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    • Please pray for me and my daughter to find our own place we are living with friends and looking to move by August 15 to a place in the school zone she desires to attend. Thank you. D. A. Schuhow I am praying for your husband.

      • Doriselle,
        Lifting you and your daughter up right now that God, in His mercy and goodness, would make a home available to you. We claim His promise that He will bring you to the place He has established for you. Help us to wait patiently and expectantly. Give Doriselle and her daughter peace in the process. Amen.

      • Doriselle.
        Prayers for God to show you the perfect home for you and your daughter. I know that waiting is hard, but in His perfect timing God will answer our prayers!

      • I know it has been a while since you wrote this. I am praying that you found just the right place. I pray that God has blessed you in ways you never expected.

    • Father I don’t know what is going on but I pray protection and blessings over DAs husband. I pray your blessings over their marriage. I speak Your joy life and peace over DA and her husband Lord in Jesus name Amen

    • DA Schubow, I pray that your husband realizes that he is God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works(Ephesians 2:10), and that no weapon formed against him shall prosper(Isaiah 54:17).

    • I pray for what your husband is facing if it is a difficult situation that God would give him wisdom to make good choices. That he would grow in his relationship with God. Anything that hinders his walk he would pray an seek God to correct.

    • Lord I pray for DA’s husband I pray for his salvation to know the love you have for him. May your peace and comfort be with DA

    • Lifting up you & your husband to God in faith & belief for you both to be safe and healthy.

    • God you alone know the situation and what this precious woman’s husband is facing. I pray that You will move mightly in his life. May Your will and purpose be accomplished in this situation. You are God nothing is too difficult for You. Thank You in advance for touching this man. In Jesus name! Amen

    • Da,
      Prayers for you hubby! God knows the needs! May God bring healing of any kind needed!

  1. Praise for a wonderful week at the beach enjoying God’s majesty in His creation! I could really use prayers for physical pain that is chronic and continuing. As I go to the doctor, I could use prayers that we would be able to find out what the ongoing problem is with my knee and be able to find a solution. If it means yet another surgery, give me peace in the process. I still continue to have nerve pain in my foot as well. Thank you.

    • Bev,

      You will be in my prayers that your ongoing pain will be resolved.
      Praying for pain free for you.


    • Bev,
      Prayers for healing form the pain. May God guide you to the right doctors to assist you and alleviate it! Praise for a great week at beach and rest from the trials of this world@
      Blessings 🙂

  2. Please pray for my friend. His past hurts prevent him from loving completely. Its been a struggle for me to decide what to do with the friendship and I have been struggling with this for a while.

    • Aulani, I can relate to your wrestling with the “what to do with the friendship”. I have a number of friendships where I see the past hurts hindering the person(s) from loving fully (or even receiving love well). So, I pray for you joining what I’ve been lifting up to the Lord personally for some time…
      Father in heaven, may Aulani’s need for wisdom be joined with my own need. I ask that you lead us by your Spirit and through your Word to what is truly needed in the friendships we struggle with. Give Aulani the discernment of when to speak truth to her friend and to do it with love. Give her the “right” words to speak even if it feels awkward. Help her, and me, to not avoid conflict just because it’s hard. May we trust you to give us the wisdom we need as you have promised to do. Thank you, Lord and Savior, for you are the Faithful One! Amen.

      • Oh Father, I also sense to pray for Aulani’s friend’s heart to be softened to your love in a deep way. I ask that you pull out the weeds and rocks of hurt which may be hindering your seeds of truth from being rooted in fertile soil. You are the Great Gardener so I put my hope in you to work in her friend. Thank you. Amen.

        • Thank you Diana for the beautiful prayer! I think this should be a daily prayer for all people wounded, hurt and broken to come to know God’s love and goodness and to realize how much He loves us!!!!

  3. Thank you for always being there covering us with God’s love. I have a close walk with the Lord and am counting my blessings daily. I am very invovled in leadership as music director and have an incredible support group. The last few years have been difficult for my family with loss, sickness ang finances. I’m keenly focused on God’s goodness and emersed in the Word. But still my passion and vision are waning. Begininng to believe dreams are only for others. Please pray for me for fresh fire that He may strength my faith and overcome doubts and fears that keep me from realizing His purpose for my life. God bless you all.

    • Jesus, I pray that You lift up Nancy and her family as they walk with You in your goodness. That You ignite the fire of the Holy Spirit anew within and show them Your great love and mercy throughout their days. In Your name above all names…Amen.

  4. Thank you for the opportunity to have support in prayer. Please join me in praying for my relationship with Michael. I pray that it is restored and that we are reunited. I pray that the love of God guides us to wisdom, understanding and each other. In gratitude…Amen

  5. Please pray for my strength, patience and endurance as my husband deals with a variety of illnesses, exhaustion and irritability. Thank you! God is so good!

    • Lord Jesus, please grant Your loving grace to Sandra and her husband through His illness. Please refresh them in endurance, patience, and strength as they walk this journey with You, Lord. Shepard them with Your gentle touch and healing grace. In Your name…Amen.

  6. Requesting prayer for my cousin, Anita, she is facing a custody battle . I also need prayer for my children, my husband and I are living separately due to circumstances with one of children. My step son and I were unable to live together, so we had to separate in order for him to continue raising his son in a peaceful environment. I am asking for prayers of strength and courage as we adjust to being two households

    • Praying for you and your family! We serve an awesome God who loves to show up at the right moment!!

    • Dear Father in Heaven – I pray for Angela’s friend who is going through this custodity battle. I pray that she would lean into You for love, grace and strength. I pray for Angela, as her friend, that you would help her show Your love.
      I also pray for Angela, that You would heal and restore her family.

  7. Please pray for my family. God has been so gracious to provide for us and keep us close to Him. Please pray that He would give us wisdom, grace and discernment in the days ahead; that we would keep leaning into Him!

    • Oh Father, You are the source of all that we need. You give freely the Wisdom that we seek when we ask and I am asking on behalf of Jenn and her family for that Wisdom, and for your Grace and Discernment of the Spirit You have also given those who love you. Please open Jenn and her family’s ears to Your voice as they continue to lean in to You. May decisions come with clarity and may all that they choose in You bring glory to our Savior. Thank You, Father, in Jesus’ Name.

  8. Please pray for my 15 years old son. It has been hard to find a church with a youth group. He feels lonely and that breaks my heart.
    Jenn: I am praying for you and family.

  9. Please prayer for my sister’s family. Her husband has decided he no longer is a believer and the marriage is very rocky. He needs to have a renewal in his testimony of Jesus and she needs healing in past hurts that cause her to retreat into isolation.

  10. I’m asking for pray over finding a study that is interesting and something all ages of my women’s learns from.

  11. I was diagnosed with stage 1 melanoma. The mole has been removed and praise God was caught early. I have some others that will need to be removed and have to go in for follow up appointments with dermatologist and oncologist. Please pray the other moles are all clear, that I get an all clear from oncology tests and that I can close this chapter quickly. Pray for my unwavering trust in God’s plan and for peace.

    • Father I touch and agree with OC3 I speak life in her body she will live and not die in Jesus name! I pray you make her faith even stronger in You Lord. Father nothing is impossible for you I thank you for healing her it is done by Jesus sacrifice. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

    • I had stage 2 melanoma 2.5 years ago. I understand what you are feeling. He never leaved us or forsakes us. He will walk with you through this guiding the way. Much love from England xx

  12. Pray for my young adult son. He was angry and verbally abusive last night so we had to tell him to go find somewhere else to spend the night. He does not have an active relationship with God. My heart is heavy.

  13. Linda! TSM!Bonnie! OC3! Dear Lord Please wrap your loving arms around the family and comfort them as they hold onto you. Help their love been seen by her husband and relative, and show him your gentle nudges. I pray to you Lord for TSM’s daughter. Let her brokenness be relieved to her torso that her heart may be warmed to,your love. Be there for those babies and for TSM as she cares for those children. Comfort them in this difficult time. I pray for Bonnie and a path of study be revealed to her. Lead her to where she needs to go. And OC3 please be there in her time of need. Pray that the Cancer is not spreading. Give her doctors and her the strength and knowledge to fight this horrible disease. Help her feel your love and peace during this time of unrest. Amen

  14. Deb I am praying for your son. That he feels the pushes of the Lord toward a more peaceful place. I pray that he understands his wrongs and comes to you seeking forgiveness. I pray that he see’s that love and the Lord is a better place to be.

    Please pray for my children as they start school next week. Please pray for me as I start a new study. Please pray for my husband as he has an upcoming scan in a couple weeks.

  15. Andrea praying for your whole family…children, you and your husband. Please pray for me as have had severe mouthsore for months now from oral chemo I need to continue to take. Pray it gets healed in order to be able to eat normal food and gain weight to fight the disease. God’s blessings on all who have requested prayers today and this website for providing this forum.

    • Lord, Father God, you know all about the pain and eating difficulty JoAnn is suffering. You know about her need for medication. I thank You for doctors and medicine that help us, recognizing they have their limitations. Lord, I ask that You would take the mouth sores from JoAnn and all disease from her body, for You are a God who performs miracles, You display Your power among all people. As You heal JoAnn, Lord, may she know with certainty that the healing is from You to the praise of Your glory. In the Name or Your Son, the Lord Jesus, our Savior, may it be so.

  16. Please pray for my new school year. I am a teacher and really feel passion about what I do. I need focus and strength to do what the Lord has given me to do. Second, please pray for healing for my back- Thank you.
    Doriselle, I am praying for you and your daughter as you seek to move to a new phase in your lives. May the God who knows all and who has a plan for your life, make all clear to you as you make plans. I pray that your search for a new home will end quickly so that you are settled before school begins. In Jesus’s Name, Amen

  17. Praying that God would meet the need of DA’s husband. Though the need is not explained to us, our omniscient God knows the need. Please Lord meet this man in his deepest spiritual need…that he recognizes only you can satisfy all of his needs.

    Please pray that the Lord would move our daughter and her family to a location of ministry that is closer to us in order that our family can help them out more easily with their physical needs. Our daughter is disabled and needs more help caring for her children while her husband works.

  18. Please pray for fear to be gone from my spirit. I love God and work to trust Him. I need help to move into a new house, renewed energy to start a new school year, the right attitude to deal with another matter. I pray for you Gail- Jesus, fill her with energy, wisedom, passion and love as she begins another year. May she bless each child in her class, reflecting Your light everyday. Thank you for Your care. In Jesus name, Amen.

  19. I am having pain in my foot that came on very suddenly several weeks ago which is making it very difficult to get around. I have many responsibilities that require a lot of walking making it hard for my foot to heal. Pray for relief from this pain so I will be able to walk without this nearly debilitating pain.
    Dear Lord, I just pray for Gail as she is getting ready to begin a new school year. May she have the focus and strength she needs to accomplish her goals with her students, and a calmness and trust in you Lord as she pursues her passion. Also give her relief from her back pain that she will be able to work without distracting pain. In Jesus name, Amen

  20. Lord, please bring Your healing touch to Gail. Please heal her back and grant her the loving strength to do Your will for her. I know that you never leave our sides, Lord, please grant Gail this in Your loving mercy.
    Please pray for refreshment and strength for me as I continue to walk with the Lord in healing from abuse. The way seems dark and foggy and draining sometimes and its hard to keep up my faith and keep going. Thank you and praise be our one true Savior, Jesus Christ 🙂

  21. Dear Lord God, please be with A and give them strength and help and comfort as you walk them down the path of healing towards Your light. Hold their hand and may they feel you close and know that You are and You will be.

    Please, pray for me as I need to make the decision of whether to accept a job and go back to work or to spend one last year home with my toddler daughter. I want to trust God, whatever that means. Thank you.

  22. I pray for A that she would know the Fathers great love for her as she heals from the wounds of abuse. I have also suffered from abuse and I know her pain. Please embrace her with your gentle all accepting arms, Jesus, and lead her on the path of freedom and wholeness. May her trust and hope be in You, Redeemer. May she abide in Your love, Jesus.
    I ask for continued healing from abuse (from a pastor in my past). It is so difficult to unravel. Also, for my marriage which is in crisis. We feel stuck and don’t know how to get out!

  23. Please pray for my confidence and faith. I didn’t pass a section of my boards so now I have to take it again, and I feel like my confidence is shaken. I have always had faith that this is the plan God has for me, but it’s been a struggle the last few weeks to truly feel like God will guide me through this.

  24. My 23 year old son survived his fifth suicide attempt in ten weeks this last Thursday. He is an alcoholic and suffers from depression and anxiety disorder. He has reached the end of his resources. My husband, his father, left me and a 28’year marriage last April. I am praying no condemnation from Satan on my son. He is a creation of God’s and is good. I am praying that my husband be convicted by the Holy Spirit and be broken before the face of God.

    Father Almighty, all,of these prayer requesst are laid before you. At your feet are our tears and anguish. Heal Chritinse wounds from an abusive pastor. How daring of Satan to break her trust with your servants here on earth. Trust is so vital. Provide her with trustworthy, godly friends and support. Enter into the hearts of herself and husband as they address their marriage. Melt their walls and provide communication. Bring godly counsel,to,each and both of the. To untangle the crisis in their marriage so that they can see clearly the path ahead.
    And last, give Christine YOUR peace.
    In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Judi,
      I pray that your son finds the help he needs to overcome his battle and that his fathers’ heart is softened. And for you to find peace in dealing with it all.


    • I am praying for your son. There was a time I myself didn’t want to live. But God pulled me through. He keeps showing me he exists even though Satan keeps throwing mountains at me lately. Please keep reminding him with three little words, “I love you.” daily. Praying for your husband as well.

  25. Please pray for our finances and our stress level. We have been trying to get out of debt for the last few years through guidance of the Dave Ramaey plan. Every time we get our emergency fund built up something breaks. In the last three years upstairs and downstairs ac units, the alarm box on our septic tank and control box, car repairs, refrigerator, dishwasher, tires, washing machine, garage door springs have had to be replaced. while our dog had to have emergency female surgery and major medical bills(four -wisdom teeth extraction(daughter age 19), grafting surgery for three teeth(daughter age 14), diagnosis of Chrohn’s Disease ( in addition my Ulcerative Colits had for 13 years)now on Humira. While I still haven’t been able to learn how to balance being a Highly Sensitive Person. I have been through two daughters at birth with diagnosis of fauilure to thrive ( final diagnosis of Pseudohypoaldosteronism Type 1), post partum depression with first child, then diagnosis of clinical depression, then bipolar disorder. Prayed about those psychiatric illnesses and came off of five psychiatric drugs and God lead me to natural supplements, exercise, and eating whole foods that He created but get so stressed that I turn back to comfort food which is highly processed fast food or junk food. In addition our oldest daughter is in college but no car( working to pay for a car and fees not covered by scholarship). My husband works we live off of high $60,000 salary. I am unable to work due to my anxiety issues that arise from being a HSP(crowds,noises, artificial bright lights especially bother me). I need some relief and soon. Crying daily . Tried going back on depression medicine for insomnia due to pain associated with Chrohn’s which has been taken care of with Humira. But the depression med made me extremely agitated. So I stopped taking it and went back on natural support. If I just could get into a daily habit of exercising , eating non inflammatory whole food diet and taking natural supplements regularly I would feel over100% better. I have done it before and notice a major improvement in my stress level. But just need a boost to get me over my hump. PRAYER FROM BELIEVERS. Unable to go to physical church for some years now but attend Saddleback Church online.

  26. TSM,

    I pray that your daughter’s heart will soften and that she will be able to overcome her battle.

    Thoughts & prayers to you all,


  27. Please pray for my 3 son in laws and my daughter in law, to know Jesus, to want Jesus, to fall madly in love with Jesus. Also my my 4 adult kids to come back to Jesus!

    Lord I lay down Pumpkin before you. Touch her with your mighty hand of love. Cover her in your blanket of peace. Give her certainty that you see her, you hear her. Jesus wept. He will never leave you or forsake you. Keep on keeping on. God’s got this!

  28. Please pray in faith & believing for our son his wife ,& 3 children who each are on the autism spectrum. Our son is an addict & as a result, made terrible choices that have resulted in his arrest. We praise God for sparing him & making a way for him to be restored to sobriety & a clean,God filled life. Pray for this time of improsoent to be his liberation from the evils that have taken him from his wife & children who love & need him to be the man God intends for him to be. Thank you for praying for this little family facing such big struggles.

  29. Oh how broken I am. To depths I thought were unbreakable. My faith feels weak and I DO NOT WANT IT TO FEEL LIKE THIS. On top of my fragile faith, March 30th my husband left work sick and now is disabled. We are homeless (staying with my sister) and have no income. I never saw such disaster coming. I’m just numb. Lost. Broken.

  30. DA, Lord I agree with DA in prayer for her husband. You know the circumstances and see her heart. Offer her strength and peace and make clear your participation in her life. PI ask for prayer for a job that enables me to meet financial needs and still have the opportunity to be involved in church activities.

  31. Just over a week ago, I married a widower with two children. Three days before the wedding, his 11-year-old son decided he did not want us to get married and made things very difficult, including refusing to watch the ceremony. Please pray for us as a family that God will bring peace and healing to two young children who miss their mother.

  32. Please pray for us as my husband was laid off. We pray for a job for him. DA Schuhow, we are praying for your husband. Kaye Durio

    • Lord, Keep Kay and her children wrapped in your tender loving care. You are faithful when all else seems to fall apart in our lives. Lord God, we can depend on your faithfulness through everything we experience in our lives. We entrust Kay and her children to your care Father. Amen.

  33. I have depression. I need a job. Also please pray that my Dad will be moved closer to my sister and I. Thank-you!

  34. Separating belongings after 28 years of marrive ano child rearing. Today is my birthday and Noone here to celebrate. Feeling lonely.

  35. Cat
    That our only daughter would stand steadfast in Christ as her Rock. And God would comfort & heal her, there is much pain.
    As a child she was violated, she shared now in adulthood.
    Her desire is a godly man & family.

  36. My youngest sister died of an overdose a few months ago. We are devastated. Since her death we’ve experienced seven additional losses. All have been significant although none as painful as losing her. I’m experiencing high anxiety and other symptoms.
    I live next door to my Mom and am having a hard time knowing how to help her. I am not sure how to help anyone right now.
    I need God to help me.

    • Dear Father, i just lift up Melinda and her family to you. Please guide their steps and heal their heartbreak. Help Melinda to know how to help her mom and family memebra to help each other.
      Please provide loving, caring Christians to step up along side them to be your hands and feet. In Jesus name, Amen.

  37. Please say a prayer for me. My sister just died of colon cancer, I am broken hearted . I am having a procedure this week to check for cancer in me. I am trying hard to have positive thoughts and could use some positive prayer form others. Thank you.

  38. Oh Candice, im so sorry for your loss. I pray against cancer entering your body. I pray you will feel the presence of our almighty God today and through this week. Much love xx

  39. I like my dear friend. I have prayed he will pursue me and will become my husband for gods glory.

  40. We praise God we found a house and are moving to where my husband’s job is. The move has had many difficulties and challenges. We are so tired from the stress. Please pray for God to renew our strength. Also for healing as I got hurt ina fall before moving. Ia m doctoring a tendon in my left ankle. My son has high functioning autism and we need guidance in homeschooling him this fall yet. Also, my mom broke her foot and I would like to help her as I am her only child Thank you!

  41. For my former personal trainer and now friend M. and for me as well. Between all that has gone on in his life as well as mine this last month or so, all that he is pursuing now as his passion full-time will come to pass and be successful in it. It has been a hard last couple days with his last session with me on Friday and none except for one person in my family really understands what I’m going through. I don’t know if he’s even X-tian, but I do know he has influenced me and supported me more than I think even he realizes. For him and me. Thanx.

  42. Please pray for my son that God will change his heart and mind & help him to want to turn his life around. I pray that God will take away the drugs and anger and fill the hurting places with love. I pray for a positive sign in this next week.

    • Praying for God to work in your son’s life changing him as only He can and healing him spiritually, emotionally and physically.

    • I just prayed for you, Tia. I can totally relate – especially with the job struggles. <3

  43. I’m in desperate need of full time work. Currently, I’m working in home support as a caregiver, & I’m only getting a few hours a week. I’m on my own & share my home just with my cat. So I need full time work so that I can pay my rent & other things. I’m also behind on my rent & bills, & so I need to try to get money to get caught up. Please pray that I’d get full time work as well as somehow figure out how to get the money to get caught up so that I’m in right standing with all to whom I currently owe money. Thank-you for your prayers. <3

    • MEJKnowles, I understand completely. I am praying for you to find full time work and for the resources you need to get caught up financially. With your faith, hope, perseverance and trust in God, you will get through this.

      • Thanks so much, Becca Daisy. I still don’t have full time work, but somehow I’m making it work. I’m still looking & waiting for God’s leading, & He’s providing & helping me to be patient. 🙂

        • I will pray some more. Your faith sounds so strong. Keep believing. I just know something great is waiting for you!

  44. Please pray for my husband who is in severe pain with tumors after his prostate cancer surgery 3 years ago. He will also be having a triple neck fusion soon. Also I am responsible and taking care of my elderly parents. We are all believers in Jesus. Thank you for your prayers!

  45. That I may find joy, love and peace. That I may stop the constant criticism of myself and find my identity again….

  46. Please pray for my husband and I, we are going through some very difficult financial issues. I just feel like we are being smothered by debt that never seems to end. We are applying for a loan sometime this month, and I just hope and pray that it goes through. This would be such a HUGE load off of our shoulders.

  47. Please pray for my family in the following areas: health,finances, careers. I have renters next door to me that have been blaring music all night long. I have had to call the police. They refuse to stop. The police are helping me with the situation but I begin teaching next week and the lack of sleep is effecting my health. Pray they move. Pray for me as I begin another year of teaching. The administration is very nasty and sneaky. They do not care about their staff. It’s all about power and control. We had several people leave because of them. I tried to transfer but missed the date to do so. They are sarcastic and are bullies. We seem to have no recourse as HR knows but has not done anything as of yet. I am believing they get moved. Thanks. This gas been very stressful.

  48. Please pray for my husband and I to be led to the Christian fellowship he wants us to be a part of.

    • Holly, I pray for you and your husband… that you are led to the Christian fellowship he wants for you. I pray that you are both touched by Christ, and that He will begin to work wondrous things in your life and in your marriage. I pray that you and your husband will grow in your love for Christ and for one another. I pray God’s blessings for you both, as well as your families. Amen.

  49. My 4 younger grandsons are on the autism spectrum & I know your concerns & hopes. The guys never cease to amaze me & others by doing what seemed impossible. That’s God. Keep your eyes on God & not what others may say or think.

  50. Please pray for me as I enter into another school year. I am a special education teacher (mild disabilities, all students who participate in general education), and the job requires much patience and preparation. Pray that I will be blessed with the patience and grace to serve my students, and that I am able to reach these students. They don’t often have much support at home, and are disadvantaged in a number of ways. I pray to be a positive, Christ-like influence in their lives, even if I am unable to teach them God’s Word in the school system. Please pray for the students as well, as their homes and lives are often filled with conflict or lack of support. Thank you

    • Kelly, your servant’s heart has caught my attention so I pray for you here: O Father of mercy and compassion, may you take Kelly’s humble request to serve you by serving these students and their families as a special education teacher. Please give her the patience and preparation time and quality that you know she needs. May she remember that in herself she is not able to accomplish this, but in Christ she can do all things. I pray for these students whose lives are often filled with conflict or lack of support. O Father, you are the One who is the Father of the orphan and the afflicted. May your glory shine as you touch these children’s lives with your amazing grace and the promise of redemption through Christ Jesus. Thank you for this great and wondrous promise! Amen.

  51. Please pray for son, his wife,& 3 sons each of whom are on the autism spectrum. Our son is an addict & from this has made horrible choices that have resulted in his being arrested & jailed. God has spared him once again& offering the opportunity to be a man after His own heart. Please pray for this little family as they face this huge challenge. Pray for our son’s protection & safety in jail & that God’s hand will be on him.

  52. Prayers for Kay, God bless you and your family…

    Prayers for a dear friend who needs affordable housing, that she is able to find what she needs close to her job and family; prayers for a dear friend, his old friends lost him years ago, he went through some tough times, but all of us love him and miss him, just want to see him again, and pray that seeks first a renewal of his relationship with the Lord

    • Dee, here’s my prayer for your friends: Lord, you are our Provider, for both our physical needs and our spiritual needs. I ask that you help Dee’s friend who needs affordable housing that is close to her job and family as you deem best. But, even more so I ask for both friends that you pour out your unending mercy upon their hearts, minds and souls. Where there is spiritual darkness, may you give the spiritual light of the gospel of Christ. Where there is blindness, may you open eyes to see the beautiful treasure Jesus is. May you use these friends who love and miss the one as vessels of truth in love to this man. Thank you and may your glory shine through your work we anticipate to see! Amen.

  53. Please pray first that the following truth be rooted deeply in my heart, mind and soul: “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him”. May this be true in me as I put my faith completely in Christ to walk me on this road of suffering. I have a condition in which ordinary products people use which are fragrant and/or chemically derived cause cognitive, emotional and physical pain and dysfunction. I praise the Lord in the pain for I believe He is good and has a good purpose in it. Yet, I need the prayers of sisters in Christ to help my mind stay on the truth, because the pain can be mind-numbing when it’s severe. I can be tempted to forget all the Lord has done through His wonderful gift of salvation. So, thank you for praying that I not ever, ever forget!

    • Diana, I pray that you will be wrapped in God’s love and have peace that passes understanding, and His special comforting Presence daily as you journey closer to Him until we meet Him face to face! He knows the details of what you face with this condition, and cares deeply about these! May His blessings be with you! Please be in prayer for my Aunt Karen who found out just a few days ago that she has Lung Cancer. She is a mother of three grown sons, so please pray for them, too! Thank you!!!

      • Jodi, thank you so much for your prayer to be wrapped in God’s love and for that peace that passes understanding. Yes, I do pray for your Aunt Karen…May the Lord’s presence come near to her in this time. If she is not a born-again believer, I pray the Spirit will bring the conviction which brings godly sorrow that leads to repentance and salvation. If she is already a born-again believer, I pray that her faith in Christ will persevere and grow even strong during this trial. I ask that the Lord will surround her with mature believers who will continually encourage her in the Lord, praying for and supporting her on this journey. I also pray for the family to be strengthened during her trial and not torn down by the pressure and suffering. Amen.

  54. Praying for you Diana in the valley of suffering. Christ is walking with you and I understand how hard it can be to trust Him when you are in pain. He hears your heart, dear one and has heard your beautiful prayer. He will never leave you or forsake you. xox

    Can you please pray for a courageous heart amidst heartache and pain. And for full and complete trust that God will make a way through it. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Veronica, for your prayers. It is so good to be reminded of His promise to never leave or forsake those who put their trust in Him.
      Yes, I pray this for you: Father, Veronica is asking for a courageous heart as she experiences heartache and pain. May you fill her with a full and complete trust in you that glorifies your name, the name of your Son Jesus. Help her and others around her see the transformation of her heart and give her the praise with thanksgiving. You are more the victorious over our pain, Lord Jesus so in you we trust in our own pain. Thank you. Amen.

  55. Father, I lift up Veronica to You, in the midst of her heartache and pain. I ask that you strengthen her and comfort her as she walks through this valley. We thank You, Father, that you have given us each other to comfort one another in our tribulations and pain on this earth. Sometimes things happen beyond our control that rip our hearts in two and threaten to destroy our very trust in Your goodness and mercy. We know that you are the God of all comfort and I ask that you hold Veronica close to You and soothe her pain. Let her walk in Your strength and peace, and feel Your Presence with her, with the assurance that she will come out of this, still praising You.
    Please pray for me also for a courageous heart amidst heartache and pain. I find myself in my 70’s, with health limitations, needing to find work to support myself, having my retirement and financial security stripped away. As I fight feelings of anxiety and betrayal, I want to be strong and able to do what I need to do. People ask me how I remain strong and upbeat with all that has happened and is happening in my life, and I think, Father, if they only knew. I know that God is able to supply my every need, and I want my faith to reflect that knowledge. I want to be a light for HIm, and not cave in to the desperation I feel inside. Thank you.

  56. Please pray for me, we are hoping to give our youngest child a sibling close in age but its just not happening with our getting “older”. I had a miscarriage last year and nothing since, its hard to not get discouraged.

  57. Please pray for my husband and I. Totally worn out from daily challenges where there’s no end in sight. Thank you.

  58. Lord, I lift up Sandra and her husband in prayer. Restore their hearts to the days of new love, allow them to hear sch others hearts and reconnect. Heal their hearts and renew their commitment to each other. I ask for prayers for growth in new business and peace, unity and love for two families that are blending with a remarriage. Thank you.

  59. Prayers for everyone here! God knows your needs even before we ask!

    I have a friend who is battling colon cancer again! She has already undergone surgery, and chemo and was thought to be cancer free. Recently the cancer came back and she is once again fighting the cancer. Her last treatment was Wednesday and she is feeling really bad this weekend! Paula Dillon is name!
    Also my dad is doing ok, but could use prayers still. Turns 90 in September. I pray he can last that long, but if not then he will be in the presence of almighty God!
    Blessings 🙂

  60. Beth, I will pray for your friend, Paula, that God will give her what she needs when she needs it to continue to battle this cancer. I will also lift up your dad in prayer that he will be able to celebrate his 90th Birthday in September.
    Isn’t it great to know that in both of these situations, we have a loving Heavenly Father who already has it all worked out according to His perfect plan?
    I ask for prayer for my husband, Randy, who needs to find a job after losing a job he had worked for 37 years. He has an appointment tomorrow afternoon with a potential employer, who happens to be a strong Christian man and we pray that the opportunity will meet the needs of both Randy and the company as we continue to seek God’s will for our lives.

  61. Robin, I’ll be praying for your husband and his appointment tomorrow, that all will be according to our Father’s plan for each of you.
    I would appreciate prayer for financial needs. I love the job I have but am not sure I should stay or look for another job. Thank you.

  62. Please pray for me as my husband passed away six weeks ago and it still seems like it happened yesterday. The grief is so huge and overwhelming. Please ask our heavenly father to give me the courage and strength I will be needing on this journey. I pray for DA Schuhow’s husband in whatever way that he needs these prayers and for Doriselle and her daughter that they may find a home of their own.

  63. Prayers that your husband’s needs be met DA. I’d like prayers for me and especially my children as we approach the first anniversary of their Father’s unexpected death a week before he was due back in the US from a missions trip in Uganda.

  64. Funny to open this at this late hour…I’m going for a major surgery tomorrow on my right foot to correct what was messed up with the last one. I would so love the Lord to heal me before I have to go through this again (6 weeks in bed) but I am willing to do whatever He desires, so I am preparing for surgery. Thanks so much for praying!!

    And dear DA Schuhow below, I pray for your husband. Father, would you generously pour out your love, power, and restoration for this man. I have no idea what he’s dealing with, but You know intimately the ins and outs of our lives. I pray for a restored renewed and refreshing relationship with DA and her husband, and that you will surprise and delight them both with the revelation of what Your good path is for their lives. In Jesus’ Precious Name, Amen.

  65. Please pray for my little family. We need more of God’s loving presence, provision and wisdom. So grateful for His miraculous healing and grace!

  66. Please pray for my Ten Days Mission in India, as I raise funds through partnership and sponsorship. Please pray that the Lord will send people to be a blessing to me and the nation of India. Thank you and God Bless you

    • Joy Ann I am praying for your ten day mission- that funds would be abundantly provided and that your trip would have a tremendous impact on the people and country of India. Thank God for people like you who have been given the Great Commission and are able to carry it forth.
      Please pray for my depression and my inability to shake off day to day bad spending habits. Also I am going away with my daughter and grandson and he is hyperactive and is on the autism spectrum. So this will not be restful- She tries to control him and he responds with more tantrums etc. Between her yelling and his tantrums I just get very anxious. Thank you and God Bless

  67. Please PRAY for my health to continually be restored. Pray for my Family and for Peace to dwell in my home. Thank you and GOD BLESS! 🙂

  68. Hi Roger, I pray in Jesus’ authority that your health be restored. Jesus You are the peace giver, I ask that You would give Your peace upon the hearts and mind of Roger and his family and Lord Jesus that You would be the builder of Roger’s home and let Your peace dwelling there. In Jesus’ name Amen

    My hope and desire is that Father God would give me success by granting me favor as I ask Him to restore my friendship with Mark.
    Please pray for me and pray for Mark.
    Thank you.

  69. Please pray for protection for me, a trial at work. God knows the circumstances. Thank you!

  70. Please pray that I learn to care more about what God thinks of me than what others do, and that sometimes friendships were not really friendships to begin with.

  71. Please pray for me as I am grieving for my husband of 31 years who passed away in mid-July so that I can move through this loss with God’s grace, knowing my husband is completely out of pain now and in heaven with Christ. Also please pray that I blessed with ample provision from God, with all I need not only for his cremation and Memorial CELEBRATION but also beyond so that I am fully equipped with everything I need to do what God has planned and for a fully blessed new life!! Also please pray for my friend Dominique who is currently hospitalized following a severe asthma attack and has to immediately move with her daughter somewhere else when she is discharged to a place where her asthma cannot be triggered (economics forced her to move in with loving friends). Please pray not only for her healing and continued health but for provision for her as well, so that she can do this. Thank you so much!!!

    • So sorry for your loss. Praying for your heart as you grieve and asking God to be your Comforter and to bring others along side you to walk with you.

  72. Doriselle & D.A. Schuhow I am praying for God to grant you provision and healing! I decree and declare through the authority Jesus has given us that it is now done. May God continue to bless you and your loved ones!!!

  73. Please pray that I may accept God’s healing from a chronic skin affliction that has become a source of distraction and extreme discomfort.

  74. Attempting to decide whether to have brain surgery or not to deal with trigeminal neuralgia. Not knowing outcome very scary as surgery is risky. Not to have surgery means to continue have almost constant pain.

  75. Please pray for me and my husband as we meet with a marriage counselor tonight, I am hopeful but scared at what might happen. Also prayer for my best friend who found out her her husband has been unfaithful after 30 years.

  76. please pray that I may overcome my addiction. It is nothing serious that you need to worry about me, it’s more a bad habit I have which I feel convicted about, and shame over. It is like an idol, because I think about how I am going to have it, i plan around it! I know Gods word says that with every temptation we are given the tools to resist but I just seem to forget at the moment I have it! I know it’s an addiction because I can’t stop on my own and it’s been going on for years! Pls pray for me because it’s stopping me to move forward and grow my relationship with Jesus. It’s the rocks around my neck! I pray about it in my head so Satan can’t hear me. (As ridiculous as that sounds ladies) I feel like that is what he has over me. ah, so you think you are a Christian, no no loser, you give in to me everyday! (I know the great accuser) – pls pray that I may stop and use the tools to overcome the temptation with the help of the Holy Spirit. Thank you so much!

  77. Michelle, I pray for you and your husband. I pray that Michelle and her husband benefit from their time with the Counsellor, I pray that they both give soft gentle answers to turn away wrath, because harsh words stir up anger (Prov 15:1). May the counsellor be a Man of God so that he has the right frame of mind about the sanctity and importance of marriage. Lord, please bless this marriage, protect them both from the evil one who walks this earth looking for ways to cause harm. please soften this husbands heart that he may care bout Michelle and love her enough to come to the session with a heart for restoring his marriage and the covenant he entered into before God with Michelle. I pray that Michelle and her husband put on hearts of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience towards each other. Lord,please save this marriage, in Jesus Name. Holy, holy, holy Lord, Almighty God full of power and might! Heaven and Earth are full of your Glory! We need you here.

  78. Pansyshell, I pray that you will find peace in accepting your behavior and overcome the guilt and shame you feel. I’m sure you will then be able to build the strength to break the habit.

  79. I am praying that I can make the right decision about my current job and another opportunity that has been presented. I’ve recently(3 months) been hired in a new position which I feel I could enjoy and excel in when I’ve been able to fully learn and master the role but I’ve found that it simply doesn’t pay enough to meet my financial obligations. I was paid a much higher salary in my previous position but had to make a change for health reasons. I was very surprised to be contacted recently by a recruiter who found my resume from my previous job search and have scheduled an interview for later this week. This new opportunity would pay more than my current position but is also likely to put me under greater stress and requires an extended work schedule. I feel terrible for even considering this but I also need to meet my other responsibilities. I wish I knew the best way to proceed and pray that I make the right choice.

  80. Wplease pray for my husband. One month ago he had an aneurysm burst, caused by bavteria from an abcess opin his body. He survived and is in rehab for at least 30 more days or longer. He also has pnuemonia and blood clots in his arm. Please pray they do not travel to his heart, lungs, or brain. Please pray that the Lord will dissolve them, as they cannot be treated due to bleeding in his brain. Pkease pray for strength for me. I have anxiety attacks from this. Thank you.

  81. Please pray for me that my divorce settlement will come through soon so that my daughter can go to college next year and I can pay off my bills and Lao pay for some training for my son please also pray that my lawyer will change and start to help me instead of hinder me because I have paid her so much already and I can’t afford to change lawyers now I feel so despairing but I truly believe that the Lord will pour his blessings on me and my family I pray for all the persons who will
    Post their prayers after me ms for those that have posted before me may the Lord bless you with the fulfillment of your prayers

  82. I commit DA and her husband to you O Lord. You are the Sovereign God and underneath them are Your everlasting arms.

    4 months ago I had a hectic life. I was completing university and just as I was graduating I was diagnosed with Stage II cancer. After radical surgery, and a miracle, I am just completing my 3 month recovery. While I need the time of stillness and rest, both physically and emotionally, I sometimes feel at a loss as to what to do now.
    I am praying and asking the Lord to open doors where He wants me to be. To show me where He wants me to go and what He would like me to do next..

  83. Please pray that I may someday (soon) find the peace of God to fill my soul to drive away the debilitating anxiety that eats away at me every moment of the day. And that I may clear hear the guidance of The Lord so that I may follow to live in his will.

    • Dear sister,
      To know God’s will is to love God and obey whatever (big or small task) He is asking of you. If you cannot hear anything then at least start with loving Jesus more and more everyday! Xoxo

  84. I am a single mom & recently had to resign from my job in order to be present at a very important meeting for my struggling teen. I have been searching for work and have another interview today at 1pm EST. The position would be temp to hire and potentially great opportunity for me to move out of debt and low income & into a more financially secure future. Prayers appreciated. Thank you so much.

  85. We desperately need to sell our business. It’s been almost 8 years of running a failing business, a Shell gas station. We need the Lord’s intervention in a big way. Also God’s clear direction for my 20 yr old son. Thank you so much!

  86. Please pray for my daughter, married and mother of 4 teenagers, she has been diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disease. Please pray for her healing.

    • Dear Cindy Andrews, I lift up your daughter and her family to you oh Lord at this time. I pray for your comfort as she is going through this disease. I pray for her family to give them wisdom, discernment on how to be able to assist there mom through this time. Most importantly you are the God the Great Physician. I pray for healing for Cindy’s daughter in Jesus name.

      • If you could pray for me as I have been homeless for a very long time. I do not see a end to this. It is hard living in my car. I would like a better life In Jesus name.

        • Pam, I have no adequate words to express to you at the moment. My heart feels pain and compassion for you in your circumstances, but I don’t even know how to pray. So I am putting my trust in the promise in Romans 8 where we are told, “For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.” Pam, I pray the Lord brings you through these difficult circumstances first of all by strengthening your faith in Him and His goodness as well as bringing about the provision you need physically. And I pray these things in Jesus’ glorious name! Amen.

          • Miss Diana: I want to thank you for the reply to my Heart’s Cry. I receive your prayer. I lift you up to the Father and ask Him to bless you. Miss Diana, I see you take the time to read so many other prayer requests and respond. May God touch your heart in a special way. I ask Him bless your anointing on being a prayer warrior for Him. May you know how much you are loved by reading Our Heart’s Cry and responding.

            God’s righteous blessings to you always for reading and responding.

            In Jesus name I pray for you.

            Pamela B.
            1 Samuel 16:7

            Thank you for showing God’s heart.

          • May God bless you, Pam! I do feel the love of Christ flowing through here as we pray for one another in love.