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Emily P. Freeman is a writer who creates space for souls to breathe. She is the author of four books, including her most recent release, Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World. She and her husband live in North Carolina with their twin daughters and twinless son.

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  1. Emily,
    I needed this post! I admit that I do not care for the line of apparel that says, “Life is good”. If I were to create my own line it would say, “Life is hard, but God is good”. I have often debated as to whether I’m a glass half full or a glass half empty gal, but I choose your third option…that I am a believer and my hope is in Jesus Christ regardless of whether life today is good or bad. In the end, I know that God is good and I can trust Love’s heart. Some days it seems as if we are holding on by a thin kite string, but we know to whom we are attached! Thank you so much for a fresh perspective that I needed this morning!

  2. My husband and I went to a planetarium recently, and seeing close-ups of so many millions of stars and galaxies, I thought the same thing. God is still creating something new, whether it be in the vast midnight sky or in my heart. Loved this, Emily:) Thanks for pulling it out of sky for me today.

  3. Awesome post! These words: “Maybe for now it’s okay that you don’t have a grand perspective. Maybe for now it’s okay not to know.” This has been me for more than a few days lately.

    And I stand in agreement with the one who commented, “Life is hard, but God is good.”

    Thank you for the reminder that God is still creating, making all things new.

  4. For far to long this was how twisted my heart was …it twisted a beautiful promise… “I am NOT confident that He who began ( not a good work… that was in everyone else)…would complete it until the day of Jesus Christ”… But God’s scandalous Love never tired of winning my heart to His… to Truth… to Love… and now…. even through this truth came late in life… I am now confident … He will complete His creation in me… and I am confident… if He can win me to this place… He can win everyone!!!!

  5. Emily, thank you. This day your post was a blessing for me. God knows all his children around the world, and He can use your english blog for me: Dutch reader. Today was a gray day for me. Although I had a nice write- morning I felt a heavy ‘pressure’ on my psyche. Grief for my daughters choice against God. By reading your blog, the Sun ( Son) started to shine again for me. Thank you. God does not leave us helpless in our darkness and chaos. He reaches out his hand to us. I am so thankful I chose to open your blog and read it.

    God zegene jou / God bless you.

  6. Emily your post really touched me and all I really want to say this morning is thank-you…I will keep your words in mind.



  7. Oh Emily, thank you for this post. It spoke to my heart. God, the great Creator, who never stops creating. Love it!

    “Maybe for now it’s enough to simply believe that the God who created the world with words alone creates still, within you. Even when you can’t see it or feel it or name it.”

  8. I have been there/done that/felt that way many times. Me, the always upbeat, look on the bright side of things gal. It’s rare that I get “down”. This post did me a lot of good in reminding me that it’s ok when things catch up with me, too, and the eternally optimistic girl finds herself feeling off, and sometimes not really knowing why.

    I believe with this with my whole heart- “But the believers say our hope is in Jesus whether life is hard or life is good, releasing the right to predict the future, holding on to God who comes to be with us now.” Love that. Think I’ll write that on the kitchen chalkboard and stare at it for quite a while!

  9. This was me yesterday…and all of last week. I woke up, and gave up, every day last week. Yesterday on my regular Monday drive to my darling girl’s ballet class the sun blazed gold on the highway like a street in heaven (like seriously, it is dangerous…so bright you can’t see the lines!). And as I listened to Christian radio, every song made me cry. And God was showing me that He has purpose – so I have purpose too because I am made in His image. And that made me cry too – that He would take time to call me out of darkness. Me, with all my comfort and whining, my despair over being too ordinary, my silly sadness. Why in the world hasn’t He just given up on ungrateful me? The only answer is He is even more wonderful that we could ever know and He loves with that everlasting love that out-loves and melts ungrateful, stingy, bitter hearts. Amazing. Crying now too that I think of it again.

  10. What an excellent post! I’ve been feeling REALLY “off” lately. I’ve noticed that I’ve been living in the moment more and paying more attention to my world as things happen. Maybe it’s this change. Maybe it’s a beginning of something else and I just need to hang on.

  11. what an AWESOME and timely post…I go back and forth between half full and half empty glass type of attitude..Maybe its because I run my father’s family business with my husband and its HARD!!! But I just have more stormy. bad moods that take over EVERYTHING more often than the good feelings and remember God is here and looking after me insights. I TRY to remember and pray to God when the bad moods start…but then somehow it just totally takes over and i forget that God is here with me and I just need to remember to put my faith in God…step back and let HIM do it..I keep thinking if I keep up my bible readings every am that the habit of remembering God is with me no matter what will eventually sink in and get rid of those bad moods.

  12. Emily what a beautiful, hope-filled post. In the middle of a mood, it’s hard for me to look beyond . . . well, me. I love that truth you shared about how God is still creating, even in the middle . . . The middle of a funk, the middle of a hard day, the middle of a joyful time. He’s still there, creating—molding within me the person He sees out of the person I am.

    Such a great truth for me to hold on to this week. Thank you.

  13. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. You have no idea how much I needed them today. May God bless you.

  14. Oh, Emilly – Thank you for this today! I have been feeling like this lately and on Sunday night my poor husband listened to me blubber “I don’t even know what’s wrong!” The best way I could explain it was this fear that I’m stuck…doing too much of the same thing…missing out on something big. In the middle of my sniffling my husband reminded me of your book – “It’s not about doing a big thing. Remember “A Million Little Ways”?!?” 🙂 That helped put things in perspective, as did this post.
    Thank you.

  15. I can’t take the imagery in your writing. I love it so much! Thank you for this different perspective and for making it okay to have “those days” every now and then.

  16. Oh Emily, how alike my day was to yours….I cried for no reason, taking my horse to the vet for a routine exam. She and I have shared thousands of miles together competing in endurance (long distance riding). I’ve competed for 27 years. She, not so long, but many wonderful horses have lived with me over those years, covering magical trails that we two only know. I believe that part of my life is over, my mare is old now and I’m not so spry myself. Yet I grieve for it’s end.

    Meanwhile, God has blessed me with another way to share my love of horses, through my photography. In addition to animals, he’s gifted me the ability to see others through my camera and bless them with photos.

    Amen and Amen. I thank you for your post today and for your obedience in writing as I’m sure He’s gifted you to do. May the Lord bless you and keep you as you wait for your new phase…I’m sure it will be glorious!

  17. I love this! Thank you for sharing your blahs with us so we can better understand it and point us back to God! I can relate to wonky moments. You write about and identify them beautifully!

  18. “…even though everything feels dreadfully the same.” Yes, that has been the great struggle of my days recently (who am I kidding, it’s always been a struggle) but that belief, that hope that God is still at work in the unseen, that is what keeps me going. Lately when I cry I know exactly why I’m shedding the tears and on those days it is so easy to forget my confidence in God’s handiwork, but God is good and when I bury myself in his Word, then I remember. It always brings a smile to my face when I read the words of a blogger out there somewhere who I’ve never met who somehow manages to write words to my heart. Yes, God is good. Thank you for sharing your words.

  19. May I always say as the believers do! So thankful that In Him we are a new creation, and He continues to shape, form, and make us more like Him–the perfect Creator. As always, your words of truth encourage my heart.

  20. Loved this – But the believers say our hope is in Jesus whether life is hard or life is good, releasing the right to predict the future, holding on to God who comes to be with us now.

    Thank you!

  21. This is so lovely and so timely for me. God is working in me much the same way. Though trials abound with my children, a song I keep listening to says, “God is making, God is making, God is making all things new” and it is so gloriously encouraging. There is a confirming of the truth, when you hear it from someone else. I like what you say at the end, the new thing in us might be the increased faith. Amen!

  22. Big hugs to you, Emily. The idea of God whispering that phrase to you – ever so gently – resonated with me, as just last week I had a similar short phrase plop into my head that I haven’t been able to shift: “The One who holds your heart in His hands can be trusted.” And that’s so true for you, too. Very much love x

  23. Emily:

    Thank you for sharing your down-mood and the whisper that brought you back. What wonderful uplifting words you write!

    p.s. FYI: Comment # 27 is spam.

  24. I loved this because it’s all based on my most favorite of God’s attributes: HOPE! I am stuck like a dope on this thing called hope, and I can’t get it out of my heart!
    NO matter what, His Hope finds us and does not allow us to wallow in hopelessness and despair for very long. Thank You, Lord!

  25. ahhhhh. Yes. Thank you. This is just what I needed tonight: to know that I am not constantly the same, that God is growing and changing me for a purpose.

    Thank you.

  26. I came across the same line of thinking last week. One thing that I read and now have memorized is a quote from architect and designer of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Antoni Gaudi. He said, “the creation continues incessantly through the media of man.” His art isn’t finished and neither is ours.

  27. perfect all that you said, i agree, just read something the other day, we live in a fallen world, so really we need to stop alot of this philosophical talk about half full etc, life will never be perfect and neither will we be, but we have a Saviour Jesus who loves us unconditionally, i really wish i had understood this years ago saved me alot of insecurity and comparing/fitting in/good enough, your blog is lovely bless you Jacqueline

  28. I feel as though you had a peek into my heart today, Emily. Just to say this is exactly, precisely, what I needed to hear today. I even used Eeyore to describe my present self to a friend the other day – me, who always sees the glass half-full. Thank you for faithfully writing your heart. God uses those words to bless and encourage.

  29. Thank you! I tend to be more Eeyore than Pooh, and this week (extra hard) is really tempting me into a funk. Thanks for the reminder that God is not done. I keep reminding myself that none of what is going on in my life is a surprise to God, even though it may catch me off guard, and I needed the reminder today that He is still at work. Creating a new thing. In me. Thank you.

  30. ahh thank you Emily! what an encouraging thought, it reminds me of a potter’s wheel, and the way that being shaped into something beautiful isn’t always a pleasant experience for the clay. and the hope – that He is creating something new within me, it is peace. and because I know He won’t fail, I can rest in not knowing the big picture.

  31. Oh, have mercy…THIS is just what I needed today! Thank you for sharing your heart and your struggles, Emily! 🙂 As we know, growth can be uncomfortable, difficult, and awkward…and well, goodness, sometimes it can just make us want to eat cupcakes and stay in bed all day! 🙂 But, oh, my…when I remember to “look for”, recognize, and SEE that God is working in me…with me…for me…helping me to grow my faith and walking beside me every step of the way…it’s such a blessing! Thank you for this very sweet reminder! Hugs! *Hope you’re feeling the SUNSHINE today!

  32. What a beautiful sermon. I have been in an Eeyore mood for several weeks now. I have prayed a lot and read my Bible more. God is strengthening my patience by giving hope but not necessarily a quick fix.

  33. Thank you for this reminder. It is so encouraging knowing that I’m not alone in those times, especially reading through the comments too.

  34. Emily,

    I have been and am right there with you gal! This year has been a rough one dealing with aging parent & busy busy work! I am usually an upbeat happy gal, but lately I’ve down & out! Maybe a walk in the woods or a good work out with a little cry would do me good.

    I know with all my heart that God is still creating good & he will make all our problems disappear one day!!

    Blessings 🙂

  35. I’ve been there emotionally too…and I don’t think we are very alone… 😉 I’ve never thought about that before…that God is still ‘creating’….and creating new things in us…to look more like Him. So glad He is our God of Hope!
    Thank you for this!
    Bless you!

  36. I’v been there, where I dunno what to do or why all the bad things happens at the same time, and then it just click that I don’t need to worry too much because God and Jesus is always with me. 🙂

  37. Oh, Emily. You speak my heart. A string that I have been clinging to was in one of those tear-filled moments, I sensed “I’m not finished with you yet.” Amen. Even if we feel like every door is shut, behold- He makes all things new. And as you said, He is still creating. Thanks for this reminder.