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I'm your average mom of 3 kids under 2 who's primary job is wife and mother. I have a smorgasboard of other passions and pursuits-writer, blogger, dental hygienist, speaker, ministry leader, and friend. Keeping up with these roles is a constant balancing act. God is my energy; my fuel to...

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  1. Rachel, I loved the story of how you found your friend at church but I wish that would happen to me. I have been in this state now for four and a half years and still don’t have a close friend. I’ve read other incourage articles where we were encouraged to pray for a covenant friendship or soul sister but nothing has happened for me. I’m beginning to think I must be doing something wrong, or maybe I’m just too old now (67), although I don’t feel old 🙂 Maybe my expectations of a close friend/s is unrealistic. I work in a Christian environment and relate well to everybody but all except one are married and much younger. One person I enjoy chatting to is leaving at the end of this year. What should I be doing? Pray more or just accept that I might not ever have a close friend. Any suggestions are welcome.

    • Hi Denise. I can relate as I am also praying for a kindred friendship close to home. I don’t think you’re ever too old for God to bring a covenant friend. Someone had mentioned to me that they joined a group where locals meet up and do fun activities together. You can choose the activity that best suits your needs ie. Walking, hiking, fun day trips, etc. This might be a new way to meet others, doing an activity you enjoy, while continuing to pray for that covenant friend.

      • Thanks, Veronica. I work from 9-5 every day but have just joined a cardmaking/scrapbooking group. I can only do that on Saturdays but maybe God has something in store there. I joined so that I could meet non believers and share God’s love with them. I could find a covenant friend in a group that I lead one day. Sooo… still trusting God 🙂

        • I find that joining a Bible study at church might help you get to know some women more intimately. Living in big cities is difficult as people are so busy just rushing from one place to the next. Take the time on weekends to explore the city and see what’s out there.

          • thanks, Beth, for your suggestions. I have explored and seen everything – it’s a small city, more of a large country town. I have joined a small group from church but I find everyone in both groups I’ve been in is married and/or working so the only time we see each other is at the group or at church. I go to the morning service and most of the group go to the night service. As Rachel said maybe this is a season to be alone for me. I do have friends but not anyone to spend time with on weekends etc.

    • I believe God has seasons of friendship for us and seasons of being alone to teach us things that we perhaps wouldn’t understand and know if it wasn’t for certain friendships He wants us to make, or lack thereof. Have hope my sister in Christian that God is close and near to you, that He sees you, and begin to pray for God not to change your situation but for Him to show you want He wants you to be learning about yourself or about Him during this time of loneliness. You are in my prayers.

      • Thank you, Rachel, for your reply. I had never thought about seasons and that word just came up in another blog I read! I will start praying the way you suggested.

        • Sorry about all the misspelled words haha! I was doing it from my phone quickly before work and auto-spell check failed again!

          • No worries about the spelling. I guessed you were probably in a hurry. I’m grateful you took the time to reply.

  2. Hi Rachel, What an unexpected blessing that God reconnected you to your friend from camp. Right now, I don’t have a close friend where I live, but I trust that God will bring along other Sisters in His own timing. And I’m ok with that. I loved it when you said that He is our “unconditional friend” and truly I have found out that there is no better Friend than Jesus. Thanks for sharing today.

    • I just wanted to let you know I will definitely be praying for you – I believe God will reveal to you what you are to be learning at this time when close friendships are rare to non-existent in your life. He will restore your loneliness. He will restore that ache. I have been there. A few times in fact. Ask Him to fill you with His deep love and comfort that surpasses all understanding. He can and will restore your soul. Blessings!

  3. Rachel,
    Thank you for the story of how God has blessed you with a friend! Just showing up at church and praising God He chose to answer a deep need you had!
    God has sent me an incredible covenant friend. Though we are 15 years apart in age we have much in common. Now both of us are dealing with aging parents. We bless each other by checking on each one almost daily and seeing how parent is doing. Also have some good friends God has chosen to put in my life through our little church we attend. I’ve really gotten to know some of them good by doing Bible studies.
    I pray everyone finds a good covenant friend that they can share life with!