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  1. Good morning!
    Thank you for reminding us of the importance of our words both “in person” and “online.” Yes, how often we get too busy to reach out and encourage others God has placed in our lives.
    I would like to ask for prayer for my Dad. He is in a very depressed state. He continues to go to work and I think it is becoming dangerous for him to do so. Please pray that he would make wise decisions and seek counselling.
    ~Thank you ~

    • Rebecca,
      I am lifting your dad up right now. Lord, please be with Rebecca’s dad. You know better than anyone what he is dealing with. Let his ears be open to the wisdom of seeking counseling for how he is feeling. Surround him with your love, Lord, and draw near to comfort him. Help him to know he is not weak if he needs to seek help…that there are professional people put here by God and that there is, indeed, hope. Be with Rebecca…give her the right words as she approaches her dad and bless and calm her worried heart. Give them both hope. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
      Blessings and ((hugs)),

    • Rebecca,
      Lifting up your dad!! May God bring healing to him in mind, body, and soul! I pray God helps him make wise decisions about work and counseling. May he draw near to God. The more we pray the more God hears and will answer our prayers!
      Please help Rebecca’s Father. Relieve him of his depression! Help him to make wise decisions about counseling. Mostly shower him with your love, grace and mercy!! Let him see you in Rebecca! Help him to see there is hope in this world and it is through you!
      AMEN (((((Hugs)))))

    • I’ve added your father to my prayer list. To you and your father:

      Numbers 6:24-26New King James Version (NKJV)

      24 “The Lord bless you and keep you;
      25 The Lord make His face shine upon you,
      And be gracious to you;
      26 The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
      And give you peace.”’

    • Rebecca, I pray for your dad, that he will not be too proud or think of himself as weak for seeking help, but that he would come to realize that it would bless his family to see him well and functioning in the Lord’s peace. I pray for God to place people in his life to encourage him and help him to move forward toward getting the help that would so bless him and those he loves. Rebecca, I pray for you to find peace in all of this, and to lean on God, to find a place of peace and boldness as you encourage your dad and engage him in conversation about getting the help he needs. God bless you.

  2. Thank you for your time ..iam struggling with making the right business decisions.. I’ve known some of my employees for years and I’ve had to bring in change to better the business growth and it’s caused a lot of grief for some of them.. I find that I really struggle with being a people pleaser.. And tend to let my employees manipulate me…I struggle with fear of losing them and not finding a right fit to replace them … I’ve interviewed a lot of people in the last 3 month and really struggle with finding someone that has the skills to do the work that’s needed I’ve cried out to god and seem to always end up in the same place with them..your prayers are appreciated blessings Rita…

  3. my daughter’s abandonment of me is nearly two yrs now. she is my firstborn
    she went to a marriage counselor and was told to walk away from me and
    never look back. we were a battered family by a former husband so. a lot has to do with that.
    I pray everyday for my gorgeous daughter and that agood will put divine appointments
    in front of her over and over. I never thot at age 64, that my daughter would do this.
    I have learned since this, there are many families this is happening to its like unreal, like
    what is happening to our society? I keep praying God will heal my broken heart. I think
    the worst part is that I was in navy when daughter was conceived 43 yrs ago, my boyfriend
    bowed out, I didn’t know what to do, the navy asked if I wanted to abort as I was 24/7
    sick, so I said,”I guess” but I had always been raised in church. God had someone waiting
    for me when we got to Bethesda naval hospital. they asked me if I was there to abort
    and sensed a hesitancy in my voice, walked me past the rooms of vacumn machines
    to a counselor, and they asked if I wanted my baby. God gave me the strength to say
    “YES” they sent me back to Wash. D.C. with meds I should have received there, and
    my daughter is nearly 43 now and I have 4 grandsons and several great-grands, thank you
    Lord. I truly believe Christian families are on the attack to remain intact!

    • Annie, I am praying for your reconciliation with your daughter. You were so brave 43 years ago to give birth to her! I am also praying for you to have peace in this waiting period.

      • Carol, I will also lift you and your daughter up to the Lord. I had a dispute with my daughter who was 17 years old at the time (I was going through a separation/divorce) and we didn’t speak for quite sometime. God healed that relationship like no one else could have done. Just continue to live for the Lord and just watch Him heal and restore.

    • Annie,
      Praying for you now! May God open the eyes of your daughter and give her a heart change. May you sense God around you, daughter and grandchildren. I pray for God’s peace and hope to rein in you!
      Please help Annie’s daughter to come back to her! Open her eyes to see what she has done to her mother! Help her to see Jesus and want a good relationship with her mother. Bring forgiveness to the family!
      AMEN! (((Hugs)))

      • thank you and the other lady for the wonderful prayers. I know God does everything in His time
        I just want Gods will for this situation. I try not to think about the situation and go on
        with my life and the three other kids, her half-siblings, who still love me and care about
        me. that song, “God will make a way where there seems to be no way, He works in
        ways we cannot see, God will make a way for me, He willbe my guide, hold me gently to his side,
        with love and strength for each new day, He will make a way, He will make a way!!!”

        toall battered wives etcout there,I surely can relate.Been there,done that!!! divorce was my
        avenue and if I hadn’t ” let go”, I would never be celebrating a 25 yr wedding anniversary on valentines Day this coming year”!!!! God is sooo good…

  4. Praise, first, that I am recuperating well from knee surgery. I could use prayer for my son…that Jesus would reach his heart with His love. That he would fall in love with his Savior and have some direction in his life that is severely lacking. I so desperately want him to have a life filled with hope because it is centered on God. Prayers for me as I let go, watch, and wait. Thanks…

    • Oh Bev, as I was reading your post I thought that I could have written it about myself. Bev, I’ll be praying for your continued healing as I continue to heal from wrist surgery. And I will pray for your son and my sons Matthew and Michael that they all fall in love with our Savior and find direction for a hope and a future!

      • Carol,
        Praying for your recovery! May God bring about speedy healing to your wrist! Prayers for your sons to have a heart change and come back to Jesus! May they become like the prodigal son and realize what they are giving up!! May God instill a hope in them!

      • Carol,
        Know you don’t walk alone…praying for you and your boys as well!!

    • Bev,
      Prayers for healing from knee surgery! May God bring a quick healing and complete restoration! Prayers for your son as well! May God bring about a heart change in him and help him to see what he’s giving up! May his eyes be opened to all that Jesus has to offer–hope, joy, love!

      AMEN! (((hugs)))

      • Thank you, Beth, for your continual love, encouragement, and support!

    • Bev,

      That’s good news about your knee.

      My prayer is simply this,

      I pray that your son’s heart is restored for the Lord and that you will have the strength to leave it in his hands.

      take Care & have a blessed day,


      • The strength to leave it in His hands…Amen! Thanks Penny!
        Blessings to you,

  5. I have a abusive and husband who does not know how to love me. I feel that he always put his parents before me in our relationship and this makes our marriage worsen over the past 10years. He often lied to me to go and see his parents because he did not want me to know.I have been living in pain, sufferings.My in-laws are not supportive of me and treated me bad.They are always on my husband sides matter what happens to me is bad and unfair.Many times, we wanted to divorce.He often provokes and presses my button.Please pray for him to have a loving and gentle heart to love me well.Ask God to give him Wisdom to be able to let go of his old parents who cannot let go of my husband.They constantly want to rely on my husband and interfere between my relationship with my husband.My husband has been neglecting me.I have told him and he still does not think he is. I need lots of prayers to restore my rocky marriage and bring us together as a normal loving couple as God intended.Thank you.

    • Evelyn,
      Prayers for you and your marriage! May God give you and hubby the wisdom to work out the problems! I pray your in-laws have their eyes opened to see what they are doing to you! May God bring peace and healing to this situation! I pray for healing of everyone in mind, body and soul!

    • Dear Evelyn,
      Praying God will comfort you and lavishly show you how loved you are by Him. God see’s your pain, just like He did Hannah’s and Hagar. He is the God who see’s. Abuse is not ok in His eyes, Praying for a supernatural outpouring of His Grace and Truth – the equal portion of both on your entire family. That He would soften all the hearts involved and convict of the sin that is there and bring all to repentance and restoration. I pray for healing on your wounded heart and soul. He is the great mender of souls and He promises, promises to be close to the broken hearted. Interceding for you, that you feel His Presence and comfort right now. Praying you will have a support system to help you get healing and strength and built back up in love and not torn down. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  6. I’m working with my church to set up a couple different ways to be able to help the Syrian refugees. I have always struggled with pride and I want to make sure that my heart remains the right place with this — rooted in God, not full of pride of my ideas or works.

    Dear Father,
    please be with these women bellow. All are hurting and needing you in their own way. Please meet them in their pain and show them the goodness of your love.

  7. Lord, let YOUR heart pour thru Brianna’s as she prepares ways for the church to serve this people group. Remove any pride or anything that may get in the way of her desire to serve you! Speak to her thru this each step of this process so she can see how YOU lead and not ourselves. Bless her endeavors! In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

    I need strength to be a better wife. I’ve read, prayed, asked, etc but have a hard time following thru on how to respond to my husband. I’m light years ahead of where I was but still not where I need to be. Regardless of how he is or responds, I still need to be me with Christ! Hard…

    • Almighty Father, I lift Amy up to be placed in ur arms. Grant her healing, not a topical ointment healing, but a deep rooted salve sort of healing. But others directly in front of her whim have experienced and have healed from this kind of pain. Someone, people, a group to walk along beside her as she heals from this. People who understand, will pray for and care for her. Release the enemy’s grip in Amy’s thoughts or feelings. I ask for a hedge if protection around her emotionally. Let her know she is loved, beautiful and forgiven in God’s kingdom. And let her cling to that. In Jesus healing name we pray. Amen.

    • Tami,
      Lifting your daughter Amy up right now before the Lord. May He bring beauty from the ashes as only He can do. May He draw Amy to Himself…

    • Tami,
      Praying for your daughter! May God help her heal her and give her peace and contentment!

  8. I would like you to pray for my two daughters aged 27 and 30. Though they haven’t turned away from God, I’m afraid to say they are lukewarm. Please pray that they return to their first love of God. Thank you so much.

    • Isabel, I am praying for your daughters & for you. My adult daughter has walked away from her faith & I know first hand the heartache you have as a Mom. Keep praying & encouraging them. And hold on to His promises. God bless.

    • Isabel,
      Prayers for your two daughters. May God give them a heart change
      and put a fire back in their hearts. I pray for eyes to be opened to what He has to offer them!

  9. Please pray for me as I am on the emotional roller coaster of secondary infertility. We have been trying to have a second child for more than two years and am feeling very discouraged. I pray and release it to God just to pick it back up the following day. I need a sense of peace over the situation. I know God is in control and has my best interests at heart. Pray I can see things from His perspective and for patience in the waiting. Thanks!

    • I lift you up into His arms and pray that He will see you through. Heavenly Father give her peace and to know that GOD has got this…

    • Lord, you hear Alysia’s heart’s cry! I ask that you give her peace that only you can give her. I ask that you take away any stress or anxieties that she may have, and that she feels your loving arms wrapped around her. Help her to keep her trust in you and her eyes on you and not her situation. That she would continue to praise you and seek you daily. I know how hard it is to wait on the Lord for something that you want so bad for yourself. But his timing is perfect and you want his will for your life. Rest in knowing that He is God and he is faithful… Just be still.

    • Alysia,
      You are not alone…I had this and it took me a long time to finally lay it all down and accept if it was God’s will that we have one child, then I would be blessed by that gift. About the time I came to acceptance and letting go trying, I found out I was pregnant. Later on I would find out why God had a reason for my two children to be spread farther apart. He knows what He is doing…trust Love’s heart. Praying for you…

    • Alysia,
      Lifting you up in prayers. May God reveal His plans for your lives. I pray for a sense of peace and contentment knowing that God is in control!!

  10. I ask for prayer in the purchase of a home that is near and dear to me. I pray for God to answer and that I hear Him.

    • Marianne, I pray that God in His wisdom will speak in a way that you can hear Him and will only be able to identify the voice as His.

    • Marianne,
      Prayers that God will instill His wisdom to you! May you know clearly if He wants you to buy the house! I pray you can hear His voice and have discernment!

      • Thanks Beth. It was sold to someone else. I panicked in buying it and let it go . I made a big mistake

  11. I am still having some struggles with bitterness, jealousy, and comparing myself to others. I had a friendship break up badly and, while I am doing better, there are still some moments of unkind, bitter thoughts and assumptions that I do not want to be part of my thought or heart life. Please, pray for me that I will turn my eyes only to God and see the beauty in the life that He has given me, even with the changes that happen in life. Also that I will see the good and lovely in others and express it to them heartily and truthfully, because, above all things, I want to be a blessing.

    Also, please pray for my husband. I won’t post his name here as it makes him uncomfortable for me to do so but last night he was feeling a deep sadness. He feel disconnected, disjointed from others, like no one really wants to take the time to get to know him or that after a long week of teaching and preaching, that he really has the energy to expend to help people get to know him. He said that what he doesn’t want to happen is that he and I each end up having our own worlds and that his world is nothing. It’s how he feels sometimes, that his world is nothing, nothing meaningful, nothing life-filled. Please, pray that God will speak life and comfort and direction and deep-seated love into my husband’s life, beyond my voice. He was rejected once before and I know that he fears that I will also eventually do so, despite my constant assertions that I am not going anywhere. Please, pray that, if he cannot trust himself and in his own worthiness to be loved, that He will trust God’s and my hearts for him. It hurts my soul to see the man I love so sad and me unable to do anything to assuage it. I know God can and that is my prayer for my helpmeet.

    I know this was long but…there aren’t many people that I can pour out to like this. I appreciate your prayers. Always.

    • Hello Melissa, In many ways I can relate to both you and your husband. I understand and you are both in my prayers. A blessed Sunday to both of you!

    • Melissa,
      Prayers for you to turn your eyes to God! May He help you to not compare yourself to others but know that you are made in His image! You are beautifully and wonderfully made!
      Prayers for your husband! I pray that He finds a way to get soul rest! I pray God will restore his energy and help him to make friends! May God help him to see that you truly love him with all your heart and will never leave him!! I pray for peace in his mind, body and soul to put that past rejection behind him and move forward! God Shower him with your love, grace and mercy! Make yourself known to him and help him to hear your voice!

  12. Hello and good morning! I am new to your sight and I am enjoying reading my daily emails! I would like to request prayer for my health. I have begun tests for possible uterine cancer. Thank you!

    • I am in prayer for you, Carla. My family has faced this season of waiting and worry many times and I pray God’s peace, support, and comfort over you right now. The waiting can sometimes be worse than the answer but I pray that you feel his presence in a newly deep and abiding way.

      In Him,

      • Hi Carla,
        Praying for you as you undergo these tests and that God’s healing touch will be yours. I know what your anxieties aare as I too experienced tese fearswhile testing and doing biopsies for lumps found in my breasts.
        Through prayer God has healed me and I pray that you too will receive you healing in Jesus’ name.

        • Carla,
          I’m praying for your husband that he will learn to leave this fear, problem at the feet of Jesus. He alone can turn our worthlessness into meaningfulness.
          God has given us a spirit of love, of power and of a sound mind.Please continue to do what you’ve started and keep praying for him. the devil is a liar and he’s trying to steal teh joy and love Your heavenly father has given you both.
          In the name of Jesus, I pray right now for his complete restoration, a renewed mind and love for His Saviour, Father and Friend – the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

          • Sisters,
            Please pray for my girlfriend who is pregnant and in the hospital with critical Bp readings. She too is very fearful for the worst, also she is not a christian and a single mom.

          • Jules,
            Prayers for good health for you friend! May God heal her BP issues and help her to have a healthy baby. May she sense all the prayers for her and the baby. I pray God would come near to her and help her to see Him and realize that He is the great healer!!

    • Carla,
      Sweet sister I pray for you as you wait for the results! May God give you a sense of peace! May you feel our prayers and His presence with you now and always!

      • Thank you so much Beth, for taking the time to comment. I appreciate your prayers, so very much. I am keeping my eyes on Jesus and lifting others up. It helps me not to fear, as much.

  13. Please pray for my adult daughter. She was raised in church, made a profession of faith at a young age & served in many ways as a youth. Then 4 years ago she just walked away from it all. She’s 26 and continues to struggle in every area of her life.

    • Precious Father, I ask that you enter Robin’s daughter’s heart and speak to her bringing her back into your fold. Help her to remember her service to you in years past and your true faithfulness to those who love and follow you. Lift her up from her struggles and bless her. Direct her path straight back to You. Bless Robin as she struggles with her daughter’s situation and answer the prayers of this loving mother’s heart. Amen

    • Father God, thank you for the gift of Robin Moore’s daughter. Thank you for the seeds of faith you planted in her as a little child. Thank you that You have never left her side. Thank you that you are the Great Redeemer, the One who takes our brokenness and makes it whole in You. Father God, I pray you would draw Robin’s daughter unto yourself, that you would take her brokenness and make her whole. Father God, I also pray against the hold of the Enemy on her life. Break the shackles of fear holding her down and pour in your love deeply into her, that she would know how high and wide and deep your love is for her. Place women of faith around her that would minister your love to her, being your hands and feet to hold her in love. And Lord bless Robin in her hearache for her daughter. Pour your peace over her. Thank you Father for your faithfulness to us. Amen.

      I would appreciate prayers for my unbelieving husband, my two young children who are growing up in a home without a strong Christian base. And please pray for my faith that it would continue to grow deeper roots of trust and obedience. Thank you.

      • Thank you Anna for the beautiful prayer.
        Heavenly Father I ask you to speak to Anna’s husband in a way that he cannot refuse. That he will rise up to be the spiritual leader his family needs him to be. I pray that Anna will continue to live out her faith in front of him & be the witness of your great love to him. Wrap your arms around her and comfort & encourage her as only you can do. We thank you for loving us unconditionally and pray we can do they same to others.

        • Thank you, Robin. I came back to faith after 20 years of believing in a God who was out to hurt and shame me. My heart hurts for your daughter and for you. My Mum prayed faithfully for me through the years. The Lord heard and answered her prayers and those of others. Be encouraged that He has never left her side.

  14. Please pray for my husband and his job search. He has been trying for many years to obtain a job since the downturn of the economy ruined his own business. We believe his age may be a factor since he is well qualified for the many positions he has applied for. He finally is close to a position and will have a 4th interview on Wednesday. Our finances are a wreck and we are in jeopardy of losing our home of 32 years. I have been working 2 jobs for 4 years and am exhausted and have a verbally abusive boss at one of the positions. I wish to give that job up but cannot due to financial need. I guess I am asking for prayer for both of us. Thank you for your prayers.

  15. Asking for prayer for my family and marriage. My husband is an alcoholic and has been for 12 years or more. We have two children ages 17 and 11. We have been married for 25 years. I ask for healing and restoration of our marriage and family. That God convicts him of his current life style and that his heart would be turned to him. He is a police officer and his job/ world has destroyed him and he drinks to escape that. He refuses to admit he has a problem or get help together. I don’t want to lose my marriage, but have to consider my children. Thank you

  16. Dear Lord, I lift up Marieane to you and direct to your perfect nest. Help her to hear you speak and follow the prompts of the Holy Spirit as you guide her to the place that you have for her.
    I ask for prayers for myself for a slow paced remainder of this wieekend. For blessed family time and relationships unified in a new blended family. I ask for peace and healing for my 8 year old daughter who is having difficulty right now.
    Thank you, Kelley

  17. Lord I ask for protection for Baby Bird Time’s family. You know what is ahead and what’s behind. You hem us in and you go before us. You know exactly how they need to be protected and you know how to resolve any issues within their family. Would you please do that for her family in the name of Jesus?

    Please pray for my sister who is 37 and was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She has 3 kids and obviously wants to fight to be around for them. She’s having a double mast/reconstructive surgery next Tuesday so please pray they get all the cancer, none has spread, and gay she recovers easily and quickly. Thank you!

    • Mandy,
      Prayers for your sister! May God heal her quickly with little trouble. I pray also that you can be there for her! Help her to fight the good fight and win! Prayers that surgery will go well and ALL Cancer is removed.
      I come to you fervently asking that all the cancer be removed from Mandy’s sister’s breast! I ask that it not be metastasized. I pray the surgery will go well-guide the surgeons’ hands! Give the family a sense of peace and contentment!
      AMEN! (((Hugs)))

  18. Hi 🙂 Lord, I pray for each person here, that You show them Your love and mercy as only you can. That You touch their hearts ever so tenderly with your wisdom that guides and shepherds them to Your truth for their situations.
    Please pray for me that I am also able to continue to hear His gentle voice and obey. It has been hard in the last few weeks to slow down and listen as I struggle to do all that is asked of me while I continue to heal from past abuse and pain.
    May our truly loving and merciful Lord help each of us in our struggles today and each day as He gently leads us to our one true home 🙂

  19. Please pray for my husband Tom that he may come to believe like the apostle Thomas. And pray for our sons Matthew and Michael. Now that they are grown they have followed the example of their father and all 3 profess not to believe in Jesus as savior. Thank you sisters for your prayers!

  20. Please pray for me and my two children. I am a single mum. My ex husband beat me. After a protection order he left us and totally abandon his children. My the Lord is Faithfull. But days like today I am just so tired of all the responsibilities and money issues. My daughter has cystic fibrosis and we are struggling with her health. Please pray for a miracle for her to be totally healed and for me to have more faith and strength just to carry on. May God bless you al and may He granted all your prayers.

    • I can relate to some aspects of your situation with leaving an abusive marriage & the trials of being a single mom. My heart breaks for you as you also have to deal with your daughter’s cystic fibrosis as well. Lord, please put your loving arms around Alta today. I pray that she would look to you as her husband, provider, healer, protector & comforter. Please make yourself known to her and give her peace that passes understanding during this time. Please provide for her every need. I ask that you would give the doctors wisdom as they treat Alta’s daughter and that you would reveal the best course of treatment. Thank you, Jesus that you rescue us and that you love us.

  21. Blessings to all, today is 4yrs. since God called my Mom home to be with Him, please pray for my family especially my Dad that God will comfort them and strengthen them as we go through today and all our days without her, my parents were married for 67 yrs. it is very hard for my Dad, please pray that my family will remember that our reunion with our Mother and other loved ones will be a sweet one, and this pain of loosing them is nothing compared to the joy of being with them again, also please pray for me as I go into the second round of choosing a contractor, the first was a disaster and lost 150.000, pray for me that God will give me the wisdom and knowledge to choose the right one this time, and join with me in giving thanks to our father for restoring and bringing me through this, it’s been 6yrs hanging, and first and foremost please pray for my unsaved loved ones that God will turn their hardened hearts to Him, I believe He will, it is not His will that any should perish but that all shall come to repentance, I claim Victory for their souls in Jesus mighty and Precious name, and my prayers will be for all who reads this and all my Christian brothers and sisters out there as we all pray for all unsaved souls, what better gift can we offer to the King but Souls? God Bless

  22. Prayer changers everything. My work contract winds down in a few weeks and I’d like to have a new job before it does, so that my family is taken care of and not in debt. Thanks

  23. Just saw the movie “War Rooms” and I have always believed in the power of prayer. My prayer today is not for me. Please pray for a godly woman to come into my sons life and for a job. His wife left him 5 years ago for another man. Both my son and my granddaughter have been very hurt and scarred by this. Pray for healing in their hearts. For good Christian friends to come into my grandson’s life. For all marriages. Myself and my family are all Christians and love the Lord. I thank you. God Bless your ministry, because I look forward to reading it every morning.

    • Mary, I can’t imagine the heartache and pain your family is going through as you walk through this season. I’ll be praying for your son and granddaughter, and for your grandson.

  24. I love that you guys do this. I would love prayer for my husband’s parents. My mother-in-law has stage four cancer that has matastasized to her bones. Neither of them know the Lord. So, though physical healing would be great, it’s the spiritual healing I’m most asking prayer for. My relationship with her has never been easy. Even more reason to see her in heaven one day so that we might enjoy a good relationship. Thank you so much.

    • Annette I will be praying for your daughter and her husband. I will pray for thier relation ship withGod to be shored up and strengthened and also for them to realize that HE is the missing element in thier lives. Blessings to you. Debbie

    • Jeanne,

      My prayers are with each of you. May the Lord comfort you and hold you through this trying time.

      Blessings and strength be to you all,


  25. Please pray for my Daughters marriage. Her love has grown cold and their hearts are hardened. I pray that God will restore their relationship and they will return to the Lord.

  26. Please pray for my family. We have a lot going on and everyone needs some lifting up. Specifically my husband who amazingly works from home running his own business(for the last 25 years) and does the accounting for my daughter and her U.S. and at thier restaurant, and watches grand kids various days of the week for the parents . It is a lot to deal with…..and for myself as I start a new school year back I a classroom after 7 years as a librarian. It’s a bit daunting… At 60….also pray for my mother who has last stage dementia that she will bee comfortable. She had a spontainious fracture of her femur and really they cannot do anything for it . She is re I I got hospice and I just pray for her comfort until God decides her time has come to go to her heavenly home. Thank you .

  27. Thank you for the reminder to pray for one another.
    Please join me prayer for healing and peace for my father and financial breakthrough as I try to purchase a property.

    • Sika,

      I pray that the Lord will help guide your Father through this difficult time bringing him peace and comfort. I also pray for you to find the answer you seek.

      Please pray for those who are displaced, for their safety, guidance and that their hearts will be restored.


      Blessings to all,


  28. Good morning,
    Please join me in my prayers for wisdom and discernment for where my daughter should go to High School.

    • Lisa, I will lift you and your daughter up in prayer. It is so difficult at times to make decisions for our children because we want to do what is best.

    • Good Morning Lisa! I will pray for wisdom to make the right decision concerning your daughters schooling.

  29. I would like to ask for prayer for my husband. He has been diagnosed with advanced cancer. I would ask for him to find a place in his heart for God, and that he does not have long lasting pain. Thank you.

  30. Good morning, I have been reading (in)courage for a while now, but this is my first post. I have three boys, a 23 year old and a set of twins who are 18. My oldest joined the Air Force in August and the twins left for their freshman year of college. So I hit the empty nest hard. My prayer request are for my boys. Joshua, who joined the Air Force, called from basic training yesterday so upset that he didn’t think he could do it and that he made the wrong choice. Phillip, one of the twins, is questioning whether he made the right choice with college and I wonder if Benjamin has stopped long enough to think of home. I ask that God gives my boys the strength they need to follow his will. Thank you

    • Hi Diann, I smiled as I read about your son Joshua because I too thought the AF was not for me. I had a hard time going through basic training, but please tell Joshua that active duty is nothing like what he’s experiencing. Everything in basic training is about breaking old ideas and habits and recreating new ones that are fit for his new life as an Airman…most of it is to help him understand the importance of teamwork.


      You were with me in the most awesome way while I struggled through my BMT. Your faithfulness then is the same today. Show yourself faithful to Joshua. Allow him to know You, Lord, for himself. He does not have access to his mother the way he used to, but You are always available. Give him your peace. Break him tenderly and mercifully for the work you have called him to do. Give him a holy ease when he goes through his inspections and tests. Allow him to see his worth and to share his talents with his fellow trainees. Help him to release any pride that hinders him for asking for help; let him see the value of other’s talents. Nothing is too great for You, and nothing is too small for Your attention. Remember how you helped me Father, and give Joshua more! In Jesus’s holy name.

      Diann, keep sending letters to Joshua, they mean so much during this time.

  31. Several requests:1 – Husband’s adjustment to retirement – He is a Christian and is searching for a purpose; 2 – Son and new girlfriend’s relationship – They are Christians; 3 – Vote today in Guatemala; 4 – 19-year old young man from our community disappeared in Colorado over a month ago – no trace, but it appears to be foul-play. From what I know of him, he is a Christian, a wonderful caring person, and would not have gone off on his own unless h thought he as going to help someone and was tricked. Please pray. Thanks, God Bless, and I’m praying for you. Debbie

  32. My prayer is for my family to come together to help each other like never before and that they may use the many gifts that God has given them to minister to others for the glory of God. Thank you, prayers go out to all readers, Isaiah 53, He is our peace.

  33. Thank you for answered prayers! Please pray for good health & safety for all loved ones. Please pray that k will rekindle strong family ties. Please pray for reconciliation with t and d. Please pray for c’s eye ailment. God bless!

  34. Lord, I pray for Ivy–that you would protect her and her loved ones, that you would bring healing, good health and safety to each of them. I ask that you would move for K., that family ties may be mended and rekindled; that reconciliation may come with T. and D. You are the God of love, of peace and mended relationships; thank you for how you are already moving in these situations.

    For me, please pray that my husband can find a new job. His job of 15 years ended recently and he needs work that will help him grow and move into the future. And for myself, that I may be a strong support for him in this time, as well as for several friends who are in difficulties, and that I may be able to do so without erasing myself, without wearing myself out completely as I often have in the past. May I remember God’s love for me and that I am just as worthy of care as those I love.

  35. My life is a mess. My husband and I are separated. My finances aren’t cutting it for supporting myself, two children and my mom. My coworkers are turning their backs on me and I have no support from my boss. Two of my sisters have nothing to do with me. I don’t know what’s wrong with me to have all these people against me.

  36. Father in Heaven, you know Chelsea D. You knew her before she was created. You know the mess she is in. Father let her feel your love. Let her see those you have sent to minister to her. Help her to not feel abandoned. Father, fill her with your peace. I pray that though this situation she will draw closer to you than she has ever been. I pray that her physical needs will be met. I pray that she will have the strength and courage to be a godly wife, mother and daughter. I pray for her marriage. I pray that she and her husband will both seek you and your will in their own personal lives and the life of their family. Amen

    My prayer request is in regard to a mission trip I am about to embark upon. Our team is leading VBS in 4 communities in Haiti. One of these villages is the voo doo capital of Haiti and some say the world. I ask for prayer that those who are oppressed by voo doo will see the light of Jesus and walk away from voo doo. Thank you and God Bless .

    • Father, I pray for Vanessia. I can understand her misgivings about ministering in an area known for its voodoo culture. I pray that you will hedge her and her mission team in on all sides with your mighty protection. I pray that the hearts of the people she meets will be softened by your spirit and will be really hungry for The Word. I pray that Vanessia will feel Your Presence from the time she leaves her home throughout the entire trip. Thank you for urging her to go. God bless this mission trip. I ask all in the name of Jesus and through His power.

  37. Lord please pray for Chelsea. Lift her up in these barren circumstances. Show her your love Father and that she is your child. Bring her peace. In Jesus name, Amen.

    I am having feelings for a male close friend who I thought God had brought into my life as a potential husband. We have become good friends but now. I feel he is backing away. Im hurting. I thought God was guiding me clearly.

    • Father, I pray for L. Lord if this friend is someone you would have as a mate for her, help her to wait on your timing. If he is not a suitable mate for her, help her to know that you have someone better in mind for her and heal her broken heart. Amen

  38. Blessings this Wonderful Sunday,
    Praise report: God has blessed my hubby yet again with a good job in same company-different hospital. More stable work with merger looming.
    Second Praise: My dad has been put on hospice. Since we did that and took him off most of his medications he is doing much much better. He will turn 90 this Thursday 9/10!
    Pray for discernment on my part. I need wisdom to decide if I go back to work or not. Now I’m using this time off to help my in-laws with their medical problems, do more church work, & be a better housewife for my hubby!
    Blessings 🙂

  39. I have lifted Vanessia and her mission team in prayer. I also want to lift Ivy. Ivy, you share the same name as my daughter, I can’t help but feel your pain. I pray that you will know absolutely for certain what God wants for you with this friend. I pray that you will have the courage to give all of it up to Christ and wait on His answers.
    I ask for prayer for mental and emotional wellness. We are heading into a time of year that has been a real challenge for me since a tragic pesonal death when I was a young adult. I want to feel the power of God’s Holy Spirit and live above this heaviness that tries to come in during fall and winter. Thank you so very much.

  40. Please pray for me and my husband Tom to quit smoking, to hang in there until the miracle happens!!

  41. Hi,

    I have just stumbled on this site and I throw myself down at the feet of my Lord for bringing me here. I have suffered with debilitating major depression for more than 22 years, suicidal traits, anxiety and agoraphobia. I have been so medicated I have very little recollection of the last two decades. The Lord sought me and found me (how I do not know) and I am trying to have a relationship with Him but I don’t seem to know how. I guess I don’t know how to do lots of things. I find I can’t keep my thoughts in line and don’t know how to pray and fill my head and life with activity so I don’t have to think but that leaves no room for Him. I try so hard to be worthy of His grace and forgiveness. I have slowly got myself off just about all medications (against doctors wishes) and I want desperately to find Him in that void so I can live a life that is worthy of Him. I asked myself this morning why I didn’t feel good enough for His grace and the strongest word I have ever had from Him thundered into my head “Terri, you are only not good enough for YOU” Please pray for me……I just want to see Him……

    • God has already forgiven you, & He no longer remembers any of your previous sinful life. Now YOU have to learn to forgive YOURSELF. It’s not easy, I know. I had that same problem, & sometimes still struggle with it. The way to actually know Him is, to study your Bible, & to pray. There’s no ‘magic’ formula to learning to know Him. The Bible was written by men that the Holy Spirit moved on to write what each wrote. In the Old Testament, we learn about God’s character, & His provision for His people. In the New Testament, we meet the fulfillment of God’s plan of salvation, learn of His redeeming grace, & also His plans for us at the end of the age. Also, if you haven’t already, find you a GOOD church, where the Word is preached, & taught. And, remember, ‘Grace is RECEIVED, not ACHEIVED!’

      • Thank you so much Sharon……I need to absorb the truth of receiving, not trying to achieve grace. I will also pray for your family and health….I think I can do that.

        • Thank you! Have a blessed night. And, when you pray, you don’t have to use great flowery speech. Just be simple with it, & God will hear you. I’ll be praying for you.

  42. I have some illnesses that are besetting me, & would like the Lord to heal me. Also I have family members & friends that are unsaved. I would like to draw closer to Him, & would love to be able to win others. Our nation is entering a dark time for Christians, & I want to be able to stand for Him in the face of whatever befalls us.

  43. Carol As I read the previous prayer requests, I can already feel the comforting of the Holy Spirit. I am troubled by depression and anxiety and am having difficulty getting out of bed etc. I also have numerous physical maladies. I have been praying for God’s will to be done and now I have hope He wants to heal me. Thank you to incourage and all the precious people reading this. Praise to the King of Kings who began answering my prayers before I typed them! Amen

  44. Hi friends. About six years ago I was diagnosis with breast cancer. I underwent treatment that included bilateral mastectomy, chemo, and radiation. This past April I became ill and it was discovered that my original breast cancer was back and has metastasized to my abdomen. I’m terminal and they are speaking in terms of months but not years. Despite the very bad prognosis, I believe in prayer and in miracles. Please pray for me and my family that God will grant us a miracle throughout Jesus Christ our Lord.

    Thanks so much, Elizabeth

    • God is the great healer, may he comfort you and your family. I pray that our Father may grant you a miracle. A prayer for you…..

  45. Carol,
    God is good. He loves you and He loves me. I believe He has a special place in his heart for people with depression, anxiety, etc. I suggest to start reading positive books and scripture to fill your mind with God’s love. I am reading Zig Ziglar’s Over the Top and I can see real progress being made. My prayer for you is that you know how much He loves you and love yourself in the same way. I thought it was bad to love myself but no that is the only way we can truly serve God.

  46. Please pray for my friend Elaine GOMES Who is in a Nursing Home and is suffering from severe arthritis. She cannot walk on her own and is often in severe pain.

  47. I would ask for prayer for my spiritual growth. I have DDD & Severe Fibromyalgia which both cause a lot of pain & discomfort, enough for my Dr to say I am permanently disabled. But my spiritual life is far from being disabled as I have grown closer to God in this last year than any other time in my life. My request is that you pray for me that my spiritual life will continue to grow and that God will use my and my illnesses to touch other people and bring them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Help me to remember that God may choose not to heal me or pull me out of these disabilities, but He can sure see me through them, bless me and bless others in similar situations. I am here Lord. Please use me! Thank you so much! I really enjoying and gain knowledge from your devotionals. God bless you for being faithful to God’s words in living out your faith! In Him, Debbie

  48. We are in a waiting season for my husband to get a job. We moved back home but it’s emotionally very challenging to be around certain family members, though we are grateful to have a home to go to. Being home causes me a lot of emotional turmoil due to an abusive upbringing. My husband getting a full-time job would mean that we could afford an apartment, but what it would really be is a safe space where we can continue cultivating the type of family we want to be. Please pray that there would be an open position for my husband, and for my emotional strength to bear up against the environment we are living in for now. Thank you.

  49. Our finances are very low. We can’t pay rent, we can’t pay our bills. I’m gonna have to sign up at our local food bank on Teusday. It’s very hard on us. Please jest that the Lord will provide work for us and money to pay for our needs.

    • Lord I ask you tonight to cover Karen with your grace. Give her the strength and faith to know that You will provide. As you feed the sparrows in the field so shall you care for her and her family. If it be Your will, send her comfort and signs that help is on the way. Fill her heart with peace so she can go about her job of loving and caring for her family the best she can. In Jesus’ name AMEN

  50. Annie: I am praying for you and have first hand knowledge of the hurt and sorrow that comes when a child divorces themselves for a parent. GOD wants you to have peace and joy along with the love he gives you everyday.Do not dwell on the past look toward the future and what GOD has waiting for you!
    I went through a horrific divorce after 38 years of marriage. My husband had been brainwashing three of my four daughters for a few years against me. Long story short I know it was GOD who brought me through all of this. As of today only 2 of my daughters talk to me the other two are hateful and terrible to me BUT I know GOD has a plan so HAVE FAITH and do not give up. An important thing to remember is that you have to take care of yourself so when the time comes for peace you are ready and well.
    I ask for prayers for my children to received GODS love in their hearts and minds . And for prayers for my family to be reunited.

  51. Please pray for my marriage. I am separating from my husband due to his unfaithfulness. I need prayers that something beautiful will come from this mess.

  52. Ev
    God our Father, I come to You on Ev behalf, asking You to intervene in her family situation and release Your healing power and bring about healing and restoration and reunite her family. God I pray for the salvation for her children that they would come to know Jesus Your Son and Your love would fill their hearts. Lord Jesus cover their hearts and minds with your peace.
    In Jesus Name. Amen
    Please pray for me: I don’t have enough money to cover my rent for this month.
    I start a part time job on Tuesday. ( Praise God )
    Relational. My friendship with Mark to be restored.
    My daughter is looking for a job.
    Thank you.
    God is faithful!

  53. Ms. Joanne I pray that the Heavenly Father may supply your needs. I pray that your new job may flourish and her daughter be blessed with a job as well. Almighty father please heal her friendship with Mark. May they be restored. In Jesus name. Amen
    Please pray for me. I am struggling from the guilt and shame my past. I pray for healing and to move forward in Christ Jesus. Although I am forgiven and free, I struggle with self condemnation.
    Thank you in advance for your prayers.

  54. I would like prayer for God’s Provision, strength and courage. It will be a year September 8th that I went down to the police station to get an order of protection from my husband. It will expire on Sept. 8th. It has been one of the most difficult years I have ever experienced. We’ve been separated and I am pursing divorce. It’s a long story and I won’t go into it, but I feel God is leading me in this. Since the divorce is still in process, I have financial concerns mounting. I only work 25 hours a week and have not yet received child support, it’s not been established yet. God has provided so far so I know I can trust Him, but it’s scary, as more of the bills have shifted to me and we have three boys that live with me. I have applied for more work the last few days. Praying God opens the right doors. I don’t have a college degree, Thank you so much for praying! I am a HUGE believer in the power of prayer.

  55. Rebecca, I prayed for your father. If he is open to taking medication, he could talk to his physician. If he is a Christian, he might feel better attending counseling through the church. I will pray for his work to improve or for God to open another door too!


  56. I ask for God to open a door. Very hard year for me and I cannot see to wait or take a step . I am asking for a miracle. I know God answers prayer, but I cannot see it. Thank you

  57. I would like some prayers for my daughter, Chelsea…wrong choices and the pressures of life are overwhelming her right now..I pray so much to the Lord for his help and guidance for her, it’s all I have to give her. My motherly advice isn’t helping right now.

  58. I am truly blessed to be able to pray for you and ask for prayer. First for Rebecca’s dad I pray for his depression. I too suffer from the same and it is sometimes quite a struggle. I pray the Lord would release him from this and enable him to make wise decisions about his work. I pray he would have an ear to really listen to those trying to help him. I pray that he might put aside any pride he may be harboring and show him there is no shame in how he feels.
    Also for Annie, I pray for her daughter. I have been through many battles with my daughter and am still waiting for her to give her heart to the Lord. I pray your daughter would find forgiveness and love in her heart towards you. I pray she would recognize the love you have for her. Jesus, please draw her to you in an intimacy so she can hear your heart beating not only for her but for her mother. Give her a deep desire for reconciliation. In Jesus name, Amen.
    And I ask that you would pray for me as I have something going on with my eyes. There is a history of blethrospasms in my family. A neurological condition where the eyes blink very rapidly. I feel I have this and along with it I get very disoriented mentally. No doctor yet has found anything wrong and the last 9 months we have not had health insurance so I have not been able to continue pursuing this. Please pray for healing for me and health insurance. (It’s a long story). This makes me very fatigued. Thank you and God bless you.

  59. My prayer is for a new job. I’m dissatisfied with my current job title, and after 5 years, I’m ready for a change. Also, I work night shift and the schedule is wreaking havoc on my body, my emotional wellbeing and my new marriage since my husband and I hardly are able to spend time together. No prospects for a schedule change in sight. I had a phone interview last week for a job in a different but related field, but still waiting to hear back. I’m really excited about it. My prayer is that if this is the job for me, I will get it. If not, that God will direct me to the correct position, and give me peace and contentment in the interim.

  60. Hi Marissa, thank you for praying on my behalf.
    Father God You are fully aware of the struggles that Marissa face with self condemnation. Father please love on her and fill her up with Your love and Your peace that surpasses all understanding in Jesus name. God help her to understanding that You have forgiven her of all her sins and You have tossed them into the deepest of seas and that You her Loving Daddy does not go fishing for them and You never throw them back at her. That the confusion is from the evil enemy not from You God. Marissa nothing can separate you from the love of God. You are forgiven and you are set free by the blood of the Lamb…Jesus Christ which cleanses you and seals you into the New Covenant of which you are a partaker.
    Father I pray that Your holy angels would be with Marissa so the evil enemy would not gain power over her.
    In Jesus Name. Amen

  61. Good morning!

    I am praying for all the women leaving comments, Lord I lift my hands up to you and ask you to give each and every one peace and love and joy and request that you bless them with your wisdom and guidance. I would also like to ask for prayer for my children Alex and Mathew who are both hearing impaired and have had to face more challenges than most of us. Also please pray that God to grant me wisdom, strength and courage to stop worrying about everyone and everything and to cast my fears upon the Lord and trust that he will take care of them.

    Thank you and God Bless You All!!!

  62. I would appreciate prayers that I may have healing in my eye. Eyes are very important especially when you can’t see. Thank You!

  63. I am starting a new ministry at my church next Monday, Divorce Care for Kids. Pray for me and my 3 co-leaders (all fairly new Christians), for the kids we will minister to, and to their parents.

  64. Hi! Thank you for praying for us! I would like to ask for prayer for my family & my sister’s family. My sister suddenly passed away 6 months ago. Her heart simply stopped without any prior signs of heart disease. My sister was my best friend and a wonderful encourager to all. In the midst of the grief mixed with the acceptance & celebration of her eternal home since her passing, I have felt inspired to live out the passions in my heart and continue to share the gifts my sister gave me, specifically encouragement.

    This past Thursday, on what would have been my sister’s 58th birthday, I cut the ribbon to the grand opening of my new website titled “Encouragement For The Heart” that also contains a line of jewelry and artwork I make that I have titled “NATurally Inspired” in honor of my sister whom we called Nat (for Jeanette). Besides praying for my family, I would also like to ask for prayer for me to be obedient and faithful to this God-planted desire of nurturing this website with hopes that the words, images and/or items can be of encouragement to others, especially to grieving hearts. May God use my website and me in whatever way He needs, and may I always give Him the glory.

    Thank you!!! (in)Courage will continue to be in my prayers as well!

  65. Please pray for my husband in Pakistan. I want him to receive a visum for Holland. On september 22 there will be a court case against the authorities. They refuse to permit residence in Holland. We haven’t seen each other for almost 8 months now. He is a christian and we believe God to bring us together again. So please pray for an honest judge and a blessed court case!
    God bless you all.

    Frederiek Bulthuis

  66. Please pray for clarity regarding guidance regarding my group of friends, friendship, honesty & being lead by the Holy Spirit! (:

  67. Please pray for God’s intervention in our family. My (soon to be ex husband) has made some selfish and destructive decisions, and is threatening to go even further. I ask for God’s intervention and His mighty hand to STOP this storm that has been raging for 3-4 years now. We are weary, my children, especially my daughter–who is expecting her first child any day now– and my youngest son who has had so much heartbreak– are in need of peace and release from the pain they have endured because of their father’s decisions. I am so tired of the pain and the intimidation; I pray for freedom from the threat of his irresponsible, hurtful, selfish decisions. I would so appreciate your prayers. Grateful.

  68. Please pray for the Lord’s protection over my son, Joshua, that he would not need to be exposed to the situation his father is in–that God will go before us and remove the circumstance. Thank you.