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Bonnie Gray is the author of Sweet Like Jasmine, Whispers of Rest, wife, and mom to two boys. An inspirational speaker featured by Relevant Magazine and Christianity Today, she’s guided thousands to detox stress and experience God’s love through soul care, encouragement, and prayer. She loves refreshing your soul at...

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  1. Bonnie,
    I love the thought of God calling me, Bev, by name because I am His. The thought that He sees me, He knows me – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and He still calls me by name. I’ve recently come through a bout with OCD/depression. Fortunately these don’t come as often, but sometimes, it’s in the pain that I feel and experience His loving presence the most. Ironic, but true. It is in my deepest moments of pain and weakness and not feeling enough, that He whispers to me that I am His. He invites me under the refuge of His wings and He gathers me like the helpless lamb and holds me close to His heart. Thank you for reinforcing that here this morning! May peace and stillness go with you…

    • Bev,

      You are always so inspiring, I’m sorry that you have been going through a rough patch.

      My prayers for healing and peace….


    • Almost every time I come to (in)courage, your comment is at the top of the heap! I’m so glad this one caught my attention, just to add my prayers to Penny’s, that those moments under the refuge of God’s wings will restore you to strength and vitality.

      Blessings to you, Bev!


      • Thanks Nancy…I’m an early bird…made even earlier by my senior dog Zoe who often gets me up around 4 am. Oy! Great quiet time thought lol. I’d play the piano, but others are still sleeping 🙂

    • Bev,
      Prayers for healing! May God restore good health to you and help you enjoy the life He has given you!
      Blessings 🙂

  2. Some days I think my story is too much to tell others but it’s my story and I carry it with me. It’s almost like a badge of honor to tell what I have survived and still function so well. Because as you say in your book we keep going and keep fixing and keep striving to be worthy and perfect. If I can keep everyone happy and anticipate all their needs then I am still in control no matter how out of control everything seems. It’s this delicate balancing act of managing everything in my life. But then on days when I read things like this I realize that I have convinced myself that my story is too much for God too. When in reality it really is too much for me to bear some days and all I really want is for someone to take the burden of my story and carry it for a little while and give me rest. These seven things tell me that God is whispering, “let me carry your story, let me carry your pain, let me manage and control so that you can rest and feel love and be enough in your brokenness.i don’t get tired of hearing your story and I want to use it to do things you can’t even imagine” thank you for sharing these healing words.

    • Kristan,

      I’m sorry you have such a burden to carry. I hope you have some comfort in that that you don’t have to carry it alone. So yes, rest even for a little while…..



    • it’s beautiful to hear how God is speaking to you, right here, in between the words of this post. how much love He has for you! sweet Kristan. your story is carried in His heart and now. ours too.

    • I often feel the same way Kristen. “My story” carries the weight of that which I cannot bear alone, without Jesus. This week, I took the time to climb into my bed, pull up the soft comforter, and asked my Heavenly Father to hold me in his arms. Immediately, I felt the burdens of this world slip away. My story helps others in need and is appropriate for sharing with those who need it most. I am learning that God whispers to me when that person, time and place all come together for His glory. I pray you have a restful weekend.

    • Kristan, we have a God who is ever mindful of us, who is more than able to carry us through when we are misunderstood by others or going through an unexplainable rough patch. My comfort in this is that God, is still speaking into our hearts reminding us that He is with us because He is the Great I AM. These words today were very meaningful to me and addressed what I am going through. You are not alone says the Lord.

    • Kristan,
      Prayers for healing and rest. Praying to God to come and be near to you. May you feel His loving arms surrounding you-nay carrying you and all your burdens. Tell Him your story over and over. Let Him handle it all! He loves you sooo much! Prayers for the pain to diminish!
      Blessings 🙂

  3. I could have written this post because its what my heart has been burdened with in this season of life. I am actually at the beach right now with my son & husband and it has been glorious. What I mean is, I needed this week to stop, and be still and just breathe because our life back home was overwhelming and emotions ran high and we just needed a time out. Thank you for reminding me that I am wrapped securely in the loving arms of Jesus, no matter what happens in life. I am His. And that is great news.

    • @aprilwindsorbox:disqus how soul gorgeous to be surrounded by the touch of God’s hands at the beach. and how soulfully beautiful to hear His whispers to you here .. sharing with us. thank you…

    • April,
      How nice that you were able to get to the beach & just stop to relax and enjoy life for a while! Life can be very demanding at times. Sometimes it takes getting away from the busyness of it all and unplugging to rejuvenate@ Prayers that you and your family can enjoy this week and feel energized! May you feel God’s arms surrounding you carrying you and your burdens!
      Blessings 🙂

  4. We all have these stories, places of hurt when we need Someone much greater than ourselves to carry our burden, and to love us through the pain. Bonnie, when you said God is our Home, that really spoke to me. And the mention of waves and ocean reminded me of a favorite Psalm “Be still, and know that I am God.” Xox

  5. I love your writings Bonnie.. You know what a tired heart needs to hear. Thank you!

  6. Bonnie, what a beautiful post. It spoke to my spirit. The reminders that God is always loving me, that He knows my name, that He’s the giver or and fulfiller of the dreams in my heart . . . such encouragement in that truth.

    And remember that God is my safe place—especially after hurtful words have pierced my heart—that is respite for my soul. His presence is my peace.

    • @JeanneTakenaka:disqus it’s beautiful how God is whispering to you, here in the quiet between the words. may His voice continue to surface each time the hurtful words return..and may they fade with each touch of God’s words to you washing over you. thnx fo sharing your heart with us.

  7. Bonnie, thank-you so very, very much for this post!! I really needed to read this. I’m going through an extremely hard time – one of many related ones that I’ve had over the past 8 1/2 years. I keep hearing this message from God, but then I keep listening to the enemy tell me the opposite. I refuse to listen any longer, though, & am listening to God’s Word to me – He created me in HIS image. HE has plans for me. HE is my comfort & my joy. HE is my shelter. HE has my very best in mind. HE provides for – always has & always will. Thank-you, Bonnie, for letting God speak through you in this post – may He bless you & keep you, & may He make His face to shine upon you, now & forever more, Amen. <3

  8. Bonnie,
    He is the reason why I joined this group.
    He loves me more than anything.
    He always answer my prayers by either Yes, No, or Wait. I love him so much. Whenever he says ‘No’ to me, it always dawned on me to know that what I asked does not worth me.
    He’s my everything….
    God bless you..
    I love being in this company.

  9. Bonnie,
    So soothing and peaceful, “As sure as the turn of the ocean, the Holy spirit will never leave us.”
    (It will be okay, thanks be to God.)

    Thank-you, your soothing, peaceful posts always deeply touch me….

    Blessings to you,


  10. #4 was especially meaningful to me: “Don’t hide your worries from Me. I will never tire of your worries…Bring them all to Me. Again and again.” My usual strategy is to turn away from worry as best I can and focus on praise and worship. Your “Seven Statements from God” here make me realize that a more honest approach might be more beneficial. I should talk to God about my worries, not try to ignore them. Perhaps a combination of the two would help: discuss my concerns with God, THEN praise and worship!

  11. You capture the Father’s heart so beautifully. I needed to hear this today. Thank you so much, Bonnie!

  12. Bonnie…Seriously, this post was just what I needed today…every point you made spoke straight to my Momma heart as I grieve for my daughter who is going through a divorce… Thank you so much for your vulnerability, and love for Jesus….

    • hi brenda, i can’t tell you how happy that makes my soul… to know my words have brought your heart encouragement during this heart-grieving season.. He’s got you… your story is worth sharing. thank you for sharing it vulnerably with us here. #kindreds

  13. Bonnie, please know that we who follow your posts are here to help you carry your burdens, too! As always, this was a beautiful piece, straight from your heart. My prayer for you is that your soul will find the rest and renewal that you need. Have a beautiful, soul-rest weekend!

    • sweet diane, you’re God’s kindness to my soul. thank you for your prayers! going to enjoy my weekend now.. with spiritual whitespace!

  14. I run a support group for moms of kids who have special needs. Our name is REST… I would love to get this printable for the moms!!.. Where would I do that??

    • right below the photo of the printable hanging on the wall, there is a link that says, “click here to Download Come to Me printable”. if you click it, it will lead you to download it! thnx for sharing, Michelle. blessings to you and the special needs mom! hug them for me!

  15. Bonnie,
    I heard Him say, ” Before the foundations of the world were put into place I AM.” Those words meant a lot to me as I am being assured that no matter what man may say or do to me no matter what I am going through He is more than able deal with it as He is with me.

  16. hi pat, you’ve been through so much these few weeks… may these words continue to comfort and bring you close, so you feel as loved as you truly are. enjoy this weekend.. #kindreds

  17. Bonnie,
    Thank you for this lovely sweet post! It is hard to envision God calling me much less singing over me. Right now I could use reminders of His love. I had a rough year last year with my aging dad’s illnesses, my work stresses & hubby’s almost job loss. I was depressed for a while. I’m slowly coming out of my depression & unhappiness. Through it all I tried to remind myself of His unconditional love for me and that He would see me through these trials.
    Blessings to all 🙂

  18. Love this post, grateful I found you. Breathing hard because I’m entering this rest season. I’ve been running to catch myself and you have written the purpose for my heart today. “He wants me in the now” wow!