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  1. (in)courage sisterhood,
    The goodness of God is all around me and I praise Him for all His many blessings. Lately, however, I have been caught in the trap of lamenting the things that I didn’t do right as a mother and how it has affected some of the choices that my children (now grown) have made. I know there is no such thing as a perfect parent, but I could use prayer to extend grace to myself and soak in God’s grace over things I wished I would have done differently. I could also use prayer as I feel that sometimes I am the only one who is intentional about maintaining a close relationship with my kids who have very busy lives. It would be nice if it were a two way street. Thank you…

    • Bev, your post could have been my post. As moms’ of grown children we can be just as hard on ourselves as the young moms are. I pray that the Holy Spirit takes way the “should have, if only, ….” The Lord knows your heart, let Him fill you with joy as you seek Him. Spending time with our adult children is complicated, sometimes it is hard for us to understand the challenges they have. Schedule that time to hang up and enjoy every minute you get.

    • Dear Bev, We all have regrets as Moms of grown children, but I remember that God has walked with me the whole time I have been a Mom and he has allowed me to fail as part of his plan for my life and my children’s lives.
      Dear Lord, Let Bev and I trust in you to guide our lives. Help us to turn to you every day for guidance and love and grace to live as your children, just for today.
      Debbie Watson

    • Lord, cover Bev with the blood of Jesus in this time of insecurity. Help her to leave her past in the past and move forward by focusing on the present so she can change the future with You guiding and leading her in the right direction. Keep her safe and surround her with Your love. Let her know that You are with her always and she just needs to call on Your name.
      Amen & God bless,

    • I’m new to this (my first comment)…didn’t realize I was supposed to add my prayer request after my prayer for the writer.

      I have been out of work for 5 months now and it has really taken it’s toll on me. I can’t pay my bills and have to rely on help from others financially. I am seeking administrative/clerical work, but ultimately pastoral work. I have the education for it but no actual pastoral experience. All of the ads require someone with “3-5 years pastoral experience”. I am caught in a vicious cycle: can’t get a job in my field because I have no experience, I have no experience because no one will hire me without it…I am waiting on God to “send me” and have been for about 6 years. I know God can handle anything & everything so I lift this up to Him daily…I really need to find a great job, even if it is just “in the meantime”.

      • Lisa, first time leaving a comment can be interesting, really no right or wrong way!!! Way to be brave and share what is on your heart. Don’t give up hope, lean in to the Lord and let Him show you just what He has planned for you. The right job is out there, trust Him to lead you in your journey. So many times we don’t see His hand because we get so wrapped up in the situation and we lose focus. Lord, you have a great job waiting for Lisa, she is calling out to you, hear her hearts cry. Let her resume rise to the top, that she may find favor in the eyes of the search team, the pastor and the church. Lord wrap your loving arms around Lisa as you journey with her.

    • Why do we as mothers have to feel so alone at times–feel like the one’s responsible for so many things. These are not pity-potty words for there is so much balance us women really try’
      to work out–like working out our salvation with fear and trembling–something we can only do through Jesus as it is with loving and raising our children, including our husbands. Which is where my prayer request goes–his gift of gab is something many women hope for, but so much time goes by and than the work is still left for the women when he curls up for bedtime. My husband is a hard worker and has balanced me out with learning to have fun–I don’t know how to let go of all it takes to run a big home and just spend time with him–I am not even a clean buff, but would just like a few things fixed to make things work easier–I don’t nag, but than I am also last on the list when it comes to request–seems like a no win–I am learning to go to Jesus. This is not about wanting my husband to meet my needs, but just wondering what part does a man have in raising children and taking care of home, finances and outdoor chores. I feel sad that I am so unthankful at times, but sometimes smaller would be allot nicer–forgive me Lord–I will keep seeking the Lord’s wisdom as a sinner in need of Jesus.

  2. Lord, I lift Bev in prayer to you. Please help her to find find peace in knowing that she raised her children the best way she knew. Help her to feel Your grace as she reflects upon things that she may have changed in her past. Lay your living hand upon her children and guide them to seek more opportunities to strengthen their relationship with her. Amen

    I ask for prayers for my marriage and husband. We have a baby on the way and have hit the lowest point. We are also dealing with a major crisis. I’m not sure how much more I can bear. I ask for strength.

    • Leslie, I pray that God’s grace will surround you and your new family. That He will give you peace during this time, and show you the way THROUGH your major crisis. That you will find a new joy in your relationship with your husband and that you will progress through this time as a team. May your new child bring your both lots of joy, and cement your relationship even further. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

    • Father,

      Please be with Dee and her husband. Help them with this crisis. Bring them out of that crisis and shower them with your grace and mercy. Help Dee to have a healthy baby. Keep them safe and help make their marriage stronger than ever.


  3. This is the theme verse for our Mission trip to Mexico coming up in March! I am the team leader and I ask for your prayers as I continue to plan and prepare for the trip. It is my heart’s desire to see the Families that we work with through a Family Camp, come to know Jesus in an amazingly intimate way. To “Taste and See” that God is so good. We will be teaching families what it means to grow closer to Jesus through Study, prayer, and community. Please pray for hearts to be open and lives to be changed.

  4. My heart is broken, my daughter is getting married and my son refuses to meet her fiancé and is in complete disagreement about the relationship. Nobody wants to tell my son as we know the reactions will not be pleasant. Just hurts my heart that they cannot get along. Thank you for hearing my prayer request.

    • Father,

      Be with Annette and her family. Help her son to realize that the choices his sister makes are hers and hers alone. Help him to voice his opinions In a Godly manner and be able to love them in spite of all this!


  5. Wendy will be praying for you and all the lives that are touched through your trip.

    Please pray for peace and guidance. My husband just applied at a job in NC. We have been looking for a better job for years just waiting on the Lord to guide us. Want to serve more in our community.
    We are having our profile books shown to 2 birth moms this next week.
    Praying for finances for all of our medical bills from my husbands cancer.
    Thank you so much for your love and prayers…

    • Father,

      Help Jill and her husband find the right job for him. Please make this job the one that you want him to have. Help them adopt these babies and make a complete family. Also shower them with financial blessings! SH\how them your love, grace and mercy throughout all this!

    • Jill, I am so excited for you in your adoption and new job prospect! We have adopted all three of our boys and each one is a true miracle and a blessing to our family. The wait is always scary but know that all though you can not control anything in the process, GOD CONTROLS EVERYTHING in the process! He knows your love is aching for a little one and he has the perfect child planned for you. But, you need to wait until He has everything lined up and timed just right for you three to meet. I pray for patience in the waiting and hope for the future! lots of love!

  6. Dearest Jill, praying for you and your husband, that the Lord might bless you and provide for all your needs-remember, ‘The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him,
    and He delivers them’.

    I would also like to ask prayers for my husband’s health, which is a struggle for him and also for me to know what to do for him. Please pray that the Lord might bless him with good health and greater optimism and that I might know how to be with him in this.

    CanI also ask prayers for a work colleague and my department at work as we try to overcome some issues.

    Thank you ladies.

    • Father,

      Help Cs husband with his health issues! Heal him and keep him well. Help C to know how to help her husband. Show her what she needs to do to aid hubby though this. Also be with her and her colleagues at work. Help them overcome some issues they have. Shower them all with grace, mercy and kindness!

  7. I am right now reading “The Power of a Praying Woman” by Stormie Omartian. My grandmother called me a little pile of s**t from the time I was a baby. She would bring the other kids candy but not me. She got them dolls but not me. Her brother sexually molested me in my preteen years. I have always felt that because my parents did not do anything when I was so young that I really was a pile of s**t; that I was different and something was wrong with me. My grandmother died when I was 14 and once it came out that this man had been this way with most of the girls in our family, he was not allowed in our house but no one ever said it is not your fault what he did to you. I can see that these things effect everyone differently. Most of my sisters seems have let this all go. I am in the process of healing.

    My request is for continued healing for me but also for one of my children. This child feels that words I have spoken over the years has hurt them. I do not want my child to spend the rest of their lives feeling bad…I want them to be happy.

    • Jean, May the Great I Am that fills your heart and soul bring healing to your brokenness. In The Word, that Lord uses I Am statements to describe who He is, when we ask the Lord into our heart(salvation), we become one with Christ. We are all one with the Great I Am and we celebrate this. Claim these I Am statement for as yours. Jean you are Redeemed, you are blessed, you are Free, you are Forgiven, you are healed….

      Jean, I pray that the Lord speaks words of healing and truth to you and your children. That the Holy Spirit fills you with grace for yourself as you continue to seek Him for healing. May His grace abound in your live and in the lives of your children.

        • Jean… For Gods own reasons, He allowed you to grow up with the parents you had. We can never understand His ways…but we can trust Him. The more we get to know Him the more we will trust Him. You are precious to the Lord. You are a Princess of God. He takes great delight in you. He has a special plan for your life. He will use your past and make something beautiful out of it. He really will…there aren’t just words. Have you ever read Crazy Love by Francis Chan? The truth in that book has helped so many to understand just how much God loves them. I hope you get it and meditate on it. Pray thru it ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you. You are my beloved sister in Christ. I love you and will pray for you. Judy

    • Jean,

      May the Lord bring complete healing from the past to you and your family! Prayers that you can know that He is the Great I AM and He loves you so much that He gave His only Son to die for you!!!

      Prayers that your children can be healed and hearts turned back toward God and your loving soul! May God work His miracles and shower you all with His love, grace and mercy!!

      Blessings 🙂

    • Jean,

      God is extremely sad that your parents did not protect you from being emotionally and mentally abused by your grandmother and sexually abused by her brother. He did not plan for that to happen or want that to happen. BUT, He will heal you from their abuse and make something beautiful out of the ashes of your past. I pray for that healing not only for you but for your child also.

  8. I woke up this morning thanking the Lord for who He is and seeking Him. I need prayer for my marriage. We have been married 34 years and have struggled off and on with some pretty big things. Wayward children, mental health issues with my husband, cancer, health challenges and helping to raise our grandchildren. My marriage is two people living in one house, with very little shared time, interests and desires. My husband is out of town right now and I will be going to see him in a few days. This time alone has been wonderful, a lot of time focusing on me, getting me spiritually, mentally and emotionally healthy. I want to save my marriage, I am not ready to give up. The Lord has placed on my heart to write a letter and send it to him, so he know my heart and what I would like our marriage to look like going forward and want I need from him. My spiritual mentor feels that my husband my not be able to meet these needs because of the mental illness that he deals with on a daily bases. The new Casting Crown song “Broken Together” has become my prayer.

    • Jerrianne,
      Thank you for your kind prayers stated above…I pray that you and your husband can discover a greater depth to your marriage. In our marriage, I am the one who deals with a mental illness, and sometimes it is easy to hide behind that in not wanting to deal with some of my issues that affect our marriage. We all have our crosses to bear, but I can’t use that as an excuse to not adapt and adjust and compromise which all marriages need and require. Proper medicine along with Christian counseling has helped me to see what areas I need to work on to continue to make my marriage work. Praying your husband will do the same…Lifting you up right now…

    • Jerrianne,

      Prayers for healing of your marriage! May God change hearts and turn them toward Him and each other! May God give you both time alone to talk and really get to know each other and spend time together. May God heal your husband’s mental health issues and bring about peace for the family!

      Prayers that you both know and feel God’s love, grace and mercy surrounding you always!

      Blessings 🙂

  9. My daughter is dealing with some medical issues that are debilitating. We are working our way through various tests to pinpoint a diagnosis and treatment. We have seen God’s hand at every turn, providing doctors, meeting needs, and drawing us all near to Him. We are weary and scared, however. Will you pray for definitive answers and for effective treatment? We are seeking to trust God in this dark place. Lord, help our unbelief!

    • Melanie, I lift your family up in prayer, that you will find answers to the questions of your daughter’s health, and that you all will find closeness, peace, and joy though out this journey. I pray that you will find a cure as the Word says – healing is the children’s bread… may you all be fed today with the Love of Christ.

  10. I see the goodness of the Lord daily. He allows me another chance to lead others to Him. I need prayer for guidance. I have a business opportunity before me and a toxic relationship that just ended. For the relationship, I want the door to be closed, bolted shut, welded, etc. For the business, this requires a lot of faith on my part. I believe that I can do it, but is this the right time? Thanks in advance.

  11. Praying for you, Bev, that your children will open their hearts and schedules to make time with mom a priority. Also, praying for peace re: the decisions you made as you were raising them. Hindsight is always so much clearer than when you are in the trenches of raising children. Praying for peace and grace for you! I still have three small ones at home and I wonder and worry everyday if I am making the right decisions. I think all mothers do that to a certain extent! Prayers!

    I have a specific prayer request. My family and I looked at a house yesterday and I placed the call to get preapproved to begin the process of buying our first home. We have had some financial trouble in the past, but are in a much better place now. I really feel that this home is where we need to be, just praying that what I feel is in line with God’s plan for our family as well. My husband is concerned re: the financials of it, as I am too. Please pray for peace for my husband and me, that all will work out smoothly, and be what we need it to be in order for us to buy this home, in accordance with God’s plans. Thank you all so much! Blessings for a lovely Sunday to you all!

    • Carlee,
      Prayingfor peace, wisdom and courage for you and your husband, for finances and for God’s perfect will to be shown in the purchase of a home…specifically this home.

  12. Please pray for my daughter and her 3 children locked in a domestic abuse situation (they live in another state). She has debilitating health issues, is unable to work (on disability) and no way of escape from the escalating situation – he has created a literal prison. The children and she need to literally see and experience God’s deliverance. . .
    And as you pray for her, please pray for the thousads of women and children locked in similar situations.
    Thank you,

    • Connie,

      Prayers for your daughter and her sweet children. May God work a miracle in their lives and transform them from victim to victor. Prayers that God will make a way for your daughter and children to leave. They will definitely have a testimony when all is said and done!

      Prayers for peace and contentment that you know this situation will be taken care of by God!


  13. Dear Jean,
    What a heavy burden you carry. I will pray that the ” angel of the Lord will encamp around you and that He will deliver you” from your the words and feelings that burden you. In Him you have the power to undo the hurt your own child feels…as your grandmother should have done for you. May you be brave and give this to your child, and in doing so, may our Lord heal you as well.

    I praise God for leading my husband and I to a better situation for our youngest. He heard my cry for wisdom and courage and convicted me to make a change despite our
    fears. He has affirmed us through others and comforts us as we transition forward. Through Patricia, a good and faith-filled friend, God has shown us the loving way and we praise Him for His goodness, wisdom and faithfulness to us.

    I ask for prayers for my mother-in-law as she begins her 2nd year without he beloved husband. May God comfort her and guide her and protect her as she finds her way. And I ask for prayers that He continue to guide my husband and I as we parent all our children ever in His ways. Mary

  14. Melanie, I was at that same place almost 4 years ago. May God give you and your family peace that passes all understanding. May He give the medical team working with your daughter wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Let them be efficient and the treatment be effective in the name, power and authority of Jesus Christ! Our God is a Healer. He will perfect all that concerns your daughter. May His will be done. Amen!

  15. It’s funny how God works everything out for good. This morning I woke up, ready to have worship, feeling a little disconnected. From God. From me. So I went to see if I had any emails from my favorite blogs. I saw the one from in courage and opened only to find a fantastic verse (loved it!) but no devotion. A little disappointed, I decided, “Okay, I’ll go pray for someone, but I won’t ask for anything because no one will really pray for me anyway…” The optimist right?! 😉 So as I kinda scrolled through scanning the requests, my heart welled up with gratitude. Our lives really are the same. I mean, not the SAME kinda same. But kinda, ya know? I’ll pray for you Jerrianne and that the Lord would show you the abundance of His peace and truth as you search to glorify Him in your marriage. The verse where it says that Gods searching for a way to show us just how strong He really is, that His eyes are looking almost in desperation to find a way to prove to us just how much He loves us… That verse has me clinging like Jacob and praying like Job. Ive had a hard life and I grew up empty and now. Raised by empty people. The Lord has filled me. I’m 32, married for ten years, with five glorious children. My mother just moved back in with us, maybe the tenth time in ten years? Her husband lost his job and couldn’t afford the bills. Prayer for me? do I have to pick just one? 😉 Pray for me, that God would give me such peace. Such gloriously real deep abiding peace… Peace that even I can pick apart and synthesize, k?

    • Thanks Kay, I am going to look up that verse. Kay, you serve a God that loves a challenge. Don’t pick apart His deep abiding peace, REST IN IT, wrap your arms around it. Let it fill you to overflowing. The Lord wants that for you, all you have to do is ask for it. Call out to Him and he will answer you.

    • Kay,

      Prayers for you and your family! God loves you desperately! He wants the best for His children!!! May God give you the peace, contentment and strength you need to carry on. Blessings to you that you would allow your mother to move in. Prayers that you all will feel God in this situation and know that He is with you always guiding your paths!

      Know that God has plans for you. He know what they are and how they will be worked out. May you all feel deep abiding love of almighty God and have hearts turned toward Him!

      Blessings my sister 🙂

  16. I am seeking prayer on my husbands behalf. He is unhappy at his job and has been for a while. He is asking God to give him direction, whether to change locations or to try something totally new. Through this, god has brought him closer to Him than ever before so my prayer is that He continues to do that, and that my husband continues to draw closer to God. Thank you ladies 🙂

    • Kristen,

      Prayers for your husband’s job situation! May God guide him to the right job, give him direction. Prayers that your husband will feel and know more of God’s abiding love, grace and mercy. That He will become super close to God and rely on Him for everything!

      Blessings 🙂

  17. Connie, All things work together for good for those who love The Lord. So I pray for the salvations of all the listed above and know that He is working. He is aware of it all and will allow this test to be their testimony! They will transform from victims to victors in Jesus! Thank you lord for touching them now! Amen!

    A few months ago my family was in a car accident that should have taken lives, but God! His angels protection was clearly evident and all walked away, but have been struggling much with the emotional trauma. This week there is a hearing for the dd that caused the accident. He fled the scene and each family member needs to appear to ID him. Please pray for papas strength and courage and PEACE to be able to do so!!! We all need more of His Presence in order to do that which is impossible in our own strength. Prayers would be so appreciated for this Wednesday! Thank you in advance—-you all are a blessing!

    • Thank you, Momma, for your prayers and thoughts!
      I am praying for you and your family this Wed – for strength, peace and courage and an awareness of His presence with each of you

  18. Kay, girl I got you covered in prayer this morning. Pray for abundant peace to cover you and your family, that what the devil meant for harm God will use for His glory, I pray that today you feel the love of those around you, that you know how much I love you and don’t even know you. Thank you for your sense of humor this morning I love it, have a fabulous day!

  19. I’m seeking God just for Himself. For some reason, since December I’ve been depressed/discouraged; even doubting God’s existence (something I’ve never done). I’m angry at myself for these thoughts and just don’t see God anywhere. I need prayer that He will deliver me from this, and that He will soften my stubborn heart. I just don’t know what to do anymore. 🙁

  20. My life is full, great kids, church and friends. But sometimes…. Sometimes the loneliness and desire to remarry is overwelming as my days are now shorter here on this earth.

    • Kathy your post has touched me, and I pray that if it is the Lord’s will you will find that spouse to spend the remainder of your days with. Have a wonderful day!

  21. Dear God, I lift up Annette to you, restore her broken heart Jesus and bring grace, mercy and wisdom to the lives of her son and family, and restore their relationships Sweet Jesus, knowing they are so precious to you.
    I ask for prayer for my children’s relationship with the Lord, salvation; I, like Bev above, have been tormented with regrets on what I should have done as a Christian mom but didn’t and what I did, but shouldn’t have. Pray for my restoration and the abundant mercy and grace on my children’s salvation and our family relationships as Christian believers. Praise God. Thank you.

  22. Dear Connie, I will be praying for your daughter and her children and peace for you. I have a similar situation, my daughter has 5 kids and is in an abusive relationship. We got her out of the situation for awhile but times have been hard and she is probably going to move back into the abusive situation. My heart aches for her and her children. She needs a miracle, and I also need prayer for my marriage. My husband has a lot of health issues and years of abuse he endured as a child that he needs to find healing from.

    • Cindy…thank you and I am praying for your daughter and 5 children for protection and deliverance and a miracle and for peace for you. Also praying for your husband.

  23. Lord, in The sweet name of Jesus, I pray you would touch Moriah’s heart and drive discouragement and depression away! Give Moriah the ability to forgive herself and know that God is not angry at her so there is no need for her punish herself! Help her to see YOU today in some way that she will know you walk beside her and love her dearly!

  24. Momma, I will definitely pray for the entire family. A special prayer for papa to feel God’s presence; all things are possible through Christ who gives us strength. As soon as I am finished with my comments and a prayer, I will mark my calendar for a Wednesday pray as well. The dd needs a prayer as well; I hope that God will convict His heart and bring him to experience true remorse for his actions. There must be consequences for wrongdoing and I pray that God’s Will be done.

    My situation is not so specific, but general. I continue to stuggle with my sinful ways. I have health issues and yet do not treat my body as God’s temple. Following a healthier lifestyle has been more of a challenge than I could even appreciate and I feel shame when I fall so short, so often.

    All of my brothers and sisters in Christ at incourage are a blessing in my life and I am grateful for the opportunities they have presented for me to grow.

  25. I will pray for you, Momma, that Wednesday will bring you peace. It has helped me in dark times to just keep repeating, ” I trust you, Jesus”.

    My husband has been out of work for over a year now. He had a long (25 years) and successful ministry until a new director (35 years old, no experience) at the Bible camp he served at forced him to “resign”. What could have been done well was done poorly and we have had so much grief over the loss of our community. What I am dealing with though, is FORGIVENESS . I have said the words and prayed the prayers of deliverence but it just keeps coming back! Almost daily, the situation enters my mind. I am asking for prayer to help me understand how to truly forgive. We still live within a few miles from the camp so of course we see and hear frequently about the things that still go on there. Our house is for sale and we are eager to restart somewhere else, but cannot do it til the house sells. We are using some of our retirement savings to help with the morrtgage now that I am the only one working. Just need some peace about it all. Thank you so much!

    • I’ll pray that your house sells, and that you can move on to a new life that God has prepared for you. I pray that you remain focused on the future, and the great things that God has in store for you and your husband, and that you continue to look forward and not behind… As you continue to chip away at forgiving those who may have wronged you, I pray that you forgive yourself, also, and not be too hard on yourself. Life is so complicated, and I don’t know all the nuances of your situation, but I pray that your moving and new life and sale of your house will bring you peace and happiness; and remind you that God has your back…. He did then, and he does now. Be blessed!

  26. Dear Ladies,
    As I read your prayer requests, my heart cries out for each of you. I will remember you in prayer so that your burdens will lessen and that God’s peace will fill your hearts to overflowing. Life can be very, very difficult. I am currently in therapy following surgery and when I see first hand the pain and struggling of others who have far more severe health needs….I hurt so badly and then go to God for help. I know that He sees, heals both body and spirit, and that my prayer must be followed by trust in Him to act. God bless you all. God WILL provide, always!

    • I’ll pray for you Mary that you may be completely healed, that you will move towards pain free days, and a pain free life, that the difficulties of this life will be things that you can overcome, and that you may have the strength of the Lord to guide you. May you be blessed today….

  27. Jerrianne, I was in your place 5 years ago. I did write a letter and I read it aloud to him. Both of us have worked really hard to rekindle the relationship and it has worked! We had to address the issues that were in the way of good communication. Things are grest now. HAVE HOPE! It can work, but it takes effort and determination. I will pray for you, for strength and hope and clarity! Peace to you, sister, as you do the counter-culture thing!

  28. I got married later in life, and now find myself battling with what doctors consider unexplained infertility… now that’s not necessarily a label I slap on myself, but its a struggle to keep the faith when the experts want me to go one way – donor eggs; and I want to hang on in faith…it is a timing numbers aging game, and I do ask God to show up and make Himself known as the One True God… please pray for me, Thanks

    • Dee,

      I pray that as you quietly wait to hear from God that he stirs your heart and speaks in your ear the direction He is taking your life and marriage. Take comfort in the fact that He hears you, loves you, and will answer you. God can and does work miracles!

    • Dee, I totally know how you feel. I got married at 30 and have been trying to conceive for almost 2 years. “unexplained infertility” is what my docs are saying too. I am praying for you. Just know, you are not alone.

  29. I am finally walking with gusto toward what I believe God has called me to… not apologies this time!! I sound strong, dont’ I?? but you know the truth. Walking toward our calling, discovering the gifts and talents that God has given us; going full throttle with eyes, heart, and mind wide open.. makes our enemy mad! It’s thrilling, exciting, terrifying, hard. It raises more questions than it answers.. until later. It makes you wonder, guess, feel insecure…. while all the while KNOWING with your knower that the Lord has said “walk this way’. Even if you don’t exactly know what each step looks like! so my prayer request is : to stay on track, that my mind, will, mind, emotions stay focused on what God is speaking and leading. That the rest of my world (kids, hubby, mother, work, etc) will not suffer or feel ignored in any way. That the Lord that created the universe will have full reign in this mind, will, emotions of mine! That I will not back down through fear, insecurity, or any other negative thing that tries to raise up. That I would let the Lord fight the battles as I walk this out, fully secure that He has my back, my front, and everything in between! thank you! thank you for being the example of allowing God to use you, but admitting you are real and living on planet earth!

    • Oh, Alli! Did you somehow crawl into my heart and mind and see inside me? Every word you wrote reflects my being right now. My prayer request could indeed just be what you have written, it so perfectly expresses my desire and need. Oh precious Father, help Alli stay focused on You–on Your calling, on Your presence, on Your provision, on Your protection. Give her everything she needs, O Lord, to do what You have for her to do–time, energy, knowledge, love. Fill her with Your amazing peace and joy as she follows You. In Jesus’ name, Amen. Blessings to you, Alli!

    • Ali – i pray for the Lord to bless your ministry and to give you peace, to help you be strong through the battles and obstacles the enemy throws at you. To believe in what you’re doing and knowing that God is blessing it every second! Take heart! Be courageous! God is with you! Put on the full armor of God!
      I see God’s blessings everyday. I am blessed with an amazing view of mountains. I’m blessed with an amazing husband who makes me laugh and smile every day! I am blessed with many friends! Thank you, Lord for all the blessings!
      My prayer today is for deliverance from jealousy and covetousness. I lost my daughter in a car accident 11 years ago (12 years this April). She was 17 years old. I can relate to Bev’s feelings of lamenting decisions she made as a mother. I battle those feelings everyday. Mostly the lie that God took her from me because I was such a lousy mother. My struggle today is a friend who brags to me about her beautiful grandchildren, and how much they love her. It’s like a stab in the heart. I will never have grandchildren. I want to be happy for her and for all my friends who are blessed with grandchildren. I feel so petty, but it’s just been dragging me down, and I need deliverance. I pray for jealousy to be replaced with joy for her that God has blessed her so abundantly. I want to listen to her stories without the feeling in the back of my head “I will never have this.” I have said hints to her like you are so blessed – never take them for granted. I’ve even told her how jealous I am! Yet she continues. As she should. Why do I feel this way? Prayers for deliverance!!!!

  30. My heart is so heavy. I came across something yesterday that has left such an empty feeling in me. I came across an ultra sound from 2005. It is fort youngest daughter who was 15 at the time. She was living with me but abruptly went to live with her dad. She had an abortion. I never knew. I don’t know if he was involved. This ultra sound has words thped “laying on back” and “sucking thumb”. She has not ever said a word. Please, please pray for her healing. Emotional healing. She has a 5 year old son now and is pregnant again. She is due at the time this child would have been born. Overwhelmed.

    • Cindy, my heart goes out to you and your daughter. This is so heartbreaking. Precious Father, heal these hurting hearts. May Cindy’s daughter know Your love for her in a profound way and cling to You. May she find rest for her soul with the peace only You can give. And, Lord, give Cindy peace as well. Heal the emotional wounds that abortion brings. And bring joy into their lives. Praying for the new little one on the way…may he/she be healthy and whole. Just bring healing, O Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  31. My husband’s truck was stolen from the parking lot of his work. The police recovered it on Friday. It had been in a hit and run and then stripped. Being in the country, it is needed for work on our property, as well as his work in the city. Praying that the Lord will supply another truck as this one was totaled.
    Thank you!
    Mrs. C

    • C

      Prayers that God will abundantly supply another truck for your husband! Prayers that you can feel God in all this and know that He is working on your behalf!

  32. Dear Kathy, I will pray for you, that God will bring a man into your life that loves the Lord and will love you. I am in the same situation and yes the loneliness especially at night can sometimes be very challenging. I remember praying once and the Lord told me to pull up a chair and sit at the foot of His cross when I am feeling that loneliness. It is the most glorious place to be as His love pours down on us. He is always with us, we are complete in Him. Take this time with Him and allow his faithful love to heal every area that is hurting.

  33. Father I thank you that the steps of a righteous woman are ordered…and that you have ordered Alli’s steps to perfection. Thank you that she was born for a time such as this to bring your will to earth, as it is in heaven so it is on earth. I pray that you would give her the peace of God that passes all understanding and that you would guard her heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Holy Spirit show her your ways and as you do let the Word become a light unto her path and a lamp to her feet. Bless her and keep her, make your face to shine upon her and please Lord, give her peace in all things. Amen
    Please pray for my son, who has made a wrong life choice and is now struggling to receive the forgiveness and peace that Jesus died to give him. Please pray that God’s love would become so real and evident in his life that he can walk tall knowing His saviour is alive and well and loves him to distraction no matter what. Thank you.

  34. Dear Lord,

    We lift up Ali’s son to you and pray that you would show him how far you have flung his sin from you. Show him that your mercies are new every morning, and help him to lean on your grace over his actions. Help Ali to embody your grace so that he may see it in a tangible, human form.

    Please pray for me as I travel to Atlanta this week for a job interview. I currently live in Pennsylvania, so this would be a big move…but I have been trying to get down south for awhile now. Please pray that God would open or close doors as He sees fit, and that I would have peace about the outcome.

  35. And if I can add another quick one…please pray for a close friend who is in a bad relationship. I have been fasting for her this weekend and praying…she needs to get out but has to have the resolve to let go and follow what God has laid on her heart.

  36. Thank you ladies for sharing. Each one of you have concerns very similar to those of friends and family. I will pray for you also. As I went to the Lord today for prayer in my isolation..your faith and prayers for each other encouraged me.

    Please pray for me. I am in a very toxic work environment. I have taken steps to change careers but I am 63 and a little beaten down with my confidence. I am fearful by nature, want to trust the Lord but I have been in this struggle at work for so long at times I lose sight of the Lord working. I know it is all about changing me..i just need to feel some love and encouragement right now.

    Thank you.

  37. I’ve been struggling with the death of my parents. My dad died in June of 2014. Then, my mom died in November. Four days after my older daughter turned four and a month before my youngest was born. Since I am from Illinois but living in California I was unable to attend her funerak since my baby www due so soon.
    I just turned 29 & it’s odd to me to feel lost without my parents. I didn’t expect to feel like this once they were gone (five years ago our eldest daughter died) I really started to consider death after that and people won’t be around forever. I knew that before but I didn’t KNOW it . I really want to be home with my family. My siblings are at odds with each other. I know being home isn’t going to suddenly make that better but I still desire to be there.
    I’ve also been struggling with feeling like I’m not enough As a mom, wife and person in general

    • Ashley,

      I too have had a lot of loss in my life, much of it just the past year and a half. The aloneness was overwhelming and I felt like I was clinging to a tiny raft out in the middle of the sea with multiple storms going on all around me. In the midst of that I kept clinging to God, reading my Bible, and praying. And, I started experiencing God in a way I have never had before. In my aloneness I learned to choose solitude. The difference is that in that solitude I was spending my time with my Savior and experiencing His love flowing around me and through me. Just sitting in His love for me. I stopped striving in my relationship with Him and began to just spend time with my LOVER who calls me His beloved. I pray that through this time God will become more real for you and that He will fill your life His love for you and the aloneness turns to solitude.

  38. I have three daughters (16, 14, 10) and I love them like crazy, but I feel like I am trying to climb a mountain holding 500 pound suitcases, daily. Everything is a struggle, the house is a wreck (it’s like the game Tetris, stuff keeps falling on your head faster than you can clear rows away, and it’s building and building and I can’t get ahead of it). They get grouchy or angry when I try & get them to do what they’re supposed to do. And I know this is probably somewhat normal teen behavior, but the negativity and constant struggle has worn me down. I want to quit, I want to have peace, I want/desperately need the strength to push on and keep going. And I really need to somehow be able to get ahead of this thing & not always feel like I’m hanging onto the reins being dragged behind a runaway stage coach!! Thanks for your prayers.

    • Oh, Courtney, have I been there! I know that overwhelmed, always behind feeling. Dear Lord, let Courtney find her rest in You. Give her wisdom and good judgment in handling everything at home and leading her daughters to be responsible and loving. Help her to respond to the emotional roller coaster of living with teenagers–or just being a mom–with love and grace. Encourage her, Father. Help her find joy in this time of her life and to cherish these days with her daughters. Bring them all closer to each other and closer to You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  39. Please pray for the Lord to give me clarity. I’ve been feeling the enemy attacking this week and I need desperately to hear from God. I’m stuck in my writing–not sure what is wrong. But I know I need Him to give me clear direction, open my eyes to see what I need to change…or begin…or stop. This week I will be seeking Him through 20 hours of prayer. Please pray that the enemy will be bound from messing with that time set aside for the Lord. Pray that the Lord will reveal what I need to see, that I will be open and ready to hear and follow, and that the end of the week will be filled with understanding and a new joy and excitement to move forward in His plan. Blessings to you all!

  40. How do I begin? My heart is heavy with such grief right now beyond its limits for tomorrow I lay to rest the love of my life, my soul mate, my wonderful husband at the age of 54. I love him beyond measure! He loved and adored me and I KNOW THAT FOR A FACT!!!
    We both got up Friday morning for our usual routine of getting ready for work which was me showering, etc. and being ready to leave first since I drive a school bus. It had only been an hour since he had gone down to his office in the basement to check email and get his business ready for the day. He didn’t come up as usual to make me coffee, feed the dogs, etc. so I call for him and he didn’t answer. I walked down the stairs and found him in his chair. I knew he was gone. All the proper things were done to try to revive him but God had taken him home. Instantly!!
    We both were very involved with our choir at church and I sang a solo just last week with the choir backing me up. The song was “Through It All” . . . I’ve learned to trust in Jesus, I’ve learned to trust in God. Please take the opportunity to google the words to this song and pray for me that I will have the strength and stamina to live these words everyday.
    There is one thing that my husband always told others when he would teach a Sunday School class, sing solos or duets with me and share Jesus with others and it is this: You CAN take something with you when you go to Heaven; It is Others – by telling them about the Salvation of Jesus Christ.
    I love you all and I covet your prayers in the coming days.

    • Melinda, I can’t imagine your pain and heartache. Sweet sister, I will be praying for you this week. I am 55 and I nearly lost my husband two years ago. The pain that seared through my heart when I thought he was gone is still so fresh in my mind. But to find your husband and KNOW he is gone…I can’t imagine how hard that must be. Oh, precious loving Father, fill my sister with Your love and comfort. Wrap Your arms around her and hold her tight. Thank you for this wonderful life you have given her with her husband. I pray the memories of their years together gives her sweet joy and brings a smile to her hurting heart. Fill her now, Lord, with the peace–that marvelous, mysterious peace–that only You can bring. Let her rejoice that her sweet love is now right by Your side and may she cling to the comforting knowledge that they will see each other again. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    • Please know that I am praying for you right now Melinda that you will feel the depth of God’s love for you. I know the depths of your grief. If there is one thing I can say , please allow yourself to grieve and feel the depth of your sorrow, it is ok. I remember one night sitting in my bedroom chair and crying a cry I never cried before. The cry came from the very deep within my soul. I pray that God will lead you and guide you and comfort you at this time of sorrow.

    • Dear Melinda,
      I’m so sorry for your loss.

      I pray that you will have comfort, peace and the strength to carry you through, one step at a time…….

      I will look for the song and will be thinking of you.
      May God bless you…..


    • Oh Dear Melinda,
      My heart breaks for you dear sister. May God provide you peace and comfort as you grieve the loss of your godly husband. I pray that God will surround you with his love right now as you need it most. There are no words that can touch a person with the loss of a soul mate. I will continue praying for you as you navigate through your grief. Some books/blogs that have helped me are Traveling through Grief by Susan Zonnebelt and crazygoodgrief.com

      God loves you and he knows your loss,may you feel Gods comfort in the coming days ahead.

  41. Lord I pray that all these women listed here who need strength in marital issues, health, family, battles of the mind that you would comfort them and put people in their lives to lift them up and encourage them through these hardships. You care for us all and you have a plan to prosper us. Show these women your goodness as we trust your will for our lives. In Jesus name we pray.

    I have been through 3 health crisis moments with my husband the last few years, he also did not get a job he had been working toward for years. I am grateful this year that Gods plan was perfect for him. God answered a 14 year old prayer last year that my husband would go to a church retreat. He hasn’t been the same since in the best way. God has blessed me and my family through all our hardships. I am so grateful to have a God that cares about each and every one of us.
    The thing that helped us through our hardships was praying together each morning with A Book of Prayers for Couples by Stormie Omartain. We pray for each other specifically before we start our day. My husband now listens to christian music as he gets ready in the morning. It has spilled over to me and my daughter too.
    Please know God will speak to you if you look for him. Continue to look to him for guidance and know his timing is just right. He will build your faith as you walk your journey with him.
    May God bless you all and answer your prayers with his will for your life, in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    • Hi Carrie,
      I wrote my prayer request before I read yours. You are really an encourager to me. Father, thank you for answering her 14 year old prayer request. He makes all thing beautiful, IN HIS TIME. Thank you that her husband had such a major shift in his life, after going to a church retreat. I know what it’s like to live with someone who doesn’t put God first. I have the same request, re: my ex-husband. We are good friends (for the most part), & one day, God will soften his heart towards thing of the Lord, & will respect & honor my needs. He is in his second remission from colon cancer, & could easily not make it very much longer. But, his constant over-protection is making me helpless. Sorry, Carrie, I didn’t mean to talk about me while praying for you. God, please continue to bless Carrie & her family, as they put you first. Thank you for bringing her into my life, as I needed to hear what she had to say.

  42. I hope you don’t mind that I have two prayer requests-I am equally concerned about both of them: First, please pray that God will help me to get a handle on my need to watch what I eat, that I can avoid sugar & too much starch, as I am overweight & have diabetes. (&,naturally, I really want & need to lose 45 pounds.)
    Second: Please pray that I will become more disciplined about going to church…for this to happen, I need to be able to drive again. (my caregiver, who is my ex-husband) won’t let me drive because a couple of years ago, I accidentally hit 2 parked cars. Also, I used to fall alot, so he feels he has to protect me from myself. He’s a good man, but very controlling. He won’t take into consideration that other people who have difficulty walking take a cane or walker. So, everytime I need to go somewhere, he thinks he has to take me there & hold my hand. And, I’m beginning to resent him. He has 2 cars, but won’t let me drive one of them. He is forever saying “I worry about you.” That is a burden I don’t need. I need my freedom. I know I can walk, with help, & my eye doctor said other people with even worse problems (one eye blind) are able to drive & park. They just have to make some adjustments. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate all he does for me, but I also need some space. FREEDOM, PLEASE! But, may God’s will be done & I thank HIm for watching over & protecting me.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  43. My life as a mother and grandmother has not been easy and so many problems beset my children and grandchildren. I continue to pray all the time that God will send down blessings and give them peace in their life. My daughter has been through so much the last few years with her health, both mental and physical. She is the kindest most caring person I know. She is always happy and gives to others all the time. She is going through another health issue now and I am asking that you all pray for her that God will bless her with a good health report. I am the kind of person that always sees the rain and I worry and think the worst for any symptom my children seem to have. I pray all the time that God gives me the grace to not worry, but it is starting to take a toll on me physically and my stomach is in knots all the time. I am so worried that she might have something serious and I can’t think of anything else. Please pray that she will be blessed with good health so that she can continue on as a great Mother, wife, sister and aunt. They say you bring on some of the things you worry about and having an optimistic outlook is beneficial. I only wish I could do that. Please remember my daughter in your prayers.
    Thank you and God bless you.

  44. I am blessed by each of you this morning! By your courage and your willingness to voice your struggles and concerns and am agreeing in prayer for each situation. I especially relate to the cry of each ‘momma heart ‘ for children that need Gods touch or need to return to Him. Our lives are so similar and by Christ in us we are able to make a heart connection without knowing one another. I am thankful and praising God for the sense of community that this blog creates for those who reach out to connect.
    May you know God hears your cry and that He is good and that the Holy Spirit is our Comforter. Asking Him to reveal that to each of you more deeply as you walk thru your trials. Last of all may God help us to see our problems as opportunities to experience Him more fully and intimately. May His kingdom come and His will be done .

  45. I ask prayer for my daughter and husband- for reconciliation in their marriage and new hope and devotion to each other.

    I ask for prayer for myself. I’ve been sharing Jesus through writing for a year now- and I’m ready for the next level- to engage in some speaking opportunities. I’ve closely stayed where I believe God has called me and I feel this tug to proceed and the fear holding me back. It is time. Prayer for journey ahead, opened doors by God alone and everything I speak to point to Jesus. Glory to God.

  46. I feel God calling me to write a book to help other women who may be struggling with the fears and guilt that accompany abuse. While it’s not easy to write about my past, I am trying to embrace this overwhelming task and remember that God uses everyone and everything for his Glory. So my prayer request is that I allow God to lead me down this path and help me find the courage, strength, and resources to do it in a way that honors Him.

    Thank you for your prayers.

  47. I am having a 60th birthday this month and it has made me review the last 60 years of serving God and coming up short! So for the remaining years that God has in store for me, I am turning my face to Him and immersing myself in his Word, honoring Him by getting my body in shape under the Daniel Plan and improving the love I have for my husband. I will TRUST in God to show me the way every day. So fatigue, an itchy rash and now a bladder infection is draining my energy! Satan at work! Pray that I can walk through the obstacles sent by Satan to derail my TRUST.
    Thank you for hearing my prayer and adding yours to mine.

  48. For a job offer with wages. For how to help a sick friend. For acceptance of His answer and grace. Thank you.

  49. Please pray that God will deliver me from panic attacks, especially the anxiety that I feel while flying. I love to travel, but about a year ago, I started feeling very panicky during a flight. I haven’t allowed the anxiety to keep me from flying, but the “white knuckling” totally wipes me out. I have a flight coming up this Wed 2/4 — please pray that I will feel God’s PEACE and presence powerfully…and that I will actually enjoy myself! Thank you, and God bless you all!

    • Hi, Renee,
      Your message reminded me of a long-ago flight from Rome to Minneapolis. We hit a great turbulence and I was really scared…and white knuckled the arms of my seat in fear. A dear lady next to me noticed my fear and smiled gently at me and said, “Remember, Jesus is on this flight, too!” That was the best thing anyone could have said to me! And, I recognized it as the truth, settled down, and trusted in God and enjoyed the rest of my journey. Please, Renee, have no fear. Whether in an airplane or anywhere you choose to go whether you fly, drive, or walk. Always remember that YOU are a special, gifted lady, designed especially by our all powerful, loving God. He made you to live NOW….not someone He made years and years ago before air travel, etc. You contain every gift that God’s love has poured into you. You have been CHOSEN and placed in the circumstances you find yourself…which are designed for YOU. All that remains is to recognize these gifts…courage, pride in being His daughter, acknowledging your strengths (His gifts), and always use these gifts to give back to the world. When we fear it is so scary that it blocks out the truth. Who needs fear?!! Not a child of God. The only thing that can conquer fear is FAITH. Faith is ALWAYS stronger than fear. So, step out, unafraid. Always. Memorize this poem, and remember, I’ll be praying for you: especially on the 4th!

      Believe in yourself, believe you were made
      To do any task without calling for aid.
      Believe in your goals, know that it’s true:
      Whatever you will you’ve been gifted to do.
      Believe in yourself and step out unafraid.
      By misgivings and doubts, be not easily swayed.
      You’ve a right to succeed, the precision and skill
      That betokens the great…you can earn if you will.
      The wisdom of ages is yours if you read…..
      But, you’ve got to believe in yourself to succeed!

      God bless you….don’t EVER be afraid again! God is in your life (and on every flight, too!!)

  50. Father God you are the help of the helpless, the Father of the fatherless, the One who goes before me to make all the crooked places straight. I honour you and bless your purpose for good and not for evil. You are the One who has me engraved on the palms of your hand be strong on behalf of my children & I for I have no help but the. Lord Jesus choose their friends from them, that it may go well with them, separate us from unfriendly friends and do not allow to come to pass words and deeds that destroy not build to prosper against us. I ask that the saving grace of the Truth of your Kingdom prosper where ever we all are. I also bring Adam before you, that you help hin make the right choice in all that concerns him. Lord come against all curses for me in Jesus Name I ask and thank you.
    I lift up all our work places to you, that you be with us for good and not for evil that we be light in the darkness, help us Holy Spirit to choose our words with wisdom. Give us a word in due season for those who don’t know you for you are my lifter and my Father. Amen.
    I bring Bev before you, I ask Lord that all the condemnation of the enemy be destroyed. You said we should come before the throne room of Grace that we find help in our time of need, Lord of all flesh with whom nothing is impossible drive back the darkness and bring all our children back from the land of the enemy I ask. Thankyou for this opportunity to come before you in penitence and hope. Amen.

  51. Hello! I ask that you pray for healing in my heart and forgiveness as well. I pray that God steers me in the direction he wants me to go and continues to provide along the way. I also ask to pray for peace of mind and no stress, and my family and my boyfriend, that they remain in good health and God continues to keep them and provide them as well. Thank you !!

  52. Sabra, thank you so much.. What a journey. I am just numb. I can’t help but see that her new baby will be born around the time the one which was aborted would have been born. Processing….

  53. Please pray for my friend N. She has just learned her husband is leaving her for another woman. She is left with a young daughter and even younger twin boys, all while being on the other side of the country away from family and friends. Please pray for strength and wisdom so that she can make the best decisions for her kids and herself.

  54. I am praying for my daughter Rachel. She is not doing well in school. I am asking God to show us the path we should take with her education. Thank you.

  55. Thank you always for your beautiful and encouraging words. Please pray for our family. That God would grow up our young adult children in the inner man, to be respectful. There has been so much hurt and misunderstanding. My husband and I are weary with sorrow at the loss of what once was such a close family. The enemy it seems has been working on overtime to bring chaos and hurt and confusion and sorrow. Thank you with all my heart for your prayers!

  56. Abba Father I lift up Kristen to you. Thank you that she has Your blessing & Your favor for her trip to Atlanta & her job interview. You have annointed her, Lord, so remind her that she has the wisdom of Christ for this interview & where you are leading her. You know the desires of her heart, Lord, so thank You for Your grace to answer her prayers. And we stand with her for her friend who needs Your strength & the power of Your Holy Spirit to lead her into a better life & what You have for her. Amen

    Please pray with me for breakthrough in my business. I love it & it has been a hard financial struggle for a while. I know God’s hand is on it & He has sustained it (& me) but it brings me such joy for it to flourish & for God to get the glory – & that He would guide me to continue using it as a platform for Him.

  57. I would appreciate prayer for our daughter. She deals with several chronic medical conditions and I’ve spent many long hours in urgent care and doctor’s offices trying to get issues resolved. She called last night to tell me she has started having a different issue and may need to go to urgent care today and wanted to see if I was available if this problem flared up today. I would appreciate prayer that this problem is only due to a mix up in her med’s that has since been taken care of. My other prayer is my son and his girlfriend are here with us and I’ve been looking forward to this time. The thought of having to give it up to go to urgent care is frustrating to me so I need prayer that my heart is right no matter what happens, even as I’m praying I’ll have my time at home. Just the thought of spending time sitting in a dr’s office or waiting room brings back memories of all the past visits and I hate the emotions this drags up. Our daughter says she’s an atheist so I can’t even pray with her and speak words of real comfort which can be a burden on my spirit. Thanks for the prayers.

  58. Lord God, bless Libby and her business. Give her encouragement and grace to persevere and bless her with success, with moments where she can see it going up and up to where you’ve called her, to be a platform and a display of Your Glory. Amen.

    Pray against anxiety for me. For a long, long time I’ve struggled to trust God, trust others, trust myself–it’s easier to try and control the world around me and my relationships by fretting, by making myself uncomfortable imagining everything that could go wrong, by taking onto myself the burdens of what others think of me or how they judge me. I’d like to let go of all of this and begin to live more richly and more intimately with others. (My husband of three years has been a great gift in this regard, but I would really like more.) Thanks.

  59. This is my first time being able to comment. I’ve seen and read (as best I could) this sight as it just happened upon me one morning around 4am, when I couldn’t sleep. I was crying out to God about needing something to hold on to in the midst of all the pain because I was tired. I came across the power of one word and how it finds you- somehow I ended up on this sight. It’s been weeks since I’ve been able to focus on the screen to read and today must have been more needed than I could have imagined. All the needs, the heart cries, transparency to the proclaiming God’s grace and mercy, have brought streams of tears for me. You all have shared pieces of your life’s, that could be quilt patches in my life. That alone I can wrap myself in to know, God has brought me a mighty long way and I’m forever grateful and shall PERSEVERE (my one word) till He calls for me. Thank you ladies..

  60. The new year has been a struggle for me so far, I know that things could be worse but God is not sleeping and he’s going to see me through my days of difficulties. Please join with me and pray that I get a job, I have been unemployed for the past few years and desperately need a job . Amen

  61. Please pray for my foster son Josh, that The Lord will heal up all the broken and hurt pieces of his life. Pray he’ll grow to have a strong relationship with Jesus (our Healer and Comforter). Pray for me for wisdom, patience, love and guidance on this journey The Lord’s placed me on. I often feel ill equipped to handle it. Thank you!

    Sophia, I’m praying for your to receive the perfect job, exactly where The Lord wants you, in Jesus’ Mighty and Holy Name, Amen.

  62. Good morning East Coasters. It is only 8:30 am, here in Sunny California. I was blessed with a good, physical day yesterday. I get muscle cramps often, neck, legs, back, you name it. Yesterday I heated the rice bag and put it on my neck, then an hour later I was outside removing all my rocks in the rock garden to clean out the winter leaves. I helped clean church nd then had worship practice and Saturday night service. I get to help lead worship one Saturday a month.
    New month, new week, interviewed for three jobs last week. Praying I get one, the stress of being out of work has made the muscle cramps worse at times. (I take all kinds of supplements, it just a season with my body)

    • Lord I lift up Deena and her muscle cramps. I understand how painful and frustrating these can be, as well as how hard it makes it to carry on daily life. Thank you for all that Deena is able to do physically as well as in service. Thank you for using her to minister to others in a way that only she is gifted with. Thank you for the opportunity for a new job, please be with Deena as she goes through the interview processes and bless her with the gift of a new job.

  63. Thank you for the opportunity to share my prayer needs! Please pray for physical healing for my family as we struggle with winter colds. Pray for healing of the migraines that I suffer with 20-25 days a month, and the ability to withstand the pain when it debilitates me.
    Also, please pray for healing in my heart and mind and a reconciliation of the past and present within me to embrace the past traumas in my life and bring me out whole and vibrant on the other side.
    Thank you Lord for your provision in the last two years after the domestic violence incident that sent us down a very difficult road. Thank you for the people who have helped us, the charities that have made it possible for us to keep a roof over our heads and please, Lord, continue to provide as we slowly make our way back to being financially stable.
    Please pray for healing in my daughter’s workplace (she is the major income in our family) that she might feel happy again doing what she loves.

  64. Debi Gable as I read your post I cried and giggled on the inside at the same time. As the instructions stated to pray for the one who commented before you, the whole time reading I was wondering who would be the one because I wanted to pray and comment on everyone’s. God has a way of using what he’s worked on you about, to help work through you on the behalf of someone else. Which is why I stand on the scripture 2 Corinthians 1 : 3-4 (about comforting others in the way you’ve been comforted). I ask the Father to do that for you Debi during this time of “having to except the help”, even when you’re striving for the returned independence. Lord help your daughter to do the things necessary to help change her eating to better her life with you and others that love her. I also ask Lord that you’ll show her that through her need that others needs can be met, whether as a ministering tool and you get the glory. I pray for ex-husband as well that through his serving you will touch his heart and show him your love for him. Debi I believe that God is working in both of your life’s His perfect will and that through it all, you’ll be able to see and experience His grace and mercy. Father give Debi the words to communicate her desire for more independence and at the same time, allow her to see the concern for her well being and others; that could be effected by choices made. Debi I speak from experience, wanting more independence and believing it would be safe to do somethings as before, but I had to realize the help I needed and couldn’t dictate how the help would come. I pray you continue to see the blessings through what you have been allowed to experience and see what the Lord is doing in the midst. It’s a blessing to give as well as receive. I believe in you and will continue to stand with you in prayer.

  65. I am in much prayer for my niece Kari who is engaged to an atheist. I pray that she will accept Jesus’ salvation and will realize she does not need this Godless man who expects her to pay for everything. My heart is heavy, as is her mother’s (my sister).

  66. I too have been bombarded with regrets about the mistakes and bad decisions we have made in regards to our children – some if which my husband does not see as wrong, but they were totally grace-less – which has resulted in a very strained relationship with one child and difficulty in others. I covet your prayers for the ability to give grace to myself (not dwell on my sin. & mistakes & weaknesses) and for FAITH that God is using it all for good in my life and those of my children. Oh how I need faith! Let me see Your face, Lord!

  67. Last year I learned of my husband’s unfaithfulness, and then he left me and filed for divorce. This coming week the divorce is to be finalized, unless my husband changes his mind. The past several months have been very difficult, yet I have also experienced God’s goodness and care for me. Please join me in praying this week for resolution, peace, and hope.

  68. Prayers for my grandson, his meds seem to be helping. He is still very verbabally abusive but not as angry. Prayers for appointment coming this Wednesday for a good doctor with knowledge given by God. Prayers he will start doing his homework and work to graduate from 8th grade. Prayers for me as I try to do good with him and “keep it shut” when the hateful words come from him.

  69. Sisters across the globe, I’m very moved by everyone and this place to come and lay down our armor, to pray and receive from one another. I’m 41 and have been standing for many years for complete healing and recently almost losing my life from a freak accident (flip out my wheelchair and suffered mild TBI), I’ve regressed in a lot of my abilities. Daily struggle with pain, husband having to do everything at this point and had to stop working to care for me-I’m tired! We’re facing the hard things as best we can. There are so many medical things I need at this point it’s overwhelming (especially when you don’t have the means). I’m asking for prayer- for breakthrough, God would open Heaven and shower down provision. I know by His stripes I’m healed and I have many memorials of Him coming through before. I need reinforcements to continue to STAND.. Please pray for our family and strength for my husband and children. Our son who is on the Austism Spectrum has been struggling since seeing me lay lifeless and non-responsive in September. Although I’m home and we try to maintain- he thinks I’m still going to die. Life’s challenges don’t care if you’re a believer or not, they just show up. I know I serve a God that’s more than enough and that my vapors of praise sent up, can bring down the rain of blessings. Thank you for this space and for all your collective prayers. gofundme.com/helppamela

    • Lord, I lift up Pamela to you and ask for her healing. I pray you allow her to endure the physical pain. Give her your comfort with words of Truth. Help her to hold on to hope that comes only from you. Thank you Father, that this world is not our home and we will be with you in Heaven someday with glorified bodies and no more pain!! This life is a gift, but its short and sometimes very hard. We can’t see the future, but You can because You are not bound by Time. Comfort Pamela in knowing that You are Sovereign, You are Good, and that You LOVE her as your beloved child. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  70. Hi there I am seperated at the moment, we have been since last year October, unfortunately due to alcohol on my husbands part. I have 3 children , 16 (son) 14 (daughter) and 12 (son) we have been married for 18 years and it has been tough but by Gods grace my children are such blessings, please pray for Gods wisdom for me in the decisions I need to make and that I would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, also that my heart would not become hardened as there is a lot of hurt involved, also especially for my children that they would really draw closer to the Lord.
    I pray for you Lisa, for you that God would open doors that no man can shut as well as for reconciliation for your daughters marriage as my mom stays with us in a cottage and it is so hard for her to see what’s happening, may God Bless you and your family with His abundant goodness and grace – Through everything may God receive the Glory Amen

    • Praying for you, Anthia! My heart aches for you as you encounter this difficult time. Praying that God cradles you close and reminds you that you are His beloved and He is always with you. God bless!

  71. Please pray for my son to return to the lord with a surrendered heart. And that I would be able to release him totally into Gods’s hands and trust in Gods will for him. I pray for Martha that she would feel God lift her burden for her children and trust that all will work together for good

  72. I ask that you would pray for my son (3 years old) who we believe is on the Autism Spectrum. He is non-verbal, and developmentally delayed. The main issue right now is that he doesn’t sleep well at all. He frequently wakes up in the middle of the night and stays awake for 3+ hours. My husband and I need him to sleep through the night consistently. The lack of sleep is wearing us down. We need encouragement and relief.

  73. Financial,I was cleaning bathrooms at a military hospital nearby,and they let me go Jan 15, Friday the 30th I got hired by the staffing agency that will run the new cafeteria same placebut it doesn’t open till March.i don’t have enough money for the monthly bills.God help me

    • Cindy, I pray that the Lord gives you exactly what you need when you need it, and that the Lord would show himself strong on your behalf. I pray for the Lord to stir people’s hearts around you to help you through this season. God is with you and He sees you. Hugs

  74. Kindly ask you to please pray for Mike Tuttle (prodigal husband), for me to heal, forgive, forget, the the full restoration of my role as.wife and.mother and for my little ones (Kiana and Leilani) to.be delivered and protected, strengthened, comforted, loved while the Lord undo all the devil did to destroy our family and.souls

  75. My family and I are praying for God to bless my dad with work. He is a very experienced professional with a degree but has been unemployed for 11 months. My parents are struggling to pay their commitments and put food on the table. They are both filled with faith and love for God I trust that God has a plan for them and that He will bless my dad with fulltime work. I also thank God for getting them through this time and for all the people who have blessed them and helped them through! God is great!

  76. I’m leaning on God. I need to see his purpose and power as I begin chemotherapy. Breast cancer. I’ve had one treatment … And so many ahead. I can’t be defeated before it is begun.

  77. My husband has been dealing with some health issues and needs help from the Lord that he won’t allow the devil to make him feel he has nothing else to contribute and can’t continue to be a part of God’s work. Please pray especially as he returns to his part-time job tomorrow. He has been on a leave of absence. Pray also for those he encounters and those who are counting on him.

    Thanks and God Bless!

  78. Bev I can so relate to your situation. I raised two kids as a single mom and as I grow in the Lord and discover His heart and love for us I burn with regret over how I could have done things differently and I sorrow over the fact that how I raised them has affected the decisions and choices they make as adults. But the truth of the matter is that I didn’t know different. The truth of the matter is I fully believed I was doing what was best for them – I didn’t intentionally choose to mess them up in any way. We raise our children like how we were raised and those patterns continue. I encourage you to trust that God is able to take the good, bad and ugly of our lives and weave a beautiful tapestry for His glory. he CAN and WILL cause good to come out of it all. He IS THE GREAT REDEEMER AND RESTORER so shut your ears to those voices that bring us down and look up and gaze upon God’s radiance and glorious love for you and your children.

    I would like prayer for a work situation. It is like I had a fall from grace – an unbelievable relationship with my supervisors turned so bad over budget cuts. God gave me so much favour with them and suddenly everything is so different. I am not sure of my job even and it is my only source of income. Thank you all so much.

  79. I would like prayer that I would be able to tame my tongue and not yell at my children. It is so hard, with the pressures of parenting and life and stress to not yell…it is a pattern that was taught to me as a child and also my husband struggles with it too…I am afraid we are hurting their hearts just too much. I seem to get better for a while, and then, no, not so much…It is an ongoing battle with me. I am praying for deliverance and support. I know the Lord hears my prayers.

    Amrita…I pray that God blesses you with his Presence in your work situation. I pray that you would know His peace, even when all around you it seems to hurt. I pray that your eyes would be lifted up to heaven, where an eternal perspective will hold you and mould you in this season. Keep moving forward, one decision and prayer at a time. The Lord is with you and will never, ever forsake you. I also pray for the Lord’s favor to follow you wherever you go…love from you sister…

  80. I would ask your prayers for me as I struggle with my life and finances! Of the past 5 years, I have been out of work almost 3 years and much of that time without any income. I am now facing losing my apartment April 1st and I am scared!! I know God provides yet I am anxious and financially very insecure…………….I am working just a part-time job but that does not meet current expenses much less leave any for catching up from months of no income…..I appreciate all thoughts and prayers!!!

  81. Good morning ladies, my prayer is for continued guidance through my cancer. I ask The Lord everyday to show the open doors and closed doors. Well,he answered me last week with a closed door,which was actually a relief to me. The chemo I had been on ( for 10 months) wasn’t working anymore. I’m thrilled about this closed door! My Dr. is trying to get me into a clinical study that she seems I would a perfect candidate for. Please pray if it’s Gods will that I get accepted for it. he has been with both my husband and I through all of this. Thank you much enjoy your day.
    And Lord I lift Kelly and her husband up to you,let them know they not alone in the struggle to be a good parent. That you know their hearts and know they want to do whats right,but they are human too. Parenting is truly the hardest job in the world. Remind them when they yell to turn to you for forgiveness, that your forgiveness is never ending! Keep satan from throwing guilt at them. Continue to guide them both into the parents you want them to be,let them show Jesus’ love to their children. God bless you deer.

  82. my heart is heavy today for my lost husband a very good man. He was from a christian home but just hasn’t ever except the Lord as his savior.

    • Hello lefan–
      Heavenly father I pray for lefan today, that you may uplift her spirits and fill her heart with your joy and peace. Lord I pray for her husband who has lost his way. Lord Jesus I pray that you may speak to his heart in the best way you know how; in the way that he will listen to your voice. I pray that he may come back to you and that God you will fill him with great faith and eternal joy. Jesus, you came to seek and save the lost. Now Father I pray that you may seek him out, bring him out of darkness and into your marvelous light. I thank you because you hear our prayers and the prayers his dear wife lefan offers on his behalf. Have mercy Lord and hear us and answer us to the glory of your name. This is a prayer of faith in Christ name, Amen!

      Be encouraged lefan. Nothing is lost on God. He will use your husband for the glory of His name. Continue to uplift him in prayer. I will also continue to pray for both of you.
      Love in Him, Mary.

  83. Hello sisters in Christ. I thank God for leading me to this website early this year, where I get daily devotionals that give me strength for the journey. I thank The Lord for all of you who post here, because I now know that I am not alone in going through the trials that I face.

    I am asking for prayer for my job and financial situation. I moved to Kenya a year ago after living and working in the US for almost 10 years. I moved to Kenya in obedience to what the Lord had put in my heart at the time. I prayed for clear confirmations from Him that this was really Him telling me to pack up and move to my home country Kenya. I left a good job, wonderful church and church family, and dear friends. I miss them everyday. Even though Kenya is home and I am reunited with my family, I haven’t yet fully settled back in. The system is hard to assimilate in, and I am giving it my best. I am fortunate to be educated upto Masters level, but I haven’t been able to secure employment. Things have not worked out how I imagined they would. I remain hopeful, but my hopes are sometimes crushed by disappointment after disappointment. I am currently interning (with no pay) at a non-profit and working as a review volunteer for a scientific journal. I need a more permanent job situation and steady income to cater for my needs and help out with my family. Please help me pray. I am praying in earnest, and I believe that God is working even through this dark season. Thank you.

  84. I can’t even put into words the appreciation I have for you all! Seeing Melanie write that she is marking on her calendar to lift my family and I in prayer on Wednesday brought me to tears! I am praying for each of your situations. Be confident that we serve a God who sees. He sees us and knows us by name and knows all that is on our hearts. I pray you rest in the fact that He sees you and dances over you with singing!!! He loves you so much and desires to be with you even more than you desire to be with him—even if you desire it greatly, he desires it more! Papa is so good! Love you ladies and thank you for your prayer, support and encouragement!

  85. I recently received an 11% increase in my rent, along with a 1.7% cost of living increase on my disability. Obviously MY cost of living has gone up a lot more than the federal government believes. I wrote a detailed letter as I believe that the sizeable increase was due to the fact that I have been requesting needed repairs for 3 months that have not been handled. I wrote a detailed letter citing landlord tenant code to the property manager. I pray that they will reply favorably. I prayed before I prepared my documents and know that the Lord was with me giving me the necessary information and I pray that He will be with them when they read it. I also was having trouble with the attitude of my 16 year old son since his father passed away in August. His anger was out of control, he had started smoking pot and his behavior was erratic. He has since agreed to go to therapy to help him through his grief, his attitude has been so much better, he got a very good report card and I believe he has stopped getting high. He is a born again believer and was baptized in the river at creation with his Dad back in 2011. When his Dad died he began to question God’s very existence. I pray that he will come back to the Lord even stronger than before.

  86. Hello sisters in Christ!
    What a powerful way to pray for others, and have others pray for me!
    I am asking for prayers for financial stability and for the Lord to reveal His calling for my life at this time in my life. My husband and I have been relocated halfway across the country for his job. We are away from all family and most importantly our grown kids and grandchildren. I am trying to figure out my role and calling, being picked up and put in a new area where I know nobody.
    Thank you for prayers!
    God Bless!

    • Oh, Gina. To be uprooted and distanced from your loved ones. Praying for peace, and clarity, and financial stability. May you discover family and a calling, a true sense of purpose, where God has placed you.

  87. Not for me – feeling so blessed these days – but for friends who are beginning their cancer journeys. One who started last week with chemo and another who begins this week. I’ve been down that road. It’s not easy, but I want to be open and available for support for them (so I guess it is for me, too).
    Thank you – and many blessings to the prayer warriors.

  88. Hi, I’m a first time mom to an almost 5 month old. I love being a mom, but I’m exhausted. I’ve been praying (a lot!) that my little one would start sleeping better at night so that my husband, myself and my little one can get some much needed rest. He wakes up at least 4-5 times/ night on average. He also refuses to be put down for naps (so I hold him), so I’m praying that I would be able to actually lay him down for naps and that he would take naps longer than 30 minutes. I realize that it’s normal for babies to wake frequently, but I’m still asking God for help, rest, and that my little one would learn to sleep better. Thank you for your prayers!

    • Dear God, Please help Kathryn and her husband find rest. Your word says you find rest for the weary and it sounds as though they are becoming weary. So we ask that you bring them rest, peace, and extra energy to make it through the tough early stages of parenthood. You know their every need as well as their son’s every need. Help them as parents to have wisdom about how to help their son when he is unable to sleep. Please give them encouragement because they are doing all that they can to support their son. In Jesus name, amen.


      Although I am very thankful I still sleep well at night (Thanks for the reminder Kathryn) I have been hoping to be a mom now for nearly 2 years. I’ve had all the infertility testing that are generally given to folks who cannot conceive after a year or more. All have come back “normal” which is great but also tough because it hasn’t given me any answers except, it should be happening! Some days I have better focus on God than others when it comes to this struggle. Please help me specifically this week if I am not pregnant to be o.k. with that and to relax in God’s timing.

      • Kelly,

        Please check into NaPro Technology. It is a medical system to diagnose what is causing infertility. Their testing goes beyond the ‘normal’ testing. Info on NaPro Technology is here: http://naprotechnology.com/ and to locate a Dr in the USA: http://www.fertilitycare.org/.

        I’ve had training in this system and am using it to try to get pregnant myself. I am not pregnant yet, but my health is SO much improved-my husband and I have hope.

        I will keep you in my prayers!

  89. I am in need of a grace period with my landlord, and for a new job to start immediately.
    I place myself in God’s hands, as always.
    Thank you for your prayer on my behalf.

    San Antonio

  90. Heavenly Father, all Thanksgiving and Glory be yours as we gather in this place. For all my sisters in Christ may they be granted the grace and provision they seek. Lord you have said in your “word who is Christ himself that what we entrust to your care will not go unaided. Thank you God that you are greater and most mericful to fulfil the needs of each and every women who has openly commended her concern to the foot of Christ’s cross where victory over death was won. So Father we believe and trust in your good timing all shall be answered according to what is best for each petition.
    “Because of this, God greatly exalted him, and bestowed on him the name that is above every name; that at the name of JESUS every knee shall bend, of those in heaven and on earth and under the earth and every tongue confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD to the glory of the Father. Amen.

  91. I am struggling with a big decision to either move across the country or remain where I am. I am not getting an answer from my prayers but maybe I’m not listening hard enough. I need illumination! I am living in fear of making the wrong decision as I have so many times in the past…….but I want to be in God’s will. Help me please! Thank you…

    • Susan…I am in the same situation as you! My oldest daughter graduates from high school in June and my plan was to move from Seattle, WA back to my home in Hawaii. I’m torn on what to do.

      Heavenly Father, I lift up Susan and her situation to you in prayer. God, we know that you are so good and faithful and you have a perfect plan for our lives. Father, I pray that you will give Susan the direction she needs. Your word says that your perfect peace are for those who trust you and whose thoughts are fixed on you! I pray that Susan’s heart will be filled with your perfect peace in the decision she makes. We know that if is your will for her life, your perfect peace will fill her heart. Lead her and guide her. And through it all, may your perfect will be done in her life. Thank you God for loving us, for the privilege of prayer and for hearing us. We leave Susan and her situation in your hands and know that you will guide her through it all. In Jesus name, Amen.

  92. I pray for Susan. You know her heart is to follow you that it may go well with her and her family. “The antidote for fear is love”. May she find herself aware of how much you love her and how much you want to pour out your grace and favour in her life. May it be a time of new beginnings whether she moves or stays. You will be wherever she is – because she can never be far from Your Presence. May she rest instead of strain to hear your voice. May she recognize it whether it be a still small voice, through circumstances and people, and/or confirmation of scripture. May your peace be the umpire in her spirit.

  93. This year I am going to sell my house (due to a divorce) and downsize. Thinking about it is overwhelming as I was left with quite a mess. Also, my oldest daughter is graduating from high school so we are beginning the college applications and scholarships. Praying for God’s provision and peace through the whole process.

    • Verna, praying that the peace of God, which passes all understanding, would surround you during this time of transition and decisions. May our Heavenly Father cradle you in His capable hands and lead you (and your graduating daughter) through this crazy year! Praying for you.

  94. I am in need of guidance and direction in my life. I’m stuck in the middle of what He instructed me to do four years ago and His silence on what to do now. Even if He continues to tell me to wait, I just need to know what to do. Also, my family and I are believing God for a different living situation. I know He is capable! Thanks for your prayers, girls.

  95. I ask prayer for energy and creative flow to complete a project that has been there years in the making in my work as a Community Health Nurse. It is a workshop for a First Nations Intergenerational Breastfeeding Support Gathering that will be used in many First Nations communities – one of the goals being to bring connection, support and even healing across the generations. Pray for synergy with an editor who I will be working with tomorrow. Pray that deadlines are met to get it to translator and publisher.
    Please pray for the ministry team that is doing a series of meetings Feb 4 – 8th in a northern Cree community – that God would be prepare us and them for what He wants to do.

  96. Lord I pray for all of the women who have shared their hearts here. You know each of us intimately. Help our hearts and minds to be confident in you. Speak to us words of encouragement to keep us from despair. Holy Spirit be close to each of us. We need to experience your presence moment by moment. We cast our cares upon you. In Jesus name Amen. I am asking for prayer for my mind. I have been tortured with negative thoughts. I cant seem to break this pattern. I fear all sorts of things and cannot be happy in my circumstances. I am also in deep despair over the salvation of my 2 adult children. I pray and memorize verses but the negative thoughts are stealing my life. Please pray for me.

    • Mary,

      I pray for you that God will show you how to rest in His love for you. Those negative thoughts are stealing you away from your present life. May God bless you with knowing, understanding, and resting in His love for you. God, move in Mary’s life in a powerful unmistakable way to heal her emotional turmoil.

  97. Please pray for two intentions. 1. for God to bless us with children. For Him to open my womb and allow me to become pregnant. All for His glory! 2. Please pray for my husband’s job.

    Thank you!

    Lord please help Verna, provide her with what she needs and let her know of your love and protection.

  98. Father God please be with Clara and her husband in their desire for a baby please let your will be done. Also please provide for them with a job for her husband that he can enjoy, amen

    I am asking for prayer for our finances. We are struggling right now and cannot agree on how to give back to our great provider. Thank you!

  99. Hi Praying for your ministry and publication.
    I have 2 prayer requests1) I will finish my paper for my college class 2)more hours at work or wisdom for another job. Thanks

    • Thank you Barb for your prayers. I pray good speed as you complete your paper and also provision of the work and finances you need.

    • Praying for you, Barb. Keep trusting God, He has exactly the job you need to do picked out and will easily transition you into it when His time is right.

  100. Thank you Verna and Karen. Verna may your heart be filled with the Lord’s love and peace as you face what lies before you. We sometimes feel very alone in our decisions but if we just stop and realize that He is always with us, we can face the future with confidence…I will be praying for you.❤

  101. Sometimes I feel like such a fake. I strive to serve God and do all the right things, but I just can’t let go and surrender. I pray to be able to surrender completely to God and live a godly life, not the good Christian life. Please pray for me to surrender my time to spend it in God’s Word and to hear from Him and to let Him lead me.

  102. Father,

    Thank you for ALL of the many many blessings you have bestowed up me and my family! You have always been there through thick and thin! I ask for prayers for everyone here today@! Each person has a specific need and I pray that you will comfort, heal them and bless them abundantly!

    First of all a Praise that a friend is finally free of cancer! She is completely healed thank you Jesus!!!

    Please be with my co-workers. We are having a hard time in transition again without a clinic boss. Some of them are also going back to school and some are dealing with family issues! They all have stressful situations to deal with!

    I would like to request a small simple prayer for myself. I haven’t liked my job for a while. Would love to go back to clerical or accounting type work. May God open doors for me someplace else and bring back more of my joy!

  103. Precious Father…. Thank You for each prayer request and all the many praises posted today. I ask You to grant each one for their ultimate good and Your glory. So many needs….such an amazing God who loves to hear our pleas and answer them. Thank You Father….

  104. I need prayer to stay focused on God’s love for me and stop seeking it everywhere else. My marriage is struggling and I pray my husband would have the same focus on God.

    • Father God, I pray for Julie to focus on your love for her. I pray that she will feel your love and recognize it for what it is. I pray that through this outpouring, she will realize that you are all she needs. I pray for her marriage. I pray that she and her husband will see it as you do. I pray that they will seek you above all else and as they grow closer to you, they will grow closer to each other. Amen.

    • Oh, Julie, I have been in your place, and still struggle often. Praying for you and for God’s peace to surround you. Keep praying for your husband. Let him see Jesus in you.

  105. Please pray for my husband. Winter is a difficult time for his business, and he internalizes everything. He is also having some pain that is causing more stress. I just pray that he will focus on God and allow Him to heal his pain, and his unquiet heart.

  106. Hi Ladies,
    My prayer request is twofold. One, that God would give me abundant faith and peace that he is working in my daughters life. Two, that he would continue to transform her heart and work in her relationship and bring her and her husband ultimately to him.
    My daughter is newly married and shortly after I found out that she was not honest with my husband and I or her husband about a prior relationship that was still ongoing. We have been through her wanting a divorce, them filing for separation, her seeing the other guy, and back to reconciliation with her husband. I didn’t do my job when she was younger and help her find her way to Jesus and she has never been receptive to it but God in his wonderful grace has forgiven me. I have been earnestly praying them through this mess since the beginning. First praying for what I wanted ( reconciliation) and then after many conversations with God and reading his word, for the best thing for both of them in his eyes( whatever that may be). God has given me many miracles with my daughter along the way and just when I think nothing is happening he gives me another shot of hope. It took a long time for me to be able to forgive her for the wrong she’s done but God showed me that forgiveness really does set you free and who am I not to forgive when he forgives all of us daily! They are back together and trying to work things out and my problem is now, having faith that God truly has changed her and is working in their situation and she is not going to flip flop back to her prior self. Ladies, I am here as a witness to tell you that no matter what your situation, if you go to God humbly, and daily in prayer and soak yourself daily I’m his word, and ask for his best and his will in the situation, that he will answer with what is best for you. Bring it to him and lay it at his feet and walk away knowing he’s got this! I am praying that God will ultimately bring them both to him and help them grow strong in him together. My prayer for each of you is that God gives you the strength to take the problem to him and let it go and peace in knowing he will work it out for your best.

    • Father in Heaven, I thank you for your infinite mercies that you show to us daily. I thank you for the works that are ongoing in all of us. Father, I pray that Suzanne will continue to put her faith and trust in you. I pray for her daughter to have a true and lasting relationship with you and to draw closer to you. I pray for husband to be a godly man who is an example for his home. I pray that they seek you and grow closer to you daily and in turn, grow closer to each other. Amen

  107. I’m a single mom raising two 11 year old boys. Their dad has deserted them, it’s been 4 years since he’s seen or spoken to them (all his doing) While there is an abundance of love & laughter, sometimes there are struggles. Especially financially, there are times where there is more month than money. Most of all, I’m lonely. It’s hard to meet someone.

  108. Prayers for my husband and son that deal with migraines from injuries they received when in the military. I am off tomorrow to the VA hospital with the hubby to see his neurologist. Son has his first neuro appointment at the VA soon. Thanks.

    • Brooke, I am praying for your husband and son. Lord, Let tomorrow be the day that starts Brookes hubby on his way to healing from the migraines. Also praying the same for her son!
      These two have served our country well. Please bless them with a swift recovery and give them peace.

  109. Please pray that my 14 year old daughter, Hannah, (a Christian) makes the right choices in high school. While shes very involved at church and in youth group, shes got pretty significant ADD and is struggling in 3 classes. She is also friends with some kids where there isn’t a lot of parental guidance and shes making poor decisions when she is with these kids. Not drugs…but she has told me that some of them are experimenting. My daughter has a great heart and I just ask for a prayer of protection for her. Also to pray for continued remission for my husband Ricks lymphoma. He has been cancer free for 3 months now. Trying to start a business(the company he worked for for 24 years was sold and dissolved the month before he was diagnosed). praying for Gods divine providence. And continued protection for my son, Alexander. hes a freshman in college and last year we were unable to send him to the Christian colleges he was accepted at. we are praying for a financial miracle to be able to send him next year. Thank you and God bless. What Ive truly learned in the last year, is that no matter what God has us in His hands!

  110. Lori, I am praying for continued blessings to be showered upon you and your precious family as well as direction from the Holy Spirit for your daughter, healing for your husband, and answers for your son as he finds his identity in The Lord throughout his college adventures. I am also praying for The Lord to lift any worries you may have on your heart for those you love around you, and comfort and peace from the Holy Spirit. Be blessed, God is the ultimate healer and He wants nothing more than to reveal the love he has for you, to you.

  111. I need prayer for God to send continued relief from the enemies attacks on my heart lately. I have believed lies for far too long that I am unloved and unwanted which results in my people pleasing of all kinds, I need the power of the Holy Spirit to break this cycle and strength to fight the lies with the truth. Continued prayer for God’s revealing of his love on my heart. I would also really love prayers for my parents failed marriage, that they may be healed and God would reconcile their marriage. Please also pray for God’s clear answers and providence in a relationship that I am unsure about where to take the next step.

    • To all of us who need prayers answered. We may not always get the answer we want but often God gives us what we need…It’s through tough and challenging times that we grow stronger and learn how to be or how not to be. I know those words don’t soothe a troubled heart but God knows we need to be ready for anything and it’s only through life’s experiences that will grow our faith. I read this recently on a calendar, “My life is but a weaving between my Lord and me, I cannot choose the colours He worketh steadily…The dark threads are as needed in the Weaver’s skillful hand As the threads of gold and silver in the pattern He has planned.” So be faithful. My prayer request is for my daughter Emma with a newborn baby. She is in a rotten relationship where the partner has the wool pulled not just over her eyes but the whole of her. She believes his lies and deceiptfulness. I have asked her on occassions if she has questioned him on issues and he always has another lie to convince her that all is well. If I say things to her she gets her back up against the wall so I have to be subtle about my concerns. A wise person who I know helps with youth and their issues said that some people have to fall to the bottom of the bucket and climb their way out, but in my Emma’s case he said the only way for some is they have to actually fall through the bottom of the bucket first. So hard sometimes watching them make bad choices and being so badly influenced by others. I feel like I’m just waiting for that moment to rescue her when she falls.

  112. Dear fellow believers,
    Thank you in advance for your dear prayers!!! 🙂

    I want to ask you to pray for the following:
    After 13 years, my husband ended our marriage.
    Last August I met a man who became my good friend. Being afraid to make another mistake, I let my mind spek more then my heart. My husband wasn’t a believer and I decided that I want my next love to be christian. This good friend of mine is, however, also not a Christian. I’m also very critical when it comes to certain differences between us, and I see everything so rationally because I’m so afraid to make the wrong decision.
    So, I need to know if God sees starting a relationship with this man will do me/us good. Only God sees the future. I believe that God provided for me with his friendship, he’s been there for me and became a dear friend. I get emotional when I think about him, my heart jumps, but my rational mind keeps it caged. I so much want him to ask him to be my boyfriend, but I’m so so afraid of what might happen. So I only want to ask him when I’m sure that God knows it’s a wise decision….
    I desperately need Gods guidance, but I don’t know how. And I’m getting kind of impatient, and stressed because I can’t make a decision….
    Please pray for Gods clear guidance my brothers and sisters…… Thank you and my God abundantly bless you for your prayer and concern!!

  113. My husband and I felt called to a new city, a new ministry, and a new church family. He had an interview that went well, a job that was perfect for him, and we rented a house and began the move. Then we got the call. He didn’t get the job.
    We are now faced with trying to sell our old house, paying rent for the new one, and we both need jobs in our new city. We still feel that God has called us here, but my husbands faith is shaken, and I’m feeling discouraged.
    Please pray that jobs come through quickly! And that our house sells quickly!

    Dear Lord I ask that You give Sara the knowledge and understanding that she is treasured by You! That because of You Lord she strong and she is much loved and wanted! In Your Name Jesus!! Amen!

  114. My husband is in the transition period between two jobs. He left his job to peruse a career. One that he has always wanted. He took a very minimal pay cut knowing his future with this company is bright. During this transition period our finances have become extremely tight. His stress level is very high and things are tense. In praying God will bring us through this period. I pray our end is near so our home can have peace.

    • I have not worked in over 20 years. I am 61 years old and am starting a new job today. As much as I have prayed for strength and courage, I am fearful of not being able to do what is required in the workplace of today. Please pray that I find courage and peace in my heart. For a mind that can learn, a body that can be strong, and a spirit that can do what God has given me to do. That my heart will stop beating so fast and mind will clear up so I can learn. That I will fit in and be able to contribute and take care of myself.

    • Nicole:
      It is my prayer for you that you can find peace in knowing that the Lord will provide for all of your needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. He knows your situation, he already knows the outcome, and he is trustworthy to give us strength for the day. Do not worry about tomorrow, for sufficient for the day are the worries thereof. One day at a time. Do not fear for he is with you. Do not be afraid for he is your God. He will strengthen you. He will help you. He will uphold you with his victorious right hand. Cling to his promises. Repeat his promises. Claim them as your own and you will find strength and comfort.

  115. Please pray for my family. My husband has strayed from the Lord and is battling alcohol addiction. He is a wonderful man and deserves the best, he loves the Lord but can’t seem to shake this addiction. My daughter has come through a battle with an ED for the past 2 years and it has reared it’s “ugly” head again while she is not where she was then she is still struggling. She has a strong faith in our Lord and I pray that He restores her mind, body and spirit to where it should be. My father is battling Parkinson’s Disease and is really taking a toll on his body as well as his mind. He is depressed most days, and that is so not like him. It is so hard to see him suffer.

    • Praying for you JC. Lord, please heal JC’s husband from this awful disease and restore his faith and love in you and his family. Protect him from Satan’s grasp of his body and mind through alcohol. We ask that you surround her daughter with your unconditional love, heal her and give her the strength she needs to continue to stay strong in her love and devotion to you. We pray for JC’s father, give him peace and understanding as not to fear this disease but to know you are there with him every day. We pray for his healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. Lastly Lord, please give JC the strength she needs to love her family through this tough time and give her the guidance and love she needs to make the right decisions for herself and her loved ones.

  116. Please pray for God’s blessing and protection of my unborn child. I haven’t been able to get pregnant for many years and when I did it resulted in two miscarriages. I’m only 5 weeks and need to keep in my heart that God’s in control and I need to rely on him, his plan, his will and let go of my fears.

    • By His stripes you are healed. No weapon formed against you and your baby shall not prosper. I come against and bind anything that’s not like You Jesus and send it back to the pits of hell from which it came. I send it back to the sender. And I loose forth the angles of protection around her and her unborn seed that baby is purposed for God and that it will live in Jesus Name I stand in agreement with you. Amen. Karen read Psalm 91 Amplified Bible everyday this is a Psalm of protection. Also Isaiah 54:17-18 read these daily. Be blessed in the name of Jesus and take Him at His word it will not turn to Him void. I love you and your baby and Jesus and all of your heavenly host has you and your baby’s back know that!!! and ain’t a devil in hell that can touch you when you’re covered in His blood.

      Psalm 91

      1 He who [a]dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty [Whose power no foe can withstand].

      2 I will say of the Lord, He is my Refuge and my Fortress, my God; on Him I lean and rely, and in Him I [confidently] trust!

      3 For [then] He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence.

      4 [Then] He will cover you with His pinions, and under His wings shall you trust and find refuge; His truth and His faithfulness are a shield and a buckler.

      5 You shall not be afraid of the terror of the night, nor of the arrow (the evil plots and slanders of the wicked) that flies by day,

      6 Nor of the pestilence that stalks in darkness, nor of the destruction and sudden death that surprise and lay waste at noonday.

      7 A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand, but it shall not come near you.

      8 Only a spectator shall you be [yourself inaccessible in the secret place of the Most High] as you witness the reward of the wicked.

      9 Because you have made the Lord your refuge, and the Most High your dwelling place,(A)

      10 There shall no evil befall you, nor any plague or calamity come near your tent.

      11 For He will give His angels [especial] charge over you to accompany and defend and preserve you in all your ways [of obedience and service].

      12 They shall bear you up on their hands, lest you dash your foot against a stone.(B)

      13 You shall tread upon the lion and adder; the young lion and the serpent shall you trample underfoot.(C)

      14 Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore will I deliver him; I will set him on high, because he knows and understands My name [has a personal knowledge of My mercy, love, and kindness—trusts and relies on Me, knowing I will never forsake him, no, never].

      15 He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.

      16 With long life will I satisfy him and show him My salvation.

  117. I just want to say that today is the day the I realized that I am in love with Jesus. The spirit of the Lord just came over me in that moment and at that point I just let down my guards and insecurities what I do know is that I can only count on Him and that I trust Him. He has been sooooooooooooooooooooo good to me and I am grateful to share in this opportunity to be in His presence and to have a chance to praise and worship Him and more importantly to be in love with Him there’s no greater feeling than what I am feeling right now. Now I am getting a sense of how He loves me I love Him I love Him I love Him!!!

  118. I’m a mother praying for a closer relationship with my oldest son. I made mistakes in his childhood that he has been carrying around with him that has affected his relationships with his mate. I’m trusting God to deliver him of those strongholds that want to keep him bound and give him new life in Jesus Christ. I ask for your heartfelt prayers in standing with me in rejoicing what the Lord has done and will continue to do in and thru him and give him a testimony to the goodness of our God!! Amen.

  119. Marcia, I pray for healing in your relationship with your son, and I also pray for your son, that he can heal, love you and find forgiveness in his heart for past mistakes, to grow and learn from them, and help his relationship with his mate to grow in love.
    I am in need of prayers for my husband and our marriage. Recovering from an affair, we have been separated off and on for 18 months, I have chosen love and forgiveness and patience. Please pray he can get past his struggles, forgive himself and begin to love himself again so he can come home to our family.

  120. I’m needing change in my life and guidance on where to go. Also financial help. God has never failed me.
    Thank you

  121. Gena, I pray that our Lord will begin to work in your husband to do as you have said. May God heal your family and bring you back together once again. I also pray that your relationships will be blessed and strengthened.

    I would like prayer to heal me from debilitating depression. After a series of events in 2014, including the death of my Dad, I have been going downhill and struggling to get back up. It’s a pit that I cannot stand anymore, and I ask that you help me pray to God to get me out of it.

    • Carletta,
      Prayers that God will heal you of your depression. Prayers for you and your family as you deal with your dad’s death! May you feel God’s hands upon you giving you hugs from Heaven!
      Blessings 🙂

  122. I am desperate for God’s intervention with my eldest daughter, Erin! She is deeply involved in drug addiction and needs His love and deliverance. She grew up in a Christian home, with a Christian education and accepted the Lord as a young girl and was baptized. But now, for 8 years off and on, her life has been destroyed by drug addiction. She can’t seem to stay sober for the long haul. Until God gets a hold of her heart, I’m sure the outcome will be the same. I am asking for a supernatural miracle straight from the hand of God! I am also praying for strength and courage for her father and I to do the right things in this situation.

    • Bev,
      I am praying right now for one of God’s Miracles for your Daughter. I too had a troubled Daughter. The circumstances were different but I will never forget what a close friend told me during these difficult times. “She has had a good foundation, a Christian beginning, a good home and loving parents….she WILL return to this way of life”! I know you feel helpless, but please NEVER give up. Never stop praying for her! Never stop hoping that she will return to her old self. God, in His time WILL return her to Himself and you and your Husband will be so full of joy and gratitude. Until then, I will keep you, your Husband and Daughter in my prayers.

  123. I am in an online Bible Study and would love prayers for God to open my heart, my soul, my mind and body to soak in all that He has to say to me so that I may know, love and serve Him by loving and helping others.

  124. My husband George has been diagnosed with small cell adenoma of the lung and has been give from three months to a year to live. He is suffering with a lot of pain inspite of the pain medications and pain patches he has. Please pray that his pain will decrease so he can at least have some quality time while he is still with us.
    We are both born again Christians and know that God promises never to leave us or forsake us but its hard to remember that when watching my husband suffer.
    Blessings to all.

  125. Our church is launching small groups this week and I will be leading a Grief Recovery Group. Prayers that those God is leading to attend this group will heed the calling and attend. Prayers that God will fill me with HIS words and HIS encouragement to share with these ladies as they are healing from loss.

  126. I am unemployed and have run out of finances, I need the Lords continued provisions. Please pray that I don’t loose hope and keep clinging to the Lord seeking Him and using this time to draw closer to Him. This blog blesses me, Thank you.

    • Father,
      Please give Victoria a good job that help with her provisions. Help her not to lose any hope and shower her with blessings. Help her to draw closer to you and really rely on you and you alone. Allow her to see you working for her in unexpected ways!
      AMEN 🙂

  127. Hi, praying for all the heartfelt prayer requests lifted up here. May god show himself mighty in encouraging ways!

    Asking for prayer for my two boys five and seven months who wheeze with colds. We are currently in our third week of sickness and very exhausted emotionally and physically. Praying for healing now and long term. Thanks!

  128. Lord I lift up Leann and her young boys, and pray for a wonderful healing for everyone in Jesus precious name.
    Please pray for an older Mother, me,am feeling guilty for wrong decisions and not guiding my children enough.Feeling guilty but am trying my best to encourage them now and praying that the Lord will guide them and teach them when they will not listen to me.Pray for my Daughter to be reunited with her young daughters
    And that my Son will listen to wisdom and encouragement from a wise person .

  129. Heavenly Father,

    Please extend your loving arms of peace and love to all who are hurting, lost, scared, confused or feel alone. Help us all to keep our faith in you strong and remember that you carry us when we can no longer carry ourselves. Debbie

  130. I praise Him for literally. Carrying me thru finding out I had 4 stage metastic breast cancer.in April surgery in may lost rt breast sn lymph nodes 6 wks chemo Finishing up sept 30 2014..6 wks daily radiation finishing dec 26 2014..what hope does anyone have without the Lord??

  131. I’ve come back. These past weeks have been a tiny bit stressful. I need to re-learn some basic nursing stuff-shots, venipuncture, Etc. I will test on this stuff in two weeks. That will allow me to keep my current job.
    Also my dad had another psych event today and we’re not sure what to do about it. Don’t want to mess/change his meds and have him wind up in hospital again. Prayers that we can all figure out what’s going on.
    Blessings to everyone!

  132. Please pray for my husband. For his serve pack pain and possible addiction to the pain medications for the depression that just seems to be getting worse and worse. We hardly talk anymore or share anything thing in life. He is mostly on the couch sleeping or watching tv or helping his disabled sister and brother in-law and I feel as though he does not “help” our family with anything I am struggling to care for our little ones who are 5 and 15months. I work FULL time as well as doing all of the house work. I am just very tired and could use help here. I cry daily he will get better and “start caring”. He has not worked in 4 years or contributed in hardly anyway. He is a wonderful man and we have been together for 14 years and I know the man he can be a caring loving and someone who enjoys spending time with his kids and wife. I feel like he just keeps getting farther and farther away. I love him dearly and long for our marriage to be restore. I have faith and hope that one day God will make all this more beautiful then I could ever imagine but I need strength and peace to keep going and hoping through this difficult time. Also I pray daily that my husband will give his life over to Jesus because I know he will find hope and healing in Him! Longing for our marriage and family to be restore and renewed In Jesus Name Amen

  133. I am struggling in my relationship with God.I I request a prayer so that I may be able to stand firm as a believer. To have the discipline to read the Word daily and meditate on it, to pray without siezing and also to have the boldness to confess that Christ is the Lord of my castle.

  134. Thank you for praying! I would like to ask for prayer for our finicial situation. I will admit that this is humbeling to even post about but I know I need to do it. Please pray that God would continue to provide for our family as we seek to reach some necessary goals. In light of wanting to respect my husband I cannot share many details but I appreciate the prayers!

  135. Father, I lift up Beg and her family. Thank you for giving her such a compassionate heart and amazing love for her children. I pray that you would encourage her today. Thank you that in your word it says, ” Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” {1 Corinthians 13:6-7}yLove does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” {1 Corinthians 13:6-7}s,Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” {1 Corinthians 13:6-7} . Thank you for being that Love for Bev and her children. I pray that they would all remember and reflect that love toone another!