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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Hi Robin, I’m not sure what you went through or have overcome but I have to commend you on what you have written here and the positive attitude and I guess positive and loving path you have followed. It is so well written and it speaks straight to me tonight, to my heart in my circumstances over the last days and weeks. God is definitely talking to me through your hand and I thank you cause it is so lovely to be reminded of whose I am. That God is for me and the reminder when I focus on the “mistakes” and listen to the “I’m not good enough” which is a vicious cycle of harbouring bitterness and anger holding on to grudges for so long you don’t remember why you were angry in first place, it all sounds a little crazy really…but to know that imersing myself in the negative is actually allowing the enemy in… is a real eye opener for me. I love God and Jesus so much but always listen to the “not good enough” “made too many mistakes again and again” is actually the enemy talking.

    I am going to Remember who I am, Whose I am and that God is For Me.
    Thank you xx

    • Oh, Jas…((hugs)). Your words here are an encouragement to me, and I’m thankful you took time to share your heart. I’m praying for you now NOT to listen to the convincing hissssss of your enemy, but to orient your perspective toward Christ when you’re tempted to believe those blasted lies.

  2. Robin,
    You bring up a very good point, and that is to not engage the enemy. The moment we crack the door open (begin contemplating the negative thoughts in our head) he sticks his foot in the door. The more we argue with him, debate, analyze…the more he invites himself in. It’s taken me a long time, but as soon as I notice the “red flag” warning signs that I am under attack – feeling anxious, feeling condemned, feeling like I’m disappointing God, feeling not good enough, etc. – that is my signal to flee. Sometimes I’m able to replace the enemy’s lies with God’s truth, but if I’m not, I still know I need to drop that negative thought like a hot potato. God is our current. The enemy is the riptide. Beautiful and much needed post…great reminder to me that God is FOR me, as I have been under attack lately. Thank you!
    Bev xx

    • We tell our kids to ignore the bullies and they will go away. We turn right around and engage the Enemy, thinking we will have a different result. Oh, goodness, me. We need to just shut the door. Blessings, dear Bev…Let’s remind each other that God is for each of us…xoxox

    • That current/riptide metaphor is a strong one for me–I’ve felt the strength of both (literally and figuratively) and it helps contrast what is Good and True to what is evil and false. Blessings to you, Bev!

  3. John 10: 10 and Romans 8: 38 – 39 have been powerful verses God has spoken into me this past year. I had the last one on my fridge in the throes of PTSD flashbacks, despite being told: “Isn’t that a bit over the top?” No, it most definitely wasn’t! And reading and re-reading it tethered me to my One and Only Hope!

    Your post is SO full of powerful truths. I pray it speaks powerfully into those reading it. And it’s a good reminder for me to look back in thankfulness at what God has been working in me and still is! Yes, God is for us, even when our circumstances and accompanying emotions would call us to believe otherwise.

    • Anna, oh, how I love the picture of being tethered to God through his word! Thank you for that word picture! (and I’m a “words of encouragement” gal, so thank you for your thoughtful comment.)

      • You’re so welcome. I’m so glad it blessed you. The tethering to Hope is a picture God gave me, when He turned me to David’s story and showed me how the breaking in suffering drew Him to God’s Word, that held him up through it all: tethered by Hope: our Living and Breathing Word.

  4. Robin,
    Thank you for your words today! Not a good morning for me, my depression is in high gear. I have given it over to the Lord for 3 years now but it sometimes makes me feel bad. My loving husband is usually available by phone to help me by talking to me but he isn’t available right now. I know the Lord is always there for me. Thank you again.

    • Mary, I am praying for you dearheart! I understand this one very personally. I, too, have battled depression off & on for several years. The enemy of our soul knows our history and weaknesses and plays upon them…..his tactics are very refined as he has long experience…..BUT, be encouraged my sister, we SHALL overcome, because we know the One and only God, Jesus….and greater is He (Jesus) in us than he who is in the world. Jesus is the Author & Finisher of our faith and the Shepherd and Bishop of our souls. And He Who began a good work in you (us) will complete it unto the day of Christ Jesus. I am praying for you even now…..Psalm 3 is being prayed over you! I will continue lifting you up to the One Who is the Lifter of our heads and the Restorer of our souls! Jesus!!! He loves us sooooo much and His plans are for good, for hope and a future…Jeremiah 29:11

  5. “Comparison…steals the dignity of our struggles.” When my problems seem so much less significant than yours, I have awesome guilty skills. I am ashamed of my discouragement and mask it with a false face of contentment.

    And, it’s exhausting to suppress authentic feelings. The worst part? When we do, the Enemy wins… again!

    How about we all try to just be our real selves in a real – and broken – world?

    When we need help, ask.

    When we have plenty, give.

    It seems simple – but it’s not easy. Love you, Sisters…xoxox

    • Ahhh, yes, Nancy…the simplicity of the life of faith. If only it was as EASY as it is simple :). (praying for you as I read through comments)

  6. Great post Robin… Yes the long brutal assault … We forgot we have an enemy who comes to kill steal and destroy … Therefore we lay at God’s feet what the enemy has done…from our first breath the battle begins… But God… He desires to restore us back to who He has created us to be…back to our “garden of Eden “… Thanks be to God …He never ever tires of loving us back to Him…Redeeming all so we can live our abundant life in Him!!!!

  7. Hallelujah that He wakes us from our stupor and our slumber. He gives us eyes to SEE. When seeing through eyes of faith, it makes all the difference. Seeing the mundane day to day activities of my life can skew God vision but praise be that His truth permeates the darkness. And posts like this are like eating carrots, they help keep our vision sharp.

  8. Thank you Robin. I too have been waking up for the last month from a year similar to what you described in your post. The timeliness of your message is like God winked at me and said, “I see you and you are not alone.” Blessings on you today.

  9. Robin, thank you for this beautiful post. Praise be the Father for this message of hope that reminds to keep our eyes fixed on Christ, on who He is. It is so good to know that I’m not alone in this, that He is using our joys and trials to shape us on His potter’s wheel to be better able to fight the good fight by seeking Him and loving each other. May each of our days be so very blessed with His peace that comes from keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus 🙂

    • It strengthens me to believe that my suffering is redeemable. It is through those times of greatest challenge that I always seem to grow the most. Praying over you, A.

  10. Robin,
    Lovely impressive post! Lately it is so easy for me to look back on my past and be filled with regret over my actions. I realize this is allowing the enemy to get a foot hold into my heart and head. For that reason I work hard at memorizing scripture, praying, listening to good Christian preachers and praise/worship music. All that helps dispel the evil thoughts in my mind!
    Blessings 🙂

  11. This was so beautifully written…it was writers like you and others at (in)courage that helped me get through a difficult season such as one you described. It was my online support team, whom I most likely will never meet, helped me see God at work in my life. There were days I cried out to God…did you forget us? We are hurting. Then I would read my morning online devotions and be reminded of verses like Romans 8:38…NOTHING can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. When I look back at that time in our family’s life during those challenging years, I am thankful that God used this time to draw us closer to Him and closer to each other. Thank you for being there each morning reminding me that I am not my own but belong to God.

  12. Gosh friend, I really needed to read your words and be reminded of this so strongly today. Thank you. Thank YOU so much for penning these profound truths Robin. They have pierced my heart in the best way.

    • {{Renee}} I prayed over these words, this message; that they would be received rightly, that I would get out of the way of any miscommunication. But mostly, if anyone could relate, they would hear the Lord’s affirmation, encouragement, grace, TRUTH. Thank YOU, friend, for receiving them, and for letting me know they mattered…made a difference for you TODAY. Love you and praying for you right. now.

    • It’s even better when someone has read the book and can fully understand that point. Afraid I didn’t do fully serve it, but hope it’s mostly understood.

  13. I so love this discussion. I know about people pleasers. It’s not that I compared myself to others so much but I thought being good, doing good would get you ahead, it didn’t, and then I heard Joseph Prince say that Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good but to make dead people live. I get that! If He raised bodies, He certainly can spirits, so why do we still listen to our accuser? I agree with Bev, if the devil comes to the door, let Jesus open it. Be blessed, ladies.

  14. Oh sweet sister I sure needed these words of encouragement- thank you for reminding me that God is for me even in the midst of all that’s going on – I know that truth but sometimes it doesn’t always feel like that! Thank you for your transparency- it helps to know others know and understand

    • Oh, my…our feelings can be our best friend and worst enemy. We can’t fully trust them, ya know? I remember reading a book decades ago, “Faith is Not a Feeling” and I’ve tried to remember it ever since….

  15. This is a positive and well written post that has made me want to get that book and read it for myself. I love the quote you shared about the riptide. I am learning that if I can keep my focus on Jesus, keep being thankful in all circumstances, and not let satan get into my head I can shine. thank you!

    • Mary, of course the book is never a substitute for The Book (smile), but it was incredibly helpful to me during an awful time in my life. It pointed to the One I needed to remember, and helped orient my thinking to the fiercely spiritual battle going on in my head and heart. Hope it helps you if you choose to get it.