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Carolyn Dale Newell is a Christian wife, mom, and passionate writer. After losing most of her vision, she began writing devotions about God’s grace and strength to encourage people as they go through life’s struggles. Carolyn writes for Encouragement Café Ministries, and she's a featured columnist for Garlands of Grace...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. I have been needing relief from things that are leading to a world of stress for me which causes flare ups with my Crohn’s Disease. I have been so overwhelmed with everthing that all I can do when I pray is say but one thing, “Help me God”. Just this morning after a very stressful day of screaming at my husband that “I hate him!” Because he cannot admit that he doesn’t acknowledge my hurt nor schedule time for me no matter how calmly I ask nor the many ways of telling him verbally nor written fr the past few years and living pay check to pay check for the past five years to pay off our debts, and our oldest daughter who over schedules her life even with us and others guiding her with healthier ways nor her not making time for her immediate family and then asking why her younger sister doesn’t want anything to do with her. It hurts me beyond reason when I know without a shadow of doubt that God called me to be a stay at home mother. I woke this morning to a sign of my Crohn’s flaring up. I need people who believe that God can bring me relief from these stressors and speak kind words to me and pray for me. No matter how much I reach out to my oldest daughter she just doesn’t seem to get what her father nor I nor her grandparents nor any other Christian friends say. It isn’t that she is filling her life with bad things but that she tries to do too much in God’s kingdom. She then asks us over and over why am I so tired. She never listens when we tell her for she just goes on doing the same things and then adding more to over crowed schedule. What hurts me the most is that the three us, her immediate family gets ignored. I am not perfect by no means but I have done my best to raise my children by the word of God and encourage them daily to do their best and been there for them when they needed a shoulder to cry upon all while dealing being a highly sensitive person, bouts with serious health issues of my own and my parents . I cannot continue this wage cause I was just diagnosed with ?Crohn’s six months after my regular checkupfoulcerstivevcokitis that was given a thumbs up. I have been doing much better todo things to offset my stress bye eating whole foods and exercise and doing progressive muscle relaxation techniques and seeking Lgod throughBible reading and prayer. But I NEED someone to come along side of me and pray with me. I have asked my husband to but he gets so overwhelmed with I am guessing our finances because I cannot get him totals with me. He will do it for one or two weeks then evrything just goesbackto Old habits withevryone around here.

    • Pumpkin,
      So sorry for your stresses. May God bring about a heart change in everyone. I pray your daughter realizes soon how much she is hurting her family. May God bring about some peace and contentment to your heart, soul and mind. May He also bring healing to you for your Crohn’s disease. Know that I will be praying for you all!

      Please help Pumpkin and her family. They need to see you now! They need relief from all the stresses of life! Please open their eyes to see what they are doing and bring back the peace, love and harmony they once had! Bring some healing to Pumpkin also for her Crohn’s.
      AMEN! (((((Hugs)))))

  2. This is beautiful, and brought tears to my eyes. I love the part where you say – “My faith increased as I saw God, the invisible, more than the visible world which was slowly passing from my eyes.” That is powerful, my friend. What an honor, what a privilege, what valued “sight” that is. When at the end you listed a few examples of how some of us might be broken, I teared up when I came to “wayward child”. There is a child we are praying for daily, and I so appreciate your encouragement that flows from what you wrote. You have greatly encouraged this mom’s heart today- thank you so much!

  3. Carolyn, what a joy to see you here this morning! Your testimony of seeing more of the invisible God as this world became less,visible is powerful. Thank you for the encouragement that God takes care of our every need.

  4. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I so needed them this morning! It has been a long summer battling the effects of heat on my MS symptoms. Through my brokenness, I see God’s grace towards me. We all have broken areas that Jesus wants to touch if we will just come to Him. Blessings!

  5. Carolyn,
    Thank you for this beautiful post today. I love the reference to the breaking of the bread! I’m a bit of a pro at asking God for help and even telling my children that our negative or painful experiences can lead to a new light, but it is not always easy to live by my own words or advice. I love this message and will take this into my week ahead and hope it will help me create a new outlook. I am also praying for you as you navigate this new world of “non-visual vision.”

  6. Beautiful Carolyn! I love how you spoke of the broken bread. Amazing grace! Thanks for the reminder that brokenness draws us closer to God,who mends our broken pieces back together.

  7. Carolyn,
    Such beautiful symbolism. We must be broken to really see Jesus. It is interesting how our faith increases when we must depend on God. He will break us to bring us to Him! Everyone has some sort of brokenness in their lives. I pray we can all turn to God in our brokenness and allow Him to heal us in His way! Loved the thought about seeing God the invisible more than the visible world. This world offers to many distractions. We need to get away and really see Jesus!!
    Blessings 🙂

  8. I do agree that it takes brokenness in order for us to see God’s grace. He draws me ever closer to him through everything I have been through in the last few years. I wanted to tell you yesterday to keep trying because you will reach your goal. I have a friend who lost her sight in her 50s or so . It took her awhile to except but today is playing jokes on her pastor with comments about her sight. We also have a another lady in our community who is legally blind that is an exceptional artist. She paints huge canvases for the businesses here and anyone else who would like to purchase one. They are of beautiful scenery. She also owns an art studio where she teaches the local community how to paint. She got her first seeing eye dog in the last year or so. They both know that God can still use them in great ways to share God’s love with others just as you do. Press on you beautiful daughter of God great things await! I know they do for me as well. Thank you Beth for the prayer.

  9. Thank you for sharing today Carolyn. May God continue to bless you with strength and grace. God is always with us and will give us the strength and grace we need to keep going. Thank you for encouraging me today and reminding me of that beautiful truth. Sending love and prayers your way! Xoxox

  10. Prayers right now for Bill Sr and Bill Jr as these two men prepare a memorial for their wife and mother. Prayers that Bill Sr be humbled by God’s unbelievable GRACE and realize that it’s okay to say he is hurting, to not have all the answers and to submit to the will of God. Praying that in this brokenness they can both see God’s light shining brightly through. May you Rest in Reace and Rejoice in Heaven Regina.