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Myquillyn Smith, The Nester, is a home stager, redesigner and design school drop-out. Her last home (a rental) was featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Cottages & Bungalows, Ladies' Home Journal and in her upcoming design philosphy book, The Nesting Place: It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful....

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Myquilyn,
    Fall is my favorite season and each year the same thing happens…I wait for it, then before I know it Fall is upon me, then in a blink of an eye it is gone. Thanks for the reminder this morning to slow down and watch the leaves turn.
    Blessings to you,

  2. I used to think “horsefly” was a yucky word until I learned that my college boyfriend/fiance (now husband) lived on Horsefly Road. Then it became a good word to me. The summer before we were married, we wrote letters daily to each other. Every day I would write “Horsefly Road” under his name on the envelope.

    I like how you watch Andy Griffith. We’ve been watching the original Lone Ranger episodes with our boys. After reading your thoughts, I think I’ll savor those times even more.

  3. I live in here in Florida and miss those changing seasons, but if I’m very careful and watchful the seasons change here too. The swamp darkens, the singing birds return and that gator in my yard isn’t sunning himself as often. Yes my seasons come and go too. Think I’ll just savor my apple cinnamon candle with my pumpkin spice chie and think about setting here with you to breath in your breathe of thanksgiving.

  4. With each Season comes a new beauty to delight in. As life passes by, I agree that we need to stop and open our eyes as those changes take place. As for me I can’t really pick a favorite season, I love them all.

    Thank-you for sharing this:”For everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under Heaven.”


  5. I have to drive my son to work these days for a while, and one of the best things about it is seeing the extreme brilliance of the fall colors. This year is much more intense that what I remember from other years.

    I just bought a bushel of apples for eating and for applesauce, and will process pumpkin for the flavors of fall. My little boys are begging for pumpkin and apple flavored baked goods.

    The leaf piles are for jumping in before thy are hauled away to compost, and the windy weather ushers in falling leaves. My boys are thrilled.

    The simple pleasures are to be savored, and I get so busy that I forget to enjoy them.

    Thank you for this post to remind me to drink in the pleasures with my family this season.

  6. Oh I love you… and this… (and Fall!) I just pulled out a few decorations yesterday because – what? It’s already October? I’m a new Empty Nester and even though Fall is my favorite season to decorate for (or at least a close second to Christmas!) – I just wasn’t feeling the rush of doing it! But now that it is done, and there are little touches (vignettes!) of Autumn here and there, I am remembering and celebrating that Fall is all about Changes and Harvest and celebrations! I can almost feel the slowing down, and seeping in unfolding as the leaves fall and I sip on something yummy!

  7. beautifully said….as i also fellowship with a local Chabad..and in the season of Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur, when we are given the opportunity to be reminded to ask for forgiveness…from our fellow man, and especially from God…i am also reminded of a realization that He gave to me many years ago…after so many behind them that were filled with stress, and unkindness, and agida and all that goes with NOT being prepared….
    Christmas…my favorite holiday…also, i believe, my children’s (now in their mid and late 30’s)..and how many i have ruined by my so called unpreparedness….one Christmas night, God got my had been a WONderful Christmas..i was CLOSE to being prepared for it..and thought “NEXT year, it WILL be perfect”….”uh, My child….it will NEVER be perfect..and you will NEVER be prepared…and it will ALways be december 26th in everyone’s life, if I have not called you home…so enjoy it for what it is meant to be…a time to remember..and time to make new memories..and a time to hope for future Christmases that will never be perfect. they will be wonderful, though, because you NOW realize what the whole point of it is….ME!!!!”
    and oh, how that applies to EVERYthing in our lives…..
    so thank you for that reminder….the one that GOD gave me that Christmas many years ago…past all the “imperfect”, unprepared, WONDerful i have had since….i, too, am not decorated for fall…but it is allllll around me…and i relish the crunching leaves…and the pine needles that fall like rain on my head…and all the wonderful smell that my one remaining dog reminds me are out there to smell!!!
    life is wonderful..and if God gives me another day, then i will be ready…to enjoy ALLLLL that it has to offer….whether i am ready..or not!!!

  8. I. Haven’t read anything that touched me more in a long time. I have a 10 year-old grandson. I am not a big fan of winter, and in the past few years I’ve gotten worse, probably due to my depression and growing older. I always liked fall and I guess I wouldn’t want to be in charge either. Your article touched my heart. Thank you and God bless.

  9. Myquillen,

    I’m no decorator. Fall is and always will be my favorite time of the year. The leaves here in Smoky mountains have already turned bright reddish orange. I just love the smell of fresh baked bread, cookies and foods.

    I realize that as I age time seems to go by much faster than before, probably because I’m busier than ever. Dealing with aging dad, work stress, church involvement, etc. life is just plain busy. I wish like you that we could stop time and slow down a ton!!

    For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.
    – Ecclesiastes 3:1
    God has ordained a certain season & time for every thing under heaven!!

    Blessings 🙂

  10. Love reading your blog. Your words are so smooth and descriptive, and this post was great encouragement to me. Here in Arkansas, it is still hot and muggy. Not much like the “Fall” we read about or see in other parts of the country. Fortunately, I grew up as an Air Force brat and lived all over the United States and the world. My Mom celebrated the seasons no matter where we lived.. she made our home feel like Fall when we lived in a tropical climate, and we celebrated Spring when there was nothing Spring-like about where we lived.

    I love this season, and the memories it brings to my mind. Thank you for reminding us that the seasons change whether we are ready for them or not. I don’t want to miss a thing! Let’s be ready! 🙂

  11. My daughter brought mini pumpkins, now on table. I pulled out a paper doily that has colored fall leaves on it. Now under lil pumpkins. So I stopped outside our front door after back from a walk. It was dark, light on, listen. What? A leaf falling here, over there, there, there from heritage birch tree. Almost sounds scary if ya don’t know what it is. Lol! First time I’ve visited your blog but heard about your book. Thanks for inspiration!