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Author of Slaying the Debt Dragon (Tyndale, Jan. 2015), Cherie is addicted to spreading Hope to the hopeless and reveling in simple things.

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  1. The Lord, my God lights up my darkness. Psalm 18:28
    Darkness is real and personal, but so is the Light.
    Amen to your words, Cherie.
    Keep shining.

    • Thank you, sweet friend! You are so astute in proclaiming the personal nature of both the darkness and the light. He is a Light unto our path in even the darkest of days.

  2. Love this post! That’s the same verse I used in my post about there seeming to be no light at the end of the tunnel! It’s a powerful verse for sure. =)

  3. Cheri
    Amen and amen.
    What a truly encouraging post! I can say I wish I had this when I was struggling in debt and experiencing every thing you have described in your post. Your described it so well. I’m learning a lot about darkness. I did not know what I faced back then was darkness. All I knew is that it consumed me that I thought I would die. I kept calling upon God the best I knew then. He has taken me to another level with my relationship with Him. I’m loving it. All praise to Almighty God!
    Thank you Cheri for putting your story out and congratulations on overcoming darkness. It is true…with God all things are possible and we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.
    Let us trust in the Lord at all times!

  4. Today I’m meeting with a financial planner at my church to tackle this very issue. I’ve finally admitted to a precious circle of friends my failings and have them praying around me. I echo every single thing you said. I also want to say, that I’ve told myself for years being single is my debt issue… no helps… it’s all me. I refuse to believe that anymore. This is sin and sin must be stopped!

    • WOW girl, you are well on your way to financial and spiritual health. What a brave statement to make and speak into the light. Get after it, friend. You can do this with His help.

  5. I love this post. Thank you for writing it, and thank you even more for living it. I’m not sure why your words got to me so well this morning, but I’m crying reading this…”the darkness is a liar.” Even smart people, even godly people, even all of us…I have bought into those lies, too. Bless this truth, the darkness is a liar.

    • The darkness *is* a liar, wanting us to buy into the deception and ignore our own need for Truth. Let’s kick it out of our houses together through the community of Jesus. <3 Wash your face, dry those tears, soak in the Light of the day.

  6. Oh Cherie,
    You are practicing bravery! Well done good and faithful servant! Our 32 year old son has come to live with us because he cannot wrap his hands around ever getting out of the debt he got himself into . He is so amassed in this darkness that it paralyzes him to get a job because he wants the debt to be gone in one big sum of money. To be able to pay it off little by little is too much for him to imagine. Please pray for a breakthrough such as you had! We are supporting him now as folks in our 60’s and this means taking monies from our retirement! We simply cannot continue this even though he is our son. Thank you for being so honest. God Bless you dear sister.

    • You are such a brave mama, Dee! I know it’s so difficult to see a child suffer and want to make it just all go away. I will certainly pray for your son but also for you as you guide him on a path that will truly lead to freedom. While there were days I prayed for all of it to just poof disappear and give God the glory for a miraculous escape, I am so thankful that wasn’t the plan. Because it took years to overcome, it helped our wounds heal but our scars remained so that we are not tempted to embark back down the same path again. Praying our story (and maybe the forthcoming book) might give your son a glimpse of what it’s like to battle debt and through God’s grace win. Keep fighting the good fight!

  7. I quit my job in March, hoping to find a full-time job with medical benefits. I struggled for years living pay check to paycheck. I was a single mom, raised 3 children and realized that I was really on my own now since they are older, I felt it was time to get a decent paying full-time job and stop struggling, those days should be over, it was time to move ahead, so I took a chance hoping for the better. What a mistake! I cannot find a job, I went on quite a few interviews, didn’t get hired, I put hundreds of resumes on-line, they don’t even reply. I am now in a deep depression, I am embarrassed, ashamed and broke. I am having a hard time trying to get myself together to look anymore. I’m afraid that I will loose my house that I struggled so hard for the last 22 years to keep. I made a big mistake and need help. I really need some prayers. I keep telling myself that everything happens for a reason, I pray that this won’t last much longer.

    • I know the Good Lord brought me to this blog today. I knew nothing of its existence. I know the pain and fear of all that everyone has written. Mine takes a different twist in that my husband knows nothing of our debt. It is my first thought every morning and last thought every night. He is so caring and loves me dearly. He has cared for me threw breast cancer and heart bypass surgery. I feel so guilty. He does not deserve this. I am drowning. I have never told this to anyone but God. Please, please, please pray for me. I too fear losing our home of 40 years. I am unable to even sort thru it all as I am consumed with my past foolishness and selfishness. Thank you for listening.