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Aubrey is a pastor’s wife and SAHM to three sons. Aubrey writes and speaks on freedom from shame in Jesus and her first book, Overcomer (Fall 2015), is about overcoming shame in Christ.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Hi Aubrey,
    This post reasonated so deeply with me. In regards to children, here on Earth, my arms are empty, but in Heaven, they will be full.
    My best friend from high school had her two kids later in life. Recently, we reconnected and I had the privilege of meeting her Littles.
    It was pure joy being able to meet them because they were an extension of her and all the many wonderful memories we shared.
    What most touched me about your friend’s actions is that she created an opening where you could mourn the loss of your dream, yet also celebrate the exciting news of your son. Grief and joy can co-mingle, and that is ok. When I see an expectant mom or a precious Little, it warms my heart because I see God’s blessing through it. We can celebrate a new life together, because when we do, we celebrate God. Your words were such a blessing to me this morning, thank you.

    • Veronica– “grief and joy can co-mingle.” That’s so true. Thanks for your comment– your brought me to tears and blessed me as well! –Aubrey

  2. Sweet story, Aubrey. I, too, am the mother of three sons. I’m a girly-girl, so it’s a life that I’ve had to learn as I go, but — a blessed life. 🙂
    Congrats on your upcoming book release! Blessings!

  3. What beauty in truth! Thank you for honestly sharing your momentary disappointment, we too often want to hide this side of us, especially to other Christians for fear of judgment or chastising. How blessed you are to have a friend that truly epitomizes Christlike behavior; and in turn by your honesty you are her blessing.

  4. Only God can give us those very special ‘sister’ in Christ friends! A wonderful post!
    Thanks for this.

  5. My poor mother had 4 girls. Each time she hoped for a boy for my dad. When I turned out to be a girl-she said on no. But I was loved just the same and throughout her life she was glad she had me.
    I want my life to mirror your friend’s. I want to be the sister-in Christ who runs in and says it’s ok to grieve the loss I’m here for you. The one who writes cards, gets gifts, makes food, etc. and let’s you know you’re not forgotten!