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Sally Clarkson is the mother of four grown children, a speaker, and author of several books on motherhood, parenting, and marriage including the recently released "Own Your Life." She loves celebrating life with her family, strong black tea, traveling, and investing in friendship and encouraging women to build beautiful lives.

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  1. Such a beautiful post! Sally Clarkson has been such an inspiration to me in her other books, this looks like such an encouragement to women everywhere! I cannot wait for the amazing webcast!

  2. Interesting. Just this morning in my bible reading/study time, I read in Ephesians about husbands and wives, children and parents, servants and masters, and putting on the whole armor of God. In order to improve, grow and protect these relationships, I came away with the “simple” answer of Prayer. Simple in quotations because of the many different facets of prayer. Ask, release, believe, receive, apply…

  3. “Each chapter became a tale of love that won the day…” Love, love, love this! Great article and such inspiring words.

  4. Such truth and wisdom. So many give us up when marriage gets “real and daily”. Thank you for giving us an example of a Christ centered marriage.

  5. Thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to read this book. Love Sally Clarkson and this looks like her best yet.

  6. My marriage has been through a tough trial for the past few years. Sometimes it gets incredibly hard to just keep going day after day. I know God wants me to honor my marriage vows, even if my husband chooses not to. Sometimes I think that is my hardest calling, just everyday living. But, with God, I press on.


    • Penny, i think God uses our husbands to crucify our flesh. God knows my heart. He knows I want to die to self. So He is using Wayne to “kill me”. He wants to make me more like Jesus. It really is a good thing, even tho it is very hard and painful. May our Father get the glory from both of our lives. Be encouraged and thankful. Judy

  7. Thank you, Sally! Your insight and wisdom from years of faithful living are a gift to me.
    And so many are going to benefit from Own Your Life! What an exciting week.

  8. Thanks for the post and your teaching, Sally. Greatly encouraging. I am praying that many hearts around the world will be drawn closer to Jesus through Own Your Life book!

  9. Sally is right:marriage may start out hard. But after all the flaws and immature moments, the end is better than the beginning. Sally’s new book ‘Own Your Life’ is about commitment and being intentional in your life with God

  10. I love the quote on your beautiful picture! How true that is!

    During the first year of my marriage, I seriously thought I had made a mistake. Because of our commitment to God and to each other, my husband and I worked our marriage to a pretty good place. Around year 7, there was another bump in the road. We were so unhappy and dealing with issues for which there was no preparation. I prayed for relief from our circumstances, and for the first time in my life, I put my entire life in God’s hands. I thought I had faith. I thought I trusted God. But on this day, when God answered my prayer immediately, I realized that I had a long way to go in my relationship with Him. This was one of many turning points in my life. I decided to be happy, and that my happiness was not going to depend on anyone. I started small. I greeted my husband at the door each day with a smile. He asked me what was wrong. That was a very clear sign I needed to change myself. It didn’t happen overnight, but my life and my marriage has been transformed by my total dependence on God. My husband and I will celebrate 19 years of an incredible marriage this year with 3 wonderful daughters. God has lead us through miscarriages, an adoption, a “surprise” baby, and though 10 moves (so far) across 5 states. Life is such an adventure and we’re so blessed! I can’t wait to see what He’ll do next!

  11. Beautiful picture of marriage and great encouragement for when difficulty hits. (Sorry this may post a picture of my husband, we share an email account…we’ll see).

  12. I love this! What an example Sally is of a life lived with purpose and courage. Her books have inspired to live by ideals. I know “Own Your Life” will have great impact.

  13. Sally you are always such an encourager! Marriage is hard work, but such a beautiful gift to all those who persevere under the authority of Christ. I love my man more now after 17 years than I ever thought I could. I can’t imagine how my affections for him will overflow after 34 years. I can’t wait to read you new book!

  14. “Marriage is one of the vehicles God designed where He weaves the character of Christ deep into our hearts.” Amen!!! While sometimes painful, it surely is beautiful now to look back on and see His hand!

    Thank you for the encouragement, Sally!!!

  15. Thanks for this beautiful post Sally! I am going through a turning a time where I am re-learning what I know about the foundations of marriage as I am in an intercultural relationship. What are your thoughts on intercultural marriages? Do they succeed? Are they much harder? Is it better to marry within one’s culture?
    I am also curious to learn what others believe the Bible says about men dating younger women. My brothers are going through a season of dating or wanting to commit to older women and looking to set themselves up for failure.
    Would appreciate your insights.

  16. Marriage truly is another way we worship God. It is our opportunity to live the love story of God toward His people – to live the Good News – for the world to see! Hard, yes. Hurtful, sometimes. Worth it, always!

  17. Marriage being a heart matter… yes, yes, yes. Oh how God has worked in my heart these last 9 years of marriage. I’m amazed at how many times I pointed my fingers at him and the Holy Spirit would take things back to me and my heart. Love the way He works in us.
    Thank you for your words today!

  18. Sally just blesses me so much. Love this post and I am so excited to receive her new book today Own Your Life!

  19. I just found you online. I have been married 27 years and your words are so true. The first of our 4 children was married this summer and I had to send her a link to this piece.

    Thank you.

  20. Sally,

    Great post! Marriage truly is hard work. I’m going to celebrate 11 years of marriage this January. Between work, & family health issues it has been hard. We’ve had our “major disagreements” “yelling times”, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world! I believe God put us together for a reason!!! 🙂 He has always been there for me–especially when my parents got sick & my mother died. He’s been my rock during this past year with my dad’s many health issues & family staying with us.

    Yes marriage is hard hard work, but well worth it in the end! It takes prayers, perseverance and determination!

    Blessings 🙂

  21. Sally, You shared the Imperfections with the realities…what married LIFE can be like, not “The Movie happily ever after” of fairy tales and dreams. GOD is good and has taught me so much about Loving scarifically through marriage…just like the bride and his church…..a delicate And complex love affair!
    Blessings abound despite struggles…and the seasons of marriage can be connected to the seasons of life. I keep looking for God’s goodness, each day.