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Stephanie Bryant is the co-founder of @incourage and a podcaster at the #JesusLedAdventurePodcast. She owns a Marketing & Business Coaching company. She is passionate about guiding you to your promised land and personal brand therapy. She enjoys spending her days with her husband and their miracle daughter, Gabrielle, on #BryantFamilyFarm....

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  1. Stephanie,
    I found that when the Lord was urging, nudging, perhaps even having to shove me in the direction of helping to start Redeemer Christian School in the epicenter of evil, I had every excuse in the book for why I wasn’t the one. After all, what knowledge did I have on this Middle Eastern country? Or on starting a school?? When I finally went with, as opposed to running away from, God’s plan I found myself in the sweet spot of purpose within His will. Thanks for the encouragement to continue to keep my head up for what goodness God would have for me.
    ps. All the best to you in your new farming adventure!

  2. Well this is certainly appropriate! I, too, have received the blessing of my lifetime dream of living on acreage in the country with my husband and daughter. It’s a place the future grands will love to visit with blackberries to pick and a creek to splash around in. It’s a respite from the crowded suburban life we used to live. It’s an answer to prayer. My other lifetime dream? To write for my Lord, to keep a clean home, to grow a huge garden rather than the three small garden boxes we had previously, to can, freeze, bake, and make and write about all of it! But…I am a teacher, too. So here I am in the place of my dreams ready to live the life of my dreams but my husband really wants me to get a teaching job. I’m torn. Teaching in the public system is a missionary position for me – our Sunday School leader has mentioned it twice now – and my new church is filled with teachers who are encouraging me to grab one of the few positions available in my county. So which is it? Truthfully, I think it’s both. I have the desire to please my husband, and God did give me a heart for teaching. I know it’s pleasing to God when I lift up my students to Him and entrust them into His care. The land isn’t going anywhere. The garden will still get planted, though not as large as the one in my dreams. Beets, pickles, and pasta sauce will still get canned. We’ll still have chickens and fresh eggs, and my husband will raise the sheep of his dreams. There’s hope that from all of this the stories will flow, the blog will be written, the garden will grow in His perfect timing. That’s my hope. Thank you for your post this morning and for the clarity it brought.

    • Thank-you for sharing your vision today Stephanie and inspiring us to do the same.I wish you all the best in your pursuit.

      I hope the best for each of you as you pursue yours’ too.

      • Carol Lynn,
        I’m so sorry I posted in the wrong location.

        Best wishes to you though…..

  3. Such appropriate encouragement, Stephanie. Thank you! Especially appreciate your endorsement to run with the deep feeling that seems prompted by the Holy Spirit, and the advice to do at least one small thing each day toward the promise God has made.

  4. I turned in my resume to two local schools that have positions and was even taken on a tour of one of them. My heart quickened. I’m praying over it and releasing it into His hands. I’m peaceful about whatever comes…

  5. Stephanie,
    I’ve thought about your words all day, and I didn’t really want to say it out loud, because I feel a little silly, a little too old, a little too late to hope. But yes, I’m scanning the horizon (your words, as always, beautifully penned) for what I think God has whispered to me. I’ll take the little stack of marriage books out of the closet I’ve stuffed them in. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to crack them open again, but it’s just one tiny thing to do today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll open them. As always, your words speak great encouragement to my heart!

  6. This was for me, what a gift to read this on my birthday! One of my husband and my dreams has been to move to a farm and use it to bless at risk youth and familes. We would love to use horses for healing and provide a space where people can encounter jesus. We are currently missionarys in the innercity, we have no money for this dream but yet I have hope that god may open an unexpected door and provide all we need to accomplish this dream for his glory! Thanks for writing! One question, how do you know if its a vision from the lord or a personal dream or desire?

  7. Stephanie,

    I never thought I’d say this, but I too want to live on a farm with acreage. I’m enjoying living in the country–do not like big city life.

    You are spot on when you wrote : “If the Holy Spirit has given you a heads up—a vision that’s clearly from the Lord—run with it” Yes if God gives you the idea then He certainly will make a way for it to happen. All we have to do is “Do one tiny thing today towards the hope you have in the One who gives Hope.”
    Praying for everyone’s dreams to come true!
    Blessings 🙂