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  1. I have several of the JOYN products and can attest that they are very well made and well worth the cost. If I could I’d buy them all!!

  2. I ADORE Krafty Kash! Not only do they make beautiful, quality pieces they have hearts of gold. I adore the family! I have many pieces from them and go to them regularly for new pieces or for gifts! I will have to check out the others, too.

    Great feature!

  3. I have a JOYN purse that I bought through DaySpring and I thought I would just use it for the summer, but it is still my purse and I am loving the splash of color. I have thought about switching to something more winter-y but I love that when people ask about my purse I can say it was handmade and even came with a card signed by each person who worked on it! That has a LOT of meaning for me and I cherish that little card and have prayed many times for those women.