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Now graduated from her role as a homeschooling mom of 8, Dawn Camp devotes her time and love of stories to writing her first novel. She enjoys movie nights, cups of Earl Grey, and cheering on the Braves. She and her husband navigate an ever-emptying nest in the Atlanta suburbs.

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  1. I see beauty right now….all the kids are still asleep. I’m getting ready to go to my work….teaching Kindergarten. Talk about organized chaos! But for now, it’s quiet. And I soak it up so that I can take on the crazy!

  2. I am SO anxious to get my hands on the new book. I saw the information in one of the InCourage daIly posts. I would love to attend the Book Launching (I live in Suwanee so it would be convenient); however, my work schedule will probably prevent that. Please add my name to the drawing for one of the 5 Giveaways. THANKS

  3. A perfect book introduction right below Renee’s reminder that God delights over us with joyful songs!

  4. I’m sitting hear almost laughing because I was just thinking how hard we make lives on ourselves…well at least I do. If I would just surrender to His Grace, Redemption, Holy Spirit to lead…

  5. Grace for the storm that rages in my life daily.. I am His and He delights in me. He is my ROCK, my STRENGTH, my COMFORTER, my GUIDE ~ and HE loves me ~Thank you ~

  6. The wind is providing beauty to my ears this morning as I sit on my back porch having a cup of coffee, soaking up the sounds of my wind chimes on this blustery day. The trees are singing a song all their own and it’s playful, yet peaceful. A much appreciated respite at the start of the day.

  7. My beauty is my not so little boy. My first two kids are 30 and 31, married, no children. My relationship with their father was traumatic at best. My healing since he passed away, is remarkable. Many tears were shed asking God if He loved me enough to let me raise another child. We have fostered children for almost 11 years. We adopted two teens, and a 21 year old. This handsome boy has been mine since he was discharged from the hospital at 62 days old. I celebrated, inside and out, at his fourth birthday because his surviving to four was sooooo uncertain. There is a mighty man of God inside this six year old, who is a center of spiritual warfare. It stretches me as a professional mother, and a Christian to shepherd him through each day. I would not change a thing that gives me this precious one, who still wants me to sing him lullabies at the ripe old age of 54. For me, life doesn’t get much better than that.

  8. Waking up to another 6″ of snow whispy from blowing thru the night. The way the snow lands and twinkles under the street light is breathtaking. Knowing my family is safely and warmly sleeping rests my soul. Having this quiet time to hear and speak to my Lord and Savior. This is where I’ve seen beauty today… And I’m only a few hours into it. Can’t wait to see what other ways He reveals His beauty to me today.

  9. I see beauty in the way my husband loves and takes care of me and our children as well as his mama. He always outs our needs first…God has truly blessed us. Thank you God for my husband!

  10. I see beauty everyday even in the midst of the storm I’m in. God reveals his mercy & grace to me through the sun rising and falling & I know he watches over me and has my situation right in the palm of his hands- and that’s beauty to me.

  11. We’ve just had the most beautiful snow day- trees heavily laden w/white cyrstals – walking in the wonderland – the quiet – all a feast for the eyes from my Father!

  12. God is so amazing He brings back to our memory the sweet and wonderful moments in our life. My son is now forty five years old but I still have memories of the times I would sit with him in my arms while he slept, refusing to put him down. I would watch his face while he breathed and the smile that would every once in a while be on his face. I still remember the joy I felt and how grateful I was that I had been given such an awesome gift. I was a single mom at the time only nineteen. I had planned to give him away when I first found out. My older sister had me inquire about adoption but I could not go through with it. My parents though they were disappointed agreed to give me all the support they could. Today I thank God for His grace in my life. I have now been been blessed with several grandchildren. What a wonderful God we serve that He would love us so.

  13. I saw beauty today in my daughter’s face as she heard one of her favorite songs on the radio. We danced out the door on our way to school!

  14. I’m a native Texan who very rarely sees snow, and I’m sitting in a friend’s kitchen in Maryland, gazing at her snowy backyard with trails of paw prints from the dogs frolicking earlier. It is gorgeous!

  15. I saw beauty this morning from India in the sad face of my son in far away Seattle, when his favorite team the Seattle Seahawks lost the Super bowl finals to the Patriots by a whisker.

    He loved the team for their humility, hard work and resilience and thanked them before the match on Facebook for the joy they gave in the playoffs, whatever the outcome of the match would be.

  16. I saw beauty in God’s faithfulness and answered prayer. He brought our daughter a wonderful man of God to be her husband, led them to a new home to buy. I had the joy, as the mother, to help them with the move. As we stood in a circle and prayed a blessing over the new home – it brought me such joy and peace. God you are so faithful!

  17. First light today brought Beauty peaking its way through the slats of my bedroom blinds. As the gift of another day—a new day heralded by the streaks of magenta, lavender and gold on the horizon greeted me, my heart rejoiced to see the splendor of God’s creation. Yesterday’s winter storm had finally spent itself, leaving behind nearly a foot of snow. Even some birds were stirring and singing as they came out of the shelter of the shrubs and pines to find their nourishment at the feeders. Yes, this was my experience with Beauty greeting me this morning in the quietness of my house even before anyone else stirred.
    What a treasured time it is this morning to spend with God in worship and in seeking His direction for my path today. I expect it will be a beautiful day all the day long with my husband and family as we celebrate this break from our normal workday schedule to enjoy each other and to join our neighbors as we all dig out from the snow. God bless your new book and may it’s messages make an eternal difference in the many lives it touches.

  18. My hubby putting the recycle bin at the curb so that I wouldn’t have to do it in the rain later!

  19. I saw beauty this morning when i woke up my almost 2 year old daughter. My husband and I like to take a “quiet” moment during the Monday morning stress of getting out the door for work, and watch her sleep for a minute before we wake her up. There’s no better way to start our day!

  20. I see beauty as both of my children are early risers and they love to sing and hum. We always have a song at our table. I smiled the other day as my daughter was singing scripture into my brothers home where non believers live. God’s word penetrates our hearts and i am hoping there were seeds planted.

  21. This morning I was out shoveling my driveway of the 6 inches of snow from yesterday plus some more that blew in with the 20 miles per hour wind, when my neighbor, who just lost her husband, called from across the street. She asked me if I needed help getting it shoveled so I could get out of my driveway and on my way to work. Now that is grace AND love!

  22. I see grace in my two children. God’s given me grace times two. I’ve felt his grace this past week when everyone is asleep, waking up early to savor some soul time with my God. Oh how my life is filled with the word and power of. g r a c e . I even painted a small wooden block about a year ago to remind me daily of His Grace. I keep it on my mantle so I can see it and feel it and know it in my soul.

  23. I am watching my two young boys help each other with a puzzle…they constantly remind me that the fingerprints of God are here…leaving their mark on our lives and our family.

  24. I’m daily surrounded by His beauty all around us, especially this snowy crisp quiet morning of the white snow coming down looking out over the hills/mountains. What a beautiful breath-taking scenery that over-looks our home on top of our hill. Thankful for the different seasons. So thankful for many blessings: A home, the warmth of our fireplace, an amazing hard-working christian husband, our lovely children & precious grandchildren, friends, family, food, fellowship. Thank you Lord for refreshing my day, a snow day off from work to enjoy the simply moments in life before it quickly passes by…feeling blessed! No matter what season in life one may go thru His love will always carry us…the God of hope fills us w/love & peace! XO

  25. I see the beauty in the sunrise driving to work this morning. All shades of beautiful fuschia and orange letting me know that once again, there are new mercies for my life this morning. That there is no artist like our God, with unlimited color palette and unending love. Awesome!

  26. Very timely release of this book! I have been praying to my Heavenly Father for ‘more grace’. It has been a really hard couple of years. Yet,I am grateful for these different seasons in life. They help to shape us form us and draw us closer to Him.
    I have been so blessed by your words and different stories of Encouragement.
    Thank you and bountiful blessings to you

  27. In the face of my daughter as she completely trusts God for her miraculous physical healing; the beauty in her eyes, on her face, the presence of the Holy Spirit! Truly a beauty to behold…I am grateful!

  28. I see beauty in my sons adventurous spirit this morning instead of being frustrated by it. Looking forward to this book! Love that it is soul help ;).

  29. God has blessed me with living in Colorado Springs. Every morning when I let my dogs outside I see the beauty of GOD in the mountains, especially Pikes Peak. I see it in every Sunrise & sunset! GOD’s beauty truly abounds all around us!!!

  30. I see beauty in the Lord’s provision of endless love and grace for my dear friend who has dedicated the remainder of his life to tenderly care for and protect his wife with advanced dementia. Such sacrificial devotion to one who cannot give anything in return reminds me daily of God’s unending love for us when we have nothing to offer in return.

  31. I am watching beauty as my dog sits staring out the window…makes me think that sometimes I just need to sit and enjoy God and the stillness! Instead I run around, oftentimes missing opportunities that God has for me. Be still and know that I am God! Something I need to dwell on!

  32. in the interaction of one of my daughters yesterday with an international student who had never really interacted with a child that others’ would see as “different”- they laughed, giggled and smiled ear to ear and they had a conversation in the church foyer and she told him that he needed to be Brave:)

  33. My God is my grace always in this life that just seems to keep throwin it at us… He keeps us standing and that is beauty…

  34. Beauty came via text message from a friend this morning who shared a line from a song that speaks to my heart in these days of walking thru a hard, hard place. Reminds me that God sees me and knows me intimately enough to know what my soul needed this morning.

  35. I saw beauty in the sunrise this morning! Sunny and cold..all the birds were singing their praises to The Lord!!

  36. I see beauty in words – in a chapter of a book I read this morning, the words in this post and the words of Jeremiah 29:11 which God reminded me of today.

  37. I see beauty every day on my blog. I have reached 58 countries around the world without leaving my house. That is the greatest beauty in the world……To be able to touch a fellow human being’s life through comforting words.

  38. I see beauty every day when I lookat the faces of each of my students. God created them all differently with different gifts and talents. They are all so beautiful!

  39. When I watched my son watch his Daddy leave for work as he stared out the window. The beauty of love between a father and son.

  40. I have seen beauty this morning in the small areas of blue sky that can be seen through the dark clouds covering our area right now. There are small glimpses of sunshine every now and then. A welcome sight after the rain!

  41. I see the beauty today just by looking out the window and seeing the sun shine on the freshly fallen snow. And the beauty of my 3 year old Grand daughter as she says Hello can we play?
    God is Good!

  42. This morning was freezing! However, I saw the beauty in the world on my drive into work this morning. The sun was just coming up and the sky was full of magnificent colors, pinks, oranges, blues. It was an amazing reminder of how much beauty, and grace exist in our world. How beauty can be found even in the freezing temperatures and dark times in life.

  43. this morning, beauty was in the sparrows fluttering amidst the bare tree branches, and beauty in the quiet hush brought by the wintry weather. also, I saw beauty in the eyes of my daughter sitting across from me at the breakfast table.

    thank you for the chance to win this book, which looks inspiring.

  44. I see beauty in this very moment. In the stillness of morning as I take a day of rest from work. I always gravitate toward God soon after I wake up and I found Him in today’s (in) courage devotion. I’m on my way to *share* on Facebook!

  45. I was picking up horse poop this morning in the snow and one of my horses kept following me and knocking over the wheelbarrow giving me a lot of extra work to do but regardless, we laughed together as she stood there beside me giving a look to play with her… Reminding me it was such a beautiful day regardless of the cold snowy weather with cold, wet gloves and snow bearing down on my face! Seeing the Beauty in my horses always brightens the day… Xx

  46. I love nature and see it as God’s masterpiece. Today I see this beauty in the snow falling outside AND my husband shoveling it so I don’t have to!

  47. I found beauty at 5:30 am this morning walking the lake with my dogs. So peaceful and then a bald eagle graced us with his soaring beauty. Have a wonderful day everyone.

  48. I am seeing beauty and hearing beauty in the soft rain fall that the Lord is sending us today. His wonders are awesome! 🙂

  49. In God’s Word! Reading Exodus this morning, and realizing how GRAND, BEAUTIFUL, DETAILED, and EXQUISITE God’s plans for His tabernacle, courtyard, priests’ garments were! He is a God of beauty, who created, requires, and enjoys it!

  50. I see beauty today looking out of my window at all the ice and snow! 🙂 Everything is covered, and it is gorgeous. Blessings on your day!

  51. Despite the fact I don’t particularly like snow, there is beauty in watching it fall gracefully from the sky. A fresh layer of snow can bring beauty to just about anything.

  52. Beauty today has been “singing” from his cage – 🙂 in the form of my youngest child’s little blue canary…all of creation is singing out HIS praise & He is WORTHY to be praised!

  53. I see beauty in the barren branches of the lilac trees in our front yard. Although they may appear brown and spindly right now, I know that beneath their thin layer of bark lies an array of fresh green buds just waiting to burst forth into new life on some glorious spring morning!

  54. I found beauty in a glorious sunrise this morning, painted with gorgeous oranges, pinks and yellows by our Heavenly Father!

  55. Beauty in God’s redemptive power….beauty for ashes…. Finishing in beauty with my 90 yr old parents…. More beautifully than I could have ever imagined!!!!

  56. I saw beauty this morning when my daughter woke up & then snuggled up next to me and let me hold her for a long while. She’s always full of energy, and it was so wonderful to just be still & hold her for several minutes.

  57. Well my two kids and I just woke up today with a slow day–we’ve all been sick for a few days, but the beauty has been in the slowness of us all gearing down about 5 gears!
    Sarah M

  58. This book sounds lovely. Looking forward to reading it. A giveaway to get a free copy is a bonus.
    Where do i see beauty…
    even with about 12 inches of snow in 24 hours or so, today the sun is brilliant, the sky is bright clear blue and outside my backyard is so pretty, not even footprints yet marring the canvas of snow. and last night in the streetlight/porch light and today in the sunlight the snow sparkles! I am not quite sure what ‘kind’ of snow it has to be to sparkle (we get lake effect as well as regular snow, and yes, they are different in the way they are made. )
    thanks for offering this giveaway. Will share.

  59. Two children,a big sister and her little brother walking to school. She must always be in front breaking the trail after the snow last night. They see me, watching from the window, turn I and wave! A beautiful sight!

  60. In my sweet nephew who is a miracle baby, who wasn’t supposed to make it, and in the snow covered trees from the blizzard last night here in Chicago.

  61. Right now I’m nursing my one month old while my 4 and 2 year drag out just about every toy they own onto the living room. My house is “temporarily messy”, I’m exhausted from sleepless newborn nights, and the snow is keeping us indoors but I wouldn’t trade these special winter days in for anything. This is only a season and I want to cherish the days have little ones because I know it’ll be over in a flash! 🙂

  62. I’ve seen beauty in the effort friends and family have made this morning just to reach out and share sweet comments about what is going on in my life right now. I am always amazed at how God uses the heart of others to lift us up!

  63. I’ve seen beauty in the sunny morning that started with a cotton candy pink sunrise and continued with birds flying in sequence over the lake on the private ranch we drive past as I take my daughter to school. God’s grace is all around, and I can’t wait to read your new book to help remind me to savor those “kisses from God!”

  64. I see beauty today in the falling snow. And beauty in a wonderful neighbor who loves to use his snow blower and blesses us by doing all the sidewalks in our neighborhood + several driveways – including ours!

  65. Today, I see beauty that God is always there for me and that he’ll never reject or abandon me like my earthly fathers have. Beauty in God that He’s always there and he helps even when I’m broken.

  66. I see beauty in the thick white snow clusters on the trees in my front yard. They look like small clouds clinging to the bare branches.

  67. Today, this morning, I have seen beauty in my 94 yr old Dad’s face. He suffers from dementia, and today he asked how I was doing. I’m his caregiver, and usually its the other way around but today he beat me to it , and asked me first. 🙂

  68. I’ve seen beauty in the cold, overcast sky that causes me to stay in and walk on the treadmill!!

  69. I have seen beauty in God’s word this morning as I read my devotional. In the fact that God blesses us with the time to work in our lives. We may feel as if what we want is never going to happen, but what seems like forever to us is actually God’s beautiful gift of time. Time for Him to work through our circumstances for His glory!

  70. I see beauty in the layering of the snow on the tree branches, as my youngest daughter and I play gleefully in the snow together. We both laugh and nibble on some of the new fallen snow. I want to remember this special time with my daughter as I know she will only be this small for a short period of time. This makes me want to bask in the beauty of all of God’s special blessings!

  71. While feeling stressed out, hanging up clothes and thoughts racing in competion in my head, and wanting to know God’s love for me… he showed me a wonderful rainbow through some hail and sunshine. I yelled for the kids (5) to come and look – it was absolutely wonderful. A little later on it was gone – and I was glad I had savoured the moment and had been able to share it with them. Later on in the afternoon, after I had driven dh’s aunt home, I saw a beautiful almost full moon rising. I just love the moon and the stars – so this was another special treat for me. Also the wonderful light covering of snow on everything this morning that shone out in the dark. I am really blessed to have such a loving father that shows me in so many ways His love for me.

  72. I see beauty in being given the gift of another day, the bare branches that seem to be offering praise as they reach heavenward.

  73. I see beauty in my 11 yr old middle child of six kids. He is a constant challenge and he is homeschooled.

  74. I see beauty in my son, today and every day. I love watching him learn as he plays. He is in the occasional tantrum stage right now, which is hard, but he is also so full of curiosity, love, and wonder.

  75. I see beauty in this wonderful, sometimes crazy, but always amazing family that God has blessed me with.

  76. I see beauty in the family God has given me. After struggling with issues in our marriage for the first 13+ years, we have finally turned over a new leaf in our relationship and our plan moving forward. We have closed a chapter and are finally on to writing the last of the story…with a happy ending.

  77. I had the opportunity to see beauty in the face of an 18 year old young man who has to pass a high stakes test in just a few short weeks or he won’t be able to graduate from high school with his classmates. He came to ask for my help in preparing him for this test. The hope in his eyes was just enough to overcome the fear that has set in his heart. It was beautiful to see the hope outweigh the fear.

  78. My beauty in grace comes from the way that God is so close when I have a particularly hard time with my MS. He surrounds me with his presence, peace and strength. He also ministers to me through friends. Right now I’m looking at beautiful roses a friend gave me yesterday to remind me that I am loved by others.

  79. God help me show your grace to my kids today as we do school at home and stay warm from the frigid temps outside. Thanks for the beautiful sunshine.

  80. “He’s discovered in the quiet” – Absolutely love that and it’s absolutely true!

  81. I am surrounded by beauty. I see it in the adoring face of a mother as she looks down at her newborn. I see it the blooming flowers on my table, in the encouraging comments of FB, in my husband’s words of concern, in the closeness of our two dogs, in the laughter of my children, in so many, many things. To be open to beauty is to be open to what is hiding right in front of us. I pray we all many have eyes to see the beauty around us.

  82. This book sounds incredible! I found beauty in the knowledge that God’s mercy truly is offered anew, to me, today and every morning–no matter what I’ve done, what happened yesterday, or whether or not I am deserving. With every sunrise, I am still loved and received and showered with fresh mercy and grace. That’s amazing to me.

  83. I see beauty in the wonderfully, generous sharing of your photos and the words of those who contributed to your book. Giving another pieces from your heart and soul is a most beautiful thing.

  84. At work, looking at facebook, a photo of my grandson , Jack, posted by my daughter, in a sweater vest, ready to go to the Superbowl party!

  85. Hi Renee,
    The deep cold up here in Ontario comes with glorious sunshine today which reminds me of the Son of God who died that I might live eternally with Him! As a mother of two grown children, I can identify with what you have said. Thanks for the truth in your writing that as His child, He takes delight in me! He is “my light and my salvation”. Alleluia!

  86. This sounds like a beautiful book of hope, Dawn, a “haven of calm contemplation amidst the chaos.” Love that description. 🙂 Thank you for offering free copies. It is definitely a book I’d love to read.

    I found beauty this morning in a little sparrow sitting outside my office window in a green wreath we put there for nest-building. He was all fluffed up from the severe cold and yet he was singing. Even in the midst of the barren winter. It was truly a sign and seal of God’s love and faithfulness to me.

  87. I see beauty in today because He has given me a new day full of grace and mercy (which I do not deserve)! There is so much beauty, joy and thanksgiving in this thought!

  88. I was blessed to see a beautiful red cardinal sitting on a branch with snowing falling and swirling all around him. A sweet visual gift from God on a cold and dreary day.

  89. I saw flawless natural beauty in my almost 16 year old daughter this am. Her creamy milky cheeks honestly took my breath away!!


  90. What a great giveaway! 2014 was a tough year for me and my family, but I’m already seeing the beauty of God at work in 2015.

  91. I would love to win a copy of Beauty of Grace! I am in need of God’s grace at all times and would love to read more about it in this book!

  92. I witness beauty all around me. My loving, kind, servant husband, and my four beautiful, caring, loving children amaze me every day with their ongoing ability to love well and share their love of Jesus with others. Recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and mostly bed bound this last year has thrown us all for a loop. But God is ever faithful and I take joy in seeing the small beautiful miracles that surround me daily. Thank you. I would love to win a book to read. I read a lot now since the illness! Another blessing is others words to encourage me. Thank you.

  93. I see beauty at the snow on the trees as I look out the window while doing my bible study homework.

  94. God has been so good to me. I’ve been sick with numerous ailments for quite a few years now, & believe I’m finally gaining my health back. My son (now 40) has been a blessing to observe growing through the different phases of life. Sure, there were hard times…him being a preteen, his dad & I divorcing, me developing a mental illness, where he was stuck looking after me in his teens. But, now, I haven’t had a depressive episode or mania for about 4 years, & I’m so thankful, as I’m sure he is. He went through all the tough times & has come out a mature & loving husband, father & son. He has a very special & beautiful wife, & two precious & precocious daughters, 6 & 3. And, after many trials & difficulties, we’ve all come out on top. Thank you Lord, that they live close to us. God has blessed our family with his family loving & serving the Lord.

  95. I have seen beauty today in hearing the excitement in my daughter’s voice as she received a surprise package in the mail from me. So thankful to God that he chose me, he entrusted me to be her mother.

    This book looks beautiful and the words are so inspiring. This looks to be a MUST HAVE!

  96. Thank you for the chance to enter to win. I shared this on Facebook so now I should have another entry. Beauty is definitely all around. God is the ultimate artist. Hoping and praying to win. Thanks again!!

  97. I find beauty from God every day, every where I look – if I am intentional about finding it. Today it’s been found in the hopeful and encouraging devotionals I’ve read (like this one!), His Word, beautiful worship songs, and in His blessings and favor of all He has given me (so thankful!).
    Can’t wait to read your book!
    Bless you as you bless others!

  98. I’ve been particularly moved by the beauty I’ve seen this past week from close friends and family showering me with love and kind gestures for my birthday. I love seeing beauty most of all through God’s people reaching out to others and selflessly showing love without expecting anything in return. I pray I am that selfless in my love for others!

  99. Today I’m seeing beauty in the renewed realization that my day, no matter how mundane it may feel at times, is a sacred place of communion with God. I can wait expectantly for him to show me, in a thousand different ways, how he loves me.

  100. Snow day! Enjoying and loving the abundance of snow with the family. It’s God’s winter wonderland.

  101. I saw so much God-given beauty in my three-year-old daughter’s face as she slept early this morning.

  102. I saw beauty today in God’s provision which included a job offer. He just continues to unfold grace after grace to me as I continue to trust Him more and more.

  103. To be honest, I was struggling with God yesterday because of an aching longing in my heart that He put there, and then feeling like He made me personally sabotaged from ever having that longing fulfilled. I cried nearly all day but I offered my sadness and inability to understand over to Him. Today the sun brilliantly lit up the newly fallen snow – such a beautiful picture of Jesus covering the winter ground of my soul with His love – and then I read Renee Swope’s (In)courage entry today about how He loves me just because I’m His and His song was written just for me. That was exquisite beauty to my soul. I cannot wait to read your book.

  104. Birdsong is always beautiful-always reminds me that there is life outside of myself and that God is in control, no matter what-and that beauty can be found in the tiniest of things.

  105. I saw beauty today in the freshly fallen snow outside my window. Also in taking time to cuddle with my warm kitty.

  106. I see beauty in my life right now, even though I am going through a huge trial in my life, God is growing me and using it to bring me closer to Him.

  107. I see beauty every time I look into the face of my special needs daughter, Misty. She is physically twenty-eight, but only about one or two years old mentally. Every time I look into her innocent eyes, I see an unconditional love and trust for me that warms my heart, and makes me realize that this is how I need to be with my Heavenly Father. Misty is completely dependent on me and her Dad and others for everything, and I believe that God wants me to be totally dependent on Him in the same way. I am so thankful that God gave me and my husband the privilege of being Misty’s parents, because although it has been hard and there have been many trials and tribulations throughout the years with taking care of her, the love that she has given back to us is one of the biggest blessings in our lives. And although Misty cannot talk now, we praise God that one day in Heaven, she will be healed and made whole, and will be able to talk to us at last! Also, she loves listening to music, and I can hardly wait to hear her sweet voice singing with the angels!

  108. I saw beauty as I watched my 9 year old receive an award for her character this morning as voted on by her peers! She is truly beautiful inside and out!

  109. I see beauty in the face of my grandson chatting away about the chittering birds that he feeds.

  110. I seen the beauty of Grace today , my sister had a headache, and she asked me to fix a plate a food I could said no but I did fix a plate it’s the small things that matter!!!! #Gracematters

  111. The sun shining through the evergreens the day after the snowstorm. Such serene beauty!

  112. I saw beauty today in a quick, brisk walk in the cold and the warmth of a classroom I also saw beauty in a pile of clean laundry. Finally.

  113. I’ve started taking a new route to work each morning, so that the sunrise is in my view, rather than my REAR view! It’s my way of allowing God to say “Good morning! I love you!” Helps get my day off on the right foot!……:)

  114. I have been pondering the word ‘grace’ since New Years. I am currently reading One Thousand Gifts. After seeing this post, it has become clear – Grace is my word for 2015. I shared this post with a very good friend of mine. I would be so grateful for a copy of this book. Thank you for the inspiration.

  115. Beauty is all around! I see it radiating like sparkles from the eyes of the students as I teach them to move with confidence on a stage. I see it in the character of a young man on the tennis court as he encourages those around him and cheers on every good shot. I see it in my Mum who, despite facing debilitating illness, is always others focused – no matter what and I see it shining through me and to me. Though the reflection in the mirror may not always…ever… agree and I, like every other woman, have countless moments of self doubt about whether I am good enough every single day, see that beauty in a hug, in a word, in a text, in an unexpected gift and in the sharing of joys and sorrows. It is indeed a wonderful world and for me the true beauty of a soul is when it can be found dancing in the storm 🙂

  116. I saw beauty today in the soul of my daughter, who constantly supports me and encourages me.

  117. I saw beauty today in giving a gift of comfort to a friend in a season of struggle.

  118. I saw beauty and grace in the way my husband so willingly left work after only being there for 40 minutes to come to my doctors appt. for our first pregnancy. He has been to every appt. and that makes me feel so loved and so cared for as a new mom.

  119. Beauty in seeing my oldest daughter (9) sticking up for her little brother and sister in different ways over the past couple days. Definitely an encouragement to this momma!

  120. This book sounds amazing! I saw beauty today in the face of my husband when he looks at me.

  121. I see and feel beauty at the end of the day when I can relax and read in the quiet of my bedroom.

  122. OK, just letting you know that I have tweeted on Twitter and shared on Facebook! Thanks for having this giveaway.

  123. Today was a “snow day.” I saw beauty in my kids dressing up and sprinting outside to run under the shower of snow sprayed from our snowblower, while my husband piled the snow into a mountain of pure white joy!

  124. I was able to see the beauty today in my two adult son’s faces when they both dropped by my house unexpectedly this evening! My heartstrings!

  125. I saw beauty tonight, as I was in my mini van (for the 10th time), exhausted from driving 4 kids around. I couldn’t help but pause and admire the full moon, who’s brilliant light was permeatiing the darkness, causing the stars to sparkle like diamonds even more than usual. It was a gentle and peaceful reminder of God’s presence and the simple pleasures he provides daily if I will just slow down enough to notice in the middle of my mundane motherhood moments.

  126. I saw (heard) beauty today when my 3 1/2 year old daughter sang Chris Tomlin’s “Jesus Loves Me”!

  127. I heard beauty as I awoke this morning to the song of a bird welcoming the day. I saw beauty in a Bible study that I am doing on 1, 2, and 3 John. It is awesome.

  128. I saw beauty today as I drove in the snowstorm. Memories of sledding and snow forts and hot chocolate with my kids when they were small. Beauty wrapped in white falling down from the sky covering all the blemishes of the earth like the grace of God falls down and covers and forgives all my wrong.

  129. The beautiful morning, though gray, with snow whipping in circles from sky to ground, and from ground to sky.

  130. I not only saw true beauty but felt the beauty of Gods presence and love while praying this morning! His works are wonderful [psalm 139] <3

  131. I not only saw beauty all around, but truly felt the true Beauty and presence of God’s love while praying this morning on my way to work! 🙂 His works are wonderful (psalm 139) <3

  132. I saw beauty in the face of a laughing child at work today. It just made the rest of my day a happier one.

  133. Keeping us safe and warm Dom the snowstorms! Looking outside, seeing the beauty of the snow covering the trees, etc!

  134. I see beauty in the countless blessing that God has given me. The precious children that I teach each day, my own prickly teenage boys as they stretch to become Godly men, the craziness of my home, the roar of the ocean that I hear outside of my window, my precious family and friends and mostly the love of my Lord and Saviour even when I forget all of these blessings.

  135. Oh, I am longing to have this on my bedside table!! All of my favorite ladies to read in one volume.

  136. I see beauty in the sun rising. I see beauty in a text message that my cousin is at the hospital about to have a precious, God-given baby!!! I see beauty when I look at my daughter’s ever growing belly housing my first granddaughter (I have 3 grandsons) It only takes a glance to see Gods beauty all around!

  137. As the little sparrows gather at the feed dish outside my window, I am reminded that He will take care of me; and it brings a smile to my soul. That is beautiful.

  138. Saw God’s great beauty in the ice on my windshield; in the sunrise on the way to work; and in the birds feeding int the grass out my window.

  139. I see beauty in the sunrise this morning and am thankful for another day of living, but still in need of hope as I fight the fight of aggressive cancer. I’d love to win and read this book. Thanks for the chance.

  140. Beauty outside….in the sunshine and blue skies of this morning, and Beauty inside… Thanking God for HIS mercies…”new every morning” …mercies I need!

  141. beauty … so many ways, shapes and forms – this morning, this day so visibly, tangibly real in the willingly, surrender of melting snow after a storm, bright sunshine warming and driving out the cold (chill to the bone) – hidden, in the quiet, unseen, the coming, the soft budding promise of new life, “whisperings” of spring to come underneath and overhead as the birds (confident in their Provider-Sustain-er) EVEN AND AMID THE WINTER – they sing with joy, chatter merrily regardless and despite the weather! 🙂

  142. I’ve seen beauty in the way my children are encouraging one another today. They are full of smiles, gentleness and empathy today. Blessed. In this moment.

  143. I have seen beauty today in both of my daughters – both in the toddler’s joy as we play together & in the constant grief of my newborn’s death. I am seeing that there is beauty in both life and death.

  144. Beauty in the ability to enjoy this day in a world of uncertainties. God will never leave or forsake us.

  145. It’s been a dry winter season. I found beauty in the rain that’s been pouring down today.

  146. I’m seeing beauty in the quiet spaces in the evenings when my daughter and I take the time to create art together. I love watching the expressions on her face as she discovers things and I am cherishing these times more and more as she grows older.

  147. The most beautiful thing I saw today was in the form of a little whisper from God. A few weeks ago I was sharing with some friends that I had an inner longing for my son to play baseball again and to love it as much as I did growing up. After taking the last 2 season’s off, he spontaneously picked up his bat and glove today proclaiming he had forgotten how much fun baseball was!

  148. The sunrise this morning as I was walking my grandson to the car to go to school. I was tired and my body aches but it gave me a smile just to see the beauty of the clouds in the sky and the sun started its journey above.

  149. I see beauty in my kids faces when they ask me to play the song “hallelujah” on the way to school. They’re actually talking about the song by Sisters “It’s All About Jesus.” Our daughter is 5 and son is 4 years old and they know every word. It helps me remember “everything is about Jesus” and a great way to start our day!

  150. I see beauty when I see gods work at hand in everything we do is beautiful it might have to go trow a strom our see it the eyes of a loved hurting but there’s always beauty in gods eyes

  151. A picture posted on my computer that said, “Thanking God for you and wishing you peace, joy, and lots of love in the coming year.” It touched my eye and my heart.

  152. I love finding beauty in the stories my residents tell of their childhoods and how they love unconditionally across all boundaries.

  153. I saw the beauty of hope in my mother’s eyes when she said I’ll see my beloved again in heaven.

  154. I see beauty in my hubby’s face–smiling when I arrive home!
    There was a beauty yesterday as a long time prayer got answered. My aging dad is “back to normal” for now. He has dementia, and other health issues, but was his normal self yesterday. Truly God answered that prayer and we pray it lasts a while!
    I see beauty all around me in the gorgeous mountains that surround the area I live in! God is so wonderful!

  155. I saw beauty all day today on Instagram regarding this new book release. Looking forward to purchasing. Thank you. God bless!

  156. I saw beauty this morning at the beach hearing the crashing waves while running with my sister.

  157. I saw beauty today at the crisis pregnancy center where I work & volunteer. Multiple women of varying ages, races, denominations investing their lives in other women’s lives in order for them to see God’s unlimited love for them regardless of their circumstances.

  158. I saw beauty and a lot of joy in my boys as my littlest one moved from cot to mini big boy bed, they were both excited – not to mention me, too!!

  159. Seeing the beauty in the radiant sun shining on our snow covered ground. Thinking spring, spring, spring!!!

  160. I always see beauty in the snow (and today was no different)…how it covers everything dead & dirty and makes it sparkle in the sun. You see, I find that so beautiful because that’s what Christ’s blood does for us…takes our dead & dirty selves and covers us, cleans us, and allows us to sparkle in the Son.

  161. The beauty of spending the afternoon taking care of my sick 3 year old granddaughter. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to take off from work to help out my daughter and cuddle with my granddaughter too.

  162. I see beauty in this current season of being able to disciple 6 beautiful ladies and having the joy of praying for them to grow spiritually in their lives along with me.

  163. I see beauty in the icicles hanging from my gutters. No two are alike either in length or thickness but each one reflects either the morning or afternoon sun in their own unique way.

  164. It’s 1am in the morning and I’m playing with my iPad mini. I just read about the book “Beauty of Grace”. Also just read many of the comments. I found comfort while reading. I am using my iPad mini and iPhone to get closer to Jesus. For example, I have subscribed to Christian emails that I receive in the morning. Most are devotionals with at least one Bible verse. Thanks for writing your book. I recently purchased five Christian books and I will put yours on my wish list.

  165. Life is so hard right now for me, but I try to find beauty from day to day no matter what the storm around me is doing. Right now my beauty is using my gift of baking for others. It brings me peace and joy to stand in my kitchen and bake. The weather today is also amazing and I’m soaking it in!!!!

  166. I see beauty everyday in my family! Last night we all went electronic free in the evening and it brought us all together even our 13 year old daughter!

  167. I see beauty in the wise love words our neighbor with Alzheimer’s uses to talk about his late wife.