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Lysa TerKeurst is a New York Times bestselling author and speaker who helps everyday women live an adventure of faith through following Jesus Christ. As president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa has lead thousands over the past 15 years to help make their walk with God an invigorating journey. Not...

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  1. Hi Lysa, thanks for this truly encouraging email this morning and I also sign up for the posts and updates. It is funny how you said “look God I got it all worked out, Now if you will just bless it, don’t mess with it, just bless it. And life will be good”. I think we all have done this very thing at some point in our lives, then God says we have to do it His way. God’ s way is always best and for our good. I will listen more to the God and my heart before making decisions in the future. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving. Love, Vanessa Williams

  2. Hi Lysa! Thank you for this post. It’s amazing how God works, because my son will be moving out of town this weekend. I can relate to what you’re saying, and I find it’s really hard to let go especially since he’s always been with my husband and I. God has made it clear it’s time for him to go out on his own, and I need to trust in the Lord with my son. God’s ways are always so much better and his purposes are always higher then mine. Thanks again for the reminder and letting me know others go through the same struggles. Happy Thanksgiving. Love, Jeanette

    • I’m not there yet….but it’s also just us 3. I will be praying for you. And believing that as he steps out…it’s a setup for the absolute best plan the Lord has for him!

  3. Lysa,
    I echo your sentiments…letting go of our kids is exceedingly difficult, especially when their path doesn’t go obediently in God’s direction. The more you watch a prodigal stray, the more you have to trust God and that He has an eye on His child. Learning to let go and watch a child stumble is one of the most heart breaking things a mother can go through, yet I still see God working through the prayers of those who have rallied around me…around him. He is truly God’s child and my best job is to be obedient to God and let Him take care of the rest.
    Thank you…

  4. Cannot begin to tell you how much my heart needed to hear these words. As the mom of two young men pursuing life, it is at times overwhelming to understand what’s next. God has been planting the words “it’s not your story” on my heart for weeks. Your words made that statement come full circle. Oh my, how prideful to think that we can write a better story for our kids than He can. Thank you for sharing! Praying for all moms today as we trust what God has for our babies.

  5. Thank you Lysa for this post! So in Gods timing, it really ministered to me. I have a daughter I need prayer for , she’s 16 and really socially behind and I worry about her future as an adult! But God !!! God has a better plan!!!

    • I have a granddaughter that is 9 in the same predicament. I will pray for your daughter as I pray for my granddaughter and YES God does have a grand plan for our girls!!!

  6. Wow its amazing how God works indeed because I needed to hear this today. I was absolutely awful yesterday on thanksgiving and all because exactly this. My exhusband has custody of two my two other boys. Let me briefly explain that it’s not because I’m an unfit mom but because I did not have enough money to fight for them. I have struggled with this for the last 4 years of my life and feel like I have lost years of being able to raise and influence my children. Because of my faith and trust in God I have resorted to prayer and that prayer has produced blessings more than I ever could imagine because my ex husband is now turning to the Lord himself. I still struggle with trusting God that he can view the bigger picture and why I was blessed with these boys only to not have them in my care. The ultimate sacrifice for me. Thank you for sharing. Be blessed.

  7. Thank you so much for this wonderful message. I was just about to start googling graduate programs for my daughter because she asked my opinion about a program and welll, you know, a requst like that just opens the floodgates for a mom who wants to make sure she picks the absolute perfect option. But your message stopped me in my tracks and reminded me that only God’s plan is perfect! Regardless of the school she chooses, He will work it our according to His plan. And even when there are trials, He is still working His plan in her life and in the lives of all who seek him. Oh how I need to rememeber this each and every day!

  8. This is so me. Thank you for sharing honest and encouraging words. My heart hurts today for one of my kids – one who I sense is pulling further and further away from us for reasons we can’t see and they won’t let us in on and I don’t know how to reach them anymore. The holiday just brought it out in spades as they returned home to be with us but the awkwardness was there and the wall is getting higher and conversations seem to only stay on the surface….and it’s hard. So hard, But against all hope, I am praying against IN hope and trusting my mighty God that he will eradicate the barriers and move in HIs time, His way…not mine.

    • Beth,
      Praying for you and your child! May God bring that child back to Him and break down the barriers. I pray for a heart change to love and trust!
      Blessings 🙂

  9. Thank you Lysa for breathing these words of encouragement to my momma’s heart today. With 3 teenage boys, letting go and letting God has been a challenge for me this year. As much as they are growing into mature young men, I am (still!) maturing in my walk with God as a mom as I place myself aside & prayerfully allow God’s will to be done in their lives. Thank you for redirecting my focus today not on the messy situations of life, but on God-the Author & Perfector of Life.

  10. I’m so thankful you wrote this! In my case, it’s not my children I worry about: they are all in their 50s now and living their lives beautifully. My lack of trusting God has to do with my health. I read God’s Word and hear His promises and STILL struggle to trust Him. I was recently diagnosed with cancer – not a good prognosis. Starting chemo. Worried and feeling physically awful. Please, God, just let me rest in Your Care. I want to trust You!

  11. Well I’d definitely say trusting God with my kids is way up there on the list of things I have my own plan in mind for. But my kids are out of our home for the most part and out of our grasp. I know they can never get beyond God’s grasp. One of the most maybe the most astounding realities of God is how much He loves me. He feels the same way about my kids. So I know I can trust Him. The same is true for our move out of this home…I can trust Him!! Thank you…I did need to hear your message today!

  12. First let me say that of course you are right. God has a plan for each life and we walk by faith. BUT sometimes instead of a daughter who was prayed for by a new friend in the college town, sometimes there are young men and wimen who prey on our children. Sometimes, daughters want and choose to walk on the wild side. Sometimes they get pregnant and marry a man who’s still on house arrest from being in prison on drug charges. Sometimes we find they are using drugs themselves. Someimes they are caught trying to smuggle drugs into a prison for a different boyfriend. Sometimes she’s raised her young daughter visiting different men in prison on drug charges. Sometimes she loses her job and has no income for insurance or car or house payments. And believe me, parents don’t know what to do. And believe me, we want things to be different. We continue to love because it’s our heart to do so. And we try not to get in God’s way when He wants to deal with our child. But we struggle with wanting to help them…but what does Gid want us to do? The burden is heavy. The pain is real. The ache and tears come every day. Yes, God is faithful, but … It’s so hard.

    • Praying for you and your daughter. I understand what you’re going through. It was so easy when they were young to fix the bumps and bruises and make the hurt go away. But now we can’t fix them. So, I pray. You pray. And we wait, hanging on to Jesus, I wait. Covering you in prayer.

    • praying for you anonymous. When times are dark it’s hard to trust in the Lord but He is faithful and with you in the heartache. Praying for your child, your grandchild, and their relationships.

    • Please forgive me if I say something but what your daughter is sometimes is what I used to do. Please know this – God had me the whole time and He has your daughter. I was just about everything you described but God got a hold of me. I have been obedient in raising two beautiful children. One of my children watched me do a lot of things I shouldn’t have But God! He doesn’t remember praise God! I absolutely love Jesus with every fiber of my being because His love and kindness drew me to Him. Not to mention the men and women of God that crossed my path. Continue to pray and when things look bad that means you are even closer to God changing your sweet child into His image. I am so blessed because of what I went through. My ministry reaches people most saints are repulsed by. Stand. Amd keeping standing. I stand in prayer with you. J. Johnson

    • Anonymous,
      Praying for you and your daughter! I know it can be hard. It is hard to see and sense God’s leading in all this!! I pray God will open her eyes and heart to see the truth! May He bring about a heat change and bring her back to you!!

  13. Lysa, thank you for your timely post! Just this morning I gave my daughter over to the Lord. I can’t fix her. I can’t give her peace. I can’t make all the hurts and struggles in her life go away. But God can. So. Today, I ask, I seek, I knock and wait patiently for His answer. I am resting in Him, no matter what His answer is. I pray to let go. Let God. Because He cares for me, and my daughter.

  14. I cried as I read that your daughter is marrying a preacher. I was there reading your blog when your kids were just small, and read your journey throughout the years and the struggles you had in parenting, particularly with Ashley in the last few years. My son is 18 and in the same boat, going to church but not walking with the Lord in his decisions…not in love with the Lord like I pray he would be. I was not able to raise him like I would have liked, even though he was raised in a Christian home, and wish I could do it all over again and do things differently. I pray that the Lord would intervene and get a hold of his heart. Would you pray for my son? Thanks for sharing your story.

  15. Lysa, I really really needed to hear this today. Our son is struggling to overcome drug addiction. It’s been a long,hard road. Through this terrible journey I’ve learned to trust God more than I ever thought I could. But still those anxious thoughts creep in. He’s been doing better for the past 2 months, which is a longer stretch than ever so far. But yesterday he loaded his plate and then picked like a bird. That send red flags up to both my husband and me. I woke up this morning feeling anxious and spent quiet time praising God and repenting of those fears. Then I read your post. Very timely and divinely appointed for me this morning, I believe. Thanks for being obedient to be His messenger for me this morning! My heart is thankful!

  16. These words brought me so much peace. We recently moved and are waiting to move into our house. The move meant we left our two college age children in NM, I had to resign from my job, and will begin searching for a new job. When you reminded me to stop bossing God with my plan, lift up my worries, rejoice in His blessings, and know “Only God is good at being God,” I felt the need to let go, breathe, and live in peace. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Hi Lysa,
    I always love hearing from you, and it’s so serendipitous that I should read this right this very minute: I had literally just praised a mother who is not afraid to let her kids travel to all corners of this dangerous globe on missions trips. I said aloud I wished that I didn’t get so fearful. And my husband and daughter concurred. They know I do. I voice my fears often. I can so related to what you are saying . . . even when our children are college-aged and beyond (my mother still fears for her children in this harsh world), our maternal DNA kicks in and we try to protect them. But what rewards God has shown you in trusting and letting go. Thank you for sharing this journey!
    Sheridan just graduated from college in May, and it was her choice to attend a local university (believe it or not, I would have approved her going away). But the particular U. she chose has a very diverse student body, and I feared especially because of the Muslims she would meet. But as I entrusted her to the Lord, knowing unequivocally that He had led her there (actually in the most dramatic of ways, so we were absolutely certain it was His will), she has shown me time and again, that God’s heart is gracious inclusion towards all people, and that we can’t isolate ourselves (separate from sin, yes, but not from being a good neighbor). I love the kids that she has met, and as I have followed my daughter’s gracious, loving example and God’s good plan, and tried my best to lay down my fear and control, I have grown in Him. My dream for Sheridan is the same one that you will soon be experiencing with Ashley, but here again, Lysa, I really need to lay down my fears and desires and trust God. It’s always the right thing to do. Thank you for such vulnerable sharing. Happy Thanksgiving, friend!

  18. Thanks for your post Lysa and all your posts and work at Proverbs 31. Such as blessing to me and others. Yes, I am learning to trust God in my own relationship. He is able to do amazingly more than anything we can ever ask or imagine. Amen

  19. Lysa,

    Thank-you for reminding us no matter how hard it can be to allow God to take charge. I thought I would share this:
    One Winter we had to take my daughter on a 6 hour drive to another hospital to see a specialist. There weren’t any ambulances available due to the road conditions. She was only supposed to spend a few days in there. It agonizingly turned into weeks. We watched as the Dr’s fought for her, carefully making decisions while consulting with us. She was twelve at the time. I would sit in the tiny Chapel and praying for her. I would then leave it with him. It was a struggle but He saw her through. Through it all I learned not to give up Hope.We all are beyond grateful. So even though it can be hard not to feel in charge, I have learned to trust ‘ it’ with the Him.
    thank-you for letting me share this with you.
    Faith, Trust and Hope,

    blessings to you all,


    • I’m so sorry for my grammatical errors.It should of read like this:
      “I have learned to trust it with Him.”
      “praying for her””Him”

  20. Love this Lysa. I remember sitting with you on the bus in Tiberias a month ago telling you how my kids were no longer part of my life due to our marital separation and you just hugged me and assured me God has them. I’m still believing Lysa and wait with hope for Him to rebuild the ruins. Blessings! Marylee

  21. Thank you so much for sharing your heart. Recently, I was praying for our oldest, age 57, as he goes thru difficult circumstances and the Holy Spirit corrected me that I was trusting my prayer more than trusting the Lord!!! Praise the Lord for a new level of trusting in God. Listening to all our grandchildren and where they are at yesterday, brings me to more trust with God’s grace and goodness. One area that has me trusting in ways I never thought possible is with my husband who is manifesting all the symptoms of dementia. This has been very difficult as I was looking forward to a different plan in our lives for this season of our life. It is amazing to see how God is bringing forth radical changes in my heart of loving my husband in deeper ways. It is awesome to see what the Lord is showing me in my husband as he experiences this situation. For instance, I drove 2 hours to our home from our son’s home yesterday with a serious cold infection attacking my body as my husband can no longer handle the drive at night. Praise the Lord, He brought us safely home!!!

      • Your welcome! Another area the Lord is pressing into my heart is thanksgiving. Ps. 50:23 “He who offers a sacrifice of thanksgiving honors me; and to him who order his way aright I shall show the salvation of God.” This covenant of thanksgiving is the key that shuts and bolts the door to demonic oppression.

    • Gail,
      Prayers for you and your husband. Dealing with dementia is difficult. I know first hand as both of my parents have/had dementia/ sundowners’. It got bad enough we put them both on hospice. I pray God will give you the strength to endure and deal with his moods.

      • Thank you for your prayers. God is giving me His amazing grace to deal with this situation. Also, He is causing me to be thankful in all things 1 Thess. 5:18. Yes, there are many times I make a choice of my will to give thanks as there is so much to be thankful for. My heart is to see my husband restored by the Lord. Somewhere, a beautiful creation of God believed a lie and gave darkness an opening. May His grace bring you to new levels of His love for you!!!

  22. I so relate to this whole thing, right now in my life! Thank you for your honesty and encouragement.

  23. I think you’re a great mom! We may serve a supernatural God, but we are still fragile human beings, He understands. But He doesn’t need our help, I agree, let God be God.

  24. Congratulations to you and your family. However, I think of all of us mom’s who don’t have a clear, happy, pleasant resolution in only 2 short years. Some of us will struggle and fall and get back up again because our child is not walking God’s path. Trusting in God is hard years and year later. His ways are not our ways, but neither does He take our child and manipulate the puppet strings. Our children make choices. Sometimes its just painful and hard and we have to try to trust God with our hurt. So it’s really not God doing everything else – our child is a thinking, opinionated person making decisions and sometimes they do that without God. Sometimes God’s ways do not make us feel good and happy. Some of us just don’t come out the other side with a pretty wedding welcoming a son-in-law with cute hair. But we shouldn’t be trusting God with the assumption that all will be warm and fuzzy in the end. We should trust God because His ways are better, no matter which they take us or our children.

  25. Owwwwch, that one hits right in the feels! I have struggled a lot with this. My five year old son has asthma and a severe nut allergy. We’ve done the emergency room dash. It’s terrifying. I was terrified to send him to school, to trust his well being to other adults I had only just met. And he has some speech and processing delays so I knew he would be different from the other kids. Cue serious mom anxiety and borderline panic attacks.

    God has been so, so incredibly good to us, though. We were able to get him into a fantastic school where he gets the educational attention he needs without feeling like he doesn’t fit in. He has made friends who he talks about all the time. His teachers and the school staff are SO understanding of his medical issues and very protective. The other classroom parents know about his allergies and are careful not to bring anything with nuts to events and parties. My son LOVES school and has asked every single day this week to go. God has blessed us abundantly in that area. He knew all along what we would need and cleared a path for it. I am grateful. May I always remember this.

  26. Lisa thank you. I really needed to read this today. I’m struggling with the fear of loosing my 13 year old son to my ex. His father is moving in closer to where we live and he already had turned my other son of age 19 to the point that he is now living with him. My sons 19 and 13 are very close. It saddens me that they are both apart from each other but I do not want to be alone. When My ex left he told me that I would never find anyone else in my life like him and that I would be lonely. We share 3 sons. Our oldest is 27 and is newly married. My 19 is living with him now and rarely comes to visit. I pray that I can give it ALL to Him as l know He is the Master Planner and NOT me. I pray for my family.

    Desperate Mommy

  27. I’m with you Lysa.. My daughter isn’t walking with the Lord, she’s living
    her life pretty recklessly.. I’ve tried to fix things, but fail miserable,
    because of I’m not God.. Yes, let God be God..
    Thank you!!

  28. Yes, I struggle with this too. But I just recently read something that has helped me so much, I can only show and lead the best that I can, but when it comes down to it my son has free will and it is his choice to accept what I have taught him or not. It definitely helps to realize this.

  29. Thank you so much for this, Lysa! This really hits home for me right now because I am struggling with watching the relationships between my husband and my children (his stepchildren) not going how I had hoped, and my mama bear protectiveness is coming out in so many ways. It is so hard for me to watch my little ones hurting, and trusting God to take care of their hearts when I don’t see things improving is a challenge for me. Thank you for the reminder that even when I don’t see how something could possibly be good or right, God still has a plan and He is always taking care of my babies.
    Hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  30. Lysa,
    Thanks for your honesty. I too have a hard time releasing my children to God. I have a 29 yr old son that is the apple of my eye. I was very young when I had him and we grew up together. I watched him graduate from a prestigeous college, become a teacher and start dating an unsaved, rebellious, covered in scarey tattoes, record having, beat up her mother young lady and I can’t tell you how upset I have been. So much so that I ended up in the hospital. I am praying God take the scales off his eyes and unstop his ears. This girl has a plan and it’s not good but…our God has a better plan. I regret I told him what I saw in her because he gravitated to her as a me and you against the world type of thing. I am praying for her salvation, healing, and deliverance. He needs healing too. This relationship happened after his brother from his father committed suicide. My son is the oldest and he felt like he should of protected his brother. I believe God that He will do what needs to be done but I still struggle with it when I think of all that I sacrificed for him. This isn’t anywhere near what i.d of picked for him. She is definitely not a good example for his 18 yr old sister. I.m going to keep praying and trusting. After all Iwas a mess when I found Jesus. He redeemed me and I trust this young lady will be too although I don’t like she and my son dating.

  31. Lysa,
    I don’t have children. I am dealing, once again, with aging parents, dementia and hospice. It is soo hard to sit back and watch them slowly die. The area I’m scared of is money. I had to quit my job this year as my dad went into assisted living last year and had multiple medical issues to include 3-4 ER visits. Two weeks after I quit he went on hospice. He seems to be doing ok for now. I’m wondering if I should go back to work-full-time, part-time? I know God is faithful and will see us through this trial!
    Blessings 🙂

  32. Thank you for this encouragement. I’m having a lot of trust issues and I know I have to give it to God and trust Him!

  33. Oh, how I needed to hear this today. My daughter chose a school that I wouldn’t have chosen for her myself (a prestigious one). She has had many bumps along the way and started with a campus Christian organization that she left after becoming ill and receiving lack of support from its leader. Along the way, she had a time of reflection and has chosen to transfer to a school further away to pursue a degree not offered at her current school. But there were revelations and support that she received and have guided her where she is currently attending. I am thankful for that. I have worried myself sick over her healing and well-being. God is still physically and mentally healing her and I believe He is guiding her. I pray that she will find true fellowship with other believers at her new university and that she will have the determination to complete her degree despite her health issues. Thank you for sharing your story and insight. It helped me to realize our plan isn’t God’s and we have to trust He works things out for the best if we just trust.

  34. Thank you Lysa. God’s timing and your obedience to write this particular blog could not have been more perfectly timed for what my Spirit needed to be reminded of. God is great. I am thankful for you and your honesty and wisdom. God bless you.

  35. I know the BIG picture is great. He has an awesome plan… I think it’s in the here and now that I struggle.. I want to see my boy happy, laughing. Enjoying all the things that a Christian teenager can do and have. So its hard when he’s home on the weekends. Or when Holidays come around…. I’m over here saying “ok Lord, now would be the perfect time for that friend ” Sigh…. ultimately HE knows. I’m so very Thankful for you Lysa. The Holy Spirit once again sent me words of encouragement through you. As Jason Upton sings….”I will wait for you, Jesus ” I, too will trust and KNOW HIS PLAN is best! And wait!

  36. Such a great, vulnerable post. I want to show this to my second daughter who is looking at colleges and is so stressed about choosing the right one. I think this might encourage her to go with her gut, no one else’s, because God has a plan. So excited for you, friend, and for the beautiful wedding(s) in your future.

  37. Ah! I love how the Lord works! I love your story about your daughter! Thank you for sharing it. It touched my heart. I literally just got done commenting on First 5’s Weekend Wrap-up, sharing how this week’s study in Matthew convicted me in chapter 10, verses 36-40. I am so tempted to put my family …or the plan I want for them…first. My daughters are so precious to me…I want to freak out and put them in a safe little bubble so many days!!!! He’s clearly got a word about that for me to hear today! It’s always so encouraging to see a message line up in multiple places like that…it’s so cool!!!!!
    Happy Saturday!

  38. I read your post and it couldn’t have been more perfect. I am six weeks pregnant with my first and every twinge sends my brain into scary mental paths. I am worried that I will not make it out of the first trimester (being older and my sister miscarried this summer). I am thankful for the reminder of truth that He is better at arranging life. He is the life giver and I can sit here knowing that His plan is truly good. Thank you.

    And yes, to anyone who reads this, if you feel led to pray, thank you. I want faith to be my anchor and to let go of the grips of fear. To experience joy each day knowing God is in control no matter what and to live life to the fullest. Thanks…

  39. I empathize will you all, I know parents want the best for their children or at least most do, those given to addictions and certain afflictions are unfortunately no longer capable of making wise decisions. Children suffer, they are living under bridges and dragged from drug house to drug house. God placed two of these with my mother, and they always want people to foster or adopt. There really is such a thing as the snare of the fowler, Psalm 91. I will and ask you to plead the blood of Jesus deeply over your children. As believers, use your authority over the devil and expect God to move those strongholds. Let God be God is right, He’s got a plan.

  40. I used to worry about my son alot as he was growing up. I had this terrible & neurotic fear that he was going to die. As he got older (teen years), he got in the wrong crowd, & his interests (grunge music), & his own band, I prayed reguarly that “He who began a good work in “him” will perform it til the day of Jesus Christ. He was going to University to get a music degree. Then, he ran into an old friend from his first college. It
    turned out this fellow was a true & committed Christian. My son was impressed & convicted. He made a complete turnaround, & switched his major to Theology. Now, he is married to a wonderful Christian woman & they have 2 precious daughter. I thank God so much for watching over my son & for answered prayer.

  41. Have always loved your stuff Lysa!! But this spoke volumes to me!! My oldest daughter is chronically ill but also struggles majorily with an anxiety and despressive disorder too. She is medicated and sees an excellent psychiatrist here. But alas, she has fallen in love with a man our family adores. He lives in the UK!!! I’ve been struggling with telling God what I think is best, but truth is He knows best and always will. Thanks for the reminder!! There is so much for them to workout to be together and most likely it will take years for it all to come together. But I can rest in knowing God has got it all worked out the BEST way and His timing is NOT our timing. 😀

  42. Wow, what a timely post! My daughter is a senior and applied to 3 colleges this past week and 1 more next month. 2 of them are far away, and where she really wants to go. I am in the same situation you were in and reading about what was waiting for your daughter at the college she ended up at, just gave my chills. So, even though I pray that she’ll get in the college where God wants her at, I really do need to totally let go and trust God. Thanks for your post.

  43. Lysa,
    This blog was so powerful for me, as I finally was able to let go and hand over my life to God as an adult recently, but I needed that reminder to hand over my children’s lives to God as well as a parent. Thank you for sharing your story with such honesty and vulnerability and touching my heart in ways that could help me give us all the freedom my kids and I need by trusting them into God’s care.

  44. Great post, Lysa! I think this applies to people who aren’t moms too! The best thing we can do is be obedient to our Father and trust He will take care of the rest. I am working more and more on trying to just take faithful steps each day and worry less in the process.

  45. As I sit here very early in the morning in my warm little home, I have giant-sized goose bumps all over because just before I read your post, I read an email response sent to me from the college counselor at my daughter’s school calmly assuring me that our daughter could possibly gain entrance to some good private schools out of state. You see last week I was furious with him for having encouraged our daughter to apply to out of state schools that I am afraid we will never be able to afford. I was so mad that he was setting up our sweet daughter for disappointment, our daughter, who deserves to go to the best colleges out there because she is the hardest working, most responsible, caring, amazing person I know. She deserves to go to the best college, but her parents do no have any money saved, and owe thousands and thousands to the IRS for back taxes we could not pay while her daddy was laid off from his job for a year and a half recently. As I struggle with my own issues of feeling inadequate, especially in the financial area, I realize I was not relying on God to take care of our daughter. She came home from high school furious with me because she wants to go to a small, private out of state school, and experience life away from her home state, and she thinks we have been pressuring her to stay in state, where she has a full scholarship, because we do not think she is good enough to handle being farther from home. I wish this was the case, but in reality it is our own fears that she will realize that it is us who are not good enough to be the parents of such an amazing person like her. I think from your post, that it goes both ways. We must trust that God’s plan for her is much much bigger than what we can offer her as parents, and that he will make a way for her to attend another school if this is indeed His will. Bottom line, it is not about us as her parents and what we can do for her, it is about Him and what he can do through her. Thanks so much for posting. I feel so blessed right now. God has spoken through you to me.

  46. Huge thanks for posting this. Many of us parents feel the same way. I currently am battling to keep both my children safe and away from their abusive father. I spend a lot of time wondering why this is happening , why wont it stop, why must I fight so hard and when will this be over? I remind myself that its Gods plan; Gods time. but still its so hard to swallow. Then I think further to his son, our precious savior Jesus, and what he endured. He is the son of God and he was chosen to endure pains that are inconceivable. Could you imagine what Mary felt? But her faith and trust in God kept her strong, and even after his death she continued to spread the word. I know that God loves my children more than I will ever understand and to know that HIS plan is to be trusted. I must do my do diligence to care and protect my children but my faith tells me to be steadfast in HIS plan to continue to be thankful and pray. Thank you for posting this. It helps to know that when I am battling for the false control of my children, that I am not alone in this and that I can and will fall on my trust in faith in our Lord.

  47. The timing on reading this is surely God’s as my mother goes to the doctor about the lump she found in her breast. She is 82.

  48. I needed this reminder today, “The very best thing a mom can ever do is to recognize only God is good at being God.” I’m parenting teenagers now and trying to learn how much control to surrender as they begin to assert themselves and push for independance. It’s a balancing act as they transition into adulthood.

  49. Read the book , falling from heaven by mickey robinson, Will open your eyes to true suffering and trust, trully dont understand why you go to elevation church, something terrible wrong wth the church.