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Ann Voskamp is a farmer's wife, the home-educating mama to a half-dozen exuberant kids, and author of One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, a New York Times 60 week bestseller. Named by Christianity Today as one of 50 women most shaping culture and the...

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. What a beautiful and timely reminder. I will go into all I do with a renewed mindset again today. God has spoken this into my heart before but I had let it slip.

  2. Ann, this so blessed me-everything is sacred, and rest on the bossom of God. This year has been so very difficult for me. I lost my mom in January, two beloved pets and my Beloved husband in April. My heart has been so heavy and the tears and depression seem to never end. The house is so empty as is my soul at times. Instead of running to my Saviour I have been angry and running away. Your beautiful devotions have been such a blessing. Through your beautiful words The Lord speaks volumes to me. He keeps calling and I am slowly but surely stopping to listen.
    My pastor’s wife gave me your book “One Thousand Gifts” and as I slowly savor each word my Lord is speaking to my very soul. Lord bless you for sharing and caring in such an open and honest way those things He plants in your heart. He has given you an amazing gift and I thank you with all of heart for sharing that gift with us. With humble gratitude, Teresa

    • Prayers for you Teresa. May God swoop down and surround you with His loving arms. I pray you feel the warmth of His love daily!

      Precious Father,

      Please come and be with Teresa. She had had to much loss this year. She needs your love & hugs. Help her to find you and run toward you this Christmas!


  3. Beautiful devotion Ann! Your words grow deep in me and I love to absorb the beauty of your words in Christ. You are an amazing writer and I would love to meet you one day! You have blessed my life with a newness in Christ that takes me deeper into Him! I love the Lord so much and He is so precious to me! I am thankful for His grace! Hopefully if the Lord is willing our paths will cross one day and I will have the awesome opportunity to meet you! You inspire me! Thank you for writing for the Lord and living totally for Him! Hugs! Tanya Leonard

  4. Loved this devotion Ann! Your are an amazing writer–God has truly gifted you. Thanks for sharing your talents!

    Now when I work, do housework, whatever I will see it differently! Not as a chore, but as a sacred sacrifice for God!

    Blessings 🙂

  5. I think Marsha said it beautifully!Our family has ffaced many losses thru which our journey leads us. Thank you for your special spirit, Ann. Loving all in Christ!

  6. Oh Ann, I am standing in a similar space this season. All the glitter simplified for the humbling stable. And breath as incense? Beautiful. I am watching the breath of my sick baby in a hospital room even now and, yes, his is new incense. All my nose wiping, diapering, brow soothing? All done because he was and is such a special gift to me. His name is Judah. And he is my praise cry to God and I am honored to slow in the bustle and lay aside shopping for cradling. I wrote about it more too over in my own quiet space. I’m with you sister….

  7. Ann,
    Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with the world. Your words have changed my life.

  8. Dear Ann, I LOVE that Charles Spurgeon quote and also your application of it. When I do housework, I often pray for grace to see it as a way to bless my family and visitors, to make my home a blessing, but this brings me new light on my work as a homeschooling mother. (I’m gonna grade that science test unto the Lord!)

    Ann, your words have changed my life too. I’m on #5069 of my gifts list. Left off for a while, and when God renewed my heart in November, I started up again counting His kindnesses.

  9. Thankyou Ann……the continual battle with never being enough/doing enough of that which is sacred. How often I need to hear this truth. All is sacred. All is sacred. All is sacred. How on earth do I manage to draw categories around activities- the tick and the cross. This whole concept reveals my need for grace on so many levels. Thankyou from down

  10. What an encouragement Ann! Sometimes our purpose gets clouded by our list of “to do’s.” At least that’s what happens to me. I trudge through life forgetting that all that I do -I do and to the glory of the Lord…You’ve reminded and encouraged. Thank you for this timely reminder Ann and many blessings to you and yours…

  11. I echo what Kathy E. said. Need reminding and I thank God for you. All praise and honor to the One whom is my All in All. Julia

  12. I love it! This is how I try to live out my day to day. I often forget and allow what I do to feel like a burden rather than holy. But it’s holy. It is worship unto Him. Thanks for the beautiful reminder, Ann.

  13. What a blessed privilege it is to be a part of this community of believers!
    Thank you so much,Ann,for sharing your gifts ,your heart ,with us.

  14. Teresa M- May God breathe His life into you this minute, hour, day, season — now. This is sent to God, the Creator/Re-creator., that He would fashion new life IN you- IN Christ. I will be praying for you, sister.

  15. I am disabled and at the moment have a sickness bug too so reading your hope and encouragement is such a great gift to me. God is my constant companion, you Ann are a constant read. I Thankyou for your great effort of writing all your wonderfull God inspired words. May your Christmas be safe and peacefull and full of Gods Blessings. My prayers are with all who are suffering for Gods soothing balm to caress them and his angels wings to enfold them. Blessings to your lovely family Ann and thank. God your brother in law is well. Luv x

  16. Thankful tears came, yes, Lord, all for you! Because He lives I can face tomorrow with thanksgiving in my heart!

  17. So absolutely true and real, I enjoy doing the dishes and each time I try to wash out my own grime! Selfishness. Unforgiving so. Self pity and enjoy having His Blood wash me everyday. And now that chore has turned sacred. Bless you for sharing.

  18. Dear Anne,

    When I happened upon your site on Dec. 1, I thought it was providential! I loved you and Liz sharing at the farm. The upside down tree concept is quite insightful. I am doing the advent candle activity! We started late, but we are catching up. Thanks for opening your life to me and thousands of others. I listened to several of your interviews and saw such a heart for God. Amazing! (Now please keep that real! Ok?)
    Your writing touches my heart deeply. This particular one on sacred/secular is so precious. And I do agree with you that this sacred – secular dualism is not God intended. I spent a semester with Bakke Graduate University doing a very transformational course called: THEOLOGY OF WORK. You brought it out so clearly …like God in overalls… Thank you Anne.
    I pray that you would be encouraged today as you do all that you do for HIS glory!