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Crystal is passionate about cultivating a community where faith, fitness, and friendship come together. Author of “Creative Basics: 30 Days to Awesome Social Media Art,” Crystal is a writer, speaker, host of the Write 31 Days challenge, and coach who shares encouragement at her blog, Connect with her on...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Crystal,
    Great thought-provoking post! So many times I think I am only doing God’s work if I’m actually involved in the “doing”. I am an “I want to roll up my sleeves and get dirty doing the work” kind of person. Yet, God does call me to seasons of standing guard, encouraging others, being a prayer warrior. This is no less than the “doing” part. In fact, at times, it may be more integral to the success of getting the job done than those rolling up their sleeves. The bottom line is being content in whatever roll God calls us to play, because when we are in the center of His will for our lives, we are truly in the sweet spot. Thanks for getting me reflecting this morning!
    Bev xx

    • “The bottom line is being content in whatever roll God calls us to play” – so well said, friend. So grateful for you!

  2. Crystal, what a passionate post. Thank you for the reminder that no matter what we’re doing—working or guarding—both are equally important. And you’re right, there’s no room for comparison in the kingdom. We’re all valued, treasured by our heavenly Father. I needed the reminder that though I may not be actively involved in ministering in our church, I am praying for those who are, and I’m living out the calling God has on my life right now to write. He uses us in different ways. To choose contentment with where He has us is to walk in peace.

    LOVED your post. I’ll be mulling on it today. 🙂

  3. Crystal, Echoing Bev’s reply. I like to do both, the rolling up my sleeves doing physical work and offering encouragement to others. He understands me well and has provided an opportunity to do both, where I can roll up my sleeves and also offer support and pray for others.
    A thought-provoking post, thanks.

    • Isn’t it so wonderful that God does give us opportunities to serve in all our strengths at different points? He doesn’t make us pick or choose, we just have to wait for His timing!

  4. I have been on the wall working but currently find myself on the ground. This perspective has really helped me see it differently. I am not just being idle. I’m tasked with guarding! So…today I am picking up my weapons and going to guard like a boss! 🙂

  5. Crystal,

    I’m in a position now where I would be doing both. I have been asked to really be stretched, and am praying what I am to do. I feel called to go in a particular place, but also have been challenged to expand this, and would be mentored, and also be given direction, etc. This is all so intimidating, God-sized, but also my passion, and another woman’s passion who is in a position of authority and has resources to get things done. This also has been in my heart for many years and is something that just doesn’t go away. It is one of those things, dreams that just keeps coming up. I keep seeing the need. This dream would help other people, but would also fill a need for me.

    I see through this post that this I’m being asked to do can also be done by other people in a support role, and I in turn would be in a support role. This all will be done in steps, not all at once. This would almost be like a ladder of steps. But, one small step at a time.

    I am in the stage of asking for confirmation…..and also wrestling. This is so helpful!

    Thank you Crystal!


  6. What a wonderful concept Crystal. (Thank-you for the reassurance)

    To create a balance we do need both. It’s reassuring to be reminded that it’s also okay to be versatile. It just depends on where we are at that present moment to determine the role we play.

    • It’s so reassuring to know that our seasons are not life-sentences and God does want us to use all our gifts – just in His time 🙂

  7. Oh wow this was so timely and spot on… Love me some Nehemiah : ) Thanks Crystal for sharing your heart and a totally new way to look at an age old bible story : )

  8. Love this so much! I have always struggled with understanding my own path and how God uses me! Especially when I see Him using others in the way I think He should use me — I’m not even sure that sentence makes sense 🙂

    I’m learning though that my right now is for His purpose and if that right now is building or guarding I’m to go “all in” with my desire to serve because ultimately it has nothing to do with me but everything to do with HIM!

  9. Crystal – God brought me to this post today so I would finally hear, take to heart and be encouraged with the struggle I am facing – you are a blessing…thank you.

  10. This story has blessed my heart. Lately I have been going through so much at work and questioning if it is all worth it! My zeal and passion left as I saw so much hypocrisy around the work. The dilema has been that I work for a church and it has been very hard to pray when I see all that goes on and schedule living very little to no time for personal growth. And i am at a place were I wonder is this job worth it! But also feel that the saddest testimony in life is say “A church is a worst place to work at” . Praying for guidance as I go through this season of so much questioning..

    • Bridget,
      Prayers for you Bridget. May God give you the wisdom and guidance you need to know if you should leave this job. Churches are just made up of people–sinful people and none of us are perfect. Prayers for peace and contentment no matter the outcome!

  11. Wise words, Crystal. You’ve given me a new appreciation for this chapter in my life when I am in a supportive role. Just as you’ve described, I’m encouraging, praying, and standing alongside. Thank you for pointing out the value and importance of the guards!

  12. Crystal,
    Great post! It is true that we need prayer warriors, & behind the scenes supporters as well as the workers. Not everyone is called to go on mission trips, but we can all pray, give money or do “guard duty”. Usually I want to be in the thick of things rolling up my sleeve doing God’s work and forget that the little things matter also!
    Going through a situation like this at work. I must remind myself that even the little things matter to God!
    Blessings 🙂

  13. Absolutely Powerful and humbling. Thank you. May God continue to define us all as part of the Greater work He has planned for the Kingdom. Thank you Crystal for sharing your heart.I have been truly blessed.