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Anna is the author of A Moment of Christmas and Pumpkin Spice for Your Soul. She's worked at (in)courage since 2012, and lives in Minnesota with her husband and their four kids. Anna encourages others to look for and embrace the extraordinary moments found in their ordinary days.

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  1. Anna,
    I love this…”The Maker not only knows me, he thinks of me.” I, too, take comfort in knowing that people – especially those that I love – are thinking of me. My husband is great at just giving me a call from work to let me know he’s thinking about me. This makes my heart smile. If I am intentionally aware, I see the many ways God reminds me that He is thinking of me too…the colorful birds that perch to feed outside my window; a blazing orange and pink tinted sunrise to greet the day; a comforting hug from a friend; the moon shining through my bedroom window when I can’t sleep…He sees me…He thinks of me. Thank you for the beautiful post and scripture to start my day knowing I’m in my Maker’s thoughts!

  2. Oh my word!! I nearly EXPLODED as I read this! I have ALWAYS said my love language is “thought”! Maybe we need to contact Gary Chapman…

  3. That’s my love language too! I literally just told someone that the other day. I love being thought of, and love that Jesus thinks of me 🙂

  4. I remember those years…now I still wake up heart beating ,hot flash screaming…empty house… I pray for all my babies off in other cities and have to remember He is thinking about me too. Thank you for the reminder.

  5. I really like this. Isaiah 62 is an anchor point in my Christian walk and it rarely referenced, so it was especially encouraging to see it here. I hope those lights stay lit well into the spring!

  6. Anna, Psalm 139 is probably my absolute favorite psalm. Knowing that God’s thoughts toward me outnumber the sand? Is there any greater comfort? I love how the lights remind you that He’s always thinking about you. Even when we feel forgotten by people, we’re always on God’s mind. Thanks for that reminder!

  7. Love this. This sounds like me…this is how I think. Our God is awesome. And makes each one of us feel like we are His very special one – and we are.
    Bless you as you ‘mother’ those babies into the night!

  8. Anna,
    I loved this! It is how I feel all the time. Tell me you’re thinking of me–phone call, snuggle on couch, etc. I never really thought about God thinking of me. Blows my mind that God would be thinking about little old me!
    I do see his love in the vivid leaf colors, mountains, sunshine, sunset. He truly does care and think about us all the time!