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  1. (in)courage team,
    Praise for coming up on my one year anniversary this month to a wonderful God-fearing man with compassion and integrity. I dream of the ways God is going to work in Redeemer Christian School in Pakistan. I pray earnestly for funds to keep the doors open so that these children can have hope and experience the love of Jesus. I continue to ask for prayers for my son…that he would turn from his ways and run into the arms of the One who continually pursues him. Thankful for the community that I have found here at (in)courage!! Thank you…

    • Bev, I find it no coincidence that I have found your pray requests. I have a special place in my heart for the people of India and Pakistan since my childhood in the 60’s. I first wanted to join the Peace Corp and now for the last 20 or so years dreamed of being a part of a ministry there. Well, God knew far before it happened my health would be an issue and I have lived since 1995 in a community with both a large Indian and Pakistani population!
      May our Lord’s abundance of power and glory be upon all the work of His Spirit before you and all His workers in Pakistan as all thing work together for those who Love Him. May your son hear and act upon the Lord’s calling of a new life in Christ as he see’s the opportunites God presents him. For the Lord has plans for His Name to prosper! Thank you Jesus for hearing and answering the cries of Your people, for it is in Your Precious Name-I pray-Amen.

  2. Please pray that I will finish my book and get it published this year. Pray against any opposition the enemy would try and bring against me.
    Please pray that a house I own will sell quickly, and that I can find a job that pays well and that I’m a good fit for the position.
    Thank you for your prayers!

    • Thank you for praying for me! I ask prayers for my marriage to my husband, that he and I can communicate as a husband and wife should and meet each others needs. I pray for a complete healing in my husbands body, for his neck and spine, that his stomach would be healed and he can eat normally again. I pray for a vehicle, to get me to work each day, that I will not need to worry whether it works or that something will go wrong. My dream is to someday be a foster parent with my husband, for infants. My last dream is to get a dog for my husband and myself, that will behave. We have no dog now but I keep hoping……

  3. My husband, Cody and I just started going through PATH classes to become foster/foster-to-adopt parents. We have a two year old son already and sometimes it’s scary not knowing what we’re getting into, but we KNOW that God is calling us in this way. Lately I’ve felt really led to pray for the children that will be coming in our home… that they would be open to us, that they would take well to our son (and he take well to them!), and that God would prepare us as parents about how most effectively to love and parent them.

  4. We have seen the hand of God move so clearly in our lives during 2014. Of all the “major” prayer requests that come to mind for this new year, this “minor” one takes priority. My husband is in agonizing pain from a tooth that needs attention and won’t be able to see his dentist for a week. PLEASE PRAY! Thanks.

    • What are you looking forward to this year?
      I’m looking forward to have my candy business and ministery in full bloom on the map through Christ our Lord, provision.

      How can we lift your burdens before God for you? My business is included hugh class act lawsuite the lawyers won, however the other parties is appealing. Please pray that the appeal that is holding up this financial blessings that I’m apart ended be completed this year 2015 and we the people still have the monies and it be released to all of us, that is apart of it.

      What good things has God brought into your life that we can praise Him for? healing, new pure tonic relationship, favor with my enemies, new strength, restoring my soul and renewing my youth like the eagle. I just went through 16 rounds of chemo Theapy for a canceous Tumor. God not only promised to heal me abundantly but, also He carried me on eagle wings through it all I was still able to go to work everyday, by (HIS) amazing grace and friends like you keeping me highly lifted up to the Lord in Prayer.

      What goals or dreams has God put on your heart that we can pray over? To come into financial abundance this year 2015 so I can retire, so that I can build His Kingdom, sowing into minisries, non profitted organizations that helping the hurting. Come out of and stay out of debt fully and completely so I can lend and not borrow. Work in full time Ministies that God has ordained, appointed and anointed me to do. Be blessed to be a blessing. Last but not least get married to heavenly father choice and stay totally healed, always guided by the Lord our God in everything I go to do, His total will be done, not my will.
      Be Blessed and thank you for your prayers! Declaring that you get a hundred % return of your kindness.

  5. Please join me in praising God for blessing me with the job I so desire in the UK. I have applied for a work visa and because of a previous immigration problem, that visa was denied. I am in the process of a review of that decision. Please join me in praying that God will grant me favour in this review. That I will be given the work visa.

  6. Dear Hannah, What a mother’s heart you have! I know God will richly bless you and every child He places in your care. There are so many precious ones who need love and attention from parents like you and your husband. Take courage….He will guide you every step of the way. Hugs.

  7. Lifting Jill up to the Father … for provision, multiplication in His time and a heart/will to serve her community. Feet to your faith Jill! 🙂
    Please pray for my choices … that I would make them more proactively, more positively and more in line with God’s will.

  8. My husband lost his job a year ago. Our house has been up for sale since June. We are ready to take the next step, but are waiting to see what it is! We have been blessed with peace, but sometimes hope lags a bit, especially in selling our home.

  9. Please pray for me as 2015 will be a year of many significant life changes. I am making a career change that seems to be dragging along and not getting started as quickly as I has hoped. To accommodate this new career I must move and need housing approval to come through. My youngest child is going off to college this year and I am already beginning to feel seperation anxiety. And finally, LOVE. My one word challenge of the year. This year I want a deeper, more intimate love with God. I want to learn to truly live myself ( I never have), and I want to find real love. I believe I have finally found real love in a companion and I desire for God to take away my hurt and fears from past relationships that have been broken and destructive and allow this love to grow in Him so I may live in the fullness of love that I have never really known.

  10. I’m thankful for a healthy family, a roof over my head, and God’s provision. I’d like to ask for prayer that God will send some good friendships my way. That He’ll help me to make better choices concerning my health and habits. And that He’ll open some career doors for my husband, who has been wanting to make a job change, but hasn’t been successful in his search. His current job keeps him working long hours, weekends, holidays, doesn’t take/go on vacations, misses weekend time with our kids (and me). I’ve grown used to it after 13+ years of marriage, but I hate hearing my kids asking him if they’ll see him today…..

  11. On New Year’s Eve, my husband decided to text me and tell me that he no longer wanted to be married and he wanted to move in with his girlfriend and her child. I just had our 3rd child on January 3 2014. He has turned everyone against me because it was somehow my fault that he was looking elsewhere. I’m alone and I don’t know how my kids and I are going to make it.

    • My dear Beth. Blessings and prayers for you and your family. I will pray for you and your children so that each of you may see the goodness of our Lord. I will pray for your husband, that he might see how shallow his relationship with this other woman is and come to know the love that Christ has for the church and for you the woman he has made vows to. My heart breaks for you and for your situation. May you find strength today and in the days ahead.

    • I feel for you..I have been through that kind of rejection..It is not easy..
      I am not a good writer so I will keep it short…Keep holding on to the fringe of the robe of Jesus !!! God sees everything that is going on. .Forget what people are thinking or saying. YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN have the ALMIGHTY GOD on your side !!! I will pray for peace, comfort,favor and strength for you.

    • Beth,

      This is a bit late as I just sat to read through the post. I am deeply sorry for what you are going through. I pray that a light will shine down on you and your children.


  12. I am in desperate need of a job, I lost my job 2 years ago and find every door closed where I seek employment. I need my strength, faith and hope to be revived, it’s becoming hard to just believe for the basics (soap, toothpaste etc…). I fear the thought that I may one day be homeless. I dream of one day having my own place again, my own bed, stove, something that actually belongs to me. I am thankful for a warm place to sleep at night.

  13. Praying for you this morning Beth- I can’t imagine the pain that you might be going through and I pray that God gives you strength and guidance through this time and puts supporters around you and your children. My prayer request is similar, but not the same. I want prayer for my marriage and feel a distance has come between my husband and I. He struggles with some anxiety and depression and it really affects our marriage and relationship. I am the scapegoat many times and I just ask God for wisdom and guidance to know how to react and respond.

  14. I praise God for the answered prayers here and join others in continued prayer for the needs and concerns expressed above. Please pray for my family. We are watching all of our kids pursue their dreams and leave the nest. It is bitter sweet to watch them turn into adults seemingly overnight. Thank you, my prayers are with everyone here.

  15. To start this off, let me say that I know God loves me, He has shown it over and over again. And I do love Him, to the best of my ability. That being said, I have felt empty and numb most, if not all, of my life. I don’t remember ever not feeling this way. My prayer request is that I step out of the way and let God peel away the layers that are keeping me feeling this way. I don’t want to feel numb/empty any more. I want to be able to allow people in, to make friends and truly be a friend. I also want to be able to love myself. Again, I don’t think I have ever felt like I was loveable, let along capable of loving someone else. I would love to have a healthy relationship in a companion in my life without bringing along all the garbage (the hurt, the lack of trust) from the past relationships, but I also know I need to let God heal some of this mess I call me before that can truly happen.

  16. P.S. my word for the year is “alone”. But not the definition most people think of when they think of that word – being by myself. I am focused on the definition “incomparable, unique”. As in, you alone can do this… I am praying that God will help me to learn that I am incomparable & unique…

  17. Ah, but Hope, if they are reaching for their dreams, you must have raised some amazing people. I pray that you will continue to be the mom that you have been their entire lives and that God will help you fill the places that are feeling empty as they leave the nest.

    Sandi, I went through those feelings earlier this year when I returned to my home town after about 40 years & moved in with my sister. And of course the first 2 weeks I was here I had to use all the money I had left in the bank to repair my car so I could go on job interviews. I pray that God will open doors for you and that during this time you will draw closer to Him than you have ever been. Lord, open doors for Sandi, but in the meantime Papa God, draw her closer to You, to Your heart and desires for Her. Sandi, I will continue to pray for you that God will open doors & windows for you…

  18. Good morning

    I’ve read the prayer requests above, and I pray for each of you. I am also praying that I begin to listen to God and begin to make better decisions. My new year is starting off with anxiety because of my un-listening heart and my un-wise decisions. I pray constantly…but I have a tendency to act on what I think (or “over-think”) is the answer…or I don’t think much at all…and just act. And now that I’m feeling anxious…I’m so wound up…fear is creeping in…and I’m further hindering my ability to listen to God. The Lord has blessed me with a beautiful husband and 2 beautiful daughters…and I need to begin to LISTEN to the Lord and act on what He says so I can the wife & mother my family needs. Please pray for me & my family. I will pray for you.

  19. as a mother I am concerned with my children’s welfare. My 29 year old son got married 5 months ago to a godly woman, and moved to Concord N. C. Neither one of them have jobs, and needed me to help pay for an apartment. I keep praying that God will provide for them, and step in where mortal man has not been able to accomplish at this time. They trust that something will come up in due time, I am losing hope at this point. If anyone in the Concord area has any leads please pass them on.

  20. We moved our family 2 months ago to a small town in VA, and would really like to see new relationships built within the church we have been attending. Cause moving is hard and it’s lonely out here in the boonies. I really think it’s taking a toll on my health as well.

  21. Praying for Jill above.
    Please pray my husband finds work and that Gods clear plan for us in missions is laid out for us to begin. For Gos will for our lives and for the hearts of our 5 children.

  22. I’m thanking God for. Lynn & her. Husband that God will provide a new job & save their home from being sold. My prayer request is for God to heal me from imultiple fibroids in my womb. Thanks for praying with me.

  23. When I was little I was sexually abused, but I kept it a secret. I just recently started writing about it because I don’t want to hide anymore, and I want to use what God has worked in my life to help others. It’s scary, though, and I don’t know if my words are very effective. I just want to help others stop hurting.
    http://www.intentionally graced.blogspot.com

  24. Last year my husband and I lost our home. Me and my 3 boys had to move in a three bedroom apartment. My husband travels weekly for his job and because of the financial stress in the marriage and with my parents, he stays in a hotel on weekends. I have to work and leave the kids with my mom and still do not have enough credit or money to get a place of our own. I do not know where my marriage is going and my relationship with my parents is now struggling. I know God knows what is ahead for me, but my faith is weak. Prayers needed.

  25. I’m looking forward this year to communication between Mark and I being restored.

    Please pray that God would provide clients for me that I can have constant work.
    That the friendship that God started between Mark and I, He will complete it.

    I give God thanks and praise for blessing me with good health, financially I was in rough place and He provided for my every need. He has me already booked with clients for half of this year, He placed me on the Ministry Team with the Mental health jail facility for children.

    To get married.

  26. Father you are the great provider. Thank you Lord that your plans for Lynn and her family are for good, to prosper and not harm them. Thank you Lord that you have a buyer lined up for their house, a job for her husband, a new home and work planned in forwarding your kingdom for them both. I pray Heavenly Father that you will give them patience to wait upon your timing and fill them both with your peace, the peace that surpasses human understanding. Thank you for your goodness to us Lord and I pray that in your great mercy you will provide for this precious family and surround them with your love. In the great and precious name of the Lord Jesus I pray. Amen.

    We moved home and area to be closer to family a year ago. God has been so gracious to us. I believe He has us in this area for a purpose, a ministry for both my husband and myself. We have yet to discover His will for us though. Please pray that we will, at all times, be attentive to His guidance and leading. I want to do so much for Him but am at a loss as to what He is asking of me at this time and if I am being brutally honest with myself I have become very lethargic. God bless each and every child of God involved with in courage.

  27. Father You are good
    Shelly, her husband, her children and her parents need Your help. God meet all of Shelly’s financial and relational needs. Restore all that the enemy has stolen from her. Rebuild the relationship between her and her parents. Father make all the rough places smooth so that Shelly and her husband and children can all live under the same roof. Lord comfort and grant Shelly Your peace, guard her heart and her mind with Your peace Jesus and be a hedge of protection around her and her family. Thank You God that You are able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask. In Jesus name Amen.

  28. Please pray for The Lord to change mine and my husband’s hearts. For The Lord to give my husband the desire to work toward reconsiliation and for strength and protection for the kids and us all.

    For each of us to grow into the people God intends us to be.

    Praise The Lord for his love and mercy and for getting us through each day.

    Thank you for praying.

    • God bless you and your family. I will pray for your reconciliation. Remember, God knows all, sees all and hears all.

  29. Just pray that God leads my footsteps and that I make decisions that are pleasing to God. I want to continually live a better life. I don’t want it to just be about the new year but every single day.

  30. Just went through a painful ending to a job I had worked at for 91/2 years…..please pray with me for a new employment opportunity. I am 63 years old, so I know this is not going to be easy. I believe God has something for me, and that He is not finished with me.

  31. Prayers for everyone here! May 2015 be a much better year for everyone than 2014,

    Prayers that 2015 will be better for my aging father. Not to many “issues” to deal with. Prayers also on job. I have an opportunity to go part-time, but would mean less money–more time and less stress.

    Thanks everyone!

  32. I thank God for letting us reconnect with our son this past year and ask that we continue to grow in your relationship with him. I am also thankful for the health and wellbeing of our other children and that they continue on their present courses! I can do all things through him who strengthens me! Help me to continue to become a confident woman.

  33. I am very thankful for where God has brought me! I am in college, working, and continuing to grow in a deeper relationship with Christ!

    I pray for a tight-knit community where I can be my total self. One where we can share in each others burdens and pray for one another.

    I am excited because I am going on a Spring break mission trip to Miami! Also there is another opportunity to go over the summer to South Carolina for Summer Training Project. I would love to go to that too, but it is a lot of money. I pray that I can raise enough money to do both!

  34. My 19 yr old unwed daughter is pregnant and due in March. She is on meds for seizures and depression. Please pray for healthy mom and baby. She is a believer just made a worldly decision. Very messy situation. Pray for dad’s salvation and ownership. And that we will continue to see God provide. Pray for peace for me.

  35. I’m praying that God takes my life. I would never kill myself but I have nothing to live for.

    • Cheryl,
      At several points in my life, I prayed that God would take my life or I would want to “accidentally” swerve my car into a pole/tree etc. Life was simply unbearable. I was suffering from severe depression and ocd which is treatable. I don’t know your situation, but I pray and urge you to seek medical/professional help. God does want to take your life – He wants to take it and redeem it. He has such great plans for you and wants to heal you. You are loved with an unfathomable love and God delights in you…just because you are you. YOU MATTER!! Praying for you dear Cheryl!!

    • Cheryl: I hear you loud and clear. You say you have nothing to live for, but you have lived for me today. I feel what you’re feeling. I am grateful for your prayer request. I will be praying for you. Please pray for me.

    • Cheryl,

      There isn’t much more that I can add that Bev and Stella haven’t already said. But I just wanted you to know that along with them I do care and hope that whatever you are feeling right now at this moment, that it will pass . And that no matter how alone you are feeling, you are never alone. I pray that the Lord will see you through this difficult time in your life and that you will overcome the despair that you are feeling.

      Blessings ,


    • Cheryl,

      You have everything to live for. God has special plans for you and loves you deeply! Prayers for you sweet sister in Christ! We love you and want you here!


      Please help Cheryl. Give her the will to live and see that she is needed! Wrap your loving arms around her and shower her with hugs and kisses!


  36. Sarah,
    Praying for God to provide all of your ministry needs and to place you in perfect community.

  37. My husband of over 30 years has battled addiction to pain med, prescription drugs, and his latest gambling and he is a pathological liar and very good at it. I have just found out he has not paid our mortgage in 6 months and we are going to be in foreclosure. I am meeting with a spiritual counselor and looking for guidance. I threw him out two days ago and wondering if I should give up and look for a divorce. I am half to blame for not being more vigilant and feel like such a fool, we have been through so much together and have three awesome kids and a new grandson, in 1 year we had 2 kids get married and then a grandson, this is the happy/praise part but battling one addiction after another with my husband has left me at the end of my rope and hope that he will change. I know only God can do this and I ask for your prayers for this, thank you and God bless you and your family.

    • Karen,

      Prayers for guidance in your decisions. May God give you the wisdom to make the right choices. Seek guidance from trusted friends and know that you are loved and prayed for no matter what the outcome!

      Blessings 🙂

  38. My husband and I brought our 21 month old daughter from China last week. Please pray for continued bonding and establishment of routine especially SLEEP. She is a joy to our household.

  39. Please pray for Karen and the horrible situation she finds herself in. Pray that she sees your hand moving mightily to save her home and her marriage. Help her husband see the only way he will find real peace is in you. Help Karen find hope and happiness in her children and grandchildren.

  40. My young husband passed away last June. We didn’t have any children and I have no family. I also have physical health problems and I haven’t worked outside the home since the year 2000. Please pray for me to be healed in mind, body, spirit, and soul and that God would bring into my life a good man chosen by God. Thank you. I will remember all of you in my prayers.

    • I am grateful for my loving husband and family. This year I pray that I will be able to conceive a baby. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Therese,

      My thoughts and prayers are with you and I am sorry for what you are going through. I pray that you will find peace and comfort .


  41. Father, I too join in lifting up the needs of all those before me. I weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. Please be with Therese as she mourns the loss of her husband and comfort her. Heal her, strengthen her, and provide for her needs. Thank you Father.

  42. I really need a job. I have been out of work since august. My unemployment benefits don’t cover our expenses and I am almost out of savings. I have had a couple of good interviews the past 2 weeks but have not heard anything. My husband is disabled so he only gets social security so are hands are tied. Please pray I hear something about a job. Also, my daughter is in a evil relationship I pray that she comes back to the lord.

  43. God has been so good to me. I praise Him for all His love and blessings in my life. I am looking forward to more freedom and healing from my past spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I would like prayer to be free of the burden of cleaning out my house and storage unit. My dream is to travel back to France to spend time with my friends who have a YWAM base and ministry there. Thank you.

  44. Please pray for our family. That decisions made are pointing us in the right direction, that grandparents’ health will stay strong, that extended family will give each other grace instead of opinions and harsh judgments, that I will find peace as a mother and wife in the flurry of our days. Please pray that my business will gain momentum and flourish, that our financial goals will keep us working on our debt, and that we may learn how to give back to our community with enthusiasm.

  45. I am so thankful for the Leadership Development Course I am taking for church ministry in my church denomination. I am learning so much about Scripture, theology and ministry skills. More importantly, God is drawing me closer to him as he refines me.

    The burden I care is multiple sclerosis. I am much to be thankful for as I am still mobile and functioning pretty well. However, the disease has progressed and I have to start a new drug. The side effects of each can be pretty serious. Please pray for me and the doctors as we choose which one is best for me. Please pray I can tolerate the drugs and that I have no lasting side effects.

    “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine, according to his power at work in us, to him be the glory! Eph 3:20

  46. My heart is glad for so many praises from sisters above, but aches for all the hurting I just read from dozens of sisters, too. I am praying for the Lord to move in each of these circumstances.

    Angela, I am so excited the Lord is taking you deeper in your understanding of His word. What a praise! I pray your faith and wisdom in him continue to deepen this year.

    I also pray for your MS. I am so thankful you’re still mobile, and I pray the doctors will have wisdom and understanding for how to properly treat you on this new medication. I also pray it helps and there are no side effects.

    As for me, I ask the person below please pray for two things. First, that I would love God more than anything in this world.

    Second, that his hand would be over my family and the new business my husband is starting this new year. It’s been a huge leap of faith with plenty of initial challenges, but we are trusting in His perfect peace.

    Thank you!

  47. Steady work for my husband….he got laid off Oct. 16 and has not found work yet. During the same period, my 12yo daughter was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency which requires very expensive treatment. Just praying for the Lord’s provision for our family.

    • Cheryl I’m praying for you today. I pray for God’s provision and shalom in you life. I pray He will encourage you with a spirit of gratitude that will be contagious in your entire family. I especially pray for health and healing for your precious daughter. ~Amen

  48. I need a job. Last temp job ended Dec 15. Spent the last 3 weeks doing college age kid Winter break. Tomorrow job searching again. No unemployment $. Also reconciliation in my marriage of 27 years. It is hanging by a tread, but Jesus has that tread in His fingers. Thank you for praying.

    • Jesus would you open doors today for Deena. She needs a job. I believe you have just the perfect one in mind for her, Today would you encourage her and set her feet on the right path. Father we read in ! Corinithians that love is patient and kind and I sense that Deena is a kind soul, today would you move on her spouse’s heart and reveal her kindness, renew their hearts. Amen

  49. I want to praise his great name for calling me, choosing me and redeeming my heart. Everyday I will remind my heart of the undeserved richness it’s been given! Thank you Jesus for life we wouldn’t have otherwise!

    • thank you for Michelle, thank you Jesus that you call her by name, that you know her, that you know her comings and goings, Father you are her King, be big in her life today. Father would you surprise her today with your love? Bless her Lord. Amen

  50. Lord, please take care of Angela as she will be taking new drugs. May You be with the doctors who are taking care of her, help them to find the right drug for her. help her to remain confident that You are always by her side and that You will never leave her, no matter what.may she find comfort in You as she continues to be thankful and faithfrul. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

    Please pray for my little family, that we may finally be reunited this year as my hubby is abroad completing his studies. Pray for him as is taking exams in two days and also that he may be able to complete his last semester in june.thank you.God bless you.

  51. I lift up all the prayer requests above to our All Knowing God, who is at work in these women’s lives already. May you be encouraged every single day through our Saviour’s grace & love.
    Please pray for my family to receive Christ into their lives. My daughter/2 gsons have lived with me on and off for 13 yrs; the last 2 1/2 bexause of my daughter having back surgery.Disrespectfulness & fighting rules the days…Satan has taken over. Financial problems have taken a toll on me.
    My sons new baby is a preemie… hole in heart, may need surgery; also soft area on brain needs to heal, ir will mean developmental problems. He/wife are Christians, Praise God! My word for year is STRENGTH.

  52. Please pray for my husband and I and for our marriage. He has a brain infection and is out of work with a PICC line being treated with IV antibiotics. We are so thankful that it wasn’t a brain tumor like first suspected. I am praying for his healing and that we will finacially make it while he is out of work. Also please please pray for reconciliation of our marriage. He has been so distant from me for the last several years and recently about 3 months ago expressed he may want to end our marriage. I am praying for a change in his heart and that God can help me to be the wife he needs me to be. I pray my husband will take down the wall he has built and let me love him again, that he will seek God again, and love me in return.

  53. Thank you ladies so much for opening your hearts and doing this for us! I’d love for you to pray for me to just completely devote my life to God. To surrender all to Him without abandon and to allow Him to do His work in me instead of me trying to do it myself. And also for consistency in my walk and life in general. I’m terrible at staying consistent with reading and praying and just everything I go about doing. It drives me crazy that I’m this way. My husband is the same so it’s really tough to stick to something! Thanks again and my God bless each and every one of you!

  54. Please pray for healing for my stiff back and sciatica. It is driving me crazy. I have a grandson to take care of and it is getting hard to lift him. Thank you for praying. I need strength!

  55. Hello!
    I am a bit overwhelmed right now as it seems like so much is happening all at once. My eldest daughter got married in Sept, although the entire family had doubts & encouraged them to wait. They did not listen & this marriage has been less than blissful. My daughter has several complex health issues that my son in law was aware of. Within 3 wks of being married he asked if they could move in with us because he couldn’t afford for them to live alone (he had repeatedly assured us his finances were “fine” & wouldn’t speak of specifics because he found that to be over the line). Since they have moved in, we have learned more of the kind of man he is & we are devistated. He yells at her, calls her names, attacks her physical appearance, controls every single penny, will not do anything to help around the house, won’t handle any issues as they arise, plays the victim, whines constantly, etc. My heart is breaking for her & I don’t know what to do. We have put our foot down & told him there will be no yelling or name calling in this house, period. So he waits until bed & we can hear him talking & her crying most nights. I have a 12 yr old daughter with autism I am homeschooling & the holidays really messed with her routine. The newlyweds being here have also messed up school & routine. I have been having some strange & quite painful health issues & am hoping to get into the doctor in Feb & find out what’s going on. I am asking God to change the heart of my son in law & to bring peace to this home & our family. There is MUCH, MUCH more, but honestly, peace is what we need the most.

  56. Please pray with me to clearly hear Gods direction for my life moving into 2015 and beyond. Prayers for my son to find his direction now that he has graduated from college. And a final prayer for my current relationship; which I believe is the one for us both. In Jesus name Amen.

  57. I am a two time lung cancer survivor- remaining part of one lung was removed in 2013. I have a scan in February. My oncologist has told me that if that scan is clear I have a good chance of living many more years. If not, he told me “you will die- there is nothing more we can do for you.”. I have been a Christian for many years and know that I have a wonderful eternal life in store, but I would like more time here with my husband, family, and serving our Lord in whatever ways HE directs. Would you please pray that my scan is clear and that the next few weeks as I prepare for it are ones of trust, faith, & love in HIM?

    • Father, Great Physician, I lift up Rose to You, You go fashioned and formed her in the womb; You Who knows how to touch and heal all manner of diseases, please touch her and heal her. Let there be no sign of disease when that scan happens. You hear the desires of her heart, to love and serve You and her family. Please grant her this desire for many years to come. Fill her with faith, hope and the peace that passes all understanding. Pour Your love into her and drive out all fear. Surround her with all the support and prayer she needs within her community. I pray this for her family members as well, that they will know Your peace. Now to Him Who is able to do so much more than we could ever imagine, to You, O Lord, be the glory forever and ever, Amen.

  58. To be able to pay off debts and give freely; that God would show His clear affirmation of my desire to write as a means of supplying the extra income needed and sharing Him; for my sons to continue to become rooted in His love and Word.
    Thank you. 🙂

  59. Please pray for my son to return to the Lord with a surrendered heart. And that I would be able to trust God to work in his life Thank- you

  60. God saved my life in a bad car wreck 2 1/2 weeks ago. I seem to be healing well, except for the effects of a concussion. I am still so weak and dizzy and have sudden episodes of vertigo. Please pray that this gets better, as I cannot go back to work until it does. I am so thankful to be alive!

    • Lord we are so thankful that you were with Pam, in the accident! Thank you for your protection. Father she needs your healing tough today, would you specifically heal her brain, take away the swelling, heal the parts that make her dizzy so she can be restored to work Lord thank you for her trust in you. I trust today you would love on her and carry her through. Thank you Lord amen!

  61. So grateful to live where I can freely worship God, read encouraging posts on social media. So blessed to have my family all together. Blessed to have friends who are supportive. Pray that I crab less, thank more- that I spend less and want less. Pray that my children are blessed and move forward in supportive environments with you at the center Lord. I pray that I am at better wife, mother, daughter and friend. I pray for our health and safety. Guide us all Lord.

  62. Please pray for me. I am leaving a very abusive marriage after 10 years. I have lost who I am, my church, my two sons, my career, my home, my dreams and retirement due to my own weakness in not setting boundaries against this narcisstic man. Pray that I will find the strength needed in this divorce, keep my faith and continue to find strength in Jesus and his promise for me in Heaven. God has a plan for me…..I just pray I have the patience! Amen.

  63. Please pray that my husband & I can have more children. We have an amazing son already, but would like for him to have siblings. I have experienced secondary infertility for 3 years & it’s heartbreaking. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, because I got pregnant with my son so easily. Please pray we have success with fertility treatments (as we are now on that path), & that God will give us wisdom whether we should eventually adopt.

    • Heavenly Father, hear this mothers cry…. hear her hearts desire. Would You make a way for her? Would You bless her and her husband? God, we trust that You know what You are doing, we trust that You have a wonderful, beautiful plan. Please give dear April Your peace. Remind her that You are her loving Father.

  64. 2014 was a year of much trauma and pain. After years of counseling from his first affair, I discovered my husband had been engaged more infidelity and is indeed a sex addict. I had a tragic miscarriage with my 4th baby that has left me very scarred. My husband lost his job back in March and we are about to declare bankruptcy. I am weary. I am afraid. I need God to be real to me, I need a miracle. It feels incredibly vulnerable typing these private happenings of my life, but I am clutching to faith and daring to hope that God will use your prayers in my desperate life.

  65. As I sit here and read the comments and prayer requests above my heart and spirit cries out. I sit here and cry with each and everyone who is in turmoil. I too have been abused, faced financial difficulties and spiritual weakness, weariness in my soul and infidelity. BUT GOD IS GOOD! He delivered me and I know he will deliver you. My prayer today is that God moves in your lives in a mighty way. May the comforter and redeemer be ever present in your day to day lives. When you can, sit and be still so that you may hear His voice speaking to you. Always remember that “weeping only lasts for the night. Joy comes in the morning”. Know that He is the Lord thy God and He can move mountains. Keep strong ladies. I will pray with you and for you,

  66. I thank God for being with me throughout 2014 and I pray I will bring glory to God in 2015. I pray for a husband! Much love to you all xxx


  67. I pray for each and everyone of you in the pain, the suffering, the awful. I pray in the blessings and recognition of God’s work for those who have been blessed. With tears and a heart yearning for God’s daughters … I don’t know what God will or won’t do and why he makes the choices He does, but I pray that He comes through bigger and with love for each woman here. I pray that God grabs hold of the hearts of the men who cause so imuch suffering and gives courage and direction to the women who must deal with them. I pray that the women who are holding onto life at the edge of a deep pit with one hand are given a reason and strength to just hold on one day at a time because You are coming to rescue and love as You did for me. Let them get their head above the lip so they can see what’s on the other side and therefore have a reason to begin the climb out. I pray that the war Satan is waging on women today is met with your ovewhelming light and love as You remember that in creation, You saved the best for last and the love You have for us is special. God, each name that comes before mine and every name after is precious to You … Please meet us, hug us, love on us in unmistakable ways so that at the end of the hard, we can sing and dance with abandon in Your presence. Thank you, Daddy!

  68. Please pray for my husband heart to not be hard anymore and for him to commit his life and heart (all of it) to the Lord- for our marriage to be healed and restored and our love for each other to be renewed. He is in a major mid life crisis- he’s miserable and seems to be directing it at me. Please pray for strength and faith for me to hold on to the lord and keep my eyes on the lord. Thank you

  69. I pray for a husband, a lot less physical pain, finding my gift and a way to use it, and a community where I will be accepted exactly the way I am. Most importantly, that my amazing son meet you face to face in the most amazing way in spite of my shortcomings … I am so blessed to have the gift of who he is.


  71. What are you looking forward to this year?
    I am loking forward to a year free from facebook and writing to my family and friends , I have set myself a challenge of at least 52 emails or letters this year .
    How can we lift your burdens before God for you?
    my main burden this year ahead is my 28 year old daughter and her marriage she has come back home but i believe they both love each .they have both had affairs and they dont trust each other that they have finished with the affair person. difficult bit is that james works with his affair .
    its so hard here at home she is so depressed my prayer is that God intervenes and restores a christian marriage

    What good things has God brought into your life that we can praise Him for?
    I am just starting week 7 with the most amazing gift from God, Been seperated for 5 years and divorced for 3 . I was signing uptodating sights and getting no where.In September I decided to ignore and delete the sites i had joined
    I trusted my future to God and actually said that if his plan was for me to be single then so be it .
    Brian is younger than me and upto now my children 23 to 29 they are struggling with wanting to meet him think its because they have memories of their father leaving.

    What goals or dreams has God put on your heart that we can pray over?
    My Dream is for my eldest Daughter to get pregnant and give birth to a grandchild for me
    She lost a baby at 7 weeks last year and is scared of getting pregnant

    I am so thankful for 2014 I survived and moved forward I devolepd a closer relationship with my grandsons from my sons marriage
    God has been amazing
    Thank you and happy new year

  72. Praying that God would open April’s womb and allow her and her husband to conceive another child. Praying that God would reconcile Devon’s relationship with her husband and that God would provide for their needs. I am requesting prayer for my husband and I as we seek God’s direction for building our family. We have been waiting to adopt domestically for 17 months and it feels like we have hit a wall. We just want to be parents…this is our heart’s desire.

    • Hello Amy….I will pray that the Lord would give you the desire of your heart in His timing and in His way. Waiting upon the Lord can be quite difficult but can reap great rewards as we have the opportunity to grow closer to Him. God bless!

  73. I ask that you might pray that my faith would be renewed this year. I feel low, sad and far from the Lord even though I know He is near. I have resentment toward my husband that grown so much that I sometimes feel hopeless and don’t know how to go on. I am homeschooling our 10 children and it has become a struggle rather than a joy as I realize that my desires and those of my husband might never have been the same. I just feel like I’m in the wilderness. I need the faith that I once felt. I need renewal and refreshment and and the peace that only the Lord can give, no matter what might become of my circumstances.

  74. I’m praying for you and your husband and your family TR! God’s Word says He has begun working on this before you even asked! Don’t give up, but cling even tighter to God, and stay in His Word. It will give you hope, peace, real ‘life’ and even joy in the midst of our trials. I know God can give us peace in the ‘midst’, because my own husband of 40 years has quit church, doesn’t read the Word or even communicate with me most days. But God has given me total peace. I have made the decision to live the ‘abundant life’ God has for me right in the middle of this. Really ‘live’.
    Just received news that my son-in-laws aunt was hit by a drunk driver last night and is in a coma. She is visiting from Vietnam. Please pray for her and for the family.
    Bless you all!

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement, Susan. I will pray for your family. God blessings to you!

  75. Dear Susan, praying for your relative, that the Lord might bless her with speedy healing and a blessed recovery and that she might come home to her family very soon and be filled with joy.

    Please pray that the Lord might guide, bless and protect me in this new year and that He might grant me the peace – and joy- that only He can give. May he please bless my colleagues with peace and patience and hod all of us in His hands always and guide us in the way He wants us to go.

    • Mrs. C;
      I pray that the God of the heavens and the earth shine His mighty light on your vigilant path, that He grant you peace, and guide you with His hand faithfully and that you experience all the joy and peace He has in store for your life and your family. Amen dear sister.


      • Thank you for your beautiful prayer, CynD. May the Lord bless you in your hard work and carry through your exams so as to fulfill His glorious plan for your life.

  76. Please pray that I will be successful this year in my schooling, so I can pass the state board exam in June, in order to practice massage therapy. Also, I’m praying the Lord leads me to find my soul mate in this life, to lead me faithfully in God’s work.

    In God’s grace and goodness,

  77. I went through a traumatic childhood, sexual abuse. I experience flashbacks have nightmares trouble sleeping feel guilty and worthless, irritable feel on guard on edge tense I try to avoid memories of the past. I took several assessments online for PTSD and I have most of the symptoms. According to the assessments I have PTSD. I can’t accept this because I’ve never been to combat so can I have PTSD? Sigh. This can’t by my life. If I really had faith I wouldn’t be experiencing any of these symptoms.

    • Lord Angela has been through a lot in her life but you were there. You know her, you are protecting her today, Father would you help her deal with her past traumas, Lord would you guide to her your throneroom to talk with you about what has happened. Father you know her hurts, you aren’t afraid of them, you were there. You want her whole Lord bring someone in her life to help her, Father a trusted counselor to show her she is not damaged good, she is worthy to be healed. Lord you are waiting for her to call upon your name. I am hopeful for Angela. You are bringing her into a new season of trust with you. Amen

  78. CynD I pray that The Lord provides you with wisdom and help in meeting your goals. I also pray with you that he woul bless you with a soul mate to enjoy life and be an encourager. The Lord has saved my 25 year marriage but there are still struggles please pray for my marriage to continue to restore also I need prayer for my daughter Emily she is so lost and not trustworthy she needs to give God control and return to her faith and family.

  79. Angela praying for you to be released from the terrible memories and nightmares. That you would believe you are not at fault.

  80. Please praise God for protecting and providing for my young daughters and I, and ask Him to heal their father and redeem his life. Thank you.

    • AM: Thank you for being brave and sharing!
      God, thank you for everything you’ve done for this woman and her daughters, I pray that you continue to bless them in the year ahead. I want to lift up the girl’s father, and pray that your mighty hand will work in his life, and that you will heal him body and soul. Thank you for your goodness!

  81. I am praying for guidance and that I will trust in our Lord’s plan for my life. Sometimes I wish I would receive a text stating what to do next or a flashing sign just for me. I am always afraid I have missed or will miss what God has planned for me. In my life for 2015 I would like to know if I need a career change and I would like to be in a relationship. Two really big requests– I know!

  82. Pray for me that God me strength to finish out this year of school strong, and that I would be invested and get the most I can out of every moment. Also, prayers for my roommates, who are both unsaved, that God would give me whatever words He needs to speak into their hearts. Pray that God will use me as a force for good in the lives of both of these girls.

    • LAUREN, I prayed just now that you will finish this school year so strongly that you will gasp in amazement at the result and praise God for answered prayers! I prayed that the Holy Spirit will do his good work in the hearts of your roommates, calling them to belief, repentance and salvation – and that He will use your faithful witness as a tool to accomplish it.

      As for me…

      1. What are you looking forward to this year? Making a garden!
      2. How can we lift your burdens before God for you? Urgently need my house to sell soon!
      3. What good things has God brought into your life that we can praise Him for? A grandchild!
      4. What goals or dreams has God put on your heart that we can pray over? Homeschooling my grandson successfully.

      Thank you.

  83. CynD I pray that the Lord gives success and the right mate at the right time.

    I went through a traumatic childhood sexual abuse. On top of a horrible past my abuser committed suicide. I have nightmares, sleeping problems, feel worthless, guilty, irritable, flashbacks. I took several online assessments for PTSD at different websites and they came back with the result that I have PTSD. I looked up the symptoms on PTSD and discovered I have most of them. This is can’t be happening. If I really had faith I wouldn’t be going through this.

    • Angela, my heart aches for you. First, I want to remind you of two things – first you are safe, second you were not guilty. I do believe that you are suffering PTSD. I hope that you will make an appointment to see a DR and a counselor.

      as for your faith – even those with great faith have struggles and difficulties dealing with issues like yours (Beth Moore, for example has shared of her struggles dealing with being sexually abused by a relative when she was little). Our lives are filled with heartache and trials. What you went through was horrible. I believe that God cries with you. Your pain is real. Faith doesn’t protect us from hurt, but it guides us to our Heavenly Father, who offers comfort in our times of distress, who gives us peace when we need it – and who helps us find strength to fight Satan. Angela, when you start feeling scared, when you lay down to go to sleep, when you have trouble breathing as a memory comes forward I want you to out loud rebuke Satan – tell him to get away from you, to leave you alone. It is Satan who wants you scared, tired, feeling guilty, it is he who reminds you of what happened . . so you remember that “Greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world.” God is in you – when those thoughts come, stop them quickly, and think of good things, envision your self in a place that calms you (for me it is in the mountains)….

      I am praying for you,


  84. Please pray for my daughter, Jessica and her babies. Jessica is 26 weeks pregnant with twins. Today she started having contractions. Please pray for protection for Jessica and the babies. She had a difficult time getting pregnant and so we were excited and thrilled about her having a baby and doubly blessed when we heard it was twins! Please pray that she can carry the babies until 35 weeks.

    • Lord we are excited Jessica is carrying twins, we ask to protect the babies and keep them in the womb will its safe to come forth. We ask you to strengthen Jessica’s body to carry the twins and keep them nourished. Father give Jessica wisdom when to rest and when to wake, give her dreams and visions of healthy twins. Lord you are the author of life, we call forth life to these twins that when the time is right they will be born vibrant and healthy. Thank you Jesus for this loving family. Amen

  85. I am looking forward to a year of freedom! Freedom from the residue of my divorce and freedom from my ex and his irrational behavior.

    Please lift my finances and housing up to God. I plan to sell my house and downsize due to my divorce. I am also continuing to pay the legal fees from my divorce (no doing of my own…my ex figured I had $25,000 lying around to waste while he dragged me through the worst season of my life).

    The good thing that God brought into my life is His redeeming love, grace, forgiveness, mercy and He really does turn your mourning into joy and ashes into beauty!

    The goal is to continue to serve with balance in the different ministries in my church. Please pray for willing hearts, willing hands with a willing servant’s heart to serve in our church’s coffee fellowship time!

    Thank you and blessings to all of you!

    • Verna,

      I am praying for you grace, healing, and provision. I pray that God would bring beauty from ashes. I am also praying for your church’s ministries and that the coffee fellowship would be a time of relationship-building and drawing closer to the Father’s heart.

  86. This year in May I will graduate from grad school earning my MSW. I am praying that I will go or stay where God wants to me go or stay after graduation and that I would follow God’s will for my post-grad school life as I strive serve those who are being oppressed and forgotten in the world’s eye. I am also praying for someone who I feel is in an unhealthy relationship.

  87. I am going through a rough time with this guy that I met. He doesn’t tell me to much about himself and when I do ask him…he doesn’t talk to me for days. This really worries me that he has something to hide. Please pray that I get some kind of answer from him that will ease my mind. I love him but I haven’t heard from him in two days. I want 2015 to be my year. Last year was nothing but one disappointment after another. I can’t take another year like last year. Please pray for me.

  88. I came across this page and thank God I did. I pray that I can finally be released from this depression that I have been fighting for several years now. I pray for clarity in my current relationship & if God doesn’t bless this Union that we can separate amicably. I pray that God shows me favor as I embark on a new career path. I pray for peace between my teenage daughter & I and that she returns home soon. Finally, but not lastly I pray that my Faith grows stronger and God becomes the center of & focus of my life!

  89. Dear Lord of all comfort bless Michele with the joy of the loving relationship she desires and deserves. Grant her wisdom about the man in her life right now and relief from the slew of disappointments. May she rest in Your peace and providence. I also lay before you the needs and requests of all the precious ladies here. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

  90. Praying that God will use me to bring glory to His name this year, especially through sharing the Gospel. Praying that I can be a light in my workplace and community. Praying for the success of our community Bible studies in the Nashville area. Please pray with me. Thank you!

  91. I am praying that this will be the year when my two children will return to and follow the Lord. Also that my husband and I would grow together in our Christian walk. We have been separate paths and need to draw closer together to the Lord. Please pray that I would hear the Lord”s voice concerning my writing and that it would continue to draw people to Him. Thank you. I pray for Hannah to have a deeper walk and fellowship with Jesus. That her life would exemplify Christ and that she would be a light everywhere she goes. Give her boldness in testifying to the gospel and show her truths from your word that will set her free from any bondage she is in. In Jesus name, Amen.

  92. I would love prayer that my husband gets a job soon! He was laid off in October and we’ve been trusting God with the next steps in life. I would also like to have prayer in agreement that my -I believe God ordained- desire to create and maintain ‘community’ in my home space become something that others crave as much as I do. I just can’t shake these words…. Fellowship/Koininia/Breaking Bread

  93. Please pray for our family. My Husband lost his job on New Year’s Eve. He has 2 job interviews this week, Praise God!. Please pray that God will be glorified in this and that my husband can find employment. Thank you.

    • thank you for Elaine, thank you that you already have opened doors for her husband for new employment. Lord would you order his steps with his interviews, Lord would you give him Peace and grace as he walks these new paths. Lord would you show the employers that he is a great fit for their needs. Lord I pray that you would bless them with a better job than the last, for your GLory Lord increase this mans influence at his work that people would come to you through his testimony. Amen

  94. What a blessing to share our hearts amongst sisters in Christ! My prayers for many on here are that God would work all things together for their good and His glory, and that the trials would be a means of revealing the depth of God’s faithfulness. I would appreciate prayer for freedom from shame about my birth story (out of wedlock birth), and for the Spirit’s leading in writing a book about this topic, exploring where God has brought healing so far!

  95. Amazingly I have the same prayer as Laura, The post before mine. I have been going thru the refining fires and the Lord has been exposing my spiritual weakness, although with much mercy and grace. Still this time has been tough…actually at times painful and lonely. I ask too that you would pray God’s promise over me for all things to work for good and His glory, revealing His great faithfulness. I want to live my One Word this year…Assured. I want to focus daily on God’s assurances and less on my inadequacies.

  96. Hello ladies, first I want to thank The Lord for taking me through 2 years of LOTS of chemo,radiation,scans And tests. He has been with me and my husband the whole way,,he has let us both be a witness and a light for him to so many people. I ask for prayer today as I continue to go through more treatments,to see the open/closed doors,so I know which way he wants me to go. And please, also for my son to come closer to Jesus as he watches me go through this.
    Laura^^, I will pray for you to have the freedom you are longing for and continued healing in your situation. and thank you for your post!I truly believe these trials are revealing much growth too. 🙂

  97. Father GOD, I pray that you will heal Laura, take away the pain of shame. Let her know that YOU love her with an EVERLASTING LOVE. Let find peace and joy in knowing YOU have FORGIVEN her; she is free from guilt & shame!!!! In JESUS name: AMEN!!!!

  98. Pray for my endurance~I have return to college after 30 plus yrs. It has been very challenging. Also, I need to pay off a mortgage and other bills that was left after my mom died. I desperately need a new car.

    • Lord thank you today for Claudette, thank you for her willingness to trust you with her needs. Lord give her a vision for college, Father, give her the ability to learn, to embrace the materials and to engage fully in the school process. Lord she is a giving soul. she has taken care of many, Lord would you provide her new transportation, Father would you surprise her with a reliable car that is beyond her expectations? Lord you are able, you are able to move mountains, bring her a car. Surprise her Lord. Amen

  99. Looking to this year as a renewal year. I would love prayer for my husband – he’s been out of work for two years and none of the jobs he has applied for have come through. He is also not sure what he wants to do at this point in his life (55 years old).

    I would love prayer for myself too, for wisdom about work that I’m currently doing and really putting my trust in God for all my (husbands, kids) needs.

    Thank you!

  100. I pray for Claudette that you will be all that she needs, and that as you work your purpose out for her she will be conscious of your loving presence guiding her as she endures through life’s trials.
    Please pray for me that as I stand at a. Crossroads in my life I will be shown the way God wants me to go and that I will be courageous enough to follow the path prepared for me.

  101. Beth,
    I pray that God will guide the minds and hands of those administering the treatments to you, whether it be chemo or radiation. I also pray for direction and wisdom as you receive additional tests and for overwhelming tranquility and comfort to wash over you no matter what those results might be. I pray for your son to recognize that God is in the midst of this situation and that He is there from which to draw strength and peace from. Let it be, Amen.

    I ask for prayer that my husband and son come to know the Lord as their Savior.
    Thank you.

  102. I am so thankful for The Lord and His goodness and mercy. This year I am looking forward to seeing Christ exalted and lived out in my daily life, day by day. I am expecting for Him to provide all my needs, as He has been doing and to bless me accordingly- although I am undeserving and a sinner who falls short of His grace (don’t we all). I ask that The Lord’s righteousness continues to prevail in my life and especially in my relationship. My beloved and I have not been responding or reacting in the ways we should, placing an even bigger burden on our health and agreement with the Good Lord. The enemy is working hard to attack, which is probably why I feel that Beloved and I are ‘growing in different directions’ (he is a newer/not yet mature believer, fighting to be set apart from the world and become a God-fearing man/soon-to-be husband/future father/etc. I ask that the burdens the enemy is trying to force upon our relationship, as well as bad/unrighteous/ungodly/unholy behaviors, actions and speech are bound and tossed into the sea of no return, because I am so thankful for the work God has done in my/Beloved’s life and the transformations He has brought about in us. I praise Him for my relationship everyday, even though I may have my moments where I want to quit completely. God has delivered us both, within the past five months for me/going on three months for Beloved and as we near our anniversary next month (HALLELUJAH!), I thank The Lord for His Holy Ordainment and bless His wonderful name for the connection that can be made spiritually, emotionally and physically (within covenant) between man and woman! I release all strife, envy, wrath, fear, doubt, worry, discontent and uncertainty from myself, from my Beloved, from our relationship and from every other comment posted here! I thank The Lord for aligning my dreams and goals up to His and for not allowing m to follow my own will or stray away. All the visions, plans and prophecies that have been spoken into my life that are being held accountable to my Heavenly Father will come to pass and will prosper! In Jesus’ Name, AMEN AND AMEN! Hallelujah, Lord. Glory to the Father.

  103. I am amazed at the praise and saddened by all the heartache here. I have promised God to talk with Him more this year and I certainly have plenty above to help me keep that promise. God has blessed me with so much. I have an awesome husband who spoils me. I get the privilage of staying home to homeschool the grandchilden we have had custody of for the last 9 years.
    My prayers requests have to do with those children. Four of the five have made professions of faith. The oldest is determined not to. He wants nothing to do with church or God. At 14 this is very scary to me, I feel I am losing him. I am dealing with behavoir problems with the other four. I need prayers for more consistency in my discipline. I would also like prayer for my daughter, their mother. She is doing well in her sobriety but needs to get into a church and find some Christian friends. She is away at school and misses the kids. Then there is their father. Good guy but not a Christian. He works hard but still has a lot of money issues. The kids see him on a daily basis. Also my wonderful husband. Due to changes at his job he is working six days a week. Therefore he is tired a lot. When he is home he tends to be on the computer the entire time. I miss him and the kids miss him. We need some him time. I am also praying for him to take more of a spiritual leadership role at home. Thank you ladies. I am not going to pray for just one of you above me but instead try to come back here each day and pray over these requests. God bless you all.

  104. Pray for my daughter and family that are estranged from uz. We didn’t get to see them Christmas. Praying that her husband will come to know Jesus!

  105. Pray that i may learn to trust God in every area of my life. For mental healing, to reveal for me his plans and for families salvation.

  106. i lift up Julissa to you, Father. Praying for healing, revealing god’s plans and your family’s salvation.

    Please pray for my family as we are in transition between my husband’s old job and new one. We are waiting for our house to sell and this week, we need to find a new realtor so praying for wisdom and God’s guidance. Also, our finances are stretched through all of this and We are having a hard time making ends meet as we make this change. We are thankful for,the opportunity to move back near our friends and family though as our son has autism, I homeschool and we need a support system. Thank you!

  107. My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer three years ago and was given eighteen months to alive. Praise God for the gift of extra time which he has given us. Please pray for me, as I am taking strain from the responsibility of caring for my husband, my eight year old son and my eighty year old mother who lives with us. I am also really struggling under the financial pressure of our reduced income – we are on verge of losing our family home. I really appreciate the opportunity of being able to leave my prayer request here. Thank you and bless you all xxx

  108. We are in the process of adopting a group of siblings in Eastern Europe. Pray that God is preparing and comforting the hearts of our future children. We are stepping in faith, but with each step we are struggling to feel confident that we are responding to His call appropriately. My heart would be so encouraged to receive confirmation that we are on the right path.

  109. God – thank you for the gift of time that you have provided to Shirley and her family. Please provide many memories that will be precious in the coming years. Please provide joy, peace and strength to Shirley as she is the care provider for so many. Please provide her with your care to renew her strength.

    Please pray for me as I struggle with depression following a lengthy divorce that has left me damaged. I need healing and a closer relationship with God. A new job is also really a need as my current boss and job is constantly toxic to my well-being.

    • Lyn, today I specifically ask the Father to meet you and comfot you. Lord would you show her that you are the author and perfector of Life and that you are giving her life abundantly. Jesus come with grace and hold her tight, Lord she is broken and feels damaged but you can make her whole in Jesus name. amen

  110. Please pray that my prayer of many years to the lOrd for my son will be heard . He is working so hard and faithfully thousands of miles away from home I pray thta he will marry soon this year and settle to a lovely home with his own children. Grant him the miracle of his US citizenship after 10 years of studying and working there..
    MY son , Dylan is lonely , despondent and working very hard——Bless his hard work LOrd and you give him the courage to make a decision and commitment——- it has been a very very long time LOrd —my faith gets shaken up— Heal us all lord, of our brokenness and loneliness .
    Give my husband our signs for moving to the US soon and thank you for giving my daughter a lovely family and holiday – protect them as they go back to their home.
    And lord do end the A olga case this week– you know we are only doing your will.
    Thank , bless praise and bless you lord

  111. My husband and I are involved in a new church plant. Our group cannot find a place to meet. God has closed many doors. Please ask God to show us where He wants us to meet.

  112. Hi All,

    I would greatly appreciate any time taken to make a request on my behalf. My name is Rashida and I live on the island of Barbados. My request are as follows:

    1. Health – I am going to have open heart surgery on Feb 5. 2015 in Jacksonville Florida. Please pray for a successful operation, speedy and successful recovery and no complications afterward. And ample resources to cover the financing of this operation. To be honest I am a bit scared.

    2. Career – I want to launch my business this year. Still in the planning stages and I have several ideas. More importantly I want to do what I was created to do and have a successful launch and a client base. It would be business coaching/ advisory for startups/ family businesses. All I know thus far, God has placed a desire for me to advise entrepreneurs and small companies.

    3. Current Job – I am a Senior Business Advisory at a Big 4 firm in Barbados. I have made the decision to leave in favor of starting my own business. I want to have a clean break from this organization.

    • I am praying today specifically that the Lord would guide the surgeon and take great care of you with your sugery! Jesus be her healer. Amen

  113. Hello! thank you for a chance to share…. my husband mike has suffered dibilitating depression for his lifetime. He has been hospitalized several times. He hasn’t needed to be in a hospital for over 3 yrs, PRAISE GOd. he cycles in APril and October, well this October cycle is still going. Deep deep times and high manic times. It is VERY waring on me. I am exhausted. I need Jesus. He needs Jesus. Please pray God would heal us! Thank you so much!!!

  114. Good morning,

    I just had a 56th birthday on December 28th of 2014, of which I am grateful to have seen another year. I would like prayer in the following areas. It’s been way too long to see manifestation.
    I am looking forward to a healthy lifestyle change. I want to work on myself, get healthy, losing weight and getting in shape. Weighing what God has ordained for me to weigh. I’m believing God for deliverance of high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, weigh loss.
    Also, moving forward, out of a stagnant position in my present job, finding that Career opportunity.
    I want godly wisdom on how to come completely out of debt owing no man anything. These areas have become very overwhelming for and am believing God for a breakthrough, this year!

    • Sheila, your name is like my sister in law so it will be easy to remember to pray for you. I understand some of your challenges, getting fit, eating right, seeking God.
      That is the key. God at work in you. Do you have the book Made to Crave? If not I would recommend it as a part of your desire to become who God created you to be and not who the world has turned you into.
      Just remember God understands and loves you completely right NOW! Even if you don’t change a thing.
      The way I try to control my spending is just STAY OUT OF THE STORES, or for some off the TV or computer shopping sites. My mom used to say, “if your wants go too high for your means to supply, then bring down your wants to your means”. She is home with God now, but I still try to apply that to my spending.
      I pray God will use my words to encourage you in your journey.

  115. Thank you for the offer to pray. My word for 2015 is TRUST, because I need to really trust God with my vision, I have glaucoma and it is worsening. I also need to be more positive, less complaining, less negative. It is such a habit to speak complaints which only discourage and do not lift up. Also for my husband to quit smoking. thank you. Love to you all dear sisters in Christ.

  116. Praising God for amazing ministry growth this year. Praying for wisdom as we grow international, for courage and favor as the only woman leader in our organization and Gods provision of the $10,000 I need to raise for international training trips this year. Also, please pray God would bring into my life a solid friend or mentor who can love on and encourage me this. I feel very isolated and alone after many of my friends and mentors all moved away at the same time

  117. Dear Sheila, I pray that God will grant you persistence to change your lifestyle and lead a healthier life. I pray that your struggles in health, career and finances will end. God will open a new season in your life bringing healing, growth and abundance. Amen!

    Hello, I’m overwhelmed by the amount of work that has come to my team & managing people under me. Need wisdom from God how to manage things & God’s help to finish the work well.
    Also I have been waking up every night and having interrupted sleep. All these stress & sleepless nights have been causing my face to breakout with acne. Pls pray I get good sleep & peaceful rest in God each day.

    Thank you!

  118. Pearl you will be on my prayers this week.

    Dear God, please grant Pearl the peace of the Holy Spirit. Grant her the strength and wisdom she needs to fulfill your will in her job. Help her to trust in your goodness and in your providence. May this coming year bring her closer to You. We ask this through Jesus Christ. Amen.

    Please pray for me as I am on the last three weeks of pregnancy. Pray for a safe and easy delivery and for the health of my baby boy. Please pray that this year brings our family closer together through this blessing of joy that we will be receiving. Thank you!

  119. Dear Pearl,
    I am praying that you will experience the peace that passes all understanding. I pray that as you lean on God you will be able to give all things to Him, let Him hold you, let Him take away those things that worry you so much. I am praying that you will be able to hear the wisdom of the Holy Spirit so that the work you have to do will be managed with time left over to experience God’s rest.

    I am moving house in 2 weeks after 18 years of living year and having watched my 4 children grow into adults here. I am excited about the new stage God is leading me into but it is an emotional time. I had put an offer on a new house but after getting a building inspection I had to withdraw the offer. So I have no house to go to. I praise God for the kind friends who have asked me to stay with them but please pray I will qicly find a house to move in to.u

  120. Dear Vicki,

    My husband and I were in your same situation a year ago. For a year we looked and looked for a perfect house to raise our two girls, made offers, but came up with nothing. November 2013 we found our house and moved in 5 days before Christmas. This house was worth the wait. All other houses we looked at, I found myself making “adjustments” for. This house, pure joy. So I pray that you find your house that has been worth the wait. I pray that God will carry this burden and stress, and help you find comfort. I will also say a prayer of gratitude for your dear friends who have given their home to you during your wait.

    I am carrying a heavy heart these days for family members who have fallen ill and for my sister who is struggling with becoming pregnant. I am thankful for mine and my husbands stable jobs and the health of our daughters. I have faith this year that we will be able to come out from under most if not all of our debts.

  121. Many years ago God told me to reach out to those stumbling in darkness. It took me a while to learn that He wants me to do this through being a Counsellor. He has guided me down the path of private practice and I have tried for two years to achieve this, during which time God moved us out of the city we lived in into a regional area. Now this year seems to be the year for me to find rooms and establish a practice here. At the same time I am commencing four years of part time study to achieve my Master of Counselling. We have no money and I am terrified of putting my family into more debt, but I want to trust God and I want to serve Him. I would so appreciate prayer for wisdom to know where to look for rooms, for the provision of those rooms, for the trust to follow God, no matter how hard it gets and for His name to be glorified through my counselling practice and in my life. Thankyou.

  122. I’m thankful for so much that God has done for us this past year. I’m also stressed out because we’ve moved and I haven’t been able to find work yet. Fortunately, my husband has (that’s one of the things God has worked out for us) and we have a place to live rent-free. But he is upset that I haven’t found anything yet and he’s frustrated with me because he thinks I don’t do anything at home all day. And I’m frustrated because I’m fighting depression. I hate moving and I hate the gray clouds and rain that’s the norm for the winter weather here. I know God wants us here and He has something in store for me. I just pray that I have faith to be patient. And that my husband stops being frustrated.

    • My heart goes out to you Chalaina. I think God is paying very special attention to you right now. He is “growing you”, to the next level of spiritual maturity. And it is painful. But worth it. I am learning to “give thanks in everything”. That is what our Father wants us to do. And we really can be thankful. When we begin to give thanks for the work He is doing in us, it changes our perspective. It is a process ~not an overnight change . He is making us more like Jesus. And that’s a good thing. I pray you’ll find the sunshine just where you are. Judy

  123. Hello, Please pray that God will show me if the inner healing He started needs to continue and when will I be ready to help others. Would He do some miraculous healing at this point?

    Thank you

    • Laurel I am praying that God will bless you so richly in your healing journey. That journey will continue until the day you go to join Him in heaven. I will pray for wisdom for you to be know when you can help others and that you will know His love and healing so powerfully this year.

  124. I am looking forward to and my goal and dream for this year is that God will make a way for me financially to have the money to become debt free. I just lost my mother on November 9th 2014, and my baby sister before that on March 25th 2014. It has been really stressful and very sad through the holidays without both of them. With all of that I had the burden of financial stress on my at the same time. I prayed not for resolutions and promises as they are easily broken, I prayed instead that I would do my very best and strive to work toward becoming debt free in 2015. I am a widow and I am living only on social security for the sole income. It is hard to meet all those misc. bills as I would like to get paid off quicker if I had the extra money to do so. My prayer request is you pray for me in that situation. My prayer for you all is that God Blesses you in whatever your needs may be for the year 2015. God Bless you all.

  125. Please pray for my husband to come to his senses and return to God. He is rebelling against God. He professed Jesus as his savior and a year ago turned his back on Him and he left our marriage and started dating another woman. 2014 was difficult as he pursued only a sexual relationship with me and I conceded. Last week all his lies were revealed to me. Pray that God would get a hold of his heart and he would repent. Please also pray for me as I deal with the hurt and broken heart. That the Lord would heal me, deliver my husband from the grips of sin and restore our marriage for His glory. Thank you and Praise God for this community.

    • Brenda, I am praying for you, having been thru this before I can understand your pain. I pray the holy sprit guild to the woman of God he has called you to be. I also pray your husband would yield to Gods call, but until that time Peace and Grace be with you and our Father will guild you

  126. I really need my Social Security disability. I have been turned down twice and been to court, I am now in review. the judge disregarded what my doctor said, that I could not work, please pray I really need this money

  127. I live with two chronic illnesses and a lot of hospital appointments! I get so anxious before each appointment, please pray that God would take away my fear and that he would guide the doctors so they know how to treat me.

    Marian I will be praying for you. God Bless you.

  128. I asked for prayer this past summer as we were walking the adoption journey with our third adopted baby, she was born and we adopted her Praise Jesus and our Heavenly Father! We agreed to an open adoption and now as the months go by we are learning more about the birthmothers instability. We desperately want to keep our promise of an open adoption while protecting our family and our new baby. Please pray that we will follow only God’s plan for us, that we will listen only to God – he knows how this all should go and he has the strength and wisdom we need to make the best decisions, thank you for your prayers!

  129. Thank you for being willing to pray for me. I feel hopeful for this year. To be honest 2014 was a long struggle, mostly due to finical stress, but because of prayers God has already answered I feel hopeful that we will continue on a path of Godly stewardship. I pray for grace to do so and that my hope will be protected.
    The major burden I feel is worry — whether it is that my hopes will be dashes or that as I pursue this year of no fear I will have the faith to push past the fears and be able to trust God encough to move forward into the unknown.
    God has brought so many good things into my life in recent months; some new and some renewed. First would be my family. My husband has been blessed to work less and spend more time with me and my two boys who are 7 & 5. It has significantly impacted our marriage (in a good way) and I am so greatful. Next would be my boys. They are so sweet and say the craziest things! While I do have my share of struggles and challenges with them I realized I am so blessed to have them. They have also officially reached a new stage in childhood that is no long a baby or toddler stage and I think we are all enjoying that new found freedom :). Another blessing would be my job and the people that work. I was blessed to find a job where I can teach PART TIME and make my own schedule. I have been home for the last four years so getting back into the work force was something I was not really excited about. Still, God knew what I needed and provided that job that worked best for me. The people there are great — very kind and supportive not to mention a former co worker and sister in Christ who just joined me and have been given the opportunity to share a work space with. God has been so good!
    God has put the goal of working on a year of no fear. When I read that blog post last week my heart almost sunk. I thought, ” How did they, (in) courage, know what I needed? . (Well it obviously was the leading of the Holy Spirit that encouraged this post and I am so grateful!). You see, fear is one of my major struggles. It has kept me from enjoying many blessings God has given me and while I am thankful to have grown in many ways I still have a long way to go. To be honest, I still struggle every night to go to sleep because of a break in that happened about 8 years ago. I wasn’t even home to experience it, thank God, but the what if’s and huge worries have plagued me ever since. They have also reignited childhood fears that I thought I had moved past and created a significant struggles in my life. I have worked through a lot but still have a long way to go. Sometimes I don’t even feel like an adult.
    I would also like to start a blog of my own. While I have a ton of ideas of what to write, sometimes I feel like they are flooding in, I can’t seem to find the time. If this is something God wants me to do, pray that I would find the time to do it.
    I really appreciate your prayers for me and all you do to minister to women through these great devotionals. I prayer God would bless you all in 2015 as well!!

  130. My only daughter and middle child is in a therapudic boarding school. Some days I am just so sad I don’t want to get out of bed. Some days I am really mad too. Please pray that her anxiety and depression will be healed in a miraculous way that could only have our Great God’s holy signature. Please pray that our family will hold together and not be torn apart by this difficult family situation. We are all grieving and sometimes not kind to eachother.

  131. My one word for this year is “Design”. I long to be the woman God has designed me to be, not who other people expect me to be. Feeling trapped in a downward spiral. Husband unemployed for four years and choosing to not look for employment; controls my time. Please pray for a job for him that will provide much-needed income, and hopefully provide me with some freedom to breathe.

  132. I pray for answers to health issues I have been struggling with for 2 years. I pray for healing.

  133. My husband, a life-long believer, has become agnostic/aethist after reading about evolution and every book & lectures from Bart Erhman, and has also become very politically liberal in his worldview. He has been sharing with our 11 (still believes) and 15 year old (says she doesn’t anymore) his reasons.

    I am trying to “not fear anything frightening” but this has been very difficult on me and our marriage. I am extremely concerned for my children as they hear these things, and for myself, and of course for my husband. I have read a little bit of what he has, but he doesn’t feel I have done enough to really understand his view point, and am only looking at things from a Christian viewpoint and thus am being biased. (I have read Cold-Case Christianity, things by Gary Habermas, Danielle Wallace, etc).

    My husband says he has vastly researched, is very sure he has the truth, and will never go back to Christianity and that it is important that our kids know his view point and “the truth” because he doesn’t want them to have false hope, guilt, etc, and because while the bible does have some good things to say, it is not true and Christianity (along with other religions) is dangerous. This is a huge change in our almost 2 decade old relationship.

  134. I am a first year PhD student in Japan, 20 hours flight time from my home country in Africa. Just as I started my PhD, I had my first born. 2014 was a year of few achievements mainly because I had to start and stop so many times when the baby was sick for weeks and couldn’t go to daycare. I’ve just started again and I’m feeling the pressure. I need to finish developing the computer programs I need for the experiments so I can publish but I can’t get the programming done! I’m constantly running into barriers because I don’t have a high level of programming experience and I don’t have time to troubleshoot.
    I need a prayer for faith, success, for help from whoever and wherever, but mostly that I stop fearing asking for help because i need help and I can’t do this without help.

  135. My husband received a stem cell transplant 30 days ago for AML leukemia, which he was diagnosed with in Sept. We are required to stay in the area of the hospit until he is considered “out of the woods” . We are missing our children like crazy.

    Two days ago, the same day as his post transplant bone marrow biopsy, the doctor informed us there were still “circulating blasts” in his blood. These could be due to a slow recovering marrow (although the dr said it seemed too far out for this), or due to the return of his cancer. I am broken, I am weak, I am lonely, and I am so afraid of my kids losing their daddy and of me losing the only man I have ever loved, the man I have been with since I was 16 years old and able to date. Please, please pray that the cancer is NOT back and that there is a light at the end of this VERY dark tunnel.

  136. Good morning to u all,I’m 38,my sons father walked out on me last year,the next week my mum had a stroke,the next week my son had to be in a new school n I didn’t have funds for,my life was flipped upside down,taking care of mum n my 6yr old was a recipe for suicide,but u know wat,at the end of my rope I found a church,and rededicated my life to God,WOW wat a gd move,by the end of last year my mum n family turned against me cos I was being blessed,,I received a new job,a new lease on life,the father of my child wants me to pay him n he won’t support his son,life is tough,but wat i realized is that God is in complete control,for those of u reading,this is only a drop in the ocean compared to my life,but I TRUST in JESUS,and all of u that are going thru hard times,just hold on to Him,I started pulling out my hair in order to feel better but that was the devil trying to bring me down,if u guys can pray for me in thT area n also healing for my mum and that my 6year old grows up in the ways of the Lord,