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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Good morning! So excited to be doing this book study! This will be my eighth book study although it is bittersweet that this will be the last one hosted by you both. I stumbled upon the bloom website site at just the right time in my life and have enjoyed every book study! I always waited with anticipation for the next book to be announced! Thank you both for starting Bloom and all the joy that I have received through each study! I have all the books lined up on my book shelf in hopes that someday my daughter will enjoy them as well. Thank you! You will both be missed!

    • Ahhh, Kristen, that is such an intentional act of discipleship; what a blessing you are to your daughter :).

      You’ve done more book studies than I have!! I know Jessica and Angie so appreciate those readers who’ve been with them every time :). Thank you for encouraging them with your words, but also all of us with your support of Bloom.


  2. Really excited to start this with you all! I’m late to the party, so this will be my first Bloom book study (how did I not know about this before?? :)) and I’m looking forward to it! Thanks for giving your time to lead this for us!

    • Lauren,

      Well, we’re GLAD you found us NOW, right? 🙂 And, we’re grateful for YOUR time in joining us! We hope you’re blessed and back time after time.

  3. I think this book is going to breathe life into so many women who are stretched thin and don’t find the time to refresh their spirit. I am so excited about reading it. Yay!

  4. Hello you guys! I’m Danna Anderson…I live just west of Fort Worth Texas and I am brand new to this group. I’ve sent a request for a sponsored copy of The Fringe Hours book. I currently am a homemaker…I’ve been married to a great guy who like me Loves the Lord for 25 years . We have 1 son Ian who is 18 and about to graduate from High school. I am a hair stylist but not currently working in a salon, however, I still dabble in hair for my friends and family from time to time. I love photography and just about anythin creative. I’m totally new to being in a book club. I can’t wait to join up with you all as we begin this study.
    My Husband was laid off of his Oil and Gas job last June so needless to say it’s been challenging for us right now as we’ve been walking in a dessert with the Lord but i will say we have not gone without this whole journey. God’s remained ever true and always made provision for us in every way. We do believe and see we are leaving the dessert and are walking into our promised land however we are still in the transitional stages of this season and we are so excited where and what the Lord is about to in all of our lives. I’m very thankful for this ministry book club in giving me an opportunity to join by sending me a copy of Fringe Hours book. Very thankful! Can’t wait to get started!!!!
    Thank you again.
    Danna Anderson
    Fort Worth Texas

    • Danna,

      Welcome! And thank you for sharing such a personal glimpse into your life. One special thing about Bloom (among many things) is our sponsored book program–I feel sure since you requested your copy early on, one WILL be available :). (I’m not in charge of that, but I know since it’s “first come, first served” you’re in a great position to receive one). It’s lovely to hear how you see the Lord’s consistency and goodness in your life, and I’m encouraged by your hope-filled response to hard times. Blessings!

      • Thank you Robin for your kind words. Even if I don’t receive a copy I can still join up with you all at some point when things turn around for me and my family. God bless you and yours and this ministry.

  5. Can’t wait to join along and listen to the podcasts while I knit and follow along! Thanks for the addition of that! I have done 3 bloom books I believe including Angies!

  6. This book, if I am able to be sponsored, is like the answer to my prayers. I am unable to work due to a variety of physical and emotional difficulties from a domestic violence incident. I would love to find the time for me… to find out what I can realistically do and what God has created me to do even with the limitations. I know He still has something for me… but I have a hard time doing the everyday necessities and finding time to do what He would have me do. And the energy. I have been able to buy some of the books, was gifted with others, but learned from them all that I have read. Right now my husband is laid off again from one of his two jobs and times are hard. Prayers for steady work for him would be appreciated.

    • Bonnie Jean, one practical thing we can always offer is prayer. Thank you for letting us know how we can pray with specificity, although I know the Lord already knows. Yes…yes, He has a plan for you and I also pray you have the spiritual eyes to see and follow. {{hugs}}

  7. Is there a way to hear or see previous videos from your earlier book club selections. In particular I would love to be able to see the clips you have from One thousand gifts.