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Jennifer Dukes Lee is the author of several books, including Growing Slow. She and her husband live on the family farm, raising crops, pigs, and two humans. She’s a fan of dark chocolate, emojis, eighties music, bright lipstick, and Netflix binges. She wants to live life in such a way...

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  1. Jennifer,
    I am trying so hard to embrace the journey, but this morning I’m really feeling disheartened. I’ve recuperated from two major surgeries…one successful…one not. I have been plagued by yet another injury/problem that may require surgery. I feel like I’ve embraced what God had for me to learn through the other recuperations, but to be quite honest…right now my heart is weary and tired of being physically “broken”. I could really use prayers for healing and for a good attitude as I head into the days in front of me. Thanks.
    Bev xx

    • Praying for you, Bev. Lifting you up before our Heavenly Father.

      And thank you for praying for me recently at incourage that I would not run and hide. Your prayers have been answered in a mighty way. In the opening of my heart, mind and soul, when I felt incapable of this and had run and hid, the LORD humbled me in His comfort. In my PTSD treatment, image after image and words after words spoke of God’s control and His encouragement for me to let go of the pseudo control I thought I had. The further the session went, the more raw emotions (heartache, anger, fear) were uncovered, brought out of hiding, and placed in His lap.

      From the moment we enter this world we are encouraged to hide our weaknesses, to hide our human emotions. But I discovered in my therapy session, the more I allowed myself to feel what I felt and had repressed, however wrong that felt, the more truthful I became and the more relaxed and free I became in the arms of Jesus, who I heard calling and beckoning me to lie down and rest on Him. It really brought home that Scripture about casting all our anxiety upon the LORD.

      Anyways, all this just to say I wish I could give you a hug and say thank you in person. Instead I’m going to pray and thank God for the heart He has placed within you and pray that He would draw you unto Himself, unto His strength, His healing Hand and His almighty Peace.

      • Anna,
        When I read your very kind, sweet, and heartfelt response, it brought tears to my eyes. Instead of trying to be stoic…I believe I need to collapse into the loving arms of Jesus. I’ve gotten to the end of myself and like the helpless lamb, I am picturing myself (with your help) being held in His strong and capable arms. I know my heart is secure…I need to trust His control over the physical problems I am having. Thank you for the encouragement to humble myself and let go – casting my anxiety on Him. Thank you for your prayers!!
        Love and ((hugs)),

        • Big huge hugs. I think it’s human to want to hold onto the semblance of control and a day-to-day humbling experience as we journey with Christ. I am blessed by souls such as yours exactly because you are so open, raw and honest.

      • What a beautiful testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness in your life. Also, what a beautiful picture of what it looks like when one friend (in)courages another! So grateful that God crossed your path with Bev’s.

        • He is so very good and faithful and much bigger than I’ll ever be able to fathom.

          I’m thankful to God for Bev’s blessing. She has such a beautiful heart.

    • Oh Bev,

      I am so sorry for all that you’re going through. I do suspect, like I said in the post above, that we will have to wait until heaven to figure out why we had to go through some of the things we had to face while hear on earth. I’m taking some moments this morning to pray especially for you, dear Bev. xo

    • Bev, I’m so sorry for all you’ve been through. I know that physical suffering colors all you do and can be so discouraging. (I’m going through a lot of physical pain myself just now). If you would permit me, I’d like to send you my book, where among other things I talk about a very difficult time after foot surgery and how the Lord ministered to me. If you would email me at words@brick.net with your mailing info, I’ll send it to you. May God bless you and bring you healing, peace, and wholeness from your brokenness.
      Lynn Morrissey

    • Bev,
      Prayers for complete healing. May God bring his healing touch upon you!!

      (((((Hugs))))) from Upper E. TN!

  2. Jennifer, thank you for this reminder. A few days ago I sat there discouraged at the stand-still of life I felt myself held in. I’d quit my job after feeling led to do so, to lead a quieter, more restful life at home with my girls. But it’s in this rest, or detour of the plans I’d been making, that tension, anger and frustration grew. And God led me to uncover that which I’d pressed down low. His detour for my life has been the most difficult and stressful of times, but also one in which I’m seeing Him turn ashes into beauty, brokenness into wholeness in Him. Yes, it is all about the journey, but not our journey, but His Spirit-led journey to freedom…freedom that won’t be complete until we stand face-to-face in Glory before Him.

    • Thank you, Anna, for sharing this. Yes… to embrace the journey that GOD has set us on, not the one we try to forge on our own. I so appreciate your words today, Anna.

      • And I appreciate yours so very much too. I believe God placed your book on my path for a reason, too. I read it right after coming back to faith and it was a huge eye opener and I still reflect on what you shared almost daily. I have made love and approval of people my idol in life and it still something I’m fighting against. Thank you for sharing your story and in your humility surrendering your story to the glory of God not only in your own life, but also in others’.

  3. Ah, Jennifer….detours and circuitous routes, dead stops. They can really be difficult. Sometimes for me, I don’t know if it so much detour itself that is hard, but that it’s long. I’ve been on a wilderness detour for eleven years. Ugh. But what I am trying to remember is that Jesus led me here, He is with me, and He knows the way out. When we embrace the journey, ultimately, we are embracing HIM! (And, of course, He never stops embracing *us*! Thank you always for writing with such encouragement. And I also find it encouraging that you were visiting your publisher! Hmmm….
    Love you a ton,

    • I know that your detour is very hard, and what inspires me, is how you continue to walk each step in faith. I admire you, Lynn. Thanks for your witness to God’s faithfulness, especially in the hard places.

      • Jennifer, your encouragement always means so much. You are truly a gift for this pilgrim.
        Love you so much!

  4. So appropriate for me today. My mother-in-law moved in with us near the end of March, all of us hoping for a full recuperation from a week-long hospital stay that left her weak. Nearly 4 months later, she’s lying in a hospital bed in my daughter’s room, dying. Talk about a re-route! My family’s lives have completely changed. Our lives are not our own. We can’t just run to the store or go out with friends without making sure there are care givers here to be with her. It’s been a journey. And it’s about ready to get a little more difficult as my son leaves on a mission trip next week for 10 days, my middle child moves back to her home in Lynchburg after a 2 month stay with us, and my oldest child has her hours increased at work, leaving me as the primary care giver with a list of hired help to call and juggle hours and money to make sure there is enough help to assist me in turning my mother-in-law in her bed and cleaning up after her. I will embrace the journey, the process, because I have no idea how long she will be like this – just one more day or another month? Only God knows. Thank you for reminding me that this is where my focus must be, with my eyes on God and my heart singing a song of praise to Him no matter the circumstances, trusting Him that He has all of us and everything in the palm of His large and loving hand!

  5. Jennifer,

    Embracing the journey…..I realize I haven’t been. This has been tough with starting over raising two little boys after grown children, and my husband’s health issues, and now mine, and winding the maze of so much change since my first round of kids were in school. So many of the things I just wanted dealt with and done. It’s not working out that way. I can see through this blog to embrace the journey, God deliberately chose this journey for me and my family.

    I am encouraged by the vulnerability and the love poured out I see, hear, and feel met by the women, in Bev’s need, and their/our need to touch and be touched, moved by compassion. It’s beautiful. I feel Jesus’ Presence as I type this out, His love poured out. This is His body.

    Thank you Jennifer and thank you ladies.



  6. Jennifer, (and all you ladies that commented and are going through detours my heart is so with you today!),
    This message today could not have been more timely.
    We were suppose to leave a month ago for TN. Me, my hubby, kids and mother. My mother has not seen her family in three years. She almost died in December from a massive internal bleed, recovered, and this trip was something we were all looking forward to.
    Then, days before we were suppose to leave for the trip she comes down with pneumonia that lands her in the hospital. We were so bummed but, the doctors reassured us when she got out if she was up to it she could go.
    She comes to my house for a few days to recover and ends up with a horrible rheumatoid arthritis flare so bad it kept her in bed for days unable for us to go on the trip. We canceled it and rescheduled it for next week.
    After everything my poor mama went through she was ecstatic to go, we went shopping, got her new clothes for the trip, and then the next day I get a phone call that my mom has fallen and they are taking her to the E.R. (talk about detours Jennifer), ugh.
    She broke her hip and wrist, had surgery and is now in a rehab facility. She will be there for weeks. She has been so depressed and discouraged and asking God why. (for whatever reason she was not meant to go to TN). 🙁 On top of it all, we buried my father in March after walking with him through his cancer and we are still trying to recover from that.
    So, as I sit here and read your ladies stories, I find comfort knowing I’m not alone. You ladies are all going through it as well, and I’m reading your stories nodding, crying with you. There is something to be said about suffering and when we go through the hard stuff, the compassion we have for others that can’t be attained unless we’ve been through it ourselves. Praying for each of you today.
    May we each know this: As we walk through the valley of the shadow, our Shepherd is with each of us. He will carry us, He will will never leave us, He will restore our souls and it will all be for His glory. We may not get all our answers here, but as Jennifer so beautifully said, every reroute is swollen with the possibility of redemption. May we embrace our journey knowing we are not alone. Love and prayers for all you ladies today. xoxo

  7. That is a fabulous post. Good for all. For me, we are in the middle of some serious strive with our foster son. We knew all of this would happen but no one can truly prepare for the pain, heartache and struggle that comes with foster care, despite training. And, as we are on a missions trip, today is not happening as planned as we hit rock bottom with our boy. My husband and I were reminded today that God knew all along what would happen today. We just have to roll with it, sit it out, as painful as it is. There is comfort in knowing God knew and didn’t prevent.

  8. Thank you for this. Right now, my plans for our family are just… well, they’re just not happening. Infertility has taken me on quite a detour- one that I never expected and one that really cuts to my core.

    • Oh, Ally, infertility is not a path that I have walked, but I can only imagine how painful it must be on several different levels. I am praying for you today.

    • I understand very well what ur going through . Its almost our 12 yr anniversary and still waiting for Gods promise of our child. We have decided to do artificial insemination next month… For god s glory

    • Ally,

      I can related to your journey. After years of infertility, my husband i were able to conceive through fertikity treatments. Unfortunately, the pregnancies ended in miscarriage. In November 2015, we found out that we conceived naturally. As you can imagine, we celebrated this great blessing from God. Little did we know that our daughter would would be born 3 months (April 2015) premature due to pre-eclampsia and live only 2 days. We watched helplessly as the nurses and doctors did call they could to improve her breathing. she passed away in my arms. We watched as they tried to revive her. Grief has certainly consumed us, but we can see God’s strength in helping us take one breathe and one step forward every day. Its the most horrifying and surreal experience and I have questioned why God would allow her life to be taken away so suddenly and I yearn to learn the purpose and lesson in the death of our daughter, Jasmin. Although I dont have the answers now, i am thankfuk that He has allowed the impossible to happen. I believe that satan stole and killed my child but why God allowed it, i dont know. Yet, I find joy in knowing that she is in Heaven and there is no denying that my quest to get there has increased ten folds. We never plan for such detours but we know that God, through Christ, has equipped us with all that we need to endure the life’s journey. James says to count it all joy when trials enter ur life as such trials increase endurance, character, and faith. For me, this is the ultimate testing of faith that has rocked the core of my being. Nothing is familiar and the minute things that seem to matter, no longer does. I yearn more than ever to leave this world and be joined with God and my children in Heaven.

    • Correction to my original post: we found out November 2014 that we were pregnant.

      Also, i wanted to add that I know the oain and heartache assiciated with infertility. Im so sorry that this has been ine of your “thorns” in life. The Word says there are two things that are never satisfied: the grave and the barren womb. Its hard to understand why the physical body does that work has we believe it should. Its hard to understand how others who birth children fail to understand the blessing In it. I certainly understand your plight and am praying that you continue to believe and have faith in God’s will for your life. the hardest part of this is accepting that God’s will is not now. Our definition of time cannot be comared to the timing of God. Trust that He is guiding and directing your path to eternal happiness and joy.

  9. I just wanted to say Jennifer I’m so glad that the halt in your journey worked out in the end. We never know what’s in store for us so yes we should embrace the moment with gratitude.
    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you ..

  10. Hi, I’m not sure what’s next in my journey, but thank you for the reminder that the moment is now. I got laid off at the beginning of May, so I am job hunting, and writing, and marketing some photographs, and …. I keep seeking a larger purpose, but for now to keep focused on Christ.

  11. Ah such beautiful posts and we are all connected by our different stories
    my husband of 5 short yrs went home to Jesus in May
    I prayed he would be healed and delivered this side of heaven and that we would serve God together but there is a different path for me to take now
    my life verse now is Prov 16:3

  12. My life has taken a huge detour these past two years. Last year we moved dad into assisted living. He had multiple medical issues-landing him in ER 4 times. That took a toll on me and my work. Last month I quit my job to be more available for my dad. This year he has had worsening dementia and a quick decline in the last few months . Within the last month or so he has quit eating or drinking much. Recently we have had 5 episodes (sundowners’). Last week he refused his meds for 2 straight days and was up walking around for 2 days. Friday we called in hospice to see if they could help with getting fluids and meds into him. Very rough time and I am weary right now from lack of sleep.
    Blessings 🙂

  13. “…every reroute in life is swollen with the possibility of redemption.” I love that. I desperately needed the reminder that God knows what He’s doing, even when we feel lost. Thank you.

  14. I’ve struggled with this for years. Because I’m a “planner”, I’m always looking down the road to the next thing instead of embracing the journey. Boy, do I need one of those bracelets so I can be reminded constantly. Thanks for the post.

  15. I needed to read this today. It was like God whispered “this is for you”. Thanks for sharing. I especially liked the last line…”just wait my daughter. It will all make sense someday. Until then, embrace the journey.

    • This was definitely a very good read. I have been on one of those side-tracked road trips for so many years. Just when I think things are okay it seems like life slaps me in the face and says “Oh no, you can’t be financially secure or be at rest and sleep at night or… Or… Or….. I just have no idea what God wants me to learn. He says in His words He does not harm but prospers us. Oh Lord make it so. My husband was without a job for 4 years. We sill had a child in college and one in high school. He finally got a job but it pays 60% less than he was making. To keep us afloat he used all our retirement fund to pay healthcare costs and mortgage payments. Well we had to do a quick sale on our house this year. And we had to settle for something far, far less than we owed on our house. And now we will have to pay taxes next year on the difference because it’s considered taxable income. Oh help us Lord I pray. I don’t have a car. My husband drives my dated 2000 van. We live with my 91 yr old mom. I am grateful for the roof over our heads and our beds to sleep in but it’s a tiny house and my mom isn’t always gracious. We really need to move out and give her her space back because although we rented 3 storage units we still have boxes here and it drives her crazy. We pay her some rent and help buy groceries and pay the cable bill but because she speaks loudly on the phone I hear her trying to be “quiet” while she complains to her friends. She is not hard of hearing either. I can’t seem to get my husband to understand that my living here 24/7 is ruining my relationship with my mom. I mean she is 91 and in good health for her age. He is a go with the flow and let’s thing roll off his back. We are Christians. I pray to the Lord continuously not only for our family but I minister to others who have absolutely no idea what we are going through. We need prayer please everyone if you wouldn’t mind taking some time to lift us up. I am not enjoying the journey. I am stressed, sleepless, gaining so much weight, had knee surgery on one knee and it’s not better. Still need surgery on my other knee. I don’t hear God on this or maybe I do but my husband doesn’t and we can’t get on the same page. Our daughter lives here too during the summers off from college. This is not healthy. There isn’t even room enough for a larger bed so my husband and I can share a room. Plus he snores and I can’t sleep. Okay enough of woe is me. I am asking total strangers for prayer here. God bless you all. I’d appreciate your prayers and Holy Spirit given words. Thank you,

  16. Would appreciate your prayers. My marriage is in very serious trouble. My husband is not living in reality. Watches TV on computer and Facebook and escaping and avoiding us. He needs a job but even more so he needs a reality check and mental and emotional healings. His adult son lives with us now. He too lives in nonreality and absorbed in computer games. I am 64 yrs old and can hardly cope with all of this not to mention our financial woes etc also. Thanks for your prayers

  17. As i am here upon my last of desparation for crys of hope. I come accros your website and here i am depressed and feeling of suicide. But i know I have purpose. Cause I came across this site. I know God is hearing my crys. Need prayer to get it all together. I once smiled of his love now im so lost.

  18. Where did you get this bracelet? I love it! Embracing each day, each moment and the journey is a struggle for me especially when plans change. I’m a big planner and like to be in control. I have a hard time enjoying and embracing. I have a picture that says carpe diem – to seize the day to help remind me. Thanks for your post.