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Emily Rose Massey is a freelance writer and the author of her first book, "Yielded in His Hands." She and her husband are both active in many areas of leadership at their church, including worship ministry, drama ministry, prayer ministry, youth ministry, and television ministry.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful reminder to get out with girlfriends in real life! I am so very blessed to have friendships of over 20+ years with quite a few ladies! God has been good to me on that front. It takes work and it takes being pushy to be sure we all connect on a regular basis, but it is well worth it. Social media is great for keeping in touch with those far away but those that are in town need to get out and mingle more. This from a life long introvert. =)

  2. Emily, thank you for this beautiful post. There is such truth in what you share. When I do physically meet up with friends it is such a blessing. I strongly believe God longs for us to feel the love of physical presence as well. On Sunday, I went for a run, praying God would open my eyes and heart to Him and as I neared the end of my run He drew me to stop and talk to an elderly man, struggling with his walker. I chatted briefly and went on my way, only to have my heart be tugged to return and tell him that God loves him and that life is tough but God has a new body awaiting him in heaven and was here for him right now…he had tears streaming down his face. In seeing that, I put my arm around him. It was such a powerful experience, teaching me just how much God SEES us, every one of us and also that I should follow those tugs…despite the embarrassment, shame or “I can’t be bothered” feelings. And it shows me in reading your post, that God has built us to be in communion and to “be” with the brokenhearted around us.

    • Anna, you have encouraged me so much! When I was in the marketplace, it was so much easier for me to witness and share Christ’s love on a daily basis. Now that I am a stay-at-home momma, I find myself missing those opportunities to minister. Thanks for the reminder to keep my ears open for God’s voice no matter where I am at.

      • I’m glad to hear it encouraged you. God is good! I’m a new stay-at-home Mum too (since December), but I’m discovering that it’s drawing me closer to God, as it’s freed up my mind (I was a high school teacher) and given me greater opportunities to “rest” in His presence throughout my day. I LOVE being outside more often and watching the skies and birds. And even watching my kids play giggling with delight and receiving their hugs has opened my heart to God’s great love for me. But I still have days where I tell myself I’m a failure (when I hear other Mums talking about their work)…but I find if I then dive into Scripture that God’s Word sets my heart straight.

  3. Every year for the past few years I have gone on a Women’s retreat with women from my church. This year I invited a friend from work to come along and she will be coming. I’m looking forward to our time together! I also love to hug & snuggle with my sweetheart! I guess I need lots of Oxytocin!~
    Making and being friends takes a lot of time and effort, but it is well worth it. I have a good covenant friend with whom enjoy talking, texting & seeing weekly (we go to same church). We also go garage saling in the summer. We enjoy the company!!
    Blessings 🙂