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  1. I am a 70 year old widow. My husband died of Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer’s last summer. I am selling my house and moving to live by family. Pray that I have sufficiently downsized and I am ready for the moving van on June 6 and that the volunteer who is driving it will make it to my new apartment. Looking for how I can pray for the rest of you.

    • Praying for you, Carol. For God to direct your steps and give you peace and comfort and for those to come along side you to help you move. God bless you!

      • Debbie, thanks so much. The caregiving journey was so hard and I really appreciate your prayer that God direct my steps now.

    • I pray that during this period of transition that the Lord gives you new friends and opens your eyes to new possibilities. That He cause all the moving to go smoothly and that you remember the good times and his faithfulness. That God uphold you with His love and that you know He loves you. I pray for your volunteer that the Lord rewards for this labour of love in your going and their return. Amen,

      • Adeola, my new possibility is writing a dissertation on being an Alzheimer’s caregiver. Thanks for praying for Pharis who will drive the van. He has physical problems to overcome and others will be loading and unloading the van at both ends so that it doesn’t hurt his back.

    • Praying for you Carol. For the Lord to continue to provide the support you need to get you through such a difficult time and for His will in all things for you.

      • I have a wonderful family at the other end and yes I do want His will in this endeavor. Pray that the house sells, as I may be moving before it sells.

    • Carol,
      Prayers for a smooth transition. May God get you ready in mind, spirit, peace and contentment for the moving van. I pray He comes along side you and gives you the wisdom you need to sell your house and be near family! May you fell Him alongside you all the way making the move a smooth one and giving you friends and a new exciting life!

      • What is amazing, Beth, is that I already have friends in the new city. A wonderful older ladies Sunday School class has been praying for me and my journey with my late husband.

    • I pray that God comforts and strengthens you, Carol. That He be with you, your volunteer, the friends he has prepared for you, and the church ahead. Praise Him for granting you the courage to downsize and move. I pray that He guides you through the memories and ables you to let go of items. May He watch over the items you keep as they travel and are placed in a new home. May he diminish any anxiety/stress/fear and grant you sweet peace. Praise the Lord! He provides. Praise the Lord for His Love for Carol Noren Johnson!

      • Downsizing is truly liberating. We brought nothing into this world and we take nothing when we depart. The church in the new city–well this will take time to find the right one, the one that the LORD has for me.

    • Prayers for you Carol as you relocate. Praying for strength and that you will find much joy and love in being close to your family.

      • Pray that I am able to have years to give to them and not be a burden to them. I very much like that they will not have to come here and sell my house and deal with my stuff and put me in a nursing home here.

    • Hi Carol : Good morning. I have prayed and my spirit suddenly snapped into a total calmness all because I feel you are doing the right thing and will be happy. I must tell you that next month I will celebrate my 56th birthday and already I am downsizing, to me little is much when the Lord is in it. And also when we are walking with the Lord, it is said we are on the right track. Be Blessed Carol, you are on the right track.

      • Verna, glad you sense that this is the right thing to do. Good for you for starting to downsize.

    • Carol,
      My prayers are with you as you start on this new journey in your life. May God bless you and keep you during this transition in life.

      • Penny, transitions seemed so much fun when I was younger and had a husband by my side. Thanks so much for those prayers for this transition.

    • I understand the loss of a husband. I thought it was a bad thing I could not sell and move and then God brought my current husband and I am still in the same house that he has fixed up even more. I am blessed. God is good. May he bring you comfort, Please pray for my eye to heal and my hubby to be safe on the road.

      • You are blessed, Mary. God has unique ways of answering our prayers. Praying now for your eye to heal and for that hubby to have safe travels.

        • Carol, You have been Blessed in so many ways, am praying for you to have the peace and love in your new home and that you find a awesome new church! God Bless You,

          • God bless you Sheri, for reaching out and extending love and prayers for a sister in Christ. May the Spirit guide you always, keep you safe and ever keep your eyes on Jesus Christ! Prayer needed for a disabling chronic health problem and the many emotions that always bring me to tears. Many blessings of our Heavenly Father…

          • Lisa,
            Prayers for healing of your chronic disabling health problem. May God bring His healing hands upon you! I pray God will bless you immensely in any way that you need!

          • Lisa, Iam praying for God to Heal your pain! and for the emotions that can be brought on at this time. I pray that God will surround you with his Angel’s and lift you up in prayer. God Bless you my dear sister in Christ. Amen…

          • Lisa thank you for your kind word’s. I pray that you will have a pain free day, physically and emotionally. May Our Dear Father keep you in his Blessed Hands, am sending many prayers your way, I will be praying for a healing from your pain, your sister in Christ…

          • thank you so much Lisa, just now seeing ur message! God Bless and keep you in His arms. ((hugs))

      • Hi Mary, may God heal your eye completely and keep all your family safe in travel and at home. <3

      • Mary,
        So glad God brought someone else into your life! What a blessing that is! Prayers that your eye will heal quickly and your hubby will be safe on the road. Prayers for a long & happy marriage!!

    • Carol, praying that God sends His Holy Spirit and loving people to support you during this transition. <3

    • Have recently had a similar experience with my Mom who passed away in her 92nd year and helping my 70 year old sister who lived with her to a new apartment. God opened doors and directed our paths, friends and family helped. He will do the same for you. He has chosen you to stay a while longer for a purpose. I pray he will shower you with His love, provision and direction. May God bless you abundantly.

    • I just read your post, and I am so sorry for the passing of your husband…I wish I had the words to say to offer comfort in such a difficult situation, but I’m afraid that I am at a loss…I just finished a biography of the life of 19th century missionary to North Africa Lilias Trotter, and I love her discription of the barrier between earth and eternity:

      “There is a wonderful sense of expansion…about our love for those who are gone–as if it had escaped earthly fettering–& the pain of the parting is just the rendering of the sheath, as it were, to let the flower have its way…It is like a river that has got past the surf of the shore, & out into the ocean.”

      Those words are so poignant, poetic, and powerful…I pray that they proven comforting to you as the Lord carries you through this season of pain, suffering, and grief. Please know that you are in my thoughts, and I am praying for you!!!

      • Jennifer–great you are praying. I am down to just two weeks to get ready to move. I do have someone who put an offer on my house, but there is so much packing to do. The last times I have been involved in a move, one of my late husbands helped.

        Yes the Lilias Trotter quote is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Carol I pray for your move that God would provide peace and Joy during the transition. I am a caregiver for my Aunt with dementia. I don’t have to tell you how much I need grace and mercy for each day. May our Lord Jesus Christ be both of our providers.

    • Julie, I been there and know what types of things you may be encountering. You will often need to not just take things a day at a time, but often an hour or a minute at a time. When possible laugh about what goes on. It helps. Remember – “A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.” – Proverbs 17:22 (New King James Version) Thoughts and Prayers.

    • Hi, Julie, praying that there will be an outpouring of support and unexpected gifts for you while you are caring for your aunt.

    • Julie, Iam praying for you to have peace of mind and love in your heart. I cared for my mother-in-law for 2 yrs with dementia also. a very difficult role to be in. I pray that you will find time to find rest for yourself. don’t forget that you must take care of yourself before you can help other’s. I pray God gives you what you need. God Bless You..

  3. Julie, I pray for you and your Aunt. I pray that you maintain seeing the Lord’s Work around you. And that you recognize how deeply special you are. There are many people that would choose to not deal with such a disheartening disease. I pray that you maintain the strength you have within you to keep being a caregiver. I pray for your Aunt that she be in good spirits and health.

    I ask for prayers today for some stability, jobs searches, and peace of mind. We have moved to get my husband Cancer treatment (he just finished his treatment dose). He lost his job right after he told his company his cancer was back. I have been a stay at home mom for 10 years. We find ourselves both looking for jobs. And we just want the kids to remain kids, unaware and happy of all the moving parts. Thank you so much!

    • Andrea,
      My heart aches for you…I lift you and your husband and your kids up right now before the Lord. I ask that He would provide jobs and income for you to continue to make ends meet. I pray that others would be generous in helping you through this very difficult time. I pray for God’s healing hand to touch your husband and halt the cancer that invades his body. I pray for your children that they would be able to be kids, but also have compassion for you and your husband and for others as they see God working to provide in your lives. Praying for strength, hope, patience and perseverance for all of you!! Cling, and I will pray that you can cling, to God’s promise to bring you through the waters, through the valley.
      Sending, prayers, love and ((hugs)),

    • Andrea,
      Such heartache in your life! Lifting your family up in prayers! May God give you both good jobs to provide for the family! May you find peace, contentment during this trial!! May God provide good friends to help you and the family! Prayers that the children can be kids, but also get to witness God’s greatness as He works on your behalf! Prayers for strength and hope–never lose hope in the Lord for He is always working on your behalf! Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you” “To give you a hope and a future”.
      Blessings 🙂

    • Thank you for your prayers. I pray that God would move on your families behalf in healing and provision. That he would supply for all of your needs. May you find a new strength this day as rise to support your family.

    • Andrea, adding you to my prayers also. I am glad that the cancer treatment has finished. Praying for jobs for you both and your children.

    • I pray that God will direct you to just the jobs you need. That the all sufficient God who is watching and caring will help you to stop, listen, and then move forward in step with Him. I pray for healing for your husband and that you may have many years together as a family. God is with you. Joshua 1:9…Be strong and courageous! Mary

    • Hi Andrea, I’m praying for complete physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial recovery for your family. May God go before you on your job search and provide for you abundantly.

      • Andrea, what a difficult road for your family to journey over. Iam praying that the Lord will heal your husband, that job’s are found for u both and that your children will see what the Lord can provide in times of great stress. I know you will will find the peace and love in each other that God will provide for your family. God Bless You All..

  4. I could use prayers to claim the truth that His grace is sufficient for me in a whole host of situations. I have an unspoken need for myself. I also could use continued prayers for my son who is searching everywhere, except in Christ, for his identity. I could use prayers for protection for the Christian school I help support in Pakistan as well as for funds to come in to keep the doors open in these tumultuous times. Prayers too, for my daughter who is 28 and not married or even in a relationship and is feeling the sting of loneliness with all her friends getting married and having babies. Thank you and God bless you…

    • Good morning, Bev! I pray for you and your children. I know the longing you have for them to be one with our Lord and Savior. I have learned in God’s time beautiful things come. And watching that happen is a beautiful thing! Still waiting for each family member to have a spiritually awakening as It’s not hard to see God is getting our attention with everything we see going on in the world! I pray for your daughter to find a godly companion and a man that loves the Lord. God bless you and your children! <3

    • Bev, I lift you in prayer, agreeing that His grace IS sufficient for you. Sometimes, no matter how much it hurts, this is right where Jesus wants us because that is when we walk closer to Him. I lift your unspoken prayer request, asking Jesus to meet your needs, whatever they may be. I pray for your son, that the Holy Spirit would move in his heart, giving him a clear picture of Who he needs in his life. I lift your daughter. I understand exactly how she feels as my daughter went through the same situation. Help her understand that this is exactly where God wants her to be TODAY. I pray that she finds contentment today, that she not fret, just accept what Yahweh gives today. And tomorrow – the man of her dreams!

      My prayer need is simple. I have multiple myeloma and the pain in my back is intense and constant. I would ask for prayers for relief. The cancer has opened doors for me to have a ministry that wouldd not have happened had I not gotten this cancer so I readily accept it. I just need relief from the back pain.

      Thank you and God bless each of you as we walk this walk together.

      • Karen, God is the great Healer, and I ask for His touch upon you. I will lift you up in prayer… You are so kind to put others first. what a wonderful woman of faith you are…

      • Karen,
        Thank you for your sweet and beautiful prayer. Your words are a balm to my heart this morning. I am praying for you right now that God would ease the symptoms of multiple myeloma and the pain in your back. I know, personally, how awful chronic pain is so I pray for relief, even if temporary, from that pain. I ask God to halt the spread of cancer in your body…I ask that God would bless you for the ministry that you have let work through you and your battle with this awful disease. Praying for health, healing, patience, endurance and perseverance for you and for Christ to draw near and cradle you in His loving arms.
        Blessings, ((hugs)) and continued prayers,

      • Hi Karen, praying that God guides you to relief for your chronic pain. May the right people and information come to you so you can be well. <3

    • What a privilege to bare your burdens also, Bev. It’s so hard to see those young adults flounder. Praying they can seek the LORD, and for that school in Pakistan.

    • Hi Bev, I’m praying that Christ will draw your son to him. I thank God for the work you are doing in Pakistan and plead the protection of Psalm 91 over your school. May there be rich blessings for you: financial support for your project in Pakistan and a wonderful companion for your daughter.

  5. Prayer for our family. For a spiritual awakening and to grow spiritually closer to the Lord. Also for our son who is getting married to his beautiful bride in a week on Mother’s Day. Please pray for them to be protected. They have fought a hard battle and many attacks to become one which they both want but are exhausted with all the planning. Please pray for their peace and comfort. For a God honoring day. A reverence. That all eyes would be open to the beauty of God, and that they would be blessed in holy matrimony. I am so proud and praying they enjoy their day! Thank you, Lord. Amen.

    • Debbie, I plead God’s protection over their wedding day and over their marriage. May there be abundant love and blessings throughout their lives.

  6. For protection and that inner tranquillity to remember that the Lord is with me even now. Thank you.

    • Adeola, the Lord is with you, even to the end of the age! Praying that His protection and peace will surround you!

  7. Debbie ,I pray for the sweet harmony of God’s love to cover them on their blessed day and all the days of their lives. May this also shine onto you and your family. Your son has battled and defeated the demons. Great is he to trust our Lord.
    Please pray that God’s will is that I will be blessed with a miracle to buy back the family home. It is a deep desire of my heart. My heart aches daily.. Also a beloved lost pet to come home. My daughter and son in law expecting my first grandchild.. Thank You

    • Marianne, thank you for your sweet prayers for my boy and his wife to be! I pray for your miracle and the miracle of God providing for you. Nothing is too hard for Him! We lost our home to forclosure so I understand. In the end, we are very happy here in our rented home, God’s will be done for you and yours too! God loves you very much! Big hugs! God bless you! I’m so excited for the birth of your first grandchild…I love our grandchildren! We had 3 spend the night last night! What. Joy! 🙂 xoxo

      I almost forgot, please, God, let the little family pet be found! In Jesus’ name. Amen!

      • Thanks Debbie, God bless You!! I will remember you with a prayer on Mother’s Day!! What a blessing for you! Glad we are able to uplift each other! You are very kind 🙂

      • Debbie, what a beautiful day to have a wedding on! I ask that God will send down his Angel’s to surround them with his love and peace. my husband and I are going through a very hard time right now. we recently lost our home also. my heart has been so heavy and filled with so much hurt. I knew nothing of this happening and am trying so hard to find some peace and forgiveness for my husband. I ask for prayers for both of us! as I write this Iam filled with tears and heart ache.I pray that God will show me the way I should go. God Bless all of you beautiful ladies, who make time to pray for other’s. we are all sister’s in Christ,Amen…

        • Thank you, Sheri! I pray God will comfort your heart and protect your marriage with courage and forgiveness. We are not home yet! We are only passing through. Cling to one another but also cling to every promise from God who will keep them and He will keep you both! I know it’s hard to see right now but joy comes in the morning and a new song will be yours. Hold on and enjoy the ride! The Father’s got you in his hands and I got you in my prayers! Peace and prayers for God to provide in ways you don’t know about! Just trust Him more! 😀 I believe in you! Love, your sister, Debbie

          • thank you so much Debbie, joy comes in the morning and a new song will be yours, I have read this over and over, your words are so uplifting and full of love. thank you for believing in me…Blessings to you and yours..u have made me feel very strengthened and love!!

          • You’re welcome! (Psalm 40:1-3) God bless the place you stand and trust Him! God sees your tears and numbers them. Stand strong on firm ground. He will not let your foot slip! You will make it! So great a cloud of witness’s cheers for you as well as God and me. I believe in your marriage no matter what the enemy throws in the way. God is bigger! Praise Him! I wish I could reach through and hug you and cry together. Maybe somehow you will know how much I care. Because it is God who brought us together to pray for one another. I hope things are getting better. But if not, God is still there. And if God is for us, who can be against us?
            In Christ alone,

    • Hi Marianne, miracles happen! I’m praying that the resources to buy back your family home will flow to you, from a place of excess to this place of want. May the Lord, like a gentle shepherd, guide your lost pet back to you.

      • Lady M Thank you for your prayers of hope. I wish the blessings of God upon you. I pray the flow of prayers to heaven will bring miracles……

  8. Please pray for me as I go through a very difficult season. I’m concerned for my teen aged children and our future. I want to be fully open to His leading but I’m fearful.

    • Praying in agreement with you, Angie! Do not fear, Isaiah 41:10! <3

    • Angie, I pray that you will know the Lord’s guidance. I pray that you will know the Lord’s nearness. As I began praying for you, I thought immediately of Psalm 23 where we are reminded that the Lord is our Shepherd. I would encourage you to reflect on that Psalm, and I pray that you will know Him as your Great Shepherd in this season. And here is one more word of encouragement for you from the Psalms.

      23 Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand. 24 You guide me with
      your counsel, and afterward you will take me into glory. 25 Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you. 26 My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Psalm 73:23-26

  9. Praying for all of you in your circumstances. For the Lords guidance, comfort and peace. He is our Refuge and Strength in all circumstances. Pray for me that I would cease striving and KNOW that He is God!

  10. Praying for you Angie, that you know God’s peace and strength as you raise your teenage children. Praying that the body of Christ would surround you, support you and help you stand strong. Jesus pls put your hedge of protection around these kids and all of your children struggling with the world and what it offers.

  11. Pls pray for my husband and I as we are trying to sell our home in a slow michigan market. We know God has a plan and a buyer. We are weary of the process. Thanks!

  12. So thankful for the health that I typically enjoy–what a gift from the Lord! Am in need of healing now after battling a stomach bug for awhile and not eating/drinking normally for many days.

  13. Everyone,
    There are so many needs here. I have prayed for you all and will remember you all to the Lord! I am glad God provided this place to lay our burdens down and let others help you carry them!

    I have hard a tough couple of years dealing with aging father’s illness and work stresses. I have dreaded going to work for a while, but knew I just couldn’t quit. This year I find myself getting a bad review and needing to leave work. Prayers that some job will come around for me in this small area. Also hubby worried about losing his job with his company talking of merging with another in the area. Prayers for peace and contentment and to know that He is in control and will guide our steps!

    • Beth,
      You are such a great prayer warrior on others’ behalf. Praying for you as you deal with your aging father’s illness…being a caregiver is a trying and thankless job sometimes. Praying for patience and strength. I will pray also for a job for you that would be less stress so that you could balance the many things on your plate. Praying for peace of mind for your husband and for you. Praying that you can take comfort in God’s sovereignty when you feel out of control yourself. He WILL guide your steps and be a light unto your path.
      Love and hugs,

  14. Leslie I pray for you and your husband. God will guide you and strengthen you through the process. The buyer He sends you will be at the right time. He has a plan. God Bless!9

  15. What a feeling of comfort to see all of us praying for each other. We are all strong woman of faith. May God hear our prayers….Where Two or more are gathered together in my name there am I………

  16. My husband and I have become friends with another young couple in our neighborhood. They have a deep heart desire to be parents but have faced unfathomable heartbreak in the loss of two children, one born too underdeveloped to survive and the other that didn’t make it through the first trimester. My heart absolutely breaks for them. They have seen specialists and, as she told me recently, have looked into adoption. But they are stuck. Adoption cannot proceed until they have a permanent residence of their own (they rent their current home) and getting said permanent residence is just not coming together. So, as she said, they are stuck.

    Please, join me in prayer for this beautiful couple, that they will see God’s perfect timing, preservation, and blessing, and that He will make his heart, will, and plan known to them and their tender hearts. Thank you!

    • Melissa, I join you in prayer for them. Such heartache….May they seek His guidance. He is in control Be still and know that I am GOD…

    • Melissa,
      Prayers for the couple to find permanent residence in the area. May God provide for all their needs! Prayers for peace and contentment in wanting children! I pray God will give them the desires of their heart if it is His will!

      Blessings 🙂

  17. My husband has suffered with depression and had been doing amazing. On Easter Sunday he walked out the door with just the shirt on his back.No argument.No discussion. We spoke for the 1st time Thursday. He wants to come home but needs to get better first . He is getting professional help. I am overwhelmed as I run our business, home and care for children. We are all hurting.Please pray for healing and strength as we rebuild our marriage and family.

  18. That the house that my daughter has been hiding at is somehow shut down. Very bad environment. We can bring her home & next thing we know she gone. Time & time and again. We have law enforcement aware yet they can only do so much.

    • Veronica my heart breaks for you . 3 years ago my son was running from us and living on the streets. Don’t blame yourself. ..I did for a long time. He needed to make the choice. He is now home and holding a job that he enjoys. He speaks of that time and says he never wants to go back to that life. God will strengthen you and watch over your daughter. I will pray for you all.

  19. My name is Karen Kuhns and I am praying for and asking for prayers for my family and all of our faith to be put into Jesus and in being loving, kind, full of grace individuals with each other. I Thank God for His Grace with and for my own life so full of blessings. LOVE IN CHRIST! KAREN

    • Karen, prayers for you and your family that hearts and souls centered on Jesus will bring you much grace, love and joy! Love in Christ, Sheryl

  20. Dear God, I come before your throne to find grace and mercy at this time of need for Renee and husband and their marriage. Lord I ask that You would intervene in their situation, Father they need Your Devine intervention. Please encourage and grant Renee strength to run the business and to care for the children while her husband is seeking help to overcome his struggles. God he needs Your help so I ask You to heal Renee’s husband totally and completely and restore their marriage. I thank You, in Jesus Name. Amen.

    The longing in my soul is that God would restore my friendship with Mark in a new and beautiful way. Please pray for me. Thank you!

    • Prayers Joanne, that Gods plans for you will bring your friendship with Mark back to your life and give you joy.

    • Joanne, I pray that God would bless you with the desires of your heart. That your friendship with Mark would be restored above and beyond all you can imagine. I pray that you will rest in peace between His shoulders as you wait on the Lord.

    • Thank you for such a beautiful prayer. May God restore your friendship with Mark in such a way that His light shines through.God Bless!

  21. My husband and I have a potential opportunity for me to take a new job which would involve us relocating across the country. It is exciting, yet overwhelming and frightening at the same time. Please pray for us to see Gods will for us in this opportunity and to give us the wisdom and strength to navigate the many challenges also involved.

  22. My husband was laid off from his senior accounting job from an oilfield services firm on April 9th. I have not worked in 9 years. Please pray for God’s leading and timing to the job He has planned for us. It is extremely difficult to even get an interview. Pray for God’s wisdom in handling the stress, the finances, making decisions. Thank you!

    • Jeannie, prayers for you and your husband in your job searches. Praying that God will give you strength wisdom and perseverance and that you may see his plans for you during this difficult time. Psalm 16:8-11.

    • Jeannie I pray that the Lord will cut the shock and trauma off you, your husband and family. And I bless you in the Name of our mighty God with Romans 8: 28 to see in years to come how He would have weaved this for your good as you look back. May you know in your spirit that He knew this day was coming while He weaved you together in the womb and already then prepared you To be able to walk through this. Ps 139:16

    • Jeannie,

      I pray that during this time of waiting that the answer you seek will come to you and that all will be well for you and your husband.

      My request is simply remain patient to deal with all that is before me.

  23. Prayers for you Carol as you relocate. Praying for strength and that you will find much joy in being close to your family.

  24. Good Morning, praise God for (in)courage it’s team and readers! This is a great idea.
    Please keep me in your prayers. Need help as a stay at home mom… I so often loose my cool, resort to unhealthy meals, get run over by laundry/clutter, and oof all the other things I do. I have four kids. Three of which are my husband’s that I adopted after their mom died. Ages range from 3 1/2 to nearly 15. They all call me mom.
    Also there may be a job transition in the future for my husband. I ask for blessings on him as he makes this decision and help with the move to a new home if that is the case.
    I would like to truly know God as my deepest love. His moods. His personality. Then I’d like to shine…so often I box Him and me. I’d like the grace for my soul to stand at the full capacity He created it to stand…to fly even. 😉 Am done hiding my light.
    In the name of Jesus I ask that God bless you!

    • Debra, Thank you for sharing with (in)Courage. We can only lift each other up when we know what the actual needs are. I lift up you and your family in your day to day life activities. Please remember to take a few minutes each day for your self to get before and with God in bible reading and prayer. I struggled for years as a stay at home mom trying to keep up with it all in my own strength. I found the best days were those that started at the foot of His throne in prayer. Children are the greatest blessing and gift God gives us but they are only ours for a short time. Enjoy each one and each day as they are. Blessings to you!

    • Debra,

      That’s quite an undertaking but thankfully you are there for the children who have been through such a terrible loss.
      You will all be in my prayers.

      When you have a few moments to spare try spending it with God. Before you know it you will feel a special connection.

  25. Carol, I have added you to my prayer list. Enjoy making new memories in this phase of your life and continue to be a blessing in the lives of others. God Bless!

  26. Please pray for my 26 year old daughter Erin. She is caught up in a life of addiction and needs God to get a hold of her heart and mind to transform her life. Her father and I have no idea where she is. I haven’t heard from her in 3 months. I have put her in His hands and got out of the way. It is the hardest thing I’ve ever done!

    • My heart hurts for you. I’ve had to put my daughter in Gods hands too. Praying for both of you.

    • Dear Bev, May God go right to the source of Erin’s problem and bring much needed healing. May He guard and protect her. And may He strengthen and comfort you and your husband

  27. Please pray for a student of mine who was in an explosion at work a few weeks ago. He was seriously injured, but God has given him rapid improvements. Early on he was in a medically-induced coma and so doesn’t remember how bad it was. He is getting discouraged in that he, being 19, wants to make more progress faster. He doesn’t realize how bad it was, nor how far he has come. Please pray for Cameron, his mind & body, as well as his family. Thanks and God Bless!

    • Debbie,
      I pray that Cameron will fully recover, that he will be spared from the painful memories and be able to move forward.

      • Dear Debbie, I’m joining you and Penny in lifting up Cameron and his family.

  28. My prayer request is for wisdom and direction in important decisions. I have been part of a ministry for the last 2.5 years and it really have been tough at times and on many levels, emotionally, financially and spiritually. I sense I am at a sort of crossroads where I need to take decisions whether to stay… or not, to launch out into something new that I am passionate about … or not, to go back to the corporate world… or not…

    • Dear Thea, May God bless you with wisdom and discernment concerning where He is leading you to go. May He thoroughly bless you

  29. Please pray for me this morning,Im having bad anxiety attacks. I press and press,stand on Gods word and I just feel Im hiting a stone wall. I know My God is my peace and my healer,I just need His touch so badly in Jesus Name..thank you and God bless

    • Dear Sue, May God grant you release from anxiety attacks.
      (I went through them too last year. Jesus, exercise, the Auto-Immune Paleo Diet, meds, and more sleep finally made them go away).

  30. Senior Day at church for my first child . Praising God through it all that He lives in her heart.

    • Bless this child Lord Place her under your wings of protection and guide her every step and give her the heart to always seek your face as she walks this life you have set before her, Bring peace to her heart and joy to her spirit, in the Mighty Name of Jesus,,,amen and amen

      • Dear Annette, I’m joining Sue in that prayer for your daughter! Praise God!

  31. I am a young widow. My husband passed away last June. I have no family. Please, please pray that God will give me a good man with God’s heart to be my best friend, companion and a helper suited to my needs. (Genesis 2:18)

  32. Therese, May God grant you the desires or your heart and bring you peace and healing as you wait on his gracious timing. Amen. I’m recovering from my second hip replacement in the last 7 months. The recovery seems to be going well but I have been hit with a lot of pain the past couple of days. Please pray there is not a major problem and that healing will continue to progress as it should. Thank you!

    • Michelle,
      I will pray for you. Thank you for praying for me. I place you in the Holy Wounds of Jesus and cover you with His Precious Blood that you may be healed in His Name.

      • Dear Therese, I’m joining Michelle in prayer for you. Claiming Genesis 2:18. May God bless you as June comes around again.
        Dear Michelle, May God ease your pain and heal your body.

  33. I am a 56 year old mother (single mom) with 2 sons (now grown gentlemen) and have been baptized for just over 16 years and have been praying for a husband but to date nothing. I don’t know what i am doing wrong or not doing pray that I may find favor in God’s eyes, listen for his voice and go where he directs and answers my prayers. Please be praying for me.

    • Dear Verna, May the Creator of every person that ever existed provide you with a companion that will bring you even closer to Him. In the meantime may God grant you ears to hear His voice and feet to follow where He leads. May you feel to the very marrow of your bones how much you are already loved by Him. May you have peace in that knowledge.

  34. I ask that you pray for for a loving spirit for me. I just want to consistently show love and grace and mercy to everyone. Also, for my finances, that I budget and save properly for an apartment and a car. Thank you, God bless!

    • Dear Maya, I have a daughter Graduating college in less than two weeks, as your request is the same prayer request as hers, I will be praying for you both with every remembrance. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ feel you with the fruit of the Spirit and may you see the hand of God in your provision and spending.

  35. I pray for Verna, that she meets someone who loves and appreciates her for who she is, and doesn’t try to mold her into something she isn’t. I hope that this special gentleman is God-fearing, and will inspire and encourage her faith, and that both of them together will be their very best.

    A few days ago one of my beloved dogs died and my heart is heavy. He was young, only five, and had just recently pulled through a serious illness. He was a very gentle and affectionate little soul.

    A very dear friend fell away from the Lord a long time ago and allowed himself to be influenced by people of bad character. I am fearful for him that he has no idea how much of a stronghold the enemy has in his life, and I pray for him that he realizes how he has been deceived by the enemy, and that he turns around to seek salvation.

    • Dee, I pray the Lord will comfort your hear at the loss of your pet, I pray He wraps His arms around you as you pray for your friend. I join with you in prayer that your friend will have the wisdom of God and ask for forgiveness and seek his Savior. May the Grace of the Lord Jesus feel you with His peace.

    • Dear Dee, May God comfort you in the loss of your dog. Especially in the quiet of the house and around feeding time. May God bless you as you remain friends with someone who has lost his way. That you may love him when he is acting unloveable. I pray his heart is softened by God’s love. May you both be protected from the enemy’s attacks.

  36. I have a failed marriage. My children are all grown and only the 19 year old lives with me. He tries not to be bitter over his father’s neglect of me, but as a young man it is heavy on his heart that I struggle financially and have little emotional support in my life. All my children walk with the Lord. 2 are graduating from university this month and I must rent a car, pay for it and take their father to these graduation celebration. My oldest daughter ops out of family gatherings to avoid getting bad at her Dad.
    Please pray for God’s continual peace in my heart, pray for my finances and my old car. Pray my children will not let bitterness grow in their hearts. Pray my husband will seek the Lord and serve Jesus and not the master he has been serving. He was a youth pastor when we met.

    • Dear Deena Marie, may God wrap His arms around you and also direct strong Christians to you to be an emotional support for you. May He bless you with the peace of His Spirit in your heart. May your husband and children also be blessed with healing. And your car. Also may God grant you discernment and gifts concerning finances.

  37. So many prayers requests….my heart will keep you all in prayer, for moving, family crisis, jobs, relationships, children rescued. What a blessed way to start a Sunday. My request is for strength both physically, mentally and emotionally. Just finished 3 eye surgeries and my stamina is low. I have been off my meds since Feb and usually are doing okay but there is a heavy cloud of depression that comes now and then and for Mother’s Day….my son was killed in Iraq in 2006. He actually sent me flowers that Mother’s Day while he was over there….What a surprise! My Mom passed in 2013 and now there are so many commercials about this day and displays in so many stores. It makes the day a hard one to get through. Thank you in advance.

    • Kat,
      You are in my prayers for peace, comfort and healing .
      May God bless you

    • Dear Kat, May God bless you with mental, physical, and emotional strength. May he comfort you as Mother’s Day approaches and on the day itself.

  38. I am 47, and just had both knees replaced. I have to go back into surgery and be put under , so the dr can push down on both knees to try to straighten them out, and get my range of motion back.

    • Dear Susan, may God bless your doctors, nurses, anesthisiologist, and future physical therapists. May He bless the surgery and healing process.

  39. I need prayers for wisdom and discernment. I want to make the decisions and follow the path God leads me on, but either Satan or my own feelings or both continually confuse me. Please pray also that I may have courage when it comes time to make the decisions I need to make.

    • Allison – your words resonate so much within my heart. I am in a similar place. Praying for clarity on the direction that God has for you. One verse that has helped me in this season is Isaiah 30:21. Whether you go to the right or to the left, you will hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

      I keep praying for clarity in my own life. I have felt for quite some time that something was from God, yet nothing is happening. And those around me don’t necessarily agree with me (i.e. “you’re not hearing from God”). It’s easy to get discouraged and just throw my hands in the air and say I’m done! So I’m praying for peace, clarity, and resolution.

    • Dear Allison, may God grant you wisdom, discernment, and courage concerning His will…and ears to hear His reassurance.

  40. Please pray for my victory over depression, as I struggle to find delight in anything.
    Allison, I pray that you hear the still, small whisper of God’s voice.

    • I will pray that the dark cloud will lift. Sometimes we have to live moment by moment. Just make the next right choice. Moment by moment. I pray that you will see hope and joy in the small steps you are able to take. You are not alone. This will pass and someday you will be able to come along another and encourage them with your story. Take care.

  41. Please pray for my marriage. We have gone through very difficult times and I am praying for our compassion and joy to be restored.

    • Dear Ruthann, praying for your marriage and that your compassion and joy be restored. Added you to my prayer list. May God grant you hope and strength too!

  42. I have a 10 year old son who is going to have sinus surgery in the morning.. also tonsils out.. I know this is routine, but I would love an extra boost of prayer of peace for him and a smooth recovery.

  43. Please pray for my son; he was a Christian. Now in his 30’s, he said he;s an atheist. Please Holy Spirit, convict him of his need of Jesus as Savior of his soul.

  44. Please pray for me that I successfully beat cancer and stay strong through chemo therapy.

    • Father, pour Your love and strength into Denise. May she know your peace and joy and may she hear You singing over her each day. Bring those who will walk with her along this journey, who will be there to cry and laugh and sometimes to just sit in the stillness with her.

      • Thank you – sitting here alone and praying. Your words are uplifting – thank you again!

  45. My hubby just left for another week on the road in the semi. Usually I would be right there beside him, but I had glaucoma surgery and there are still doctor appointment to keep as it is not healing as I wish it was. There was a small leak last week. Please pray it will heal properly and I can get back out there with him, I am grateful for the weekend time we did have and for the love and the bond and cell phones! thanks for this encouragement. I will pray for others who have posted, as that is what God has me doing these days, praying for others.

    • Mary,

      I pray that you will have a speedy recovery and be able to join your husband soon.

      Take Care & all the best to you.

  46. I have
    spent the last 3 months advocating against the bow-and-arrow killing of deer-
    this to provide RECREATIONAL hunting. (not sustenance hunting -food for
    one’s family). I have encountered politicians, department of environmental
    conservation, legislators etc. who LIE. I know, by heavy, scientific c research, that I am saying the truth…but
    THEY are motivated by money, and power…Looking at them , I see the faces of pure evil. I am overwhelmed, and so very exhausted. How can I “love my enemies” in the face of horrific lying?

    • Hello friend, I love animals, too, and am praying that God will stand beside you and bless you as you fight for this cause.

    • Thank-you for standing up for those who can not stand up for themselves. I will pray for you to continue to have the strength to carry on.
      May God bless you…..

    • God loves all creatures great and small.. My heart breaks for them. I will pray…..

  47. Father, thank You for these women who are standing with me in prayer. I ask Father that You would perfect all that concerns them and guard their minds and hearts with Your peace. In Jesus name Amen.

    May God answer each prayer request and give each of you the victory!!!

  48. Please pray that I have wisdom in my home. Raising 3 boys and a daughter. And for godly wisdom in my marriage. Loving my husband and children well is my desire. That I will be what they need and be a godly momma in this journey.

    • Praying for your desires to be fulfilled. Father, give Jamie and her husband Your wisdom in raising their children. May their hearts continually turn to you.

    • God, please bless Jamie in the important job of raising her children! You have blessed her with these children and she is asking for your guidance in raising them and in strengthening her roles as a wife and mother.

  49. I ask for prayer that I will learn to trust God more deeply and gain understanding of the struggles I have been facing these past several months. I want to open my eyes and my heart to the Lord so I can receive all that he has for me. I also ask for prayer for peace and calm and the removal of anxiety and fear that has been plagueing me. Thank you!!
    And I said a prayer for Jamie before me 🙂

  50. I’m asking for prayers to allow God into my heart more fully, so I can better show my appreciation of all that He has blessed me with in my life. I am asking for strength to overcome my selfishness and dissatisfaction with things. I also ask for the courage to be less lazy, proud and self-centered. Thank you for prayers!

    • It’s getting late so I hope you don’t mind that I wrote to you both in one reply:
      I pray Camille and Joan that you are able to put your trust and faith in God to guide you. And to allow him to help you to overcome your fears and concerns.
      I hope you may find comfort and peace.

  51. I’m having difficulty in finding joy in my work and am in desperate need of His guidance in it and I’m struggling to break some bad habits in my spiritual walk. I have been allowing myself to use my mental illness as an excuse to wallow in depression and not do what I know that I should do(which I know is terrible, but it’s true). I’ve also have been letting old lies of Satan, about my self worth and God’s ability to use me, get to me. Instead of fighting back I find myself automatically believing it(and therefore inviting anxiety attacks and depression on myself) because giving in is easier than resisting. Another bad habit that I need to break is leaning heavily on other people for guidance and strength, instead of bringing my problems to God. Please pray that I start using only Him as a crutch in my life. I know I’m a mess, but thanks in advance for any prayers. I’ll be praying for all of you.

    • Juliann. It is hard to let go and let God. I pray that you will always defeat satan by praying to Jesus out loud.. I pray for God to hold you in His arms like a little child. God bless you and stay strong with your faith and trust in God

    • Julieann, stay strong! You belong to the One who is greater than all these struggles! Praying for you!

  52. Please pray that my 6 month old will begin to drink with a bottle by himself. He is fed through a NG tube since he is 3 weeks old.We are going through a weaning program and are on day 10. Still no drinking yet, but he eats few spoons of pureed food.

  53. I pray that I would quit worrying so much about 18 year old graduating..getting out of debt…the path my 15 year old is on…trying to get ahead financially…my 13 year old being happy with her life..herself…making better money decisions…my marriage…just all walks of life in general. I am trying to leave it all up to God and I know he will make the best choices…decisions for my family….its all just crazy hectic and very VERY tiring.

  54. Will pray for you Carol, in similar circumstances after caregiving my mother, relocating country, trying to simplify life for the time I have left in this world. God sends His angels to support us in our time of need, this has been my experience. Wishing you well. God’s Grace and Blessings.

  55. Request prayer for healing of a relationship. As it is written…in whom he believed – “the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were.” Romans 4:17b

      • Thank you. Waiting on God to do what I cannot and working on what I can, while I wait. Thank you again.

  56. Praying for my daughter, separated from her husband. A young couple who dated for 7 years and married for less than 3 years. Praying God Still, to intervene and restore them to Himself and to one another. Bind the enemy from robbing anymore in her young life. Intervene in their selfish plans Lord! Amen

    • I know your pain. Go to scripture and claim the promises written there. A good book I have found is The Blessed Marriage by Robert and Debbie Morris. The couple has to want a covenant marriage and want to work on it in order to succeed. I know what you mean by “selfish plans”. I bind those plans in Jesus name!
      Are they Christians and are they making an attempt at walking with Him?

  57. Pray for me and my husband. I long to start a family, but he just isn’t ready yet. I long to be able to stay home with our children, but our finances may not allow. I long to find a way to work, using my passions, and still be present for my family, but I’m not sure how. Praying to the Lord who is over all and orders our steps.

  58. After being without employment for more than 6 months, the Lord has blessed me with a wonderful job, He hand picked, He is in all the details. I am struggling to catch up and have fallen months behind on my rent as well as other bills. I need the Lord’s continued provisions, a financial blessing to remove this overwhelming burden and above all HIs Grace The City i live in under such oppression and in desperate need of Spirit filled Bible teaching church. I have been praying for a church plant since i moved here 2 yrs ago, the Lord has answered my prayers and those of many others. I believe in all my heart the Lord brought me here for “such a time as this” I am blessed to be a part of the remnant the Lord has chosen to build His church, as well as being on the worship team. Please Pray for a powerful move of the Holy Spirit within this City, to revive and refresh our Pastor daily and servants of the Lord to join in this Harvest. God Bless all.

  59. I am fighting a losing battle with my teenage son and drugs. I’ve prayed for months. I really need God to help be a use nothing I have done is working.

  60. I need prayer for my 7 year-old son. He is extremely angry, and in the past 8 days, he’s thrown 5 fits, 1 at school and 4 at home. These fits consist of him lashing out in every way he can, hitting, kicking, screaming, throwing toys. It got so bad this morning that I took every single toy out of his room. His step-dad and I have been trying to get him a psychiatric evaluation for months, but he is on a waiting list. We even took him to urgent care after one fit this last week, but they said he was 6 months too young to be admitted for psychiatric care at that hospital. When he is not having a fit, he is very affectionate and fun-loving. Please pray for our family and the process of getting him help.

  61. Dear Carol, I’m praying that all goes smoothly with your move. My sister’s best moving advice is to make sure to set up and make your bed as soon as you get there and take everything you’ll need for the morning (meds, coffee, breakfast things) in a separate box so it’s all available right away.

    I ask that you pray for me during a very difficult time. Our son died two years ago in April after a devastating car accident. He’d been walking away from God and I felt from the first that God was intervening to stop him. He was in process of divorcing his wife leaving her disabled with his baby boy. He chose to live with another woman and they had a ceremony which was suppossed to be a marriage, but his divorce wasn’t final. She was pregnant at the time and gave birth after his death.
    We have never been allowed to meet our granddaughter who is now 1 1/2 years old. My husband reached out to the mother at least twice with very negative, abusive results. Now she is posting lies about us on Facebook claiming that we had our chance to meet the baby and that we are spreading lies and hate about her. Specifically, she says that I hate her, but this isn’t so and never has been. At one time we were friends or so I’d like to think. My saying that I had forgiven both my son and her was angrily refused on her part. Our son had lied a lot about his wife, but it was shortly before his death that we found out.
    A big concern is that this young woman is sounding mentally unstable and I fear for both her children; she has a son from her marriage.
    I am so very grateful each day that our DIL has been gracious and we’ve built a new relationship with her unclouded by lies. Our grandson is a joy and brightness to us.

    • I am praying right now for God’s healing touch in this situation, that He would move in the hearts and minds of all those involved, especially the mother, for Hos glory and in the interest of the children. I also pray for you Janice, that His peace will cover you and that He will mend the hurt in your heart.

      Remember, He can restore the years that the locusts have stolen. I will continue praying for you sweet sister.

  62. I am a college student and recovering from anorexia. It’s been a long hard journey and I’m finally returning to school this fall, both to learn and to compete in xc and track again. There’s a lot of progress I still need to make and a lot of fear that needs obliterated by God’s love❤️ Please pray for this continued healing in my life

  63. Please pray for a job for my husband – he actually had a frrst screening interview last week (yay!, it’s the first in a looooong time!). Pray for great favour for him; that they would be willing to risk on him despite so many with more experience and younger.
    Also, pray for the estranged relationship with my adopted son to be mended. He is making a lot of harmful choices. I need wisdom and grace to know how best to reach out to him.

  64. Struggling at the moment with so many issues that it feels very overwhelming – job, finances, my son, family relationships, health issues, hormones, anxiety, singleness, sleeping issues et cetera, just a general feeling of “all too much” at times. Pray what you think is needed, and that I may keep my focus on Christ and not the problems, and that I will have faith to know that ALL things work together for good and for His healing and supernatural peace. Thank you and God bless.

    • I pray that God’s love washes over her, and that Jesus has borne all her sickness and pain and is willing and able to make her well. Amen.

  65. I find delight in the little things that make others feel loved and not alone.

    I need prayer for our finances. After making a big leap, I find myself constantly worrying about making ends meet. It feels like we’re in over our head at times. But God has never yet failed me, and He won’t start now. I know He’s in control and I can let go.

  66. I have gotten away from attending church for quite some time. I need to get back to my faith and live it daily. I enjoy the (in)courage web site but what I really need is a personal connection with other women of faith. I need prayers that I may find someone who will be by my side and encourage me in growing in the Lord.

  67. Jobs are getting very challenging and we need a new direction and peace on what to do. Feeling a bit unsettled and nervous about it all.

  68. I believe your prayers are working! I got word last week that there may be 1-2 openings for me within a company. They will be PRN, but 30-32 hrs. weekly. Just yesterday I spotted another job within same company-different division. I believe God is hearing all these prayers for me!
    Thank you everyone!

  69. Please pray for me that God will allow my childhood home come back to me. It was sold and my heart is broken.I had the opportunity to buy it but I was to upset with my parents deaths to do it. I deeply regret it. I also have a beloved lost pet. I asked God to let me know if the door is shut but He is silent.

    • Hi Marianne,
      I’m sorry for the losses of your parents, pet and childhood home. I can hear your sadness and longing for an answer. Try to fill that longing with the happy memories and love that were present when you and your parents lived there. Circumstances can seem like they’ll never change but they do. Don’t give up hope but don’t let the sadness overwhelm you. When answers don’t seem to come from God, asking, praying and believing in the Holy Spirit to bring peace into your mind and heart is something you can try. Big hug, Eileen

  70. I find delight in hearing laughter! I work in a stressful job and when I hear someone laugh it makes me smile 🙂

  71. I have been divorced for more than 3 years and I’m ready to find delight and joy in a healthy relationship. I’m 55 years young and have so much to live for and to give! I’ve worked hard to get through these years and the saving graces that Jesus and the Holy Spirit have given me is what has carried me through! So, it would be amazing to have someone pray along with me that I find a happy and healthy man to share my life with!
    Thanks sooo much!

    • Praying that you may be blessed with a godly man to love.

      God bless!

  72. Please pray that I may have courage to obey the small little steps in faith that the Holy Spirit has put on my heart. Also, to stop living in fear and worry but replace those feelings with faith and trust in The Lord.
    Thanks in advance.
    God bless!

  73. I am traveling to the Middle East to teach English this summer. Below I have listed five main areas of concern for which I would especially appreciate your prayers. Feel free to use this as a framework as you follow the Holy Spirit’s leading.

    1) First, we will need to keep God at the front door of our hearts at all time and be willing to show His love. “If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.” (1 Corinthians 13:1)

    2) Second, as we will be traveling in an unfamiliar environment, we will need prayer for traveling mercies and physical safety. Please pray that we would God would give us health and strength and place a hedge of protection around us. Pray that all of our luggage transfers and airport and train connections would go without complications, and that our jet lag would be minimal. (Psalm 91)

    3) Third, we need to remember that we are in Oman as servants and that like Jesus, we must reveal a servant’s heart to the people with whom we interact and come into contact. “Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Matthew 20:28)

    4) Fourth, our team will be comprised of fifteen different individuals, and we will need to maintain team unity and camaraderie at all times to clearly communicate Christ’s love for one another and for the people to whom we’ve come to serve. “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:34-35)

    5) Fifth, and possibly most importantly, we would ask for prayer that the seeds that we plant in our English language classes and through the relationships we cultivate with our students will grow and mature in the future. “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.” (1 Corinthians 3:6)

    If you could commit to praying for just one of these requests during the week of my trip, it would make a world of difference and impact the world! Feel free to email me a reply with a specific day, week, or prayer request that God has laid on your heart to commit to prayer. Thank you for enlisting as part of that great army that pleads with God for the power that is so absolutely necessary for effective work.