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  1. So thankful for my country and the freedom that we have…may we always use our freedoms in a way that continually glorifies God. My prayer today and every day is that my son’s heart would be softened toward His Savior who lovingly pursues him. Also, prayers for hearts softened toward the plight of the precious children I work with in Pakistan, that we would be blessed at the school with funds to be able to get more children, who live with unspeakable evil everyday, off the streets and into the school.

    • Bev,
      Always praying for God to give your son a heart change and bring him back to the fold. Also prayers for the children in Pakistan. We have it so good here & they need the same advantages. A good education can help them go farther!
      Blessings on you and your family for hearing and obeying God

    • Dear Lord, I pray that You would open the eyes of Bev’s son’s heart to You. I pray that the scales would fall from his eyes and he would run into Your warm embrace. And Father God I pray that You would pour out Your peace upon Bev as her heart aches for her son and the children in Pakistan.

      Father God, You are Jehovah Jireh, our Provider. I pray that You would move in a Mighty way in Pakistan to provide the funds, the hands, the feet and the protection for the ministry You have called Bev to. Thank You, Father, for Your miraculous provision.

    • Hi Bev, I know your heart’s desire for your son in a way, you are not alone in this. Be filled with hope of Christ and that your son becomes convicted by his need for the Lord. Let your son embrace Love and is whole throuh Christ.
      And I declare that all your neds for the children are met. God is your Provider, He will not fail you, but will meet you and the precious babies right where you all are right now.

      • Sorry, Jacqueline, that I’m not alone. Thanks and blessings…xx

    • Lord, you see your children hurting around the world. Strengthen and encourage the hearts of those who are doing your work by sharing love and compassion. Provide as they put their trust in You. God Bless and keep them all in your care.

    • Adding your son and the children you work with to my prayer list. May God bless and protect you.

  2. I am fighting anxiety and just struggled all through the night. Please Lord, give me peace of mind and heart and complete healing. Please. My soul is so weary.

    • Jessica…praying for you right now. I struggle with severe anxiety at times and I know how debilitating it can be…praying for peace and God’s comfort to surround you!

    • Jessica, I also struggle with anxiety and understand your weariness. Praying that the Lord Jesus eases your soul, mind, and heart with His grace-full peace and love. Praying that He strengthens you today.

    • Jessica,
      Prayers for complete healing with peace and contentment! May God bring about soul changes for you and give you some rest!

    • Dear Lord, thank You for Your promise of Peace. Lord, You alone can see and feel the fears that consume us, understand the overwhelming clouds that gather and press. Lord, just as Your Son turned to Your will through the fear-filled path that awaited him as he sweated blood in the Garden of Gesthemene, we pray that You would lift our face up to You in the midst of our fears. Help us to trust in Your goodness and faithfulness, even when our feelings sway us in the other direction. Give us “the strength that endures the unendurable and spills over into joy, thanking [You our] Father who makes us strong enough to take part in everything bright and beautiful that [You have] for us (Colossians 1:12).

  3. Bev and Jessica, I have heard your prayers and God knew your needs before you entered the first word. Casting all our cares aside is difficult. We hold them close and give them much of our time. The path to freedom is complete trust and letting go. Letting God be first. Surrendering control. Accepting His LORDSHIP. Stay in the Word and His comfort and peace will come. Pray for my family and for God’s plan to be revealed as we search a possible new ministry. “Be still and know that I am God.

    • Praying for you now, Martha. I pray that God would show your family the path on which he would have you go and open doors for you to get there. Blessings to you!

    • Martha,
      Prayers for clarification from God as to your next move! May He show you clearly what He has in store for you!
      Blessings 🙂

  4. I feel like I’m at a bit of a crossroads, and I’ve been having trouble making decisions about how to order my life, what opportunities to pursue, and so on. Please pray that I would have the wisdom to follow God’s leading in my life.

    • Father God, I thank you for Amy’s life, for filling her with a yearning for Your ways. I pray that You would direct her path, that You would guide her in Your wisdom. I pray that You would give her a wise mind and spirit attuned to Your will, to the glory of Your Mighty Name. (Colossians 1:9-12)

    • Amy,
      Prayers for God to shower you with wisdom & truth! May He show you clearly what path to take & opportunities to pursue!
      Blessings 🙂

  5. Aren’t we a desperate people, so very needy? I ask for break throughs, that God would show Himself, with Bev that hearts would be softened, that we would see ourselves like He does, and that Jesus would be our all . I pray for lives that bring Him Glory and our good. I ask for minds and bodies healed of racing thoughts and panic and that EVERYTHING would be satisfied in Jesus. I ask for strength , because I am weary. Tired of loss and fractured relationships, dishonesty, shallow connections, not knowing where to turn or what to do next…

    • Dear Lord, please lift up Dianna’s face to You. When she is overwhelmed and exhausted, lift her up to see Your Presence around her. Thank You Lord that You are the God who sees us, wherever we are. I’m trusting in Your faithfulness to Dianna in the midst of life’s struggles.

    • Dianna,
      Lord please help Dianna. Give her the strength she needs to handle life. Help her mend relationships, deal with dishonesty & have deep connections with family and friends.
      Blessings 🙂

  6. Please pray for my friend’s son. He was in a very bad motorcycle accident this week. There are major fractures, including bleeding on the brain. Please pray for his healing, and that the Lord Jesus watches over the whole family.

    • Dear Lord, please come near to Aleda’s friend’s family at this time. Surround their home, their son and all those dear to them with your overwhelming peace right now. Father God, I call upon Your healing Hand to move upon this young man’s broken body to Your Glory. May all those around him be astounded by Your miraculous deeds and feel the peace that passes understanding rest upon his hospital room.

    • Lord, you know this family and the pain they are suffering. Be near. May you the Great Healer reach down and provide just what they need, physically and beyond. Thank you for ALWAYS being there for us and hearing us. May you our Good Shepherd walk with them through this dark time. Let them feel you today.

  7. Lord you said you will supply all our needs according to your riches in Christ Jesus, I bring your daughter Bev’s needs to your throne of grace that she may find mercy as regarding the finances. I thank you Lord Jesus that you will open a way for her and that her needs in Pakistan are met supernaturally.
    Father you know that which was done the day I had the stroke. The enemy is still doing it Lord with gruesome intensify Father I ask for deliverance spirit, soul and body in Jesus precious name I ask for there is no help for me in man. Amen. O God the Fatherof my Lord Jesus Christ , you are the Father of the Fatherless save my children and I . Amen.

    • Father God, I thank You for Your Presence in Adeola’s life and the life of her children. Father God, I pray against the crippling hold of this sickness that is not of You. I pray for Your healing Hand upon Adeola and Your peace upon her home and all those that step into it.

  8. Loving God’s freedom and the gift it comes with! My 3 year old son, Liam, who is currently receiving treatments for leukemia is stuck at the hospital with low counts (2nd time in 5 months!) I know it is a common thing for him to go about this especially during this stage of treatment, however, my husband, our 6 year old daughter, Riley, and myself just need comfort in knowing God’s plan and this stay will be shorter than the last! It has almost been a whole week for him being “stuck” in the hospital and this momma misses everyone being under the same roof at the same time! Peace for each day he’s in there and peace for us as we receive each piece of news according to labs and etc. <3

    • Prayers for you and your family. May you always feel gods peace in your struggles and know his love for you. God bless your little guy, yourself, your husband and your daughter. ❤️

    • Dear Grace, my heart aches for you and your family.

      Father God, You sent Your Son into this world to break the hold of evil in our world. And in His parting Your Son promised us the gift of Peace in whatever comes our way. Father God, I pray that Grace, her husband, Liam and Riley and all those dear to them would be clothed in this Peace in the knowledge that You are holding them in the shadow of Your Mighty Wings. Trusting in Your Faithfulness, Your Goodness and Your Promises of Blessings for all those who seek after You.

  9. Praying for peace and strength to all who are in situations where power and control of others keeps them frozen in fear… I pray they find your strength to move forward to freedom. Please, Lord, help me to know your will in these situations, for my family, and those that find their way to me for guidance and support.

    • May god help you always in the good work you do. And I pray those you help feel the Holy Spirit strengthening them in their journey.

    • Father God, I thank You for blessing others through Tracy. I pray that You would fill her with Your wisdom and guide her in all that she does and says. Lord, let joy clothe her as she goes about her day to the glory of Your Kingdom.

  10. I pray for a healthy body and a successful pregnancy. I need the Lords strength to make the right decisions for myself when the wrong ones are so easy. I pray that the Angels we’ve lost are with him in heaven.

    • Praying for you this morning, that God will strengthen you and give you peace in this season. <3

    • Dear Lord, thank You for holding Melissa in Your Mighty Hands. You promise us that You are the God who bottles every one of our tears, records them in Your book. Lord God, I lift Melissa up to You in prayer. Comfort her in her losses and clothe her in Your peace and joy as she trusts in Your faithfulness and goodness in her life.

    • Melissa,

      I pray that all will be well for you and that your little ones are tucked away safely with the Lord in Heaven.


  11. I leave for my first international mission trip this week, but I’m terrified. I’m scared that I will be selfish in my thinking. That I won’t be everything God is calling me to be. That I will waste my time there. I actually feel called to the mission field, so while I’m excited, I’m just so nervous. Prayers appreciated. <3

    • Praying for freedom in Christ for you, Moriah. That He would cast out all fear and you would find joy in knowing that He loves you and is pleased with you. Praying for your travel safety and that God would confirm your calling while in this trip.

    • Dear LORD, I thank You for the passion You have placed within Moriah’s heart to serve You. Lord cover her in Your peace. Lord provide her with friendships of encouragement as she takes this leap of faith. Show her just how Mighty You are and how wide and deep Your love is for her and all those she ministers to.

  12. Overwhelmed with anxiety and fear this morning. The last year has brought very difficult trials in my family’s life. One son was diagnosed with a mental illness and hospitalized 3 times in 6 months and attempted suicide, another son diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, and my husband lost his job in our church. We are facing mounting medical bills as well as normal expenses and he still has no job. Thank you for praying.

    • Mary,
      Prayers for strength & courage to carry on! God help May and her family as they deal with medical issues. Give them a touch of your healing power!! Shower them with a financial blessing. Help her husband find work. Give them a sense of peace and contentment!
      Blessings 🙂

    • Dear Lord, I thank You for Your promise of Peace. I pray that Your Peace would clothe Mary in each and every struggle she and her family face. And Lord I pray for Your protection over her sons. I pray that Your wisdom would guide the medical staff that are walking alongside them to minister to them in love. And LORD I pray for Your Light to shine into the darkness to the glory of Your Name. I pray that You would place men with soft hearts and loving empathy beside her son suffering from mental illness. Help him to see You walking beside him. Help him to know that he is never alone.

    • Mary,
      May your trials drive you into the loving arms of Jesus where He is waiting to comfort you…lifting you up right now!! ((hugs))

  13. Prayers for everyone here! Prayers for healing, financial blessings, restored relationships, whatever you need! God knows our needs & will send help in His time!
    Prayers also for the military who sacrifice so much for us! Thankful to their families that give also!
    I have 1 unspoken request. Prayers that I can be at peace with resigning my position at work! It has been a struggle last year, but now I think this is what God wants for me! Prayers that I can find some work–even if temporary or part time!
    Blessings 🙂

    • Father God, I thank You for guiding Beth. I pray that Your Peace would be upon her in the coming weeks and months and I pray that You would provide for her in her taking this leap of faith.

    • Beth,
      I know your position at work has been heavy on your mind…praying that God would grant you peace in your decision and bless you as He opens new doors to you. Praying also for your unspoken request. You are such a blessing!!

  14. Lord God of heaven and earth, I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I pray for my daughter Rebekah(26) who recently lost her brother to suicide. I pray that you would take the brokenness in her heart and mend her aching heart. I pray that she would be strengthened by the Holy Spirit, and that she would know your love that surpasses knowledge and Your peace that passes understanding. Only you can heal her hurting heart. As Steve and I grieve the loss of Jonathan(24), I pray for his friends that don’t know you, but heard the gospel at the Memorial Service. I pray that they would be surrounded by your presence and that you would woo them to you, that your love would overtake them, that they would reach out to you as you reach out to them, in Jesus name, amen.

    • Marie, my heart aches for you and your family.

      Mighty God, I pray for Marie, her husband and Rebekah that You would comfort them and pour out Your love upon them. Lord, I pray that You would gather Your Church around them to hold them, walk beside them and to encourage them in You. Lord, I pray that this love would carry them on days they are overwhelmed by it all. And Lord I pray that the love, the strength and the peace that You bring them will draw others to You, to the glory of Your Kingdom.

  15. My life situation is very difficult. Pray I will not crumble in fear, walk with my head high as a daughter of the King and that the fruit of the spirit will be the only thing people see.

    • Sending prayers for you, Deena that God will guide you in your life situation. With God ALL things are possible.

    • Deena Marie,
      Praying that God will give you confidence in His promise that He will not let the waters sweep over you. He will never leave you nor forsake you no matter what. May His presence give you peace as you continue to put one foot in front of the other. Love you friend,

  16. Dear Lord, I just read a couple of these prayer requests that have been lifted up to you and I am also placing each request in your arms Dear God. We all have faith Lord in you that you will work out each trial and we thank you Lord for these times because we are brought closer to you and I pray that others who don’t know you will see these faithful ladies falling on YOU for their strength, perseverance, and peace during these trials in their lives and these souls will choose YOU to walk with because of these beautiful ladies faith in YOU. I too would like to lift my moma into your arms Lord as she is getting older and her body is changing physically with all kinds of problems. I pray Lord that my moma opens up her eyes to see you and trust you instead of worrying over everything and being fearful of getting closer to death. I pray that she will thank you for the times she has and be able to see all the blessings you have given her and the biggest blessing is yet to come when we all get to sit with YOU at the right hand of our FATHER. I pray she can lean on this truth and live each day here savoring every moment just as it is: “a gift from YOU.” In all these things I ask in your SWEET NAME JESUS!!! AMEN…

  17. I pray for God’s guidance and intercession with my marriage. My husband and I live apart and are barely able to communicate. I pray that we both learn to solve problems without pain, fear, and anger getting in the way. Thank you.

    • Janet, I pray God’s grace and mercy will be in your marriage. I pray your husband will love you as Christ loves the church and you respond with the fruits of the Spirit. Shalom little sister, know you are loved.

  18. Please pray for my former boyfriend to embrace Christ and be free in Him. And that I trust God completely. I want redemtption and a holy romance with my boyfriend once again, but he needs the love og Christ in his heart first.

    • You are so on in the fact that without your mate having Christ in his life there will always be discord. I pray for you and your boyfriend and ask you to pray for my husband and his smoking. It was something he gave up when we were first together but went back to and it is a constant thorn in our relationship and killing him. I have lost one husband already and do not want to loose this loving man or watch him suffer as his dad did from the same addiction. Thank you!

  19. Please pray for the restoration of my marriage that my husband can remember his promises and covenant as one flesh to our Lord to Me

    • Oh bH, I pray this for you! My prayer request is the same as yours and with God ALL things are possible!

  20. I pray that the Lord will help all who are need today of guidance, courage, strength, wisdom, comfort, stability, security and peace.

    I would really appreciate prayers for the safety of the fire crews, emergency response, displaced families and the helpless animals.

    • Penny, I pray for God to protect the emergency personnel and comfort and sustain any displaced families and sweet animals. I pray for you as well.

      I am thankful to live in this amazing country and have the opportunity to pray with others in an open setting. God is so good.

      Please pray that I would find a new job. Thank you.


      • Blessings to you Erin,

        I pray that you will be able to find a job.



      • Erin, I Pray for Divine Guidance to the Right new job! I pray that it will be a place where you can thrive, be treated fairly, and well paid. I pray you would see your new job as an assignment from the Lord, and pray to know why He placed you there. ( Often someone in that workplace needs YOU) I also pray for the helpless, and those who are putting their lives on the line to serve their country and community. I pray for the displaced and the homeless, lonely and abused. Lord, please give those precious animals loving homes.

    • Penny,
      Love your heart…lifting your prayer requests up before the Lord right now…((hugs))

  21. Please pray for me! After 33 years of being single and waiting on God, I am engaged to marry my best friend! Over the years so many well- meaning saints have “spoken into me” so-called prophetic words about who he is, and how it would be. The problem is: they were all so varied that it caused me to fear I would make a mistake. When I shared with a friend- 64 and never married- still waiting; the first words out of her mouth were: “You are deceived!” Praise God I had just heard Joyce Meyer that very morning speak on the topic of being able to hear from God for yourself, that if he had a word for you, He is quite able and willing to give it to YOU! So, I was able to deflect this firy dart with a quick and wise answer.
    The deeper issue is this: I have aging parents. I have been caregiving my Dad for 3 years. His cancer has returned after 2 yrs of remission. My husband to be, Jim- is bringing us to his home after the summer . He and my Mother are on the worship team of our Phoenix congregation. They are already like family. God is doing the miracle of bringing my father, an un-saved Jew to a congregation and an extended family of Jewish believers! There is a great miracle taking place! Not only has God brought me the desires of my heart for a mate- He has revealed how he is working out an even deeper desire- to see my 89 Y.O. father- Jerry accept the Lord!
    We will relocate just before the High Holy Days season begins in early Sept. and be married on my Mom’s 80th birthday, Oct 2
    Please pray for me as I embark on this leap of faith and for all involved.
    Such a long post long- but I needed to share!

    • Karen,

      I pray that all will go well for you and your family as you start on this new journey.

    • Karen, first I want to thank you for your very specific prayer about me finding a new job. I gave no details and you hit on every reason that I am praying for a new job! That feels like God sent you to encourage me so thank you very much! Also, congratulations on your upcoming wedding to your best friend and may God always be at the center of your marriage! I also know what you are going through, as I walked through my father’s cancer when I was 32 and am currently on year 8 of caring for my mother with dementia. Looking back, there have been so many blessings from these times of caregiving that were hard to see at the time. I will pray for your dad to accept Christ, and my mom too, and that He directs all of these new changes and surrounds you with the love and support you need for the transitions. Blessings. Erin

      • Erin, Thank You! That means you are going to receive! But be patient- God may be working on moving someone out of your new position right now. My Dad is ripe for the pickings! He has become so hungry. As a Jewish child he never studied so is an empty vessel. He really wants the truth. His stubborness is softening up. Thank You for sharing your story. and your encouragement.

    • Karen, praying that your wedding and marriage will be blessed and that your dad will be completely healed. Be strong! 🙂

  22. Please pray for my Aunt who has been admitted to ICU this morning. Also pray for my daughter’s continued recovery from surgery on her leg. Thank you Lord for many blessings. Praise and Thanksgiving.

  23. I am grateful to be living in this country where I have so many freedoms!! Please pray for my husband who has been struggling with a cough/bronchitis brought on by allergies that will just not go away. It’s affecting his sleep, and, therefore everything else for him. Thanks so much, Amy

  24. My 48-yr old husband passed away May 27 from cancer. I’m struggling in a huge way with missing him every single minute of the day. We lost a newborn son in August of 2012 and newborn daughter in January of 2014 and I know he’s been reunited with them now in heaven, but he’s missed immensely by me and our 3 children here. He was our rock. Such a strong Christian man who passionately loved his Savior and his family. Some days I find it hard to even breathe without him here. We have a woderful church family and I’ve never shared on a site like this but I’m just so desperate for prayer, for some sort of peace and comfort.

    • I also lost my first husband and I KNOW what you are going through. Sometimes it was all I could do to just pray Jesus Name. Help me. It will get better, but it will take time. CLING to the Lord and His Word. I am praying for you.

    • Heather,
      I pray that you and your children will be comforted by the love of God while dealing with the pain and anguish of your loss(es).

      Many blessings to you all,


    • Heather,
      No words I can offer can soften your pain. Praying simply that the God of all comfort would draw near to you and reassure you of His presence while you grieve. Cry out to Him…He will not leave you comfortless. Sharing in your sorrow. xo

    • Father God, You promise that You are close to the brokenhearted, that You bottle each and every one of our tears, that You are the God who sees us, sees the deep yearning for You in the midst of the deep sorrows of this world. Father God, I pray for Your loving embrace to hold Heather and her children in their deep grief. Send men and women with Your beautiful heart to walk beside them, to be Your hands and Your feet in their lives, to carry them when they struggle to carry on, to lovingly encourage and comfort them in Your redeeming hope. Show them Your Strength, Your Love, Your Peace, Your Heavenly Hope in a real and palpable way.

      • Isaiah 51:3
        The Lord will surely comfort Zion
        and will look with compassion
        on all her ruins;
        He will make her deserts like Eden,
        her wastelands like the Garden of the LORD.
        Joy and gladness will be found in her,
        thanksgiving and the sound of singing.

    • Heather,
      May God wrap you in His loving arms. I pray for peace of mind and soul as you grieve this loss. May you cling always to God Pray hard daily. Remember the good times & Prayerfully over time it will get some better
      May God be with you during this time and always!

  25. This past year has been one of the darkest of my life, as my husband and I have suffered two miscarriages admist many friends and family members experiencing the joys of children and pregnancies. I feel alone and hopeless at times and struggle to feel God’s love and to keep trusting in His plan for us.

    • I am praying and weep for you and your husband’s heartache. May this draw you closer to God.
      Lord, you know Evie’s heart and needs. Thank you that you are always with her and her husband. Please comfort them and make your presence known. May their loved ones reach out to them, and may they reach out in return to gain strength and strengthen others. Please let your will be done and work a beautiful thing from despair. Bless this couple, and may your joy pour into them and shine out as a witness to all.

    • Evie lo,
      Praying for you and your husband. May God heal and comfort your heartache.
      Father God,
      Please comfort Evie and her husband. Give her a soul rest with peace knowing that your timing is perfect! Give her direction, peace and comfort!

  26. I need prayer for my marriage. I want my husband and I to have better communication. We get into fights about the smallest things and its wearing on me. I also need help with trusting the Lord during this season. We’re about to have a baby and it would be nice to feel like we’ll make it through

    • I’m praying for your marriage, Terri and ask that God strengthen communication between the two of you. Blessings for your soon to arrive baby!

  27. My husband, Jim had a total right knee replacement Monday. He is in alot of pain and didn’t sleep well last night, which makes everything harder and his mood isn’t good. This has been so hard on me too, because I love him so much and hate to see him in pain and struggling. He is 80 years young. Thanks for praying. God Bless each of you here as well

    • Praying that your husband’s pain lessens and that he will be comforted in his healing.

    • Hang in there! God is with both of you! It is hard when your spouse is hurting. God will get you both through. He keeps His promises. Joshua 1:9

  28. I ask for prayers for a little member of our family, Easton. He has eye issues @ 2 and other issues from birth and I ask that you pray for him and his family. He will be facing more surgery ahead. What a joy he is and God can heal his eye and allow him to have vision thru the years ahead. Thank you!

  29. Please pray that I will be touched by the Lord & healed of depression. I can’t seem to get out of it no matter what I do, no matter how I pray. I need Jesus to heal me for His Name’s sake, for my family’s sake. I am desperate to live again.

    • Praying for comfort for you during this time and that you would feel God near. Praying for friends that are willing to just sit and be with you during this difficult time. Praying for wisdom and courage for the next steps for you.

  30. Please pray for me as I am moving to a new city this week and not sure where exactly I will be living and starting a new job in a week. Also, a week ago I found out my young and unmarried sister is pregnant. It is all a lot to take in at once, especially for someone who has difficulty with change!

    • Dear Natasha, I am lifting you up in prayer to our Almighty and absolutely in Complete Control on His Throne today and forever, Heavenly Father! He loves you totally and cares deeply about even the little details of your move! You can trust him…this is message to me,too! He loves your sister and her new gift of life that he is weaving together in her body! You are on an incredible adventure so rich with opportunity that our enemy would love for you to think of it differently and get overwhelmed…I encourage you to view being an Aunt and new employee in the positive light of God’s love! Praying for God’s blessings on you and your move, job, and sister with baby! 🙂 I need prayer for my energy level and health please and for my husband’s too! Thank you!!!

  31. Please pray for my friend whose son had to go visit with his father who has not been in his life for over ten years, he is afraid of this man who is an alcoholic and does not believe in God. This was court ordered. My friend is upset as well as the son not wNting to go, pray for my migraine headache to go away. Thank you.

  32. Thanks for this Denise. Praying for all those families who have lost loved ones who fought to keep us free. Praying also for the Veterans and families and especially all those who have been wounded. I pray His healing on their emotional and physical wounds today. I also pray for all of our servicemen and women who are serving this great country whereever they may be. And I’m praying for each person mentioned in these comments today. May the Healer of our bodies, souls and even our country touch all today. Thank you Father, for you are the giver of all life.

  33. Please pray for my healing. I have severe nausea and weight loss, anxiety and panic attacks, now pretty much homebound. My disability benefits for this year are over and I need to be healed and to fins a job and go back to work again. Also please pray for salvation for my mom, daughter and her fiance! Thank you

  34. Please pray for my daughter who has turned from God and has shut us out of her life. I am heartbroken and it feels like I’m in a nightmare. Also my son who is very loving to us has not surrendered to Jesus.

    • I totally understand having a daughter who turns away from God. It is painful. I can only say when I did it my mother never stopped praying and it has impacted my life. I am closer to God today than ever, but my daughter is not. It is hard to surrender to Jesus in this day and age when so many don’t offer support. Prayers and hugs.

      • Thank you for praying. I can’t even talk about it to anyone because it hurts so bad.

    • Mj , I have your Daughter and son Both lifted before Christ in prayer that they will come to know and have an eternal relationship with Him and that your household be restored with His presence and His peace.
      I know with all that is going on in the world today it is very fearful to have any child with out the covering of Christ upon them. Be strong and know that God still has His eye on them, He will reveal Himself to both of them in His appointed time. Carla

  35. Please pray for my father. He has skin cancer. Please pray that it can be removed and that it has not spread to his brain.

  36. Prayers for my daughter, Bree. She is having a hard time with herself. She doesn’t like herself and thinks she is a afilure. ( She is 28) . Thank you.

    • Dear Father, i lift up Bree to you. Please help her to feel Your love in special ways and to know how special she is to You and to those who know her. Amen.

  37. I want to offer praise because God helped us get into our house we were buying from a onebedroom apartment during our move for my husband’s job. I asked for prayer for this a few times before so thank you for your prayers. . .It was a hard situation as the seller had a house title problem and we were so cramped with our autistic son in the little space. Please pray now that we can renew our strength from the stress and have healing in our hearts and bodies from the past few months of difficulties. Also, that We would make a wise choice in how/where to achool our son who is 13. And that we would mKe friends in our new town. Thank you all!

  38. I am having trouble seeing out of my left eye and would appreciate prayers for healing.

  39. Hello, thank you for all of the posts that I have received from [in]courage —- many days I have needed ‘good news from a far country’ and you have provided that! Now, as far as needing prayer, I suppose that today finds me about as needy as one can get — I have many situations going on simultaneously in my life — wave after wave — and I KNOW that God is keeping me in His care! But, these emotions! I would appreciate prayer for peace of mind, peace of heart and for the people in my life to put their poking sticks down. I feel as if I am in a kennel with sticks poking in the wires needling me — the only relief that I find is when I am away from people. My work is especially trying right now and that does not help. I would appreciate your prayers for me — as I am dealing with aging parents all around [in laws, too] and my mom passed away 35 years ago, so my dad is now alone once again after 34 years, that’s another story. 🙂 But, I would appreciate your prayers. I need answers that only The Lord can provide. And, He will. Blessings to you all and thank you for praying. I so cherish your prayers, Rebecca

  40. Praying for revival in our country. Praying eyes will be opened and hearts be changed. Souls brought to him. Debbie

  41. I am in prayer for my grown children that we will always strive fro a closeness with God not just knowing there is 1.Also for my sister and her children, their children and their children that the Lord will stop the jealousy and envy in our family and replace it with kindness, joy, love, and peace. I am thankful for all the blessings and gifts He has given me-Godly parents, a church home, peace in retirement, freedom in America, and finding out how to use what I have to glorify Him.

  42. my unsaved husband of 32 years was arrested for drunk driving his fifth offense. (three of these offenses i found out after we were together) he had been sober for 12 years and on friday he decided to drink and get behind the wheel of his truck. i was on the west coast when this happened we live on the east coast. i am “home ” now and angry, sad feel betrayed and at a loss of my life before friday. i dont know where i am suppose to turn i have been on my knees praying and i feel broken. Our adult daughters have chosen to end their relationship and people around me judge me why do i stay??? i am not sure what i am suppose to do my heart is silent….please pray for me and my entire family. the week before this happened my husband stood before God in a catholic church and promised to be a God father to our new grand son…this is now a big issue my son in law is regreetting he feels my husband was fraudulent, lied and was dishonest..i dont know to much about the catholic religion I have been walking with Jesus as a Christian for the past 25 years….please any prayer is welcome

  43. I have been in a Job-like situation health-wise for 2 years now. The Lord has made some fabulous promises to me. Even still, I feel broken down. I even question if I know Him, if He’s real, if I’M real. He has been faithful to reach out to me and keep me afloat. I still get tired, though. Lastly, pray for my mom, Lupe. She does not know the Lord and is extremely devout to “The Virgin Mary.” Thanks.

  44. I know this is late…July 14..but a lot has happened.
    My dad had 3 psych issues last week–two of which ended him in hospital only to return to assisted living. Tried a medication change & that worked some. Had a third problem on Sunday July 12. Called his PCP again and was finally able to get him in on Monday. They are going to taper one medication and start him on another one that will hopefully increase his appetite. He ate good yesterday and one good meal today. Prayers for no more problems. I know it’s either his dehydration from not eating/drinking or his dementia/sundowner’s.

    • Having just dealt with the not eating , dementia , sundowners and more , I will pray your strength . And truly God will help you.

  45. Hi Beth, I’m lifting you and your family up before the Lord, In the past 3 years I have dealt with similar situations with my grandmother. She kind of put the family in a tale spin when her health went down and decisions had to be made on her behalf. She had to appoint someone she knew would care for her and not worry about the sacrifices hat had to be faced to see to her care. Though her two children (my mom and my uncle were sitting right in front of her as the attorney asked who she thought had her best interest at heart she pointed at me sitting behind her in the corner. She went through the same scenario as your dad. I found as time went on that I had to make sure that I came to see her every week, the same day and that I would take something that she liked with me ( a kiddy meal) that she would eat while I was there and a treat. He may also calm down as you read to him , I found women devotionals and bible study made her less restless. There are men devotionals that are very good online that you can printout and read to him. It gives them back their dignity and a feeling that they are still important to someone outside of where they are. Needless to say my uncle and mother do not come to see her that often maybe 2 twice a year but she always asks about them and sends them her love. God will lead you to the word and vessel that’s needed to help your dad through this transition. God Blesses the caregivers…

    “Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, serving as overseers—not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not greedy for money, but eager to serve; not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock. And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away.” —1 Peter 5:2–4

    God Bless