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Anne Marie Miller is the author of several books on the topics of sexuality, health, addiction, grace and ministry leadership. She lives with her husband, Tim, and daughter in Texas.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. You’ve just described my yesterday. Silence that lingers and pain that won’t move. My husband left and I’m still asking God why. Reading these words, about someone else’s journey through this same type of pain gives me hope. I got real with Jesus yesterday and stood “naked” before him and asking why. In return for my outburst He gave me peace.

  2. I have been going through months of depression that have left me angry at God and His seeming silence. I get tired of reading about others great encounters with the LORD that leave me feeling left out so I thank u for being honest about the hard times when God is silent. I too am the older brother…demanding God to repay me for all the good Ive done for Him. Ohhh but grace. Like Nancy commented, your words give me hope.

  3. A year ago, my life started to fall apart and I had a spiritual and emotional breakdown. I was so distraught because I thought I did life right and had my ducks in a row. Then the bottom fell out and I never felt so much anguish. I cried out to God in anger, not just once but several times and all I heard was silence. I kept exposing myself to him over and over in desperation. Being more vulnerable each time. When I thought I couldn’t face any more pain more pain would come and I was forced to go deeper with God. Forced to More vulnerable to God and others around me who knew what was happening in my circumstances. I didn’t experience embarrassment becsuse I was too broken to care about my pride. Even in front of nonchristians, I didn’t care that they saw my vulnerability. I was to desperate to care. I havnt quite come through it all just yet but at least now I can see how God’s silence was his mercy to me because it was the pain of his silence that caused layers to be stripped from my heart. He is not done yet but at least my heart is glad and willing to go along With him and know that his will is perfect.

  4. As ever, your words, your story, His grace … oh so powerful and life-changing, Anne. Just as your other books have hit home and left their mark, this one will as well. Blessings …