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Kristen writes at her parenting blog, We Are THAT Family and is author of Rhinestone Jesus: Saying Yes to God When Safe Sparkly Faith is No Longer Enough and founder of The Mercy House. Follow Kristen on twitter as @WeareTHATfamily.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Kristen,
    How true, that if a thought is for me, it’s probably by me. Just as God’s thoughts are always outward toward us, our thoughts need to be outward toward others. The more I reflect and imitate God, the more contented I find myself. Good stuff this morning!

  2. What wise words you share here. How true it is that sometimes we have to get so tired of our life as we know it that we’re ready to seek God for what He has in mind for us. Both in life happenings and within ourselves.

    Your words: “And faithfulness today — right where we are — always leads to the next yes.” Thank you for the reminder that faithfulness where we are is all God is asking. When we are faithful right where we are, God prepares and then shows us the next step. I have to remember not to keep looking ahead, but to focus on what He has for me now and trust that He is equipping me for when it’s time for that next yes.

    Thanks for giving me good words to ponder this Saturday morning.

  3. Jeanne you spoke my mind,

    ( Thank-you for your words of wisdom Kristen).

    I truly believe that when it’s quiet enough and we listen we’ll hear our direction. And by following it, even if it seems uneventful or unimportant or some may criticize us or not understand us, we can find peace trusting it was part of His plan meant for us.

    Blessings to all…..


  4. Kristen,
    I am where you were–hating my job, longing for a different view of life. God nudges me quite often to think of others more than myself. Take the blinders off and do something for someone else. It will make you feel good about yourself. Years ago God nudged me to write a note to a co-worker. I was apprehensive, but did it and it made a difference in our friendship. Now I take any chance I can get to help others out. It may be simply praying for them, inviting them to a retreat, cooking meals for them what ever I want them to see Jesus in me! I feel good about myself and I know God is pleased with me!
    Blessings 🙂

  5. Kristen, Thank you for sharing this wisdom of God with us. I think I often do what God tells me to do, but there are times when I completely ignore Him. I’m very ashamed of this. I realize, through your article/blog, that I can only be obedient to God if I listen to what He’s telling me, & ask for His help to be obedient. Then, maybe, as you did, I can get off of this mary-go-round I’m on. It’s time to do more, & relax less. I want to be a vessel of honor for God. And, only He can do that through me.

  6. It’s funny your picture is of feet walking. For over a year, I’ve not left my home at all. I’ve had fear of fear and stubbornness. I’m working with a biblical counselor and my latest homework is to take a walk around the block each day. I took pictures of my view yesterday when walking. I’m also reading a book called Trusting God by Jerry Bridges and talks about God’s Sovereignty. I listened last night to Charles Stanley and he began to talk about God’s Sovereignty, how God has a plan for me, and I am to Proverbs 3:5-6. I think God really wants me to understand this 🙂

  7. Your post urges me to pray, Kristen: Lord, I am offering myself anew, to listen for your thoughts, desires, and ideas that will bless and benefit those within my circle of influence. I want to faithfully follow your leading each day, and leave the results up to You. Thank you, Father, for opportunity to minister to others in your Name. Amen! (And thank you, Kristen!)

  8. I was just trying to explain this to a young friend. I don’t know that I made my point, because my words were all jumbled up as I tried to get her to understand the idea of doing the last thing God told you to do. Thank you for saying it so perfectly. I’m definitely going to share this post. Bless you.