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Denise is a lover of words and the Word. She's the author of #DeeperWaters and the Bible study series #WordWriters.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Amen. Love: “Compassion doesn’t just say, “I see you and I care.” Compassion is always followed by action.” Indeed, and sometimes that can be praying, though our hearts are crying to “do” more. But sometimes God doesn’t allow that–sometimes, as mamma with 4 littles in my cargo bike, I need to keep moving. But my heart is still with the other person/creature/etc. And then He is there too.
    Sometimes when God ties my hands so I can’t do anything but pray/talk to God about it, I remember: I am not needed in this world (which is good, keeps us humble and being humble keeps us kind to one another). But then I remember, if God can use a worm, as He did with Jona, He can use a Daughter too.
    No matter what, Keep your hearts warm–He will move mightily through them!

    Thanks again, Love from Holland

  2. Denise,
    I am so in awe of all the times in scripture that Jesus did two things…He stopped…and He reached out His hand and touched. When I see devastation and hurting all around me, may I be convicted to be like Jesus and not keep on moving while I say a prayer. Let me stop. Let me reach out and touch another wounded life. That is my prayer this day. Beautiful Denise…

  3. Denise,
    Thank you for the reminder to show compassion towards others. I’m so thankful the Lord shows compassion on ALL his creation, and not only on those he feels are worthy. It’s much easier for me to judge a situation rather than seek the Father for ways I could be useful. I forget I need Him so much, too.

  4. Denise,
    Compassion is so desperately needed in this rush rush world of ours. It seems the next generation is all about me me me and quickly! Reminds me of the Matthew West song “Do Something”. We need open eyes and hearts to feel and hands and feet to move into action!!! When I hear of people with family ills or people in hospital I usually want to fix a meal or send a card to say I care about you and notice you!
    Blessings 🙂