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Hannah writes books for kids, blogs for their moms, and many a forgotten grocery list. She and her worship-pastor husband live on a small farm in Arkansas and have five young children, numerous farm animals, and a completely pathetic garden.

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  1. Hannah,
    Thank you for sharing this. Advent 2014 WAS memorable because it was the realization that Jesus is enough, and WILL be Who draws your children to Himself. Mine too. We just need to be available to listen to his quiet whisper of what to do to work in tandem with Him.
    II had presented the wordless book, (the story of the Gospel using colors) and I thought it was a total flop. A few months later, I had a little boy come to receive Christ who said he thought about what I had said, and now he was ready to receive Jesus, he wasn’t ready before. Whatever we do in His Name has results we don’t expect.

    Your littles will be impacted by whatever you do because Jesus is enough.


    • Thank you, Joanne. What a sweet encouragement you are to me this morning. 🙂

      Blessings to you too!

  2. Hannah,
    This was so beautiful! Jesus is enough. So simple but yet at times, so hard to remember. Thank you for this beautiful reminder.
    ~ Lovelle from (in)courage

  3. Hannah, I can so relate to this! I’m making those ornaments right now (last year I used paper ones) just a few days ahead of when we need to hang them. They argued over whose turn it was, too, and one of the just made ornaments already had to be repaired. But I hope if we do this each year (or something like this), it will sink in–the real point of Christmas. Like you said, He is enough, and it’s all about Him.

    Love, Heather

    • But you’re making them, Heather! Good for you. I had to start in February because I knew they would never get done if I had ANY other distractions. You are making them in the midst of plenty of distractions. 🙂 Thanks for reading. You’re a dear. 🙂

  4. Hannah,
    Glad to hear that Advent 2014 was good. We don’t need to be and act perfect. We just need to tell littles about the Greatest gift–Baby Jesus! Once they get it they will be forever grateful!
    Blessings 🙂

    • Absolutely, Beth. But I so am quick to forget. I’m praying that both I and my kids will be fully satisfied with Jesus this Christmas (and always!) Thanks for reading!

  5. Hannah,
    I smiled, laughed, and felt relief as I read this post. Thank you for sharing it and encouraging us all to remember that in every season He is always enough.

    • Thank you, Chara. I’m so glad people can relate. There is nothing like knowing that you’re not alone. Blessings!

  6. Thank you for your words. Such a timely reminder that Jesus is ALL we need this season. As I wrestle because I haven’t planned anything this year for our kiddos and we still don’t have a tree yet, I’m reminded this morning that it’s ok because we have Jesus and that’s all we need. Thank you.