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As an Army wife, nanny, and mentor to college women, I find writing is the only way to feel--rightly. Guacamole-lover, living room dancer. Finding who Jesus says I really am by celebrating the Word in my own words.

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  1. Not that this is our best day, but that this is the worst and we have not given up because Jesus has not given up on us. We can be true to who we really are knowing He will be true to who He really is — the Great I AM.

    I am not feeling very brave today, as I sit here in pain on a heating pad. This week my brave has been tough, but Jesus knows that. He sees how hard things are for me right now and how at times just giving up seems like the best option. The thing is, that when chronic illness gets the best of me, he has his best for me. A daily supply of his sufficient grace to get me through moment by moment. He remains true to who he really is, while I struggle with who I am. I am so thankful that he meets me right where I am. My brave may look different than your brave, but we are all warriors just the same. With God on our side, this battle is won!!!

    • Sweet Kim,
      You are so right. Brave looks different on all of us. I’m grateful right now that as you sit in pain, you have a God who has not kept Himself from pain. He knows, friend. And He loves you, right where you are, in your most giving-up moments. It’s true for each of us, and I’m just so thankful. I pray He’ll grace you with a foretaste of our sweet victory today. Hugs from Atlanta!

    • Oh, Kim! Thank you for sharing your heart right where you are at. As a fellow sufferer with chronic illness and daily user of heating pads, I wanted you to know just how much your words brought me encouragement and life. Thank you for trusting Him and being so brave! Sending you a big hug tonight!

  2. Katie,
    I feel as if you crawled inside my chest and wrote this from my heart. It seems like all the words I didn’t know I had been waiting to hear. Thank you for writing it.

  3. Wow this spoke volumes to me! I’m almost 50 and have been walking with Jesus for many years and He never stops pursuing me! I’ve been dealing with a lot of fear lately and now I’m realizing it’s not a bad thing as long as I allow it to move me toward Him, my source. He alone makes me strong and courageous. He’s reminding me that ONLY through Him can I accomplish all “these things” that seem so hard and scary! Thank you for this beautiful brave confirmation!
    Much love,

    • Marsha,
      I love your words–that fear is not a bad thing if it drives us to Him. That’s a lesson I learn over and over and over again. The struggle is only bad if we don’t take it to the feet of the cross. It’s one way God uses for good what Satan means for evil. I pray He continues to work for good and glory in and through your fear until it’s replaced with perfect trust in the face of Jesus.
      So much love,

    • Marsha,

      Thank you so much for your words. You do not know how inspiring they have been to me. Very timely and what I needed. Thank you so much Marsha.

  4. Katie, I feel the same way. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I am not a regular reader of this blog, but when I saw this post in my Facebook news-feed I just had to read it. And I was not disappointed. I’m saving this one to come back to again and again.

    Keep writing!

    So grateful for you.

    Much love,

    • Charissa,

      I am so glad you came by today. Thank you for your words of honesty and encouragement, especially for Kim as a fellow fighter of chronic pain. Saying a prayer for you this morning. Jesus is strong and courageous within you, sister.

      Much love to you,

  5. This post is awesome. This: “…sometimes it takes courage to be silent and listen.” TRUTH.

    Thank you so much for sharing. Brave IS Jesus. 🙂

  6. Katie,

    Like so many above my brave some days is wanting to give up and quit my job. This year has been rough dealing with moving my aging dad into assisted living and 2 ER and hospital stays. Thankfully He is well. Through all that my hubby almost lost his job and I worked one I don’t like. My fear in all that brought me close to God and I prayed daily, constantly!

    Now my hubby has been given a different job away from the hospital and ER (CT Tech), He is fearful that he won’t do well or the office will close down, etc. I just tell and show him to pray all the time about it. God will answer our prayers in His way and Time!

    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth,

      Thank you for bravely slipping in to share your story here. Praying now for peace in your family and for eyes to see where Jesus really is in the midst of the chaos. He’s there, and He sees you.

      Much love,

  7. Dear Katie,

    This piece is truly profound, and profoundly true. I recently (during the Canadian Labour Day weekend) almost lost my daughter. She balanced between life and death for about seven hours, until THE LORD GOD, ALMIGHTY, FAITHFUL and TRUE rewarded our willingness to lay Isaac down upon the altar, where THE LAMB has already paid the price of Redemption, brought her back to life. She is at home with me now; and I am her main palliative caregiver; but during those dark hours, when I didn’t know which way the circumstance was going to go, and the only words, THE HOLY SPIRIT whispered to me were, “Trust Me”, I was far from brave and far from fearless. Except for THE GRACE of GOD that sustained me, I would have been crushed.

    Instead, HE turned that which an age old enemy meant for evil, into A LIFE LESSON that will never be forgotten and was witnessed by all our unbelieving family members. GOD IS GOOD! JESUS IS… and in HIM our courage is engraved. The heart melts with love when considering the SUSTAINING GRACE that enables us to endure that which is difficult, while HE Willingly endured HIS Cross alone. How Great our GOD!!

    Bless you. Your words written in this piece are powerfully indicative of HIS Majesty. Quiet, therefore STRONG. STEADFAST, therefore undergirding. JESUS IS, therefore, I live! not I but Christ lives in me!!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story. Praying right now for your daughter and asking that all these truths keep nestling into your heart and working out in your serving. He is trustworthy, my friend.