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  1. This scripture was part of my devotions this summer right before my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It got me through the last 3 weeks of his life and the months since.

    • This is a powerful,inspiring, and thought provoking scripture. In all situations – be it good or bad , we must be
      hopeful, trusting, and be rest assured that all is well. This is the core of our faith as believers. May our anchor hold on Christ. Amen.

  2. Give thanks in ALL Things! I am assured that means that God allows all things in our lives in order to conform us to the image of Christ. This means to take the bad, ugly and horrible circumstances and thank the Lord that He is working in them to bring us revelation and light.

  3. Giving thanks that I have a good job that allows time off for issues with my aging dad!

    I give thanks to God for ALL things both good and bad-although at the time I cringe with bad news, but I realize that the bad is teaching me to lean more into Jesus and pray harder!!

  4. Giving thanks! I have just returned from a women’s weekend retreat, our theme, prayer. Found this sitting in my email.” Yes, Father I’m listening to your whispers, and I’m so grateful.”

  5. Despite Life’s trials, I can always give thanks for GOD being with me, in everything.. And trust in Jesus’s promise….I will never leave you or forsake you!