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  1. He is Risen…He is Risen indeed! Praise for what Jesus did for me/us!! Claiming the resurrection power of Christ to work in my son who doesn’t walk with his Savior. Asking for prayer that his heart will be softened and come to a place of repentance and total dependence on God . Thanking God, in advance, for what I know He can do…Our God is Able! Happy Easter all…

    • He is risen indeed! Agreeing in prayer with you, Bev, for your son’s salvation. Asking God to have mercy on him and draw him to himself, and to open his heart to understand today’s celebrations of Jesus. Praying God will strengthen you, as well. Thanks for letting us join you in prayer! Happy Easter!

      • Thanks Jenny,
        Praying for safe travels for you and also for Meredith’s salvation…so many lost souls, but our God is Able!!
        Bev xx

      • Thanks Jenn,
        Praying that God would give you strength and hope with the “thorn in your side”. May it (thorn) keep you continually running into the arms of your Loving Father!

    • Bev,
      HE IS RISEN! HALLELUIJAH! Because He Lives I can face tomorrow!!
      Praying for your son! May God quickly change His heart quickly and turn him back to Jesus! All things are possible with Christ!
      Also praying for your school in Islamic country. May God keep those children and teachers safe from harm!
      Have a Blessed Easter !@

      • Beth,
        Thank you so much for your prayers for my son and also continuing to lift up Redeemer Christian School. They are in tremendous need for prayers right now! May God’s love triumph over violence and evil!! Have a joyous Easter!
        Bev xx

      • Praying with you for your son! Lord, you alone can turn hearts towards you, and we know you love this young man. Soften his heart to your love, give him a hunger for truth, your truth. Open his heart and eyes to see his great need for you and your unconditional love for him. I ask that you would show him the emptiness of life without you, life that seems full but is an illusion of fullness, junk food instead of nurishment. Draw him close, give him a repentant heart.

        I also lift Bev before you. Fill her with both peace and compassionate perseverance as she loves and surrenders her son to you daily. Show her whst to pray as you author her son’s story. Show her how to rest and rely on you, your promises and words of comfort and hope, as she waits. It’s so hard for us when we can’t understand your delay; help her to trust your timing.
        Thank you, dear Savior and precious Lord.

    • oh Bev, how divine that I am responding to your prayer request! I too have a son that has walked away from Christ. I’m going to see him next week,and I will pray for your son as I pray for mine! “Father God, please be with Bev’s son as he wanders – do not leave him. Send angels to minister to him, and to testify of your love. Keep the path lit that will lead him home. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

  2. Claiming the light of the lord Jesus to shine in the dark places of my son Alex and my daughter Pamela and knowing he can do exceeding abundantly above all we hope and think according to his riches in Christ Jesus

    • Praying for Alex and Pamela, Agnes, that Jesus will shine His light in them and give you peace. I pray they will see Him for all that He is this Easter morning. He is risen!

  3. I am in a huge fork in the road!! Many decisions to make. About my job and my autistic daughters future. Prayers very needed. Thank-you for this.

    • AmyB, I pray that the Lord’s will be done in your life. I pray for His wisdom and guidance to lead you into all truth. May His peace and provision overtake every area of your life in Jesus’ name. God loves you and so do I.

    • I have these same things on my mind, Amy. God, please help Amy to trust You completely with her daughter’s future. You mad her to glorify You in a special way ~ always help her remember who she is in Your eyes ~ precious & treasured. Please give Amy wisdom about her job, Father, and what Your will is for her, and let this be a joyous day for her. In Jesus’ name, Amen. He is risen!

    • Amy B
      Prayers that God will give you wisdom as you make those decisions! I pray you feel peace and contentment no matter the outcome! May God answer your prayers for knowledge and discernment!!
      Have a blessed Easter! πŸ™‚

    • Bless you Any Jesusivez to make intercession for you He will lead. He is Lord love Cheryl

  4. Praying that as God continues to reveal my thorn in the flesh I would cling to the saving hope, grace and strength I have in Him!

    • Praying God will fill you with His Spirit, Jenn, and give you all wisdom to understand Him and His ways. Praying He will help you to trust Him in every area of your life. Praise God who never lets us go! Happy Easter!

  5. Would appreciate prayers for safe travel this week and for my cousin, Meredith’s, salvation. Thank you! He is risen!

  6. On this most holiest of days, I am grateful that God brought me to Christ and has shown me his grace. Prayers are needed for my daughter who is struggling with the death of her father. May God shine HIS light on her so she may receive his love and strength.

    • So thankful Kathie that you know Him. Father please draw this
      daughter so close to You. Let her know how much You love her. Please just reveal Yourself to her. You are irrestible. Praying, Judy.

    • I will pray as I lost my son and granddaughter but know they are joyous with Jesus. I will pray your girls find this peace if Gid that will pass their understanding and many believers will overwhelm them with the iverfkiwing live if Jesus to heal their grieving hearts and yours too love cheryl

  7. Happy Easter! So thankful for what Christ has done for us! Prayer request for two of my children who not only have walked away from the faith but are also claiming to be atheists.
    So painful for a mom. I am believing for them to return to the faith – I have to believe my God is bigger and more than big enough for this! I too pray for softened hearts. Blessings.

  8. Easter is such a hard time for me. We buried my daughter on Good Friday and everything else was a blur. But God kept us. I am asking for prayer because I am stuck emotionally. My church is ceasing to be as I knew it. I feel as if I am losing my community. I started a new business and need it to prosper. My two remaining children are not speaking to one another. For the first time in a long time, I feel alone and weak. I hate feeling this way.

    • I pray that God comforts you and your family and feels you with His all surpassing peace.

    • Dear Lazondral, Jesus loves you and is always with you. Praying that you will feel God’s love surrounding you and that you will cast your cares upon the Lord for he cares for you. Praying that your children will ask and give forgiveness. In our weakness He is strong.
      Celebrate, He is risen indeed.


    • Lazondral,

      Sorry about losing your daughter. Prayers for God to be your comfort and stay! Prayers for peace and comfort! May God bring a new community to you. I pray that you find a covenant friend or two quickly! Prayers also for you children. May God heal your family of any and all hurts!
      Father God,
      Lazondral needs your loving care now! Please send patience, healing and community to her quickly! Help her business to prosper and bring back the joy she once had! Comfort them this weekend and always. Give her the strength to carry on and make wise decisions!
      Blessings πŸ™‚ (((Hugs))) from Upper E. TN

  9. In prayer for your son Bev. Please pray for a big turning point in my relationship. I have truth to reveal and need to know if marriage is the Lord’s will for our lives. Please pray for guidance and obedience. Thank you!!!

    • Praying for your guidance and obedience. May the Lord make His will known in your life, and give you the strength and wisdom to carry out His plans. God bless you today and every day.


    • Sarina I pray for God to give you wisdom and strength and grace to choose His way. I also pray that God will bring you abundant joy . Please pray for my husband and I we are sensing that the Holy Spirit is leading us to lead our church of 15 years.thank you

    • Sarina, I pray for wisdom for you a drink your young man. I pray that He has put Jesus first in his life and the Holy Spirit will kind you into fullest of joy. I pray your young man wants your best.

  10. I have a friend who has had many setbacks since his wife left him. Please pray that his situation will improve. He has a son he wants to see and spend time with.

  11. Requesting prayers for our family -our foster daughter has been diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease. We will need strength as we journey through the months ahead.

    • We too face my daughter’s diagnosis daily, hers of a degenerative nerve disorder. We will gladly raise your family today! Amen for strength, peace, hope, joy and healing!

      • Kristen,
        Prayers for you and your family as you journey! May God provide you all with strength, wisdom and courage to deal with the day to day. I pray for God to provide doctors and knowledge to assist you in her treatment!
        Blessings πŸ™‚

    • Mom JJ,
      Prayers for you and your family! May God provide strength and endurance as you journey this trial! May God give you the knowledge and doctors to assist you on this road!! I pray for peace
      and contentment for you and hubby! πŸ™‚

  12. Please pray for my husband and I we are being lead by the Holy Spirit to leave our church of 15 years. We have both felt this leading for awhile and have tried to avoid it but it seems you can not avoid the Holy Spirit when He is calling

    • Yes, kaycee we will pray that you have wisdom, strength, discernment and willingness to follow His Holy Spirit as He leads you in truth. Amen.

    • Kaycee,
      True! If the leading is truly from the Holy Spirit and God has ordained it then you can’t ignore it! Prayers for wisdom, discernment and strength as to what the next step will be. May God provide His perfect knowledge and show you what path to take!
      Blessings πŸ™‚

  13. That my son in law Steve would come to Christ and be the Godly head of the household…

  14. Yesterday I felt so much like the disciples, stuck in that space between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, just lost and waiting for the miracle of Christ’s salvation. Every day feels like that same waiting and waiting and waiting for a miracle to restore my broken relationship. I am praying for my prodigal loved one to return to the foot of the Cross, seek God with all of his heart and return to me and make our family whole again. Happy Easter to all, He is risen and miracles await His command….

    • I will pray for a miracle for you Michelle. Only God knows what lies ahead. May Satan be removed from your loved one.

      • Thank you, Marianne – prayers for you, as well — remember that if God closes one door, He opens another. You will have the very best home that He has planned for you.

    • Michelle,
      Prayers for you and your prodigal. May God give him/her a heart change and bring them back to Him! Prayers for you as you wait. May God heal your heart and help you not feel lost!
      Blessings πŸ™‚

  15. I prayed for God to have me buy my cherished childhood home. He said no, and my heart is broken. My heart still bleeds for what I wanted…. It is very hard…

    • Aren’t we all eternally grateful that we have a permanent home in Heaven which is being built for us, after these temporary buildings cease to exist? Praying for your pain to be eased by His promises…
      John 14:2,3

    • Marianne,
      Prayers for your pain to ease. Just remember Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans for you” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you”. He knows what’s best for us despite what we may think!

  16. that we are following God’s will for our lives, that our eyes are clear to see, hearts and minds focused and blessings multiplied. We are at a crossroads about pretty much everything you can have as a crossroads (health, relationships, location, finances, etc all converging on this time) . we need Him to make His will clear to us and for our path to be made straight and blessed..

    • Kirsten, I am so blessed by your request for prayer. It is almost a prayer to the heavenly Father in itself. God bless you as we seek Him in prayer together.

  17. I am at a crossroad regarding a relationship. I’ve been praying that God would give me clarity, he would lead and guide me through the relationship, he would be the core and foundation of it. GB is very hard to figure out and I don’t know if it’s because of past hurts that he has emotional walls up. Praying that God would lead both of us.

  18. My husband has many health issues, physical and mental. We are in crisis and financially not able to pay bills anymore.

    • I will be praying, Katie, for God’s sovereign will, blessings and reassurance of His love and character towards you and your family. Our God is a great God and He will meet and supply all of your needs. His ways are not our ways. He is in the midst of these struggles with you. His face shines upon you all the days of your life. There is a purpose in these struggles to draw you closer to Him. Please share your situation with a local pastor so your local body of Christ can support you in this crisis. Also, seek local resources to meet your family’s daily physical, emotional and medical needs. There are community resources available to assist people in times of great need to no fault of their own. I will be praying for you.

    • Praying God will meet all your needs and that through this time you will feel peace and unexplainable joy.

  19. Please pray for those who were abusive to me and those who have turned from the faith and Jesus. Please pray for me as I grieve and heal and try to love and serve Jesus. I pray that each of you is surrounded in Jesus’ peace and love today πŸ™‚

    • Anne,
      Bless you on this day. I pray for those who mistreated to you and that they have chosen will/ choose the right path. I pray that you will be able to heal from the pain that was inflicted upon you and that you will find comfort and peace.


      I pray that all will be well for you and your husband and that God will see you through.

      My request is that I will make the right choices in regards to my son’s health. Thank-you

      Happy Easter to all……

    • Praying for all who are hurting. Asking for prayers for my daughter Kristen as she spends her last weeks waiting for her unborn baby girl. Thank you and peace to you.

  20. We need to sell our home, buyer backed out costing us money we don’t have. And we need a way of making more income, lost 75%of pay when company closed.

    • Father …please bring a buyer for this home. And give them a way to bring in extra income. You are a compassionate and merciful Father…One who is worthy of our trust. No matter what! Isa. 41:10

  21. Please pray for my health and healing. Depression and some really hard circumstances have knocked me down. I want to rise.

  22. I need a job, to know direction of my career, God’s direction for my life. Financial blessings & stability. Salvation of family members, protection of my grandchildren from evil influences & other.

  23. May I please request prayer that God would guide me. I am a Christian and desperately needing God to be clear with me. I want to know His will and purpose for my life AND LIVE IT. I am in a relationship of five years with a man, who is a Christian. My family knows Christ; his does not. We immediately bonded over our love for Christ and family. He and I asked for prayer, alongside my daughter, after church about 6 weeks ago. He asked the pastor to pray for unity with his family. Since then, he has become increasingly double-minded and is divided between two worlds. His family has literally fallen apart: none know Christ, both daughters announced they are pregnant, the live-in boyfriend has a nervous breakdown, etc. He now treats me as the enemy and says his first priority isn’t to follow God or His word, but to make his priority the care of his adult daughters and boyfriend. One daughter brings so much deceit and discord into the home; she undermines her dad (and our relationship) at every chance. She lies, verbally abuses and emotionally manipulates him. She speaks ill will behind my back and has turned all of the in-laws against me. A dear friend said, keep sharing Christ with them. They don’t hate you; they hate the message you represent. I will not go along with the flow or the ungodly demands. I want to honor God, Jim, our families with my life. One daughter mocks Christ, but the other is searching for Him. I love this family, but cannot marry into it if God and dad are not head of the family/home. My dad, who is a Christian, told me that he would not attend because of Jim’s relationship with his daughters who he allows to rule the house in sinful lifestyle. My response was God still chooses to love them. I want to be the person who will lean into Christ, be His ambassador, be faithful to God without apology or compromise so they’ll know His message of redemptive love, grace and salvation through this dreadful mess. Please pray for God’s wisdom, His intervention to keep my feet on course where He wants me and mend my broken heart. We are assured and know that (God being a partner in their labor) all things work together and are (fitting into a plan) for good to and for those who love God and are called according to (His) design and purpose, Ro 8:28 Amplified. Please pray for my loved ones and I as I seek God with all my heart and mind. I will be praying, on your behalf, for your requests to our Heavenly Father.

  24. Praying for you, RP. I understand those needs and am praying for you.

    I too need clear direction. My father has stage 5 dementia but is unique in that, although stage 5 cognitively, he is still very physically capable and still drives, goes dancing, can dig a ditch, etc. Police say his driving is fine because he’s lived here (16 miles from small town) for 25 years. Docs say he cannot live on his own. I feel stuck, cant find a job, have spent ALL of my savings and am becoming severely depressed. I want to move him cross-country nearer my sister and mom for support and where my opps for a job are much better. I need CLEAR direction as to if, where and how to transfer him.

    • Robin,
      I sincerely hope and pray that whatever is in the best interest of you and your father works out the way it is meant to.You sound very selfless and I hope that you find some peace and comfort throughout the duration of this time in your life.

      Happy Easter & may God bless you.

  25. I was diagnosed with cancer 9 yrs. ago. After surgery and w/o any treatment I was good for 4 yrs. Then it returned. I’ve been in treatment with low dose chemo and alternative measures ever since. In the past 2 yrs. it’s metastasized to my liver and lungs, and the pelvic tumor has started causing pain. Chemo quit working. Other resources to stop the growth, etc. were tried. Got a report 2 days ago that these weren’t working either. I’m facing a fork in the road. God has seen me through so much and been with me every step. I expect nothing less. It’s hard to watch my husband and family deal with this. Appreciate your prayers.

    • Debbie, my heart goes out to you and your family. It has to be so hard for you as well as for your husband and family who watch and know they can’t cure this for you. We have a mighty God who is with us all the time through the good and the bad and I know He doesn’t like to see any of His children suffer. I just pray right now that the Lord would keep you in the palm of His hand and give you the peace that only He can in this situation. I pray He puts the right medical people in your path who can help you through this and I pray for His comfort for you and yours. I sit here with a similar situation with my Dad as his health grows worse daily and he needs constant care. All this while trying to work and now trying to find a new place to live as my rental home is being sold. So many life situations that we as His children go through and cry out to Him for his help. I will seriously be praying for you, Debbie, and ask that the Lord please walk side by side with you on this and help as only he can. God bless.

      • Susan
        I was in a similar situation last year with my dad. He was in hospital and rehab during Easter. Thankfully he is well for now, but needs continuous help and assistance with daily living. I am blessed he moved into an assisted living last year. Prayers for you and your family during this most trying time! Prayers for strength, courage and peace as you watch dad age.
        Prayers for provisions from God to find a new home. May He shower you with all His goodness, grace and mercy!
        Father God,
        Please help Susan! She so desperately needs your strength, love and mercy at this time! Help them decide what should be done with her aging dad! Give her provision for a wonderful place to live! She needs you now more than ever before!! Give her peace, contentment and wisdom to make these decisions!

        (((hugs))) from Upper E. TN

    • Debbie,
      My heart truly goes out to you today! We serve a miraculous God who can do miracles! Praying for divine intervention for you and your family! May God sustain you and give you and your family peace and contentment! Prayers for provisions and right medical people in your path! May you feel His comfort, love, grace and mercy working on your behalf!
      Have a blessed Easter (((hugs))) from Upper E. TN

  26. My husband of 27 years declaced in word and deed 3 years ago that he no longer wanted a wife. I am a servant and he shows more respect for the dog. I haven’t been able to earn enough to leave him, and it is a family owned house falling round our ears. (Marriage is not the only thing he doesn’t chose to maintain, he works just enough to feed himself and pay a few bills.) I’m stuck, but I have been doing Tracie Miles’ Bible study, “Your Life Still Counts”. I have 4 adult children.

    • Dear Deena Marie, my heart goes out to you, and I pray that God will keep his promise to be the real husband to you, to show you all the love and respect you need and to lead you in his timing. He really loves you! I’m so sorry about your situation.

    • Deena Marie,
      Sorry that your husband has “ended” the marriage! Prayers for you and your children! May God make a way for you to leave your husband and find peace! I pray for God’s provision to show up in unexpected ways!! Precious father,
      Please help Deena Marie find a way out of this dead-end marriage. Help her to find peace and contentment in you and not feel stuck! Shower her with your love, grace and mercy this Easter

    • Dear Deena Marie,
      My husband ended our marriage after 26 years…I felt broken and like I was a failure. God, however, has healed my heart to know just how valuable I am in His eyes…I am praying that same healing power over you…that you would know how much God delights in you and just how valuable, beautiful, and treasured you are. Don’t let one man’s opinion destroy your self worth…you ARE worthy!!
      Bev xx

  27. I have really bad panic attacks and some really put me in a place to where I cant even move.I clime today and the day of NEW life in Jesus.I ask for your prayers for complete healing and peace that passes all understanding. Also for my son,he needs a job.I pray doors open for him. For all the request, I pray in Jesus Name needs are met,healing comes to the hurting, salvation to those lost,and God moves in lives that need His touch, IN Jesus Name..amen and amen

  28. Christ is Risen! This Holy Week taught me so much about my life right now. Goals listed, waiting for the right time to do them, glad to help others, waiting on God for direction, being the buffer in my home between husband and my father (84, Parkinson’s) and dear daughter (14) and hosting a Passover meal on Thursday before service Thursday night. Husband is parish minister (in ordination process) so the whole week for him was spent organizing and writing sermons for Thursday night, Friday night, last night and this morning! But they were good! (praise God, how I used to wonder how pastor’s wives could respect their husbands!) Saturday in particular felt stripped. Waiting, baking the Easter bread, not doing too much but letting others lead, and then the most wonderful service of the year, Easter vigil where we had candlelight procession, read the stories of creation, flood, Red Sea, salvation offered to all, New Heart, Dry Bones, Fiery Furnace, affirmed our baptism around the font, and proclaimed the resurrection with song, sermon, and Lord’s supper, to some of the best hymns we only sing at that service! So finally my heart was filled with joy, and the joy on my daughter’s face surpassed my own. Isn’t that a weird thing to write? But I bet you mamas know what I mean.
    I write all that to ask prayer because our family is waiting for direction on a total life change. We are to move out of our current house (linked with husband’s job which is ending) in June and don’t know what’s next. But maybe sometimes I have faith to link it to the Vigil service: where God will lead with be amazing. Pray that I be found faithful, please?

  29. Dear Lord, We stand together, this strong cord-community, in His Name, on His most glorious day! I thank you for this day especially Father, as it the day that reminds me that no matter what happens here, I have SUCH a wonderful life awaiting me, with the Trinity, Who loves me so much, They thought to do the impossible for me. I only have one request, my constant request, today, and that is that You regenerate my family in whatever kind of “service” they are attending today, and that their sanctification begins today! May I see, in this next year, fruits of the spirit from them, signs that this is Your Will. In His Name, I pray….

  30. I ask that you all pray for me to be guided by GODs will. Please pray I hear from him loud and clear in all aspects of my life, most pressing I need HIM to guide me to where he wants me to be living.
    Lozondral I pray for GODs peace, joy and LOVE to fill you and your family. I pray that he wrap his loving arms around you and comfort you. Love to you all

  31. Happy Easter! Pray that I trust God during this season of growth and that God will have his way in my relationship with my boyfriend and mold us and shape us into who He wants us to be.

  32. Pray against the spirits of division, strife and disunity in my family. Pray for reconciliation, unity and healing to overtake, rest and abide in our hearts.

    • I believe God with you in Jesus’ name! I pray that God strengthen, encourage and minister to your every need. May He give you wisdom, knowledge and understanding. God has great things in store for you.God loves you and so do I!

  33. He is Risen! Requesting prayers for God’s Will in my life and my ability to listen and hear. I am waiting expectantly. For guidance regarding work and where to live.

    • Praying for positive results for my daughter and nephew who are facing health issues………….Help us with your prayers…

  34. Please pray for my emotional healing. I’m a new widow and feel like I have lost half of myself

    • Losing a loved one is never easy. May God comfort you and your family during this difficult time. May His peace that passes all understanding overtake you. May His love satisfy you. May He heal all that is broken within you in Jesus’ name.

    • Praying for you. My dad just passed and mom is feeling same loss and pain. They had been married for 54years. God be with you. Lean on Jesus.

  35. Happy Resurrection day everyone! I pray each of you had a blessed Easter service!
    Prayers for everyone here! So much pain, suffering and heartbreak! May you all feel God’s love, peace and contentment! I pray God provides His wisdom and provisions for your every need and decision!
    I just need wisdom and prayers for a few items. First off my husband’s company (big hospital network) is merging with another company (the other big hospital network) in the area. Don’t know what doctor’s offices/urgent cares will remain open and who if anyone will lose their job. Also my job description changed a few years ago (to include RN jobs)–we had no clinic director and went into an EHR system. We got new clinic director and she tried to rewrite my job description to no avail (HR wouldn’t let her). Before she left she stated I could train upstairs and then perhaps come and train with RNs. Last month was our review month and I still haven’t been reviewed. I feel in limbo. Don’t like my job and want to find another one. Hard in this economy. Don’t know if I get to keep my job. Prayers for wisdom and courage to carry on!
    Thanks everyone and Happy Easter!

  36. Please pray for William who is 60 years old and has Alzheimers which is progressing. Please also pray for strength for his wife Denise.

  37. I do not usually share requests on here, but I will this time. 12 days ago, I had to have unexpected surgery for appendicitis. I am off the pain meds and getting better each day, but it is hard for my 15 year old daughter (has Down Syndrome) to realize Mommy is not 100% yet. My marriage has been rocky for a while before the surgery and I do not think my husband realizes how serious the surgery was. I need healing. My family needs understanding and extra love and patience. Thank you!
    I am praying for Judith Hatch’s request also!

  38. I received this in my inbox this morning. I need prayer please. Too much to go into but I need clarity from my Lord. I am lost at this season of my life. I can’t see my way forward and I have been seeking and waiting and seeking some more. I just need prayer support from godly women. I need genuine friendships. I need to know His will. I appreciate any prayers for me and my adult children. God bless you this Easter Sunday.

    • Michelle,
      I understand what you r going through. It can feel so hopeless and lonely. My heart is connected to yours. I’m lifting you in prayer. God Bless you.

  39. Asking for prayers in silent and another prayer for finding a church to attend. Just feel I don’t fit in anywhere. I am one who has always served in some capacity in a church and feel at home there when I do. Altho I may walk slower do to using a cane now, I can still be a friend, a helper in some way…seems others who see me only see my disability…not my abilities.

  40. Praise our Lord for all He has done and is still doing! I have suffered with vertigo for last two years,which at times is debilitating. I ask for complete healing.but if it is not His will that I will ha e the strength to keep moving forward and serve Him from where I am at.

  41. I pray for Terre D to find a church where she can be useful and have caring members to appreciate and love on her…a church where the love of God shows on each face.
    Please pray for me to be strong in the Lord through the pain and suffering of disease and old age.

  42. Please pray for me & our family. I have a daughter who struggled with anorexia and is totally indifferent to me and her father. Now another daughter is starting down the same path. Please help us, Jesus!

  43. I praise my Savior Jesus for going to the cross for me! I praise my Father God for the greatest gift the world has ever or could ever know!!! I thank You Lord Jesus that You rose from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit and are alive & sitting at the right Hand of our Father, ever interceding on our behalf! I also join myself in agreement of prayer with Bev and those praying for her son that he will, indeed, come to know Jesus as His Savior and God! I would also like to ask for prayer for my husband and myself. We stand before a “Red Sea” situation, where only God can bring us through. It is impossible in the natural, but with our God and Savior Jesus nothing is impossible. He is our ONLY hope! Thank you in advance to those who may read this and pray for us. God bless you!

  44. Father, I pray for Donna & her husband and that You would guide them in the decisions they have to make which will impact their lives significantly. Give them wisdom, and more than anything, help them to trust You, as You are in Control and Over All. Give them peace in the decision.

    I ask for prayer concerning my Unexplained Secondary Infertility. My husband and I have been trying for a second baby since Jan. 2012. I am seeing a fertility specialist now and have had my 2nd failed IUI. All of last year consisted of procedures and tests and whatnot. Its frustrating because all the tests show that both me and my husband are fine and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t conceive. We will try one or two more IUI’s before making a decision as to whether we will let this dream go of having more children. I always envisioned myself with 3 or 4 kids. But God’s plan for us may be to be a family of 3. “Not my will, but Your will be done”. I want that kind of contentment whatever God’s will may be.

  45. As we Celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I have a troubled Heart trying to know what to do to “save” my son from a 30 year addiction to drugs. He has been in multiple drug treatment programs, jails, and prisons. I ask for all the prayers I can receive – praying for the Holy Spirit to awaken his Heart to the Glory of God, before it is too late. Lord if it be thy Will accept my Prayer Request. Thank Amen

    • Today I join my faith with Janann’s and ask for the salvation of her dear son. Holy Father, speak to his heart; convince him of his deep need for You, and by Your kindness, may You lead him into repentance. May this Easter season awaken his heart to Your redemptive plan for his life. Jesus, be glorified in this family. There is Power in Your Name, and Janann and her sisters in Christ believe it!

  46. My family and I are returning soon to our community work in Southern Asia. We need strength and wisdom as we transition and plan for life overseas for another four years, as well as Divine provision in our finances so that we can go and tell others about Resurrection Sunday! Thank you for your prayers.

    • Thanks Jillian for joining me in praying for Salvation for my Son. I, also, am praying for you and your family as you return to do Mission Work in Southern Asia.

  47. Prayers for the discouragement I’ve been feeling. I have a few prayers that I’ve been praying for years on and it feels like no response or I’m just not content with the answer. God is good, my head knows this but with years of stretched finances and a teenager who’s heart continues to harden to me, my heart is just tired.

  48. Lord please help Diana to find and feel new hope in You. Take away the discouragement and anything that keeps her from seeing Your love and Your plan for her life. Let her see how You are good and refresh her heart and mind.

    We continue to wait for an adoption referral-almost 15 months now. We only have 2 months in Haiti before returning for a 3.5 month time of team building and transitioning our eldest to college. We need to fit in a 2 week bonding trip right after we match and I’d really love to have that done before we head to the USA [no need for extra tickets, whole family could go and we would not need to disrupt plans while in the USA]. Thankful the Lord’s in charge. Want to wait well and learn any lessons we need to learn during this time.

  49. Pls pray that God would give me endless opportunities to tell people about Jesus. God has put this strong desire in my heart for over 40 yrs now and I so love doing this. No greater joy than seeing others become sons and daughters of our Father. Thank you, Judy.

  50. Lord, Please be with Diana to see and feel your love. Be with Kris and her family as they wait for direction about their adoption referral. We know your timing is perfect. Please give them patience as they wait for Your will to be made known.

    Lord, I need your guidance and direction. Should I apply for the job I just found posted, or stay where I am. Please make your will known to me. Thank you Lord.

  51. I sure would appreciate prayer for a couple things. First, pray for my adopted son. Pray for our reconciliation. And for healing in many other relationships. Pray for his mental health, and his spiritual life- neither are healthy. Pray that he will become sensitive to truth and deception, and the lies that keep wrapping around him would become clear and he would be willing to let them go. Pray God would bring godly men into his life who have both the courage and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit to speak truth boldly into his life, and the commitment to help him grow.

    Second, my husband is needing work again. He’s in the film industry and it’s been really hard to get enough work the past few years. He has submitted his resume for several upcoming projects; pray for favor, that God would open the next door on one of these or lead to another. Pray also for money to pay for several big expenses we have right now and no way to pay.

    Thank you so much!

    • I have been without funds and without a way to have them. I think God wants us to have what we need not just for our souls but also for the life he gave us. I pray He brings you what you need at this time and gives you faith to carry you through.
      A fractured relationship is ever so painful as is watching someone you love losing their way.. I pray balm for your heart and soul. I pray God lays on your heart what he wills your part to be in any troubled relationship. Then may those, who dance woefully with you, hear and heed His will for the relationship.
      May your son know he is your son in every way though he is adopted. I pray for his soul to know God’s Love of him. May he not resist the voice calling him into the fold. May he walk the road of Christ till this life is over and the eternal one begins. Love and hugs

  52. Lord call my sons to you. Each day guide, strengthen and comfort them thus helping their souls remain open to give and receive love, live their lives boldly you in them and they in you. I love you, stella

  53. I am requesting prayer for my marriage, my husband is having an affair and wants a divorce. I am heart broken and my children are as well. I also am praying for your son, Bev!

  54. My Heart is sad and tired. I am in my late 40’s and really haven’t felt loved by my Dad or my husband of 20 years. Even now it is hard for me to feel our Fathers love. (I feel unlovable) The last two years I have felt like I am in the dessert. I keep searching and seeking the Lord but he is silent. I know God is working while I am waiting. I need the Lord to continue to help me love my husband and continue to turn the other cheek . He needs to except Him as his Lord and Savior. And get the right counselor to free him from his past so he can be open to being loved and truly love others.
    Blessing to you all!

  55. Hi, 2 years ago my husband (a believer) hit me and afraid I was going to put him in jail decided to reject my offering of forgiveness to instead file a TRO against me in.order to gain full control of our girls (by then 8 and 5y.o.) and use them against me. Not only he abandoned me but divorced me without biblical justification for it. A whole year after being cut off from kids life, and with over 95% of visit reports showing no sign of distress between daughters and I, the eldest one was diagnosed with Post traumatic stress disorder. She is now 11, entering pre-teenage stage, has finally become totally enmeshed with alienator and hates mom rejecting visits. I fear for her and I know I shouldn’t abandon her to his manipulation but I cannot force her either to love and respect. I need wisdom. My younguest one is watching and suffering too. Not being target of his exploitation, she has not been as.badly traumatized but with eldest sister being only female role model left at home she cannot avoid to copy. Help me pray for the Lord to have mercy and raise ex husband from sin digged grave. Raise Kiana from.hatred and mental instability, raise Leilani from depression and my whole home, my life for HIS GLORY to.make it all a testimony of His resurrecting power. Thank you

    • Hi! I’m Ivy, am just new here and just followed the instruction/s above. I hope I can get your name so I can include you in my prayer. God bless you and happy Easter! Oh by the way, I’ll take note of the names of your girls…With God all will be well πŸ™‚

  56. Please pray for the restoration of my friendship with Mark and for Mark’s healing and salvation. Thank you.

    I have prayed that God would grant healing in your family. That Jesus would touch each of you with His healing touch. I pray that God would transform your husband’s heart and He would guide the mindset of your daughters. I pray that God would replace all the lies with His truth. May God comfort you and strengthen you. May you find peace in Christ our Risen Savior. In Jesus Name. Amen

    • Thank you. May the Lord reach and touch Mark too, raise Him up, heal, restore, conquer. That my husband and Mark may one day tell us about freedom found in Him, surrendered to His love as only His Spirit can and no one can resist. In Jesus’s name AMEN

      • Amen.
        Thank you!
        I will continue to pray for you and your family. Don’t be afraid don’t be discouraged just trust God He is working on your behalf. He loves you and your family with an everlasting love. With God all things are possible!

  57. I need direction as i have reached many forks in the road. Lost my job, Husband on dialysis 3 times a week, son with PTSD from a robbery, had to sell our home due to financial troubles. Need direction on where to live, work, etc. I love these daily devotionals that truly bless and inspire me to keep on keeping on with God. I share them every day with others.

  58. Father, I lift up Yvonne this morning. She is facing several challenges. Please guide her steps in each one. Please help her to feel Your presence each and every day as she looks for Your guidance. Please give her Your wisdom. Thank you for watching over her and her family. amen.

  59. May the Lord God bless you in your work. I need a prayer this morning since I have reached in forks in the road. I am struggling with infertility and I am going through IVF. I love children and I can not see myself with without a child and now I am thinking to doing what ever it takes till I reach God’s will but I am not sure if I am pushing it without God’s Will. Please pray for me for God’s guidance. Thank you

  60. Please pray for my family as we look for a house in an area with much competition for housing. In the meantime, we are in a one bedroom apartment( all we could find with no lease) with our 13 year old son who has Aspergers. Also, I fell and hurt my left knee and ankle and pray for complete healing so I can walk again and be able to help others and serve my family. Thank you.

  61. Easter, I am so Thankful for what that means in my life! Feeling discouraged today. Have we all had that one person where we feel helpless to get past all the dirt they have thrown into your life and just go on? Please pray for me to do that in the way God wants for me to. Not in my way. I want to walk unhindered, so I can be the woman God needs for me to be.IO know God will use this to strengthen me.

  62. My husband loves God, and we truly love our Church! But lately I’ve been pulled to pray that God would work in his heart to soften, to become the man God wants him to be athome, and outside to theworld. He truly is a wonderful husband and father. God blessed me mightily with him!

  63. I need prayers for healing for myself. My son is also in need of prayer to bring him closer to God. He is in a relationship with a beautiful young woman that has experiences with a church group that preach judgement and condemnation and she only goes through the motions to please her family. As their relationship continues I pray fervently that they would seek joy and love through Christ and receive His blessings. Thank you for joining me in this prayer.

  64. Please pray for God’s guidance for our family. My husband’s job is very stressful and putting a tremendous amount of pressure on him. We have two children that are now 15 and 18. We have always had the same mind about my staying at home to keep our life flowing the way we like. My husband is kind of locked in to his job because of house payment and other expenses. I wish he didn’t have to stay there. I couldn’t possibly make enough to even make up for half of his income even if I worked full time, which neither of us want. Please pray for God to open our eyes to new possibilities and that we would do what is best for our family. Thank you…

  65. Pls pray for guidance as I look to make a change in direction for my career and move

  66. Lord please pray for me and my family…we are struggling so much with teenager angst and rebellion for reasons I cannot fathom……maybe because I am the adult and just pains me and hurts me deeply…that my babies feel the need to push my buttons or do opposite of what i ask…and not respect me…its just awful and makes me angry and teary eyed…these girls are not bad or mean in nature but for some reason soooo angry and im at a lost Lord….at such a loss.

  67. Please pray a new job opportunity will present itself soon for me. I am so unhappy at my job it reflects in every area of my life. I work with non-stop gossips who I walk in on talking about me every day. I found myself joining in on their gossip and have been making efforts to completely remove myself from it, though I fail often. I once read if you gossip with someone they are probably gossiping about you, this is so true, and have thought if I remove myself it would cease but it has not, it has gotten worse.
    Along with the gossips I feel like I am not being utilized as an employee and am wasting away at a job where I will not ever gain experience doing anything. I have battled discussing any of this with anyone but am putting my pride aside and asking for a community to please pray for me as I am a happy person who seems to always be angry or sad over the last several months.

  68. Bev, praying with you for your son, that the Lord will work in a mighty way in his life. Please pray for our family, husband and son who have strayed from the Lord, daughter with health issues, father diagnosed with Parkinson’s and is battling depression, and financial strains. I know God is working in our family and will bring us through all of this. He IS able!!

  69. I am asking and believing that God will give me some direction as to either stay in my present or to leave. If I leave I am believing that God will make the funds available for me to go and a place to go to.

  70. My marriage is at a crossroads. I pray and work for healing, but I am only one part of this. I’m so afraid, and discouraged. We both have great faith. I feel like I’m dying in this struggle. I feel like I’ve given up. Please pray for my strength.

    • Don’t give up. Those are words from Satan. I’ve gone through it and was ready to give up. God intervened and I started to surrender myself completely. It’s been over a year and were still in counseling but some healing has occurred and were committed to continue fighting for our marriage.

  71. Just dealing with anxiety. I have had some health issues and they are causing me to question my faith. I just pray for physical and emotional healing and that I will be able to trust God to bring me back to my normal, happy self.

  72. I need prayers for the end of a verbally & emotionally abusive relationship. The healing needs to begin & closure on this season of darkness. Also, prayers for my mother as she begins her fight against breast cancer.

    • Kim – I came out of one of those myself. It is tough, but you CAN do it. I will be praying for your strength and courage, and patience in the healing. Also praying for your mom.

  73. My son’s dad is an alcoholic, and now has a step-son who is very violent (set fires, tried to kill his mother) who is living there. My son will be there for 6 weeks in the summer, and I’m terrified. I’ve tried legally to change this, but his dad is a lawyer, and knows how to work the system. Please pray for my son’s safety.

    • Praying that the Lord would intervene and that a loop hole could be found to keep your son with you this summer. Also, praying for extra angels of protection and wisdom to surround him and you.

  74. Started working a night shift position (12a-8a) and it’s been really hard trying to adjust to the schedule, balance home life, keeping my relationship with my husband healthy, and going to school (online). It’s very overwhelming at times and I’m so tired all the time because my sleeping schedule has yet to even out. 4 people I knew, including a family member, passed away last month. I cry at the drop of a hat because I’m so overwhelmed. I have a love-hate relationship working night shift, but we need the money to pay off debt So that’s the only positive about my schedule. My husband and I also feel like we’re doing what God is asking of us, but can’t see what direction we’re headed. Thanks for the prayers.

    • That is really tough. Praying for you to manage this tough time, that the night shift won’t be necessary forever, that your debt will get paid off in full, that you and your husband will maintain your relationship (and even strengthen it!), and that God will give you a vision for your future. I also pray that you will find a way to feel and let go of some of the emotions you are struggling with – don’t try to stuff them too long, or it can make things worse – but I pray you will find some healthy positive ways to express those feelings and continue to move forward.

  75. I would like prayer for health issues. I have been standing on the Word for manifestation of health. I know Jesus paid the price at Calvary I just have times I get weary and fearful in the wait..

    • Lord, send healing to Connie today. Bring her the people and circumstances she needs to find health and wellness. May Connie find strength in this time of trial, peace and hope in the waiting. Draw her near to you and shower her with healing grace. In Jesus name Amen

  76. Praying that God would help me balance my desire for simplicity, with the reality of a life that is
    Complicated and painful

    • Lord, may N find peace and comfort in knowing you are always with her, holding her close and ready to guide her through any circumstance. Open her eyes to the power of gratitude and give her the strength to face hard times with courage and hope. In Jesus name, Amen

  77. Pray that I will be gainfully employed soon. I don’t know where to apply anymore or what step to take next. I’ve been on interviews (phone and in-person), applied for so many jobs, moved out of state to take a job that was a nightmare and now moved back home. Right now I’m dealing with thoughts and feelings about being such a failure and that my life is a failure. I have wanted this dream of mine ever since I was a little girl and after so much disappointment, etc I’m upset it will never happen. The main thing is that I’m my own worst enemy and I need to get out of my own way and begin to accept and love myself as I am. I need money, resources and the right contacts to help my dream come true.

    • Dear God, shower Chrissy with your abiding love, remind her how precious she is to you. Please send Chrissy the resources, people and circumstances she needs most to fulfill your will for her. May the path be evident and the way be clear for her success. But most of all Lord fill her with the peace and joy that comes with knowing that she is your child. Make her strong and enduring so that she can best move forward. In Jesus name Amen

  78. I pray that the Lord will give me a friend! I have n friends. I will like at least one a mom and/or wife were we can be friends!

    • When I read your plea I immediately thought of the scripture in Prov. 18:24–A man who has friends must himself be friendly, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Jesus is the friend who sticks “closer than a brother” & He is not here one day & gone the next. Also Prov. 17:17–A friend loves at all times… Without knowing a thing about you, I would be proud to be your friend. I am days away from 73 so I am probably not from your age group, but I am a wife, mother, grandmother & great grandmother. If you think I might have something to offer as a possible friend, I would welcome corresponding with you through this medium. In the meantime I will also pray that the Lord will cross your path with many who are also seeking friendships.

    • Hugs, Vanessa! We moved to a new town this past July and again in December, and making meaningful new connections is tough. Hang in there!

  79. Praying for strength, wisdom, courage , and discernment to do God’s will in your life and mine. Gid’s grace and mercy will see us through.

    • Olivia, thank you for the reminder that God has us in his arms…that His will is perfect and all is how it should be if we open our eyes to the grace that is in each moment. So thankful for life following Jesus! Amen!!

  80. Please pray for me as I endure this long difficult divorce. Some days I feel centered and know God is right by my side and other days – like today – I feel so lost and overwhelmed.

    • Leann, there will come a time when your current circumstances are behind you and your joy is restored. I pray God will bless you with peace that surpasses understanding in the midst of a challenging, and likely complicated, situation. Lord, we ask for reassurance, rest, courage, and support for Leann as she weathers this storm. Amen.

  81. My husband of 17 years admitted to me about two months ago that he no longer believes in God – that he is not in doubt, he considers himself an atheist and believes that death is simply the end of existence for each of us. We were high school sweethearts and have two young children, and this news has broken my heart. He says he is the same person and “still a good person,” he just doesn’t believe “the myth” of God anymore. I want to move forward, but I don’t know how. The Holy Spirit has whispered to me that this man is “My son and still your husband,” but moving forward on a practical basis, including intimately, is daunting. I don’t know what to do next, and he is unwilling to spend time and money in counseling. I’d love prayer for direction, guidance and an understanding heart on my husband’s part as I navigate this new reality.

    • Dear Lord, please be with Liz as she faces this difficult trial in her marriage. May she be drawn to scripture that will help her understand what to do, give insight on your plan for her and her husband. Please shower Liz with your grace and the peace that comes with trusting in You. If it be your will may her husband find his way back to the source of life. In Jesus’ name, Amen

  82. I will be praying for all of you. I feel such a bond with you all. Please pray for my lost adult children. They were raised in the church snd know the way but have been hurt by Christian friends and have seen hypocrisy and judgmentalism by many. My husband and I failed them in so many ways. Right now they are finding satisfaction in worldly non Christian friends and activities. My husband and I are trying to rebuild our marriage but it is a daily battle. My extended family is also very broken. I have depression and anxiety attacks over all of this. Please pray that God will provide me the strength and peace to continue to wait on him and trust him.

    • Lord, please be with Mary and her family, gently draw them back to You, the source of true peace and joy. May they find the way to go that best fits your plan for them. Help Mary to find comfort in your holy presence; remind her to pray in all circumstances, stay cheerful in times of trial, and in all ways be grateful for evidence of your ever present grace. Make her strong in the knowledge of your love for her. In Jesus name Amen

    • Mary – I feel your Pain. I was raised in a Christ Centered Home. I too, raised my children in that environment. However, something got lost along the way, as one by one all my Children have Fallen Short of the Glory of God. I feel like such a failure, yet I know I did the Best I could. Please God send your Holy Spirit back into the lives of all our families. Show them the Light of the Way to Eternal Life. I, also, pray for both of us to have the strength to deal with all the anxieties created by dealing with family issues.

      • Janann and Kat,
        Thank you so much for your responses. I can not share much of my pain with anyone around me. This site is truley a place of ministry for me. Janann thank you for sharing and identifying with me. I dont have any Christian girl friends to talk to. It is so good to have people to bear with me in my pain. Kat thank you got your encouragement and words. I will be praying for you both. Mary

  83. Please pray for my family. The enemy has attacked our marriage and our children. We have a son in prison, drug related crime, and a daughter about to “marry” another woman. The others are also under attack in different ways. May God intervene and turn what Satan meant for harm, to be used for good and His glory. May God use them one day to release others from similar situations to true freedom in Christ.

    • Dear God, please be with Joy and her family, draw them close to you and turn their eyes to the true joy and peace that comes with living for Jesus. Send them signs, people and circumstances that will best help them find their way back to the source of life. Send your holy band of angels to fight for their lives and defeat the enemy as you have always done for your children. And send grace, hope and peace to Joy as she bears these trials strong in the knowledge of your love for her. In Jesus name, Amen

    • Joy – I am holding you and your family in my Heart. I feel your pain, as My own Family is enduring many of the same challenges from the Devil. Let us Pray together in our Hearts that The Holy Spirit, thru our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ penetrates everyone’s Heart with the promise of Forgiveness and Life Everlasting..

  84. I pray for my teenage daughter who has depression and struggling so. May God wrap her in his mercy and fill her with hope for tomorrow. That our family is not divided over her illness and together we all grow in faith. I need you Lord as my guidance and show me the path I need to take. Amen- Diane

    • Lord, please be with Diane as she strives to help her dear daughter. God remind Diane that You love her as she loves her daughter, completely and unconditionally, and that You are always near. May the way be made clear for her, the right people and circumstances be evident, and may she abide in the grace and peace that comes with trusting You. In Jesus’ name, Amen

      • Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my prayer request. Brought me to tears. I know God has a hand on my daughter, but Satan is fighting hard. I Kay it all at his feet and placed her in Gods loving arms.

  85. Ladies, I ask for your prayers. In a world so fallen and torn it feels selfish to ask for prayers for an animal, but that is my plea today. I have a beautiful new horse, a true gift of Gods incredible creation, and she is not at her best. I have so many hopes and dreams tied up in her, I ask for your prayers that she be fully healed and sound enough to move forward in our work together. Her name is Amazing Grace… please pray that she be healed in good time. Thank you.

    • Kat, I lift your dear horse up to the Lord for healing and protection. We know that he cares for even the sparrows, so I know He cares for Amazing Grace. I ask for wisdom for you and the veterinarians as they care for her. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    • Praying! I understand well the need for prayers for a horse one, I have one myself. How is your beauty doing?

  86. Praying for you Amy and Bev! I also have grown children who have chosen not to walk with the Lord after giving their hearts to Him as little children. God makes the dead places live and I will keep believing!!

    • Praying for you Linda. May the Holy Spirit touch your children’s heart and light a fire in their soul. I also pray that you may rely on His strength. God bless!

    • Praying for you and your children Linda. I pray that the Lord will speak to them throughout their days in His still small voice to guide them back to Him. I pray for strength and trust for you. Having an adult child in the same place, I understand your plea. I am reminded often that God loves him more than I do and will complete His work in him.

  87. I have lost relationship with my church friends and my marraige is struggling. I have never felt so alone. I know God is with me and I am not alone, yet my heart feels alone. I ask for prayers for reconcilation, that through his strength, I do not become bitter, and that I can see myself through His eyes. I ask for prayer for my husband to turn back to Christ.

    • Kaci, I am so touched by your struggle in regard to lost relationships in your church & problems in your marriage. You & I know how much harder Satan is working to divide & destroy families, friendships & even our faith. The verse of scripture that comes to my mind that may be of comfort & assurance to you is Prov. 3:5, l–Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path. I believe those two verses speak to every problem or need that we may face. I will hold you up in prayer & also your husband that God will strengthen your bond & bring about a healing & lasting reconciliation & that the Holy Spirit will rekindle your husband’s faith in Christ. As for feeling so alone, I would just encourage you to focus on the Lord for He has promised never to leave us or forsake us.

    • Praying Kaci, remember you are never alone, God is with you. He will never give you more than He knows you can bear.

  88. I ask for prayers for my marriage. May we heal and thrive through the difficult times. The Lord has blessed me with forgiveness instead of divorce. But that choice hasn’t been easy. I pray also for my husband’s and children’s salvation. God bless you ladies.

  89. Thank you Marissa for your prayers. God will show Himself mighty and all will see!

  90. Please pray for my friend’s daughter. She is fighting brain cancer and has just finished treatment, we are now waiting on the results.

  91. Please pray for my daughter who is struggling to stay out of an abusive relationship and that God will show me where I can serve Him next, as I’ve just gotten word that we’re to be laid off in the coming weeks. Ladies, please pray for light on our path.

  92. Please pray for a young woman named Teresa. She is struggling with a new diagnosis of being bipolar and struggling with the urge to hurt herself. I lift her up for your prayers to stay safe and be good to herself tonight.

  93. Please pray for all the people who have not come to know Jesus Christ, His love , His grace and His gift of everlasting life. Pray that He makes Himself real to them and help them have a relationship with Him. Give me wisdom and compassion oh Lord so that people can see you even through me.

    • Irene, this has been my prayer for quite some time so we have been agreeing in prayer all along & shared prayer is the best kind. I have unsaved family members & friends & I want so much for them to find salvation in Christ. There are many others who also don’t believe yet & my prayer is that God continues to show his long-suffering toward them & that they will come to that place in their lives when they realize that true peace & eternal salvation is found only in Jesus Christ. I too pray that my own life would reflect Jesus in the things I say & do. God bless you, sister.

  94. Please pray for my guidance and stamina…I have been unsuccessful at finding employment after being laid off 3 months ago; I am a single mother to 3 healthy and beautiful children (thank you God); I have just recently been told that I have to move out of my rental house; and I have no health insurance but am facing some health concerns. Thank you for your time and your prayers. I will lift those in this feed in prayer as well. Blessings.

  95. 1 year ago, I found out that my husband had been having an affair for 2 years. In the past year, the affair has ended and we have been working diligently with a counselor. Last night he told me he’s still in love with her. I didn’t think it was possible to be broken hearted so completely again, but I am. I don’t even know what to ask you to pray. But I do need prayers.

  96. My husband and I are having a hard time trying to conceive our second child. After a year of trying we decided to go to an infertility specialist. Please pray us to conceive this month. Thank you LOrd for the precious baby girl we have and thank you lord for the beautiful baby we will have sometime soon!

  97. Would really appreciate a prayer to help me through the loss of my dear husband a year ago. Its a tough battle. bless you and thank you. Carmel