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Former Bad Girl, grateful for the grace God offers. Happy wife of Bill, one of the Good Guys. Proud mom of two grown-up kids with tender hearts. Lame housekeeper. Marginal cook. Pitiful gardener. Stuff I love? Encouraging my sisters in Christ—across the page, from the platform, online, in person. Unpacking...

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  1. Thank you Liz for this. I need to be reminded to give and how to give.
    Love your blogs so much. Oh how they help this Jesus girl. Love you. Would so love to win this book.

  2. I try hard to be an example of God’s love, it’s not easy. I try to treat others like I want to be treated, with respect and honor.

  3. I have never encountered a study of the Queen of Sheba; this will be interesting. One way I am giving to help others is that I make colorful, one-of-kind pillowcases that are sent to military personnel (mostly Navy and Marines) on deployment. I work with a group, Headsatease.

  4. It’s such a good reminder for us women to spend less time judging each other but rather helping each other with time, support, or material things. Be generous with your kindness, possessions, and if able, even financially.

  5. I love to encourage others, the best way I have found is to greet everyone I meet with an encouraging smile. I would love to read this book, it sounds good!

  6. I had an excellent example in extravagant generosity in my grandmother. She went home to be with Jesus exactly a year ago. She was always blessing me with whatever it was she had, whether it was money or advice or cookies. Even though I don’t have the financial means to bless like she did and my baking skills are embarrassing, I try to give what I can. If I have something I don’t need, I try to give it to someone who needs it without strings attached. My time is more valuable to me than anything else but I’ve noticed that when I use that precious commodity to bless someone, I somehow get blessed by someone else to make up for the time I “lost.” God is so good to me in that way.

  7. Love all of your books that I’ve read so far. I was thrilled to see you at Women of Faith.

  8. “Efficiency is not a virtue”! OH NO! Are you sure?????? 🙂 I love that line and probably need to say it to myself often!

  9. Can’t wait to read this book! Fear of giving a gift that doesn’t help grow a relationship, is always an issue for me.

  10. I need to work on this…especially when it comes to giving of my time. In this fast paced work-a-day world, it is hard to give of your small free time. I pray that God will show me how to be more generous….

  11. God has given me so much. I need to be more of a blessing to others. Thanks for this message.

  12. I love giving to others whether it is something big or small. I have worked with Operation Christmas Child at local churches to put together shoeboxes, I have also volunteered with our local WAYFM Christian radio station during Pledge Drive and when they collect Christmas gifts for needy kids. I have served as a mentor for others in my professional field…I enjoy getting to help others however I can. The most fun thing I have done is providing groceries for people in need. On two occassions I have been able to provide the items anonymously and yet still get to see the joy on their face…they were excited and told me what a great thing someone did for them, yet they did not know that someone was me. What a blessing to be able to give!

  13. I try to make a choice every day to smile at everyone I encounter. (I say try because life is hard some days.) I offer forgiveness where needed and I allow myself grace when days get tough. I am eager to read this book…sounds awesome!!!! 🙂

  14. This sounds right up my alley! Fear of failing or making a fool of myself keeps me from offering gifts to others

  15. I’m trying to start each day asking God to help me to hear His voice. Because of that, I think I’m getting better at random acts of kindness motivated by His leading. But I’ve still got a long way to go. I am one of those people who absolutely fail at gift giving on special occasions. But with God’s help, I am improving on the spontaneous giving part. Thanks for this post. I’m glad to know that I’m not alone!

  16. For me, demonstrating God’s love and compassion to the word around me varies — from leaving an encouraging note for someone, helping with a chore, paying for someone’s meal, to a handmade gift (especially bracelets with crosses on them). I wait until I am moved by the spirit 🙂

  17. I need to do more of this! I try to be of service where I can but spend way too much time making excuses about not having the time. Would love to read this book!

  18. It’s awesome to be reminded how simple it can be to bless someone. I make homemade cards alot and fight insecurity of them looking childish but often just an added scripture the Lord has given me reminds me it’s really not about me at all. The book is a must read for me already!

  19. By demonstrating basic respect to everyone I meet and to always think that most people “mean well”.

  20. I always look for ways to share grace and love with everyone around me. Whether it is buying groceries or just sharing stories over coffee.

  21. What a good reminder that we need to give others what is important! Not just things. Blessings Liz!

  22. I try to smile and be positive with all the folks at work every day as I encounter them, which is occasionally difficult – but only occasionally! I can’t wait to get this book and dive into what I know will be its goodness! Yesterday at church there was a brief lesson on “hesed” and I was happy to be familiar with the word already thanks to the Ruth study! Liz – you help us in more ways than you know! I still hope to get to see you in person again! (and in my fantasies will be able to make one of the Scotland trips!)

  23. I try to show God’s love by showing an interest in the person and filling a need if there is one.

  24. This sounds like such a good book! I get overwhelmed in the day to day with raising grandchildren and I find I don’t reach out to other people. I really think this would be a good resource to help. I’ve read of the Queen of Sheba coming to ask Solomon questions, but never realized the extent to the gifts she gave. Obviously I missed that part.

  25. I try to be courteous to everyone, whether I’m having an off day or not. Trying to put my children and husband first when what comes naturally is putting myself first…

  26. Looking forward to reading this book! I’m interested in learning more about the Queen of Sheba.

  27. I love to share about God’s love with my music. Playing at church, retirement homes and friend’s homes is a meaningful act of worship for me.

  28. For a long while I have relied on lists given to me so I get the right gift to the right person and don’t have to use my brain to try to find the right thing. I think, from reading this excerpt, that I will put a little more effort into finding something that will make it more personal and showing more love, even if it is not the easy way out. I can’t wait to start on the full Bible study about the queen. Thanks, Liz.

  29. I am concerned always that I don’t show Christian love to my neighbors. I try always to be cheerful and concerned about them, I pray for them and let them know that I am, but often am unable to think of kindnesses to do for them. With meals I fear ignoring their dietary restrictions; offering to stay with a loved one when they need to go out is often refused out of their fear of taking advantage of my time; so I’ve found impromptu help with yard chores, offering fresh veggies from my garden, and occasionally a plant they especially like. Seems like so little…Liz Curtis Higgs always lifts my spirits. I will surely enjoy reading It’s Good to be Queen whether I win it or buy it!!

  30. When Liz spoke at LYFE on this topic, I was laughing too hard to get the whole message – so it’s been really fun to read the copy that just arrived and see what I missed while laughing…BEST WAY EVER to get a message 🙂

  31. “The real gift is letting others know God cares for them”. Love this quote. Yesterday I chose to allow my hands to be God’s ministering hands. I visited a neighbor in the hospital. He did not have any other visitors. I stepped out of my comfort zone and helped to feed him. I spoonfed him a milkshake and later, as if feeding a baby, I fed him his dinner.

  32. LOVE YOUR BOOKS! looking forward to this one. You bring the then into NOW with humor and commitment to “Gods Word” YOUR INSPIRATION IS indeed DIVINE! so love…
    thank you Liz.

  33. I love to show love to others in prayer. It is the most simple but yet personal thing you can do for people.

  34. Honestly I don’t do this very well. My word for this year was love and am trying hard every day to embrace this. Hoping this book will help!

  35. I had a women’s gathering at my home with food and crafts, ending the night with a time of foot-washing and prayer over each guest- The Lord had led me to do so and His presence was so very thick in that time-it was glorious! The book sounds like just what I need, because I really have to work hard to make these kinds of get-togethers, my flesh wants to make a million excuses why I shouldn’t!! Blessings Liz!! xo

  36. I try to show His love by loving others, even if I disagree with them. I teach my kids ‘different isn’t wrong, it’s just different’ and try to remind myself that applies to other people’s thinking as well.

  37. I try to listed to people and see what they really need and then do what I can to help. We help with a ministry and to help the leaders of that ministry, I watch their kids while events happen, so they have that one less thing to worry about.

  38. I year ago I was blessed to see the direct effects of compassion and how it can completely change an organization. I manage an organization that is 99.9% male and before I became the manager people did only what was absolutely required and only did that in fear or being called out and criticized by the rest of the group. Those that had temporary life issues that made them perform below the norm were given a bad time to the point that they left or were dismissed. This made me uncomfortable and I was told that was just the way guys did things and I wouldn’t understand. Then by a strange chain of events I became manager and I didn’t set out make the change that happened, I simply saw them as people with lives and issues not just participants. I very publicly, during our meetings, gave my support to each of them, encouraged and praised them for their unique abilities, if someone was having an issue I asked the others to help and privately talked to anyone who was critical. What happened next was beautiful. Others picked up the slack, we became a team, and now a year later, I would call us family. Performance and dedication are at an all time high. I was honored to be a small piece of God’s Beautiful plan for these people.

  39. I love Liz’s description of herself. So much humor and humility there! I, too, would love to learn more about what emulating the Queen of Sheba would look like and how to start conquering all these lame old fears that keep popping up.

  40. My challenge this year was to be joy to others. It didn’t have to be anything big but it needed to help someone else. Our family did simple things like paying for the people behind us at McDonalds, making a get well basket for a preschooler having surgery, and teaching my preschool class to be joy to each other and those around them.

  41. So looking forward to reading this book. I love all Liz Curtis Higgs writings!

  42. Look forward to reading the book! Right now, I am working on simply loving others as Jesus loves us. Not such an easy thing to do sometimes.

  43. Treat everyone with a kind smile, encouraging words, be helpful and comforting when in need.

  44. I try to demonstrate God’s love by reminding them that I care. Sometimes that is stopping in a Bible Study class room of Senior Citizens to say hi and give hugs, sometimes it’s a plate of home made Snickerdoodle cookies for a volunteer nursery worker and sometimes it’s a simple text saying that I am thinking of them.

  45. I always try to show God’s love and grace with my life. It’s not easy, but I can to those things because God is with me giving me grace and favor.

  46. I show love to all I come in contact with whether they know God or not. So hard to do at work but it helps me to remember how much God truly love me and how I should love others as he loves me.

  47. This book sounds amazing. I’m told I have a servant’s heart, but I’m not sure if it is always with the right motive. I also know there is so much more I can do, but it’s scary to step out of my comfort zone. Your books are always so encouraging yet convicting. Looking forward to reading it whether I win a copy or not. =)
    Thanks so very much!!!

  48. “tell us how you demonstrate God’s generous love and abundant compassion to the world around you?” One of the best ways I know how to do this is to walk around in somebody’s shoes. When I have let down the barriers, when I have tried to unmask my prejudice, cowardice, fear, and judgmentalism and just try to walk around in someone’s high heels, so to speak, to understand how she might feel, or what in her life led her to her point of need, it’s only then that I can really share the love and compassion of Christ. I am especially tender towards women who suffer from addiction like alcoholism or the guilt and shame of abortion, because I have walked in their very shoes, having suffered those things myself. So in order to show compassion, I have to risk vulnerability and take of my mask of pride. Suffering similarly to others is another way to feel empathy, and this gives you the grace to show it. Sounds like a wonderful book. Congratulations, Liz.
    Lynn Morrissey

  49. Thanks so much for your posting today: just what I needed to remind me to continuing on encouraging others.

  50. I try to smile at everyone I see out and about! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway!:)

  51. Tough question… how I demonstrate God’s generous love and abundant compassion to the world around me I think is just the golden rule, I treat others the way I want to be treated, and sometimes I remind myself that when I love them, I’m loving God (You know, when Jesus said in Matthew 25:40: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”).

  52. I think I’ve become better at giving when I think of the great gifts God has given me: a wonderful family of two handsome sons, a kind daughter-in-law and two very precious grandsons. I know I can’t outgive God, but I am more grateful and therefore more giving.

  53. This book looks like a great read. I work in the public sector so I try to be polite and show kindness to everyone who comes up to our counter at work. I hope by being kind or smiling at someone I am showing God’s love to them.

  54. I have been given the gift of hospitality, and I am blessed with dear friends who help me to share it every chance I get! Whether it is keeping the coffee pots full on Sunday morning, enjoying lunch with a friend, or organizing and serving luncheons and dinners to a crowd, I am always so excited to love on others with my gift! It is one way for me to thank my King. Liz’s books always make me smile. This one is on my must-read list!

  55. Liz, I would love to book you for may 2017. can you direct me to appropriate site for details?
    thanks Tm Louisville Ky

  56. I hope to learn how to demonstrate God’s generous its and compassion to others around me!

  57. I love all your “Bad Girls” books. Would love to read about the Queen of Sheba, too!

  58. I like to cook/bake for people and I try to send emails/notes of encouragement and thanks. When I see One Thousand Gifts or The Circlemaker on sale I buy multiple copies so I can give them away. Maybe I will be doing that with this book! 😉

  59. Thank you for this post. I also don’t give as I should because of fear. This sounds like a fabulous book.

  60. Looking forward to reading this book. God has continued showing me Him and his love towards me. I keep thinking that I am valued and loved so much. Thanks for writing this awesome book.

  61. I show love by pursuing and initiating. I want to learn to give with out fear of how it will be received.

  62. I love loving on our young mothers in our church community! Childcare is a gift I give – date nights, appointments, help with errands, or just time off! I’m thankful for the Lord’s prompting to encourage and love them.

  63. We have two family situations which require our ability to share God’s love out of the abundance He has blessed us with. One daughter suffers from bipolar disorder and is unable to work. She’s living in an unbearable situation, of constant turmoil, so we are looking for a condo to purchase for her that will provide her with the peace and quiet that she needs. Another daughter is married with 4 children. They lost a 5th child last December at birth. Their last child ate age one just had her 2nd major open heart surgery. They, too, live in conditions that are less than desirable for the children. We are in the process of purchasing a property with an 1890 farmhouse, out buildings and lots of room outdoors for the children. God provided this property which comes with a host of appliances, tools, lawn equipments, and even a truck! We have also supported a school for orphans in Uganda and individual orphan children, but our own family is the priority right now. Praise God that He has blessed us with the finances to do what we are doing! It all belongs to Him anyway!!

  64. Working with over 200 kids at VBS this week! Love your books and blogs and encouragement, Liz! Thank you!!

  65. Love Liz’s style of writing and teaching. She always delivers a message that is relevant and actionable while staying true to the word and its original meaning. I try to show God’s love by seeing everyone with God’s eyes. Its easy to love those who are like you and those you understand, but God knows their story and loves them with all their faults and hurts. I remind myself always that they are God’s sons and daughters and love is the only thing that will heal their hurts and get them through the next hurdle of their lives. It is also the only thing that will draw them to the Lord’s saving grace.

  66. I try to show God’s love and grace everyday by looking people in the eyes and smiling, letting them see His love. I also try to be there for others when they need someone, whether it’s a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, or a helping hand. I do fall short on this occasionally, but I tell myself that if I want to see God’s love I need to be it to others.

  67. I’ve read Slightly Bad Girls, and am now reading Bad Girls. Love your books soo much!! I would love to read Queen!
    Anne Jones

  68. Looking forward to learning more truths and life applications…..
    Thanks for the chance to enter and win !

  69. The wait is finally over, just like me waiting 9 months to have my baby, I’m glad to know that with only 8 days to go, I have one thing off my waiting list. God bless you Liz, as always.

  70. I’ve enjoyed so many of Liz’s books! I’m excited to read this one. I’ve always wondered about the Queen of Sheba.

  71. Can’t wait to get this…I try and have a positive attitude everyday and share that with others. I volunteer in the local community as well.

  72. Liz, I am constantly amazed at how you delve so deeply into the character of the women of the Bible. You show me in every one of them how God wants his daughters to be–and not to be. I struggle with so many areas in my life. Thanks be to God that He knows we can’t be perfect…but only asks that we do our best and trust in Him. I look forward to learning and growing more in the Lord in your next study.

  73. I try to make a difference by giving of who God made me to the ladies and children at our mission church. It feels me with joy watching them grow in God’s grace and love.

  74. can’t wait to get my copy of the newest book. I need to continue to greet people when I pass them buy,

  75. Love Liz and her sense of humor! Had lunch with her at Logos Bookstore event. I try to “Be there” for my sisters when life is tough.

  76. I just heard about Sheba in church a few months ago. I had never seen her as more than a political ally with Solomon. I am curious to know more. Your timing is perfect on this release. I hope to know more about being generous and other character traits from this book

  77. Looking forward to another encouraging study with Liz. I strive to be
    that example of love and encouragement through my church, women’s
    ministry and Bible study group. Planning the annual Fall Retreat with my
    planning team and just having an opportunity to love on God’s people by
    giving them a break from their “normal” stress-filled lives! Proud to
    serve and pray I will always be a light for Him!

  78. How you demonstrate God’s generous love and abundant compassion to the world around you?
    I am a handmaiden of God, I attend to His needs. I am at His command. All I do is for His glory, to make Him look good to the world. As such, I am there for anyone who asks and many whom I see has a need. Usually it’s family and extended family but often it’s for coworkers who need an ear to listen, a helping hand, or a willing heart to be there for them. When He says speak, I speak. When He say be quiet, I am quiet…not easy at times. When He says move, I move-physically or emotionally. When He says pray, I pray…I like this one best, less confrontation with humans and with little effort or cost, lol. Praying is real and comes easy. I am human and do fail but I try to exude the characteristics of Christ-love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness. I try to build up and not tare down; again, not always easy. My home is always ready for whatever or whomever God wishes to use it; after all He provided it for me. I want to be the best handmaiden in His kingdom and for Him to say, “Well done”. No higher praise could be given. This is how I demonstrate God’s generous love and abundant compassion to the world around me.

  79. I lead a Writing to Encourage ministry at our congregation. What a blessing it is! I’ve been on the receiving end as well as the giving end. I know how much it meant to me to receive cards from my sisters in Christ and others have told me how their lives were blessed having received cards. It’s a two way blessing…..being the recipient and being the sender. Can’t wait to read “Queen”! I have enjoyed all your books. You are such a gifted writer, Liz. God bless you for using the gifts God has given you. May your day be blessed!!

  80. Thank you Liz for this “just at the right time” book that I will be reading very soon. It’s been a very emotional year due to the sudden death of my husband in January whom I love with all my heart and now our sons and I are closing the business my husband started and grew for 13 years. We were both only 54 years old and could “somewhat freely” give as the Lord led. The Lord has provided for us and I am so thankful that God led us to make some wise investments which will carry me through the rest of my life if I live very sensible. I have already faced some “mind struggles” with giving to others but I know I will continue to tithe because I want to and because it is all God’s anyway. Thank you in advance for this wonderful and encouraging book that I know God has placed in my path to read.

  81. I follow my mother’s advise to show others God’s love. That advise is treat others as you want to be treated and remember to smile you do not know what trial the person you are dealing with is going through.

  82. Gift giving has always been one of my favorite things. However, in the past I have noticed I gave to others so that they would like me or be my friend, UGH! These days I’m trying to be more meaningful and intentional with my gifts and not worry about what they think of me. It’s more important to me what God thinks of me! Recently my pastor talked about giving, and how we can’t outgive God. My favorite thing he mentioned was along the lines of ask God to give us gifts so that we can immediately give them away. I experienced this last week. I was given a gift that I really needed but God impressed on my heart that someone needed it more so it went straight through my hands to another. That’s the kind of giving I want to do! Looking forward to this study to learn more about giving and being the kind of woman God wants me to be. Thanks Liz for all your books! My fave series was the Bad Girls. I saw myself in almost every one of them! I’m sure this study will speak to me just as much!

  83. I am trying daily to start to humble myself and seek God’s guidance and wisdom to serve. Each day I fail… but am renewed and try again.. with God’s help I would love to daily be the hands and feet He has called me to be ~ Thank you for this ~ God bless you ~

  84. Thank you Liz for another great book!
    I love being a Mom, to my own children and anyone else who needs me.
    I feel that is the role I was put on earth to fulfill.

  85. We just got back from a family mission trip to the Rosebud Indiana Reservation in South Dakota. While we were there, we did not specifically share (spoken words) about God with the individuals. We simply demonstrated God’s love the entire week by loving the people there…spending time with them, completing odd jobs they needed done, just really loving them as He intended. On a side note: I can not wait to read this book!!

  86. This looks fantastic. I love to share God’s love by helping people understand the goodness, steadfastness, and bigness of his character through His glorious word. I am looking forward to digging into The Queen’s story.

  87. One of the hardest challenges as a believer is to love the world around us. One way that we have been trying to show compassion is by sharing Jesus with others through church planting. For the past 3 years, my hubby, kids and I have been planting a church with hope that others would come to know Jesus. It hasn’t always been easy, but we want to help as many people know the peace and love of Jesus. I have used your bible studies (Bad Girls) as an outreach tool while planting this church and we have all been blessed by them. Love all your books – fiction and non-fiction.

  88. Smiling at people is HUGE encouragement! It sometimes will even start a conversation!

  89. God impressed upon me the need to get a women’s ministry going at my church. We’re getting the ball rolling, ever so slowly, but it’s rolling! We had our first ever Ladies Only Sunday Social, this past Sunday after our morning worship service. Everyone brought in a salad to share. 21 ladies at our first “big” event was a God-thing! I want to incorporate, “It’s Good to be Queen” into a future event. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!! 🙂

  90. Love these thoughts! Its so true, there is a lot of fear that goes into the not giving, but God is so generous with us!

  91. I try my best to give to others, both in time and talent. I would like to learn ways to do this that I am not already doing.

  92. I try to share God’s love by always having a smile for people, by encouraging them that they’re doing a good job at whatever they’re doing.

  93. I absolutely love all of Liz’s books! She is a fabulous writer and a wonderful woman of God. I’ve had the privilege of meeting her at a conferance at our church 🙂 Of course I’m going to read this book too!

  94. I like to leave places better than the way I find them… be it picking up trash in my neighborhood, cleaning up around me, or whatever, I want to make a difference in all I do for Him.

  95. I am blessed to be able to drive, and provide transportation for several friends to attend church on Sundays and to our small group Bible study during the week.

  96. We’ve been waiting not so patiently for your next book! Can’t wait for the LRV of the Queen!

  97. I love to encourage others, the best way I have found is to greet everyone I meet with an encouraging smile. A smile can really brighten someone’s day and uplift their spirits.

  98. Small random acts of kindness to strangers seem to make me smile, and hopefully them, too. Thanks, Liz, for the opportunity!

  99. Thank you for sharing, Liz! I appreciate your encouragement and reminder of how to be a better giver. I need that reminder on how to deepen relationships. I can’t wait to read your new book.

  100. Funny! A friend and I are looking for a Good BOLD Book to read. We realize we are two bolder women and were looking for something good to help us out with that! This may be the ticket! It’s hard to come of Bold, graceful and Godly without coming off arrogant. Perfect!

  101. I love Liz so much. I’ve met her twice in person (at Ladies LYFE at Summit University,) and I love love love her books. Her works have been such an encouragement through several very rough patches I’ve had. Can’t wait to read all about the Queen! 🙂

  102. So going to get my copy. I have read all the bad girls books so onto the queen now. Thanks for your help in supporting my home country. I got to meet you in NY at Calvary Baptist Church.

  103. I can’t wait to read this!! To show God’s generosity and compassion, I think of the word sacrifice. Give to others by sacrificing your time, money, in a way that will leave them changed. Be ready for those divine appointments!

  104. I would love to win your book! How do I give to others? I’m not nearly generous enough. It’s a constant fight between my busyness and selfishness and giving of my time to others. It’s much easier to pass out money (if I have it) or order a gift online than to take the time and thought to serve others and be genuinely generous, not wanting or expecting anything in return. But I am a work in progress. Would love to get your book! It was such a pleasure to meet you at Gull lake in Michigan. Bless you, Liz!

  105. Boldness has been coming up lately in my devotional a and studies, would love to check out the new book.

  106. So excited to see this new study!! I look forward to reading it and sharing with my small group, Sisters of Strength!!

  107. I serve on a Prison Ministry Team and we do Bible studies at a women’s prison. Our favorites studies are by Lizz Curtiss Higgs & Beth Moore. The ladies there LOVE the studies.

  108. I have many of Liz’s books already, would love to read this one too…

  109. There are numerous things I do to show God’s love – one is giving Christian books as gifts, to friends who have a need, to libraries, etc.. I have already ordered “It’s Good to Be Queen” for myself, but would like to win a copy to give someone else. Enjoyed your post, Liz!! Thanks for another inspiring book, and thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!

  110. Would love to read and learn more about the Queen of Sheeba – The title sounds exciting !!

  111. I share God’s love with my women’s small group bible study as their co-facilitator. I also try to share God’s love with my grandchildren (all wonderful 6 of them), so they will all know Jesus.
    Thanks Liz!

  112. I love being there for others after all God has us here to be His hands and feet,I just get joy out of helping those that need someone say like encouragement,if in hospital ,watching a child so they can have free time,etc. yhere is so many ways of helping.Thank you so very much for your blog I learn so much and I pass it on in a small Bible study with some friends of mine.I do love the Lord so and want to do all I can for Him while I still can.Love and Blessings.

  113. Love gives from a whole heart because it recognizes a cause or reason to give that is greater than self. Liz, thanks for giving us the stories of these great women. Sheba gave from her whole heart and to a cause that was greater than herself. I like the verse 1 John 4:19 “We love because He first loved us.” My version for this purpose – we give because He first gave to us! Our lives are a response to the life of our Savior lived in and through us. And even though we fall short of His perfection, we cannot help but give and love, serve and worship because we truly love him with our whole heart. Looking forward to the Queen!

  114. I would love to read this book! Biblical, historical it could be one of my faves and is right up my alley!

  115. I demonstrate God’s generous love and abundant compassion to the world around me by willingly giving up my time to my neighbors, friends and church family when they are in need. I look for ways I can encourage those I come into contact with, whether in person or online. I share what God has done for me and how He has blessed me with others. My heart’s desire is to serve others in whatever way that is needed if I am able to do so.

  116. I love studying the Bible through Liz’s studies! Can’t wait to read the newest!!!

  117. I do my best to use God’s words to show HIS love to the young children I teach every day. I want them to hide HIS words in their hearts! Would love to read this new book, Liz!

  118. Can’t wait to read this gem! I am blessed to be able to share His generous love by being a foster mom. These girls have stolen my heart. To hear them call me Mom alongside of our bio ones shows me that they know they are loved.

  119. God has been teaching me to come under his gentle submission and I truly believe that genuine giving and service to others is much deeper. I was very encouraged after reading Bad Girls Of the Bible and Really Bad Girls that I was just the the woman God had created, a little rough around the edges but again learning to be submissive is slowly smoothing them.

  120. Looking forward to learning more about the Queen of Sheba who traveled on her quest to find the wisdom of Solomon. Loving the concept of royalty here, because I always maintain that as daughters of the King of Kings, we are royalty, and who can bestow grace? Royalty! We just need to remember who we are in Christ and give graciously. Always ready for encouragement from Liz!

  121. I work at our church’s preschool. Everyday I say to the many other teachers and assistants, ‘God is good. It will all work out.’ Our Pastors wife said one day, I know you are a woman of prayer and we need help. I thank God that he is taking care of me and our preschool.

  122. I love all of your bible studies. First one we did was “Bad Girls of the Bible” and I became hooked! I shared it with the Church Ladies and we did a bible study group, dressed up in clothing of that era and had tons of fun. My grandmother taught us all how to be generous people by her actions. She always opened her home to everyone and with that went a meal! You could not enter her home without her offering you some of what she had cooked or if she would whip something up if she had already eaten. Regardless you were not leaving without being feed. She did that until she was about 98 years old, at which time she could no longer stand to cook because of her arthritis. She always had a kind word for everyone regardless of your religious beliefs, nationality or station in life. She was just filled with so much love and compassion for God and life in general. She passed away at the age of 100 3/4 yrs.

  123. I’m reading another book on Sheba now, and I this just seems like it would go lovely with it. Hoping to read soon!

  124. Getting very involved with Operation Christmas Child. Am part of two monthly craft groups who make something out of nothing….. low/no cost crafts to add to the shoeboxes! 3 of us will be educating our local Methodist church on this outreach opportunity soon. We worked at the Atlanta distribution center last year to process the boxes…what an education and a blessing!

  125. I try everyday to show Gods love whether it is small or big. I’m thankful God chose me and uses me each day. Yesterday I purchased a new wheelchair for a friend that is helping me out. Her old chair was practically falling apart because she had it for so long. I’m thankful that God gave me the push to bring a smile (and some tears of joy) to both of our faces. Im so thankful for His love and because of the love He showers me with I’m able to give love to others.

  126. Sounds like a great book! I love to encourage others any way I can, especially my husband, two beautiful adult daughters, and my dear friends. It’s amazing what happens when you give of yourself to others without expecting anything in return.

  127. I do “simple acts of kindness” and encourage my children to do likewise!

  128. Love Liz Curtis Higgs’ writing! So excited to read this new one! It sounds very encouraging!

  129. This sounds like a great book-as I expected
    I try to show love by being an encourager to those I encounter. I also like to make things with my hands- and I am trying to share items with family and friends.

  130. Wonderful advice and insight from God’s Word! Your books and blog posts are always so encouraging as well as challenging to me. Thank you for your ministry!

  131. I’m already thinking we will use this in our women’s small group this fall!

  132. Through a decade of poverty-level living, I am enjoying the blessed ability to give more than ever before. There is always enough to share when it is all God’s anyway. And my hands feel so much more graceful open.

  133. I try to have a smile for everyone I meet! I hope that it will be a light to brighten people’s day.

  134. Liz, I have loved all your books and know I’ll love this one as well. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  135. Liz, I have loved all your books and know I’ll love this one as well. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  136. We love sponsering 4 children through World Vision and Compassion, as well as serving in our community through Oakland’s Project Peace days. My oldest son, Timothy, loves to pick up garbage (street litter) when we go for walks and we recently got the idea to make “justice bags” with water & food, to give out to people living on the streets.

  137. I have had the opportunity to offer free nursing care in a community clinic. I was blessed to catch up with a friend from high school and have lunch and meet new people. Sometimes giving doesn’t have to be something of value, just something your skilled at that makes another person feel comfortable. I also like being asked if I would pray with a patient. It’s like a gift back to me when they feel comfortable enough with me to ask.

  138. So grateful to God for His abundant grace. So glad He led me to start Justice Network to educate, equip and empower my friends and neighbors to become abolitionists and be involved in the fight against human trafficking. So thankful to Liz for sharing her incredible gifts of writing and speaking.

  139. I enjoyed getting to hear Liz share about this amazing queen in person at a ladies day retreat. I’d love to hear more by reading the book. My husband and I live in a small community where we constantly see the needs of those who need to know God’s love – lots of unsaved. But also this last weekend we had some friends visiting that have a large family and we were able to pass a turkey on to them (we have a small family and had been putting off cooking it because of that). And we have also seen God’s love for us through other believers – even through things like people sharing their harvests from gardens when our budget has been tight. You never know what small act of kindness communicates volumes to the recipient.

  140. I show God’s love by helping my church, my family and my friends. I enjoy giving of my time to make casseroles for new mothers, sick church members or just for someone who is alone. I also enjoy sending small gifts to college and academy students during the school year.

  141. I always try to treat others as I would like to be treated, even though I know we all fall short sometimes and may have those days where we may slip because of our emotions it’s the best way I can honor my Heavenly Father. I’ve been reading your book on You’re scars are beautiful to God, I think it’s really preparing me for something more greater than I could have imagined, letting go of shame, embarrassment or guilt, God is showing me how to share those experiences , letting go of some of pain to heal my heart and to inspire, encourage, relating and just never knowing who may need to hear your story and who it can help. I would love to definitely read this book you’re giving away. God definitely has me on a journey, and thank you for your books and devotionals so blessed I came across them.

  142. I really enjoy your writing style! The Lowlands of Scotland is one of my favorite series!! I pray that God would use me to show love and compassion by being genuine and a good listener… i try to be there for my friends and for those who are hurting around me. By being the best mom and wife I can be and by serving those around me only by God’s Amazing Grace and the Power of the Holy Spirit.

  143. I demonstrate God’s generous love and abundant compassion by not being selfish with my time emotionally and physically. If someone is in need I will extend myself day or night to talk, to meet with them and be an encouragement. Prayer is always key and I ask the Lord to speak through me because it’s not about me. I also have stepped out my comfort zone to start writing an encouragement blog in hope to reach hearts across the world to live Simply in Abundance. I’ve met many hearts from other countries and have received testimonies. Jesus is being spread around the world and I’m so happy. Salvation is crucial and I care about others eternity.

  144. I love you Liz! If I win, I know that your book will teach me how to demonstrate God’s generous love and abundant compassion to the world around me

  145. Fear of failing, boy, I can relate to that one. Mostly fear of failing in such a way that it hurts my kids. This book sounds fascinating. I’d love to read it. Thank you for the chance to win!

  146. I try to be aware of what is going on inside me and try to be aware of the other person too especially when there is a high stress or crisis situation. I am learning how to rely on Gods direction for each situation. I try to ask Him what my purpose is for each situation and how he wants to use me.

  147. I didn’t think I did anything that demonstrates God’s generous love, but my daughter reminded me that I do a card ministry to remind others that they are not forgotten.