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Shannan Martin is the author of Falling Free: Rescued From the Life I Always Wanted, wife of a jail chaplain, and mom to four kiddos. She's a big believer in community and salsa, and blogs at

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Shannan,
    Your comment about legally being able to wear white takes me back to my childhood and my mom’s fashion rules lol. But, on a more serious note, freedom can be exhilarating and it can also be scary. God continually draws us to new seasons that offer opportunity, change, potential. They can be exhilarating and a bit scary. If we go it with God, however, we don’t go it alone. Jumping into this new season of summer with you.

    • Yes, I think they say those rules don’t really exist even more, but who are “they” anyway? And what if they’re wrong??? 🙂

  2. Shannan, I loved your descriptions of summer freedom in your world. My guys were released into the slower pace of summer about a week and a half ago, but only yesterday did it begin to feel like summer here.

    I have one boy who wants more freedom, and another who wants things to stay just the way they are now, structured, safe. I tend to be that way. Freedom sometimes scares me. But I love that, even with the inherent unknowns of freedom (and summer), God is with us, walking with us into each day, giving us courage to grow with Him.

    I’m saying a prayer for your Robert today.

  3. Dear Shannan, I’m excited for you, Robert and the rest of the kiddos. I too have a 19 year old son and though he didn’t have an ankle bracelet a shackle on his heart fell off this week. “God’s wakeup call.” Tell Robert that a mama in Northern California is praying for him. I pray right now thar you and your kiddos have a splendid summer. My heart is all watermellon, beachballs, hearts, chocolate cupcakes, and popsicles for you. Shalom

    • Oh, all of this just warms my heart up. Thank you so, and grateful your son is waking up to freedom, too. May we all do the same!

  4. Shannon im so happy for you and your son Robert! May God bless his path and may your lives be filled with Joy. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. Xo

  5. Shannan,

    I hope and pray that Robert’s new found freedom will be everlasting. And you and your family have a positively wonderful summer.Thank-you for the enlightening post this June 1st.


    • Can’t thank you enough for keeping our boy in your prayers today.

  6. I just love your words and your heart, my friend!

    Praying for you and us and freedom and summer unfolding… praying for Robert today – celebrating with y’all… release into the unknown is always a bit scary. Praying we all learn to lean into it rather than searching behind us for what we already know. May we learn new things, and walk in faith toward all the good that summer and this whole wild life offers us streaming like sand and light, shifting through His hands.

    • “May we learn new things.” YES!!!
      Thank you so much, sweet friend.

  7. Shannan,
    Prayers for your oldest son Robert! I pray he will sense God and be able to handle his freedom. May God be with him and shower him with peace and contentment!
    Loved your description of “freedom”. Summer is a time for slowing down and enjoying the longer days. Like summer–God puts us into different seasons. I’ve been in a season of waiting. Waiting to see if and when God will provide me with a different job. It has been a scary year plus for me, but I know God is with me and I have a peace about it!
    I pray you all enjoy this summer time! Blessings 🙂

  8. This post gave me goosebumps! I am so thrilled for the new adventures for your family! I am expecting our fourth in September, so this summer will be spent with tiny day trips, nothing too exciting…but considering our children are 5,3,&1 “exciting” can be a bubble machine (I love that about them!). Cheers to summer!!

  9. Although I am happy to hear about your son’s freedom, I wanted to point out that the freedom that we are to celebrate Memorial Day is the freedom that we have due to the Veterans who gave their lives for us.
    I’m very disappointed that the sacrifices that these hero’s are forgotten in your message. They are the true reason we have the ability to celebrate in this country.

    • I can see how mentioning Memorial Day in a post with the word “Freedom” in the title could create some confusion. Being well past Memorial Day, this post wasn’t about that particular day. My post was about celebrating the go-anywhere, do-what-you-want freedom of Summer, and as a child, the parade was always the signal that summer had officially begun. I apologize for the disconnect I inadvertently may have created. I’m a patriot-at-heart, proud of all the sacrifices our armed forces make for us to live protected and freely, and especially proud of my three uncles who served. 🙂

  10. So thankful God never gives up on us and we can have freedom every day! May God show you how to keep breathing deeply and give you His peace… Praying for Robert!
    Blessings to you all!

  11. This explains so much of how I’ve been feeling these last few weeks (my kiddos have been out of school for 3 weeks now). I have so many ideas of what I want this summer to look like – and yet I want it to be a time of going with the flow, too. Last week and a friend and her tiny baby moved in with us and will be here for much of the summer. We’re adjusting well to each other and I’m so thankful that we can share life so closely in this season. I appreciate what you wrote about the well-intentioned art journals. Very much like the huge books lists I have for all of us! I guess I need to walk ahead {breathing!} with my plans in place, but with wide open hands to whatever comes our way!