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  1. Alia Joy,
    Your words touch such a deep place in me…in so many of us…I would be honored and humbled to pray for you…Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up your precious Alia Joy to You. You know her better than any of us do…you know what ails her body and her heart. I pray for healing for her. Guide the hands and minds of the doctors to know what is best to do for her. Give them knowledge and wisdom. I pray, Lord, that she would know and feel your arms of comfort wrapping around her, loving her, and calming her. Help her to see herself as the precious tiny lamb being held lovingly in her strong and capable Savior’s arms. Let her rest and dwell there in your care. Please be with her family as they struggle to maintain “normalcy” in her absence. Rally those in close proximity to offer what is needed on a daily basis be it meals, rides, household help, etc. We claim your promises, Lord, as our healer and redeemer. We affirm that You and only You can bring beauty from these ashes. We love Alia Joy, Lord. Help her to know and feel our loving care and for her to know that so many of us see the beauty you have created in her. We trust her to your loving care. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

  2. Father, You are ‘Jehovah Rapha’, “the Lord who heals”. You are the Great Healer, of our physical illnesses and of our sin. I lift up my sister in Christ, Alia Joy, asking you to heal her, and provide her comfort through the love of believers surrounding her. “He tends His flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart; He gently leads those that have young.” (Isaiah 40: 11). Help her to know you are with her in the storm, and this is for her good and Your Glory. We can’t see the big picture like You, so help Alia Joy to trust in Your Sovereign wisdom, knowing You are Good. Always.

  3. Heavenly Father, our source of strength and healing. We stand together with Alia asking you to be with her and her family as she deals with her health issues. We ask that you meet them where they need to be met. Be their provider, joy, strength…be Alia’s healer. As a community of believers in you, your precious blood and the sacrifice that was made on our behalf, we pray that you will watch over this family and keep them in the palms of your hands.

    Prayer warriors are my greatest asset in life! I am so thankful that I can shoot a quick text or email to my friends knowing they’ll pray me through my situations, even in times when life floors me and I have no words to utter.

    I would ask for prayer regarding my housing situation. Fallout from a divorce and facing foreclosure but I have an upcoming mediation so praying for God’s grace, mercy, favor and relief!

  4. Dearest Alia, your raw and open honesty in all vulnerability has been a HUGE blessing to me. Before praying, I want you to know that no matter what happens, no matter what others do or say, no matter what you feel you must be, do or say, you are LOVED and HELD JUST as you are: a beautiful child of God who has been gifted with a beautiful heart of God. In all our struggles, in all of life’s ups and downs, what never changes is that He is there holding our hand, even when we struggle to be still enough to feel it. It’s okay to let it all go and ask God to battle for you. Lots of love and hugs, Anna

    Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that Alia would feel you hold her tight right now. I pray that you would also place beautiful women of God around her to offer her Your physical presence of hugs, healing tears of empathy and hands to hold. I pray you’d also help her to feel it’s okay to let go and be held by You and Your Body. And Lord I thank You and trust You to provide for Alia this very day and in the coming days, weeks and months. Amen.

  5. Alia I pray may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy spirit (Rom 15:13). Father we ask you to give to Alia the power to hope and believe in the promises that she is in your precious arms being loved and cared for this very minute and you are aware of all of her needs and not one of them are too difficult for you to carry. Give Alia the assurance that when she can lay down her burdens at your feet, and allow you to carry her, she will find peace in her heart and trust abounding in her soul. Thank you for surrounding her with so great a cloud of witnesses to see and believe in the power of the Gospel message which is to heal, make whole, and nurture the strengths she is being provided with through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Thank you for the great love you have placed within her heart and how great is that love that she shall be called a child of God. We praise You in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  6. Alia I ask the Lord to give you strength and healing and for myself the will power to take care of my own physical and mental health.

  7. Sweet Alia, what a privilege it is to be allowed into someone’s life to pray for their needs. Thank you. Father I lift Ms. Alia up to you, you know every single tear she has shed, every single fear she has had every up and w Rey down. I pray that you will visibly show her your mighty hand to grasp when human contact is just not enough, remind her you are forever by her side. Our bodies may fail us, people may get tired of our problems, but you are right in the middle with us and you are right there with her today and always. I pray for her family as they are navigating these unexpected and unwelcome difficulties with her unable to repair or fix the issues. Give her physicians the proper tools and knowledge to bring her body to its full functioning power again, but if it is your will for her to have a lasting complication, I pray for your grave to invade her soul and let nothing but praises for you and your goodness release from her lips. Thank you Father for the last …… Years of her health and I pray she will have many more before entering your kingdom to live forever with you. Vin the most precious name on earth, your son, Jesus Chrust I pray, and we all say AMEN!

  8. Dear Lord, I pray for Alia. That you would continually touch her life with peace and comfort. Though we do not know your plans, we trust that you are a loving God and will hold Alia and her family close. Give them strength for this time of their lives, helping them to find joy in you even when life gets difficult. Thank you Lord for this online community of women and pay also that you will continue to draw us close to you. In Jesus name, Amen

  9. Please Lord Jesus bless Alia Joy with healing, and strength. May You bless her with lots of love in her life and may You heal her of her health problems. Thank You Jesus for Your healing, and Your unfailing love that is always surrounding us. And thank You for all these godly women who pray for the needs of others. In Jesus’ name, amen.
    Alia Joy, I hope and pray that you feel better and that you are encouraged by all these beautiful women praying for you. God is always with you and will get you through every valley (Psalm 23)! May God bless you in every way! Have a blessed day! Xo

  10. Heavenly Father, your Beloved child Alia needs you and your comfort at this very moment. Envelop her in your love, carry her when she is weak and please ease any physical discomfort that she is experiencing. In Jesus’s name, I pray. Amen.
    Praying over you Sweet Alia that God will sustain and comfort you in the hard moments. You are loved!
    Psalm 91 “He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge.”

  11. Heavenly Father, today please lift up Alia and her family to your most compassionate heart of Mercy, Love, and Grace. Bless her with your comforting presence as she and her family move through this time, strengthening them with your courage and peace. Lift up too those facing the violence from ISIS, enfolding them in your most loving embrace while strengthening their faith. You always are with us in the most beautiful gift of your son, Jesus. Lord, I pray all of this in your most Holy Name, Jesus.

  12. Heavenly Father, we cannot understand the violence and horror that your children are experiencing in Iraq and Pakistan. Lord, please intervene on their behalf and protect them. Use us Father to help in whatever way we can, by prayer and petition, financially and by action. The children at Bev’s school are in need Father of your protection and care. Asking and thanking you Lord for the hedge of protection around all the teachers, director, helpers, and the beloved Children. In Jesus’s name, I pray. Amen.

  13. Alia, may your heart, mind and spirit find comfort in God’s word. He will never leave us. We may walk in the darkness for a season but that season will change and the light will break forth. He bottles all of our tears and will use them to bring great things back into your life. Many prayers and thanksgiving for the answered prayers we all bring in the name of Christ Jesus.
    My prayer request is for healing from emotional/verbal abuse and my divorce. Some days I feel undeserving of happiness and love. I trust that God will provide.

    • Kim,
      Your comment caught my eye…I was in an emotionally and verbally abusive marriage for a long, long time. There was also infidelity involved. I never thought I would feel whole, or worthy, or loved…ever. That, combined with the divorce was so damaging to my spirit. God, in His faithfulness, brought beauty from the ashes of my life. He has been faithful to redeem and restore me. I just want to come alongside you to tell you that the thought that you are undeserving of happiness and love is a flat out lie from the enemy. I know how real it feels, but it is NOT true. You are worthy, loved, and precious in God’s sight and I am lifting you up right now that you would receive healing, restoration and yes, even happiness from the hands of our Father. Hold onto that hope that God will provide…
      Blessings and ((hugs)),

      • Thank you so much for your prayers. Some days are harder than others. I know it will take time & prayer. I am working with a domestic abuse counselor & being faithful in prayer. I know that is the enemy trying to take over my thoughts. Some days I just want a vacation from life but I have to stay in this battle if I want to achieve that dream God has put in my heart.
        You’ve made my day Bev.

  14. Alia, your words have brought me such comfort, as it’s only when we share our struggles that others can truly relate and feel understood. Thank you Lord for Alia!! I pray that you would comfort her in this trying time, you know and understand her needs and right now they are many, but nothing is too hard for you. Lord, meet her where she is, give her peace that surpasses all understanding, and hold her tightly in your arms. You alone are our safety and refuge. Lord, provide friends to step in to help with whatever need she has, whether physical or emotional. I ask all these things in your name, Amen.

  15. Father, I humbly come before you and lift my sister, Alia Joy up to you. Help her feel your loving arms around her and hear your heartbeat as you draw her close during these difficult times. Please give her and her family good rest when they lay their heads down and awake refreshed and calmed with your presence. I pray that her heart is open for help offered and she and her family are able to find the blessings that You have for them during this season. Only You know the plan you have for Alia Joy, I humbly beseech you for her healing. Father thank you for Alia Joy and her words of encouragement that she shares with us here. Amen

  16. Alia Joy, It is an honor and a privilege to pick up a corner of your mat with other sisters and to lift you in prayer and place you in the presence of our Lord and Savior. Father of Truth, Father of Light. We are His. You are His. And He is with you Alia Joy. Nothing surprises Him sweet sister. Nothing is to big for Him sweet one, encourager, truth seeker, truth speaker. He sees you. He hears you. He knows you better than you know yourself. He knows you better than those who love you this side of the grave. And He holds you. He is perfecting you right here in the midst of your suffering. And we suffer a bit with you today. This life is hard and uncertain, and filled with heartache. But it is filled with grace too. Beautiful wonderful, awesome grace. May His speak deep into your soul and may your spirit rise today, no matter how weary, to say “yes Lord.” Hold on tightly to the glimmer of truth as it comes in the darkness. It’s there because HE is there. He is with you Alia Joy. He is with each member of your family Alia Joy. He has it all under control so you can rest in the assuredness of Him. I pray you see Him in the prayers of your sisters. i pray you see Him in the pain. I pray you see Him in the little ways your needs get met. It is Him, always and only. No one else can meet your needs. And remember God works through a people. We are as Him praying for you today and I can’t help but rejoice knowing you will see Him in the hands that extend out to you in help today and through this time. The kindnesses shown, the listening ears, the hands that hold yours, the tears shared and the laughter returned. It is Him Alia Joy. He is your joy. And He is with you. To perfect in you Himself. Remember His goodness today, He was born into our world, born into our broken, and it broke Him for us to come into His presence. (where you are today!) It broke Him, for you/us to be in a relationship with Him and with His Father, as ONE. You are His Alia Joy. You are His precious child just as surely as when He first began His work in your heart and you are loved and that will never change. And He will see you through!

  17. AliaJoy, as I pray for you I picture you in God’s arms I our beloved central Oregon. (As a child I would say I was born under the “e” in Oregon. I cast your burdens at the feet of our Savior and ask HIM to give you health, healing and Joy. I ask for local people to come along side you, even, perhaps some of my own distant family will be there to cook the meal, load the washer and care for you and your family. I thank the Lord in my remembrance of you and work of your hands. This is a Mile marker in your life to bigger and better things. ~amen

    Love you little sister

  18. Our Father, who is in heaven. Holy be your name. You’re kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven and in Alia’s health and family. Give us this day our daily bread…provide for all her basic needs …you know exactly what those are…you are the giver of manna in the desert. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. Both physical and spiritual healing is needed Lord. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. In Jesus name I ask these things, Amen.

  19. Alia Joy. May the wind of the Holy Spirit flow over and through your body, bring the healing from our Father above. May all the provision your family needs be provided for. May you all have the peace that surpasses all understanding as you lean into and onto our Lord. May you find joy in this difficult time and may that joy splash out from you onto others bringing God glory. Father we ask for healing for Your faithful servant in the precious name of Jesus. Amen

  20. I have a prayer request also. My 16 year old granddaughter is in the hospital with ulcerative colitis and is very ill. My prayer is for healing but most importantly that she would meet Jesus during this time. Thank you.

    • Rebecca,
      I pray that your granddaughter will be comforted and given the strength to fight the battle with this illness. And that a good team of Dr.s will be by her side.

      blessings to you both.

  21. “Father of Lights, I pray for Alia, and for her family. May you bring them through the darkness of this season. Right now, in the name of Jesus, I pray for her healing. May comfort and peace reign in their home even today and may she feel surrounded by a family that can not fit under one roof. Amen.”

  22. Father God, in Jesus’ mighty Name I bow low before your throne and offer prayers for Alia Joy. A sister and friend whom I have never met here on earth but yet we are bound together in Spirit. I come boldly to Your throne of grace and ask for more grace for my friend. You know the troubles and trials that plague her and You O God know the end from the beginning – she is YOUR DAUGHTER and You want the very best for her. So together as united sisters in Christ we take authority over sickness in her body. We bind every hindrance in the Name of Jesus. We release the healing power of heaven in her, on her, through her household in Jesus Name. With her we cry out to You and grab hold of your hem and in the Spirit we see POWER RELEASED FROM YOU, healing power to our sister. You have plans for Your girl, mighty plans – heal her we plead. In YOUR NAME WE PRAY. amen.

  23. Dear Lord, Alia is really struggling now. I pray that you will give her peace in the midst of her circumstances and that you will bring friends over to help her and her family. Give the doctors wisdom beyond their own to treat her. You are our healer. Let her know that You see her, that you know. That you are holding her gently in Your hands. And I pray for her family. That others will come beside them to pray with them and help. Amen.

  24. I am asking for prayer. I have suffered from late stage chronic neurological lyme disease for many years. I am no longer able to drive or work. I am divorced so my finances are so limited – but God has been faithful to see that I have never missed a bill. My illness takes a lot of money. Lyme is affecting my heart. I see an electrophysicist June 8 and i am scared. Fear has controlled most of my life with an emotionally abusive husband and now lyme. Please pray that I can trust Him, have profound peace, a settled soul and rock solid contentment. May my fear turn to praise and I keep my eyes on Him. Thank you more than you know.

    • Mary,
      You will be in my prayers that all will go well for you on the 8th and that you will overcome your fear. I hope and pray for you to have the strength needed to get you through this.

  25. Heavenly Father, I lift Alia and her family up to you today. I have not met them but you know them by name Father. Lord thank you for doctors and nurses that can administer to our sickness. Give them wisdom Lord. Strengthen Alia and help her to continue to trust in you throughout this process. Send encouragement to her and her family. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  26. Dear Lord,
    I pray for the vulnerable and are in need of peace, strength and protection. I pray that they will be kept safe from the evil that they are faced with.

    Please help Alia Joy have the strength to overcome what is ailing her so she can continue to do what she pours her heart in to.

    Alia Joy,

    Thank-you so much for the joy, love and support that you bring to so many. I hope and pray that you will be able to get back on your feet again and continue to do what you are so passionate about.

  27. Dear Lord,
    Please surround Alia Joy with your loving arms and use people if necessary to come around her and encourage her and take up the tasks for her home and family that she may not be able to do on her own right now. Give her peace knowing that her struggles are not unknown to her Heavenly Father but that he is there to hold her up and be her strength. I pray for wisdom and precision for her doctors in the diagnosis of her health issues and the best care and treatment she needs to be physically whole. But we know what the doctors don’t… Alia Joy has a Father in heaven that can take all her illness away and we pray that is exactly what he does. Give her the strength she needs if this is a struggle she needs to continue to be a witness to you Lord. To bring glory to You through this season and how she leans on you through it all.

    Alia – please know that your online family is praying for you and doing all we can to support you from afar. Love you my sister in Christ!!

  28. Papa, I just pray my sister would be filled afresh with you. Where your presence is there is no sickness, pain or suffering. We know your plans for her life are for good and not evil for hope and a great future! So I ask for you to fill her up. Allow your spirit to move live and have your being in her. Don’t let the voice of darkness prevail, fight her every battle like you do so well. We trust in you Jesus and that your blood covers over her. I claim healing and holy alignment now in the name of Jesus! Body operate and function the way you were created to! Amen!

  29. Dear Lord, I lift Alia up into your healing arms. Please Lord, restore her health, comfort her heart and give encouragement and love to her family. Please give them joy! In Jesus’ name amen!

  30. Heavenly Father, I add my voice of praise and petition to those above. We all turn to you with grateful hearts, because you are our all-powerful, loving Heavenly Father in whom we can implicitly trust, especially in times of trouble. And we ARE trusting you, Lord– to heal, guide, and restore Alia Joy (Isaiah 57:18). With joyful expectancy we look forward to hearing how you have blessed her! By the power of Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

  31. I just can’t even with this much awesome… I am undone with how the Lord loves on us through each other! Alia girl… you know I got you! Even more so… we both know He’s got you! (I’ll Vox ya soon, my friend!) Agreeing with so many here… (Insert Gushing Comment)

  32. Alia Joy, I’m praying for you right now in the quiet as it surrounds me at home after a busy day. I have been blessed with the privilege of working as the administrative assistant at my church and I also coordinate our church wide prayer chain. My days are never the same, the requests that come across my screen reach out and touch my heart in ways I can’t even find the words to express. I am humbled and honored to be asked to pray for so many and share their requests with others. Tonight I will ask our prayer warriors to pray for you and your family. God is holding you close to him, hang on tight and let us lift you in our prayers. Blessings to you and your family!

  33. I’m joining in prayer for many of your requests… the needs are SO great, and I’m so humbled to be a part of this group of knee warriors… As I read through these, I’m in awe of the diversity of where we are from, what God is bringing each of us through… May HE be glorified in the midst of our difficulties; may our love for Him grow deeper, and our story stronger as we share the story of the “great things He has done…” (hugs)

  34. Alia Joy, I pray that whatever is your health situation God will intervene with just the right care you need. I pray He will strengthen you and your family as you walk through this dark valley. I pray that He who overcame the world will encourage you to overcome as well.
    I ask for prayers for myself. I have an eye condition, glaucoma, and I had surgery on my left eye on April 10. All was going well and I was given permission to go back on the road with my husband in the semi. Then something happened while we were miles from home, then the semi broke down. Now I go see the doctor tomorrow, but in the meantime my left eye is so blurry typing this is difficult. I cannot read the screen with my left eye, only my right. I need healing. I have asked God for it and I know He has the power to do it. I am willing to accept that it may take time or it may not happen, but I know that HE has me in His hands. Nothing is happening He does not know about or care about. So please pray that I will have peace and healing will come. I want to write, I want to drive, I love to read and do crafts. I really can’t do it now. Thank you!
    I pray for all who are posting knowing God indeed values our needs, our worries, our lives.
    Thank you to those who read and pray. God Bless you everyone!

    • Lord, I lift up to Your Holy Throne Mary and her ailing left eye. Just as Jesus had touched and healed so many eyes in the Bible, let your healing miracle be experienced by her. Touch her with Your hands and make her left eye see and be more functional, for Your glory and grace. While she recuperates, please let her feel Your comfort and joy despite the challenge and discomfort she is experiencing now. In Jesus mighty name, Amen.

  35. Oh Bev, it breaks my heart to read your post. Indeed I am praying and wish I had the resources to do more. I believe we who take life so for granted here in America will someday face these same situations if we do not turn to God quickly. Thank you for what you do. God keep you safe!

  36. Jesus, I ask for your healing prescence to meet Alia Joy in new ways. As she is honest in her stuggle and with her story I ask that you meet her there with redemption, peace, and courage. When she strikes her Wonder Woman pose I pray that you fill her with the strength to take on giants that dwell in her promised lands and that you go before her making the way smooth. You are the God of Angels Armies, Christus Victor, and our Pronce of Peace who dwells with us in the quiet and still. We ask for complete healing, happy moments with her family, and that all needs will be met. We ask that you heal, comfort, and provide the strength only you can.
    In Jesus Name-So Be It, Amen.

    • Dear Almighty Father,
      Please hold the hands of Alia Joy and those of her family and friends as they face her situation right now. We may not understand the “whys” but we know and we can trust the “WHO” in every situation of our lives. Please give them Your joy, peace, and grace in facing every circumstance. Let them feel the assurance that JESUS is our Deliverer and our Mighty Healer. Please touch Alia Joy in Your most special way and command every cell in her body to cooperate and be okay. By Your grace and love, bless and use whatever medical intervention to heal her and give Your wisdom to her medical team. Bless her family and give them strength in You. In Jesus’ sweet and awesome and miraculous name I pray, Amen.

      • Will appreciate prayers for my desire to have a safe, natural and smooth delivery for our first baby. I am already on my 37th week and we’re quite excited to have God’s blessing in our arms, Lordwilling. Please pray also for baby’s health to be okay and normal and most importantly, for his heart to be captured by the love of Jesus in a very special way–that he will live knowing Him and revering Him and for us, his soon-to-be parents to be equipped by God’s love and wisdom in nurturing him :))

        • That’s exciting news to hear.
          I pray that all will be well during and after your delivery and that you and your baby will be safe and healthy.

  37. Alia, I did not know that you were so ill. I have been through difficult illnesses too. I hope you know that Jesus is walking every step with you through this difficult time. Lord, I ask you to send strength and encouragement to my friend Alia. She is struggling, Lord. I know you love her. Heal her, Lord. Surprise her with your miracles. I know that you hear this prayer, Lord. Please keep Alia in your loving care. Bless her today, Lord. Keep her close to your heart. Bring people into her life to help her. You always amaze me, Lord. I wait in expectation of your amazing answer to the prayers for Alia. Amen, Lord, Amen.

  38. Lord, I pray also for the children fleeing from ISIS. Send angels to protect all the children from the evil in ISIS. Hide them from the enemy. Help the people who work at this school to aid and protect these children at risk of ISIS attack. Not one more child should be murdered or kidnapped for slavery! Not one more, Lord! Please protect the innocent children. Thank you for your loving care. Amen.

  39. Alia, your words have been a source of hope for my weary soul and I am happy to lift you up in prayer. Father God, thank you for Alia’s life and her testimony. I humbly ask that you bring physical and emotional healing into her life today. I ask that you would meet the needs of her family as they go through this trial. Most of all I ask that you would use this for your glory. That she may experience your presence in a new way and that this would bring her peace and joy…for nothing is impossible for you, Oh LORD. I pray in the name of Jesus, amen.
    (My prayer request: that God would be glorified through my life as I continue to battle with depression. That He would cause me to love Him more through this season. Thank you!)

  40. The way we view our life on earth is zo mich different than our heavenly Father’s….ourhuman nature expects blessings not trouble and we forget that earth is not our home. In God’s eyes every
    turn our lives take is for a heavenly purpose..to bring everyone home to heaven. When troublecomez our way I am encouraged by that fact…that my detour is bringing one more soul to heaven. Do I get discouraged?….yes…in fact I have been deeply discouraged by the potholes in my life..I amdoing much better with the support of my church family….and especially for the gospel choir I sing with..the newest song is “Its not over” the words are very powerful…PRAYER REQUEST…my daughter who learned the truth went off to college and now believes in evolution with her boyfriend…sees no need to get married because they don’t believe in God….this weighs more heavily on my heart than you can imagine…please pray their eyes will see the truth soon …so many more people could be saved when they come back to Jesus and share the truth…..

  41. Praying for you Alia Joy!
    I pray not only for a miracle healing for you, but that God would overshadow you with His great love and presence that will bring comfort and peace. I pray for you to hear His truth concerning your health and that He will give you wisdom and understanding as He leads and guides you. I pray there will be those who will come along side of you and your family to physically help with any needs you may have. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to pray for you and your family. I’m a grandma from Oregon and have so enjoyed reading your encouraging posts.
    Love and prayers!

  42. Dear Alia Joy, Know that God’s love is so big that He’s giving you this time in His arms to “Lean In” and trust that each moment is in His Love. I realize prayer and patience and trust are huge words that encourage us to do something This is just a prayer for you to be with Him. God Bless you Always,

  43. Dear God, Please lift up your daughter Alia Joy as she travels through this difficult season. May she feel your presence with her always, and gain strength from your unending grace.

    Dear Alia, Your vulnerability and honesty in each of your posts on (in)courage are such a blessing to me personally and so many others. I pray you continue to bless those around you by word and deed. Thank you so, so much! May God be with you always!

    My one prayer request is for my dear friend Emily, who has just lost her grandfather. Please pray for his soul and for Emily and her family as they grieve. Thank you all, and may God bless you!