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Kelly Balarie, a Cheerleader of Faith, loves to link hands with those who often get stuck in the land mines of life.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this because sometimes that big answer
    is no and it is so hard to truly prepare our hearts for no even when we have
    been praying for God’s will to be done. I am waiting for an answer from a
    publisher reviewing a book manuscript for my first devotional book. On this
    first day of a new year I am already wondering this morning, what is God’s will
    in this? But I also know I trust Him with all of my heart.

    • Thank you Kathy. I am glad that this message came at just the right time. The answer of no is not always easy, but there is such great comfort in knowing that God has a plan all the same. Much love to you.

  2. Thank you for sharing this story, friend. “God has big plans for us both.” Such an important reminder that He’s behind the scenes, even when the questions are huge and life feels unfair or we feel overlooked. Love the way this turned out!

  3. That’s so devastating, Kelly. But oh, how faithful God is to give you such wise and beautiful lessons because of it. And He is using what He teaches you to encourage others. His ways are so much higher than ours, right?

    It’s sometimes so hard for me to surrender dreams, desires, and passions that fall by the wayside because of chronic illness. But as you say – “We can choose to wallow in the idea of limited opportunity or we can choose to see the unlimited God we follow.” Thank you for this encouraging advice to focus on our unlimited God. Have a Blessed 2016!

    • Thank you Trudy. His ways are so high and his vision goes miles farther. Much love to you in 2016!

  4. I’ve been through this many times,even getting to the point of starting something and then when in place solidly being told no by either God or man (which is still ultimately God) to let someone else take over. Not that I am not capable, but because God has/had other plans. Some, to develop character, some to do something else, but all for His purposes. I’ve cried over the “NO” each time for different reasons. It is painful. God does have plans for all involved and they are for good even being painful at the time.

    • They are. It seems every time I get a “hard” no, I also learn so much. It is exciting, looking back, to know that I am growing with God.

  5. So good, Kelly. What a faith strengthener for you! God knows and sees. He can be trusted even when we can’t see the *reason* behind the heartache or decision.

  6. Thanks for sharing your story. My word for 2016 is surrender and just as I shared it on Twitter your post popped up! It is so hard to give up our plans and desires and trust in God’s plan but the verse from 1 Corinthians really encourages me that God always has good plans for us even when we don’t understand or they are not what we would have chosen.

    • I love God’s timing. He does have plans – now may we just hold on to that as truth.

  7. Kelly- What a beautiful and transparent post. Thank you for telling this and glorifying the King with your courage to share this story.

  8. It true, some times there are things in our life’s that we just have to surrender by and let go, but God knows, he knows when and how, I just want to truly surrender to him this year!!!.

  9. I realized that No is really yes if you truly love the Lord with all your heart and trust in his written word. He uses us and we that are in tuned with the Holy Spirit can truly understand what the natural eye can not see and the worldly ear can not hear. Every step we take with the Holy Spirit adds another peace of the puzzle of life with great success with a smile brighter than the sun moon and stars with the Lord saying well done.

    • Yes, with the Holy Spirit he speaks comfort. It is the gift that transcends our emotions. Love that.

    • Joni, this is a hard time. It is not easy. Sometimes I wish I had the power to fix things for people. I wish I could snap my fingers and things would be fixed. I can’t though. I love your thumbnail image on your comment; those words speak so much truth over what you are going through. Much love to you.

      • choosing to wait with and in the JOY #oneword365 not sure what it means? Still trying to figure out if i am waiting for God’s yes or if he is waiting for me? if so will God tell me what He is waiting for? #Hardquestionsinthewaiting

  10. Your transparency and authenticity bless me beyond words. I will not forget this post. Thank you for “going first” on so many levels. I’m praying for unimaginable “wonderfulness” as your faith and journey with Him grows in 2016. XOXO

    • Cindy, you always bless me. It is an honor to be able to love you back with a half-measure of all you give to me. May God bless you in all your ways as you serve and love with him! XOXO

  11. What an encouraging thing to read this morning. It is amazing to see how God works and His ways are higher in every situation.

    I have these dreams I am working on and keep questioning if they are what I should be focusing on. I believe I am where I need to be but I want things to happen right now. I can get frustrated. Then I read this and am reminded that God is working behind the scenes and He may not so what I want or how I think things should happen. I need to just trust Him and His plan and His timing. Thank you for sharing!

    • Your response has ministered to my own heart. Thank you. Isn’t it funny how sometimes the very things we know, we need to keep hearing in order to truly embrace? Thank you so very much Shandra. We walk together.

  12. Yes, this has happened to me too! This line was pretty magnificent: He made my sacrifice count for her. And that is worth something. Love that! It meant to me, that God didn’t take it from you or I and give it to them, but rather He gave to them and included us too. It didn’t take our plans He has for us away, it became part of them! You are such a cheerleader of faith Kelly.

  13. Thank you for being transparent and sharing the deep heart-felt feelings so others can be encouraged. Your post spoke to my heart.

  14. God has done something magnificient when we go to him with our ‘it ain’t fair’ to find that when we quiet down, our hearts have grown larger! that is magnificient indeed – and maybe, it won’t happen any other way. bless your heart Kel!

  15. Thanks, Kelly, for your transparency. It is indeed difficult when God says no or we are not the one chosen for something we desire or feel so suited for. When that happens to me, it reminds me of areas I so need to grow in and it feels ouchy even though I know He is there in the midst of it. I can be tempted to so many things starting with comparing myself to the one chosen. Your post was so authentic and on target that I wanted to be sure to comment today instead of simply hit the “like” button.

  16. This is so beautiful. It made me cry a little… I love that concept. We need to think about how our “no’s” could be the BIG HUGE “YES” to someone else. Instead of saying, “why me?” We need to say, “Thank you God for using me.” Thank you for this beautifully written reminder Kelly!
    ~ Lovelle from (in)courage

  17. Kelly,
    I gave up a good job in order to be more present in the care of my aging dad-he’s in an assisted living. It has been a hard six months. In the first two weeks I had to put him on Hospice! Now I’m having to move him to “memory care”-similar to nursing home. It is tough to watch parents go through dementia and aging. This is the second time for me. Some days this past summer were good to enjoy time with him!
    Blessings 🙂