver than you know and you have the Lord Jesus living inside of you always. Xoxo

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your hurt and your heart. Altho my husband did not pass, it has seemed like that as what to the world appears as dementia has arrived. The man I knew is not there BUT the Lord in his grace and mercy has brought me to new levels of faith and trust. Even now He has me praying blessings and truth over my husband totally unsure where this where lead but trusting in His grace and goodness for what lies ahead. His love endure forever!!!

  6. (((Lisa))) I’m so impressed with your strength. What a testament to God that you’re so gracefully walking through such loss. God bless you. <3

  7. Lisa, this is as powerful as it gets! You write from a place of experience and vulnerability. A place of hard knocks and gritty trust. God’s faithfulness through the years sustained you through one of the most difficult changes any of us can face. And you reveal that and inspire us to hold on to hope in an authentic and real way. Thank you so much!

  8. Lisa, thank you so much for this. This is a truth God has been opening my eyes to this past year:

    “Yes, God will take care of us, but He is less concerned about our comfort and more concerned about our conforming.”

    I’ve shared your post with a blogging friend of mine who lost her husband just over a year ago. She has four teenage girls. I KNOW this will bless her to read these truths she’s living out from someone further into the journey of grief.

    BTW I think God uses those who face unembraceable change and lean into Him in it all mightily…my blogging friend, for example, has been an enormous encouragement to me in my own journey of faith and grief and I’m sure many others too.

  9. Thanks for another great post, Lisa! Just what I needed to hear today…my husband is looking for a job, again. When (if?) my husband finds a job, this will be our fourth move in five years. He is talking about getting out of coaching, but I love the influence he has with his players and I know God has used him in the life of so many young men. Although I sometimes grow weary of packing/unpacking, finding a new house/church/community…I am gradually learning that the joy of the Lord is my strength. I wish I knew where we will be living in two months when our lease ends, but all I really care about is living faithfully in the story God is writing for us. Your posts have been a part of my journey towards accepting, embracing and finding joy in His plan. Thank you!

  10. It’s so good to see you sharing your story here at (in)courage, Lisa. Unwelcome change causes us to utterly depend on God. Yes. So true. I was just inwardly complaining tonight when I read your story. It gave me new perspective. Thank you.

  11. Lisa, beautiful words. You’re using a hard situation to turn eyes toward the Holy One, toward hope and encouragement. Praise God. Your words in the shadow of Dad’s death were words well worth clinging to, my friend. I recalled them often. So thankful for His hand of hope through you.

  12. beautifully written! I love to hear your words of such great faith and trust. “..regardless of that destination, God can use the process of getting there to make us more like His Son if we will let Him.” Such wisdom =) love, amanda

  13. So true about process over destination. I never fail to look for ways around the journey — trying to get THROUGH the wilderness without learning the lessons the wilderness has for me. Thanks for a visceral reminder of this truth.

  14. I love this post!!! I lost my husband 3 years ago, he was 34. At this time we had 4 girls, ages 12-3. It was the most heart wrenching thing I have ever been through. We were high school sweethearts and absolute best friends! It took us a loooong time to get to exactly where we felt God wanted us, then God took him home. It was/is so hard to not question God “why”……but I know with all I am that He has something in mind for us, post loss. Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  15. I have been walking that road, a journey I never imagined in my wildest thoughts. Yet, I have arrived, if even for a short while, in a place God chose for me doing what I should be doing….giving back. I feel the blessings of the Lord in my life each and every glorious day that I am alive.

  16. Lisa, my heart grieves for you. I can’t even imagine the pain. I can identify with many of the things you wrote. I, like many others, do not enjoy change of any kind! Especially ones that invoke pain. My father was killed in a car crash when I was 23, he was 48. It literally rocked me to the core. I am an only child and I felt so alone in the process of handling the affairs, much less the deep emotional wounds it produced. But just like with you, God showed up in ways I never imagined. Ironically during the most heart wrenching times, He was there to bring me peace. He loved, comforted me and guided me to the next day. That was 15 years ago. As I look back I can now see some of the goodness that God brought out of it. Not that He caused it, but He used it- to draw me closer to Him most importantly.

    I pray that God would continue to give you peace and rest. For supernatural protection and blessing over you and your children. I pray that God would shine His goodness on you when you feel like your surrounded by darkness. I thank the Lord that He is a Father to the fatherless, that your children will be covered by the mighty hand of God and will be confident in who they are in Him. I pray a rich knowledge of who He is would rise up within them. That they will be trophies of God’s grace and goodness. I pray He would sustain you when you feel like giving up. That you would feel His Presence in the victories and the defeats in life. That He will use your message to draw many to Him. In Jesus name, Amen!

    Linking up with you at Grace & Truth.