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  1. Denise,
    I know it’s no coincidence that I woke up from tossing and turning at 2 am…I was praying and asking God for wisdom about several things going on in my life, and here you are guiding me to where I know I need to be…in His Word. Praise that His Word is a lamp unto my feet – wisdom and peace to my wandering mind. Yes, I need wisdom and direction. I could also use prayers for continued healing from knee surgery (this perpetual rain is not doing my knee any favors lol). I would love to walk naturally and unencumbered. My continuing prayer is for my son…that he would find direction in his life and more importantly that he would be reunited with his Savior from whom he’s distanced himself…prayers needed for a way back home for his heart. Thank you…

    • Bev, I’ve just returned from church and wanted to share part of the sermon to you to encourage you. It was on Luke 14:25-28 and Genesis 22- Scriptures that cut deep, but are also filled with love. The focus was on our human tendency to lift up our hands awaiting God’s provision, but God pointing us to a harder, but ultimately more joyful path: a path into intimate relationship of trust. He reminded us of the rich man who did not want to give up his riches and pointed out that it is not wealth, but the idol of wealth God wanted to remove: an idol in the way of intimate relationship. Jesus asks us if we are prepared to keep taking steps in faith that hurt our heart, trusting that even in this deepest hurt God will provide. Just like Ruth, who gave up all she knew and loved to follow Naomi and the God Naomi served.

      For me this means laying my unbelieving husband and children in God’s hand and telling Him that I trust Him to provide and telling Him that ultimately it is not me who gives them the gift of faith, it is Him. So, also, when I stuff up, say the wrong thing, commit sins, this does not turn my husband away from God, and when I stay calm, act lovingly toward him, this does not draw him near, ONLY God has the power to make the impossible become possible.

      And so, Bev, I’m praying for God to work in power in the hearts of our loved ones and I am trusting that as we place them in His hands, He will provide.Praying also that God would place His healing Hand upon you and draw you ever nearer through the suffering you are enduring: in heart and body. May the wisdom and fear of the Lord guide your heart.

      • Thanks Anna…I always need the reminder that it’s the Holy Spirit that does the convincing in peoples’ hearts. Praying for him to move in the hearts of your loved ones as well!! Thank you for your insights and beautiful prayers!! xx

    • Bev, I will pray for your healing. You are a strong prayer warrior, who prays for all others. May God bless and heal you as only He can. Thank you for praying for others

    • You have my prayers Bev…for healing & PEACE…God is control & is always FAITH-full – He will direct you -,let go & allow Him to be in control…I ask that your son be carried by our Lord till he can walk in his own FAITH-steps…he will when he can. Amen!

    • Bev,
      You have been through so much in your life! Prayers for healing for your knees. May He bring the healing you need to be able to walk unencumbered! Prayers that He will make a heart change in your son and bring him back to himself!

  2. Bev, I am so sorry that you are experiencing pain. I pray that your knee grows better every day. I pray for your son. I pray he sees you loving him right where he’s at and that the Lord is doing the same thing. I pray that he is open to see the Lords path set out before him and that he not only sees the love but feels that love.

    I ask for prayers for healing. My father in law passed away Thursday. We are heartbroken. And I ask for prayers for my 4th child (the only one with fur). She has hurt herself and I don’t know what is wrong. Thank you.

    • Andrea, I pray that God comforts all of you during this season of loss. May His divine hands heal your precious pet. God loves all creatures great and small.

    • Andrea,
      Prayers as you and your family mourn the loss of your father-in-law! May God bring a sense of peace and comfort over the family! Also prayers for your daughter with fur. May God provide the healing touch for her body! I pray you all feel the love and grace of God!!

  3. Good morning,
    My father’s sister passed away 3 days ago , she was 81. The were the last 2 of 8 siblings and extremely close. My father lives with me and she in another country. He hadn’t seen her in almost 8 years. We don’t know how to break the news to him as he’s frail and sick. Please pray for wisdom, guidance and divine peace for our family in what to in this situation.
    Thank you and may The Lord hear all our prayers, in Jesus’name, Amen.

    • Cherrel
      I am sorry for the loss of your aunt and how tender this news will be for your father.
      I have just prayed as you requested wisdom, guidance and peace for your family.
      May God strengthen your father to receive His will for your aunt.

    • Cherrel, Our Father in Heaven please guide them with the right time and words to break the news. Comfort all of them and keep them in your arms.As a child we long for the safety of our parents arms, may they feel the comfort of you Father. In Jesus name Amen

    • Praying for you and your family during this time. I pray for Gods strength to get you through this time. I pray for God to help you and your family for peace for your father. In Jesus name, Amen

    • Cherrel in his heart he already knows, God will allow him ask what he ought to know that all are keeping from him. And He will give you the wisdom when you are able to look at him and he looks into your eye’s. The Lord himself will surround your being and home with a calmness and love none can understand so that you know He is with you. Amen

    • Cherrel,
      Prayers on the loss your dad’s sister. May God provide wisdom as to when & how to tell him the news. Prayers that your father receives the news in peace. Prayers for you and your family as you care for him! Being a caregiver is never easy!! Blessings to you!! May God give you the peace and contentment you need!!

  4. Job search after 18 years at same job. Wanting to utilize work experience in a different setting. Needing direction and guidance. Can see job loss was God’s protection by removing me from a bad situation. Desiring godly husband to share life with. Family struggles.

    • Praying for you Tia. I pray for God to open the door for you in the direction for you to go. We don’t see the job loss as a good thing in the beginning, but Trust in HIM and he will see you through. He knows what is best for you and your family. In Jesus name Amen

    • Tia,
      God please help Tia find the right job. Place her where you know her experience and skills would be used without being in a toxic environment. She also desires a Godly husband to share life with! Please send the right person her way in your perfect timing!
      Help her to deal with any family struggles. Shower them all with your love, grace and mercy! Bring peace to all in mind, body and soul!!

  5. Bev I pray for your knee pain, I know how pain effects everything else in your life and this weather lately doesn’t help. I am asking for prayers for relationships and that God will bring the right man into my life. I have gone through a few toxic relationships and seem to be quite vulnerable and the loneliness seems to be unbearable. I know what all the Bible verses say but that doesn’t help when I also know that God doesn’t want us to be alone or to hurt and that he wants us to have a companion, helpmate and love in our life, Thank you for your prayers

    • Judy,
      I know toxic relationships…Before God brought the right man into my life, He had to strip all else away so that it was just Him and me. I had to learn to seek Him first and grow in His love before “all these other things would be added unto me”. Praying for you and lifting you up right now that you would delight in the Lord, seek and know Him first, and then wait patiently for the miracles He can make happen…B

  6. I ask for prayer that God may grant me the desire of my heart. I long to hear from Him.Please pray for me. Thank you

  7. Thanks for praying for me. I feel like a bundle of unrest and upheaval. My husband finished his clinical pastoring education in July and is looking for a chaplain position. So far, nothing. I has applied but nothing. My son is deployed with the army. He was married about a month a go and had to leave his beautiful bride in a place where she knows no one. Very hard. My teenage daughter is under a spiritual attack by way of hossible dreams and visions. I’m just trying to stay afloat of everything, stay in God’s Word and pray. It all feels so heavy but I know that my God is mighty!

    • Diane,

      Prayers for release from the evil one! Seems like Satan is attacking your family hard! May God intervene and bring about a removal of the evil one! Prayers that hubby can find a good chaplain job!! Father place this young man in the right job where you can use him!!
      May God bring friends to your daughter-in-law! God please help this daughter-in-law make friends! Help her to feel safe and not isolated from people!!
      Father help the teenage daughter to not have any more horrible dreams and visions. Remove the evil one from this family and bring about a sense of peace and contentment!!
      Blessings 🙂

  8. My young husband passed away last summer. I have been praying and praying that God would send the right man into my life.

    • Praying for the right man at the right time in the right place. Peace for you too sister. Amen xx

    • Therese,
      So sorry your sweet husband passed away! May God bring a sense of peace to you mind, body and soul! Praying He brings you the right Godly man for you!

  9. God, please hear the prayers of these women. They need your love and protection and guidance. Please continue to show them your presence and strength. Help us all know we are not along in our struggles. Amen

  10. We are in the process of relocating 600 miles away. Please for my heart to be settled in this process of so much unsettle. I’m trying to be positive about this move and support my husband’s career, but I’m leaving two young adult children and a dau-in-love here plus a wonderful network of friends. I know there are more friends to be made and outreach to do in His name there. Please, thank God for bringing just the right buyers for our home in the next few weeks. I’m trying to glorify His name in all these circumstances. Thank you very much for the prayer.

    • Dearest Bonnie,
      I pray for you and your family as you go through this time of great change. May you know that God is watching over you and all of your family, and His Will will be done in all your lives. As my Mom always says, “Good is in control.” May you find peace, happiness, and many new friendships at your new home. I know this part may sound like a plug,but may I suggest that you read Girl Meets Change by Kristen Strong. It helped me so very much in all the changes that are going on in my life, and I think it would certainly help you as well. Just a suggestion. God bless you all add you go through this change, for He is always looking out for His flock. Look to Him in times of stress and know that He Is just a word away..Just say Jesus! God bless you all!

    • Bonny,
      Prayers for you and your family to have peace about this move! Leaving family is never easy!! May God bring calm to your mind, body and soul!! I pray that the house sells quickly and the move goes smoothly!! May He show you the right church and bring friends to you quickly!! May God bless you always!!

  11. My prayer request:
    For guidance and peace in a time of uncertainty at my current job. I feel like it is insecure as the year and project comes to an end. I enjoy what I do and I am open to the next step but there is some fear as to what will happen and when. thank you.

    • Candyce,
      God give Candyce a peace and contentment about her job. Give her the guidance she needs to make the next move!! Shower her with love, grace and mercy!!

  12. Please pray for my grandson Elijah. He is in great need of physical healing. Please pray for his doctors to make the right decision for his treatments. If you could also lift his Mom and Dad up in prayer to give them the strength during this difficult time. God bless you.

  13. Needing prayer as a family. As we have been caring for our elderly mothers for years now,suffered through the loss of my own & now caring for mother in law. This has taken us away from our home & kids have lost their friends & security of their home of 9 years. We have given up material possessions which is not that big of a deal,but things that were ours, that’s the least of it but still hurts to think sometimes. We need to find a place to call home one day and strength to continue on as caregivers watching

  14. Bev, I pray for your family and ask that you do the same for mine. My granddaughter @ 13 is making life choices that pain me deeply. She seems to be caught in a world I struggle to accept and it is keeping us apart. I know only God has the power to free her, just as He did me years ago. I thank God for all the times He has shown himself to be faithful and endeavor to TRUST in Him with all my heart. I pray for wisdom as to how to deal with my daughter and her family. Also please pray that my husband will once again stop smoking. It is endangering his life, yet the hold is so strong he can’t seem to stop. He did before we were married but then restarted. I struggle with this change. Thanks for your prayers and for this site. God Bless all who have written, in pain and struggles we draw nearer to the ONE, our Abba God. Mary

    • Mary,
      Praying for your granddaughter and for your relationship with your daughter and family…may God give you wisdom. Praying for Jesus to break the shackles that bind your husband to the addiction of smoking. May God give him the strength to quit for himself, for you, and to honor God’s temple. Lifting you all up right now…xx

  15. Dear Bev, I will be in prayer for wisdom for the Doctor’s for your knee, and for your son to be touched by someone, or something, to begin steering him back to God. That he would realize how he needs God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to lead his life. I am also in prayer for that for my son and new daughter-in-law. They are searching, and God has led them to our church. Pray they draw closer and closer as they begin their married life together.
    My husband and I are taking care of the care of my Mom. My dear Dad passed away from Alzheimer’s 3 years ago. Now my Mom has profound dementia, and is being taken care of at a wonderful facility about 5 miles from us. For over 3 years, we have been going about 3-5 days a week. To take care of two parent, we have friends praying for us, and really grown in the “Fruits of the Spirit- mostly patience” taking care of them. Problem- Money is running out for the care of my Mom. We are meeting with a Medicaid specialist next Monday as a step we have to take now. It will mean moving Mom to a place that takes Medicaid, and this is breaking my heart as she feels “at home” where she is now. She was terribly mean to me for a couple of years. Mad about my Dad, and I think she knew her memory was fading. Then, she became more pleasant for about 3 months, and talked about God and Heaven. She does not walk, and keeps thinking she can, and falls out of bed often. She is heading back towards unhappy, and crying alot again. Thank you for prayers for God’s Will to be done and for the best new place for my Mom.

  16. Please pray for my husband, Francisco, who has turned away from the Lord; that he accept God’s healing love, mercy and forgiveness and to his marriage. In the Mighty Name of Jesus…..Linda

    • Praying for Francisco, that he would know that “there’s no pit that His love can’t reach.” Praying for redemption, restoration, and wholeness.

  17. Please pray for me to be brave show love. About 2 1/2 months ago I moved to a new city to take a job as a foster care social worker. I really want to show love to the children I am working with and be a support to the families. Moving away from my family, to a place where I do not know anyone has not been easy. So please pray for me to be brave and to show love. I am currently renting a room and would really like to share an apartment with someone or even to have my own apartment, so I would appreciate prayer for that as well. Thanks so much!!

    • Dear Jesus, I pray for Natasha right now. I pray that you will hold her in your arms, that she will feel you are close to her, while she is in a transition and far away from her support system. I pray that you will lead her to a group of Christian supporters for her and her children. I pray that you will fill her with the knowledge of the fullness of your love, so that she can give to her children out of that fullness. I pray for bravery for her, for courage in the face of hardship, and for the ability to change children’s lives. I pray that you will send someone to share the responsibilities of an apartment with her if possible, or an apartment she can rent alone that is within her budget. I know you will give us more than we can possibly ask or think, and I claim that promise for Natasha right now. I know that you will answer before we even ask, and I thank you for hearing this prayer and answering in the name of Jesus, Amen.

  18. Sue, I lift Elijah up to the Lord in prayer. In the bible God always gave Elijah what he needed. I pray God. Hears prayers to heal Elijah Lord Please bring physical to this boy in Jesus name & give extra strong faith & strength to his parents & family Lord as they face these hardships. We believe in your greatness Lord and need you to touch this family with healing only you Lord God can give. Lord be with the Drs. As they help this beautiful child. We know you count every tear and hear those tears as prayer. I will keep Elijiah in my hear & prayers as I know you are working .in sweet beautiful ever caring Jesus name amen holy Father in heaven hear our prayers

  19. Natasha the Lord is with you . You are brave to follow his calling. Working such a job you are making such a difference in this world. Prayers for finding the perfect friendships & love where He has placed you. I know about moving so I feel you. I know about missing a family member so I feel you with that. I am confident the lord will send you what you desire. Very very soon. Gods blessing are with you all around you,please be strong his favor is with you. I keep you in my heart & will pray for you throughout the day and days ahead. In Jesus holy beautiful name amen

  20. Linda praying now for Francisco. In Jesus name amen. Be strong Linda God will guide you both. Blessings to you

  21. hi denise,
    right now im at a crossroad. as early as march i had experienced some disturbing events at work. commotion or problems that is not of my shortcoming but eventually appears to be my fault. then for some reason i started to rub some people the wrong way and they start to cause me problems.i find my supervisor suspicious of my every move and i tell you the feeling of walking on eggs is too light a comparison to what i go through at times. until finally i started to ask God and consult Him. i had impressions before but i ignore it, it wasnt really clear to me then until about a week ago when i came from a very disturbed meeting that i had to lock myself to the changing room and pray. it was then the impression became clear, i need to resign to do full time voluntary work with my pastor. you see our church here in singapore is stsrting to grow and the pastor needs a hand to do ministerial administration so he can dig deeper to God’s Word and spent more of his time doing pastoral care. doing things on saturday isnt enough to do preparations. quitting my work is not an easy thing since i was blessed to hv 4 boys (23,22,15,10) two of them still schooling. pkease pray for me that i would really confirm and answer to God’s calling in helping out our pastor..deep in my heart i donot hv a doubt i want this, its only the family budget i was slightly worried. thank you for letting me pour my heart out, God bless you and your ministry.

  22. I am asking for prayer for my family. As I have been the main financial supporter of my family, due to my husbands health not being the best and he is in remission of Hodjkins Lymphoma, Thank You Jesus! Just 2 weeks ago he was able to start back to work, but then he couldn’t pass the physical. He is severely depressed and I look to God for my strength and he is my #1. But here lately, I find myself with my own struggles. Asking for healing for all.

  23. HI. Long story short: I am Karen, from South Africa, with a love of missions and have lived in a few different countries in Africa mostly, serving God. He now has us sun-loving Africans in southern Lappland, Sweden. Here come some of the prayer focus: I am teaching kids from 7 years to 16 years, English and Art. Across a language barrier, some huge issues of learning challenges and some scary emotionally challenged kids.
    We are seeing more and more refugees pouring into our little town. We feel so strongly that God wants us to help, pray that God would give just the right gap. Pray for work plan that my husband has to come through: he has been without work for 3 years. Pray that God would open a place where he can start a workshop kind of thing, and place where asylum seekers can be busy. They sit for months and months doing nothing while they wait for asylum decisions. This weather is very very tough for sun loving Africans and Middle-Eastern people, and it gets very very dark from November for 3 months. Just this week we have been talking to people with these stories: Ex ambassador’s son lived in Washington, now he does not even know where his family is or if they are ok because of dictatorship in his land. Another spent several months in prison in Libya because fleeing across borders was illegal. An older couple is so worried about their family in Damascus. His mom (must be in her 80s) broke her leg this week trying to hide after their building was bombed. The terror these people go through, the huge challenge of living where language is different and people are not really understanding of what they have been through, and they get no choice in what part of Sweden they will come to… these issues compel us to make a difference. It seems overwhelming. Pray for godly wisdom, energy to do what we need to do and that God will show a way forward. And please pray for the refugee situation. It is crazier than we could ever imagine.

    • Dear Karen Hang in there am thanking the Lord for you and your ministry in Sweden and praying the the Lord will open doors and provide the right opportunity to you and your Husband and that He will prepare you mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually for the dark winter months

    • karen one almost doesn’t know where to start. i bless you for welcoming the refugees in your country despite the obviously huge challenges. so i can only pray for you and them and tell you all that following God’s word and prayer is always the best place to start. i pray that your heart and that of the refugees will be calmed an peaceful. i believe that God will be there for you and comfort you and hold you in his warm hands.

  24. I have to go to court for a traffic/ parking offence I committed 6 years ago. Please pray for peace, mercy & pardon…. and for an outcome ie fines that I can afford to pay. I don’t to postpone it as I financially strapped. Thank you

    • I pray for your peace from the Lord and the judge will pardon the charges. We serve a mighty God . Do not put it off. Ask for a payment plan if needed.

  25. Lord, I pray for CJ as she goes to court. Bless her, and have mercy on her as she takes responsibility for this ticket. Provide for her needs as only You can. Help her to see Your hand and hear Your voice in this situation.
    Please pray for me. God is changing me, but my family is broken. Two daughters are not in good relationship with me and my husband is withdrawn and distant. He has never been close to me. I am trying to draw near to him and draw him out, but he is refusing. Please pray I continue to look to Jesus for my worth and emotional intimacy.

    • Lord, I pray for Martha and her family. Please soften the hearts of her husband and daughters; draw them near to You, and near to Martha. Please comfort her in this hard, lonely time. Show her the love and peace that only You can provide. Help her to continue to live out her faith in love toward her family, that they may see how much she and You care for all of them.

    • Dear Lord I pray and commit Martha to you ….even as she seeks you and draw near to you breakdown all the walls and barriers that are within the family… Lord restore the relationship within the family and to you too.

  26. I am desperately searching for a new job. I am currently employed, so it’s not desperate-for-a-paycheck, but it’s not a good situation anymore. I’ve been looking and interviewing for 20 months, and nothing is panning out. It’s such a frustrating, lonely, depressing thing to experience such constant rejection and to feel so stuck in a place I can’t be anymore. Would love prayers for direction, strength and patience to continue, and honestly, for something to come through, and soon.

    • Dear Lord I pray that you give Amy the strength and patience at this time as she looks for a new job…. Lead to he place of your choosing and calling for her Phil 4:6-7, 19

  27. Thank you for this word today! Praise our Lord and Savior! I need prayer for guidance in my life. For my career and relationship path. Please pray for peace and contentment from the Lord. Thank you!

  28. Please pray for guidance, this relationship is just so filled with Drama ! I need strength to let go!
    Thanks so much for your prayers.

    • I pray that you get the guidance and strength that you are searching for. God will give you these things if you truly trust in Him and let go. God is in control now and always, and He will give you strength and guidance if only you relinquish control to Him. I pray you do find the strength you’re looking for. I also would ask for prayer for my Dad,who is in Houston being treated for cancer. He’s doing well, but I pray for remission. I also ask for strength for myself,as I start physical therapy tomorrow for a right hip issue. I’m going to need strength and perseverance, as I know this won’t be easy. Thank you all who choose to pray for my Dad and I. May God bless everyone on this list and answer their prayers! Blessings to you all!

  29. Lord Bev’s son is in your hands and so are mine. Bring them back in their innermost hearts from the land of the enemy. Yank them spirit, soul and body from death and make them alive in you, in Jesus name I ask and thank you. Foretell. Amen.

  30. I take care of my niece and nephew. Elizabeth has ptsd, depression and has been abused by her father. Liz is just 18. William has depression and struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and suicidal. He is 16 . He is now in a residential treatment facility about 6 hours from me. There mom passed away when they were 2 and 3. I have had them for the last 4 1/2 years. Neither know the Lord. I pray for healing. And for wisdom in how to help them both.

    • Bless you Michelle for being there for the children. I pray they will find comfort and peace. I pray they will one day find the comfort of the Lord.


    • Thank you. Some days are really hard. No mom or dad to love them. All their hurt and abandoned feelings. Thank you for your prayers. Lord bless you.

  31. Lord, I pray for Michelle and her niece and nephew. Give her strength and wisdom as she face her problems. Straighten out her crooked path and light the way.

    I know too well the devastating effects of drugs and alcohol on a family as this is my request too. Please pray for me regarding my daughter. There is so much anger and resentment between us right now that I am at my wits end. I have prayed and prayed. Please pray that I may hear the voice of the Lord which is being drowned out by all the chaos going on. Each day is a struggle to not blow my temper. She uses my granddaughter as a pawn to get what she wants. I want to kick her out, the last time I told her to leave my granddaughter was devastated as she was crying and begging me to not call the police on her mom. I can’t put her thru that again.

    • Dear Kathy I will pray for you and your daughter. She has to want help and want to change. You are responsible for you. Hold onto your grand daughter and be her example of the lord’s love.

  32. Bev, I join you in prayer for our sons. May God bless them indeed, enlarge their territory, keep His Hand on them, keep them from evil, that they may not cause pain (the prayer of Jabez) I just came from church giving thanks to God that my son’s flight last night successfully landed despite engine failure. Like you this reading and prayer this morning gave me peace and comfort. We are in different parts of the world but I can relate and join Denise, Bev, Anna, Marianne, Cherrel in prayer for healing from the pain of loss in our lives, for God’s grace and peace for our families, in Jesus name. Thank you, have a blessed week, Paula

    • Paula,
      Praying with you for our sons…they can never out run His love for them…praying for softened hearts…and for you. xx

  33. my Sons, Joe is going through a divorce, Brian is in need of a job, after a layoff, Phillip needs strength for his schedule, Joshua also needs a job here in Illinois. For all my sons to know God and that He works in their lives. Me for my finances supporting 2 of my sons.
    THANK YOU everyone

  34. Please pray for me to forgive everyone in my past and to let go of the hurt and upset. Pray for God to heal my heart and emotions, etc.. Pray for God to heal my rests. Pray for release from the past and its hurts and for me to be free and whole.Thanks.

  35. HH

    I pray that the Lord will help you to let go of your past and find forgiveness in your heart so you can hopefully be at peace at last.

    All the very best to you,


  36. I have a prayer request for a friend on Facebook. She is pregnant (4 months to go) and was told by doctors that her little girl has “anomalies incompatible with life” (her organs grew outside the body but are strong and healthy otherwise). The doctors are urging her to end the pregnancy. She refuses as she believes in the power of prayer and miracles and she said “even if she only lives for a short while, it will be worth it.” Please pray for her and her family!

    • My prayers are with the family and this unborn child. I hope that all will be well. The Mother’s hope and faith will help her to overcome what she is faced with.

      Best wishes,


  37. Please pray for the healing and restoration of my marriage of 22 years. I pray that my family will be healed and once again find joy.

  38. My son has struggled with mental problems since he was young. He is now a young man who is trying to make it in the world. He is such a loving and caring person who has never smoked or done drugs and goes to church regularly. He struggles with every job he gets because people think he is a little odd. He just walked off of his last job because he couldn’t take the teasing and yelling any more. Even human resources didn’t help him. As a mother I don’t know where to turn. I ask for prayers for my son that he may find a job where he can be treated equally and be respected for the wonderful person that he is.

    • Mary,
      I feel your pain. I am praying for God to wrap his big arms of love and acceptance around your son so that your son will know that he is a uniquely made by God . And soon God will put the right person and job in your son’s path. Thank you God for hearing this prayer.

  39. please pray for me that my mustard seed will grow and increase to faith that knows no bounds, pray for me that I will not be shaky when satan comes to tell me that my Saviour will not answer my prayers, and Denise seems to me we were both awake at 2am, thinking about and praying for our unsaved loved ones, I have a son too who have turned away from his faith, and other loved ones too who are not walking with God anymore, they know the truth but just turned away, as we both pray for each other’s loved ones let us remember all the lost ones who does not have anyone to pray for them, let us lay them at our Saviuor’s feet, He is always interceding for His lost ones, it is not our Father’s will that any should perish but all should come to repentance, and the God of peace will constantly reign in your home and in your family’s lives, God is about family, He will Bless us with the happiness of spending eternity with our loved ones, and your healing is secured because we have the Great Physician in our lives, He is still the same yesterday, today and forever will be, He is still on the throne, claim your healing as you read this, Blessings always

  40. I wish to make a comment, but cannot because the name showing up for me to comment is not me. Somehow, when I click to comment the name FormerLibertnowConservative is showing up and that is NOT my name. Would appreciate any help. Thank you, Gail

    • Gail,
      i’m sorry I don’t know how to help you but I hope that it all works out for you.


      • I am actually her son so the system was not working. Now it is posting using my Disgues name. The name I use on the CNS website and Washington Times.

    • At the top when you go to comment, on the right where the wrong name is listed, click on it and a drop-down menu should pop up. There you can choose to “Log-out” and then log-in w/your actual name. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you as I am the Former Liberal now Conservative and Gail Noe is the one who wanted to comment and got my name instead. She is also my mother so I will try and teach this to her.

      • Thank you.. Discovered this is my son who uses our computer. Will try your remedy.

  41. Ruth, I pray that all your loved ones come or come back to Christ Jesus. I have just stood on Psalm 102:28 for your loved ones and share it now with you for you to also stand on as God’s promise to you: “The children of Your servants will live in Your Presence; their descendants will be established before you.” (NIV). And Mary, I have prayed for your son and also claimed the above scripture for you as well. Take comfort in this Ruth & Mary and may the Peace of Jesus, Prince of Peace, flood your hearts & souls! I request prayer that I know God’s purpose for me in this very deep & long valley that I am going through, that I pursue Him with all of my heart, that this long season of my life will produce much fruit for His glory; that I be delivered & healed from depression. Thank you and bless you for your prayers!

  42. I have prayed for the small unborn child, the young man seeking earnestly to find a respectful job, for one woman’s depression,& those praying for family members who do not trust in our Lord. So much pain, but we serve a very big, capable,& & compassionate God, whose ways are far beyond ours,& his wisdom as well.
    I ask that the torment of an over 32 yr marriage end. That I will be wise in my actions,& not let my depression,& feelings of being a ghost not really present here overwhelm me. I am so very tired in all areas of my life, except for my church. I give thanks for that family,& to those of you standing in prayer for each other.

  43. Please pray for comfort for my 18 year old daughter and myself. We lost our dad/husband to neuroendocrine cancer, on August 17, 2015. Although we get to rejoice that his pain and suffering (physically) are over, our hearts grieve the loss of his presence. ….But.. God has a purpose, plan, and process for this journey– We continue to walk the path set before us. Thank you

    • Praying dear Julia for you and your Precious Daughter. God loves you both dearly, He is with you as you go through this “Journey”, May you be filled with Our Fathers Peace Comfort and Joy. May Father God meet all your needs Body Soul & Spirit ,May there be no lack financially. with my Love and continued prayers Susan


  45. Denise,
    I have a 19 years old daughter who is trying to find out why her hormones are showing premature menopause.
    We have been through all kinds of tests. More than 5 doctors in the past 4 years. We have cried together…she wants to know what is left to do to have a clear diagnosis and after a 6 months break, we are back consulting a new specialist.
    Our prayer request is to have a clear diagnosis and a posibility to assure a family for my daughter who longs to have this possibility in the future.
    May Jesus allow this to happen.

    • Prayers for doctors’ wisdom in seeking a clear diagnosis, that your daughter will be able to have a family in the future, and that you will all know God’s peace and love in this difficult circumstance in your life. May you forever trust in Him and His will for your lives.

  46. I am a middle school teacher. I have a student who has a very troubled home life, and many of his behaviors at school are a result. He has a behavior plan that has been modified multiple times to try to help him with appropriate behaviors in class and assignment completion. Each time the plan has been modified, he will be successful for a very short time, then go back to old behaviors. His other teachers and I are at a loss for what to do to help him, but we want to help him. Please pray that his circumstances outside of school improve, pray that his behaviors in school will improve. Most importantly, please pray that we, his teachers, can help him see that he is cared for and loved, that we can find a way to help him with his behaviors, and that we respond to him in patience, understanding, and God’s love.

    • Kelly,

      I’m sorry that this response is late,Bless you for your kindness. I pray that this boy does not give up hope and that there is peace and comfort coming his way.

      Take care,


    • Kelly May God put his arms around this child and pour
      HIS love and healing power so he feels love and finds peace.
      I also pray for his sorroundings, so they will improve.
      And I also pray for the teachers who work with him, so he feels your love and dedication. May God grant you the right words to show the Lord’s light to this youngster.

  47. Please pray for my niece and her two sons. She recently went with her sons to a safe house. She was seeking shelter from an abusive marriage. She just found out that she has to return her sons to their father who has a court order against her. She needs prayers of strength and wisdom, and her sons need prayers of protection from mental emotional abuse from their dad. Thanks so much..all prayers are helpful!

    • Lord, please guide Beverly’s neice as she going through this trial. Please help her and her sons on this trying situation. I pray that you may protect from anymore abuse and wrap with Your love and provision. Help her to be brave and giving all glory to you God. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

  48. I am praying for directions how to help my daughter, her husband has cancer and he is doing chemo the last 6 months, They are both young and been married only 2 years. I want to help her and I don’t know how, I seem always saying or doing the wrong thing. She is depressed but she just does not communicate her feelings, I don’t know what to do? I pray alot and hope God will guide me to help my daughter. Please pray for my daughter and son-in-law so they can find peace of mind and let people help them by letting them know what they need. jackie

    • Jackie,

      I pray that the Lord will guide you and that your daughter & son in law find comfort and strength.

      Blessings to you all,

      • Thank you Penny, Bless you for caring , I hope you have God by you side always so you may depend on him, he will never fail us, we just need to listen. I still have not heard him after all my prayers for directions, but I will wait forever because I know he has plans for all of us. Patience is something I need to work on.

  49. My husband recently was offered and accepted a new job as a youth pastor. We need to sell our current home and are looking to relocate. While we have someone interested in our home, our home has some plumbing issues and water in the basement and I am really not sure how and where to begin with fixing it. In addition…looking for a good home at a good price in a good area for a family of 5 is a decision that I am trying not to take too lightly….please pray for our future…the decisions on the present and the decisions of the future. I trust that God is calling us, so we feel sure that He will work things out…we know He has already gone before us….but just praying I can see glimpses of how He is working out things day by day. Pray for our children, pray for my husband, and pray for me as we say goodbye to friends and a wonderful church community and embark on a new phase of the journey. Thanks for praying. I prayed for you knee Bev-I am an OT…so I prayed for healing…and I am praying God continues to send people to really love on your son, so that he sees Christ in them and truly believes. Thanks for the prayers-I could use some prayer warriors and know that where even just 2 or 3 come together—there is God….with them. Amen.

  50. I need prayers for my 12 year old son. He is a bright and wonderful child, yet we have had a rough two years of consistently inconsistent behavior and performance at school. Over the past two years he has been tested for gifted, ADD/ADHD, Aspbergers (sp?), social anxiety,…..all to no avail. We don’t know what to do nor how to help him perform up to his potential. It is hard to see him struggle with friendships as a result. He is trying so hard to find his place. Even his teachers are having a hard time “figuring him out”. Please pray that he knows who he is in Christ. I ask for prayers as his parent-that I parent him to build him up, not tear him down nor try to make him into someone I think he should be.

    • Christi,

      My prayers are with you and your son. I pray that those in charge find the wisdom and proper guidance in order to help your son..

      all the best,


      • Thank you, Penny. There is power in prayer and I am certain He answers them. That a total stranger would pray for my son is a blessing in itself.


  51. Please pray that I may grow in faith and improve in my prayer life. I having great difficulty concentrating and feel like I’m under constant attack due to spiritual warfare. I ask for discernment and wisdom. Please also pray for my children’s and husband’s salvation. Thank you in advance.

  52. Hi Christi,
    May God our Father strengthen your resolve as you face the trials of your son’s struggles. Don’t give up for the Lord has seen your hurt and all your tears and He is praying and fighting for you and your son. God word says, “be still and know that I am God”. He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we ask think or imagine.
    Lord Jesus I ask You to release your healing power over Christi’s son so he can walk in full restoration. In Your name, Amen.

    Please pray for my friend Gladys. She is under heavy spiritual attack in the areas of self doubt and destruction.

    Please pray for my friend Mark and also that Jesus would touch us and our friendship will be healed and restored.

    Blessings and thank you!


    • Joanna, I prayed for your friends Gladys and Mark. (I will continue to pray for your requests.) *You* are a blessing as a friend to them. I know because you asked for the most important thing for them: prayer.

  53. A best friend recently cut off their friendship from me. He is not a Christian. Could you pray that God would make David his? That he would be completely changed and have a testimony that would change others now, and for generations? On my end, I am in a place of deep confusion. I don’t know what to ask for personally. All that seems to come from my heart is: restored friendship. Could you pray for a restored friendship?

  54. Please pray for my health, Spring is messing with my CRPS. I also need prayers for:
    Helen: dear friend has a lump on her colon and surgery coming up to find out what it is, please pray it is benign
    Sarah: daughter of a friend is undergoing brain cancer treatment, we will know the success of the treatment next week, please pray it is positive
    Carl: has been given 18 months to live, brain cancer, please pray for healing

    Praying for you Bev!

    • Kelly,

      My prayers are with you all for comfort, hope and strength dealing with what you are all faced with.

      All the best ,


    • Helen had the op and no tumor!!! Wooohooo and Hallelujah! Praying for her biopsy results now and she had an accident so needs prayers of healing for bruises, grazes and aches!

  55. Kelly, I am praying for your health to significantly improve with the help of the Lord. Lord I also lift Helen’s friends – Helen, Sarah and Carl. Lord, you can see they are all in desperate places. Lord show them your glory through this and bring them successfully through the other side through his healing

  56. I am low. I just don’t feel like I know what life is about. I feel like its just groundhog day. I would love to be married. To love and be loved. To share life. But I feel God has passed me by. Children are becoming out of the question because of my age. I feel like I’m deskilled in my job and can’t get another where I could work for an organisation that is doing good in society. I just feel incredibly alone even though I have friends around me and I’m questioning what am I supposed to be doing with my life that God has given me. I go to church every week and mid week groups but it’s the time and home and work and the in between moments and pretending that I’m really fine when I’m fearful of doing life alone.

    • Louise,

      I pray that you find peace and comfort during this time of lonliness.

      All the best to you,


      • Louise, I am praying for you, for eyes to see how high and long and wide and deep is the love of the Lord for you. I pray for open doors to a job that brings great satisfaction. I pray the Lord fulfills the desire of your heart for love and companionship and that in the meantime, you would be filled with great joy in the presence of One who delights in you and rejoices over you with singing.

    • Praying for you Louise. I have been there. Life has a way of turning around when you least expect it. Just get through every day, just one at a time. Try to branch out and try something new, at least once a month.You never know what new perspective it could bring to your life! I’m rooting for you!!! xo

  57. Please pray for peace within my family, that the shaking that we are experiencing right now will lead to closer relationships, not the destruction of a family, thank you..

  58. Please pray for my family. The past 3 years have been extremely difficult for us from a health standpoint as well as financially. My husband was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive bone cancer almost 3 years ago. He has undergone two major surgeries, suffered a pulmonary embolism, infection and now the cancer has metastisized to his hip and possibly to his sacrum. Medically speaking, the prognosis is grim–especially if the spot on his sacrum turns out to be a tumor. He has a bone biopsy scheduled on Oct. 12 to determine if the spot is just reactive tissue or a tumor. We are faced with big decisions about treatment and need the Lord’s wisdom and strength for the path ahead. We also hope and pray for healing.

    Also, my daughter has had chronic, severe pain from childhood for a myriad of issues for which she has not been able to receive treatment. Her stress level is over the moon as she is in an extremely emotionally abusive marriage and tied to a business (her husband’s auto mechanic shop) that is sucking the life out of her. Please pray for healing of her body and relief from the constant pain, but also that God will deliver her from this abusive marriage (preferably, that her husband will repent and receive soul-healing himself).

    • My prayers are with you and your family Denise,
      May you all find peace, comfort , strength and hope.

    • Hi Lee,
      I saw your prayers request when I logged on before so I have been praying for u. May the lord be with you and your family. May he give you peace as he heals your husband. By his stripes we are healed.

  59. Denise, I just recently went through knee surgery too, and i can understand the pain you are dealing with and wanting to walk unhindered. I pray for God’s healing touch on your body, And for your son, I pray for him, I pray that God will draw Him as only He can, that he will change him , shape him, convict him of his sins and bring him back into the faith. I am asking for prayer for my husband, son and 3 daughters. None of them are walking with Christ. None are saved.


  60. Please pray that my current employer would keep the promise they made to make me a permanent employee. I desperately need benefits and job security.

    • God I ask that you give peace to Victoria at this time as she waits to hear the next move at her job. God you know what is best for us so I ask that you open this door for Victoria to become permanent if it be in your will. Bc when u open a door no man can shut it. Amen

  61. Please pray for my marriage. We have been in this storm for 2 years now and it has been a learning experience, up and down but I am standing in the gap waiting on the Lord to move . I feel Gods hand all over it but my husband doesn’t know God the way I do so he struggles with staying or leaving. Please pray for God to save my husband and to begin to restore us.

    • Precious Lord Jesus, your word and your will is clear on the sanctity of marriage. Therefore, on the basis of what you say concerning marriage I ask you to restore Gladys’ marriage. Please soften her husband’s heart and give him the willingness to be the head of his home in the manner you ordained. Please give him a renewed love for Gladys and a willingness to restore their marriage. Please pray for me sisters in Christ. I am a widow and feel ready now to meet a Godly man of respect. I pray for God’s sovereign hand in this matter.

      • Thank You Maryann,

        Lord please guide Maryann at this time and show her the way in which you want her to go. If it be in your will send her someone meant for her, may all others that are not of you become recognizable to her so that she can easily see exactly who YOU placed in her path. We leave it at your feet, in Jesus name Amen

  62. I need prayer for complete healing. I’m 62 and I just had surgery 6 weeks ago. We adopted our special needs granddaughter. She is 5 1/2 and we have had her essentially all of her life. We are homeschooling and I need to be healthy. I am having horrific pain and nausea and vomiting today. I see the surgeon tomorrow. My husband is at work and I don’t drive or I would be on may way to the dr. office or ER right now. So PLEASE pray for me!

    • Kathy,
      Prayers that God can alleviate your pain!! I pray for you your husband and granddaughter! May God bring about a peace and calm to the family’s mind, body and soul!
      Father God,
      Please heal Kathy from her pain, nausea & vomiting. Help her to find a way to the ER or her doctor’s office. Help the surgeon diagnose the problem and ease her pain and suffering! Help her and hubby to care and educate their granddaughter. Bring the family a sense of peace & contentment to their mind, body and soul!

  63. Please pray for me to find a new job soon and for my financial issues to be resolved as soon as possible.

  64. Father,
    Thank you for allowing us the privilege of praying for one another! Prayer is the one spiritual weapon that can defeat the evil one and send him fleeing!!
    I ask for prayers for ALL the women here!! Please provide jobs and financial blessings to all who need them! Shower these women with Godly wisdom to know your will and what the next move is in their lives! Help restore marriages, families and broken relationships! If it is your will bring Godly men into the lives of these women! Bless these women with your love, grace and mercy! Help them to have peace about their situations in mind, body and soul!!

  65. Beth Williams,
    Amen. Thank you for your prayer. God’s gracious care over you.

    Thank you Ana Brooks for your prayers. God please release your healing power over Ana’s friendship and restore her relationship in Jesus Name. Amen.

  66. I have two prayer requests…one is for my daughter who is a senior in high school and has been actively trying to find a scholarship to play volleyball in college and tore her ACL in a high school game and is now having surgery on Thursday and I pray everything goes well and she has a speedy recovery. I also ask for your prayers to help me find my way back to church and being more prayerful. I am not sure how to say this but I have let someone take from me something that was very important in my life with his now ever present views of what God is and how we should all view church, Jesus Christ etc. the way he does or we are all in the wrong though he refused to go to church for years and now everything is about church and God to the point I don’t want or like to go. And his new found attitudes not only affect me but my teen and adult children because of him and my reactions to this…not sure this makes any sense to anyone but me but please pray for me to find my way to a new beginning. Thanks!

    • Dear Father God,
      I lift Dawn and her daughter up to you in prayer. Please be with her daughter on Thursday as she goes into surgery. May everything go well and may she have a very quick recovery. Also, It sounds like you are speaking to Dawn’s heart. Draw her close to you. Lead and guide her to where you want her to be in her spiritual life. I pray she would find intimacy with you. Give her the strength to stand up for her beliefs and not allow this other person to push his beliefs on her. Direct her to a good church of your believers where she can start over and continue to learn and grow in your love. I pray your blessings over Dawn and her family. In Jesus name I pray, amen!

  67. thank you all my brothers and sisters out there who are pray with and for me, I declare in the name of Jesus Christ healing, restoration, peace in every family, Spiritual and physical healing for all our families and satan in Jesus mighty name I rebuke you, take your hands off of God’s children and his property in Jesus name Amen, the peace of God rest on you and your loved ones and fill your lives and homes as you read this, Peace that only He can give in Jesus name Amen

  68. I am a widow. I live by myself. I live in a neighborhood where there are gangs. For the last 5 months I have been harassed by these guys. Two of them live right behind me and one lives right in front of me. It has been a very frightening experience for me. I am trying to sell my house. I am hoping escrow will close in a couple of weeks. I would like prayer for my protection, for an end to this harassment, for the escrow to go through, and that I could find another safer place to live and never have to deal with this nightmare ever again. Also, that the move would go smooth and that I would have the help I need. Also, for friends. I get lonely. Thank you.

  69. I have had horrible neck pain that is also affecting my back, hip and jaw. I am currently off work It has been unrelenting for 10 months now and I have tried so many specialists and therapies, but no one seems to be able to help. Please pray for complete healing as I don’t know how I can continue and I feel very hopeless about the future.

    Praying for you Jeannie.


    • Hilary, My husband and I both had neck pain which caused headaches, arms, and etc. have you had a MrI on your neck, we had surgeries and are doing better, can’t say all the pain is gone, but its bearable especially with the help of God. We have been closer to God, reading the Bible and going to church and it really helps in our lifes by praying. We have a better attitude in life and and peace of mind. We will pray for you to have courage, strength, hope, faith, trust and peace of mind in God and may you heal through Christ our Lord Amen

      • Hi Jackie, thanks for your response. I have had CT scans and MRIS on my neck and shoulder, but nothing significant showed up. I’ve seen physios, chiros, massage people, neurologists, rhematologists, acupuncturists, just about everybody! I’m only 32 and barring a miracle, I will be in pain for the next 50 years.

        • Hilary, Don’t give up and keep positive, I will pray for you for courage, strength hope faith through Jesus Christ our Lord

  70. Please lift up my granddaughter Mila who is 3 yrs old. She is the love of my life. Mila was born with unique 21 chromosome deletion. Very rare so no medical knowledge available to help. A week ago Saturday she suffered a severe seizure caused by high fever which caused her to stop breathing. By the grace of God she was visiting my house and we were on our way to urgent care. She was transferred to Children’s Hospital Milwaukee where they performed great measures to save her. We are not sure what was wrong as just two days earlier a little girl in her 3k class died from unknown causes. Please keep that family in your prayers. So much hurt. So they did spinal tap and other test to rule out cause. An MRI showed swollen red blood vessels on her brain. Drs. Not sure if these have been there since birth. My daughter and son-in- law love her so much and feel so blessed to have this little girl. Their anxiety and fear are beyond comprehension. We are praying for peace, protection, and Drs. That can help. God will direct their every move. They also have a 2 month old son. I also ask that God give me the strength and energy to be able to help. It is hard having a special needs child. Thank you prayer warriors.

    • Hi Lynn, I am only 24 years old and have no children, but I am a nurse and I get to be involved in the lives of those who do! I will be praying for Mila and your family. I know the hurt is hard, but the joy we get from God can overcome it!

      • Kelly, Mila is seeing two different nuerologist this week Wednesday and Thursday. Praying for answers.

  71. Right now me and my husband are going through a really tough time. We just moved from North Carolina to North Dakota back in may. It has been a hard few months. My family is no longer speaking to me because of the move and it has been so hard moving to a new place and having no one there to support us. We are in a place that we feel God is calling us to be and a place that we feel needed. We both work at a small hospital that had needs for us. Me as a nurse and my husband as a Radiology Technologist. We feel the enemy is stepping in the way of everything we feel we should be doing…Please Pray that God will continue to lift us up and light our path!

  72. God knows the details. My stress level needs to be reduced. Asking God to give my husband and coworkers a much needed raise. Much needed prayer for Kendra’s family . My friend Sylvia in her 70s has found Out she still has cancer(4th or 5th battle with cancer returning) and she isn’t allowed anymore more radiation . To be honest I am very weary and can hardly pray anymore. I read scripture often but having a hard time praying. My husband is very stressed from our financial needs that is memory is being affected.

    Jessie, Praying God will lead you daily in your new place of work and home. That others will see Christ through you and be drawn closer to him. Asking that God mends your family’s broken heart of your moving.