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  1. Pray for my marriage. It seems like no matter what I say or do, it’s wrong or another opportunity for my husband to tell me I’ve done something wrong.

    • Carmen,
      I am lifting you and your marriage up right now before the Lord. I pray that He will give you both listening ears to truly hear what the other is saying and for non-judgmental hearts to not reply with criticism. I pray for forgiveness when a word is not rightly spoken and only for words that build each other up to come out of your mouths. May He heal hurts and build love into your marriage.
      Blessings and ((hugs)),

      • Carmen, my heart feels your confusion and ache. Father Almighty be the powerful presence needed in this marital relationship. Guiding Carmen in action and word. Ease her husbands criticism and make his words clear as to what he is expecting. And Father God, hold Carmen in your arms with gentleness, peace and security. Amen.

    • Carmen.
      Prayers for you now! May God bring healing and discernment to your heart today. I pray you will hear what your husband is saying and be able to reply with love! I’m asking for you to forgive as Christ forgave and show your husband love and mercy. May God build up this marriage and make it last!

    • Dear Carmen I pray that, the Lord who joined you to be one, restore health and understanding back to your marriage in Jesus matchless name I ask. Amen

    • Carmen, I pray that you find peace, that you understand there is something else in play, not your actions. I pray that you find comfort in God’s love and promises to you and you can continually show love to your husband, especially when it seems he deserves it least. I pray God opens your husband’s eyes to what is actually causing his discontent and that he begins to own his emotions. I pray for you to gain confidence again in your abilities and not be broken down by what comes your way. I pray that blessings, SO many blessings touch you each day.

      • Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. John 14:27

        I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

        Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6 & 7

    • Carmen I am praying for peace and reconciliation. That whatever is cause this tension in the relationship will come to light and be replaced with softened hearts and rejuvenated love. Believing this for you sister. Amen.

    • Oh sweet Carmen. I pray for the encouragement of your heart to believe the TRUTH about who you are in Christ, despite words that might come from your husband’s lips. He is treasured just as you are and I pray that our good God would help you both see and believe the TRUTH of your value as individuals and to each other. Hurtful words tend to come from people who are hurt, so I also pray for the healing of your husbands heart and a humility that will be healing to your marriage. Many blessings to you!

    • Lord I would ask you to bless this woman with courage and love abundantly overflowing for her husband and in showing him that unconditional love may he come to have a softened heart and realize how he is damaging not only her heart but their relationship. Only You Lord can heal the hurt and fix the problems. Work in them both to seek You first.

  2. I know I sound like a broken record, but please pray for my son who is so lost and has withdrawn from us. It just breaks my heart…I miss him and I pray that he would know how much God loves him and we love him. I ask also for prayers for my daughter who sees all her friends getting married and having babies and she is still single and would love to be in a relationship. Prayers to wait patiently upon the Lord and seek Him first. Prayers needed for my heart as their mom. Thank you…

    • Bev,
      Prayers for God to give your son a heart change. May he come to the end of himself and realize the only answer is God! Also prayers for you daughter to be patient. God is refining her and the man He has in mind for her. Prayers that she seek God’s guidance for her life. Prayers for peace and contentment to your heart!

    • I understand and will pray and as I write am lifting up your request. Joshua 1:9 is a promise we can all claim. For ourselves and for those we love. Patience comes hard as does the trust of Proverbs 3:5-6. I also love Psalm 37. Hope this encourages your heart

    • Bev – you sure have the heart of a mama! I pray that your heart would be encouraged and that you would BE STILL, trusting what God is doing in the lives of your children too. I also lift them up in prayer, that their hearts would depend on the Lord above all else. Many blessings to you!

    • No record is broken to the Lord. We can come boldly to His throne at any time. Praying your son will ‘come home’. HE wants to heal and restore brokenness. HE hears the prayers and knows the hurt of your daughter. May HE fill her deepest longing and satisfy her. May HE be her song in the night and her joy in the morning.

  3. Pray for my health. I’ve been sick with a chronic disease for 17 years, that have made me unable to work neither secularly nor in my church and it has been very hard to my husband and kids. And I am so fatigued… May Jesus bonds us with His love always and my kids be faithful to the Lord all their lives. Second, please, pray for the salvation of my whole family. And finally, pray for my pastors and my church. They are old and have served very well Jesus and the church for many years, but I am worried that the one that will succeed them is the opposite and that puts a heavy load on my heart. Thank you and God bless you.

    • I understand. My life totally changed in 2011 when I had a spinal cord surgery to remove a tumour. Complications followed. Loss of both bowel and bladder function. Second tumour (spinal cord again), another surgery in 2013. Cancer and radiation. Loss of use of my foot. It is so hard to be tired and to hurt all the time. I can identify in some measure. I will pray for you as I struggle with my own day. We can struggle together. Our families must wonder what keeps us going. It isn’t because we are troopers!! God will carry your load (and I am reminded HE will carry ours). He will provide for you. (I am clinging to that same hope.)

  4. Please pray for our teenage son as he has decided “there is no God”. He is a wonderful young man, we love him so much, it just breaks our hearts to see him struggle…

  5. Bev, my prayers are with you. I pray that your son has a change of heart and comes to you lovingly. I pray your daughter stays true to herself and knows she is wonderful and the Lord will keep her close so she can walk confidently! Zaide, I pray for relief for you as you continue your trials. I pray for your family, your church. That they all continue to be strong during the time you are in need. I pray that the Lord lift you all up. Terri, I pray for your marriage. I pray for unity for you both and I pray for you to walk confidently in His loving grace so that you can feel good about yourself. The Lord loves you all and wants good things for you all! I pray you find those things.

  6. Please pray for God’s provision. I don’t have enough money to pay the bills. He provided last month & I know He can provide this month! Thank you!

    • Debbie, I pray that our wonderful Father would once again amaze you with His faithfulness in supplying you with more than you need to meet your expenses. Never doubt His love for you. He will make a way when there seems to no way. You are precious to Him. He delights in you. He is your Abba, your Daddy. Rest I Him. Praying with you, Judy.

  7. I send my prayers to Bev’s son to find God’s peace in his life. There is nothing better. May God open his eyes to His glory!

    I am asking for prayers to overcome a fear of getting close and open with others. I feel stuck within myself. I am friendly and social on the outside, but I have so many self doubts on the inside of me that make me hold back.

    • Joan,
      Praying that you wouldn’t listen to the doubts that the enemy whispers in your ear…but instead hear the voice of God that continually whispers in our ears that we are fearfully and wonderfully made because we are His workmanship. He wants for you to open up the beauty of His workmanship to those around you…and your imperfections – as for me I’d embrace them because seemingly perfect people make me insecure. Doubts = lies = kick it to the curb!

    • Joan,
      Prayers for healing from the lies of the enemy! Prayers that God will shout loud to you that you are His Beloved and a Child of GOD!! Prayers that you would be able say “Get Thee Behind Me Satan”! I don’t believe those lies anymore! I am fearfully and wonderfully made@! You are made for community and we would love to get to know you better!!
      Blessings 🙂

  8. Today, I am asking for prayers for a couple things. I ask for prayers for my children this week as they go to,VBS. I want them to feel loved and accepted. This is a new church for us and we really like it. I ask for prayers for my daughter. She had two ticks a couple weeks ago on her head and now has many swollen lymph nodes on her head and the doctors started treatment for Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever. It’s a just in case measure but please pray it’s nothing serious. Please pray for my husband as we think he will receive a couple job offers this week. Pray the Lord shows him clearly which one to take. Please pray for peace for me. Life has been incredibly difficult lately and I have found it hard to be at peace. Thank you so much for these prayers!

    • I pray that your children learn all that God has for them at VBS. I had the same illness a few years ago so I pray for your daughter’s complete healing. I pray for clear direction for your husband and peace for you.

    • Andrea,
      God please help Andrea’s children to feel loved and have a good time learning this week at VBS. Help them to make new friends and come home with knowledge of God. Please help her daughter with the swollen lymph nodes. Please heal her completely. Also God give discernment to Andrea’s husband. Show him which job he should take. Give Andrea peace and contentment. It is so hard to have peace in the midst of trial.

    • Max… I pray for your daughter… That she would know the deep love of God and want to please Him above all else. Father God, please show this daughter how much You love her and only want the best for her. May she always be faithful to You in all her ways. Thank You so much for hearing our pleas and for Your faithfulness. May God give you peace about this Max. Blessings, Judy.

  9. Lord help Andrea to feel you near. Give her peace and healing for her daughter. Let her rest in Your arms. Lifting up Max’s daughter to you as well.

    I ask for prayers for F who we are adopting. We will see him for a bit tomorrow although he doesn’t know we’re to be his family. His foster family of 2 years will be returning to the USA on the 18th and change is hard for him, almost 5 years old. Also on the 30th of this month he and his mom [maybe as she’s mentally ill] or Aunt [who signed him over to the orphanage] will travel to the capital, to the USA Embassy for a visa appointment. Please pray that the Haitian adoption process goes smoothly and rapidly.

  10. I have been blessed to stay home with my children but it is time I work outside the home. I am scared I won’t find a job and it will be difficult juggling working full time and continue being a good, present mom but we need the money. Please pray our finances hold and I will find a good job. And that our van we are selling will be bought soon because we need the money. Thank you all. May God bless your good hearts for praying for other!

    • Marty – I was in your exact shoes one year ago and I now need stand how you feel. I am honored to pray for you as I know how much God cares about the desires of your heart and can provide both for your job and your family’s finickL needs. Dear Lord Jesus – I lift yup Marty and her family to you today. I pray you would order her steps in finding a job that you have called her to; one that she will enjoy. I pray for her family as they prepare of this transition that you would give them grace. You are faithful and you care about the desires of our hearts. I pray that you would strengthen Marty’s trust in You during this new season! Amen.

    • Marty,
      Father God,
      Please bring financial blessings to Mary and her family. Help them sell the van quickly. Order her steps and bring her to the right job you have for her! Help the family realize that mom needs to work full time. Bring them peace about all the changes.
      Amen! :’)

  11. I am teaching my son’s second grade class this morning at church and not feeling very motivated to do so. I have really felt a conviction recently to be prepared. While I have tried I feel like I am loosing the desire to teach. Please pray as I finish out the year I would finish strong and pray for wisdom as I seek what He what have me do to serve next year.

  12. Prayed for Jenn , may the Lord grant you wisdom and grace to teach

    We need prayer for wisdom and direction from the Lord and His deliverence from financial difficulties

  13. My husband is retiring from the army soon. Please pray for God’s favor for the process of getting a loan to build a house, and the house building process. Please pray God directs me to the job he has planned for me and clear direction so I know it is his will. Finally please pray for my peace of mind because so I have to do so much of this myself because my husband’s job doesn’t give him time to help and I feel like I am drowning.

    • Elizabeth,
      Prayers for your transitions. May God bring people around to assist you in these transitions and give you some peace. Prayers for the loan to go through and allow you to build your house. May God ordain your steps and bring you to the right job He has planned for you. Prayers for peace and contentment while going through all this!
      Blessings :

  14. Please pray that the Lord’s Light flood my heart that the door to my life be closed to all evil spirit, soul and body and that He do even more for my children.That the abuse of those in position of trust no longer prosper as He alone can frustrate and thwart their purposes.

  15. I will pray for Carmen and her marriage. Snuggle up with God and let Him be your comforter, He will defend you.. My request is for a financial breakthrough for my daughter, my son and for myself to all be debt free.

  16. I am growing weary of my prayer request, but I am thankful for you to ask to pray for and with me today. Please pray for the conversion of heart, the salvation of soul of my husband, Thomas and both my sons Matthew and Michael. Thanks to all for your prayers.

  17. I pray for all these pray requests, I ask that the Lord will give you all the desires of your heart and that He will shower you with His wisdom,love and peace. Please pray for my health to be restored and some healing in our family. Thank you.

  18. Please pray for rebuilding of trust of a marriage and family that has been so broken due to alcoholism … trusting in God, His love, guidance, grace and mercy for all of us. God bless you!

  19. i lost my chance of a dream to buy childhood home. I ask our Heavenly Father to move on my behalf…my heart aches daily
    Carol I will join you in prayer for your family .may you also have your prayer answered

  20. Please pray for my son concerning the Lord’s will about a promotion he has applied for. Also, for he and a rather new girlfriend’s relationship. The Lord’s will concerning it, also.

  21. Dear Father, please continue to intervene in the lives and for the souls of these three very important men in Carol’s life. She loves them and we know you love them ever more. It is both of your desires that they would find salvation. Prick their hearts multiple times a day and let them see their need for salvation. Let them realize that Jesus could return at any moment and desire to be ready.

    Please give Carol peace in her heart, mind, and life. In your lovely name we pray, AMEN.

  22. I never feel comfortable asking for help with material things, but we really need our house to sell. We are stretched financially and it is stressful. I know God cares even about the little things. It’s been so hard over the past few years and it would be good to be able to have some breathing room.

    • Yes, God cares about the little things. However, trust me, selling a house and financial difficulties are not little!!!! They can cause a huge amount of stress. I will pray for your peace and guidance in your handling of these situations. I will also pray that you make the correct decision of whether to sell your house on your own or with the assistance of a real estate professional. In my life, our family has done it both ways. Each time that specific way was the correct one for that time of our life. If you decide it is the Lord’s will for you to use a professional, we will ask that he guide you to the right one.

  23. Good morning! I pray that God continues to reveal a clear vision for me of what my purpose is and that for finances for a car and apartment. Thank you!

  24. Husband of 28 years left me 2 months ago. Son who is a recovering alcoholic has relapsed and beginning recovery steps again. Daughter dealing with anger and making decisions about her future.

    • My husband left after 26 years…my heart goes out to you!!! Lifting you and your family up for God’s strength, peace, perseverance, and comfort. May you feel His loving arms surround you and remind you just how precious you are to Him…

  25. I have a lot on my mind these days. Some physical maladies that are minor but annoying for me; some serious issues going on for people in my family (cancer), and of course I am concerned for our nation and its spiritual health. I also ask for prayer for our president and those who are in government today, that they will have opened eyes and be led to make God honoring decisions.

  26. I need God to change my son’s heart. I’ve prayed for months and am still waiting for God to help my broken family. I am a single mom and not able to deal with this situation. My life is falling apart and I am trapped.

  27. Please life up a friend of mine. He lost his dad 2 years ago around Oct./Nov. and last year he lost his wife a few days before Christmas–both to cancer. Also last year he lost his job. He is now working about 1 hr. drive from home (praise God for job). Problem is he has quit coming to church. I realize he is going through “stuff” but being in community would help him so much. I sent a card telling him we miss him. Please pray he would come to church again–even if on Sunday mornings. We could love on him and be there for him.
    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth,
      Lifting your friend up right now. Like Job…sometimes we wonder why so much trial and turmoil?? Praying that your friend would turn to God and not away from Him. Praying that He will hear the loving call of the God who pursues him relentlessly. May his anger and heart be softened by our Lord and let him return to the place where he can be loved and strengthened. Bless you Beth for reaching out to him. Maybe a visit to remind him he’s loved and cared for?? and to let him know God is ok with him venting his feelings?? Take a friend or family member with you…

  28. I pray that God finds away back into
    Your friends heart and that he reached out to you and your church community so that you can fold him in your arms and comfort and strengthen him during this season in his life. Please pray for my family as we too are struggling with financial issues, barely making ends meet. We are in the process of refinancing our house and pray the resolution is quick in coming. I am struggling with health issues and my dearest dog of 14 years has required much added attention financially to keep her from being in such constant pain.

  29. Please pray for my 16 year old Grandson Zachary. 2 weeks ago he attempted suicide. I pray that he is somehow filled with Gods love and strength to face each day and know that God is with him and loves him.
    I am praying God hears all these prayers and sends his love and rest to all

    • Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. John 14:27

      I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

      Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6 & 7

  30. I would ask that someone pray with ne for my family. We lost my husband and the children’s father almost a year and a half ago ago and we are struggling with healing and faith and hope. God has been so good to us in many ways but it can be so hard to see through the fog of grieving. I just so want my children to find emotional healing and to have the peace of Jesus in their lives and hearts. And for me… I miss my husband so much. Thank you.

    • Michele,

      I pray that you and your children will be comforted and once again find joy. I pray that the heartache will fade but not the memories.

      Blessings to you and your children,


    • Heavenly Father, Please draw ever so near to Michele and her children as they grieve for the loss of their precious husband and father. Cover them with your love and goodness and renew them with your peace. Heal their hearts Lord, and please let them know how much they are loved by you. And let Michele and her children know that even in the hard, on those difficult days when hope seems to wane, that you are still there, caring and walking with them every step of the way. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

      Sweet Michele, I know how hard grief is. Sometimes, it sneaks up on you when you least expect it and hope seems hard to find. But keep trusting, keep walking the path that Christ has set before you. You are His Beloved child, as are your children and He will NEVER let you go. You are so loved and cherished. Xox

    • Michele,
      Prayers for healing for you and your children. It is hard losing a spouse and yet still having to move forward with life! Prayers that God will bring you peace, contentment, hope and faith! Prayers that God sends friends to you to love you and shower you with His love!
      Father God,
      Please bring a friend or two to Michele and her children to show them love and hope they desperately need. Shower them with your peace and contentment. Help them get through life and have the peace of Jesus. Give Michele some spiritual whitespace to grieve and find that peace she so desperately needs!
      Blessings 🙂

  31. Father, please lift up Carmen with your Holy hands of love. Help her to have the peace that only you can give. Please protect her from the hurtful things her husband says. Give her wisdom to know what to do. Guide & direct her with your wisdom & give her courage to follow your lead. Thank you, Lord, that she is your child. Thank you that you are her loving Heavenly Father.
    Jeremiah 29:11 “But I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you & not to harm you, plans to give you hope & a future.” God bless, my dear Sister.

    • Michele,
      I will pray for you and your children. The pain of grief is can be so overwhelming at times…I pray that you can find comfort in knowing others are praying for you. Sometimes with loss I have found it difficult to pray. May you know that you and your family are being lifted up and that the Lord hasn’t forsaken you. Just remember to be kind to yourselves and walk this long road slowly. Praying too that you will be surrounded by the love and support of family and friends.

      • I am asking for prayer again today. I feel like I’m drowning in depression. My son Chris was a Marine and killed in Iraq 6-20-06. May and June are tough months with Mother’s Day and Memorial Day and then his anniversary in June. In between this his dog died and this has been really difficult. My last connection to Chris. It’s just one more loss in a long list over these past years…my son, husband, father, mother and three dogs. I know the Lord still has a plan for me?? I would ask for guidance in knowing what I should be doing. There has to be so much more than this. I need to find a church and a place to serve so that I can step out of “me” and focus on others. Thank you for this place where we can come together and lift each other up.

        • One more huge request….my brother in law lost the vision in his left eye a few years ago due to a retinal detachment. On Friday he had surgery in his right eye for a retinal detachment! Please pray for healing and usual vision to return to his eye so that he can continue to work, read and drive. Thanks much!

          • Kat,
            I don’t have words for someone who has lost a child and so many family members. Just asking for God’s loving arms of strength and comfort to embrace you. Praying also for your brother-in-law for healing. Oh Lord…just surround Kat with your love and your peace that passes understanding.
            Love and ((hugs)),

        • Kat, a virtual hug for you… I agree that it is hard to know God’s plan. I struggle daily.. I will lift you up in prayer. You have been through the wilderness . Trust God

  32. I just finished my school year and have 2 month off from the play ground in the heat. Is was already 100 yesterday. I’m starting YMCA camps June 15th for the rest of June and July. It is hot, I’m burnt out a bit. I worked 10 hour days up to the end. I need peace and rest in my spirit. I have Kindergarten assessments for the new ones Monday and Tuesday. …then I will be off campus until August, except to move our YMCA office later this month. I made a reservation today for a one night hide-away in the mountains for myself Aug 4th, my birthday week. Just me and the mountain.

  33. For Michele- Father God. Please fill Michele and her children with your Holy Spirit as you lead them on this path without husband or dad. Give them courage, faith, hope, strength and peace as they rebuild their lives. Help them to remember always the wonderful and loving things this husband and father gave them. I thank you Lord for this request for Michele and I thank you for answering my prayers when my husband and father of my children died. Blessings Michele, Linda

  34. Please pray for my husband as he faces new challenges at work; the light of Chrst to overshadow disappointment and fatigue and replace with wisdom and renewed faith. Thank you

  35. Dear Father God, I pray for Linda’s husband, that You will meet Him with Your amazing great grace at every challenge, that You will so fill him with Your Spirit, Your Light to overtake and overcome every disappointment, to see You Lord in ALL things, to know within the depth of his heart that You cause ALL things to work together for his good and his family. I pray you fill him to overflowing with Your life, which brings restored hope and renewed faith, newness of life in every way…..Your Way Lord! And Lord I pray that you would encourage Linda as she stands with her husband. In the Mighty Name of Jesus, thank You Lord!

  36. I really need prayer to be renewed and revived in my heart & soul….for hope to be restored…I want to live & love again! For Him, for my family!

  37. I am a 40 year old, married, Christian mother of 2 teenagers, ages 14 & 16. I have major health problems that have resulted in countless surgeries and hospital admissions, including several chronic health conditions. We have serious financial needs, sometimes to the point where we’re eating peanut butter and jelly for days. In addition, both of our kids are struggling in school. Our oldest is a couple credits short of graduating HS. The stress of it all is taking a toll on everyone. I pray that God’s will for our lives will soon become more clear as we suffer in the midst of this long dark valley.

    • Father God, I pray Ephesians 3:20 for Leslie and her family. She needs to see and hear you at work in mighty ways. Strengthen her today and give her peace. In Jesud’ Name, Amen.

  38. Please pray for me as over a year ago, I had a stroke. The doctors called it “small”, but my recovery has been difficult, in “fits and starts”. My attitude has not been the best, nor my efforts consistent, but my brain and my leg feel uncooperative at times. I need the strength to continue to move forward, and believe that even the little steps are still progress.

  39. Please pray for the healing in my relationship with Michael. I have not heard from him since Friday morning . It’s a long distance relationship and when I don’t hear from him , I get anxious and don’t know what to think…I just pray …I want so much for this to work for us. I truly do love him. L.

  40. Please pray that my relationship with God will become vibrant again and that i should find full time employment

    • Precious Lord Jesus, you know and see where Stacey and her mom are… struggling with their health. I ask you, Lord the Great Physician, to minister to both of their needs as only you can. I trust you will give wisdom, discernment and compassion to the doctors as they are Your hands to serve. And we desire complete healing for these two so that they can join the congregation of Your Church and sing your praises and ignite others faith in You. May Your Will Be Done and the Glory Be All Yours Jesus. Amen.

  41. Pray for me and a messy situation at work. My heart is heavy and seeking what Jesus would have me do in the aftermath.

    • Precious Jesus, Lisa needs to sense Your peace and to have Your wisdom. Let her feel the presence of an army of angels by her side as she goes to work. May the light of Jesus give her strength to face whatever comes her way in the next few days and weeks. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  42. I am feeling very alone and trying to find someone “nice” to date. I am a Christian and as such only want to be with someone who has a heart for Christ. Please pray that God will bring just the right person to me. I’ve never been married and am 65.

  43. I need peace about a situation at work and need to clearly hear God say, “This is the way; walk in it.” Also, I will be having a hysterectomy Wednesday and am a little anxious.

    • Lord, I just pray right now for understanding for this woman. You know her by name and every detail of this situation. You see the whole picture and hold all wisdom in your hands. By wisdom, the earth was created and may your power fill her with your discernment for this situation. Clarity and peace! Dear Jesus, please calm any anxious feelings for this dear one as she prepares for surgery. May the hysterectomy go smoothly and the recovery as well. Strengthen her and thank you for being The Rock she can cling to. Amen.

  44. To be able to have another baby. I had a miscarriage last June and then another one this past week. I know God is the giver of life and my husband and I so desire a sibling for our son.

  45. As I cried myself to sleep last night and woke to puffy eyes before church, I was “shoulding” all over myself. I’m on a summer mission trip with 47 college students. My role is to guide and teach them and the leaders. Yet I feel so alone. I also feel sad that I’m a “good girl” and unable to relate to so many of these girls struggling with moral purity. It’s ridiculous, but I wish I had a past! Something. But being a 44-year old virgin doesn’t bring much clout with 19 year olds. I’ve been in this ministry for 20 years and this has never been an issue before. I don’t know when the flip happened but it has. It makes me really sad. Pray for strength to endure to the end of this trip. Right now I just want to go home.

    • Oh Kristin, prayed for you today. So hoping God touches your heart and lets you know that your history is perfectly His, and that you will minister to those girls. As a former youth director, I totally get the ‘want to go home-itis’ that strikes out of nowhere on a trip. Praying peace and strength to you.

      • Oh, Anna, thanks for the sweet encouragement. The last few days have been better. Whew, it comes out of nowhere!

  46. There are people who have believed lies about me and are questioning my character and integrity. I’m trying hard to let the past go, but it still hurts. It is causing me to question my own character and like ability, and it’s not a good place to be.

    • Dear Lord,

      Please hear this prayer for the hurting and the weary that did n’t receive a reply on here today, Please give them courage, wisdom, or the strength they seek. I pray for companionship for those left alone and comfort for those dealing with grief.



  47. Please pray for my friend, Tammy Graham. She lives in Waverly, Iowa. Her 51 yr old husband, Jeff was killed in a helicopter repair accident on Friday. My heart breaks for her and her family.

    • Dear Lord,

      Please comfort Tammy and her family and help them to overcome their grief. And could you please comfort Katherine as well during her time of sorrow. I pray they will have the strength to overcome such a heartbreaking time in their lives.


  48. Those who criticize, complain or condemn have a problem with themselves, not the other person.

  49. I will pray that your husband becomes more secure with himself, and who God says he is.

  50. Looking for work, still in the job, household repairs on the way, money tight.

  51. Please pray that God will bring my childhood home back to me. I was to scared to buy it at the time and now it is sold. My heart is broken. I know to all of you it seems like a trivial thing. But it means the world to me. I ask God for a second chance

  52. God has been very good to me through His Son I am saved. He leads by His Holy Spirit. I pray He will send blessing upon blessings to you Carmen. Dear God please lead Carmento a peaceful place within her marriage. No one is 100% wrong or right 100% of the time.Trust in the Lord and He will set straight your path.Blessings Carmen. Blessings!

  53. Prayers for everyone here! Father God please bring health, financial blessings, spiritual blessings to all who need them. Strengthen marriages, & families. Bring peace and contentment to everyone! Show us with your love, grace and mercy!

  54. I would like to ask for prayers for my hubby and I. Long story short-last year I had multiple health issues with my aging dad and my job suffered. At the same time my hubby almost lost his job–thankfully he found another one in same company. Now to this year I am in danger of losing my job and desperately want/need something different. My husband’s company (medical) is considering merging with the other large medical corporation in the area. He is afraid-once again-that he will lose this job. We are trusting God, standing firm in our faith that He will make a way for us!
    PS: My aging dad’s health is good this year except for the dementia. We’ve been to ER only one (1) time. Also God is providing VA(veterans) benefits for him that will allow him to stay where he is now.
    God Bless everyone! 🙂

  55. I PRAY for Beth Williams and her husband that they receive the jobs that they ask for in the name of Jesus. Restore to them DEAR HEAVENLY FATHER all that was lost. I rebuke the devourer in the HOLY PRECIOUS NAME OF JESUS, Amen.
    I prayerfully request that the (in) courage community uplift me, Roger Williams, in Prayer as I needing healing from diabetes and a stroke. I further ask them to PRAY for my Family as they go through this ordeal with me. Thank You Very Much! May GOD ENRICHLY BLESS ALL OF YOU! IN JESUS NAME, AMEN

    • Roger,
      Heavenly Father,
      Pour out your healing blessings on Roger today! Help him manage his diabetes and recover from the stroke. Please help the family also as they walk this journey with him. Prayers for much peace and contentment in this situation!
      Amen! 🙂

  56. Dear Heavenly Father, i lift up Roger to you. I pray that you would touch him with your healing hand. I also ask that You would gave him and his family strength as they do this together as a family. in Jesus Name, Amen.

  57. I ask for prayer that we can complete our house purchase soon. The seller has dementia and there was a lien on the title that should not have been there. They are working to clean it up so we can complete the sale. original paperwork is being sent to the court house. We pray that this can be completed by Friday June 12 so we can move before my husband’s family comes to town for a big gathering the following week. This is one month past the date we were to originally close. We are also tired and weary of living in a tiny one bedroom apartment with our autistic teenager. This is the only place we could find without a lease after the sale of our house in March to make this move for my husband’s new job. This is also hard on my husband with the job and not having a house or knowing when we will have one. Thank you all!

  58. Lord , please help Monica and her family. Help them to finally complete their house purchase. Give them all the necessary strength to deal with all the problems occuring because of this matter and enough faith Lord to believe that everything is perfect in Your own time.Lord relieve them from all this stressful situation . I ask you all this in Jesus’ name , amen.

  59. Please pray for my family. For our little daughter who is having health issues, for my hubby who is abroad and actually working on an album, pray that this project will be led by God’s hand. For me, that I may have all the necessary strength to take care of my daughter alone until my husband returns. Help me Lord to make wise choices while Im alone. And help us also to see and accept the perpect plan that You have for us concerning our family and house issues. God bless you all and thank you for your prayers. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

  60. I am definitely wanting more of the Light in my heart, & in my life. I have unsaved loved ones, but seem unable to touch them. Also I need healing for myself.

  61. Father, I ask that you touch each person that has posted a need on here. That You would move in their lives, & let them know that they’re not alone, that You are there with them through whatever circumstances. I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen

  62. Pray for my grandson Britain who has muscular dystrophy the worst kind . He is 21 and is in a nursing home. Right now he is in the hospital with a broken shoulder. He is in and out of the hospital all the time.

    • Precious Heavenly Father, Please surround Britain and his family with your lovingkindness. Please be gracious to this grandmother and answer her prayers (and ours) for safety, healing and health for Britain. I pray also for the entire family that they sense your peace and draw near to you and to each other. Bless them as they care for Britain and for eachother. Thankyou for reminding me that some of the “needs” I think I have are minor compared to the trials of others.

  63. For my marriage, ministry and family. My husband has never had an encounter with The Lord and I’ve been praying for him to at least take the step of visiting church with me for 3 years. Yes, he has never been to. Hurch with us. Because of him not knowing the love and word of God, we have had really rough times. I’ve seen God in the middle of everything reminding me in so many ways to be patient and hold on to his promises. But I’m still human and struggle a lot, I love god! I love my husband and I just want my family to come together in unity. I have two kids that are not his biologically and we have a lot of differences because of the way we want to raise. I just want us to be the family God created us to be, to be wise, patient, forgiving and to remember no matter what it isn’t with mine strength, but with Gods. I don’t want to give up! After the leader of my house has an encounter with his Saviour, I believe our ministry and everything will fall into place! God placed me in this marriage for a reason and I just want to fulfill my purpose.

    • Julmarie I pray that God will open the hearts and minds of your family, that his love will just overcome you family and that your will come together in such away that blessing will flow. I ask God to give you wisdom, tender words, for the moment is right for you to let him use to minister to your family in the Mighty Name of Jesus Amen

  64. Please pray for my Daughter Courtney she had Manic episode and is the hospital- children” service are now involved I pray for her mental state and that the father of her son will not try to destroy her because he wants custody . help me to accept when I need to get involved and when I need to let go
    as mother it is not easy I know God is control

    • Heavenly Father, I lift up Carmen and her beloved daughter Courtney, to you in prayer this morning. Please surround Courtney with your protection, care, and love. I pray for the father of her child that you guide his custody decision in love. Lord, I ask also for guidance for Carmen, that you calm any fears with your strong Presence and love. May she lean into you Father and trust that you are walking along side of her through this difficult time in her family. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

      Praying for you and your family, dear Carmen. God is with you. Xox

  65. God almighty you word said you would keep our minds in perfect peace. You have not given us the spirit of fear but of a sound mind. Bring healing right now. Give direction and guidance. Lead this mother and help her to make the right choices. Lord you know best. Place a hedge of protection so no harm may come to her. Not even from her father. In Jesus Name!!

  66. Please pray for my family. We need a financial miracle. I know there is nothing my God cannot do so pls help me pray that my faith will increase and I may continue to depend on

    • Dear Lord, give Jule peace of mind from the worries that trouble her. Provide her with faith and hope for the future. We know that we can be content with what we have and we are thankful that you are a God of abundance. Let her heart not be troubled and send the relief that you can provide in her time of need. Hear our prayer oh Lord!

  67. Please pray for God to give me His light heart, and to deal with anything or anyone who brings darkness. Thank you.

    • Heavenly Father, please make your presence known to Mary today and fill her heart with your overwhelming love and peace. Bring comfort to her this day, and each day and remind her that she can withstand any darkness by putting on the full armor of God. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

      Praying for today Mary. God is with you, dear one. Xox

  68. I need prayers for direction and peace from worry. There is not room for both faith and worry but evil is always at work trying to steal our faith. I am at a crossroads in the middle of my life and starting over with 2 beautiful daughters. I pray that I am listening and following the path God has placed in front of me.

  69. Please pray for us as we seek to guide a young mother in her path to financial independence and a relationship with our Lord Jesus.

  70. Pray for my mind. I need prayer for life changing connection with women and God and that I take life changing actions to create what God has planned for me. I am manifesting a really yucky life trying to do it on my own. I am 46 I feel like 16, I don’t like or trust husband, we have two beautiful daughters and I have turned into a monster: yelling, frustrated, blaming, isolating. He is a prescription drug addict who has been clean for 2 months but 40 days ago overdosed on 60 oxycodone, I struggle with eating disorders and codependency. I was separated from my husband for 7 months and went to parents, was as lost and hollow as you could get. I feel hurt and betrayed by that experience and so judged and criticized I came back. I need a job, I need to heal my heart and trust in God. I need to feel safe and loved by something somewhere. I pray for God to protect my daughters and for me to change in to a faith giving, nurturing, kind, confident mother and provider. I am Tired of having no money, no plan, no hope…how foolish to forget God is always there.

    • Oh Jahna, that is so, so much. Praying simple peace, healing, and so much love to cover you and your household. Praying God’s spirit brings you these things in spades.

  71. Please pray for my marriage. My husband wants me to be more intelligent. I know that I am not stupid, but probably not as intelligent as many other women out there. I love with all of my heart. Is that not what is most important? I am very hurt by his words and confused.

    • Billie, praying for you and for your heart today, and for kindness and peace to enter your husbands heart as well. I would be so hurt by those words too. Love on, Billie – you’re right in that that’s what matters most.

  72. Please pray for my son and his family. He lost his job and is living with his pastor and his wife. He is working on a farm but it is not a permanent or full time position. They, as a family need a home of their own and he needs a job, working on a farm in Maryland, that will be permanent and provides for his family. He is becoming very discouraged. Thank you for praying for them. It has been 4 months that he has been looking for a job. God bless you.

    • Mary, I have prayed for your son. I will continue to do so. You sound like a good Mom! xx

      • Louise, Thank you so very much. I live in PA and my son and his family live in MD. I know there is STRENGTH in prayer and we all need PRAYER WARRIORS in our lives. Thank you for being ours. May God bless you and keep you close by his side. I have 2 sons and I love them dearly. We have a great relationship. I also have 5 grandchildren who gives my heart so many picture memories. God is blessing me as I walk with him and my family. Again, thank you for praying for my son.

        • Giving your heart picture memories – I love that phrase! Continued prayers from England. God WILL make a way. Much love xx

  73. Please pray that God would bring a man into my life who will become my husband that he knows is his best for me. I am grateful for life but would like to live and love alongside another and do more together for God and his glory than we can do alone. Pray that he would prepare me while a wait to be a wife. Thank you.

    • Praying for you also Louise. Your prayer need is almost identical to mine so I feel we are soul-mates today. I know how important and Biblical it is to be content with our present circumstances; but I agree that a life partner could encourage our walk and help us be a greater witness.

      • Oh Maryann, I will pray for you too. It is important to be content with our present circumstances but difficult when you desire a husband to help us do more for God’s glory. Much love xx

  74. Pray for us to sell our house and find a new beginnings in the next home. Thank you all for taking time to pray.

  75. Dear Debbie: Housing is a topic so near and dear to my heart that I am priviledged to pray for this request!! I am a Habitat for Humanity volunteer and supporter and although this agency might not be the avenue for you do pursue, nevertheless, an affordable and beautiful home should be available to anyone. I am praying that your current home sells to the right buyer at the price you are asking -or close to it. I am also praying that God would lead you to a perfect home in the perfect neighborhood for the next chapter in your life.

    My prayer request is that a male friend would find the courage to ask me to enter a deeper relationship with him. (We are both single and unattached.) Please pray for this request.

  76. this may seem small compared to what some others are going thru right now but please just pray that i could find a true friend… and that i can learn to trust and share after being let down so many times

    • Amanda. Praying for you to find a true friend and to be encouraged. For The Lord to restore your heart from past hurts and to be able to trust again, and for someone worth trusting to come into your life who will be a forever friend. I know I exactly how you feel and after praying for over four years I have received a friend I can trust and who is there for me no matter what. Praying this for you, amen.

  77. Yes need prayer for healing in arms mainly and for ears ringing to stop and floaters to go and feet to be
    Healed especially left foot plantar fascis

  78. Anna, thank you so very much for praying for me and my husband xo
    God bless you.

  79. I need God to show me He cares. I feel like my continued struggle with step parenting and infertility has drawn a line in the sand between He and I. I have continuosly laid it before Him, but feel no answer or help as of lately. I’m just sad and hurting and tired of that. I want to believe in His ability to overcome, to love, through it all, but am so mired down. I need a little glimpse that He’s there and listening.

  80. Please pray for me and my kids. Lately it seems we can’t catch a break. Four months ago my 14 year old with special needs, my 2 year old and I have to move into a homeless shelter. I have a job; however, due to my credit It’s difficult to find housing. I am also threatened with loosing my job because I cannot find proper child care for my 14 year old.

    • Heavenly Father, please be near to Ismane and her kids. Thank you for providing a safe place for her and her family. Be with her Lord through this difficult time and intervene on her behalf so that she can keep working without the worry of finding childcare. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

      Praying for you and your kids Ismane. Xox

  81. I am struggling through a season of many unknowns, feeling broken and lacking direction. Having been diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression, which caused loss of a job and loss of a very important relationship to me, I am feeling so hopeless. I don’t know this darkness to define me the rest of my life. Please pray for healing for me and for healing for the person I hurt in my brokenness. Thank you

    • Heavenly Father, your beloved daughter Sarah needs your strong presence today. Please envelop her in your great love and provide her with peace during this very difficult time. Gently remind her that you are her Good Sheperd and that you are with her. Restore her hope, Lord and let her know that you are safe to trust, she can take her brokenness to you and you will hold it and her so very gently. Also, Lord I pray for the relationship that has been hurt. I pray that someday it may be restored. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

      Hi Sarah, I understand what you are going through. I also suffer from anxiety and depression. And many times, I have felt hopeless. I want you to know that this darkness will not define you for the rest of your life. Cling to Christ, sweet one. Even when it seems all dark, there is Light. His light and He will carry you through it. Psalm 23 has been near and dear to my heart. I will keep praying for you, Sarah. You are not alone. Xox

  82. I am a mom of two and working extremely hard to become a stay-at-home, or work-at-home mom. My heart is daily conflicted, feeling too absent from the raising of my own children. I would like prayers for doors to open and peace in the process of waiting.

  83. Amen, Carmen, I related. Remember (your husband is not your enemy). (your real accuser is our foe who was defeated at Calvary) Hold the cross between you and your husband. We need clear direction and very evident provision. We are at the end of our ‘human’ resources and are headed for a train wreck. Ask the Lord to intervene.

  84. Louise, how wonderful to know you live in England? God will answer our prayers no matter what the geographic location. I praise God for your prayers. Is there anything you have need of that I can be praying for ? And I say,”Amen” to know you are lifting prayers up on behalf of my son. God bless you.

    • Yes, England. Absolutely, he will answer prayers wherever we are. Please pray that God would bring a man into my life who will become my husband that he knows is his best for me. I am grateful for life but would like to live and love alongside another and do more together for God and his glory than we can do alone. Pray that he would prepare me while a wait to be a wife. Thank you too for your prayers xx

  85. We are seeking prayers for wisdom and guidance as we ponder moving…not just across the city, but crossing state lines…3 states!
    Open doors of opportunity Lord and close doors and windows you do not want us to enter! Amen.

    • Heavenly Father, please provide wisdom and guide Cmarmarsilva and her family as to whether it is your will for them to move away from their home and all that is familiar. Please direct them in the path you wish them to take. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  86. Please pray for me and my husband that God will teach me how to be a better Godly wife and bring my husband into a surrendered relationship with Him.

    • Heavenly Father, draw ever so near to your beloved Daughter Elaine today. Please wrap her in your deep love and care so that she can do the same for her husband. Please show her how to best connect with her husband so that he will be influenced by her love of you to want to know Jesus better. Praying that his heart will be receptive and more open to the love you have for him and the relationship you so desire with him. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

      Praying for you Elaine and for your husband. God bless. Xox

  87. Please pray for my children, that they would know and accept the love Jesus has for them, and let go of hurt and bitterness.

    Lord, I pray for Carmen, that You would comfort and strengthen her heart, and that you would help her husband to see her as the precious gift from You that she is.

    • Heavenly Father, I ask you to please be with MaryEllen today as she prays for her children to come to know you personally and call you their Savior.
      Please help them navigate through their pain and anger and surrender it all in to your loving and capable arms. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

      Praying for you, MaryEllen and for your children. Xox

  88. Could you please pray for me tomorrow as I step out in faith that God will meet me where I am. That he will calm any anxiety and fill me with His peace. Thank you.

    • Lord Jesus, please surround Veronica with Your Presence, Peace and Love. Remove any obstacles as she steps out in faith and obedience to You.

  89. Prayers for everyone here! May God bring healing to the sick, financial blessings to the poor and needy, children back to Himself, give you all a sense of peace and contentment!
    Most of you know I’ve been dealing with my aging dad’s health issues for 1 year now. It took a toll on me and my work. This week (7/15 – 7/19) I turned in my resignation. My last day will be June 30. It will be different not going to work for a short while, but I know God has plans for me and my family! Already have some leads on jobs.
    Thanks for the prayers!

  90. Please pray for my son that he will be free of his addiction to Marijuana, cigarettes and alcohol and that he will find friends that help him to be a better person and achieve his potential. Please pray for him to be a leader and not a follower. I pray for my daughter that she will continue to be the focused and dedicated young person that she is and that she will succeed in achieving her dreams and to erase the hurt she feels due to her father non existence in her life in any way at all. Thank you all.

  91. Please can I ask that we pray for a friend’s husband, he treated his sick cow to find out today that it has Rabies. We now have a two week waiting and praying period to see if he has contracted the fatal disease! Please pray he is in the clear!

  92. Hi everyone. My name is Emily. This place has been such a source of encouragement for me. Thanks for that! My request is for my family and I and our Dog as she is very sick and we don’t know how long she has. She is 11 and a half and I know I can’t expect her to be the same as when she was younger, and it’s getting to be that time, but I’m just having such a hard time. She’s been like a child to my family and I and I just really need comfort and peace right now. And that if there’s any way that she could still be healed. Thank you.

  93. A friend of mine’s daughters starts treatment in July for a brain tumor, this is the second round of treatment and they are all feeling daunted. Please pray for strength and healing!

  94. Please pray for my lonely soul. I had a brother murdered five years ago and his loss has effected my entire family. He and I were very close and I can’t seem to move on. The hurt is deep. Not having the best relationship with his wife prior to his death, she vowed I’d never see my nephews again. Pray for them also for they were home when a maniac broke into their home and murdered their father. Losing a loved one is hsrd. Losing a loved one to murder is unimaginable. The only comfort I have is that he was a soldier in God’s army. I know one day I’ll see him again. God bless everyone who reads this.

  95. I write this with a broken and heavy heart. Please pray for my niece who is a mother of two precious boys 2 years and 4 months old. She was in an abusive relationship, married to a man that threatened to take her 2 year old if she ever left. He apparently met another woman that he moved in with when my niece was 2 months pregnant. He filed for divorce and filed for sole custody of the 2 year old and said the pregnancy was not his responsibility claimed it wasn’t his. My niece had a very hard pregnancy not mention ovarian cancer during her pregnancy. Throughout the pregnancy he harassed her and he hired a hot shot lawyer. .During her labor he texted her demanding the car she had that was under his name even went to repossess it during her labor. To make a very exhausting story short when they went to court the judge gave him joint custody. Even though he still demands a paternity test for the 4 month old baby the judge ordered that he takes the baby too because he also wanted custody. We are soo worried for the baby and the 2 year. My nieces heart is broken. I am also trying to figure out why this unfair ruling happened. I just don’t understand. I adore the kids and have been in tears for days. Please pray for justice for my niece and her children she is such a kind patient mom. My heart aches for her. I pray she gets some peace soon. This man has been a con artist since the beginning and I’m worried about the kids with both he and his girlfriend who was also still married until last month. Please pray I haven’t slept and keep seeing the babies faces Every time I close my eyes.

  96. Please pray for my marriage. My husband is struggling with health issues and has become very depressed. HIs spirit seems so broken and defeated. This has taken a huge toll on our marriage.

  97. Carmen; I know how you feel. Every day in the morning put yourself and your marriage in the blood of our lord and pray for your mind,tong and atitude that both of you do and feel the way that Jesus did and talked.

  98. Dear lord today I bring my sister Carmen and her marriage to you. I put this family in your blood and PLS lord touch our minds, atitute and our heart that we think and talk like you.

  99. Dear family, can anybody help me and show me in words where is the words(soort by newest). I don’t see it. Also English isn’t my mother tonge. Sorry for my mistakes inmy writing.

  100. Please pray that I get my life back which has been sidelined by depression and anxiety. I am also physically dependent on prescription medication that I can’t seem too get any help with. My faith right now is weak at best, so if you guys could maybe pray for me……